Modernists/Reformists/Deformists follow Shaytan’s Footsteps

By Brother Umar Rumi

What do the following “scholars”/“intellectuals” have in common?:

Javed Ghamidi (Pakistan)
Wahiduddin Khan (India)
Adnan Ibrahim (Jordan – Austria)
Hassan Farhan Maliki (Saudi Arabia)
“Mufti” Abu Layth “al-Maliki” (UK)
Atabek Shukurov (UK)
Caner Taslaman (Turkey)
Mustafa Islamoğlu (Turkey)
Rashid Shaz (India)
..and others.. (feel free to suggest other names in the comments)

Other than their modernism, they all share an important think: they all deny the coming back of Isa ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﺍﻟﺴﻼﻡ and the coming of the Dajjal.
One might wonder, why so much interest in denying Dajjal’s arrival, and from “scholars” and “thinkers” from quite different backgrounds and nations?…

I always used to think, how could someone who read the description of Dajjal’s coming, could still fall for it; now I’m starting to understand it better; the denial of his coming is one of its tools (as well as the “don’t judge” nonsense).

Brother Syed Shaheeruddin Ahmed mentioned the following hadith:

“The Dajjal will not appear until the people become negligent in talking about him, and until the Imams abandon talking about him on the Minbar”.
[Majma al-Zawa’id]

When refuting modernists we often (myself first) tend to focus only on a “rational” level, on their logical inconsistencies, reasoning flaws, lies and fabrications, forgetting what is also an extremely important side: those people are paving the way for the coming of the Dajjal, and are Dajajilah themselves.

And before someone starts with the usual Adab card, you “don’t judge”, the “you don’t know what’s in their hearts”, the “but they have been studying from since before you were even born”, rest assured, I’ll come to these flimsy objections soon in sha’ Allah.

By the way, this also shows the importance for Orthodox Sunni Muslims of various backgrounds to keep in touch and maintain relations with each other across national and linguistic boundaries; first of all because we’re a unique body and Ummah and we need to crush the divisions among us, but there is also a further benefit of being able to analyze such threats coming from various side in a more clear way: when we realize that it’s not just Ghamidi in our Pakistan, that it’s not just Islamoğlu in our Turkey (and so on and so forth) but rather we can see a clear phenomenon taking place across countries where people at the same time start saying the same things in Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, Malay.. Well, this gives a whole new dimensions to those that might otherwise seem just “local phenomenon” or “individual issues”.

And, this will empower us into being able to analyze better what’s going on and what’s the best reaction, ideally to be take together.

The same could be argued about the need to analyzing the new threat of the Bin Bayyah/Hamza Yusuf/al-Awni, UAE-Saudi project in a proper way.

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