By Mujlisul Ulama

While the opportunists pursuing their own nafsaani agenda and despicable monetary objectives, are extremely vocal with their hypocritical slogans in support of Palestine, they are ominously and satanically silent on the brutality and genocide perpetrated by the pork devourers of China who have unleashed a reign of terror, repression and oppression on the Uighur Muslims and other minority Muslim communities in China.

These hypocritical opportunists kick up considerable dust and blow much stinking hot air in their calls for boy cotting Israel whose oppression of the Palestinians is of a far lesser degree than the bru tality of China. Why are they not embarking on a boycott China campaign? They are fully conscious of the side their bread is buttered.

There is nothing to lose in boycotting Israel, but much boodle to lose if China is boy cotted. The Israel boycotters are all hypocritical opportun ists, filling their personal cof fers in the name of Palestine. Muslims should not contribute funds for any ‘propalestine’ stunt which the vociferous, but hypocritical socalled ‘friends’ of Palestine initiate. Honesty and genuine concern for suf fering Muslims do not permit them to cast a blind eye on the oppression and cruelties of the Chinese communist regime.

What difference do they discern between the suffering of the Palestinian Muslims and the Chinese Muslims? What constrains these Israel boycotters and munaafiq supporters of Palestine to slink into a fortress of impregnable silence regarding Chinese atrocities against Muslims, and to shout from the rooftops in support of Palestine? Why boycott Israel and leave the swineeaters free? Not only free, but freely trading with them? The haraam double standards adopted by these opportunists is dictated by money, by mercenary objectives.

This naseehat to boycott China is not directed to individual Muslim traders. Hap hazard action by a handful of traders serves no purpose. A concerted and sustained boycott by the greater part of the Muslims community should be initiated. A group of Muslims should initiate and coordinate a systematic campaign to educate the Muslim community and to create a nationwide awareness so as to embark on a sustained boycott of Chinese goods. Only then will the swine-eaters render their ears conducive to hearing.

It is utterly disgraceful for Muslims that the clamour against China in favour of the suppressed and oppressed Muslims has been taken up by the non-Muslim nations of the West.


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