Haraam Relationship With a Non-Mehram – ‘Love’ Before Marriage


Right is Right even when no one is doing it and Wrong is Wrong even if everyone is doing it…So Haraam is Haraam no matter how widely it is accepted or practiced…


Talking, chatting with any non-mehram is prohibited in Islam… No matter how much someone is important for you, or how much you both love with each other…
Without Nikaah its Haraam, its Haraam.

Don’t please or worship your Nafs… The pleasure of the Nafs is temporary.. But the griefs, sorrows and guilt lasts forever, because we are committing a Sin, because we are disobeying Allah and His rules.

Allah Ta’ala says in the Holy Qur’an:

“And of everything We have Created Pairs.”

Then why everyone is so hasty today??

Does he/she cannot wait for the Halaal one??

Does he/she cannot wait for the one whom Allah Ta’ala has chosen already for him/her??

Do they not believe in Allah’s promise that like other things, He created you in pairs also.

In the Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala says:

And we have created you in pairs

Is this statement and Divine assurance not enough for us?? Who can be the most true and accurate in His statement except Allah?? Indeed no one.

Then why every man and woman are in so hurry and become involved in haraam relation…

Let me clear one thing that Islam is not against liking or loving someone. Falling in love isn’t haraam, its what you do with that love that makes it haraam or halaal. Islam just set some rules and created some limits, even Islam gives permission to man to choose the woman he likes for nikah. In Islam, even women has permission to like someone and can propose nikaah with him if she likes him.

We just need to understand the limits and then proceed. And these limits are in our benefits.

If you love/like someone then first make dua’ and after dua’ do Istikhara. If after Istikhara you get positive answer from Allah Ta’ala then do your best for marrying him/her. Insha Allah. Allah will help you. Allah will make a way for you.

Do Nikaah, Nikaah is Sunnah, The Holy Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said, “Nikaah is my Sunnah, and the one who disobeys my sunnah does not belong to me”.


Let me clear one thing more, in Islam it is not allowed that any two non-mehram talk with each other with the hope of nikaah, that one day we will be together, so keep on contacting and talking.

No! No!! It is not Allowed in Islam

Islam says that if you love someone then do Nikah.

And if you are engaged, you are still a non-mehram for each other. You have to follow these rules.

Allah’s plan are the best. We have to trust in Allah Ta’ala…


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