By Umar Rumi

The news of the oppressive atheist communist Chinese government engaging in unimaginable dystopian zulm on Muslims living in China (first and foremost those from the Uyghur community, but increasingly so also for Qazaq (Kazakh), Qyrghiz (Kyrgyz) and Hui/Dungan communities – making it clear that it’s not about a specific ethnicity, but straight up about our Din) can’t but prompt any Mu’min to think “what can we do” in the face of such barbaric treatment.

No other means seeming reasonably available in our hands and powers for the time being, we should at least start from our little daily lives, trying to hit their economy.

From now on, I made intention to try my best in avoiding buying any Chinese-produced product and any Chinese-owned business, and I invite all of you to do the same and to spread this message around. And, the more Chinese businesses and authorities will be informed of such campaign and its reasons, the better.

It might be a drop in the ocean, but even before evaluating any concrete material benefit, we should at least be able to have a clear conscience and be able to testify that “I tried my best to do what in my humble capacities to at least not be complicit in support such zulm exerted on our brothers and sisters in China by fuelling their economy”.

From food, to shops and businesses, to clothing, to electronic devices, it will not be impossible to prefer other products which, if not owned/made/manufactured by Muslims, at least are made by not-hostile non-Muslims (ex. Korea, Japan or Taiwan).

This – it should be made clear – has nothing to do with any kind of anti-chinese racism or anti-sinitic hostility, nor should we let other nationalistic or chauvinistic agendas (be they idiotic pan-turanism or else) dictate our stances, which are purely about Muslim brotherhood embracing with equal fraternity Turkic and Sinitic (and anyone else) Muslims.

Let’s do what in our hands and may Allah accept and free our Uyghur, Qazaq, Qyrghiz and Hui/Dungan brothers and sisters from the tyranny of the communist Chinese government.


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