by Shaykh Muhammad Shareef bin Farid

The path of Sufi is not made up of learning folk medicine (tibb sha`biy), physiognomy (hay’at), arithmetic (hisaab), the astronomical wisdom of the stars (hikmat ‘n-nujuum), cosmology (`ilm ‘l-kawniyya) and physics (tabaa’i`iy). It is not mastery of the science of paranormal squares (awfaaq) and the intrinsic effects of letters (tabi`iy ‘l-huruuf) and their numerical values. Sufism is not dallying with geomancy (`ilm ‘r-raml), onomatomancy (`ilm al-ajfaar) and circular divinatory tables (`ilm ‘z-ziyaarij) or the science of demarcation (`ilm ‘s-seemiyya). Nor is the noble science of Sufism concerned with any of the baseless occult arts concerned with and shackled to this world’s life.

These above occult sciences are not the sciences of asraar (secrets) discussed in the assembly of the Sufis and the awliyya. The science of asraar with the People of Allah are those sciences which concern what is hidden and concealed within the hearts and the secret spirits of humanity. Allah ta`ala said on the tongue of His infallible Prophet: “Neither My heavens or My earth can contain Me, but I am contained in the heart of the true believer.”

This is the true genuine Sufi and he/she has fifteen fundamental traits of uprightness by which they are distinguished from the rest of creatures.

True sufism is first seeking beneficial knowledge (`ilm), which includes what has been made incumbent upon us to know from the science of the foundation of the deen, jurisprudence, and tasawwuf.

Secondly genuine Sufism is to have absolute resolve in repentance (tawba) from every sin between you and your Lord and the sins between you and His creatures.

Thirdly the pure Path of the Sufi is steeped in austerity (zuhd) in this world except with what is necessary to take care of your needs and those of your family.

Fourthly authentic Sufism is withdrawing (`uzla) from creatures except during times of prayer, times of study or other than these from the times of religious benefit.

Fifthly the Sufi is trained and committed to making war (muhariba) with Satan by means of seeking refuge with Allah from him, knowing his schemes and being on the defensive from him.

Sixthly primal Sufism is diligently struggling (mujahida) against the soul and bridling it (iljamuhaa) with the bridle of fearful awareness (lijaam at-taqwa).

Seventhly the sincere Sufi is completely reliant (tawakkul) upon Allah concerning the matter of daily provision and wealth and is strives to be independent of everything besides Allah.

Eighthly the astute Sufi is resigning of matters (tafweed al-amr) over to Allah ta`ala during times of danger, affliction, hardships and those matters which you have no power to change..

Ninthly the awakened Sufi is always imbued with contentment with the decrees (ridaa bi qadaa) of Allah and never dissatisfied with His judgment.

Tenthly the lucid Sufli is patient (sabr) in the face of affliction; patient against disobedience and disbelief; and patient in all acts of obedience, worship and drawing near to Allah..

Eleventhly the path of the Sufi comprises of being persistent in fear (iltidhaam ‘l-khawf) of the punishment of Allah at all times; and not fearing anything besides Him.

Twelfthly it also comprises of being persistent in hope (iltidhaam ‘r-rajaa’) of Allah at all times; and not hoping from anything besides Him..

Thirteenthly the Sufi at the level of the unseen negates showing-off (nafyi ‘r-riyaa’) and pretension by means of the sincerity of actions and behavior (ikhlaas ‘l-`amaal); being solely concerned with the vision and awareness of Allah..

Fourteenthly also at the level of the unseen, the Sufi, negates conceit (nafyi’l-`ujub) by means of remembrance of the favors (tadhkirat ‘n-ni`amaat) of Allah ta`ala.

And finally fifteenthly the genuine Sufi is persistent and constant in giving praise to Allah and showing gratitude for the blessings of Allah the Mighty the Majestic.

These are the fifteen fundamental traits of the genuine Sufi. Whoever succeeds in mastering these fifteen fundamental traits of uprightness, then he/she is a true and genuine Sufi. If not, then not!
If Allah blesses you to be successful at traveling this path, and taking on these fifteen traits up uprightness then there will be subjected to you forty blessings – twenty in this life and twenty in the next life.

As for the twenty in this life, they are:

[1] Allah will remember you with His praises;
[2] He will be grateful to you;
[3] He will love you;
[4] He will be your guardian;
[5] He will be the guarantor of your means of subsistence;
[6] He will be your helper;
[7] He will be your intimate friend;
[8] He will give honor to your soul and you will not be afflicted by humiliation;
[9] He will raise your spiritual zeal and resolution;
[10] He will enrich your heart;
[11] He will guide your heart by means of His light to sciences and secrets;
[12] He will expand your breasts until it will not become constricted by anything from the tribulations of this world;
[13] He will give you prestige;
[14] He will place love for you in the hearts of people;
[15] He will give you universal baraka by which the earth which you walk upon, the place where you sit and the people who accompany you will receive baraka;
[16] He will subject to you everything from the sea to the dryland of the earth, until if you desired you could fly in the air, walk upon water, or cut across the vast earth in a moment;
[17] He will subject to you all the animals – like wild beast and beast of prey;
[18] you will not ask Allah for anything, except that He will give it to you;
[19] you will receive leadership and influence at the door of the Lord of Might, which will cause creation to take you as a means to Allah ta`ala, due to your service to Him, they will succeed in their needs to Allah because of your esteem and baraka; and
[20] your supplications will be answered from Allah ta`ala, and even if you were to think of something you would find it in front of you.These will be your miracles in this life.

As for the twenty miracles in the next life, they are:

[1] the torment of death will be made easy for you;
[2] your imaan will be established for you;
[3] your spirit will be brought out with good news and joy;
[4] the announcement of eternity in the Paradise;
[5] life in the secret for your spirit and body because of the splendor of your death;
[6] safety from the questioning of the grave and being given the answers;
[7] the widening and illumination of your grave;
[8] the entertainment and honoring of your spirit and soul and your being among the company of the brethren of righteousness;
[9] your being gathered with honor and nobility when being brought out of your grave, while the Angels will greet you with vestments and crowns of honor;
[10] the illumination of your face;
[11] safety from the terror of the Day of Standing;
[12] the taking of your book of deeds in your right hand;
[13] the reckoning will be made easy for you;
[14] the Scale will be made heavy for you;
[15] your being brought to the Fount of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace;
[16] allowance to cross the Bridge (as-siraat) over Hell;
[17] receiving the intercession of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace;
[18] an eternal kingdom in Paradise;
[19] the greatest satisfaction; and
[20] the meeting without howness of the Lord of the Worlds, the Sole Deity of the Worlds of the First and the Last, jalla jalaaluhu.

These will be your miracles in the Next Life if you master the fifteen fundamental traits of uprightness; which is the Path of the Sufis. If the Sufi is to strive for anything other than the Face of Allah and His Gnosis; then let these forty blessings be what those who compete with one another compete for.

Not the rubble and trash of baseless occult arts that have no basis in the Infallible shari`a of Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace..

One thought on “THE TRUE PATH OF THE SUFI”

  1. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa baraqatuhu,
    The “sufis” today as you point in many articles are promoting perennialism and are bootlickers of the kuffar and the deviants and also the secular system.
    It makes me laugh when I see today’s “sufis” praise and sing for great Awliyah like Sheikh Abdul Qadir al Jaylani (RA) but fail to realize that the sheikh stood up his entire life first and foremost for the Shariah of Allah SWT and the Sunnah of His Messenger Salallahu Alayhi wa alihi wa salaam.
    Allah is pouring the lesser punishments into this world. But the outbreak of the Coronavirus is a strong message that a much stronger and greater punishment is coming.
    I am afraid that the nuclear war is bound to happen.
    In the same way as the people of Nooh AS were punished and utterly destroyed by drawning in the water, this time, the rebellious disobedient kuffar and munafiqun humans will be burned by the fire of the nuclear explosion. I may be wrong. Allah knows best and He alone knows what will happen in the future, but I am afraid this might happen very soon.

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