Difference between إنشاءلله and إن شاء الله

By Mubashir Hussain

Throughout the Qur’an and ahadith we found the meaning If Allāh wills written as إن شاء الله.

Both have different meanings in Arabic grammar. 
إنشاء لله 
Means contruction/creation

So that is definitely wrong. How can you construct/create Allāh? That’s absurd.We seek refuge in Allah from this (meaning)!

It is
إن شاء الله
if God willing

In the Grammar of Nawh

1. In is shartiyah [conditional].
2. Sha’ is fi’l madhi m’aruf [active past tense verb]
3. Allah is ismu jalalah [the Exalted Name] and the doer of the action sha’, according to grammatical analysis.

It is mentioned in Tafsir Tabari

إن عجبتم من إنشاء الله إیاكم

In another place:
إنّ فی إنشاء الله السحاب

In these two statements, the word insha’ is present and the meaning of the word in both these statements is, ‘to create’. In the above statements, the root word insha’ is the mudaf [possessed], and the doer, i.e., Lofty Name (Allah) is the mudaf ilayh [possessor]. The meanings are, “Allah’s creation of you” and “Allah’s creation of the clouds”. The purpose of mentioning this is, even if insha’ is considered as mudaf [possessed], the purpose of saying in sha’ Allah will be nullified. Because, when we say in sha’ Allah,we hand over the results of our deeds to the Divine Will of Allah and seek help from Him. But, when we write insha’ Allah in the form of mudaf and mudaf ilayh, the meaning becomes “creation by Allah”, which is not our intended meaning.

We should use إن شاء الله and write in English with three words In Sha Allāh.

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