Why is there no Sukūn in our lives?

By Shaykh Abdur Raheem

Why is there no Sukūn in our lives? I.e. No peace of mind, No tranquillity in the heart.

This is one of the many questions we receive on a regular basis. I would say that there are many reasons for this. However, I recall here one Ḥadīth which indicates towards three reasons:
Sayyidunā ʿAlī Karramallāhu Waj’hahu reports that Rasūlullāh Ṣallalāhu ʿAlayhi Wa’sallam, said:
“The Angels do not enter a house in which there is a picture, a dog or a junubi” (Abū Dawūd, Nasa’ī, Ḥākim, Bayhaqī).

This means angels of Rahmah who bring mercy upon gatherings of Dhikr, Tilawat, and Education of deen, do not enter such a room.

So, there are three things which form a barrier between the mercy of Allah and a person:

1) Photos of living creatures.
2) Not doing Ghusl of Janābat (Ritual Impurity), due to laziness.
3) Keeping pet dogs.

1. Drawing pictures and keeping photos was once avoided due to this Ḥadīth. With the introduction and widespread use of smartphones over the past decade, photos have now become extremely common. They are so widespread that we don’t think of it as a sin anymore. We have photos everywhere. Kids have photos on their clothing, school bags, on their blankets and bed covers and on their bedroom walls. Add to this the semi-naked dolls and action figures we give to our kids.

People were once restricted to watching, on (Haraam – Islamreigns) TV screens, but now every person has a personal screen in their own pocket, where they can watch all sorts of stuff, even nudity and pornography, without people, sat a few feet away, knowing what they are viewing.

Some youngsters fill social media with their own photos. Many girls, even Ḥijābi/Niqābi ones, post their photos on Instagram and other social media apps. They are pressured in to taking their own photos in various poses. In some cases, their faces are plastered onto naked bodies before being shared with others. Some girls are blackmailed in to giving large sums of money. We have heard cases of girls who committed suicide because they were threatened, and they were too ashamed to tell anyone. These are just some of the harms of taking, keeping, and spreading pictures and photos.

We need to think carefully as to why peace and Sukūn has disappeared from our lives, homes, hearts and minds. Let us ponder over this Ḥadīth and remove the constant urge of taking selfies, photos. Let’s bring some much needed Sukūn, contentment & blessing in our lives.

2. As for the Ghusl of Janābat (Ritual Impurity), many don’t know the Mas’ala (ruling) that when semen comes out of the body after erection, resulting in clothes and body becoming impure, then washing the whole body becomes Farḍ (Compulsory). This is regardless of whether it happens through sexual intercourse, wet dream, or any other impermissible means like masturbation, or viewing (haraam, filthy) pornographic material & nude images.

Sadly, many youngsters roam around without doing ghusl, unaware or unbothered that it is fardh. This results in their bodies and clothes giving off a foul smell. When one is in such a condition, the angels of Mercy desert the person and their lives become empty and hollow.

Also, many people complain of negative thoughts and waswasas (whisperings of shaytan), not realising that negligence in the matter of personal hygiene makes a person more prone to being affected by Shaytān.

We should educate our children to wash their bodies thoroughly and stay nice & clean. They should try to remain in the state of wudhu as much as possible.
We should also try to get our young ones married as quickly as possible. Nikah is a huge source of peace & tranquillity.

3. Keeping pet dogs is also a cause of deterring the Angels of Mercy. If dogs are kept for a genuine reason, they could be permissible e.g. guide dogs, sheep dogs, security dogs, hunting dogs, police sniffer dogs etc.

However, keeping dogs as pets should be avoided. The dogs bark and disturb passers-by, they run after the postman, they lick clothes, furniture and carpets, thereby making them impure and driving away the Angels of Mercy.

One Ḥadīth indicates that their saliva has certain bacteria. If they lick a utensil it would need to be cleaned thoroughly, including scrubbing some soil, before washing it seven times.

These are just some of the reasons why we are craving for peace and Sukūn in our lives.
There could be many other reasons as well. For example the Tabiʿī ʿYaḥyā Ibn Abī Kathīr Raḥimahullāh says “When three things enter a house, blessings exits from it:

1) Isrāf (extravagance, fuzūl kharchi, spending more than needed)
2) Zina (fornication, adultery)
3) Khiyānah (treachery, deception, breaking trusts).

Another reason could be carelessness with regards to halal & haram. Many don’t care about where money comes from. Many eat Big Mac, kfc burgers etc without any fear of the consequences.

Whenever we find things are going wrong in our lives, and we notice that peace and contentment are missing, we should try and look for the reasons through the Qur’ān and Ḥadīth. The sooner we realise and rectify our condition the better.

May Allāh Subḥānahu Wa Taʿāla give us true peace of mind and keep us steadfast. Amīn.

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