Divine Omnipresence of Allah Ta’ala

Allah’s Omnipresence has been the belief of the Ummah since the inception of Islam.There is no difference of opinion among the Ulama of Islam on the Omnipresence of Allah Ta’ala Who declares in the Qur’aan Majeed:


Similarly, He says:

East and West belong to Allah. Whichever way you turn your face, there is Allah’s Presence.”

Leaving all philosophical and fanciful discussion aside, the Qur’aanic fact upheld and proclaimed by the Ulama of the Ummah for the past 14 centuries is that Allah Ta’ala is here, there and everywhere at one and the same time. Whether this doctrine be understood or not and whether it sounds logic or illogic is of no consequence. The belief of His Emanence is unanimous.


The argument of Allah Ta’ala being above or on top of the Arsh cannot be cited in refutation of Allah’s
Omnipresence. The Qur’aanic  verses pertaining to Allah’s Presence on top of the Divine Throne belong to the Mutashaabihat (Allegorical) category. The interpretation of such verses is known to only Allah Ta’ala. When the Qur’aan speaks of Allah’s Face and Allah’s Hand, it is not permissible to attribute on this basis anthropomorphistic connotations to Allah Ta’ala because dimension and direction are not applicable to Him. Any aspect such as direction and dimension which implies finitude concern only created beings.

While everyone accepts the Qur’aanic claim of Istiwaa alal Arsh (or Allah’s Presence on the Arsh), the manner of such Presence defies our created minds.


The claim that the Islamic belief of Allah’s Omnipresence is the product of Brahmanic influence is absolutely stupid and ludicrous. This belief has come down in the Ummah many centuries before Muslims had contact with Hindus of India. This belief has been propounded by the greatest authorities of the Shariah since all times. Only ignorant people can be misled by the stupid claim made by deviates.

The satanism of such deviates is conspicuous. By implication the deviate is saying that for 14 centuries the greatest authorities of the Shariah were in darkness regarding this belief, and only today, the true belief has been unearthed, and that too by a modernist deviate who has no Islamic credentials Muslims should beware of the writings of all products of kuffaar universities. The surest sign of deviation is hatred and criticism of the Math-habs. When a man rejects the Taqleed of the Math-habs, his deviation is manifest.

The Omnipresence of Allah Ta’ala is an unanimous belief propagated by the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. Those who step beyond the confines of this Jama’ah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) plunge into dhalaal and the Fire of Jahannum.

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