Belief in a Divine Being

It is clear from history and from the religious literature of different groups that belief in the existence of a Supreme Being has always existed in the people. In every age, and in every people, it has been accepted that this world has a Creator, and that He has great power. Therefore, the call and teachings of the messengers who were sent to different people at different times, stressed the Oneness of that Deity. They did not feel the need to stress the actual existence of a Supreme Deity. The reason for this is that for almost the whole of mankind, His  actual existence is an accepted fact, and the existence of a Creator of the universe is as natural and self-evident a fact as a person’s own existence. Therefore, this error has never been very widespread among mankind. However, in recent times, the atheistic movements have been very successful in promoting their ideologies. An immense change is occurring on university campuses. The popularisation of atheistic publications and propaganda through social media, combined with fervent activism, have increased an environment of intellectual challenge and peer pressure. Any Muslim who is not equipped with the adequate spiritual, intellectual and theological tools to address these challenges can be misguided onto the irrational path of denying the Divinity. Atheism is not merely a figment of imagination, which is not based on any proof whatsoever, but a sinister tool of Shaytaan to lure people away from the truth.

Allah Ta’ala says in the Quran, “Allah  created the heavens and the earth as required, and so that each soul may be rewarded for its earnings, and they shall not be wronged. Look at the one who has made his own lust his deity. And Allah, knowing him as such, led him astray and set a seal upon his ears and his heart, and cast darkness over his eyes. So now who will bring him onto the path beside Allah? Do you not ponder? They say, “There is nothing but our life of this world. We die and we live, and nothing but time destroys us.” They have no knowledge thereof. They are merely guessing. When Our clear verses are recited to them, they have no proof except that they say, ‘Bring forth our forefathers if you are truthful.’” (Surah Jaathiyah)

It should not be necessary to make a case for the existence of a Divine Being, who created the heavens and the earth, and everything in it, including mankind. The evidence is so obvious, that one is amazed that anybody could think otherwise. Unfortunately, many people are still in denial, despite all the evidence being presented to them. The evidence is basic common sense, logic and is also backed by solid scientific material. That all this be rejected, should be something to be amazed at. From the inception of mankind, there has been a battle between truth and falsehood. This battle will continue. Many people get swayed by the arguments put forward by those who reject the existence of a Divine Being, and argue that mankind came into existence through a process of evolution. Many of these adherents are scientists (who ought to know better). They are so enthralled by scientific “progress!!!” that they refuse to acknowledge the Divine Hand behind the running of the universe.

A parable narrated by Maulana Rumi  illustrates the position of the scientists accurately. It is being reproduced here, with slight modification:

“Once an ant saw an artist draw a beautiful sketch on paper with his pen and pencil. The ant said in admiration: ‘What beautiful figures!’ Another ant came and said: ‘It is the pen that has to be praised. It is the pen that is making those beautiful figures.’ Another ant came and said: ‘That pen is held in the fingers, so the fingers are creating those wonderful figures. The pen is merely its instrument.’ A fourth ant remarked: ‘Don’t you see the arm? These control the fingers which merely carry out the actions through the power of the arm.’ The dispute was referred to the queen of ants and she said: ‘These figures do not proceed from the pen, the fingers or the arm. These proceed from the mind. The mind controls all of these.’”


• The first ant is like those scientists who see only as far as their noses, and are not prepared to consider anything that exists beyond that.

• The other ants represent those individuals who can see a bit more, but are still deprived of Reality.

• The queen ant appears to be the most correct in her assessment.

• However, there is a higher level of understanding: to realise that the mind of the artist is also controlled. This Control is by the Hand of the Almighty. He is in Control of everything. He gave the understanding and intelligence to the artist to be able to use his senses and talent to draw the figures.

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