Who are Ya’juj Wa Ma’juj (Gog and Magog)??: Let’s Identify!


As salaamu alaikum warahmatulaahi wabarakatuhu,

In this post , I’m going to discuss about the Hadith and Qur’anic sayings about Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog and Magog).

Allah has declared in a Qur’an:,

“And We have sent down to You [Muhammad (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam] the Book so that It might explain all things ” (Surah An-Nahl , verse 89)

Well then it should explain what I’m going to talk about in rest of this article. Islam, Christianity and Judaism, all three recognize same ‘holy land’ i.e., Jerusalem. We notice that Allah Ta’ala has given the holy land to the ‘Israelite’ people, today they are called Jews. And then the state of Israel was established in the Holy land. The state of Israel under Hazrat Sulayman (alaihissalaam) (Solomon) became the ruling state of world. Jerusalem became the spiritual and political capital of world. Then what happened is that, Allah expelled them from the holy land for not following righteous path and the holy state of Israel was destroyed. The Jews remained in exile for as long as 2000 years.

Then after 2000 years, in the year 1948, Jews returned to Jerusalem and restored the state of Israel in the holy land. Thus Israel was born. And today the baby that was born mere 65 years ago is rapidly growing in such a power that its leader could say, “We control USA”. And we say USA is the ruling state of the world, actually it’s not. So, I ask a question. Can all this be happening by accident or Is there any explanation in Quran as it says in the verse that I quoted in the beginning. It’s when we turn to the Quran to find the explanation that we are brought to the subject of Aakhir-uz-zaman (The last Age).

Hudhayfah ibn Usayd Ghifari, (radhiyallahu anhu), said:

“Allah’s Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) came to us all of a sudden as we were (busy in a discussion). He asked: What are you discussing?? (The Sahaaba) replied: We are discussing (the subject of) the Last Hour. Thereupon he said: It will not come until you see ten signs. And (in this connection) he made a mention of the ‘smoke’, ‘Dajjal’, the ‘beast’, the ‘rising of the sun from the west’, the ‘descent of Jesus son of Mary’, ‘Gog and Magog’, ‘sinkings of the earth in three places-one in the east, one in the west and one in Arabia’ at the end of which ‘fire would burn forth from Yemen, and would drive people to the place of their assembly’ (i.e., the place where mankind will be assembled for judgment).” (Sahih Muslim).

Among these 10 signs, I’m discussing about the Ya’juj and Ma’juj. Firstly we go to the Qur’an to find out, does Qur’an explain the return of Jews to Jerusalem after 2000 years and restoration of the state of Israel??

In Surah Anbiyyah (The Prophets) verses 95-96 state as:


“But there’s a ban on the population which We have destroyed: that they shall not return.”


“Until the Gog and Magog are let through (their barrier),and they swiftly swarm from every height.”

The first verse is about the town that Allah destroyed and people of the town were expelled and decrees a ban on them that they could never return to that town and reclaim it as their own. The next verse says they will reclaim it only when Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog and Magog) are released from behind barrier and when they spread out in all directions (indicated by the word Yansiloon). Then those people will be brought back to the town. Who are the Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog & Magog)?? Are they strange creatures living in the interior of the earth?? Are they humans with terrifying ugly faces?? Let’s check the Hadees to clarify it.

Sahih Muslim, “ Gog is the Ummah of Banu’Adam and Magog is the ummah of Banu’Adam ”

That simply disposes off all the theories of ugly faced strange creatures living inside earth. Now, which town is it that Allah is speaking about in Surah Anbiyah ??

According to current affairs and news it’s easy to recognize, which town it is. Still, In order to identify the town, we have to go to the whole Qur’an to see where else Allah speaks about returning of people.

We find it in the Surah Isra in which Allah is speaking about Banu’Israel all through the chapter. In fact this chapter is also known by another name that is, Surah Bani’Israel [The Children of Israel]. In the last part of this surah Allah speaks about Akhir-uz-zamaan [The Last Age].

And We said to the Children of Israel after him: “Dwell in the land, then, when the final and the last promise comes near, We shall bring you altogether as mingled crowd. ”
[Surah Isra: Verse 104]

So Allah does speak about returning of people. And the context of this surah makes it clear that He is speaking about the Israelite people.

Now when we go to the ahadith to find out a hadith on Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog) which links them to the town. After going through all ahadith about Gog and Magog we find out that there is only one town mentioned and it’s Jerusalem . So, on the basis of verse of Quran and the hadith, we come to conclusion that Jews have returned to Jerusalem and (Yajuj wa Majuj) Gog & Magog brought them back. If you say I am wrong then you must tell me what is right. Only then it’ll be fair. If Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog & Magog) have brought them back to the holy land and reclaim it and if Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog & Magog) are humans (as discussed earlier) then can we identify them?? The end of the verse 96 in Surah Anbiyah says,

“ And they spread out in all directions or they swiftly swarp from every height”.

In Sahih Muslim, we are told something more. In Hadees-e-Qudsi Allah says about Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog & Magog),

“ I’ve created creatures so powerful that none but I can fight them”.

It means that Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog & Magog) have indestructible power. So, when they are released into the world from behind the barrier something new is going to happen in history. A new force is going to emerge in history and with their power they are going to take control of the world. And by spreading out in all directions, they’ll impose their rule in the whole world. Who exactly are these people, When and where did they emerge,


Let’s go to Surah Kahf verse 84-98 ,in which Allah speaks about Hazrat Dhul Qarnain,that Allah gave him the power to pursue any goal he chose to pursue. He travelled to the west. Then second time he travelled to the east and when he travelled the third time, he came across the people whose language couldn’t be understood. When they were able to communicate, they said to him ,

“ O Dhul Qarnain, We got a problem. Gog & Magog are very wicked people. They are destructive and corrupt. And we need help. Can you build a barrier to block them”.

And he built the barrier. I wonder in which direction he travelled the third time?? And where is that barrier?? Also its in hadith that the first of Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog & Magog) will pass through the Sea of Galilee [See figure] on the way to Jerusalem. And they’ll start to drink the water. And by the time the last of them passes he’ll say, “There used to be water here ” (Sahih Muslim : Book 41 : Hadith 7015) .


If you cross the Sea of Galilee on the way to Jerusalem the implication is that You are travelling from the North. So, the barrier is somewhere north of Jerusalem past the Sea of Galilee.

Today the Sea of Galilee is the primary source of fresh water in Israel, and it is already dangerously low and fastest disappearing water body in Israel. In fact, water has to be pumped uphill to keep the Jordan River flowing.

We have more to look up. Let’s go back to first journey of Hazrat Dhul Qarnain towards west. He travelled until he reached a place where he saw as if sun was setting in the dark and murky water. So, this body of water should be to the west of the holy land. And we find it to be the Black Sea . Now, when he travelled to east he finds Caspian Sea . And when he travelled to the third direction he came to a pass between two mountain ranges. He has to travelling north where one finds that mountains have to be the Caucasus mountains.


[Journeys are numbered 1, 2 & 3]

As mentioned in earlier, he met the people who were speaking the language that he couldn’t understand. After crossing the Caucasus Pass there is a place called Georgia and people there speak Georgian. It’s the regional language of that isolated area.The people of Georgia requested Hazrat Dhul Qarnain to build a barrier. He used Iron blocks and molten copper for that.The Iron Ore is found in abundance in that region. Up till now, all the evidences are mounting that we are on the right path to find the location of the barrier.


Now we have the location of the Dhul Qarnain’s wall, the Gog & Magog are human beings and they were located to the north of the Caucasus Mountain.When we conduct our research, we find something very interesting that there was a tribe of people who lived in that region, north of the Caucasus Mountains, who converted to Judaism. So, those were not actual Bani’Israel but the East-European people who converted and became Jews. The name of that tribe was
Khazar. This tribe is called as the thirteenth tribe, as Banu’Israel has 12 tribes and this became 13 tribe. The Israeli Jewish scholars confirm that majority of Jews in the world descended from that tribe. And today they are called
Ashkenazi Jews. Some of the people of Khazar tribe converted from Judaism to Christianity. So, this tribe usually gets opposition from both Jewish and Christian scholars for being converts.


Eventually,this tribe created the Zionist Movement . And we get Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians. They succeeded in swaying Jewish opinion in Europe and Christian opinion in Europe. And they even did reconcile the two camps.

Now, let’s find if there is an explanation in Quran regarding the hostility between Jews and Christians, reconciliation between the two and the emergence of Christian-Jew alliance. It’s the very important event of diplomacy in the history because it’s that alliance which is controlling the world today. And that is the alliance which brought Jews back to the holy land. So, Gog & Magog are among the Judaeo-Christian Zionist Alliance .
Now, Does the Quran speak about this alliance??


“O believers! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for your allies: ”
[Surah Maidah verse 51]

Now the question is; Is Allah speaking about all Jews and all Christians?? Suppose I would say If a Jew or a Christian stands against oppression then he’s my friend. Even I can form an alliance with them against oppression. Allah is definitely not speaking about all Jews and all Christians. Then, about whom is Allah speaking in the verse mentioned above?? Again, we’ll look for the answer in the Quran. Infact, the words following in the same verse depict that Allah is speaking about those Jews and Christians who become friends among themselves.

“:some of them are allies of one another.”

So, we are prohibited to maintain friendship with those Jews and Christians who are allies among themselves. Do we find such an alliance between Jews and Christians today? Yes! Of course. It’s the European Zionist Jewish-Christian alliance.They want what they call ‘A New World Order’.

In addition to above verse Allah says,

” Whoever of you disobeys this commandment will be counted as one of them. Surely Allah does not guide the wrongdoers.”

So,any Muslim nation or organization that forges alliance with them is one of them. It’s the fact of matter that unfortunately today we see many Muslim countries, especially the Arabian who have forged alliance with them from time to time, but they never realized it.


Another factor to consider in identifying Gog-Magog, is their nature. Those Islamophobes who attempt to equate Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog-Magog) with Middle-East or Turkey or Central Asia, need to explain the profiles of this community and explain how they connect. Are they religious fundamentalists?? Are they attempting to establish a caliphate?? Are they a conquering race?? What is it that the nation of Gog and Magog is fighting for??

The answer to this can be seen from the following Torah description :

Eze:38:11: And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates,

Eze:38:12: To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land.

Eze: 38:13: Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? Hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?

We see in clear terms that the Yajuj wa Majuj (Gog-Magog) invasion of the safe dwelling people is for obtaining their spoils. It is essentially a war of materialist greed for resources of other nations. The way to locate Gog-Magog is then by locating nations in the north of the holy land and the four corners of the globe (Rev 20:8) that have conducted and continue to conduct bloodsucking invasion of nations for resources and exploitation.


A crucial part regarding Gog-Magog, that is left behind by pro-Zionist and Dominion-ist prophecy enthusiasts, is with regards to the identity of Ya’juj ‘Gog’. All attention is paid in speculating on Ma’juj (Magog), despite the prophecy being in clear terms directed principally against Gog:

Eze:38:2: Son of man, set thy face against Gog,…

Eze:38:3: And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold I am against thee, O Gog,…

Eze:38:14: Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say unto Gog,……

Eze:38:16: …… I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.

Eze:39:1: Therefore, thou son of man, prophesy against Gog, and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog,…

All the prophecy’s, as can be seen repeatedly, is primarily against Ya’juj (Gog).

Ma’juj “Magog” is identified in the testaments as a descendant of Japheth, and no prophecy ‘experts’ keep this detail hidden. But on the other hand, there is mysterious silence when it comes to identifying Ya’juj “Gog” in the bible. Perhaps the reason why the prophecy industry has abandoned this identification of “Ya’juj” (Gog) is because there is only one other reference to Ya’juj (Gog) in the bible, which identifies Gog as a descendant of Reuben through Joel (1 Chr. 5:4l). What this piece of information does is give (Ya’juj) Gog an Israelite identity, flipping the common narratives among the prophecy “experts”. With this crucial connection in place, Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog and Magog) would have to be considered as nations descending from an Israelite and a Japheth ancestry. Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog-Magog) together would be a coalition or a mixture of some sort, of Israelite (Gog) and Magog.

Moreover, according to the Book of Revelation (20:8), Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog-Magog) would be at the four corners of the world, which is a crucial indication of the identity of the Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog-Magog) in the present era. Those who miserably attempt, to identify Magog with Middle-East and Turkey, is abandoning this detail as it contradicts his hypothesis. Or perhaps it is because the four ‘corners’ of the globe are today inhabited by none other the very people who are part of the Christian-Zionist war mongering prophecy industry.

Another important factor to consider is to carefully analyze the prophecy that is being made. It is made only against Ya’juj (Gog) even though Meshech and Tubal is identified along with it. This is an important detail to consider, as there is no war or threat in the prophecy against the nations of Meschech and Tubal. (Incidentally, Tubal is identified in Isaiah 66 to be nations from which priests are selected in future kingdom). Ya’juj (Gog) in the prophecy is identified as the CHIEF PRINCE of Mescheh and Tubal, which implies (Ya’juj) Gog, either as a person, but most probably as nation, has the role of a prince, to nations of Meshech and Tubal. Nowhere does the prophecy directly imply that nations of Meschech and Tubal are going to be allied with Ya’juj (Gog) in a future invasion of Jerusalem. The prophecy merely relates the identity of the nation of Ya’juj (Gog) with respect to the people of Meshech and Tubal.

The prophecy only later then describes what would happen in the latter days, but we do not find therein again any mention of Meshech and Tubal, despite other nations being mentioned.

With this detail in place, the identity that is formed then is a people of Israelite descent (Gog) being the chief prince of people of Meshech and Tubal. It is against this specific Gog that the prophecy is being repeatedly made.

Is there then any historical evidence for a nation of such identity?? Indeed, we find them in none another than the mysteriously low kept historic nation known as Khazaria. This is the nation which is recorded to have, in the least, Jews as “chief princes” ruling over a Caucasian people. The location of the Khazar Empire falls exactly at the point where many have identified to be the location of Meshach and Tubal.


Do we then know of a Ya’juj (Gog) invasion of a peace dwelling wall-less Holy Land?? If it is understood that many of the Israelites present in the holy land had over the years converted and came to be what is known today as “Palestinians”, it isn’t farfetched to interpret the recent invasion of Palestine by a East European Jewish community as a, or one of the many, Gog invasion.


The Magog Connection

Another group of people that requires notice here are the Scandinavian people. They are the only people who consider themselves as descendents of Magog. These people arose to power, in the form of Vikings, in the 7 century and swiftly spread throughout every section of European continent bringing massive defeat to major empires including the Roman/Byzantine Empire and in the process settling themselves all over the continent.



They also defeated and swallowed the Khazar Empire and came to be the ruling elite of East Europe. The Viking move to take control and settle in the East European region can be alternately interpreted as a rule of Gog, from the land of Magog(Scandinavia), as Chief Princes over the people of Mescheck and Tubal. It is also easily noticeable that the location from which the Vikings emerged is exactly north of the holy land. Furthermore, the prophecy of Ezekiel also identifies Ma’juj (“Magog”) as a people who “dwell carelessly in the isles” (Ezek 39:6).

When both these connections are taken into account, what we come to see is a case of Gog-Magog rule and influence that took over Europe. It is with Gog-Magog that an essentially “barbarian” people without any civilizational history would later come to be the most advanced and militarily powerful people of the world. All major godless revolutions and ideologies tend to be thereafter emerging from this part of the world. Their war mongering and materialist nature has been repeatedly observed from the Crusades where these Vikings formed the main force, the global imperialism, inhuman forms of extreme slavery, wars of global scale never seen before such as the 1st and 2 world wars and mass scale human slaughter such as the nuclear bombing of two Japanese cities and the holocaust of Jews.


The Invasion of the Holy Land

The question then to answer is, how would there be a Gog-Magog invasion of Israel? The answer is that perhaps it has already happened and continues to happen in form of the barbaric crusades to the recent establishment of a apartheid Euro-Jewish nation in the Holy Land. We can expect more waves/clouds of such invasion from the North to continue up to the time when the True Messiah finally arrives.


In 1917, Allama Iqbal early warned
the Muslims about coming chaos, turmoil and destruction in the whole world. Iqbal was the first one who immediately responded to the ‘Balfour Declaration of 1917 ‘ in which British Foreign Secretary Balfour requested Baron Rothschild, a leader of British Jewish community, for a Jews homeland in Palestine (Israel).

Allama Iqbal exactly mentioned this in his poetry. See his deep knowledge of Qur’aan from these couplets:


¤ Capital and labor are in confrontation with each other
¤ Let us see how many people’s expectations are destroyed


¤ With cleverness/wisdom and prudence this uproar (chaos) cannot be delayed
¤ Because “Wa Qad Kuntum Bihi Tasta’jilun”


¤ Gog and Magog all have been
¤ The Muslim eye will see the meaning of ‘Yansilun


It would therefore appear that the release of Ya’juj and Ma’juj has already taken place. Iqbal agrees.
Indeed, he appears to be one of the very few scholars of Islam to have ever had the vision and the courage to make a formal declaration that the release has taken place and that we now live in the last age, or the age that will witness the end of history. The declaration was made in Urdu verse, and, predictably, there is not even a hint of it in any of his writings or statements made in English. This is the verse:

¤“Khul gaye y’ajuj aur m’ajuj ka lashkar tamam,
¤ Chashmay Muslim dekhlay tafseer harf-e-yansiloon.”

¤“The hordes of Gog and Magog, Have all been released;
¤ The Muslim can (now) perceive with his very eyes (right in front of him), The meaning of yansiloon.”

The word yansilun, which occurs at the end of the verse, and to the Tafsir (interpretation) of which Iqbal has directed the attention of the Muslims, refers to a passage of the Qur’an in Surah al-Anbiyah in which Allah Most High declares that when Ya’juj and Ma’juj are released they will spread out in every direction (min kulli hadabin yansilun). Here is the passage:

“And there is a ban on a town which We destroyed, that they shall not return (i.e., the people of the town are banned from returning to reclaim the town as their own), until Ya’juj (Gog) and Ma’juj (Magog) are released (from the barrier which Dhu al-Qarnain built in order to contain them), and they spread out in every direction.”
(Surah al-Anbiyah, 21:95- 96)

This indicates that Ya’juj and Ma’juj would not only become the dominant force in the world, but that their power would subdue all of mankind. Indeed, their power would be such that, according to a Hadith al-Qudsi, Allah Most High has Himself declared: “None but I can destroy them.”

Allamah  Muhammad  Iqbal is not the  only  scholar  to  conclude  that  Gog  and  Magog  have  already been  released. However,  the  very prominent  scholar  of  the  last  century, Maulana Anwar  Shah Kashmiri (rahmatullah alayh),  also  took  the  stance  that  the  Barrier  of  Dhul  Qarnayn  had  been  breached  during the  lifetime  of  the  Prophet  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam)  and  that Ya’juj wa Ma’juj  (Gog-Magog)  have already  been  released. Here is  a  translation  of  the  relevant  passages  from  his masterpiece,  Faydul  Bari,  commentary  on  Saheeh  al  Bukhari: 

Chapter  on  Fighting  the Jews His (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam)  saying: 
“This  is  a  Jew  behind  me,  so  kill  him”.  

These  are  the  [Jews]  whom  ‘Eesa  (alaihissalaan)  will  descend to  fight  against,  not  the rest  of  the  Jews  of  the  world. 

They  are  [only]  the  ones  who  will  follow  the  Anti-Christ (i.e Dajjal)…

Know  that  it  is  not  unlikely  that Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog- Magog) are the  people of  Russia and  Britain.  The meaning  of  them  ‘coming  forth’  is  ‘attacking’They  have ‘come  forth’  many  times….

It  is  possible  that  they Ya’juj wa Ma’juj [Gog- Magog]  will  come  forth  from  their  progeny  at  a  time  that Allah  has  decreed,  and  will  spread corruption  through  the  earth.  As  for  the Barrier,  it  has already  collapsed.  I  have shown in  my  epistle,  ‘Islamic Doctrine’,  that  [Yajuj wa Mq’juj]  are none  other  than human  beings,  and  that  the  meaning  of  them  ‘coming  forth’,  khuruj,  is related  to causing  corruption  [ie it  does  not  mean  they  will  break  through  the Barrier  at  that time]. [I have shown also] that the Barrier is not preventing their movement any longer…

Chapter  on  the  Story  of  Gog  and  Magog. …

there is  no  doubt  that  he [Dhul  Qarnayn]  was a  righteous  man.  As  for  whether  he  was a prophet  or  a saint  –  Allah  knows  best.  What  is  apparent  is  that  he  was not  the  Greek, Alexander  –  this  is  Razi’s  opinion,  and  Hafiz  [Ibn  Hajar]’s.  Aristotle was one of  his  ministers, and used  to prostrate  to  him.  He  was the  first  to  write on  Geography,  and  mentioned  therein the  Barrier.  This  proves that  the  Barrier  existed  before  the  time  of  Alexander  the  Greek….        

The  Barrier  of  Dhul  Qarnayn has  already  collapsed.  The  Quran  nowhere demands  that  it must  remain  [erect]  until  the  ‘coming  forth’,  khuruj,  of  Ya’juj wa Ma’juj,  or  that  the  Barrier prevents  them  from  ‘coming  forth’.  These are  just  unwarranted  conclusions  that  are  reached [from  the  Quranic  verses].  Allah  said,  “We  leave  them,  some of  them  surging  upon  others, that  day”  [Kahf:  99],  “Until,  when Gog  and  Magog  are  released…”  [Anbiya:  96]. 

Therefore, they  will  come  forth  time  after  time.  They  came  forth before  that  as  well,  and caused corruption  and destruction upon  the  Earth  in ways  unmentionable.  Yes,  there is a  destined time  for  them  to  come  forth at  the  End  Times,  and  that  will  be  the  most  severe  of  their manifestations. 

However,  the  Quran  does  not  state that  this  last  manifestation  will  take  place immediately  after  the  collapse of  the  Barrier.  The  Quran  only  promises  that  the  Barrier  will collapse.  And  it  has  collapsed  as was promised.   As  for  their  emergence  taking  place  immediately  after  its  collapse,  there is  no  basis  for  that. Do you  not  see  that  the  Prophet  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam)  counted  his  own demise as being  from  the  signs  of  the  Last  Hour,  as  well  as the  conquests  of  Jerusalem  and Constantinople?  Did they  occur  immediately,  or  was there a  long  gap  between them?  The same  is  the  case  with this  text.  Yes,  the  text  does  state  that  their  coming  forth  will  not  be until  after  the  collapse [of  the  Barrier].  But  it  does  not  say  that  it  will  not  collapse until  they come  forth.

   As  for  what  regards  Gog  and Magog  themselves:  know  that  they  are  the  progeny  of  Yafuth, by  consensus of  the  historians…and Britons  admit  that  they  are  from  the  progeny  of  Magog. Similarly,  Germany  is  from  them.  As  for  Russia,  they  are  from  the  progeny  of  Gog.  These are  all  naught  other  than  human  beings.   The  meaning  of  ‘coming  forth’,  khuruj,  is  entering  into  battle,  and  causing  destruction  and corruption.  There is  no  doubt  that  this  will  take place  in its  appointed  time…

the  Barrier  is  [no longer]  preventing  them  from  causing  corruption  and  destruction.  They  will  come  forth against  the  rest  of  mankind  at  one  time  when they  will  be  destroyed  by  the supplication of ‘Eesa  (alaihissalaam).  

Someone  may  object  that  [I  have contradicted  this  by  saying  that]  the  physical  obstacle has been  removed  from  them  a  long time ago,  (i.e  the  Barrier  has  collapsed,  and  they  have already  come  forth.) 

My  reply  is  that  this  coming  forth  [of Ya’juj wa Ma’juj  (Gog  and  Magog)]  is  not  the  one intended,  as  ‘Eesa (alaihissalaam  has  not  yet  descended.  The  affair  will  continue in  this  manner  until  some of  them  [Ya’juj wa Ma’juj]  come  forth,  who  have not  emerged  before,  and  who  will  be  the ones at  the  time of  ‘Eesa  (upon  him  be  peace).  In  other  words,  they  come  forth  time  after time  [until  the  final  ones  at  the  time  of  Jesus],  just  like  the  coming  forth  of  the  Khawarij  [a deviant  sect  who  emerged time  after  time in  generation after  generation].  It  is  not  one  single emergence  from  behind  the  Barrier. The  Quran  does  not  mention  the  word,  khuruj,  from  behind  this  Barrierin  the ayah  of  Surah al  Kahf.  Only  the  Barrier  is  mentioned.  As  for  the  verse  in Surah Anbiya,  “Until,  when Gog and Magog  are  released”there is no  mention  of  the  Barrier,  hence  this  ‘release’  is  more general.  It  is  as  if  the  ayah,  “And  We  leave some  of  them,  that  day,  to surge  against  others”, appears  to allude  to  two distinct  groups of  them  –  some  of  them  come  forth  from  behind  the Barrier  and some  from  elsewhere.  It  is  as  if  the  collapse of  the  Barrier  is  the  place  where some  of  them  emerge,  and  the  time  for  others  of  them  to come  forth….

…it  has  been  mentioned  that…In  the  Roman  archives,  it  is  written  in Hebrew  script  that  after 4,291 years,  the  world  will  remain orphaned,  and  the  wars  of  Ya’juj wa Ma’juj  will  rage therein,  and  the  rest  of  the days  will  be  the  days  of  the  Masheeh.  [The  days  of  Masheeh], according  to Jewish chroniclers,  are  the  days  of  the  Seal  of  Prophets  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam). 

And  the  world  would be  left  orphaned  after  him,  without  any  guide,  ie prophecy would end.  After  that  –  following  much  good  [that  would  follow  the  last  Prophet]  –  would come the  bloodsheds  of  Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog-Magog).  That  is  when ‘Eesa  (alaihissalaam)  would descend…

So, Ya’juj  and  Ma’juj  are  not  confined  to only  those who  were  trapped behind  the  Barrier. The  Qur’an  mentions  both those  [who  were  behind  the  barrier]  and  those  who  were  not.  That is  because  the  question  was about  Dhul  Qarnayn,  not  about  Gog and Magog  alone.  So [Allah]  mentions  first  the  specific  group  who  were  trapped  behind  the  barrier,  then generalises when He  says,  “That  day,  We  leave  some  of  them  to surge against  others”.

This,  then,  refers  to  a continually  repeating  process,  until  finally  the  last  group [of  Gog  and Magog]  will  emerge  at  the time  of  the  descent  of  ‘Eesa  (alaihissalaam).  Thus,  in  this instance  the  Quran  is  more  general  than  the  Hadith.  Similarly,  the  words  of  Allah  subhanahu wa ta`ala,  “and  from  every  elevated  place,  they  descend”  [Anbiya:96],  mentions  every elevated  place  [i.e not  just  from  behind  the  Barrier].  This  makes  sense  if  it  is  established  that the  Europeans are  from  them  [ie  Gog  and  Magog],  and  that  they  emerge again and  again. And  [in  the  ayah  in Surah al  Kahf]  the  Qur’an  mentions specifically  those  who  were  trapped behind  the  Barrier,  but  it  does not  state  that  the  Barrier  cannot  be  destroyed  or  that  they cannot  emerge  time after  time,  until  their  final  emergence  at  the  time  of  the  descent  of  Jesus (upon  him  be  peace). The  beginning  of  the  collapse of  the  Barrier  took  place  during  the  time  of  the  Prophet  (sallallaahu alihi wasallam)  when he  said,  “Woe  to  the  Arabs,  from  an  evil  that  has  drawn close.  Today,  a  breach like  this  has  occurred  in  the Barrier  of  Gog  and  Magog”

… it  is  mentioned  in  the  Book of  Ezekiel  that  they  will  emerge  against  the  Children  of Israel…and  they  will  come  from  the  furthest  North-West,  as  many  nations  –  none  but  Allah knows  their  number  –  and cause  corruption  and  destruction,  and  they  will  seek  [to  conquer] Jerusalem…

It  is  mentioned  in  the  prophetic hadiths  that  they  will  head  for  Jerusalem,  but  this  is  not directly  linked  to  the  collapse of  the  Barrier…

And  the  ayah “Until,  when Gog and Magog are  released…”  does  not  say ‘until  the  Barrier  is opened’…

It  is  important  to  know  that  the  saying  of  Dhul  Qarnayn,  “When  the  promise of  my  Lord comes  to  pass,  He will  make  it  to  collapse”is  from  himself.

  There  is  no  evidence  that  it  is meant  to  be  from  the  signs  of  the  Hour.  Perhaps,  he  had no  knowledge of  that.  He  meant  by ‘promise’  the  promise  that  it  would collapse.  In  this  case,  the words  of  Allah,  “And  We  leave some  of  them  to surge upon others”  would signify  a continually  repeating  process  [ie. successive emergences  of Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog-Magog). 

True,  the  words  of  Allah,  “Until,  when Gog  and Magog  are  released,  and  from  every  elevated  place  they  descend”  refer  to  a sign of  the  Last Hour,  but  there  is  no  mention of  the  Barrier  in  this  ayah  –  therefore,  understand  the difference!”   [Faydul Baari]

The  writing  of  Imam  Anwar  Shah [rahimahullah]  on  this  subject  adds  credibility  to  this theory of Ya’juj wa Ma’juj,  and  throws  the  considerable  weight  of  the  Imam’s  renowned  scholarship behind  the  interpretations  of  Qur’anic  verses  regarding it.

Therefore, we come to know that Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog-Magog) were  released  during  the  lifetime  of  the  Prophet  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam), as indicated in the saheeh hadith:

“Zaynab  Bint  Jahsh (radhiyallahu anhu) said that  the  Prophet  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) came  to  her in  a  state  of fear,  and  said,  ‘There  is  no  god  but  Allah.  Woe  to  the  Arabs  from  an  evil that has  come close.  Today  a  breach  has  occurred  in  the  Barrier  of Gog  and  Magog, like  this’,  and  he  made  a  circle  with  his  finger  and thumb. Zaynab  Bint  Jahsh (radhiyallahu anha)  said:  I said,  ‘O  Messenger of Allah!  Would  we  be  destroyed  while  there  are  good  people amongst  us?’  He  said,  ‘Yes,  if  the  bad  becomes  much’  ”  [al-Bukhari]

This  particular  hadith  is  narrated  by multiple  saheeh  chains  of  transmission. At  least  four separate  chains  occur  in  ‘Saheeh  al-Bukhari’  alone  from  prominent  Companions.  Thus, this hadith  is  from  the  strongest  possible  category of  transmitted  reports.

   An  authentic  hadith  in  ‘Saheeh  Muslim’  states  that  Allah  subhanahu  wa  ta`ala  will  send  forth the  armies  of Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog-Magog)  to  fight  against  Prophet  ‘Eesa (alaihissalaam)  and  his  followers.  Allah  will  say, “I  have  sent  forth  some  of  my slaves  whom  no-one  has  the  ability to  fight” [Muslim]. 

They will  spread  over  the  Earth  causing  destruction everywhere  until  Allah  subhanahu  wa  ta`ala will  destroy them  with  heavenly  punishment,  and  save  Prophet ‘Eesa (alaihissalaam)  and  the  Muslims with him.

  As  Imam  Anwar  Shah  Kashmiri (rahimahullah) have  shown,  this  narration  does  not mean that Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog-Magog) cannot  be  released  prior  to  this  time. Imam  Anwar  Shah (rahimahullah) states that  they  were  released  during  the  lifetime  of  the  Prophet  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam),  as  the  first hadith  indicates,  and  they manifest  again  and  again  until  their  final  and  most  severe manifestation  is  at  the  time  of  Prophet  Jesus  (‘Eesa alaihissalaam).  He  likens  this  to  the appearance  of  the  deviant  sect,  the  Kharijites,  who  came  forth  generation  after  generation.  

Imam Anwar  Shah (rahimahullah)  says that  the  hadith  of  the  descent  of  ‘Eesa (alaihissalaam)  does not  mean  that  the  Barrier  of Ya’juj wa Ma’juj  (Gog-Magog)  has  to  remain  erect  until  that  time. Nor  does  it mean that Yajuj wa Ma’juj (Gog-Magog) could  not  have  been  released  prior  to  the  descent  of  Prophet Jesus ‘Eesa (alaihissalaam). However,  a  hadith  which  appears  to  contradict  this  opinion is  found  in  ‘Jami`  al-Tirmidhi’,  in which Yajuj wa Ma’juj (Gog-Magog)  are  described  as  “digging  through  the  Barrier  until  they  almost breach  it”but  each  time  they  return  to  continue  their  work,    they  find  it  blocked  up  again, and  thus  it  continues  until  Allah  wishes  to  release  them. Regarding  this  hadith  of  Tirmidhi, Imam  Anwar  Shah (rahimahullah) states:   “this  contradicts  that  which  is  in  the  saheeh,  [that  the  Prophet  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam)  said] that  the Barrier  was  breached during  his time,  ‘like  this’ (making  a circle  with his  thumb and finger)….as  well  as  the fact  that  Ibn  Katheer (rahimahullah) deems  this  narration  weak,  and  says  that  Abu  Hurayrah (radhiyallahu anhu) at  times  attributes  it  to the  Prophet  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallan) and  at  times  to Ka`b. Wujdani agrees  that  it is not from  the  Prophet  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallan)  and  actually from  Ka`b himself.”  

To Summarize as a whole, the  Qur’an had  informed  us  that  the  Jewish  people  would  not  return  to  the  Holy  Land  untilYa’juj wa Ma’juj  (Gog  and Magog)  had  been  released as mentioned above.

Imam Anwar  Shah (rahimahullah)  suggested  that  Ya’juj wa Ma’juj  (Gog- Magog)  are from  amongst  the  European  (including  Russian)  people.  If  we  accept  both  points,  the  next question is  as  to  the  identity of  these  dangerous  tribes  that  were  released  during  the lifetime  of  the  Prophet  Muhammad  (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam),  and  the  location  of  the Barrier  of  Dhul  Qarnayn which has been already discussed above of the Khazar Kingdom getting occupied by the barbaric Scandinavians.

Not  long  after  the  coming  of  the  Final  Prophet  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam)  in  Arabia,  far  away  in the  Northern depths  of  the  Earth  an  eruption took  place. This  was  the  eruption  of  the  Viking people  from  their  homes  in  the  chilled  most  northern  regions  of  Europe  upon  the surrounding  lands  of  Western Europe.  This  eruption  resulted  in  what  is  now  known  as  the ‘Viking  Age’. I  say  ‘Northern  depths’  of  the  Earth  because,  don’t  forget,  the  traditional  way of  viewing  the  Earth  was  always  with  the  North  at  the  bottom.  Only  as  Euro-Viking civilisation  gained  ascendancy over  the  Southern  world  was  the  map  turned  upside-down,  a clear  symbol  of  Northern hegemony and  ascendancy.

About  150  years  after  the  Prophet  Muhammad  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam)  revealed that  a  breach  had  occurred  in  the  barrier  holding  back  the  tribes  of  Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog & Magog),  the  first Viking  ships  landed  off  the  Northumbrian  coast  of  Britain  and  laid  waste  to  a  monastery nearby.  A  people  previously  unknown  to  history  had  made  their  dramatic  entry  into  the story of  the  European  continent. From  then  on,  the  outpouring  of  Viking  hordes,  from  the Scandinavian  peninsula,  continued  for  countless  generations,  terrorizing  the  people  of surrounding  lands.  

For  almost  three  hundred  years,  the  Christian  countries  of  Northern  and  Western Europe  in particular  were  at  the  mercy  of  the  Viking  hordes,  whose  ships  dominated  the  seas  as pirates, invaders, plunderers, looters and mercenaries.  

Christopher  Walker  identifies  the  rise  of  the  Normans  or Vikings as  a  major  factor  in  the  start  of  the Crusades.  He  states,  in  his  refreshingly  even-handed  book,  ‘Islam  and  the  West’:  

“Within  Europe  a  number of  elements  changed the  prevalent  attitude  from  peaceful pilgrimage  to  violent  conquest  of  the  Holy  Land. The  first  was  the  coming  of  the  Normans. This  people,  originally  from  Scandinavia,  had  within  two  generations  remodelled  itself  as  a dominant  force  within  the  society  of  Europe.  They  were  assertive,  dictatorial,  controlling  and militant,  though  sometimes  content  to  act  as  mercenaries. They  liked social  hierarchies. If they  could  not  be  dominant  they  were  content  with  submission;  with  a  tendency  towards warfare,  they  seem  not  to  have  rated equality  highly. …  But  they  were  greater  agents  for change,  perhaps  as  a  result  of  their  instincts  for violence  and  hierarchy. They  made  their militant  cause  popular by  gaining,  where  necessary  the  blessing  of  the  pope,  but  were unafraid  of  excommunication.   They  used  the  papacy  as  they  saw  fit  and  the  papacy  made use  of  them.  When William  the  Conqueror invaded  England  in  1066,  his  army  was  led by  a knight  carrying  a  papal  banner  emblazoned with  a  red  cross;  the  invasion  of  England  thus took  on  the  appearance  of  a  crusade  before  the  Crusades. In  dating  the  capture  of  Jerusalem (‘the  event  preferable  to  all  events’), Foulcher  of  Chartres  makes  a  point  of  indicating  that  it occurred twelve  years  after  the  death  of  William,  King  of  England.”

A Fact

A  fascinating  aspect  of  the  Viking  people  was  their  system  of  government,  if  one  can  call  it such.  They  were  the  first  western Europeans  to  have  a  ‘democratic’  system.  There  would  be a  public  assembly  of  all  landowning    freemen,  known,  bizarrely,  simply  as  ‘the  Thing’,  which was  “the  cornerstone  of  democracy  and  authority”  in  the  Viking  Age.  Each  district  had  its own Thing  which  met  once  or  twice  a  year.  Its  function  was  to  be  a  forum  where  matters  of local  importance  could  be  debated. Kings were  elected,  new laws  were  discussed,  disputes over  property were  resolved,  and  violent  crime  and  theft  were  adjudicated  upon.  Above  the district  assembly  was  the  regional Thing.  The  Vikings exported  this  form  of  government  to many of  their  colonies  overseas  [Chartrand  et  al,  p. 27].

Is  it  possible  that  the  ‘Thing’  of  the  Vikings is  the  true  cultural  precursor  to  modern European  democratic  systems, rather  than  the  democracy  of  Ancient  Greece  as  if  often imagined?? Once  again,  are  we  observing  the  historical,  perhaps  unconscious, attempt  by Europeans,  embarrassed  by the  Viking  roots  of  their  democratic  systems,  to  gloss  over  their true  heritage  and  connect  their  cultural  history to  ancient  Greco-Roman  civilisation instead?? It  is  far  more  reassuring  to  trace  one’s  traditions  to  the  great  historic civilisations  of  Greece and  Rome  than  to  the  piratical  hordes  of  the  Vikings, a  people  without  ancestry, history  or civilisation. Surely,  it  is  no  coincidence  that  Britain,  the  primary  colony  of  the  Viking  hordes, was  the  first  country  to  later  develop  ‘democratic’  institutions.  

A  core  feature  of  ‘democracy’,  and  this  explains  why it  appealed  to  the  Viking  mentality, is that  it  is  essentially a  denial  of  any higher  moral  authority.  The  people  themselves  decide their  own  rules  and  laws.  Thus, nothing  and  nobody can  prevent  the  people  from  doing what  they  want  to  do. It  is  a  system  which  rejects  revealed  guidance  and  Divinely-ordained constraints  upon  human  behaviour.  It  safeguards  the  freedom  of  the  human  creature  to pursue  any activity  he  finds  desirable  as  long  as  there  is  approval  from  the  collective. The Viking  rejected  authority,  he  felt  no  inclination to  bow  to  God  or  king. This  inherent rebelliousness,  known  as  baghy  in  Arabic,  is  one  of  his  defining  characteristics.

Now we cqn convincingly say that the  European  people,  and  their North  American  progeny,  are  the Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog  and  Magog)  people  prophesized  in  the  Quran.

The ‘New World  Order’  is  the  World  Order  of  Gog  and  Magog. Indeed,  it  seems  they  have  been given  such  a  power  that  no-one  is  able  to  defeat  except  Allah  subhanahu  wa  ta`ala  Himself. The  object  of  this  article  has  been  to  show  that  it  was  the  Vikings  that  were  the  precise Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog and  Magog)  entity  that  were  released  and  infiltrated  the  European  peoples.

The  Vikings and their  descendants  are  the  Gog-Magogian  element  within  European  civilisation.  

One  may  reasonably  ask  how  it  is  possible  that  the  Vikings could  have  been Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog  and  Magog) when they  emerged  over  a  thousand  years  ago,  and  the  hadiths  mention that Ya’juj wa Ma’juj  (Gog  and Magog)  will  fight  Prophet  ‘Eesa (alaihissalaam)  when  he  returns  to  this  world  near  the end  of  Time. How is  it  possible  that  the  prophecies  regarding Ya’juj wa Ma’juj  (Gog  and  Magog)  come  to  be fulfilled over  forty generations  after  they  first  emerge?? Does  this  make  any sense?? Is  there even  any trace  of  the  original  Gog  and  Magog  people  left  after  so  many centuries  of interbreeding  and  mixing  of  genes  with  other  peoples??

With  regard  to  the  passing  of  many generations  since  their  first  release,  the  Qur’an  provides us  with  another  example  of  such  a  phenomenon  and  proves  that  a  people  may  still  be considered  intimately  related  to  distant  forebears. The  Prophets  Abraham (Ibraheem alaihissalaam)  and  Ishmael ( Isma’eel alaigissalaam) prayed  to  Allah  to  make  from  their  progeny “a  believing  nation”,  and  to  “raise  a  prophet from  amongst  them”.  This  supplication  was  fulfilled  thousands  of  years  later  when  the  Final Prophet  Muhammad  (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam)  was  sent  to  the  Arabs  and  the  whole of  Mankind. This  indicates  that  the  passing  of  many generations  does  not  preclude  a progeny  from  intimate  association with  their  forefathers,  in  the  Qur’anic  paradigm.   The  other  interesting  observation in  this  regard  concerns  one  of  the  ayahs  of  Qur’an  which mention the Ya’juj wa Ma’juj (Gog and Magog), namely:

“And  there is  prohibition  upon  [the  people  of]  a  city  which  We  have  destroyed that  they  will  [ever]  return Until  when  Gog  and  Magog  are  let  loose,  and  they,  from every elevation, descend.” [al-Anbiya:95-96]

The  word  used  here  to  describe  the  movement  of  Gog  and  Magog  from  every elevation [ie every place  (think  world  order)],  is  ‘yansiloon’,  translated  as  ‘descend’  in  the  translation above. Others  have  translated  it  as  ‘swiftly  swarm’.  The  word  ‘yansiloon’  is  profound  in  our context,  as  it  is  derived  from  the  root,  nasl,  which  means, literally, ‘progeny’.  The  idea  of ‘yansiloon’,  ‘to  descend’,  is  derived  from  the  descent  of  the  baby  out  of  the  mother’s  womb. Here,  a  clue  to  support  our  theory of  the  coming  forth  of  Gog  and  Magog  as  an  emergence over  many generations  lies  in  the  ayah  itself,  but  Allah  knows  best.  To  close,  we  can  quote  a powerful  verse  penned  by the  great  Indian  Muslim  scholar  and  poet,  Muhammad  Iqbal,  who wrote:

With  cleverness/wisdom  and  prudence  this uproar  (chaos)  cannot  be  delayed Because 

“Wa  Qad  Kuntum  Bihi  Tasta’jilun”
Gog and Magog all  have  been  released The  Muslim eye  will  see  the meaning  of  ‘Yansilun’

It  is  possible  that  Iqbal  had  taken  this  idea  from  Imam  Anwar  Shah (rahimahullah),  and  Allah  knows  best. Could  it  be  that  the  words, ‘from  every  elevated  place’,  predict  the  wars and invasions??  The armies  of  Ya’juj wa Ma’juj descending  from  the  skies??  And  Allah  knows  best.  

We  seek  refuge  with  Him  from  all  evil,  deviation,  misguidance  and  corruption. And  we  ask Him  to  enter  us  amongst  His  believing  slaves.  May peace  and  mercy be  upon  the  Final Messenger  and  his  family and  Companions  and  all  those  who  follow  in  their  footsteps  until the  Last  Day.  And  finally,  all  praise  is  to  Allah  the  Creator  and  Lord  of  the  Heavens  and  the Earth. 

(Note: The conclusions made here are theoretical speculations and not meant to promote narrow bigotry or racism or influence practical decision making.)

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