Sayyid Ahmad Shaheed & the Ulama’-e-Soo’

[By Brother Dr Abu Tamim (May Allah Ta’ala Enlighten his Grave)]

Sayyid Abu’l Hasan ‘Ali al-Nadwi (rahmatullah alayh) writes in “Sayyid Ahmad Shahid” about the British intrigues and techniques to defeat the Jihad of Sayyid Ahmad (rahmatullah alayh). 

He states on pg.106: “The British, however, were not slow to realize that any attempt to stamp out the reformist movement by persecution alone was bound to fan the zeal of the Muslim populace to flame and array the whole community on their side. The ruling circles held the view that all attempts by the Muslims to return to the first principles of their faith involved a revolt against the ruling power. (Indian Musalmans, p.76)

And nothing could suit the purpose better than to defame the Sayyid as a prophet preaching a new religion (Indian Musalmans, pp. 51-54) and his followers as ‘Wahhabis’ who had, by that time been sufficiently besmirched by the Orientalists (Carsten Nisbuhr’s Description de la Arabia) and hired clerics (‘Ulama) and were looked down upon by the illiterate Muslim masses of India as sacrilegious barbarians. 

A counter propaganda against the followers of the Sayyid was started and fataawa against the Jihad against the British were obtained and circulated (Rajendra Prasad; Indian Divided, p. 94. Also see Calcutta Review and the article “Wahabeeism” by Reilly in the Times, London, dated Feb 27 and Mar 1, 1871), some of which have been quoted by Hunter (Indian Musalmans, p. 147).”

Then the Shaykh gives the names of some of the scholars who gave fatawa and ran a smear campaign against the Sayyid. These are:

Nawab Abdul Latif of Calcutta.

Maulwi Karamat ‘Ali Kajgavi of Jaunpur (Raafidhi Shi’a).

Not to be mistaken for Hadrat Mawlana Karamat ‘Ali Jaunpuri who was a follower of Sayyid Ahmad.

Maulwi Chirag ‘Ali (Aligarh Movement).

Maulwi Nazir Ahmad (Urdu Litterateur and Hanafi ‘Alim).

Maulwi Fadl Rasul Badayuni (Hanafi Mubtadi’ and British agent).

Maulwi Muhammad Husain Batalvi (Ahl Hadith).

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (Apostate). (Names mentioned in book end here)

In addition to this, some other scholars who opposed the Movement of Sayyid Ahmad (rahimahullah) were:

Syed Ahmed Khan (Modernist).

Maulwi Nazir Husain Dehlawi (Ahl Hadith).

Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan (Ahl Hadith).


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