The 21st century American-“Traditionalist” Posh-nafsi “Suluk”

By brother Umar Rumi

call everyone “Sidi” at every possible instance, don’t be miser with it. Since it’s for any and everyone, it’s a sure investment and incentive to getting called “Sidi” back, so the payback in self-gratification is assured, don’t worry;

make sure to transform what was supposed to tame your nafs, in a way to expand it. You need a dose of elitism and contempt for others for that? Go for it!

drow yourself into the liberal-vegan “don’t judge” and apply it even to the most blatant and open wrongdoings and deviated `Aqa’id. Be a beacon of irrelevance, talk harmless nonsense, smile to everyone and please all …at the end you can’t afford getting any enemy or even bad looks, you aren’t man enough for that, and you need to “fit in”, innit? [if you still get criticised by some “literalist” go berserk into a passive-aggressive fist of anger and mobilise your co-Sidis crew against the offender, all the while invoking the mystical “adab-card” against any criticism moved to you].

keep repeating how you can’t live without some organic coffee. It’s just a drink that even Greek and Italian non-Muslims have been drinking for centuries without making such a big fuss, but make sure you manage to boast even just about it;

spend hundreds of dollars in some expensive tasbih (sold for 10 times more the price you’d get it for anywhere else), and make sure you show it around;

mix all them and take some HD picture of a (good-print) book you’re reading, an expensive wooden tasbih from some “exotic” country, and a cup of coffee, maybe some nice calligraphy too;

Morocco. It doesn’t matter if it’s socially and religiously one of the Muslim countries in the worst conditions, it’s “exotic” and “Sufi” enough, and it’s fashion;

if you really want to be a span above anyone else, get a nice Turkish jubbah, possibly from some rihlah there (it’s always good to let other know of every step you took in your “quest for knowledge”);

never forget to show some personality worship, possibly of some contemporary “Sidi”, no matter how controversial he’s getting;

Then maybe you could start asking yourself:

Is the reality of Tasawwuf about “being part of” a certain clique with its distinctive signs and paraphernalia?

How do cultural fascinations and imaginary substitute inner realities?

Is it about promoting your SELF?

Stress of your (or the popular fake-smiling da`eeee you’re a fanboy of) ijazat. Make it seem as if, only those modern Mashaykh have these “unbroken chains of transmissions directly to the Prophet ﺻﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﺳﻠﻢ ” (how they like to put it), such that you can’t disagree with them in the least… But it’s perfectly fine for them to disagree with the very same `Ulama’ they transmit with, breaking ijma`, etc.!..
Hikmah, Sîdî!

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