AMR BIL MA’ROOF NAHYI ANIL MUNKAR (Commanding Virtue and Prohibiting Vice)

By Mujlisul Ulama

Explaining the vital and absolute importance of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar (Commanding virtue and prohibiting vice), Allaamah Abdul Wahhaab Sha’raani (Rahmatullah alayh) of the 10th Islamic era, said in Al-Bahrul Maurood:

“A pledge has been taken from us that we shall make haste to offer naseehat (advice and admonition) to our brethren (i.e. to Muslims) even in a crowd of people, and that we shall not delay it (naseehat) for another time. Frequently we forget about the matter when that time arrives. Undoubtedly, naseehat is goodness, and there should be no procrastination in goodness.

Abu Dardaa’ (Radhiyallahu anhu) said during his khutbah to the Akaabir (very senior) Sahaabah: “Verily, I see your hearts filled with deceit, and the (spiritual) diseases of the nations before you have come into you. I believe that Haqq Ta’ala has freed Himself from you (i.e. discarded you).”

This was his naseehat directly stated to the Akaabir Sahaabah. They were not affronted nor did they enter into a mode of self-vindication, nor did they criticize Hadhrat Abu Dardaa’ (Radhiyallahu anhu) as is the practice of the moron molvis of our age who are unable to tolerate naseehat despite their flagrant indulgences in fisq, fujoor and bid’ah.


When Ameerul Mu’mineen, Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) was mortally wounded by the Shiah, and death was imminent, an A’raabi (village-dweller) came to visit him. When the A’raabi had just left, Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) ordered the Sahaabah: “Call him back!” When the A’raabi returned, Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) said: “O my Brother! Verily, I see your izaar (lungi) below your ankles. Tuck it up.”

Commenting, Allaamah Sha’raani (Rahmatullah alayh) said:

“Look! How he (Hadhrat Umar) had admonished in this delicate time in which he was on the verge of death. He did not give any scope to the A’raabi (by abstaining from Amr Bil Ma’roof).”

Two vital lessons emergefrom the conduct of Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu):

(1) The absolute importance of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar.

(2) The absolute importance of wearing the trousers above the ankles.

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