The Classes and Categories of Auliyaa (Saints)


1) AQTAAB (Singular Qutub)

There is one known as Qutubul Alam. He is also referred to as Qutubul Irshaad, Qutubul Aqtaab and Qutubul Madaar. In the Realm of the Unseen his name is Abdullah.There are seven other Aqtaab who are stationed in seven different regions of the world.One in each region.Each one is known as Qutubul Aqleem..Five Aqtaab are permanently stationed in Yemen. Each one is known as Qutubul Wilaayat..Besides the abovementioned Aqtaab there are innumerable Aqtaab. In every town and village one Qutub is stationed.


There is only one Gauth. Some Sufis assert that the Gauth and the Qutubul Aqtaab (mentioned in 1 above) refer to the same Saint. The Gauth is stationed in Makkah Shareef.


These are two Saints who are the assistants of Abdullah, the Qutubul Aqtaab.The names of the Imaamain are Abdul Malik and Abdur Rabb


These are four in number.They are stationed in four different zones of the earth.


This group has forty Saints.Twenty two are stationed in Syria and eighteen in Iraq. Damascus is the headquarters of the Abdaal group.


There are five hundred Akhyaar and according to some Auliyaa there are seven hundred. They have no permanent regions. They travel and wander around the earth. Each one of the five hundred (or seven hundred) is named Hussain.


The majority of the Sufi Saints maintain that Abraar refers to the Akhyaar group. Other Soofiya say that the Abraar and the Akhyaar are two distinct groups.


The number of Saints in this group is three hundred.They occupy the Lands of the Maghrib (Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria).Each one is named Ali.


They are seventy in number, and are stationed in Egypt. Each one is named Hasan.

10) AMAD

There are four Autaad. They are stationed in four different regions of the world. One in each region. Each one is named Muhammad.

11) FARD

The Gauth (mentioned in class no. 2) progresses until he reaches the rank of FARD.


There is only one. Should the one die the vacancy is immediately filled. Their identities are concealed from ordinary people as they are in charge of such duties and tasks which are mystifying and beyond the layman’s grasp of reasoning and understanding.Allah Ta’ala has endowed them with considerable supernatural or miraculous powers. In matters ofminutes they are able to journey thousands of miles.The numerous statements of the Auliyaa establish beyond any doubt the existence of these secret Saints.

Regarding the secret order of Auliyaa known as Abdaal, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “There are forty Abdaal in my Ummah. Twenty two of them are stationed in “Shaam” (Syria) and eighteen in Iraq. Whenever one among them dies Allah Ta’ala appoints another to occupy his (the Deceased’s) place. Close to Qiyaamah they all will disappear.”

Hadhrat Ibn Mas’ood (radhiyallahu anhu) narrated that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that there are three hundred such servants of Allah Ta’ala whose hearts are all like the heart of Aadam (alayhis salaam); forty such servants whose hearts are like the heart of Nabi Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam); five such servants whose hearts resemble the heart of Jibraeel (alayhis salaam), three such servants whose hearts resemble the heart of Mikaaeel (alayhis salaam). One such servant whose heart resembles the heart of Israaeel (alayhis salaam).These Auliyaa are in fact responsible by the Command of Allah Ta’ala, for the functioning of the affairs of the universe.


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