[by Majlisul Ulama

If possible face towards the Qiblah


Roll the sleeves up above the elbows


Recite once “BISMILLAH WALHAMDULILLAH” (Trans: In the name of Allah and all praise to Allah)


Wash both hands including the wrists thrice, starting with the right hand.


Use a Miswaak to clean teeth. No Miswaak is available clean with index finger. [more info ➡ The Importance of the Miswaak in Islam]


Rinse the mouth with water thrice. Gargle when not fasting.


Rinse both nostrils using the right hand, taking fresh water each time. Clean both nostrils with the little finger of the left hand. If fasting do not let water go to the beyond soft fleshy parts of the nostrils.


Wash the face thrice. Do not splash the water onto the face but wash gently, beginning at the forehead. Ensure that the face is completely wet, from the hear on the forehead, to below the chin and from one ear to the other.


Wash both arms including the elbow thrice, beginning with the right hand. Make Khilaal by passing the fingers of the one hand to the fingers of the other. If  a ring is worn, shift it to ensure that no part of the finger is left dry.


After moistening hands, draw them over the entire head, (Masah), Then run the index finger on the inside of the ears, then run both the thumbs on the outside of the ears. Wipe the back of the hands over the back sides of the neck, but not over the throat which is forbidden. All this should be done with moistening the hands once only.


Make Khilaal of the beard and with wetted palm of the right hand. Holding the hand with the palm, forward then passing the fingers through the beard from the throats upwards.


Beginning with the right, wash each foot thrice, including the ankles. Rub the little finger of the left hand between the toes of the right foot beginning with the extreme right and completing with the extreme left toe of the left foot.


After Wudhu recite the Surah of the “INNA ANZALNAAHU” and then recite this Duaa: Oh Allah make me of the repenters and make me of the purified. And make me of your pious servants. And make me of those who have no fear and do not have sorrow.

Remember to recite “ASHHADU AL LAAILAHA ILLALLAAHU WA ASHHADU ANNA MUHAMMADAN ABDUHU WA RASOOLUH (Trans: I bear witness that none is worthy of worship besides Allah and Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) is his slave and messenger.


The four Faaria’d (obligatory act)  of Wudu are: (a) to wash full face once (b) to wash both hands and arms including elbows once.

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