The Immoral Filth of Sex Education

[By Mujlisul Ulama]

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Haya (shame/modesty) is a branch of Imaan.”

The Muslim Ummah prides itself with the lofty concept of Islamic Haya. There is no culture or system of life which has ever given the world such a beautiful concept of shame and morality as Islam has bestowed to its adherents. The lofty standard demanded by the Islamic Code of Haya does not permit male Ustaadhs, irrespective of their age and piety, to impart the knowledge of basic or elementary masaa-il (rules) pertaining to sex to Muslim girls. The illustrious Ulama and Fuqaha have issued strict instructions in this regard.

This lofty and divine concept of. Haya which the Ummah inherited from Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is today being broken down and destroyed in the kuffaar secular schools with the connivance and co-operation of Muslim parents. In their mad and satanic desire for secular education even at the cost of the lost of Imaan, Muslim parents are permitting their little boys and girls to be exposed to the worm type of moral filth under the guise of ‘sex-education’.

‘Sex-education’ in terms of the Shariah is filth and abomination. It destroys the natural haya which Allah Ta’ala has bestowed to people of Imaan, especially to girls. It is most disgusting to refer to this type of immoral teaching with the designation ‘education’. It is not education. It is shaitaani filth and moral corruption which shaitaan has succeeded in introducing into the Muslim community via his kuffaar agents in the abominable secular schools.


It is haraam for Muslim parents to submit to this libertine culture and to expose their young boys and girls to an indoctrination of sexual perversion. Parents are paving the road to Jahannum, not only for themselves, but for their little and beloved ones as well by abusing the Trust of children which Allah Ta’ala has awarded  to them. The Qur’aan commands:

“O People of Imaan! Save yourselves and your families (wives and children) from the Fire.”

You can save your children from the everlasting perdition of Jahannum by safeguarding their Imaan, their Deen and their Akhlaaq here on earth. Parents have to take notice of what is happening to their children at the instutions of the kuffaar. If this trend of adopting the ways of the lewd and libertine kuffaar culture will continue in our community, then the stage will be set for Bosnia-type calamities to crash down on us. Allah’s punishment will come in such a ghastly form as a fitting recompense for having accepted a ghastly form of abomination as our way of life.


The primary school syllabus instructs that the sexual parts be named by children using models, toys and puppets. The use of images is haraam. The use of haraam images for a lewd purpose is a haraam act of an aggravated nature. How stupid can a system of education become! What need is there other than the purpose of indoctrinating children with perverse sex, to be taught the names of the sexual organs? Since man’s appearance on this planet, innumerable billions of people have learnt such matters without the impositions of an immoral cult such as western culture. Billions of people on this earth have fulfilled the natural role of procreation without the stupid interference of a type of ‘education’ which is nothing but sexual perversion introduced to rape the minds of the young.


Today the syllabus instructs the use of pictures and videos to show birth in animals. Tomorrow will come the time to take them to some clinic to show them birth in the actual process. Such shamelessness can never be tolerated by Islam. Whatever is holy and sacred in the lofty Islamic code of Haya is utterly destroyed by the libertine and immoral cult of western kufr education.

The Islamic code of Modesty and Shame does not permit parents to appear in the nude in the presence of even their six month old baby. The Muslim code of Haya discourages even spouses appearing in complete nudity to one another. Even though there is no hijaab between husband of wife, Islam advocates certain standards of decorum and modesty to be observed by them. Islam draws a distinction between human beings and donkeys. The Hadith teaches Muslims to behave like Ashraful Makhluqaat (The Noblest of creation), not like the beasts of the jungle.

What type of stupid education this is?

An education which uses dolls and pictures to show the differences between boys and girls is an insult to human intelligence. After millennia here on earth, the need is suddenly felt to teach a boy and a girl that they have different organs. Two year olds are aware of these differences naturally, without any need to be exposed to perversion and indoctrination.


The Deeni Ta’leem of Islam is ample to educate Muslim children. Correct Deeni education informs without exposing children to immodesty. Muslim children naturally know who their  brothers and sisters are. They learn naturally who their mother is and who their father is. They learn naturally the need for marriage, reproduction and the making of a home. An education in which modesty and human be exposed to the bestial and shameless sexual education which is the product of the perverse minds of the kuffaar obsessed with sex and unnatural acts of sexual gratification. The libertine culture of the west, which has liberated the kuffaar from all moral restraints has brought about the fusion of the minds of the opposite sexes, giving rise to a breed of unisex hybrids.

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