ISIS – The Ibleesi State – proof after proof of its Satanism

This naseehat (advice and admonition) is from an Entity of Haq – from Al- Haq – who believes in the Qur’aanic concept of JihaadJihaad in the Battlefield – Jihaad to establish the glory of Allah’s Deen, Islam, and to save mankind from the everlasting Azaab of the Aakhirah with the effort of Da’wat which is the primary objective of Jihaad. Al-Haq believes in the truth and veracity of Rasulullah’s declaration:

“Jihaad will endure until the Day of Qiyaamah.”

Al-Haq states with the greatest clarity and conviction that any person who denies this concept of Jihaad is a murtad kaafir. Any person who convolutes this belief with the baseless interpretation of ‘defensive’ jihad is likewise a kaafir. Any person who negates the Qur’aanic meaning of Jihad and claims that it refers to moral struggle is also a kaafir.

This brief preamble is to assure unwary Muslims and the ambivalent ones and the morons who are trapped in and misled by the Satanist propaganda of the Iblees State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS), that the Entity proffering this Naseehat is not some westernized apologist whose brains have been colonized and Americanized by the masters of the western cult of lifestyle as are all the university-educated apologists and agnostics who believe that they are ‘Muslims’ when in reality their hearts are in entirety bereft of Imaan.

Thus, the advice and admonition which we offer here to Muslim girls who are being hoodwinked and satanically spirited away by scoundrels to be assigned into the sex slavery racket of the so-called ‘mujahideen’ of the State of Iblees, are the advice, admonition and warnings of the Deen. It is sincere advice offered with sincere Dua and the hope that these girls who have lost their intellectual capacity due to severe Satanist indoctrination, will wake up from their hallucination thereby saving their haya (Imaani modesty), honour, and Imaan to ensure their eternal felicity of the Aakhirah.

Jihaad, undoubtedly, is a Fardh Institution of Islam. But, like Salaat, Saum, Hajj, etc., Jihaad too has Shuroot (conditions). In addition, there is a host of rules – Fiqhi and Akhlaaqi – which accompanies Jihaad. Jihaad is not banditry, murder, pillage, plunder and lustful gratification which are the hallmarks of the State of Iblees.

There are imperative limits prescribed by the Shariah for all its Institutions. The Qur’aan Majeed states:

“These are the limits of Allah. Whoever transgress these limits, verily he (or she) has oppressed his/her soul.”

Performing Salaat without wudhu or minus any of its imperative conditions, is simply not Salaat. Performing Salaat without observance of the Sunnah and Mustahab factors, is a deficient Salaat rejected by Allah Ta’ala and struck into the face of the musalli as if it is a dirty rag. Pushing someone out of the saff and performing Salaat in his place destroys the Salaat and incurs the wrath and punishment of Allah Ta’ala notwithstanding the validity of Salaat. To gain the full benefit of the Salaat and the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, all the factors – Fardh, Waajib, Sunnat and Mustahab – must be incumbently observed. Minus these, there is no acceptance, no reward and no benefit.

The very same effects apply to Jihaad if not conducted within the prescribed limits of the Shariah or if the Shar’i factors of the different classes are not incumbently observed. Girls who are spirited away from their homes by scoundrels who masquerade as ‘mujahideen’, are involved in evil and sin from the very inception of their mental indoctrination. The first satanic step in the process of absconding from home, is indoctrination which is provided by the computer and the cell phone.

In this regard, parents too are largely liable for the later heart-breaking consequences when their daughters have already become Satanists and abscond in adulterous fashion with the scoundrel ‘mujahids’. These girls are hooked on to the haraam screens for hours on end.

All the gruesome and grotesque scenes depicted on the screen with the accompaniment of haraam pictures and Jahannami, Shaitaani haraam music in the background decorated deceptively with Qur’aanic verses and ‘religious’ slogans to maintain the ‘islamic’ facade for camouflaging the deception, are designed to pollute the minds and contaminate the hearts with these satanic artefacts of indoctrination. The Shariah has prescribed limits for all things.

In flagrant violation of the prohibitions of the Shariah, these girls squander hours daily listening to haraam, viewing haraam and fantasizing haraam. They become zombies, and Wallah! Behave like satanists with their brains locked on the objectives of the indoctrination of the isis scoundrels. Heavily sedated with the poison of indoctrination, they are incapable of independent and rational thinking. They therefore show absolutely no concern when flagrantly violating the prohibition of undertaking a journey without a mahram. With utter shamelessness bordering on immorality they travel either alone or in the company of a strange male scoundrel who misleads these girls into satan’s den.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that a woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day will not undertake a journey without her mahram. But these girls recklessly expose themselves to the worst moral dangers and show absolutely no regard for the warning of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). This fact alone indicates that they have lost their Imaan. These girls have been indoctrinated to respond to this violation with the argument that the shaikhs of ISIS contend that for the sake of ‘jihad’ it is permissible for the girls to travel in this manner like ‘prostitutes’. The lamentable ignorance of the girls does not enable them to think clearly and to understand that the Qur’aan prohibits following the shaikhs in their haraam ‘fatwas’.

Thus, reprimanding the Ummah of Bani Israaeel, the Qur’aan states:

“They (the ordinary people, the laiety) take their sheikhs and their saints as gods besides Allah…”

It is haraam to follow the baatil (baseless) rulings of shaikhs and molvis. The Ulama are to be followed in only such fatwas which conform with the Shariah. In this case, the Shariah prohibits females to undertake a journey without a mahram. The fatwa of the moron, devilish shaikhs of the State of Iblees cannot override the Shariah.

Allah Ta’ala says it is haraam, but the brainwashed girls say that the shaikhs of ISIS say that it is halaal. If the brains are not convoluted with filth, never will it be possible for a true Mu’min/Mu’minah to give preference to the ‘fatwa’ of a shaikh over the explicit and emphatic command of Allah Ta’ala.

Jihaad – true Jihaad – conducted correctly in terms of the Shariah is an ibaadat of immense thawaab.

But the acts of these girls pave the pathway for their entry into Hell-Fire. Many of these girls later will become vastly disillusioned when the reality rocks them out from their hallucination. But when the reality will dawn on them, it will be too late. They will already be in the clutches of sex-slavery.

The girls and boys who are attracted toward iblees state should heed our warning and take our naseehat seriously. These so-called ‘mujahideen’ of the State of Iblees are not men of piety. They are villains and scoundrels. The army of Simon, the American ‘caliph’ is filled with former Ba’thists – Saddam’s irreligious men. Overnight they became ‘mujaahideen’. Their concern for the ‘deen’ is a charade. They masquerade as mujaahideen whilst they lack even the rudiments of Imaan. These girls, and they are by no means innocent, will regret when it is too late. Extrication from shaitaan’s trap will be almost impossible, and if anyone manages to escape or sneak out, it will be long after having been ravaged and all honour destroyed.

It should also be noted, that ISIS is the very first group that has called for females to abscond from their homes, commit major sins and join its ranks. No Jihad group had ever perpetrated this heinous and callous crime of enticing females and spiriting them away from their parents, husbands and children.
The devil’s ‘mujahideen’ from the State of Iblis are portraying their true filthy character by concentrating on women. This is the first time in Islam’s fourteen century history that females have been targeted for recruitment by men who purport to be ‘mujahideen’. They are Satanists. Thus they utilize the methods and the media of Satanists to attract girls who are in search of husbands.

Most of these girls lack the haziest idea of the meaning of Jihaad. They are fully under the spell of their carnal nafs. Their objective is to run after men for carnal gratification which they crave for. They are deluded by some satanic concept of romanticism, hence the insane craving to cast aside the Deen and to submit to the nafs to fulfil lustful desires. The Satanists of the State of Iblis are recruiting girls for prostitution, and girls are falling in this satanic trap. May Allah Ta’ala guide and save them from self-immolation and destruction.


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