Bollywood movies and bollywood love-songs are two great fitnahs that has entered almost every Muslim home and it has engulfed most of the Muslim women of today the same way football & cricket has overwhelmed most of the Muslim men of today.

The Hindus are people who are known to be mostly idol worshippers and they are not even apologetic about it, infact they dont even hide it, they clearly show it in their movies to whom it may concern, they mainly worship fire, snakes and female gods. Yet, the muslims of today watch them, admire them, wish to be like them, envy them and even crush on them.

The Hindus are people who clearly commit shirk and roast their dead ones, yet the muslims are still watching their movies with passion and even taking them as role models: “I want to be like chopra I love kareena. Raj is cute. Khan is a ladies man. Sonia is pretty.” e.t.c. 

But the salaf are there with voluminous stories with unimaginable achievements and you don’t even know their names let alone their stories. 

Many bollywood movies practically ridicule the ‘Niqab’ by making their worthless female actresses wear it to play pranks on people or use it as a disguise to commit various crimes in their movies.

This kind of scenario should hurt and annoy a believer ordinarily, but some of our niqabites are still watching such movies while smiling at it, even when a great symbol of Islam is being smeared by those pathetic unbelievers. 

Beware of being “pleased” with an evil action that is being perpetrated by the unbelievers, because the wife of prophet Lut (alayhissalam) did not partake in the homosexuality of the people of Lut, but she was merely “pleased” with their homosexuality, so Allah destroyed her along with them. .

Many muslim sisters of today don’t even know that the henna and khol originated from the sunnah, they only apply it because they saw bollywood girls doing it, not knowing that the sahabiyyat were the foremost in it, and henna has been existing long before India itself got its name. 

Many bollywood lovers don’t know the meaning of “sabahul khayr” but they always chant “salaam namaste”, misplaced priorities. The unbelievers are proudly displaying their kufr and obscene way of life but many muslims are “shy” to show their Iman and we have become so apologetic. How will islam conquer the kufr in the whole world, when many muslims are smiling at kufr and are ‘pleased’ with the kufr itself? .

Allah says: Oh you who believe, enter into Islam “completely”, and do not go follow the footsteps of shaitan for he is to you, a plain enemy. [Surah Baqarah: 208]


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