There are numerous cases of miscarriage of justice in the western world. This is due to the corrupt system of justice which convicts and sentences a man on the basis of a hallucinatory creature termed ‘circumstantial evidence’. Islam rejects this form of evidence for securing a conviction.

According to the Shariah, only the testimony of aadil (pious) eye witnesses is valid evidence. There is no better judicial system than the system ordained by Allah Azza Wa Jal. He is the Creator, and He knows what is best for His creation. Miscarriage of justice occurs on a massive scale in all kuffaar systems.

Even the corrupt western judicial system is practically inaccessible for the vast majority of people. The astronomical costs for pursuing litigation and the satanically complex rules prevent most people from seeking justice. It is better to forgo one’s rights than initiating a quest for justice via the kuffaar system.

The cost factor alone renders the system a massive scam. In Islam, there are no costs involved in seeking justice. There are no lawyer’s fees and no court fees and no other forms of legalized robbery which accompany the western system of so-called ‘justice’.

The cruelty and injustice of the kuffaar system are conspicuously portrayed by the attribute of LIES which is inherent in the western judicial system. The client pays lawyers to speak lies in the endeavour to be found not guilty. The State pays the prosecutor to speak lies to find the accused guilty. The judge in this satanic system is paid to listen to compound lies on which he bases his moronic judgment. His personal emotions, attitudes and persuasions play a dominant role in his judgement. The equation which governs this system is Lies + Robbery = Injustice. And, all participants are able to sleep in ‘peace’ with their ill-gotten gains.

If due to lack of valid Shar’i evidence the criminal escapes conviction and sentence, he should not feel snug in his ‘acquittal’. His escape from justice is shortlived. Allah Ta’ala will inflict punishment on the guilty one in a variety of ways in this world and in the Aakhirat. Being freed by a court of law, is not necessarily a valid exculpation nor true freedom. The criminal will not escape the consequences of his crime. When Divine Chastisement overtakes him, he will wonder why he is suffering.


Another farce of the western judicial system is the false principle of a man being regarded innocent until proven guilty. Whilst this is the contention, it is NEVER practically observed. The accused is treated and maltreated by the officers of the kuffaar judicial system. He is cruelly handcuffed, thrown into filthy cells with gangster prisoners who violate and injure him physically. The accused is manhandled by police and warders, and humiliated in public.

Despite the ‘principle’, the accused is treated at times even worse than a convicted felon. He has to suffer all the indignities and hardships of convicted prisoners. This horrible maltreatment meted out to accused persons leaves the much flaunted ‘principle’ a farcical slogan devoid of truth and reality.

Al-Haqq Bulletien


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