Prophecy Hadith Miracle of Lava Deflecting from Madinah Munawwarah

This Lava tract can be seen en route Madinah Airport
The 1st Jumadi al-Thani, 654 A.H. (approx 5th of June 1256 A.D.), weak earth tremors were felt in Madinah.
The tremors increased each day. A strong earthquake rocked Madinah on the 6th day.
The quake was caused by basaltic magma, welling up through cracks in the 40-kilometer thick crust of the Arabian Peninsula. It was followed by fiery volcanic eruptions for 52 days and spewed lava and ash from a massive fissure (20 km) southeast of Madinah. The lava flowed for 23 kilometers and threatened Madinah, which is in the lowlands, itself. The lava eventually reached within 4 km of the city. The light from the lava illuminated the night to the point that it was almost as bright as day. The residents of Madinah gathered at the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) mosque to pray to Allah to stop this impending doom. By the dominion and power of Allah, the lava flow was diverted away from Madinah thus averting its complete distruction.
This volcanic erruption from Harrat Rahat is most probably one of the signs of the day of Judgement. 
Narrated Abu Hurairah (Radiyallahu Anhu), “The Hour will not be established till a fire will come out of the land of Hijaz, and it will throw light on the necks of the camels at Busra.” {Narrated by Bukhari: 9.234}
Various reports tells of how the Bedouins saw the necks of their camels and the light was enough to read by in places as far away as a five day journey!
The lava tracts cover an area from north to south of about 310 km, and it has a width of about 75 km. It is a veritable wasteland; nothing grows or lives there, just  mounds of jagged, black rock as far as the eyes can see.
From Global Volcanism Program website:
Saudi Arabia’s largest lava field, 20,000 sq km Harrat Rahat extends for 300 km south of the holy city of Al Madinah (Medina). Four coalescing lava fields erupted from offset NNW-trending vent systems comprise Harrat Rahat, which has an average width of 60 km. Lava flows extend as far as 100 km west of the axis of the field. Basaltic scoria cones dominate Harrat Rahat, but the volcanic field has also produced more silicic trachy-basaltic to trachytic rocks. Small shield volcanoes and pelean-type lava domes with associated pyroclastic-flow and -surge deposits are also present. Activity has migrated to the north, resulting in eruptions in historical time near Madinah. The best-known eruption took place in 1256 AD, when a 0.5 cu km lava flow erupted from six aligned scoria cones and traveled 23 km to within 4 km of Madinah. 

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