How should the meat, etc. of an animal (bull, camel, etc.) be divided if all seven shareholders will be taking their share of the meat?


If several people are taking shares in the same Qur’baani cow/bull, and if they stipulate that they want to take their full share, then it is Waajib for the meat to be weighed. They must be given their share by weight. When each one wants to take his/her share, then any extra given to a shareholder will be riba, hence haraam. The meat should be apportioned out equally.

However, the one who takes any other part, e.g. liver, lungs, trotters, skin, etc., should be given less meat. The meat in this case may be any amount, but less than the amount the others will receive.

Example: The total weight of the meat alone is 350 kg. If there are seven participants, each one’s share will be 50 kg. Before distributing the shares, it should be determined who will take the skin or any other part which is not meat. If, for example, one shareholder is given the skin and something else, and another shareholder is given the trotters, etc., then these two should be given less than 50 kg of meat.

If, for example, each one of the two is given 40 kg meat, then the balance of the meat will be 270 kg. Now this 270 kg meat should be divided equally to the five remaining shareholders.

If the shareholders will not be taking their full shares, but want their meat, etc. to be distributed to others and the poor, then exactitude is not necessary.


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