[By Mujlisul Ulama]

Question: Having read your online pamphlets and your booklet titled “The Tabligh Jamaat”, we wish to bring to your attention a few facts which we feel have been misrepresented by the correspondence that you may have received. ………………………

(This is only the first couple of lines of a lengthy letter. There is no need to reproduce the whole letter as it has no valid utility. It is merely a diversion from the evil consequences of the split in the Tabligh Jamaat).

Answer: The issue now is no longer the leaderships of the two factions of the Tabligh Jamaat. We are aware of the thuggery of Molvi Sa’d and we were the first in South Africa to report it whilst the whole Tabligh Jamaat clique here was denying it and criticizing us. They had tried their level best to sweep the rot under the carpet. Now, these very same people are attacking Molvi Sa’d ten times more than what we had criticized. The whole squabble reeks of nafsaaniyat.

Besides this, the actual issue now is the perpetuation of the shaitaaniyat. If the Tabligh Jamaat leaderships of the two factions in South Africa had valid Aql, they will not remain glued in the shaitaani trap which is like the glued rat traps from which a trapped rat cannot release itself.

If they had any valid intelligence, they would have booted out the leadership satanism and continued with the pure Deeni work based on the six point of the Jamaat. Instead of this, they are bogged down, in fact sinking deeper into the hole of ignominy, nafsaaniyat and shaitaaniyat. Instead of rising above the nafs, they choose to follow Iblees by remaining enemies. Why can’t they forget the satanism of Nizaamuddin and Raiwand and continue with the work as if there does not exist the haraam power struggle.

The issue is no longer the power struggle which Iblees has inspired into them. The issue is the Tabligh work which has been corrupted and reduced to nafsaaniyat by the leaderships of both factions. May Allah Ta’ala grant both groups sound Aql and extricate them from the snares of the nafs and the ploys of shaitaan.


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