The Misyar-Zina Filth of the Salafis

[Majlisul Ulama]

MISYAR IS LEGALIZED prostitution in Saudi Arabia and in other parts of the Arab World, It is a kind of temporary  ‘marriage’ akin to the Shiah practice of Mu’tah notwithstanding certain differences between the two immoral practices.

Zina has been elevated to the status of marriage with the designation of Misyar which means “visiting marriage”. It is an unholy, temporary, promiscuous, clandestine alliance with a woman, in which all the rights of Nikah are denied to the so-called ‘misyar wife’. The only objective of the haraam misyar alliance is sexual gratification. It is in fact legalized prostitution for which the Saudi ‘scholars’ have given the stamp of holiness.

In this unholy promiscuous alliance, the man is absolved of all the obligations of an Islamic  Nikah. The woman has no rights whatsoever. Her only obligation is to live like an animal with the man whenever his sexual instincts constrain him to visit his mistress of misyar. In this haraam relationship regarded as ‘marriage’ by the Saudi ‘scholars’, a man has no responsibilities towards the woman. He does not have to provide her a home, financial support or to spend the night with her. The alliance is one of carnal convenienceto fulfil only at the bestial behest of the man.

The following is a typical application form which a man in search of a clandestine ‘misyar-spouse’ submits to the escort agency which arranges the misyar alliance.

Dear Customer, Please fill out the following form so that we can best serve you.

Remember, we are here to meet all your needs. Our motto is: “All fun, no responsibility.” 

I am seeking a wife between the ages of: (15-20) (21- 25) (26-30) (30-35) (36+) 




Tribal affiliation (in order of
preference) ————————————— 

Status: Virgin, Divorced (with or without children?) ………………………………… 

Widowed (w or w/o children?) …………….

Next, please mark the following choices so that we may decide which marriage best suits your personal needs. 

I would like a wife who agrees to relinquish the following rights: …….

Right to housing …….

Right to financial support…….

Right to time (spending the night especially)…….

Right to children……..

Right to public announcement of marriage…….

All of the above I would like a wife to meet the following needs:…….

Owns a home or lives with her family…….

Has her own job

Enjoys travelling…….

Speaks English…….

Attractive……. Open minded (to do things my current wife will not do)…….

All of the above. Thank you for your time. The total service fee will be determined by your above choices (Saudi Riyals 5,000 — 15,000). You are required to pay SR 500 to initiate search.” [Arab News 19th August 2006]

The sacred institution of Nikah has been reduced to the level of prostitution. Every aim and object which the Nikah stands for is negated by the corrupt ‘fatwas’ of the Saudi ulama-e-soo’ (evil learned men) who come fully within the glare of the following Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam): “Verily, I fear for my Ummah the Aimmah-e-Mudhilleen”. That is, scholars of this ilk who mislead the Ummah and pave the path of Jahannum for them. All of these vile misyar alliances of prostitution are clandestine  affairs. The wife of the man and his family are never informed and are not supposed to know of the zina alliance. The very nature of the misyar alliance — the secrecy and the complete annulment of rights, obligations and duties — effectively assigns it into the confines of prostitution.

Prohibiting all kinds of clandestine, haraam relationships such as misyar, mityar, mut’ah, etc., the Qur’aan Majeed states:

And lawful for you besides these
(prohibited classes of women) is that you search with your wealth (other chaste women) for retaining them (in marriage), not for fornication…. (Aayat 24, Nisaa’) 

The abominations of misyar and mut’ah come fully within the scope of the prohibited clandestine alliances of fornication stated in these Qur’aanic verse. The misyar mut’ah alliance is a denial and negation of everything holy for which Nikah stands. The primary motive for the divine injunction of Nikah is procreation of the human race. The misyar-mut’ah evil is the very antithesis of this Divine Motive.

All the rights and respect which Nikah gives rise to are totally eliminated in the unholy Saudi alliance of fornication marketed as lawful misyar. While cohabitation in Nikah is for fulfilment of a Divine Purpose, in the misyar-mut’ah alliance cohabitation is for no reason other than sexual gratification in exactly the same manner in which the lowly beasts give vent to their sexual instincts.

Insaan (the human being) is the noblest of Allah’s creation. He is not expected to degenerate to the level of dogs and asses in the exercise to gratify his natural
sexual instincts. This gratification creates responsibilities which misyar annuls. The woman is not chattel to be discarded at the wayside after the man has satisfied his animal behests. Nikah confers the lofty pedestal of wifehood and motherhood to a woman who is taken into a bond in the Name of Allah Azza Wa Jal. An honourable being taken into custody in Allah’s Name for the attainment of a Divine Goal may not be dumped in the wasteland of the streets after the man has achieved his animal motive of sexual gratification.

Misyar-Mut’ah is an immoral  relationship designed by corrupt deviant ‘scholars’ to satisfy only the animal instinct, while Nikah is divinely-ordained to preserve chastity, moral
purity of body, mind and soul. Precisely for these reasons did Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) say: “Nikah is half of Imaan.”

There is no lofty goal in the immoral aberration of misyar.
Sexual cohabitation is lawful only with wives. But, the idea of wives does not occur in misyar- mut’ah relationships.

These are secret alliances
which are hidden from the male’s family and from the society in which he lives. A horrible consequence of misyar is the generation of fatherless children it spawns.

The callousness of misyar men could be well gauged from the massive and cruel social problem they are creating solely to satisfy their inordinate sexual appetite. While the woman in the misyar alliance is compelled to relinquish all the rights which the holy marital bond guarantees her, at the end of the misyar stint, she sits with the burden of
 unwanted fatherless children.  The immoral man simply disappears.

The Saudi misyar relationship is just as invalid as the Shiah mut’ah alliance. The common factor in both haraam alliances is the intent to strike up a temporary relationship for the attainment of sexual gratification. This is the one and only objective of both immoral institutions. From the very inception of the fraudulent ‘marriage’, the man’s intention is to abandon the woman after he has gratified himself. Therefore the misyar ‘marriage’ is encumbered with the condition of total relinquishment of all rights by the woman. The man enters into this foul union with the mutual agreement that he has no duties and obligations to the woman. The only purpose of the relationship is sexual gratification for a temporary period even though the period may not be verbally specified.

The Saudi Institute of Islamic Religious Law may succeed in the stratagem of self-deception, but Allah Ta’ala cannot be fooled with the technicalities which the corrupt ‘scholars’ mis
-manipulate to serve the carnal appetite of men who are totally bereft of every vestige of Taqwa. A family life is an imperative requisite of the holy institution of Nikah while the Saudi immoral practice of misyar has no scope for the cultivation of a family life. Saudi ‘scholars’ present some truly ridiculous arguments to justify misyar. They are at pains in the exercise of comparing misyar with Nikah (marriage). Their conclusion is that just as certain acts do not invalidate Nikah, so too they do not invalidate misyar. This conclusion presupposes that  misyar is an institution apart from Nikah. But there is no such thing as misyar in the Shariah. If misyar was just another name for Nikah, there would not have been the need to laboriously make a comparison between the two institutions in an endeavour
to validate the former on the basis of the latter. It is indeed an insult to Islam to term misyar a marriage union.

The very designation ‘misyar’ given to the unholy alliance testifies that this relationship is not Nikah. ‘Misyar’ means ‘visit’. The man in this union only visits the woman when he has a need to sexually gratify his lust like an animal. Many men who enter misyar alliances stipulate callous conditions such as: “If you become
pregnant, you are divorced.” “If knowledge of the marriage becomes known, you are divorced.” Viewed from every angle, misyar is not Nikah. It is a haraam immoral relationship of zina. Misyar has become a widely prevalent practice in Arab countries. It is increasingly gaining acceptance for two reasons:

(1) The stamp of legality accorded to misyar by the Saudi liberal scholars who lack true knowledge of the Shariah.

(2) Man’s insatiable sexual lust.

Although there are some differences between Saudi misyar and Shiah mut’ah, both are evil, immoral, haraam practices which have neither origin nor sanction in Islam.


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