[Majlisul Ulama]


(By a university graduate who personally experienced campus life)

With the imminent onset of the  university year there is currently  a vibrant debate regarding  Muslim females attending  university to pursue tertiary  studies. (The question is  incomplete, and so is the debate.  The question should be: Should  Muslim males and females  attend university? – Mujlisul  Ulama)

Those who support the idea of  women studying at university argue that Muslims need to be  progressive in their thinking. Confining women to their homes  is narrow minded they say. (Such  persons are zindeeqs. Their  brains have been polluted by  shaitaani manipulation. They are  muslim by name, not at heart – Mujlisul Ulama) This argument implies that all those women  who choose to be homemakers are backward. But this is not at  all true. Homemaking was the  way of the Sahabiyaat and pious  women throughout the history  of Islam. Women who followed this  path produced the Junaid  Baghdadis and Hasan Basris of  this Ummah.Homemakers are the  foundation of the Muslim  Ummah. If this foundation  crumbles the Ummah will be left  in free fall. We need to be  unapologetic about this:  homemaking is the most progressive career that a female can follow.

The proponents of females  attending university also argue that the Muslim Ummah needs  Muslim female doctors to cater  for the needs of female Muslims.  But the truth is that only a small  percentage of Muslim females on  campus study medicine. What  about the large number of  females who study accounting,  arts, sciences, languages, law,  etc? What is the pressing need  for them to attend university? (There is no pressing need nor  even a superficial need in a  scenario where Imaan and  Akhlaaq are destroyed. In such a scenario, benefits have no credence and Imaan may not be   compromised for the sake of the hallucinated benefits. If Muslim  female physicians are not available, it matters not. The  Shariah permits resort to non-Muslim physicians. Furthermore,  despite the presence of many  Muslim doctors, the vast majority  of Muslim women acquires the  services of male physicians, and  the vast majority of Muslim  female doctors attend to males. Their argument is  self deception to justify their rotten university-life. -Mujlisul Ulama)  Also, the percentage of Muslim  female medical professionals who  only see female patients is  minutely small. It begs the  question: did these females study  medicine to serve the female  community or to pursue a  professional career? (Obviously,  the intention never was altruistic – motivation to serve Muslim  women. The motivation was  only pecuniary and nafsaani. – Mujlisul Ulama)

Then there are those who argue  that Muslim females need a qualification because families  cannot survive solely on a husband’s income in today’s  challenging financial times. (This  is western kuffaar ideology with  which Muslims are brainwashed.  It is a kufr idea. It is in denial of ordinance of Allah Azza Wa Jal.  Such people are kaafir at heart. – Mujlisul Ulama) They forget that  there are many families who are  surviving on a single income because they choose a modest  standard of living. Also, why do  women who choose to assist  their husband’s financially not  pursue a home industry such as  cooking, baking, sewing, etc? (Because they have zina  tendencies. They are lewd women who desire to prowl in the streets  and to sell their honour and  chastity to kuffaar males.-   Mujlisul Ulama) Is it perhaps because such a setup lacks the  glitter and glamour of a career  environment? (Yes, most  certainly, the sacred Home  Environment lacks the zina ethos of the Dens of Iblees, the universities.- Mujlisul Ulama) 

Some women also argue that a  degree will be beneficial if their  marriage fails and they are left  single. (They enter marriage with  the satanic idea of it collapsing  in divorce. Their brains are convoluted with the ways of  thinking of their western kuffaar  counterparts. Their marriages flounder on the rocks because  they acquit themselves as satanists. -Mujlisul Ulama) However, it seems quite odd for  women to want to study for a  degree in preparation for the  unfortunate scenario of a failed  marriage. Should they not rather  be spending their pre-marital  time acquiring Islamic  knowledge and skills associated  with homemaking so that their  marriages succeed?

A misconception also needs to  be cleared up here: a certificate  from a tertiary institution is not  a one-way ticket to success.  Many homes where women  follow professional careers have  problems of their own. A home  where a wife earns more than her  husband often proves to be  problematic because the man who is the head of the household  does not make decisions as he  Islamically should. Also, women  who rub shoulders with men in  their work-places generate  tension in their homes. The  amount of Muslim marriages  that run into problems because  of extra-marital affairs in the workplace cannot be ignored.  (Infidelity is a necessary corollary of the life of a woman whose  haya and chastity have been  pillaged by her own conduct in  the abode of vice and immorality.  -Mujlisul Ulama). In addition, a  home where the mother is absent from 9-5 is clearly harmful  to her family, especially her  children. (The consequences of  an unnatural lifestyle – a lifestyle  in flagrant violation of the pattern ordered by Allah Ta’ala, is disaster and misery.- Mujlisul  Ulama)

The beauty of Islam is that it has  not burdened a woman to provide for her family. Earning is  the husband’s responsibility. She  is not forced into an abyss where  she has to both earn and take  care of her home. Forcing women  into such a role is unjust, cruel  and materialistic. (The problem with these lewd, immoral university women is that they are not forced to attend. They sell  their chastity and their bodies by their volition to gratify their  inordinate satanic lusts.- Mujlisul  Ulama) Statistics have shown  that in the days of the industrial  revolution when women left their homes to pursue a career  outdoors, they suffered an  increase in psychological problems such as anxiety.

Coming back to the university  question, there are many other facts that we cannot overlook if  we want to deal with this issue  objectively. One is that the  environment at universities is  extremely immoral. Campuses are  breeding grounds of sin where  free-mixing between the  genders, immoral relationships,  improper behaviour, foul  language and immodest  dressing cannot be avoided. And  peer pressure strongly  encourages towards these wrongs. It is naive to assume that a  Muslim female (or a Muslim male) who is daily exposed to such an  immoral campus environment will not be enticed towards sin. It is like placing butter next to a fire  and hoping that it will not melt.  The truth is that university life  comprises of young people who  are at the prime of their passions  and desires roaming about in a  free environment. This is the  perfect recipe for moral mayhem. (University is the worst and the  vilest cauldron of shaitaan for immorality, fisq, fujoor and  kufr.- Mujlisul Ulama)

Reality proves this point. The  majority of Muslim females who  attend university do not dress  Islamically. Many such females  find their marriage partners on  campus. These are obviously love  marriages where dating began  while they were studying. Many  parents do not know that their daughters go out on social  outings with their male friends instead of attending lectures. (Here the writer is displaying extreme naivety. Most parents  are fully aware of the zina and  filth in which their sons and  daughters  at  university are  embroiled in. But, for the sake of  the dunya and future MONEY,  they pretend to be stupid of the  immoral frolicking of their children in vice. – Mujlisul  Ulama) Muslim females are also  known to have entered into  haraam relationships with non-Muslims males on campus. (The same applies to Muslim males- Mujlisul Ulama)  There have also  been cases where male lecturers  have dated and later married  their female students. When the  conditions in Muslim schools  have become so immoral, what  can we expect of a campus scenario where there is no  supervision?

It is no secret that a campus  environment is free and unrestricted. Lectures do not  have pardah facilities. Tutorials and group projects require  interaction and discussion. Muslim females who have some  degree of modesty feel it difficult  to lower their gazes during such  interactions for fear of being  unfriendly. (It is moronic, to say the least, that a Muslim woman  of even some modesty will be  present in the zina environment  of a university. Only such Muslim woman who are totally bereft of haya will attend the abode of vice and immorality. – Mujlisul Ulama) Males and females engage in casual (zina) conversations between lectures, when sharing notes and travelling to and from campus. Even the most conservative of females are forced into interacting with males in such circumstances. (There are no ‘conservatives’ in an immoral zina environment. – Mujlisul Ulama) Anyone who has studied at campus can identify with this setup. It is unIslamic for many reasons.

We cannot also be blind to the fact that campuses have drugs, alcohol and a nightclub culture together with all the evils these bring with them. Campuses are also havens where dubious sects and groups thrive under the guise of free thinking. Hence, modernists and Shias find free reign here. Lecturers and students who may range from atheists to Darwinists often corrupt the minds of those who are not well-grounded in the basics of Islam.

The spiritual dangers of campus life are real and unavoidable. No matter how many precautions a Muslim female student (or a Muslim male student) takes, she/he will have to compromise her/his Islamic values at some time or the other. (In fact, their very Imaan has to be compromised. Innumerable former Muslim boys and girls lose their Imaan in shaitaan’s den of villainy. – Mujlisul Ulama) To hope that she remains Islamically safe in such a sinful environment is like jumping into a pool of water and hoping not to get wet.

We cannot also forget that the  idea of Muslim females (and Muslim males) attending  university suits the kuffaar  agenda perfectly. In their  worldview they need Muslim  females to emerge from their  homes as students and  professionals so that the Muslim  home crumbles. The kuffaar  know well that corrupting the  minds of the females of the  Ummah is an easier way of  winning the war against Islam as  compared to sending drones and  armies.

To allow females to attend  university is part of succumbing to the narrative of a culture that  is steeped in immorality. Despite  Western culture’s advancements  in technology, it has brought  unprecedented levels of social  problems. This culture which  has accentuated the levels of  prostitution, pornography,  abortion, divorces, wife  batterings, child abuse, etc. is  the same culture that is enticing  women to study at universities  and pursue professional careers.  Those Muslims who promote the  teachings of this depraved culture are in a crisis of confidence. They  need to be reminded of the beautiful Islamic system where  women are the queens of their  homes instead of slaves of the  market-place. (Naseehat benefits only the Mu’imeen – Qur’aan)

Muslim parents who allow their  d aughters to attend university  should seriously introspect.(The  parents themselves are morally corrupt with their Imaan dangling on a thread, hence they find it pleasurable to barter away the honour and chastity of their daughters. – Mujlisul Ulama) Is it worth it sacrificing one’s modesty (and even one’s imaan in some cases- in fact, in most cases) in exchange for a university degree? (A Donkey degree – Mujlisul Ulama) Islam can never permit its women (and its men) to pursue education in such an environment where maintaining their Islamic values is near impossible.  

It is important to note that Islam does not discourage females from being educated (i.e. Islamically). Islam encourages (in fact, makes it obligatory – Waajib for) females to acquire an education in the basics of Islam. In fact, this is imperative because a mother who is not well-grounded in Islam cannot correctly guide and nurture her children. Hence, Muslim women should acquire knowledge of Quran, Sunnah, Aqidah, Fiqh, etc. through the correct channels. (The correct channel is the home environment where the family girls may be taught by mahram male Ustaadhs. The correct channel is not these new-fangled girls madrasahs which are unnatural aberrations in the Ummah. The haya of the girls is ruined even in these institutions where they are in close contact with male teachers. The ‘screen’ is a deceptive purdah which does not safeguard the haya of the girls. Shar’i purdah is not confined to the screen. Furthermore, these institutions rob the girls of the treasure of the mother’s companionship during their most formative years. They emerge from these madras like  zombis and robots. Later they flounder in married life. The years they squandered in the  madrasah deprived them of practical experience of running a home.

If the correct channel for higher  Deeni ta’leem is not available,  they should be contented with  the Waajib degree of Deeni  knowledge. There is no incumbency to pursue Ilm at the academic level. – Mujlisul Ulama)

Regarding secular and worldly  subjects, women may pursue studies if there is a genuine need to do so and it is in a setting that  is free of sin. (Such facilities are  to be found in dreamland. -Mujisul Ulama)  Unfortunately,  university campuses do not make  the grade. Women should  remember that their primary  responsibility is homemaking and  bringing up children. Their core  focus and training should be in  this field. This is the Islamic  teaching. Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam instructed his  daughter Faatimah Radhi Allahu Anha to take care of the  household while her husband Ali Radhi Allahu Anhu was told to  earn a living outdoors. This is the  natural divine system ordained by Allah and His Rasool Sallallahu  Alaihi Wasallam. It is the only  system that can produce  a harmonious and successful society.

(By Mujlisul Ulama of S.A) 

“If it was not for the Fadhl (grace/kindness/favour) and Rahmat of Allah, never ever would any of you attain moral purity. But He purifies whomever He wills. And Allah is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.” 

The aforegoing pertinent article presented by the Brother/Sister who had studied at one of these shaitaani dens of immorality, fisq, fujoor and kufr highlights old news. Whatever the writer has aired is not new. The writer has merely echoed the warnings and views we had been disseminating for decades about these evil abodes of Iblees. 

The writer is most fortunate that he/she has emerged with Imaan intact despite, most certainly, having been extensively and even intensely scathed by the filth in the satanic university cauldron. No one can ever hope to emerge unscathed from the worst kind of filth in which universities excel. It can be safely said that brothels are infinitely better off than these shaitaani university haunts which are the headquarters of Iblees where he ruins and destroys Imaan and Islamic morality. 

Undoubtedly, history has not produced a viler devilish institution than a western university which eliminates all vestiges of humanity and morality in the name of education.

The disaster of the evil consequences of university kufr and fisq education applies greater to Muslims than non-Muslims. Non-Muslims are natural carriers of the diseases of immorality and kufr. Shaitaan’s main targets for his plot are the Muslim students whose Akhlaaq he succeeds to utterly destroy and whose Imaan is eliminated. Those who emerge with their Imaan still intact, have been saved by Allah Ta’ala. But they are few, and they too are severely tarnished with the immorality which have contaminated their hearts and thinking. It is not possible to remain boiling in the cauldron of the worst fisq and fujoor, but remain unscathed and emerge with Taqwa

Supposedly pious Muslims who appear to be conscience of the Deen and whose appearance and general outlook of life is Deeni, while believing that it is haraam for Muslim girls to be cast into the university’s cauldron of fisq, fujoor and kufr, fail to realize that the evil of the satanic den of vice is not restricted to girls. It affects and destroys even the males in exactly the same way as the females are debauched, pillaged and ravaged. There is no difference between boys and girls regarding the prohibition to attend university. Just as attending university is Haraam for girls, so too is it Haraam for boys. 

Allah’s ahkaam are not confined to males. It is indeed the understanding of convoluted minds – convoluted by shaitaan and the dunya – that only Muslim girls are prohibited from attending the abode of Iblees. Their understanding is irrational and confounded with shaitaani logic. All the vices which have  been enumerated in the aforegoing article, and many  more which have not been  discussed, are vices for males as  well. It is surprising that even  those discourage females from  universities, have Molvis whono  qualms about males destroying  themselves in the university’s  cauldron of vice and shaitaaniyat.

The argument of professions to  justify attendance by Muslim males is absolutely putrid and  baseless. The objective of a secular profession is nothing other than the quest for Rizq . Any  other argument is pure  deception and the inspiration of shaitaan. Those who proffer altruistic objectives for pursuing university education, are agents  of Iblees. The objective of everyone who plunges into the  cauldron of immorality and kufr is only MONEY which has become  the maqsood of life on earth for  even Muslims, even for the vast  majority of the Ulama who have lost their Imaani bearings, hence  almost all activities of fisq,  fujoorlahw and la’b are halaalized.

While the one and only Maqsood accepted and of the Mu’min on  earth is the Destination of the  Aakhirah which is attainable only  by obedience to Allah Azza Wa  Jal, even the ulama with their corrupt fatwas and westernized  ideologies have negated this Objective. Islam commands  Muslims to pursue the Maqsood of the Aakhirah, and in this  process to sacrifice and even lose  worldly success. Whoever sets  his sight on Allah Ta’ala and the  Aakhirah will most assuredly  have to bear mundane loss and  deprivation. But such ‘loss’ is no  loss in reality. It is part of the  trial which Allah Ta’ala has  schemed for His Mu’min servants. For the Believers, the true life of success, comfort and happiness is the Aakhirah – in Jannat, not this ephemeral corrupt dunya which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) described as ‘jeefah’ (rotten carrion).  

Sacrificing and harming your dunya for the sake of the success of the Aakhirah are commendable and totally acceptable. But, harming your Aakhirah in pursuit of worldly goals is intolerable and Haraam. The Mu’min’s primary concern is Ibaadat and Taa-at (Obedience to Allah Ta’ala) because he has been created only for this objective. Hence Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan Majeed: “I have not created Jinn and Man except that they worship me.” In the context of this Aayat, ‘worship’ (Ibaadat) has a wide meaning. It is not restricted to ritual acts of Ibaadat. In every sphere of life and in every aspect of every sphere, Taa-at (Obedience to the Divine Laws) is obligatory. Any activity which is inimical to the Maqsood is Haraam

The Muslim’s concern is never the attainment of mundane success at the expense of violating or compromising the Law of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Therefore, regardless of the mundane benefits of secular professions, if such education is available only in a satanic cauldron of immorality and kufr, it will be Haraam to pursue it. The focus of the Muslim is on Allah’s Pleasure, not the benefits of the world. 

Regarding Rizq which is the primary objective of all these secular professions, it (Rizq) is the Responsibility of Allah Ta’ala. The One Who has created the mouth feeds it. It is not the profession and  the worldly means and agencies which are the  providers  of our Rizq. Rasulullah (Sallallahu  alayhi wasallam) said: “Rizq is  sealed and the one of greed is deprived.” Rizq follows one like  one’s shadow. It is inseparable  from a person. This is not  opinion. It is mentioned in the  Ahaadith. Whether a person  acquires the highest kufr  university degrees or whether  one remains an illiterate rustic,  one’s Rizq is assured. Therefore,  all such arguments justifying the  ruin of Akhlaaq and Imaan for the sake of pursuing worldly careers are fallacious and satanic.

While the goal of university  education is worldly success, the  emphasis of Islam is moral  reformation and spiritual elevation. Minus this, Allah’s  Pleasure cannot be attained, and  there will be only failure and  regret to no avail at the time of  Maut, and Maut is not a distant,  remote event belonging to the  realm of dreamland. Its action is  observed daily. While Barzakh  and Qiyaamah passive and dead  are beliefs which are tantamount  to disbelief in so far as most Muslims are concerned, Maut is a  vivid reality, the inescapable  reality which no one can ever  deny. Thus, Rasulullah (Sallallahu  alayhi wasallam) said that the  most intelligent one is he who  makes preparations for Maut and the life thereafter. It is gross jahaalat supreme ignorance to  pursue the dunya at the cost of — ruining and destroying one’s Aakhirah.

Some girls and even boys who Deeni inclinations seek advice have from us when their parents  compel them to attend the abode  of zina, fisq, fujoor and kufr. They  seek the Shariah’s ruling regarding obedience to parents. Understand well that obedience to parents is not permissible in Haraam acts. Obedience is Waajib in only acts which are permissible in the Shariah. When parents issue haraam instructions, then disobeying them is Waajib. With politeness, respect, but firmness, the desire of parents should be set aside and ignored when it is in conflict with the Law and Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. 

Some young men say that their fathers will even expel them from the home if they refuse to attend the university of  Iblees. They are in a dilemma. There is no need for a dilemma. The first and prior allegiance is unto Allah Ta’ala.  The young person is an adult who is supposed to stand on his own legs. If the father expels him, he should accept his fate and search for work to sustain himself. Allah Ta’ala will open up an avenue of Rizq for him. The Qur’aan says: “He who fears (and obeys) Allah, He will provide Rizq for him from such a source which he did not even imagine.” The determining factor in a Muslim’s life is obedience to Allah Ta’ala. If the focus is on this Factor, the way will open up ahead. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “There is no obedience (to anyone) in any act which involves disobedience to Allah.”


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