The Unsheathed Refutation on the Cursed Dajjal Imran Hosein’s Lies on Ayasofya

By brother Umar Rumi

The Shi`ah-Russian asset, conspiracy theorist, Muslim-genocide cheering dajjal going under the name of Imran Hosein popularized this idea of poor cute Byzantine dhimmis being oppressed by the turning of Ayasofya ex-church into a masjid..

And when confronted with the fiqh of it, he replied “*put that fiqh in the garbage*”.

Yet this Russian-shiah-axis sellout is invited to mosques for talks and respected even by some “madrasah-graduates” (I refuse to call these people “`Ulama”)

I got seriously tired and sick of reading comments by ignorant and bad-informed people crying over the supposed zulm Sultan Muhammad Fatih committed on the “cute byzantine rainbow teddy-bears” by turning their lovely church into a masjid, just repeating Imran Hussain’s baseless nonsense, so I contacted a Mufti and asked him the following question:
“Imran Hussein popularized some pro-Russian filo-“orthodox”-christian anti-Ottoman propaganda with regards to Sultan Fatih converting Ayasofya cathedral into a masjid. And now many people raise objection on how that was supposedly an act of zulm on the poor cute lovely byzantine dhimmis. Could you please shed some light on the actual hukm on dhimmi’s places of worship in case of fath of their countries by Muslims?

More specifically, is it ja’iz for the Muslims to convert their churches into mosques if their cities are conquered by fath (as opposed to their handing over their cities or any other situation, in case such differences are relevant)”.
Respected Mufti Sahab’s reply:

“I would advise reading Shurunbulali’s risala on the topic:

If a town is liberated by force, then the places of worship can be removed, converted etc.

If liberated by agreement (sulh) and part of the agreement includes allowing them to use their churches etc., then existing places of worship cannot be destroyed. Any new places of worship that are erected must be destroyed”.

*So, time to put Imran Hosein and his fanboys in the garbage*.

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