Moon-sightings and Astronomical Calculations

Are astronomical calculations a valid
means of determining the begining of
Ramadan or Eid?

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful.

We see many people try to justify this
method as being a valid form of
determining the beginning of Ramadan however, when we explore the books of the scholars we see this isn’t the case.

Here are some statements to highlight
this further Ibn Taymiyyah states in Majmu al-Fatawa (132/25):

Indeed we know (due to necessity) that from the religion of Islam to act upon the moonsighting for Ramadan, haij, counting the iddah (waíting period), ila (divorce) or other rulings which are based upon sighting the Crescent based upon the news of one who calculates claiming they have sighted or haven’t is invalid. The
texts which have been narrated from the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) concerning this are multiple and indeed the Muslims are unanimously agreed upon this”.

Ibn Hajar states in Fath al-Bari (127/4):

Some scholars stated that this concept
(i.e.astronomical calculations) goes
back to Ahl at-Tasyeer who were from the rawafidh and it was narrated that some of the fuqaha agreed with them however, the consensus of the salaf as-saliheen is a proof against them”.

These statements are a few of many
which highlight that the claim of
calculations being a valid means to sight the moon is in reality invalid, it
contradicts the unanimous agreement of the salaf which is physically sighting the moon and it is a practice first introduced by the rawafidh.

So be aware of this baseless view being pushed upon you or your family!

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