Salafi Double Standards

By Umar Rumi

Salafis’ on Moonsighting:

“With today’s modern technology, fax, internet, radio, we should have a unified beginning of Islamic months and `Ids all over the world. Local sighting was a pre-modern condition due to lack of the necessary technology”.

Salafis’ on Madhahib:

“Four madhahib split the Ummah, we should have a unified robotic fifth-madhhab (as the common ikhwani-salafi-modernist common utopia) whereby any ikhtilaf is deleted in favor of the supposed” stronger/more authentic/easier opinion that somehow us “moderns” are painlessly able to individuate without any doubt.

But then:

Salafis’ on Political system:

“An unified Islamic polity is an utopia lol, look at our history, Muslim polities were split most of the time [and somehow all the arguments about pre-modern lack of infrastructure/
technology/means of communications is suddenly forgotten, and history becomes proof]”.

Just look at how the decisive fiqhi discussions and sidelined in favor of ever-changing flipping incoherent recourses to history or the “changed times” being used at will.

3 thoughts on “Salafi Double Standards”

  1. AssalamualaikumWonderful post,sir.These is lot on WhatsApp.Kindly provide facility to post it on WhatsApp too.I have just posted it on yahoogroups. The world will read it now. Many thanks.Was salam
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  2. Assalamualaikum
    We need many such posts to expose these fraudsters with option of posting on Facebook and WhatsApp as well. I have just posted it on yahoogroups for the world to read.


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