Hadith Miracle about Donkeys and Roosters


Why the Roosters can view Angels and Donkey’s can view Devils??

First Let’s look at the Qaul e  Hadith in which our Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam said:

”When you hear The voice of Cock’s ask Allah of his Bounty, they saw an Angel, and if you hear the Donkey’s Braying, seek refuge with Allah from devils, Indeed they see demons” _ (SAHIH MUSLIM, BOOK 35, NUMBER 6581)

How do we understand this above Hadith?? We just cannot imagine a
scientific Discovery within it! But it does contain an amazing
Scientific miracle dear friends, let’s Check out,

* The ability of the Human visual System is limited and different from the visual capacity of animals like donkeys, which in turn differ in their capacity as ability of visual system of birds like cocks

Thus, The ability of visual of Humans are limited,Humans cannot see what is under Infra Red rays nor above Ultra-Violet Rays, But the abilities of roosters and donkeys are more than that!.

The question that arises is, how can donkey’s and roosters see Devils and Angels as predicted by our master Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam??

1. Scientific research on Donkey’s vision concluded that Donkeys can
view Infra-red rays, Devils are created by Allah from
fire , So from the capacity for Donkeys to see through Infra-red rays they are able to see the Devils.

2. Similarly, Roosters can view through Ultra-violet radiations and the Angels are created by Allah from Light, Light contains Ultra-violet rays, So Roosters are able to see the Angels.

This also Explains Why devil escape while Zikr of Allah is constant

The Reason is: The Angels surround the person who is constantly in dhikr
of Allah while the devil escapes. (One Hadith mentions that ”Devil
runs away when Angels come)

Why Devils Escape in the presence of Angels?

Answer is: Because The devils get harmed from the Ultra-violet rays of the Angels, scientifically. If UV rays met with Infra-red rays at one
place, The Infra-red rays gets disappeared as UV rays is stronger.

Who told Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam such scientific info about the viewing capacity of Cocks and Donkeys 14 centuries back??

Obviously the Creator of everything, Allah Subhanaahu Wa Ta’ala!!!

ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!


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