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The Lockdown of the Banu Hashim and Banu Muttalib Tribes

By Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng

The whole world is in state of lockdown….

Children are at home and all mothers must be tired as it’s hard to keep them engage especially when the screen time is very limited ..

But I was thinking and questioning myself are we really in a lockdown???

The otherday reminded me of the boycott of Shaib abi Talib and behold that thought numbed my entire body…

We, with all the luxuries of our homes…

We, with our pantries stocked with food items…

We, with number of gadgets and activities for children…

We, with proper heating and cooling system are calling our stay at home (that is also for our safety) a lockdown???

How ungrateful we are and how forgetful we are of our history…

Remember the time when the whole Banu Hashim and Banu Mutalib were confined in Shaib Abi Talib.. without food supplies, without trade. They were forced to drink rain water and had to eat the shrubs just because spreading the message of truth and supporting Prophet محمدﷺ

It was not for 21 days, it was for almost three years…

So next time when you and I feel down and stressed, reflect on our history. Or even if we think that they were our pious predecessors and we can’t compare ourselves with them, then think of our Syrian, kashmiri brother and sisters. What price they are paying ?

My dear brothers and sisters, a momin is always in a win win situation. Whenever adversity hits him, he endures with patience and whenever good reaches him, he shows gratitude. 💕

No evil comes except with the will of Allah and remember Allah will not test us beyond our limits..

Stay safe and connect with Allah and your family🌷



Markaz Nizamuddin is the international headquarters of Tabilghi Jamaat for close to 100 years.

Visitors/guests/devotees/worshippers from across the globe throng the place for pre-scheduled programs lasting for no more than 3-5 days. All the programs are decided a year in advance in order to facilitate visitors from far-off places to plan their participation.

When Hon’ble Prime Minister announced the “Janta Curfew”, for 22nd March 2020, the ongoing program in Markaz Nizamuddin was discontinued immediately, however due to sudden cancelation of rail services across the country on 21st March 2020, a large group of visitors who had to depart by way of railways got stuck in the Markaz premises.

On 22nd March 2020, “Janta Curfew” was observed and accordingly visitors were advised not to venture out until 9 PM as desired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, therefore the plans to move back to their native places by way of means other than railways also did not materialize. Before the Janta Curfew could be lifted at 9PM, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi announced lockdown of Delhi beginning at 6AM on 23rd March 2020 till 31st March 2020, thereby further diminishing any chances of these visitors availing road transport for their journey back home. Despite this challenging situation, with the help of Markaz administration, around fifteen hundred visitors left Markaz Nizamuddin by availing whatever meager transport was available.

Suddenly on the evening of 23rd March, a further nationwide lockdown was announced by the Hon’ble Prime Minister with clear message for people to stay-put wherever they are. Under such compelling circumstances there was no option for Markaz Nizamuddin but to accommodate the stranded visitors with prescribed medical precautions till such time that situation becomes conducive for their movement or arrangements are made by the authorities.

On 24th March 2020, suddenly a notice was issued by SHO, P.S. Hazrat Nizamuddin, seeking closure of Markaz premises. The same was responded on 24th March 2020, stating that the compliance of the directions regarding closure of Markaz is already underway and around 1500 people had departed the previous day, thus leaving around 1000 visitors belonging to different states and nationalities in Markaz. It was also informed that the Ld. SDM concerned had been requested to issue vehicle passes so that the remaining people could be sent back to their native places outside of Delhi. It is relevant to indicate here that lists of 17 vehicles with registration numbers along with the names of the drivers plus their license details were submitted to the Ld. SDM so that the stranded visitors/guests could be ferried towards their destination. The requisite permission is still awaited.

On 25th March 2020, the Tehsildaar along with medical team visited the Markaz, full cooperation was provided for their inspection as well as in preparation of list of visitors, many of whom were examined by them.
On 26th March 2020, the Ld. SDM visited Markaz Nizamuddin and called us for a further meeting with the Ld. DM. We met the Ld. DM, apprised him of the stranded visitors and once again sought permission for the vehicles arranged by us.

The next day, i.e. 27th March 2020, six persons were taken for medical check-up.

On 28th March 2020, the Ld. SDM and WHO team visited the Markaz and 33 persons were taken for medical checkup to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital. Surprisingly on the same day another notice was issued, this time by the Office of ACP, Lajpat Nagar, reiterating the prohibitory orders and warning of legal action, this being totally oblivious of the above deliberations and steps that had already been taken by Markaz Nizamuddin in consultation with the authorities. However, the same was replied in detail vide letter dated 29th March 2020.

Yesterday, 30th March 2020, a rumour started gaining ground across social media that allegedly people affected with COVID-19 are present in Markaz. It is also being circulated that certain deaths have occurred due to the same.

Unexpectedly, as reported by ANI, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi went on to say that he has directed authorities to take legal action against the administration of Markaz. It is humbly stated that if the above fact-check could have been done by the Office of Hon’ble Chief Minister, the authorities would have apprised him about their visits, deliberations and cooperation extended by the Markaz in order to disperse the remaining visitors. During this entire episode, Markaz Nizamuddin never violated any provision of law, and always tried to act with compassion and reason towards the visitors who came to Delhi from different states. It did not let them violate the medical guidelines by thronging ISBTs or roaming on streets.

Markaz Nizamuddin would like to humbly offer the entire premises as a quarantine facility to help the authorities tide-over the challenge of current pandemic. Throughout its 100-year existence, Markaz Nizamuddin has an unblemished history of cooperating with administration/ authorities and always upholding the rule of law in letter and spirit. In the present challenge of COVID-19, Markaz stands with the law enforcement authorities and shall remain forthcoming in complying with all the guidelines issued by them.




The following is a brief account of a devastating plague which hit and devastated Muslim lands in the year 449 Hijri. It is an account by Sibt Ibn Al-Jawzi (Rahmatullah alayh):

“In Jumāda ‘l-Ākhirah [of the year 449] a letter arrived from Bukhārā from Transoxiana that an unprecedented and unheard of pandemic occurred there such that 18,000 caskets (Janaazahs) came out of this region in a single day! Those that died were counted and they were 1,650,000, up to the writing of this letter.

Those who survived passed through these lands and saw nothing but empty stores and locked doors. The pandemic spread to Azerbaijan and then to Ahwāz, Baṣrah and Wāsiṭ, and other regions.  Large pits were dug and 35 people would be dumped in them. The copy of a letter written from Samarkand to Balkh arrived at Baghdād stating that each day 5,000, 6,000 or more righteous Muslims are being buried, and the stores are shut, and the people are engaged night and day in burying their dead, and bathing them and shrouding them.

Every house in which death entered, it would overtake them all. From the houses of the heads and elite, more than 2000 houses of the city were shut, neither old nor young, nor free nor slave, nor heir remained.

All the people repented and gave in charity most of their wealth. They  spilled wine and smashed musical instruments, and remained attached to the Masjids and reciting Qur’ān, and the women in the homes were doing likewise.

Every house in which was wine, its inhabitants died in one night. Whoever had an unlawful woman with him, both died together. The administrator of a Masjid who died had 50,000 dirhams and none accepted it. They were kept for nine days as they were in the Masjid, and then four people came and took them and died with them. Everyone who bequeathed to another, the one bequeathed to died before the testator. Each pair of Muslims between whom was distance (i.e. had become enemies), but did not reconcile died. 700 jurists were with Faqīh ‘Abdul Jabbār ibn Aḥmad and ‘Abd al-Jabbār and other jurists died.

We came upon a sick person whose death throes extended for seven days and he pointed with his finger to a room of the house which we entered and searched and found wine in a container so we turned it upside down and Allāh saved him from death.

It has been said from the start of Shawwāl to the end of Dhu ‘l-Qa‘dah, the caskets (janaazahs) that came out of the doors of Samarkand were counted, and they came to 236,000. (This is besides the mass burials). This pandemic originated in Turkistan, a land of disbelievers, and then came from there to lands of Sāghūn, Kāsghar, Shāsh, Farghānah and those regions and reached Samarkand on the 27th of Ramaḍān of this year.

(Mir’āt al-Zamān, 19:12-14)

(Translation, not by The Majlis)

COMMENT (By Mujlisul Ulama):

“Verily, the Athaab (Punishment) of your Rabb is dreadfully severe.” (Qur’aan)

In the entire history of Islam, from its very inception, to a few weeks ago, NEVER were any Musaajid closed by Muslims, neither by Muslim governments nor by the mutawallis nor by the communities. In our era in close proximity to Qiyaamah, the villainy of the closure of the Musaajid and the cancellation of Salaat are the satanic handiwork of the Munaafiqeen in our midst. Allah Ta’ala has made manifest the Munaafiqeen. They are the rubbish molvis, sheikhs and zindeeq doctors masquerading as Muslims.  There nifaaq has been advertised by Allah Ta’ala for all and sundry to see and to recognize the traitors lurking within the community.

Whenever Musjids closed in any epidemic, it was not a closure by Muslims or the authorities, it was due to the total or near total decimation of the populace.  Bodies were being dumped unceremoniously in mass graves. There was no choice – no option other than to act as they did. No one locked the Musaajid. There were just no Muslims remaining to attend the Musaajid. On the contrary, where there were communities, still alive, they flocked to the Musaajid, supplicating and pleading to Allah Ta’ala. But it was too late. The decree had already gone forth. There was no turning back. The Athaab had to take its course.

Where it was possible, all Muslims flocked to the Musaajid, those affected and those unaffected by the disease. They flocked into the Musaajid, crying and repenting. But once the decree of Athaab has been issued, it followed its trajectory. No dua and no repentance can then avert it. The time for averting the   Greater Athaab which brings obliteration in its wake, is when Allah Ta’ala gives us a mild taste of His lesser punishment in order to jolt us into realization. In this regard, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Most certainly We shall give them to taste of the lesser Punishment, not the greater punishment, for perhaps they may return (to the Path of Rectitude).”

When the Athaabil Adna (Lesser Punishment) is ignored, then the Divine Ordinance stated in the following Qur’aanic Aayat becomes applicable:

“When We intend to destroy (the people of) a settlement (village, town, city, etc.), then We command its affluent people (i.e.  give them unbridled freedom to  wallow in their  filth of sin and immorality). Thus, they (recklessly) and flagrantly indulge in fisq. Then We utterly destroy them.”

Today, all over the world, Muslims are ignoring the Athaabil Adna, and on the contrary are justifying their fisq, fujoor and kufr. This is the scariest part of the prevailing saga. It is the indication for Athaab of a horrendous and shocking kind which is overshadowing us.



Is it permissible for healthy Muslims to abandon Jumuah and Jamaa’ah for the fear of the corona disease?


By the taufeeq of Allah!

Firstly: During real fear for the enemy in battle in the Path of Allah, Jamaa’ah (Jamaat Salaat) is not waived. How then can Jumuah and Jamaa’ah be abandoned on account of fear for a suspected disease?

Secondly: The cause for these epidemics and diseases is sin and transgression. Allah Ta’ala says (in the Qur’aan): “Whatever calamity befalls you, is the consequence of the perpetration of your hands.”

And Allah, The One Who is Mighty and Aware says: “Corruption has appeared on the land and the ocean on account of (the misdeeds) committed by the hands of people so that He gives them to taste something of what they perpetrated, for perhaps they will return (to the Path of Rectitude).”

Allah has explained that the remedy is to return to Allah with repentance and seeking forgiveness (Taubah and Istighfaar), Tilaawat and Dua. The remedy is not in the abandonment of some acts which Allah has made incumbent us, namely Jumuah and Jamaa’ah.

Thirdly: Allah Ta’ala says: “No calamity will befall on the earth nor upon you except that which (has been recorded) in the Book even before We create it.”

“Even if you were in your homes, those for whom death has been decreed would emerge and go to their places of his death.”

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Know that even if all mankind unites to benefit you, they will be able to do only that which Allah has ordained for you. And, if they unite to harm you, they will be able to do only Allah has decreed for you.” (Ahmad and Tirmizi)

Thus, our Imaan is on Qadha and Qadr (in whatever Allah has ordained for us). We repose Tawakkul (Trust) on Allah Jalla wa Alaa. Has He not prohibited us from abandoning whatever He has compulsorily imposed on us, namely Jumuah Salaat and Jamaa’ah, for the fear of disease, etc.?

Fourthly: Has Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) not informed of the measure to be adopted relevant to a plague, and that it is not permissible to enter a region where there is a plague, and not to flee from such a place? Did he mention abandonment of Jamaat Salaat in such a place?

Fifthly: A plague had erupted during the khilaafat of Umar Bin Khattaab (Radhiyallahu anhu). H consulted in this regard with the Muhaajireen, then with the Ansaar……Did they abandon Jumuah and Jamaa’ah because of it (the plague)?

Sixthly: Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala says: “Seek aid by means of Sabr and Salaat.” What, is this Istiaanah (seeking help) by means of establishing Salaat in the Musjid as was the practice of Nabi (Alahis salaam) or was it by abandoning Jumuah and Jama’aat?

Seventhly: Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Whoever performs Subuh (Fajr) in Jamaa’ah, he is in the responsibility (and protection) of Allah.” Is it not sufficient for us to be in the responsibility of Allah? “Is Allah not sufficient for His servant?”

Eighthly: When Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had not granted permission to the blind man to be absent (from Jamaat Salaat) despite him not having someone to guide him, and despite the abundance of wild animals in Madinah, then how can a healthy person be permitted to abstain from Jamaat merely for the fear of the disease?

Ninthly: Whenever Rasulullah feared something, he would hasten to the Musjid. How then can we abandon Jumuah Salaat and Jamaa’ah for fear of corona?

Tenthly: There was in every Islamic city one Jaami’ Musjid where all the people gathered to perform Jumuah, and epidemics and plagues would befall Muslims. Did any of the Ulama of Islam ever issue the fatwa throughout the history (of Islam) to close and lock the Musaajid because of an epidemic or plague?

Courtesy: Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa


By Mujlisul Ulama


The Ummah has never been cast into such a gigantic satanic fitnah of KUFR as we are being confronted with today. Salaat, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said is The Central Pillar upholding the entire Structure of Islam. If this Pillar crumbles and is demolished, nothing remains then of Islam. There is no Islam and no Imaan  minus Umooduddeen (the Pillar of the Deen – Salaat)

Today, the Munaafiqeen such as Taha Karan, Reverend Bham, Yahya Bham, Zubair Bhayat and many other similar agents of Iblees are all promoting  the kuffaar silly concept  of social distancing.

Rabid with fear and drunk with bootlicking, the Munaafiqeen have finally revealed their true colours of nifaaq and irtidaad.  They have made a direct attack on  the Central Pillar of Islam, namely Salaat. They are now ruthlessly with blatant  kufr for all and sundry to view, recklessly promoting the abolition of Salaat. Such shaitaani abolition is stupidly and deceptively termed ‘suspension’. But even ‘suspension’ of Salaat is a greater infraction of the Shariah than committing adultery with one’s own mother in the Ka’bah Shareef.

‘Suspension’ of Salaat – Jumuah and the daily Fardh in Jamaat – is tantamount to ‘suspension’, that is, abolition, of Islam. Take away Salaat, then NOUGHT of Islam is left. Thus, to emphasize this dangerous fact, our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “The dividing line between kufr and Imaan is abandonment of Salaat.”

Never in the annals of Islam was there ever a call from Muslims to suspend, abolish and destroy Salaat. Those who are today calling for the abolition of Jumuah and the daily Fardh Salaat are  the worst Satanists – the worst Munaafiqeen – the worst Murtaddeen who have ever appeared within the fold of  the Ummah. While they masquerade as Muslims, every fibre in their bodies is saturated with kufr, nifaaq and irtidaad. That is precisely why they  can so audaciously and so satanically call for the  ‘suspension’ and destruction of the greatest act of Ibaadat, namely Salaat.

In this  Naseehat we shall content ourselves with the provision of guidance to the Muslim community. Insha-Allah, the Shar’i dalai-il for this Naseehat shall follow at a later stage as time permits, and if Allah Azza Wa Jal grants us the taufeeq ro excoriate the  China pig virus which is embedded in the brains  and hearts of these munaafiqeen who have committed self-immolation dooming themselves to  everlasting perdition in Jahannam where they shall, according to the Qur’aan, drink of the boiling pus and blood gushing from the inmates of Hell-Fire.


In such  Musaajid  where  these Aulaadush Shaitaan, Murtaddeen and Munaafiqeen have say, they have introduced this kuffaar concept. Thus, in heinously silly and haraam  method, they distance  the musallis in the saff, ordering them to stand a meter or two apart when performing Jamaat Salaat. This hideously clownish arrangement of the Sufoof (Salaat rows) is in diametric opposition and rejection of  the explicit and emphatic command of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’. Any gap between two musallis is occupied by shaitaan.

Thus the Musjids where this satanic social distancing is being practised, is teeming with shayaateen. This preponderance of devils, more than the musallis, in the Musjid is the direct consequence of callously and most rebelliously denying  the command of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Just imagine the notoriety initiated by these scoundrel munaafiqs! Never in Islam’s  more than 14 century history did  Muslims  stand so ugly and so satanically – a metre apart – in the sufoof for Fardh Salaat.  Never before in the history of Islam did Muslims ever allow and invite into the Musaajid such multitudes of shayaateen. ‘Social  distancing’ inside the Musjid is haraam. Those who believe in its validity such as the moron, zindeeq doctors and the corrupt molvis and sheikhs  with  necrotized hearts and  imbalanced brains, are MURTADDS. They have lost their Imaan.


Those who close the Musaajid  thereby preventing Muslims from free access to perform Salaat and Ibaadat in general, without  such closure being enforced   by the government, are  like Murtadds. The La’nat (Curse)of the Musaajid settles on them.  The Qur’aan Majeed  says about  such munaafiqeen:

“Who is a greater oppressor (zaalim) than the one who strives to prevent the thikr of Allah’s Name in the Musaajid, and he (also strives) to destroy the Musaajid?”

They will suffer and  perish horribly in this dunya, and in the Aakhirah a dreadful Athaab awaits them. They have declared war on Allah Azza Wa Jal. Allah Ta’ala will  yet break them.  Allah Azza Wa Jal is giving them rope on which to hang themselves.

The deceptive ruse of allowing the stupid imaam and the stupid muath-thin to  be in the Musjid at Salaat times is a satanically designed  shenanigan to  bamboozle ignorant Muslims. The  shaitaani motive for this stupid act is to convey the  conspicuously  baseless and satanic  idea that they have ‘not closed’ the Musaajid.

It is haraam for Muslims to submit to these designs of kufr which
these Munaafiqs have  introduced in the Musaajid.


A concerned Brother from the U.K. writes:

Uncle Tom Muslims

Despite complete freedom of religious expression, this will be the first Jumuah since Muslims arrived en-masse in the UK over 60 yrs ago, where British Muslims themselves have chosen not to perform Jumuah Salah and close their own Masajid with their own hands. As yet there is no Government Statute to close our Masajid or Madaris. The so-called Corona-19 or Chinese ‘Kung-Flu’ is merely a reflection of our deeds and conduct.

Allah Ta’ala has cast into the hearts of Muslims, inordinate fear for a pesky virus, for maut and love for dunya (world).

In a society swimming in affluence, barakah has been taken away – we fight at checkouts – our traders act like extortionists – hiking up prices umpteen fold.

Of what good is our wealth? Non-Muslim Businesses put us to shame.

Compare our conduct with the  behaviour of past generations at time of want and tribulations, they would hasten towards the common good, traders and wealthy would feed the less fortunate, poor and destitute – family members and neighbours would support and share with each other. This would herald the Mercy of Allah Ta’ala and removal of calamaties.

Today, we are turning away and shunning those very elders whose sacrifices, aspirations, far-sightedness and dua have bought into existence all these Masajid, Madaris, Academies, Schools, Businesses, houses and wealth from which we benefit.

The younger generations, especially its dim-witted, hypocritical scholars, professionals and traders are the worst specimens on earth. They are aiding an agenda to distance the next generation from the Masajid, Madaris and their elders.  As a consequence, mischief, futility, failure and irtidaad must prevail henceforth.

We hear a foul, absurd and preposterous cry from Muslim Quacks (Neem Mullah’s & Neem Hakims) not to perform Sunnah and Nafl Salah in the Masajid, minimise our stay therein, to shorten the Khutbah/Salah and to close down our Madaris.

They quote fictitious, unsubstantiated statistics and conjure up the ‘what if’ doomsday scenarios to justify their advice and befool a gullible public. Associating with the wrong crowd, Muslim Scholars and professionals are now constrained to appease their colonial masters. Already there are howls to reduce Taraweeh Salah in Ramadhaan and abandon Hajj.

Spineless Masajid personnel are observed preventing Muslims from placing their foreheads on the Masjid Carpets which were procured with thousands in donations. So-called Muslim doctors are at the forefront. Do they proffer the same advice to their non-Muslim colleagues, patients and communities to stop visiting shopping malls, shops, pubs, take-aways and other venues of futility and immorality?

It is okay for their children to be exempted and attend schools but they must self-isolate from Madrasah. We are further saddled with an incompetent batch of Muftis and Maulana’s, who lack spiritual stamina and strength to tackle forces of baatil.

Today, the Haram Shareef, Masjid-un-Nabawee, Masjid Aqsa and our local Masajid all lie empty.  Allah Ta’ala has cast us out of His House because of our rebellious, distrespectful behaviour and attitude towards these blessed venues and Deen. We reap what we sow.

Allah Ta’ala save us from the munafiqeen within our midst. Laa Ghaaliba illallaah!    Was salam


By Mujlisul Ulama


“Who is a greater zaalim (oppressor) than the one who prevents (others) from the Thikr of His Name in  the Musaajid whilst he (the zaalim) strives in its destruction?” (Al-Baqarah, Aayat 114)

For the Rubbishes and Munaafiqeen who have closed the Musaajid of Allah Ta’ala and who are preventing the community from utilizing the Musaajid for the purpose for which these Houses of Allah were dedicated, there is:

“For them disgrace in this world, and in the Aakhirat a great punishment.” (Al-Baqarah, Aayat 114)

In the more than 14 century history of Islam never was there an incident of Muslims themselves closing down and destroying the Musaajid. This is the first time in Islam’s history that “muslims” have shut down Musaajid enmasse. In some Musaajid where mock ‘salaat’ is performed, Musallis are harassed by the munaafiq rats – jaahil imaams and fussaaq trustees. Gross disrespect is shown to the aged about whom Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “He who does not honour our aged is not from us.” In other words he is among the kuffaar.

These rats and rubbishes are not Muslims. They are munaafiqeen agents of Iblees striving to destroy Islam.

Allah Ta’ala has His Own way of exposing criminals and hypocrites who masquerade as Muslims. By these miserable scoundrels closing and destroying the Musaajid, their nifaaq has been exposed. Only munaafiqeen are capable of closing Musaajid thereby preventing the community from taking the Name of Allah Ta’ala and from Ibaadat in the Musaajid.

The  shops have not closed; the malls have not closed; the factories have not closed; the casinos have not closed; the brothels have not closed, and while many other places of business and  immoral entertainment have not closed, the Rubbish Munaafiqeen have deemed it honourable to close the Musaajid. The Musaajid is the only institution these vile scoundrels could find for closing in order to bootlick the government.

These miserable, spineless munaafiqeen obsequiously grovelling in the gutters of dishonour have superseded even the government in the draconian measures imposed on the people. While the government limited gatherings to 100, these Aulaadush Shaitaan reduced the number to 50 deliciously licking the boots of the non-Muslim authorities. While the government has not ordered the Musaajid to close, these munaafiqeen have closed Allah’s Houses enmasse. They will yet rue the day that their mothers gave birth to them. Calamity in a variety of forms will still strike them. They will not have to wait for Qiyaamah. Allah’s La’nat is on them: “Indeed Allah curses them and those who curse, curse them.” (Qur’aan)

At least The Muslim community has now understood who the enemies of Islam are from within. They are the MJC, NNB jamiat, KZN jamiat, Daarush Shaitaan (the zubair bhayat shaitaan’s outfit), and others of such ilk.

On the occasion of Dajjaal’s appearance, while he will be encamped outside Madinah, there will be three tremors. All the munaafiqeen and zanaadaqah will flee from Madinah to escape death. They will be apprehended by Dajjaal. In this manner will Allah Ta’ala purify Madinah Munawwarah from the filth of the munaafiqeen. In similar manner has Allah Ta’ala  exposed  the nifaaq of the Rats and Rubbishes who have closed the Musaajid and where they have not as yet closed the Musjids, they have so severely tampered with Salaat and the Khutbah  as to transform these  fundamental institutions of Islam  into a devilish mockery.