The Two Adhans for Jumu’ah and the views of Ghair Muqallideen

[By Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias]

Two Adhans for Jumu’ah is Masnoon (Sunnat)

Hadhrat Saa’ib ibn Yazeed  (radhiyallahu anhu) said  that  in  time of Rasulullah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), Hadhrat Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu anhu) and Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) the Adhan for Jumu’ah use to be at  the  time  the Imam sat on the  Mimbar. Then when the era of  the Khilaafat of Hadhrat  Uthmaan (radhiyallahu anhu)  came  and  the  quantity  of  people had increased, then  Hadhrat Uthmaan (radhiyallahu anhu) gave  the  command  to  give  a  third  Adhan  (i.e. the  first  Adhan  for  Jumu’ah).  Therefore  upon  inclination,  that  Adhan was  given  and  this  had  become  a  separate  Sunnat.  [Bukhaari  Vol.1  pg 125, Abu Dawood Vol1 pg 155, Nasa’i Vol.1 pg 156]

It is established from the  mentioned Ahadith that in the  time  of Nabi (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) and  the  time  of  the  rightly  guided  Khulafaa, in the  era of Hadhrat Abu Bakr and  Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) there  was one Adhan which was given in front of the Imam by the  Mimbar.  In  the  era  of  the  Khilaafat  of Hadhrat  Uthmaan  Ghani (radhiyallahu anhu) when  there were more people, he had given the command to give one  more Adhan. This Adhan was  given in the presence of the  Sahaabah-e-Kiraam and not one of them objected it. Therefore  this Adhan, by consensus of the Sahaabah-e-Kiraam, has become  a common thing. In every era  after it this action has  continued. No Imam, Jurist or Mujthid has  objected to it. How could they  have contradicted it? Nabi (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam)’s  command  was  to  hold  firm  on  his and the Khulafa-e-Raashideen’s Sunnat

This Adhan was given with the  command of Hadhrat Uthmaan  Ghani (radhiyallahu anhu),  because this was his Sunnat,  and  according  to  the  command  of  Nabi (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam)  it  is  necessary  to  carry  it  out.  At first, this Adhan was given on  a raised platform, later on it was given in the Masjid.

Today, in every Masjid this Adhan is given in the Masjid. In Hajj, those who have the good fortune of going to see with their own eyes that in Makkah Mukarramah in Masjid-e-Haram and in Masjidun Nabawi this Adhan is  given.  All praise is due to Allah  the writer was a witness to this  also with his own eyes. There is  no objection to this Adhan being given in the Masjid.

However, contrary to the  Mubarak Ahadith, consensus  of  the Ummat and actions of the  Ummat, those Ghair Muqallideen  which have given the Fatwa of  twenty rakaats Taraweeh Salaah  as an innovation (Bid’at), have  also decided that this Adhan also  is an innovation (Bid’at). 

These Ghair Muqallideen are  saying that this Adhan is bid’at  because  it  is  not established  from  Nabi (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), thus it cannot be a  Sunnat. This is the reason that the Ghair Muqallideen do not  give  this  Adhan, instead  that  Masjid in which it is given they  have declared it to be Bid’at and  prevent one from it. 

Therefore, Molwi Muhammad  Saheb Jonaghari writes: “In the  time of Nabi (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) and  after, in the time  of the two Khulafaa, this second  Adhan also was not present,  yes  in the time of Hadhrat Uthmaan (radhiyallahu anhu) it was made  present in order for the time to  be known. It was called out in the  high place of the bazaar, not in  the Masjid. Then in our time in those Masaajid in which two Adhans are given that is a clear  innovation and in no way can it be  permissible.”  (Fataawa-e-Sataariyya, Vol.3, pg 85)

Molwi Ubaidullah Saheb writes:  “On the road to the Masjid of Jumu’ah Salaah one Adhan is  established, from Hadhrat  Uthmaan Ghani (radhiyallahu anhu) a second Adhan is established outside the Masjid.  Then  there should be adequate  and the second Adhan should  not be called out.” (Fataawa e Sataariyya Vol.3 pg 85)

Molwi Abdur Rahmaan Saheb  Mudarris-e-Madrassah Mia Delwi concludes:  “To  give  one  Adhan at the time of the Khutbah on  the day of  Jumu’ah is Masnoon,  there is no need for two Adhans  …” because of  this, the Adhan of  Hadhrat Uthmaan (radhiyallahu anhu) which is called the first Adhan called out in the Masjid is an innovation (Bid’at)”  (Fataawa  e Ulama e Hadith Vol.2 pg 179)

Abdul  Wahaab  Saheb  writes:  “In  the Musaajid of the Ahnaaf  and the Ghair Muqallideen there  were two Adhans of Jumu’ah as it  is the custom of the Ahnaaf  today”.  Maulana Mawsoof Abdul Wahaab Saheb narrates: “I gave the first Adhan with one knee  inside and one outside of the  Masjid.” From this confident person there is proof for the  issuing of a Fatwa of it being a  bid’at and the Fatwa of the  second Adhan given when the  time the Imam sits at the Mimbar  is correct. Today, in  most  Masaajid of the Ahle Hadith this way of Nabi (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) is acted  upon.  (Majmu al Risaa’il , pg. 21)


The first Adhan of Jumu’ah which  is continuing from command of  the Khalifa Hadhrat Uthmaan (radhiyallahu anhu) and upon  which the Sahaabah-e-Kiraam had agreed upon, which has been  given in all the Islaamic kingdoms since the fourth century without  any objections, with which no  Imam, Jurist or Mujtahid had any  differences, because  that same Adhan is being given  inside the Masjid has become a Bid’at  in era  of the Ghair Muqallideen.  If  the  action  of  the Khulafaa-e-Raashideen  and  Sahaabah-e-Kiraam also is Bid’at and upon which the entire Ummat inherit  and to act upon is also a Bid’at,  then ask the Ghair Muqallideen that Sunnat is in whose actions will it be? Again it will mean that from the fourth century the entire  Ummats action was upon Bid’at  and today also the Imams and Muezzins who call out the Adhan in the Haramain Shareefain are committing the crime of Bid’at?

Respected readers, this is the  action of the Ghair Muqallideen  with Hadith. Now you decide is this conforming or contrary to the Hadith?


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