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Exposing the Satanism of ‘Reality Shows’

In recent times there has been a steady increase in the number of reality shows, mainly due to the inspiration from the western world. The current reality shows are crossing all boundaries of indecency and immodesty. Where has our morality disappeared? Where has our culture vanished? What is the objective of these reality shows? Why have these reality shows increased such drastically? Who is sponsoring them? Can any one answer these questions for me?

I used to think that nothing worse could happen to the small screen other than the “Saas Bahu” soaps, where the haraam extra-marital affairs, household politics and fights between family members were a part and parcel of it. But the current reality shows have proved me wrong. And most of these reality shows are adaptations of the pre-existing western versions. Most of the shows just exhibit nudity in the name of reality shows.

Today, our television channels are crowded with reality shows. Any channel you tune into, at some time or the other you are bound to bump into some reality show. Some are based on singing, some are about dancing, some are based on dating, some are based on chatting, some are based on stripping, some are based on girls’ night out, some are based on staying together and anything under the sun – today’s reality shows have it all. Most of these reality shows are designed is such a way that they promote premarital relationship and sex.

Most of the reality shows are based on topics that have no thought process or concepts. The audience thus gets hooked on to TV shows, which do not really have any intelligent concept. For example, Reality TV often highlights constant fights, disagreements, immoral talks, use of abusive language between a group and even telecasts certain moments not suitable for viewing for a family audience. Reality shows like Sach ka SamnaBig BossMTV RoadiesCrunchChat House, etc, hamper the society’s culture and atmosphere rather than doing something constructive. These reality shows have crossed all boundaries and have broken all rules of indecency, immorality & shamefulness. They fight like dogs, just to win the event. We need to remember that, “Childrens learn what they see and they do what they learn.”

Many TV channels, programs and shows have also adopted many strategies to increase their TRP, the best and the easiest strategy is to fill the show with lots and lots of obscenity and the crowd will automatically follow. And the best part of these reality shows is they also keep the audience completely involved by asking them to vote and making them a party of the obscenity and indecency taking place. Most of the programs which are aired on haraam television showcase such high rate of immodesty, indecency and vulgarity that it becomes highly impossible for a decent family to sit together and watch. Granted that we are human beings and we need entertainment, the million dollar question is this: can’t we have good entertainment without any obscenity in it?

Of late, MTV has put a greater focus on reality shows, which makes one wonder of it being called as Music Television or ‘Masala Television’. It is MTV which has taken the lead role in producing and promoting various kinds of reality shows. It has come out with a series of reality shows such as RoadiesRock OnStyle CheckFanta Fantastic FiveKickass MorningsWassup What the Hack!, Splitsvilla StuntmaniaNuon Making The CutGone In 60 Seconds, Stripped, Why So Cyrus?One Short PlotVJ HuntGirls Night OutPyaar Vyaar & All That CrunchTrue life and the latest one, Chat House. What are we trying to achieve through these shows?

Let me speak about one of MTV’s reality show which has landed up in controversies, ‘MTV Splitsvilla’. It is an Indian television reality show that airs on MTV India. Splitsvilla  is one of its kind, “hunt-for-love show”. The series is based on the American dating reality show ‘Flavor of Love’. Two boys, find the ultimate girl of their dreams by choosing from 20 girls by putting them through grueling “tests”. The girls battle stress, politics, exhaustion, fear, bitchiness and bad television to be the chosen one and avoid humiliation of getting dumped. The girl who has been dumped will leave the show and move back to her home.

A month after the second season of Splitsvilla ended, some of the contestants claimed that the show’s crew members had engaged in sexual acts with other contestants. Swaagata G Shah, a contestant from Season 2, claimed in a tabloid that there were exchanges of sexual favors between contestants and important people of the production team, including anchor Nikhil Chinappa, to get undue advantages in the contest. Later, contestants Varun Jhamb and Nalini Negi who had been eliminated early on in the show, alleged that ‘some crew members, including the director, had slept in the same room as top contender Joanna Magee, and others engaged in sexual favours, especially towards the end.’

In April 2011, MTV Roadies’ maker Raghu Ram, Rajeev and Rannvijay got a shock of their life when their faces were blackened by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) activists in Pune. “We sharply protest the foul language used by Raghu on his show MTV Roadies. He is a bad influence on the youth. He is trying to attract the young people, but the youth of this country will only face degradation if they follow people like him. Small children too cannot be stopped from watching objectionable shows,” members of ABVP said in their statement.

The reality show ‘Sach ka Samna’ is another imitation of the west, which is based on America’s ‘The Moment of Truth’. And the best part of it is that Indian courts have suddenly become liberal and have not permitted any action against the show. It is a show where people confess about their sex lives, their marital discords, and their misdemeanors. In fact, these are highly personal and private matters, but they are not matters of public morality. Even people with a decent level of morality hesitate to ask such type of questions to others even in private but this show does it in front of the live audience and also airs it on the television in the name of entertainment and freedom of expression. The show-makers must know what impact they create when they air such a show. The channel owners must be held accountable for their act of omissions and commissions.

Why don’t we use our brains and think of something innovative and creative rather than just imitating and copying what the west does? Why don’t we make programs/shows which give us entertainment and help us build a stronger nation as well?

It is not only MTV that is promoting this popular culture. Reality shows like Rakhi ka SwayamvarSach ka SamnaBig BossIss Jungle Semujhe Bachao, etc, are also not behind. These reality shows are designed mainly targeting the youth. The language used, is sometimes not appropriate. Well, when they are making a show, TRP’s are most important and the makers of the program will do anything and everything in their power to make it most colorful and viewable as possible, irrespective of what they show on screen and message they send. They are only worried about filling their pockets. It is materialism and greediness which is leading people to indulge in such type of acts. Their objective is just one, increase TRP, TRP and TRP.

These shows are purely based on sexual exploitation of women. I just do not understand what signals are these shows sending? How is it benefiting the society, especially the youth who are their target audience? Can’t we have good entertainment without any sexual exploitation or without any skin showing? What is the youth learning after watching these shows? Today’s youth are growing up by watching these satanically evil reality shows, but the million dollar question, what will be their reality in whose hands lies the future of the country? Now the remote is in your hand, what do you prefer? To watch these reality shows which have no sense or watch something useful and meaningful on television and make effective utilization of your time?

Let us remember that Allah has given us this life, let us use it carefully and constrictively doing something constructive and productive, rather than wasting our precious time and energy watching haraam shows which will neither do us any good nor help us is any way. It is sheer waste of precious time.

9/11…… Connecting the Dots

SURE-LOCK HOMES AT HIS BEST – The Case of the Terrorist in the Cave

By Dr. Ismail Mangera

Introduction to the present re-print

This is a reprint of the book “Sure-Lock Homes at his best – The Case of the Terrorist in the Cave.” A draft copy was initially prepared just a few months after 9/11, from very basic material and with very meagre resources. When more information was available, the draft copy was subsequently modified and expanded, and then published in this form.

The tragic events of the destruction of the Twin Towers in 2001 were undoubtedly world-shaking. The consequences for Muslim countries were devastating, as we have witnessed since then. However, not everybody was prepared to accept the official story that Usama Bin Laden and his group, referred to as “Al-Qaeda”, were responsible for the destruction of the Towers.

A few stalwarts did some excellent research to point out big holes in the official version pushed out by the government, and dutifully propagated as such in the mass media. The trickle of facts that were picked up by these pioneers, has become a veritable deluge. One doubts that, in this day and age, anybody who studies the facts that have been presented by numerous experts, can still believe the official tale put out by officials of the Bush government.

This booklet deals mainly with the destruction of the Twin Towers. However, it must be borne in mind that, on that fateful day, Building 7 also collapsed. In addition, the public were informed that a third hijacked plane had crashed into the Pentagon. This booklet does not cover these events specifically.

It must also be borne in mind that the destruction of the Twin Towers was merely a catalyst for a far greater plan by those who were really responsible. One has to look at the broader geopolitical picture in order to understand what role the destruction of the Twin Towers had in the events that took place subsequently. Afghanistan was attacked, even though none of the so-called hijackers were Afghanis. The Taliban government was prepared to hand over Usama Bin Laden to stand trial if there was sufficient evidence to prove beyond doubt that he was the mastermind behind the events of 9/11. As we all know, this offer was not taken up, yet he was blamed as being behind 9/11. Subsequently, Iraq was attacked, followed by Libya. At this point in time, we are witnessing the destabilisation of Syria. Much has been written on these aspects, and one needs to look up the reasearch done by honest researchers to be able to see the broader picture.

More than 16 years down the line, the situation is aptly set down by an article written by Paul Craig Roberts way back in 2014. His article has been reproduced at the end.

This book, “Sure-Lock Homes at his best – The Case of the Terrorist in the Cave”, serves the purpose of making readers aware of the falsity of the official version of the events of 9/11. It is also a reminder of the early efforts made at uncovering the truth about 9/11. The amount of research that has gone into investigating the whole episode, by now, is voluminous. Some of what was written in this booklet in those early months after 9/11, needs to be revised in the light of the research done up to now. However, the basic message remains the same: Neither was Usama Bin Laden responsible for destroying the Twin Towers, nor were so-called “Islamist Terrorists” responsible.

This book serves as an important cog in the whole saga of uncovering the truth about 9/11. It also serves another purpose: It discusses several other issues associated with 9/11 – important clarifications of many misconceptions – and it, therefore, still is an important booklet. May you enjoy it and may it lead you to read up on the subsequent research done.

Dr. Ismail Mangera


The bombing of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington may be stale news by now. However, September 11, 2001, is a date that will go down in history. Future generations will remember this date as the period when world history took a sudden dramatic turn. It is, therefore, important to get the record straight as to what happened on that fateful day.

Amazingly and unbelievably, even now, the events of September 11 are used as if the conclusions that the mass media had arrived at were hard facts. It is taken for granted that Usama Bin Laden was the mastermind behind the bombing of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and that his Al-Qaeda organisation was the group that carried out the atrocities. Together with this, many other assumptions are taken for granted as if they are facts. For example, that Muslim “Fundamentalists” are behind all acts of “terrorism”; that Afghanistan and other Muslim countries are “rogue” states; that the Al-Qaeda movement has a “terror” network throughout the world; etc, etc. These, and many other misconceptions, appear to be firmly implanted in the minds of the masses, not only of non-Muslims, but of Muslims as well! This is not surprising in the least
This is the result of the forceful propaganda machine of the west. Despite warnings from people who are aware of the designs of the west, the masses continue to view western news items as “gospel”, resulting in this very sorry state of affairs.

Many are the people who have questioned this view and have tried to put the record straight. It is a healthy sign that many refuse to be railroaded into accepting the biased and distorted slants given in the media. The number of unbiased reports are numerous.  Assessing the facts impartially and objectively, the picture that comes out is far different from the one painted by the mass media. The lies and distortions in the western media are stupendous.


[The narrator in this Sure-Lock Homes series is Professor Jack Whatsin, old-time friend and companion of Sure-Lock Homes, now retired.
Professor Jack Whatsin is very much disturbed by an internal conflict. He seeks out his old friend, Sure-Lock Homes, one who had cracked numerous mysterious cases, to help him sort out the truth from the falsehood.
Sure-Lock Homes, famous investigator, had retired a long time ago, but, in this book, he makes a dramatic come-back at a very appropriate time to sort out a very tricky situation. Undoubtedly, if Mr. Sure-Lock Homes was ever needed, he was needed now!]

Chapter 1: Internal turmoil

It had been a long time – several decades, in fact – since I had last seen my friend, Mr. Homes. After he had retired and moved away from the city to live a life of retirement in  the country, my contact with him had diminished considerably. I am also retired. After having left general practice, I had decided to enter academic medicine, where the hours and demands were much less. In due course, I was granted a professorship. However, a time came when the duties of Professorship were too heavy for somebody of my age. I thus made way for a younger man to take over my duties, but still kept in touch by attending the odd seminar.

But I am digressing.In my old age I tend to ramble quite a bit. Coming back to mentioning my old friend of many years: I had spent many years with him, and had tackled many exciting and interesting cases with him, Mr Homes being the one to crack them in the unique manner that testified to his great abilities, with me just giving a helping hand and assisting him when the need arose. It was not only exciting, but there was also a tremendous amount that I had learnt as well. What made me think of him again after such a length of time? I will tell you. It is this whole darn thing of the 11th of September. Of course, there must be very few people in the world who are not aware of the tragic events of that dreadful day. I am speaking of the bombing of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York and the one wing of the Pentagon in Washington, the killing of thousands of innocent men, women and children – an atrocious act if ever there was one! One’s ire only increased when one saw Palestinians celebrating the whole event with obvious glee. To what depths has mankind not sunk!

My reactions were most probably that of most people who saw the event shown to us over and over again on television screens. The mesmerising effect of the planes heading for the towers; the impact and balls of fire; the subsequent collapse; the subsequent feeling of horror and numbness when seeing bodies falling from the towers and the carnage at ground level; then the gut feelings of anger and the desire to revenge this senseless destruction of human life. What sub-human species could have done it? Which animal could have been so callous and calculating as to destroy human lives, through no fault of their own, as if they had no right to exist?

I cannot remember when I had felt so angry before. I had seen many horrid things, but this event evoked such passions of anger as I had never experienced before.

The felons responsible for this calamitous act were obvious. The mastermind behind this carnage was none other than the notorious terrorist Usama Bin  Laden, who perpetrated these heinous deeds through his Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation. He was also involved in the previous cowardly terrorist attacks on the American embassies in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam. Was he not a fugitive from his own country, Arabia, which had gone to the extent of withdrawing his citizenship? Yes, something had to be done to rid the world of such villainous people! Our Prime  Minister, Blair, was to be complimented on taking the bold stand of supporting the American President, Bush, in his crusade to put an end to these terrorists and those rogue states that harboured them! That Afghanistan harboured such a criminal was understandable – it was a country that had killed many a British soldier in the past. Many a youth never returned when sent to Afghanistan on behalf of Her Majesty’s Forces.  It will serve the Afghans right, and it will be a deterrent to others who may wish to follow in their footsteps.

But, even as these thoughts and emotions ran through my mind and body, a warning bell was ringing somewhere in the grey matter of my brain. My many years with Mr. Homes and the numerous cases that we had tackled together, brought an instinctive caution within me. I asked myself: Would Mr. Homes have jumped to the same conclusions? Were there not discrepancies that needed to be explained? Were there not a few voices that were having second thoughts on the whole matter? Were there not some dissidents who pointed fingers in other directions?

All these thoughts ran through my mind. What was I to believe? My mind was in turmoil. My emotions were running riot within me. Somehow, I was being torn apart. How was I to come to terms with myself? How was I to deal with the conflicting emotions assailing me? I had never felt at such a loss before. I could not fully understand all the trauma being inflicted on my psyche and emotions. What to do? I thought that it was just a momentary feeling. Like most other people, I was reacting like most normal people would at such a tragedy, and the emotions would subside with time. But they did not. With the news of the bombing of innocent people in Afghanistan, my condition got worse, not better! This darn thing was gnawing away inside me like nothing that I had experienced before. I had to discuss it with somebody and sort myself out.  I could not think of anybody in my immediate circle of friends and acquaintances in whom I could confide – anyone who knew me well enough and would be able to unravel the knots in me and place some balm on my emotional wounds. There was one person though, my old friend, Mr. Homes: this was definitely a case for Mr.  Homes! His cold, precise, but admirably balanced mind will surely sort it out for me. As far as I was concerned, he was the most perfect reasoning and observing machine that the world had ever seen. He also knew me as nobody else did, except, possibly my wife. But she had passed on a while back. So, Mr. Homes it had to be!

Chapter 2: Meeting his old friend, Sure-Lock Homes

I rummaged through my papers and found an old business card of his Homes had gone into the business of security systems for houses. The card read, “Be Sure to Lock your Homes with Sure-Lock Homes Security Systems.” Phoning the number on the card I discovered that Homes had retired to the countryside long ago, but I did manage to obtain his address in the country and his phone number.

I must admit that I was a bit concerned about Mr. Homes’ response. You see, many, many years had passed since our last contact and I was not too sure whether our relationship would still be as before. But I was worrying needlessly – Mr. Homes himself answered my call and greeted me warmly. “If you are coming all the way here you may as well stay overnight. There is plenty of room, so bring your overnight bag with.” This relieved me of the worry of where to stay if our meeting was prolonged. I could not see the matter being resolved merely over a cup of tea. Making sure that I had no commitments over the next few days, I started packing my bag.

So, there were we, just like in the old days, relaxing in his study. Obviously, there were noticeable changes – the log fire was replaced with a gas heater; a computer, modem and printer occupied a prominent position on his desk; but the shelves had more books than ever and there were the usual crumpled newspapers on the desk, just like in the old days. There was a briar pipe nearby, but I did not see any tobacco pouch anywhere. There was a comfortable arm-chair near his desk and the study felt comfortable with a Persian carpet on the floor. There were some frames with Arabic calligraphy written on Egyptian papyrus on the walls, with a charming and soothing effect on one.

Of course, Mr. Homes himself had changed considerably, just like I must have changed. We were both quite old now, with hardly any hair on our heads. What little there was, was quite white. Mr. Homes sported a beard which he never had in his old days, but his face still looked the same with a brightness and serenity which, I assume, came from living an unhurried life in the country.

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” 

I was a bit startled out of my reverie by this comment of Mr.  Homes. I remember him making this comment often in the old days.

“What do you mean?”

“It appears to be an obvious fact that Usama Bin Laden was behind the bombing of the Twin Towers, but was he?”

This comment jolted me and I sat bolt upright. I had at no stage, from my initial telephone call up to now, stated the reason for my visit. As in the past, I had the feeling that he could read my thoughts.

“What makes you bring up this topic?” I asked defensively.

“Simple deduction, my dear Professor! I have known you for too long. You would not, at this period of your life and my life, come for a mere social visit. From the time of your call, I was trying to figure out why you should want to see me. Obviously, it had to be a very grave matter, something that you could not discuss with any of your acquaintances. If it was a legal or financial matter, you would have discussed it with your lawyer or accountant. If it was some trivial query, it would not have been necessary to come all the way out here in mid-winter – you could have discussed it over the telephone. No, it had to be a very serious matter, and a very personal matter. Then, too, with your vast experience you would have been able to solve most of your personal problems yourself, as you must have been doing all these years. So, it had to be a matter of the utmost gravity.  That brings us to the question: what is so serious a matter that needed to be discussed with somebody else, an old friend? As mentioned, it was not legal or financial. It is not health – though you could lose a few pounds and you are most probably taking lipid-lowering tablets – but, otherwise, you sounded hale and hearty over the phone. So, the matter was not a physical problem, but more in the realm of the soul. Being a man of conscience, you most probably had an ethical/emotional matter to discuss. What could be this ethical/ emotional problem? You had given me no physical clues to go on and I had to rely completely on intuition. Many others have also been victims of emotional trauma that had been inflicted by the events of 11th September. Like many others with any conscience, you are also being ravaged by conflicting emotions. The loss of innocent lives in the bombings in New York and Washington was a traumatic event for all who saw or heard about it. In itself, this is a simple issue. What has complicated the issue is the loss of innocent lives in Afghanistan in the name of the United States and Britain and their allied forces. Anybody with a conscience will be equally traumatised by this. Those without any conscience will pass it off.”

He had hit the nail on the head! Suddenly, it appeared that a whole burden had suddenly been lifted from my shoulders by Homes! It felt as if the pressure valve of my emotions had been released and I felt very calm and serene within me. I looked down, not wanting him to see the few  drops of tears suddenly welling up in my eyes. I felt ashamed at my lack of control and this childish display of emotion. But then, I realised that it was a necessary catharsis. Did Mr. Homes notice this? I knew that his observant eyes would have noticed my reaction, but it did not bother me.

Chapter 3: Exploring the available information

There was silence from both of us for a short while. When I looked up I saw that he was gazing pensively out of the window. I had half expected him to mock my lack of restraint, but, no, he was too elevated to act in that manner. He turned to me and said, “Let us go over the events again and sift the truth from the falsehood. This is the only method of getting to the bottom of it all.

“The method we shall use is the one that was used in a very famous case, The Boscombe Valley Mystery. The whole case was chronicled quite adequately and fully in the tabloids. The facts against the accused young man were most damning. If you remember, he was accused of murdering his father, and when the inspector of the constabulary came to arrest him, he said that he was not surprised at this development and that it was no more than his just deserts. I remember that an immediate response was that it was a confession, proving beyond doubt his guilt, but he had subsequently stated in court that he was not guilty. However, working on the premise that this man was telling the truth, in the end it was shown that he was telling the truth.

“Of several methods that would lead us to the same conclusion let us use the same approach here. We will start off by accepting the fact that when Usama Bin Laden came to hear of the Twin Tower bombings his first statement was that he had nothing to do with it. This was endorsed by Mullah Omar, Head of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

“But how can you believe them? They were not under oath in a courtroom” My tone was terse.

“Aah! But they are ‘Fundamentalists’.”

“‘Fundamentalists’ are terrorists!” I retorted spontaneously.

Homes looked at me. His piercing gaze virtually cutting into me. I felt most uncomfortable. I suddenly realised I had made a generalisation, one which Homes did not approve of. I tried to redeem myself. “I know: I am stupid and ignorant. Kindly remove the veil of ignorance from my thick skull.”

Homes laughed, a laugh I had heard many, many years ago. I also started laughing with him.  The tension broke. We were both more relaxed now. He stood up, went to the shelves of books and brought out a copy of The Concise Oxford Dictionary, which he handed to me. “Go ahead. Look up the word ‘Fundamentalism’.”

I found the word and read out: “‘fundamentalism n. 1. Strict maintenance of traditional Protestant beliefs such as the inerrancy of Scripture and literal acceptance of the creeds as fundamentals of Christianity. 2. strict maintenance of ancient or fundamental doctrines of any religion, esp. Islam.’”

This was most confusing. This was not my concept of ‘Fundamentalism’. I looked up at Mr. Homes, my bewilderment showing on my face.

“You see, my dear Professor, ‘Fundamentalism’ is merely sticking strictly to what your religion tells you to do, without trying to rationalise those aspects that you fail to comprehend fully. When one speaks of a ‘Fundamentalist’, in its true meaning we are speaking about somebody who is prepared to stick firmly to his religion, in theory and practice, irrespective of the consequences. The early Christians, those who were prepared to become fodder for the lions rather than give up their faith, are examples of ‘Fundamentalists’. When one refers to a Muslim who is a ‘Fundamentalist’ we are speaking about a Muslim who is steadfast with his five daily prayers, who fasts in the month of Ramadhan, who is precise about paying the poor tax, which is referred to as zakaat, and who will go for the pilgrimage to Makkah if he has the means. These are the fundamentals of the religion of Islam. This is what all Muslims are supposed to be doing. But the real ‘Fundamentalist’ is very particular about carrying out the other injunctions of the religion as well, eating the correct foods and abstaining from alcohol, identifying himself as a Muslim in his appearance by his dressing and even by the beard. There is no flirtations with the opposite sex ‒ this is tantamount to adultery and fornication. Islam, does not allow the killing of innocent people. Non-combatants, even in a situation where there is a war, are not to be harmed. Where there is no war, to wantonly kill innocent people is an act of terrorism in the books of the ‘Fundamentalist’. These are important points, which we will come to later. Speaking the absolute truth is another basic teaching, not only of Islam, but of most religions. The Shias have a rule called Taqiya, which allows them to tell lies to hide their true beliefs, but Usama Bin Laden and Mulla Omar, are Sunnis and not Shias. If they were to speak lies openly, they cease to be ‘Fundamentalists’. The first people to disown them will be the very Islamic scholars who are now supporting them. You are speaking of telling the truth in a court of law under oath: the real ‘Fundamentalist’ considers himself to be under oath twenty-four hours a day in a Court that is the Highest Court in existence ‒ the Court over which the presiding Judge is God!”

Homes went over to the bookshelves again and drew out another book which he handed to me. I looked at the title, “Dictionary of Islam”, and it was authored by a certain T.P. Hughes. I looked up at Homes enquiringly.

“Thomas Patrick Hughes was an English clergyman who did missionary work in Peshawar for over twenty years. He compiled this dictionary, which was published in London in 1885. His bias against Islam is obvious to any reader. But what I want you to do, Professor, is look up the word ‘Fundamentalism’ or ‘Fundamentalist’ in his dictionary. I am sure that he would, despite his bias, give us the correct Islamic definition of the word.”

I opened the book and looked at the relevant page. “‘Fugitives… Fuls… Funeral.. al-Furqan… Fussilat… Future Life…’ There is no such word here!”

Homes had a slight smile on his face. “Exactly, my dear Professor! You see, in Islam there is no such thing as a ‘Fundamentalist’. You are either a practising Muslim, or else you are a sinning Muslim. Of course, there are different degrees in both categories: practising or sinning to a small extent or to a large extent. There is no room for any other category of Muslim. ‘Fundamentalism’ and ‘Fundamentalist’ are words that we in the western world have invented for a non-existent concept as far as Islam is concerned. Seeing it is a word of our invention, we have now given it our own meanings, and by a very clever sleight of hand, have given the public the idea that ‘Fundamentalism’ is equivalent to ‘Terrorism’! Unknown to you, you have been drawn into this deceit as well, that is why you blurted out automatically, ‘Fundamentalists are terrorists!’”

Homes gave me time to digest this. I took the Dictionary of Islam, and replaced it on the shelf from where it was taken out. A quick glance at the other books on either side indicated that Homes had been investing in several books on Islam and the Muslims. As usual, there were no half measures with Homes. When he set his mind on something, he would attend to it thoroughly.  From my past experiences I knew that neither I nor anybody else, would be able to fault him on his argumentation.

I went and slunk back into my armchair, ruminating on what he had said. A whole new concept was opening up. I was not too sure where we were heading for, but in for a penny, in for a pound!

Homes continued, “We shall now proceed from there. If we take it that Usama Bin Laden is telling the truth and he was in no way responsible or connected to the Twin Towers bombing, we have to sift through the evidence to prove that this is true. For a moment, we will ignore the huge dossier and videotape that has been produced to ‘prove’ his guilt. Let us go to the ‘crime’ itself, the actual bombing of the towers. We will do so point by point:

“Firstly: Stated as a fact: According to the reports, three airplanes were involved in the commission of the atrocities. A fourth was shot down. Assumption: A group of nineteen Arabs hijacked the planes and committed the atrocities. Proof given: (i) A passport of one of the  hijackers was found some distance from the towers after the bombings. (ii) The hijackers were traced to a pub where they were drinking and creating a fuss and carrying on with the barmaid. (iii) A car was found with a copy of the Qur’an and an instructor’s manual on flying. (iv) A note was found in the baggage of one of the hijackers, apparently giving encouragement and instructions to his fellows. (v) Some of the hijackers were traced to some flying schools where they had flying lessons. What do you make of this in the light of what we have just discussed, Professor?”

I said: “Even the village idiot can see that this is all ‘evidence’ that has been planted to make it appear as if these were the people involved. This much I had deduced myself. However, in view of what you had just explained to me, the ‘evidence’ pointing to ‘Fundamentalists’ is absolutely puerile. The hijackers just do not fit in with what ‘Fundamentalists’ should be. These ‘hijackers’ were beardless, they were in a pub drinking, they were carrying on with the barmaid, and the most important fact which I can now see, innocent people were killed, some of whom were Muslims themselves – all of which would go to show that they were not ‘Fundamentalist’ Muslims even if they were responsible.”

“Excellent, my dear Professor! These are the obvious points that stick out like a sore thumb. There are other points that require more investigative qualities: the contents of the note is not what a Muslim would write; a Muslim would not leave his Qur’an in the car if he was going on a suicide mission – he would take it with him as a ‘talisman’; anybody on a dangerous mission involving a group of nineteen men would be extra careful about security and would not in any way draw attention to himself; to drink alcohol and then go on a ‘suicide’ mission is the surest way of going to Hell! There are many other subtle and not-so-subtle points that make it quite clear that the  real  perpetrators were trying to lead the investigators in a direction that would not point to these patsies. Let us not dwell on them but go on to the next point.

“Fact: We are led to believe that the whole exercise of commandeering four airplanes within a specific time-period on the same day, and crashing them into their respective targets, which was carried out with the perfection of professionals, requiring tremendous experience and expertise in flying, at the same time avoiding detection and  retaliation from the security systems, was done by members of this team of 19 men.

Assumption: A fugitive, Usama Bin Laden, being on the run from several countries, and whose affairs were being monitored by the most modern technology, to the extent that his phone calls to his mother were tapped, was hiding in some hide-out in the a remote country like Afghanistan – which is hardly a first-world country ‒ engineered the whole process by some unexplained method. Nobody has ventured to explain how Usama Bin Laden managed to pick the pilots – at least two per plane, making eight expert flyers for the four planes ‒ map out the whole operation in a country he has never been to, lay out plans for avoiding all the security arrangements against hijackers, imbue them and all the others with the idea of committing suicide, be cocksure that none would falter in his mission, keep the whole operation a complete secret and then instruct them to leave around incriminating ‘evidence’ to connect the ‘hijackers’ to him. So, let us go to the experts and find out what they have to say. Expert pilots, who should know, have concluded that the novices who needed to check a flying manual at the last minute, could not have carried out the complicated procedures involved to any sort of effect, never mind the degree of perfection that was evident. Let me read out just one short excerpt from several articles by people who are more knowledgeable than me and you:  ‘The following is a summary of the near unanimous views of the assembled military and civilian pilots concerning certain critical factors relating to the WTC/Pentagon hit of 9/11: Troubling questions arose about the alleged pilot hijackers of the four aircraft, who were supposedly trained on Cessna aircraft over the past year at fields in Florida and Oklahoma. One General officer remarked, ‘I seriously question whether these novices could have located a target dead on 200 miles removed from take-off point ‒ much less controlled the flight and mastered the intricacies of IFR (instrument flight rules) ‒ and all accomplished in 45 minutes.’ The extremely skilful manoeuvring of the three aircraft at near mach speeds, each unerringly hitting their targets, was superb. As one Air Force officer ‒ a veteran of over 100 sorties over North Vietnam ‒ explained, ‘Those birds (commercial airliners) either had a crack fighter pilot in the left seat, or they were being manoeuvred by remote control.’ I shall leave this article, and a few others, for you to scrutinise at your leisure at some other time.

“This is enough rebuttal for any English court to throw the case against Usama Bin Laden out of court. But there is much more. How did 19 ‘hijackers’ who are also ‘Fundamentalists’ manage to pass through the security at the different airports? With photo identification necessary, the mind boggles that the security could be so lax as to allow nineteen ‘hijackers’ to slip through without anybody becoming suspicious. Take into account that these were supposed to be mainly Arabs. You may have been aware, my dear Professor, that there has been an insidious process of vilifying the Arabs over the past few decades, so that any Arab would be viewed with suspicion. If the Arab is also a ‘Fundamentalist’ it stands to reason that close observers ‒ like the ones who are supposed to man the security check-points ‒ would have been able to detect at least some of the ‘hijackers’. Nobody did. There have been no explanations from the security sections as to how the 19 hijackers slipped through, unless it was with inside help!

“Another question that arises: were there really nineteen Arab ‘hijackers’ on the planes as publicised in the news media?”

Mr. Homes reached for some pages on his desk. “Here is an enterprising individual who went through the passenger lists and found something very strange: The names of the ‘hijackers’ did not appear on the original passenger lists but only came to appear on them some three days later! Then we come to know that at least four of the ‘hijackers’ who were supposed to have died in the crashes, are still alive. One ‘hijacker’, it turns out, was somebody who had died in a crash a year earlier!”

At this point my mind was reeling. It was a bit too much for me to absorb all at once. Fortunately the buzzer of the intercom rang, signalling that supper was being served. This was a welcome break.

Chapter 4: Arriving at conclusions

It was an hour or so later that we were back in the study. Supper was fantastic ‒ some Pakistani dishes that had been prepared, I presume, especially on the occasion of my visit. Our conversation over supper was light ‒ mainly reminiscing over the past and the cases we had worked on together. Now, back in the study, Homes went to slump in his armchair. He took his pipe and puffed away. I looked at him rather quizzically – he had forgotten to put any tobacco in his pipe. He saw my glance and gave a short laugh. “All your preaching finally paid off, Professor. I left off smoking donkey years ago. But it does help to pull at my old pipe when the urge comes on again, even though it is empty. I have changed my ways considerably and have become a teetotaller. I do not regret a bit of it. My old smoking habits have left me with a legacy ‒ I am prone to mild episodes of bronchitis.” Homes smiled wryly at his pipe, gave a few more puffs on it and then set it aside. This explained the fact that there was no tobacco pouch to be seen. Yes, I had also noticed that there were no signs of any alcohol anywhere ‒ no bottles, no wine glasses.

“Where were we? Oh, yes – we were noting down facts and assumptions. Here is another one for you, Professor: Fact: The Twin Towers collapsed. Assumption: the planes caused the collapse. Truth: The collapse was caused by explosives placed strategically in the towers.”

“That is bit farfetched, Homes.”

Homes stretched out for some more papers. “If you care to study these reports, Professor, you will find the view of the experts again. People present at the scene heard explosions. During the tragedy, with the loss of lives and the tremendous damage to the huge towers, not much attention was given to these explosions. But the immediate thoughts of demolition experts who saw the collapse were that these were implosions like the implosions of buildings that are being demolished by construction companies. It is difficult to say who put forward the theory that the steel beams melting from the heat of the burning fuel of the planes, caused the towers to collapse, but scientists have scuttled this theory. You may read the whole article at your leisure, but the main points are as follows: the heat generated by the fuel would not be sufficient to melt the steel beams; any fire would be quickly doused by the sprinkler systems that all these high-rise buildings must compulsorily have; the tower that was hit first should have been the first to collapse, that is if the improbable happened and the steel was weakened ‒ it did not: the second tower collapsed first when it should have collapsed after the first tower; the fuel that spilled out when the second plane hit the second tower, spilled out outside the tower, as can be seen by the fireball ‒ this, together with the activation of the sprinkler systems, would have made it extremely unlikely that any great heat was generated, definitely not enough to melt the steel beams; even if there was some weakening of the steel, the side of the tower should have crumpled and the top floors would then have fallen sideways and not straight down; the beams in the floors were constructed in such a way as to avoid a collapse of only one section of the floor; with the towers collapsing due to the beams giving in, large chunks of concrete should have been the end-result. Yet, what was left was powdered cement, more the result of explosives. This article gives you details on melting points of steel and other details.”

The way that Homes explained it, made complete sense. Yes, it was strange how  the towers  collapsed  straight down  and not  sideways, as one would expect when one is felling a tree.

Homes stretched out and handed me some photographs. “What do you see here?”

I looked at the photographs.  These were scenes we had been shown over and over again: There were a number of frames depicting how the one airplane had hit the south tower with the tower subsequently collapsing. “Yes, it does look like an implosion.” “What else can you see?” I looked again. I could not fathom what Homes was referring to. “The building is not falling on the side of the impact of the plane, as one would have expected,” I ventured again. Homes was not satisfied. “What else do you notice?” I looked again and again at the frames. “No, I do not see anything else that I could comment on.” Homes took a pencil and pointed to the first picture. “Do you see the plane heading for the tower?” I nodded my head. The plane was shown on the left side of the tower just before impact. “Now look here.” Homes pointed to the opposite side of the tower. “Here, before the impact of the plane, you will notice smoke billowing out from the tower on the opposite side. Not only that, but the smoke is billowing out some four stories below the point of the impending impact of the plane. In other words, some device had already gone off inside the tower, four floors below the point of the impact of the plane, on the opposite side, causing smoke to be emitted long before the actual impact.” Homes was absolutely correct! Now that he had pointed it out, I was amazed that I did not notice it myself. Could you beat that! I was at a loss for words as I kept on staring at the picture and trying to grapple with this new finding.

Homes continued, “We now have additional, unexplained aspects: Who placed explosives in the towers? Who had access to the buildings? Who could circumvent the security in the buildings? Who had enough engineering knowledge to know where to place the explosives? Who set the timing of the explosives? How was it possible to co-ordinate the explosions with the impact of the planes? Who knew that the planes would be making their appearance and would be hitting the tower? If this tower was imploded with explosives, it is reasonable to assume that the other tower was also brought down by this method. So, again, who had such a large force of undetected experts who could carry out such an intricate and complicated operation without any botch ups? Do you think that Usama Bin Laden could have carried this out from his hut or cave in Afghanistan?”

“Ouch,” I said. “You don’t have to rub salt into the wound.” Homes smiled apologetically, “Sorry. I did not mean to. Let us look at some of the other points: Was this connected to the Oklahoma bombing by McVeigh? Was it connected to the bombings of the American embassies? Were the same forces behind these and were they setting up Usama Bin Laden from then already?

“I forgot to mention a number of other points when we were dealing with the ‘hijacking’ of the planes. No adequate answers have been given for a number of other mystifying facts: What happened to the fire-proof black boxes? Why did the pilots not alert the control tower that they were being hijacked? Why could the crew not overcome the ‘hijackers’ who were not armed with firearms, taking into account that all the male, and maybe female, passengers would have been only too willing to help? That other article has the statements of experienced pilots as to what they would have done in a similar situation: they would have brought the planes down safely, albeit still being threatened by the ‘hijackers’. Many have postulated that ‘Global Hawk’ technology was used to take control of the planes and smash them into the towers and the Pentagon. Most people are unaware of this latest technological development. What the Americans appear to have perfected is the capability to take over the controls of a plane while it is flying, by overriding the control that the pilot has.  This had been developed to enable the control-tower to take control of the plane in case of actual hijackings. In this case, those responsible for the attack on the towers used the same control mechanisms to wrest control from the actual pilots and direct the planes to their fateful targets. This explanation would definitely tie up all the loose knots, and answer many of the questions hanging over these issues.

“Then there is also the financial aspect: trading of stock on the stock exchange. Seeing that this has no direct implication on the WTC  bombing, but only an  indirect one, we shall leave that out of our discussion.

“But it is getting late and you must be tired. I suggest that we call it a night. Would you like to have anything before retiring, Professor?”

I respectfully declined his kind offer. Indeed, I was feeling a bit tired, and I needed time to think over what Homes had said. I took up Homes’ offer of retiring. “May I take these papers with me?”

“Definitely, you may. There is a lot of material there. I should warn you not to get bogged down by reading everything. For the time being, stick to the articles dealing with the WTC bombings and leave out the articles dealing with Afghanistan and the situation in the Middle East. God willing, we will deal with those topics later, if you so wish. Oh, yes, Professor, one more thing: as you are on holiday here, do not worry about getting up early Breakfast will be served whenever you are ready.”

I took up the batch of papers and followed Homes to the room made ready for me. Bidding me good night, he left me to myself. I made ready for bed and switched on the bedside lamp. May as well go through some of these papers, I thought to myself, as I climbed into bed. With the briefing given to me by Homes, I found the articles absolutely fascinating. The picture emerging was completely different from what we had seen in the news media. There were articles by a broad spectrum of experts from different countries and backgrounds. Each article fascinating in the way it analysed different aspects of the attack on the WTC and the killing of innocent people. The final picture was completely different from the one the news media portrayed. Why was this? Also, who was actually behind the attacks? Why was it that people in high positions, people who should have seen this other picture, have said nothing and have done nothing and have stuck to the  distorted views presented by the news media? These and many other questions remained unanswered. I made a mental note to ask Homes about it in the morning. What time was it? Good heavens, it was going on for one o’clock! I switched off the bed lamp and went to sleep.

It was past nine o’clock when my eyes opened in the morning. Homes had reassured me to take my time, but, then too, I was keen to see again how his amazing mental faculties operated to unravel some more of the mysteries surrounding the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

When I went into the study, Homes was busy on the Internet, but he switched it off and led me to the dining room for breakfast. Back in the study, after I had eaten breakfast ‒ Homes had apparently had his breakfast much earlier ‒ Homes started the discussion. “I am certain the question that is now vexing you is who could have done such a monstrous thing” I again had that strange feeling that Homes could read my thoughts. “I have to disappoint you by telling you that I do not know. It may be that we will never know.”

“Why do you say that?” 

“It stands to reason, my dear Professor. If Usama Bin Laden was the culprit ‒ and we have shown that he is not, but, nevertheless, for argument’s sake, let us take it that he was responsible ‒ then there would have been a definite motive and objective. He would have immediately taken responsibility and credit for what is admittedly a colossal operation. There would have been certain claims, like, ‘If you Americans do not leave Arabia, I will do it again,’ or something similar. He has not made any such demands. In other words, if he was responsible, it was a senseless exercise in that he is not any nearer to his stated objectives of wanting the Americans out of Arabia and wanting the Palestinians to have their land back. In fact, the response was predictable in that there is a greater onslaught on Islam and the Muslims. So, whoever is responsible, knew that it was not necessary for him and the group that he represents, to make any demands. Why? Because he and his group realise that the people on whom the attack was made ‒ I am not speaking of the innocents that died, but people in higher circles ‒ got the message without telling them who it was. It sounds all very mysterious, and it is so. Who this group is, there are various theories that various people have put forward. You can take your pick: the list consists of Mossad, the Illuminati, rogue elements in the government, Right-wingers, the Russians, and so forth. The tracks of the perpetrators are so well concealed that it would be useless to look for any definite proof of their involvement. Not only that, it would be downright foolish to even try.”

Homes would not make such grave statements if he did not mean them. This I knew from my past experiences when working with him. He continued, “It is an old maxim of mine: when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. We have noted that, from the evidence in front of us, that it was impossible for Usama Bin Laden to have carried out such a complicated, integrated, military-type exercise from his hut or cave in Afghanistan. Whatever remains, must be the truth, even though we may not have any evidence to prove it.”

“So, are we just to sit back and do nothing?”

Chapter 5: Delving into the concept of Fundamentalsm

Homes smiled. “Next question, please.”

I had to laugh. “Alright. You had said that there are no such Muslims as ‘Fundamentalists’ ‒ that Muslims are either practising Muslims, or sinning Muslims. But, you will agree with me that certain Muslims may be fanatics.”

“Good thinking, Professor! That is an excellent observation. Yes, there are fanatics. However, to avoid any misconceptions, the perspective that I have is as follows: A major problem that the Muslims face is that of disunity in their ranks. The bane of the Muslim community is that there are just too many factions. The problem lies in that each faction believes that it is on the Right Path and treading the Middle Path, not being at either extreme. Yet, there is no consensus as to what the Middle Path is. On the one hand you will find that a Muslim barely carrying out the basics that the religion demands of him, still considers himself to be on the Middle Path. This is very true of those Muslims living in western countries. One even finds Muslims openly admitting to drinking alcohol and not being regular with their five daily prayers, but consider themselves to be ‘moderates’. At the other extreme one will find Muslims being so particular over every facet of the religion and wish to pattern their lives on that of the Prophet (peace and salutations be on him), that they ignore the practicalities facing those who live in industrialised First World countries. These are two extremes. I have still not been able to define what would be ‘fanaticism’ in absolute terms. This will depend on a number of intricate factors and will only be able to be figured out by those who have a very in-depth knowledge of the religion.”

“Would you not say that the ‘Fundamentalist’ is a fanatic? Just observe how they oppress their womenfolk, getting them to cover their whole body and even cover their faces. They also deprive them of education.”

“Tut, tut, my dear Professor. You have been watching too many CNN programmes! Also, you seem to have a very short memory. Did our English ladies also not dress modestly, just like them? Did they not wear long dresses that covered their ankles as well? Did they also not cover their hair, not with a scarf but by wearing a hat? Did they also not wear a veil, as well as wear gloves, covering their faces and even their hands? In the chronicles of some famous cases it has been stated as such. Kate Whitney in the case of The Man With The Twisted Lip, wore a veil. Concerning Helen Stoner in The Adventure Of The Speckled Band, you will read, ‘A lady dressed in black and heavily veiled…’ In our young days it was the norm rather than the exception for women to be veiled. Modesty was a by-word.”

“The word is ‘prudish’,” I interjected.

Homes smiled, “Call it what you like, but there are some inner aspects to it that actually escaped most people, and especially our social and political scientists and leaders. In the Victorian Age, what you term as the ‘prudish’ age, the British Empire was such that it was said that the sun does not set on the British Empire.” Homes sat up and leaned forward in an animated manner. “Professor, if you were to study the causes for the rise and fall of nations, whether it was the Roman Empire, as Gibbons has so well described, or any other empire, you will see a definite relationship with the morés of the nation and their rise and fall. The greater the modesty and the greater the chastity of the men and women, the greater the might of the nation. Together with justice and compassion, these nations developed into mighty empires. When these qualities disappeared, these very empires ceased to exist, except in the pages of books and the scientific papers of archaeological research journals. Take our own British Empire. It grew from the qualities that I have just mentioned. As the chastity and modesty of the people disappeared and was replaced by the present hedonistic culture, and as racial arrogance and greed formed the bases of our foreign policies, so too, the Empire dwindled and vanished. At the moment, we stand disgraced as at no time before, having to depend on the services of the very people from our previous colonies to provide us with essential medical and other services. We are now obligated to them. Not only that, on the world stage we have become the handmaiden of our previous colony, America, which now dictates to us in the same way that it did to the black slaves it once had.” Homes’ eyes were burning bright and his words were full of passion. He lapsed into silence.

I thought over what he had said. Again, I could not fault him on what he had said. These were the very thoughts that had passed through my mind ages ago, and I had pushed them aside and gone along with the crowd in my attitudes and thinking. It is easier swimming with the current than against it.

Homes went over to the bookshelves and took out a book. Holding it in his hand, he said, “Your criticism ‒ and the criticism of others ‒ that the ‘Fundamentalists’ are against educating their womenfolk, is completely baseless. You, as most of us, refer to western secular education. How many women belonging to other cultures and religions are also deprived of a western secular education? Why are they not vilified? Of course, there is another point: we, in the western world, consider only western education to be education. Anything other has to be denigrated. This is because of our innate Caucasoid arrogance!

“However, let us look at it objectively. Many books exist on the subject. This one which I have with me, is a manual written for Muslim women, written at the turn of the last century, by a great Muslim reformer in the Indian subcontinent. It is Ashraf Ali Thanwi’s Behisti Zewar. It is a complete course for educating Muslim women, not only as far as their religious practices are concerned, but also teaching them many other aspects related to living a wholesome life. There are chapters on hygiene and health of a very high standard, rearing of children, social etiquettes, running a household ‒ and includes recipes for some common food items, and even instructions on how to manufacture household soap. Also included are chapters on character building, trade and transactions, death and burial. Many other topics are also included in it.  It has been a major work in the rejuvenation of the Muslims in the Indian sub-continent and other places where it has been studied. The reason why I quote this book is that it has been studied by the orientalists as well. The orientalist, Barbara D Metcalfe, has written glowingly about this book. She has, in fact, translated portions of it and published the  translation under the title of ‘Perfecting Women’ Professor, any woman who is educated to the extent that is envisaged in this book would not only be a prudent housewife but also a good mother. Her household would be a stable one. Society would be rid of many of the social ills that we are facing in this age, especially the high rate of divorce and all the ills associated with broken homes.

“It is a pertinent teaching of the Muslims that it is obligatory for Muslim men and women to seek knowledge. Most probably, together with most other people, you consider ‘education’ to be ‘secular education’, where women are trained to compete with men in the open market. Here too, the Muslims have allowed their womenfolk to be trained in certain fields, though not all, with certain provisos that allow for women and men to be taught in separate institutions. Again, this is the very system we had in our youth. When you say that Muslim women are oppressed, you are merely re-iterating the comments you have overheard in the news media. Anybody who has studied the conditions of Muslim women in an unbiased manner, would agree that it is the western women who are enslaved to the Hedonistic culture that is rampant throughout the world in this point in time, and Muslim women are the real free ones.”

“I fail to understand that.”

“Let me explain. Western women are slaves to fashion. Those who do not keep up with fashion are the ones looked upon as odd. Those who are working are bound by fixed hours and fixed wages, under the domination of the boss. An outsider controls her activities in the workplace. The husband has no say in the matter. Muslim women don their cloaks when leaving their homes and are free of the dictates of fashion in their dressing. They work as housewives in their homes, being mistresses of their homes, without having to answer to anybody else except their husbands. Is this not how it was with us in the old days before the curse of the women’s ‘liberation’ brought in the libertine values we are seeing now? In the old days, the home was the Englishman’s castle ‒ a fortress which protected him and his family. Nowadays the home is his prison ‒ he is left to change the baby’s diapers and prepare the milk-feed while his career wife flies all over the world attending various conferences as secretary to her boss!”

Chapter 6: Tying up some loose ends

Homes replaced the book in the shelf and went to sit in the armchair again. “We seem to be drifting from the WTC bombings. Once we have cleared up this aspect, all other pieces in this puzzle will fall into place. Is there any aspect of the WTC bombings still not clear?”

I thought over the whole affair again in the light of what Homes had uncovered ‒ the explanations that he had given and the articles that I had perused the night before. There were still many points that I found I could not tie up with what Homes had said, though, in the main, what he had said was logical and sensible and, as stated before, he had presented arguments that could not be faulted.

“Yes, we were shown time and again how the Palestinians rejoiced over the tragedy in New York. This is absolutely cruel and sadistic ‒ dancing and merrymaking at the death of innocent people.”

“Yes, that scene, in juxtaposition to the WTC bombings, was definitely most cruel. The cruelty in this situation, my dear Professor, is the fact that the scenes of celebrations had nothing to do with the WTC bombings, but were scenes from some footage taken in 1991, and surreptitiously shown now to create the very impression that you and millions of others have now embedded in your minds.”

“What do you mean?” I was incredulous. 

Drawing out an article, Homes read out,

“September 14, 2001 Carvalho on CNN Footage: There’s an important point in the power of press, specifically the power of CNN. All around the world we are subjected to 3 or 4 huge news distributors, and one of them ‒ as you well know ‒ is CNN. Very well, I guess all of you have been seeing (just as I’ve been) images from this company. In particular, one set of images caught my attention: the Palestinians celebrating the bombing, out on the streets, eating some cake and making funny faces for the camera. Well, THOSE IMAGES WERE SHOT BACK IN 1991!!! Those are images of Palestinians celebrating the invasion of Kuwait! It’s  simply unacceptable that a super-power of communications as CNN uses images which do not correspond to the reality in talking about so serious an issue. A teacher of mine, here in Brazil, has videotapes recorded in 1991, with the very same images; he’s been sending emails to CNN, Globo (the major TV network in Brazil) and newspapers, denouncing what I myself classify as a crime against the public opinion… Marcio A. V. Carvalho State University of Campinas ‒ Brazil.’ Russell Grossman, Head of Internal Communication, BBC has confirmed ‘At the BBC here, we have these footage on videotapes recorded in 1991, with the very same images.’”

I was flabbergasted! I took the page from Homes and read it myself, a second and a third time. It was unbelievable. But then, so many other aspects have been shown to be different from what we, the ordinary men in the street, have been led to believe. “But the masses do not know about this!”

“My dear Professor, I will repeat something you must have heard before, ‘What do the public, the great unobservant public, who could hardly tell a weaver by his tooth or a compositor by his left thumb, care about the finer shades of analysis and deduction?’ This applies not only to this incident, but to this whole affair of the bombings. Those who were observant, noticed that the shadows appearing in this footage showed that the film was taken around midday, whereas, from the difference in the time zones between America and Palestine, the time in Palestine would actually have been several hours later.”

“What game is this that is being played?”

“It is no game, but we will come to that just now. What is important to remember is that the whole operation has been carefully staged and the blame put on Usama Bin Laden. Is there any other aspect still worrying you?”

“It appears that we have been led on a wild goose chase. And it has been done very cleverly.”

“Exactly! This is a subject on its own. It is called mind-control, or brain-washing. In modern terminology it is called PSYOPS.   Here is an excellent article spelling it out in detail. As a medical man, you will appreciate the techniques employed better than others. And here I will rest my case.” Homes again pulled out another document which he handed to me.

The article was lengthy and it took me long to read. When I had read it through I felt completely hollow inside. Can you imagine a person, having just invested a sizable fortune in a business project, wakes up the next day and sees in the newspaper headlines that the very same company had gone bust and the directors have fled with the assets of the company, leaving the investors to cry over their losses? Maybe a better example would be that of a woman who is being chased by some rogue and runs for protection to a place of safety, only to be gang-raped by the men running the place of safety. “Tea is ready.” I started. I had not seen Homes leave the study and return with a tray, cups, tea, milk and sugar, and some biscuits. “Life has to carry on, my dear Professor.” How uncanny his assessment of me was! Yes, life has to carry on. The perspectives have changed, though. Yes, I would agree completely with the statement that things will never be the same after September the eleventh.

We drank our tea in silence. After we had our tea, Homes said, “Seeing that you are a medical man, may I ask you something?” “Go ahead. If I can I shall surely answer to the best of my abilities.” “What do you make of the anthrax scare?” I thought a little while before I answered. “The whole episode falls into the category of biological warfare. No man in the street could lay his hands on such sample spores. That it involves some scientist is fairly obvious. The question is: Which country has the scientific capabilities to produce such samples? Other questions that would follow: Is it related to the New York and Washington attacks? What is to be gained by this attack ‒ if one may call it that ‒ on the victims that were chosen for the attack? Again, nobody has come forward to claim responsibility. Unfortunately, I do not have the answers to these questions. Iraq has been said to be one such country that has the capabilities of such a high-tech operation. Would Saddam Hoosain be trying to get even with America? I just don’t know.”

Homes had been listening attentively. “Yes, there are all these unanswered questions. There is an analysis here that I found very interesting. You may read it at your leisure. It has a whole lot of technical details which would make more sense to you than to me. What is of interest to me are the following points. Let me quote:

1) “‘There was only one week between Sept. 11 and Sept. 18, when the first two letters (and probably another letter, never found, to AMI) were postmarked. This suggests that the anthrax was already in hand, and the attack largely planned, before Sept. 11.’

2) ‘An anonymous letter was sent to police, apparently in September, accusing an Egyptian-born American scientist who had been laid off by USAMRIID of being a terrorist. The FBI questioned and released the accused scientist as innocent. Details of the letter have not been released. Could this letter have been sent by the perpetrator (who would likely have known about the USAMRIID layoffs) to cover his traces?’

3) ‘Expert analysts for the FBI believe that the letters were written by a Westerner, not a Middle Easterner or Muslim, although the text was clearly intended to imply the latter.’

“What I find of interest here is the similarities with the attacks of the 11th September: Foreknowledge of the September attacks and preparation in advance; trying to place the blame on Muslims; an anonymous letter making it appear that the responsible person was of Middle East origin; not claiming responsibility ‒ something that you have also noticed; panicking the public. I only mention these points to strengthen my case that Usama Bin Laden is not guilty. If he was guilty of the September 11 attacks, then it becomes imperative that we accept that he was responsible for the anthrax attacks as well. The similarities that I have pointed out must lead one to the conclusion that the perpetrators of both the attacks were linked at some level, though not necessarily at the lower levels. Most probably at some very high level.

“Read the article at your leisure.”

I took the article from Homes and quickly glanced through the different headings briefly. Again, when retiring for the night, I had much to go through. Some of the articles I had to read and re-read before I could grasp the reality and be able to sift out the truth from the falsehood.

Chapter 7: Back home: Final assessment and introspection

I am now back at home in London. Reading through what I have written above, I am wondering whether I should continue to describe the rest of my stay with Homes. I have read the article on brain-washing again. This marked a turning point in my stay with Mr. Homes. Altogether, I spent three days with him ‒ three most extraordinary days, to say the least! I must admit that I would not be able to note down all that we discussed in those three days. After discussing the WTC bombings our discussions went on to the attack on Afghanistan. Of course, the situation in the Middle East also came in for discussion. This article would become too lengthy were I to note down everything that we discussed. Maybe, in the future, God willing, I may get around to writing about Afghanistan as well. For the time being, I have restricted myself to what I have already noted. Much of the material giving deeper analyses is to be found in the Internet. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people are having a closer look at what is happening in the world today. With many people pondering over the 11th September event it is surprising to see the amount of material that has emerged with their research. It is not possible to include even a fraction of the material here. For detailed articles, the references listed should be consulted.

Needless to say, my views about the bombings have changed dramatically. Taking into account a factual, unemotional analysis of the bombings, it is quite plain that Usama Bin Laden is not responsible. There is no evidence to support the accusation that his Al-Qaeda network carried out the attack. The dossier presented by our Prime Minister, Blair, is so puerile that one does not have to be a lawyer to realise that whoever had drawn it up was actually scraping the barrel to work up a case against him. As somebody very appropriately remarked that it is easier to start a war than it is to convict a criminal for theft.

Who is responsible for the bombings on the 11th September? As Homes had said, we may never know, as Homes had remarked. One may rest the case against Usama Bin Laden here. The jury finds him not guilty. However, I will not have done full justice to this epistle if I did not describe one other important matter.

It was on the third day of my stay with Homes, that I said to him, “Yes, I am now thoroughly convinced of the fact that we have been fed a pack of lies. The picture that emerges is quite sinister. Good is being portrayed as evil, and evil is being portrayed as good. Again I must pose the question: What do we do?”

This time Homes did not brush the question aside. His face took on a seriousness I had very rarely seen. “What you say is quite correct. Good is definitely being portrayed as evil, and evil as good. This is not anything new ‒ what is new is the large scale on which it is being done. It is being done on a global level. Unfortunately, the unthinking masses have been prey to the brain-washing. Looking at it from another angle, one could say the battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is not a new one, but has been in progress since the very first existence of Man on this planet. Another maxim to remember is that morality and righteousness will always prevail in the end, even though immorality and sinfulness may appear to have the upper hand at certain moments.

“What does one do? The answer is simple in its logical conclusion. One sides with good against evil. Bush has laid down the gauntlet ‒ either we are with him or we are against him. The decision is not a difficult one for anybody who has a conscience. What he stands for is definitely evil. Despite all his pious statements, it is apparent to everyone that he has accused an innocent person of a grave crime, knowing quite well that he is not responsible. He has gone to war against a nation that has been minding its own business, its only ‘crime’ being that it gave asylum to a fellow religionist against the victimisation of a powerful nation. Many innocent people in Afghanistan have been killed on the pretext of wiping out ‘terrorism’, more than were killed in the WTC bombings. Besides this gross injustice, Bush also stands as a figurehead for a country which has done away with all forms of decency. The incongruity is quite stark: politicians kiss babies at election times but have no compunction of mutilating them and destroying them in their mothers’ wombs by sanctioning laws on abortion; much fuss is made of abuse of women but, relatively, a blind eye is turned to the large scale rape of women and demeaning them by legalising prostitution; and so forth. One can list endless examples of the collapse of the American society.

“In answer to your question as what to do, I will repeat: the time has come to align oneself with good. Who is opposing the evil that is rampant, not only in America, but throughout the four corners of the world? The Christians have long ago thrown in the towel. The Jews are too busy with their own problems. Other religions, like Hinduism, have preached a message of peace, but this has not halted the spread of evil. You may criticise me for what I am about to say ‒ I would welcome your objective criticism ‒ but I must state quite emphatically and quite categorically that it is only Islam and Muslims who are in a position to stop the rot.”

“That requires time to think about. You are most probably right in your assessment. Following your argument to its logical conclusion, would I be correct in saying that the only road open is to enter the fold of Islam and become a Muslim?”

“Yes. For anyone with a conscience ‒ anyone who is aware of what is happening in the world today, what is happening in society at the local level and the international level ‒ has no option but to become a Muslim. This is a conclusion people of conscience have reached. We are thus witnessing a phenomenon that, even in the face of the propaganda to demonise Islam, large numbers of people all over the world are reverting to Islam. Mind you, interestingly enough, a large proportion of these are women.”

I looked intently at Homes as I posed my next question. Instinctively I already knew the answer ‒ the clues had been given to me already: giving up smoking and drinking, the appearance of the beard, the books on Islam. But, I had to hear it from his lips directly. “Homes, have you become a Muslim?”

Homes looked me straight in the eye. The look was not apologetic, it was not challenging ‒ it was a look filled with serenity. His eyes were like a window opening into a world filled with serenity. His soul was exposed, a soul that had broken loose from the fetters of ignorance and falsehood and had entered a realm of submission to the Divine Presence. “Yes, I have,” is all he said.

In this simple answer, with no frills, no apologies, non-defensive, he stated something that he firmly believed in. There was such a conviction to these words, that any comment from my side would have been utterly childish.

Now, back home, as I write this, there is a last question that I have to answer, “Professor, what is the road you are going to take…?”


As the amount of information available is voluminous, only two articles are reproduced here, the interview with Usama Bin Laden and the article by Craig Roberts. Websites are listed for anybody interested in finding out more. Some of the websites that were accessed initially, may not still be available. However, there is sufficient information in the subsequest research to make up for this. Additionally, these sites will have links to other sites providing more information.

Interview with Usama Bin Laden

The Al-Qa’idah group had nothing to do with the 11 Septemberattacks. php?DocumentID’2392&TagID’2.

The following is the text of an interview conducted by a special correspondent, published by Pakistani newspaper, Ummat, on 28 September, place and date of  interview not given. The first paragraph is Ummat’s introduction.

Kabul: Prominent Arab mojahed [holy warrior] Usamah Bin-Ladin has said that he or his al-Qa’idah group has nothing to do with the 11 September suicidal attacks in Washington and New York. He said the US government should find the attackers within the country. In an exclusive interview with daily Ummat, he said these attacks could be the act of those who are part of the American system and are rebelling against it and working for some other system. Or, Usamah said, this could be the act of those who want to make the current century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. Or, the American Jews, who are opposed to President Bush ever since the Florida elections, might be the masterminds of this act. There is also a great possibility of the involvement of US intelligence agencies, which need billions of dollars’ worth of funds every year. He said there is a government within the government in the United States. The secret agencies, he said, should be asked as to who are behind the attacks. Usamah said support for attack on Afghanistan was a matter of need for some Muslim countries and compulsion for others. However, he said, he was thankful to the courageous people of Pakistan who erected a bulwark before the wrong forces. He added that the Islamic world was attaching great expectations with Pakistan and, in time of need, we will protect this bulwark by sacrificing of lives. Following is the interview in full detail.

Ummat: You have been accused of involvement in the attacks in New York and Washington. What do you want to say about this? If you are not involved, who might be?

Usamah: In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful. Praise be to Allah, Who is the creator of the whole universe and Who Made the earth as an abode for peace, for the whole mankind. Allah is the Sustainer, who sent Prophet Muhammad for our guidance. I am thankful to The Ummat Group of Publications, which gave me the opportunity to convey my viewpoint to the people, particularly the valiant and Momin [true Muslim] people of Pakistan who refused to believe in the lies of the demon. I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people. Such a practice is forbidden ever in the course of a battle. It is the United States, which is perpetrating every maltreatment on women, children, and common people of other faiths, particularly the followers of Islam. All that is going on in Palestine for the last 11 months is sufficient to call the wrath of God upon the United States and Israel. There is also a warning for those Muslim countries, which witnessed all these as a silent spectator. What had earlier been done to the innocent people of Iraq, Chechnya, and Bosnia? Only one conclusion could be derived from the indifference of the United  States and the West to these acts of terror and the patronage of the tyrants by these powers that America is an anti-Islamic power and it is patronizing the anti-Islamic forces. Its friendship with the Muslim countries is just a show, rather deceit. By enticing or intimidating these countries, the United States is forcing them to play a role of its choice. Put a glance all around and you will see that the slaves of the United States are either rulers or enemies [of Muslims]. The US has no friends, nor does it want to keep any because the pre-requisite of friendship is to come to the level of the friend or consider him at par with you. America does not want to see anyone equal to it. It expects slavery from others. Therefore, other countries are either its slaves or subordinates. However, our case is different. We have pledged slavery to God Almighty alone and after this pledge there is no possibility to become the slave of someone else. If we do that, it will be disregardful to both our Sustainer and his fellow beings. Most of the world nations upholding their freedom are the religious ones, which are the enemies of United States, or the latter itself considers them as its enemies. Or the countries which do not agree to become its slaves, such as China, Iran, Libya, Cuba, Syria, and the former Russia [as received]. Whoever committed the act of 11 September are not the friends of the American people. I have already said that we are against the American system, not against its people, whereas in these attacks, the common American people have been killed. According to my information, the death toll is much higher than what the US government has stated. But the Bush administration does not want the panic to spread. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; the people who are a part of the US system, but are dissenting against it. Or those who are working for some other system; persons who want to  make  the  present  century  as  a  century  of  conflict  between  Islam  and Christianity so that their own civilization, nation, country, or ideology could survive. They can be any one, from Russia to Israel and from India to Serbia. In the US itself, there are dozens of well-organized and well-equipped groups, which are capable of causing a large-scale destruction. Then you cannot forget the American Jews, who are annoyed with President Bush ever since the elections in Florida and want to avenge him. Then there are intelligence agencies in the US, which require billions of dollars’ worth of funds from the Congress and the government every year. This [funding issue] was not a big problem till the existence of the former Soviet Union but after that the budget of these agencies has been in danger. They needed an enemy. So, they first started propaganda against Usamah and Taleban and then this incident happened. You see, the Bush administration approved a budget of 40 bn dollars. Where will this huge amount go? It will be provided to the same agencies, which need huge funds and want to exert their importance. Now they will spend the money for their expansion and for increasing their importance. I will give you an example. Drug smugglers from all over the world are in contact with the US secret agencies. These agencies do not want to eradicate narcotics cultivation and trafficking because their importance will be diminished. The people in the US Drug Enforcement Department are encouraging drug trade so that they could show performance and get millions of dollars’ worth of budget. General Noriega was made a drug baron by the CIA and, in need, he was made a scapegoat. In the same way, whether it is President Bush or any other US president, they cannot bring Israel to justice for its human rights abuses or to hold it accountable for such crimes. What is this? Is it not that there exists a government within the government in the United States? That secret government must be asked as to who made the attacks. (More from the interview can be read in the source, we have quoted only a part which is related to the topic).

Paul Craig Roberts: 9/11 After 13 years

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

September 11, 2014 “ICH” – 

The tragedy of September 11, 2001, goes far beyond the deaths of those who died in the towers and the deaths of fire-fighters and first responders who succumbed to illnesses caused by inhalation of toxic dust. For thirteen years a new generation of Americans has been born into the 9/11 myth that has been used to create the American warfare/police state.

The corrupt Bush and Obama regimes used 9/11 to kill, maim, dispossess and displace millions of Muslims in seven countries, none of whom had anything whatsoever to do with 9/11.

A generation of Americans has been born into disdain and distrust of Muslims.

A generation of Americans has been born into a police state in which privacy and constitutional protections no longer exist.

A generation of Americans has been born into continuous warfare while needs of citizens go unmet.

A generation of Americans has been born into a society in which truth is replaced with the endless repetition of falsehoods.

According to the official story, on  September 11, 2001, the vaunted National Security State of the World’s Only Superpower was defeated by a few young Saudi Arabians armed only with box cutters. The American National Security State proved to be totally helpless and was dealt the greatest humiliation ever inflicted on any country claiming to be a power.

That day no aspect of the National Security State worked. Everything failed.

The US Air Force for the first time in its history could not get intercepter jet fighters into the air.

The National Security Council failed.

All sixteen US intelligence agencies failed as did those of  America’s NATO and Israeli allies.

Air Traffic Control failed.

Airport Security failed four times at the same moment on the same day. The probability of such a failure is zero.

If such a thing had actually happened, there would have been demands from the White House, from Congress, and from the media for an investigation. Officials would have been held accountable for their failures. Heads would have rolled.

Instead, the White House resisted for one year the 9/11 families’ demands for an investigation. Finally, a collection of politicians was assembled to listen to the government’s account and to write it down. The chairman, vice chairman, and legal counsel of the 9/11 Commission have said that information was withheld from the commission, lies were told to the commission, and that the commission “was set up to fail.” The worst security failure in history resulted in not a single firing. No one was held responsible.

Washington concluded that 9/11 was possible because America lacked a police state.

The PATRIOT Act, which was awaiting the event was quickly passed by the congressional idiots. The Act established executive branch independence of law and the Constitution. The Act and follow-up measures have institutionalized a police state in “the land of the free.”

Usama bin Laden, a CIA asset dying of renal failure, was blamed despite his explicit denial. For the next ten years Usama bin Laden was the bogyman that provided the excuse for Washington to kill countless numbers of Muslims. Then suddenly on May 2, 2011, Obama  claimed  that  US  Navy  SEALs had  killed  bin  Laden  in  Pakistan.  Eyewitnesses  on  the  scene  contradicted  the White House’s story. Usama bin Laden became the only human in history to survive renal failure for ten years. There was no dialysis machine in what was said to be bin Laden’s hideaway. The numerous obituaries of bin Laden’s death in December 2001 went down the memory hole. And the SEAL team died a few weeks later in a mysterious helicopter crash in Afghanistan. The thousands of sailors on the aircraft carrier from which bin Laden was said to have been dumped into the Indian Ocean wrote home that no such burial took place.

The fairy tale story of bin Laden’s murder by Seal Team Six served to end the challenge by disappointed Democrats to Obama’s nomination for a second term. It also freed the “war on terror” from the bin Laden constraint. Washington wanted to attack Libya, Syria, and Iran, countries in which bin Laden was known not to have organizations, and the succession of faked bin Laden videos, in which bin Laden grew progressively younger as the fake bin Laden claimed credit for each successive attack, had lost credibility among experts.

Watching the Twin Towers and WTC 7 come down, it was obvious to me that the buildings were not falling down as a result of structural damage. When it became clear that the White House had blocked an independent investigation of the only three steel skyscrapers in world history to collapse as a result of low temperature office fires, it was apparent that there was a cover-up.

After 13 years people at home and abroad find the  government’s story less believable.

The case made by independent experts is now so compelling that mainstream media has opened to it. Here is Richard Gage of Architects &  Engineers for 9/11 Truth on C-SPAN: watch?v’3Zbv2SvBEec#t’23

After years of persistence a group in New York has secured the necessary number of valid signatures to put on the ballot a vote to investigate the cause of the collapse of the three WTC buildings. The official account, if correct, means that existing fire and building codes are insufficient to protect the public and that all other steel high rise structures are subject to the same failure. The group has been clever to frame the issue in terms of public safety and not in terms of 9/11 truth.

New York authorities, of course, continue to oppose the initiative. The question now rests on a judge’s ruling. It is difficult to imagine a judge going against the government in such a major way, but the group will have made the point that the government has no confidence in the truth of its own story.

Over these 13 years, physicists, chemists, architects, engineers, and first responders have provided massive evidence that completely disproves the official account of the failure of the three skyscrapers. The response to experts has been for non-expert to call experts “conspiracy theorists.” In other words, the defenders of the government’s story have no scientific or factual basis on which to stand. So they substitute name-calling.

9/11 was used to fundamentally alter the nature of the US government and its relationship to the American people. Unaccountable executive power has replaced due process and the checks and balances established by the US Constitution. In the name of National Security, executive power knows no restraints. Essentially, Americans today have no rights if the government targets them.

Those Americans born after 9/11 were born into a different country from the rest of us. Having never experienced constitutional government, they will not know what they have lost.

The anthrax attacks of October 2001 have been forgotten, but Professor Graeme MacQueen in The 2001 Anthrax Deception (Clarity Press, 2014) shows that the anthrax attacks played an essential role in setting the stage for the government’s acquisition of unaccountable  police state power. Two Democratic Senate committee chairmen, Thomas Daschle and Patrick Leahy, were disturbed by the Bush regime’s overreach for carte blanche power, and were in a position to block the coming police state legislation and the ability of the executive branch alone to take America to war.

Both senators received anthrax letters, as did major news organizations. The TV network news anchors, such as Dan Rather, who compared the collapse of WTC skyscrapers to buildings brought down by controlled demolition, had not yet been fired by Republicans on framed-up charges.

Initially, the anthrax letters, which caused the deaths of some USPS employees, were seen as the second stage of the 9/11 attack. Fear multiplied. The senators and media shut up. Then it was discovered that the anthrax was a unique kind produced only by a US government military facility.

The response to this monkey wrench thrown into the government’s propaganda,  was  the  FBI’s  frame-up  of  a  dead  man,  Bruce  Edwards  Ivins, who had been employed in the military lab that produced the anthrax and was driven to suicide by the false charges. The dead man’s colleagues did not believe one word of the government’s false story, and nothing in the dead  man’s past indicated any motive or instability that would have led him to such a deed.

Initially, the US government tried to frame up Steven Jay Hatfill, but despite the best efforts of the New York Times and Nicholas Kristof the attempt to frame Hatfill failed. Hatfill received $5 million from the US government for the false accusation that ruined his life. So the corrupt US government moved on to Ivins.

Ivins was dead and couldn’t defend himself, but his colleagues did.

The entire episode stinks to high heaven. Justice is something that exists outside the borders of the United States. Never expect to find justice within the United States.

Most Americans are unaware of the extent to which the federal government owns the experts who can contradict its fairy tales. For example, no competent physicist can possibly believe the official story of the destruction of the three WTC buildings. But physics departments in US universities are heavily dependent on federal money. Any physicist who speaks his mind jeopardizes not only his own career but also the career of all of his colleagues. Physicist Steven Jones, who first pointed to the use of thermite in the destruction of the two towers had to agree to having his university buy out his tenure or his university was faced with losing all federal financing. The same constraints operate in the private sector. High rise architects and structural engineers who express doubts about the official explanation of the collapse of three skyscrapers are viewed by potential clients as Muslim apologists and conspiracy kooks. The clients, of course, have no expert knowledge with which to assess the issue, but they are indoctrinated with ceaseless, endless, repetition that 9/11 was Usama bin Laden’s attack on America. Their indoctrination makes them immune to facts.

The 9/11 lie has persisted for 13 years. Millions of Muslims have paid for this lie with their lives, the destruction of their families, and with their dislocation.  Most  Americans  remain  comfortable  with  the  fact  that  their government has destroyed in whole or part seven countries based on a lie Washington told to cover up an inside job that launched the crazed neoconservatives’  drive  for  Washington’s  World  Empire.


Global Research:
A leading source of analysis and intel reportage on operations of the NWO.

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth:

A massive group of over 2000 architects and engineers who disagree totally with the NIST Report.

Pilots for 9/11 Truth:
Investigations by pilots and aviation experts on the aircraft used on 9/11.

Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-eleven (SPINE):
Featuring forensic evidence that contradicts the 9/11 official narrative.

Veterans Today:
Featuring best news and analysis available on the web.

Journalists and Other Media Professionals for 9/11 Truth:
An organization of media professionals devoted to uncovering and communicating the truth about 9/11.

The TruthSeeker:
Floating headlines allow a rapid review of current contents. This site has only emerged recently, but it’s already a leading source of information.

911 Grassroots:

Serial essays on the state of the world, predatory capitalism, the New World Order, False Flag Terrorism, and mobilization of the citizenry.

Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry:

“The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Inc. is a non-profit 501 Organization of lawyers, investigators, scientists and concerned citizens created to promote transparency and accountability regarding the tragic events of September 11, 2001.”

Photo references: Reference for these series of photographs is:, com/senderberl/private/wtc.htm.  Further analyses were posted at
com/senderberl/private/internal.htm and

Russian MP claims US carried out  September 11 attacks: http://’2398&TagID’2

Missing Pieces To The Amazing 911 Mystery Puzzle By Michael Shore A View From Jerusalem, Israel 1-1-2 3 January 2002.

GUILTY FOR 9 11: BUSH, RUMSFELD, MYERS victims.html victims.html ua175.victims.html victims.html shtm(ITN Entertainment April 24, 2001) A The Secret War-Pre-9/11.

We Fought A Covert War Against Israel On American Soil: http://

Americans Target Of Largest Media Brainwashing Campaign In History, By Lonnie Wolfe.

FBI Closes in on Anthrax Terrorist: Prime Suspect is a Zionist by Hector Carreon La Voz de Aztlan

An Overview of The War on Terrorism,,7-2002010026,00.html

9/11 Was Staged to Defame Muslims by John Kaminski. skylax”

FBI says, it has “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11 By Ed Haas

These were some articles that shed more light on 9/11. They may not be accessable at this stage.

Who was behind the WTC terror attack on 11th September 2001???…..You decide!!

Where are the Flight Recorders (Black Boxes)? They can find passports (made of paper) in the wreckage but not Flight Recorders (Indestructible).


Trade Centre death toll ‘lower’.

Usama bin Laden says “I didn’t do it!”.

There were NO HIJACKERS on those Planes.

Exposing the WTC bomb plot.

Are Americans Victims of a Hoax? Missing: crucial facts from the official charge sheet against Bin Laden.

Mystery of terror Shares ‘insider dealers’.

More Lies from the FBI ‒ Six Men Identified by FBI as Dead Hijackers are ALIVE.

FBI Presents MORE LAUGHABLE Evidence ‒ Independent Newspaper UK.

How Stupid is This?
US warned Afghans 3 months ago.
Curious Share Dealing 10th September.
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4000 Jews did not go to work.
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Israeli PM threatened to ‘BURN WASHINGTON’.
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Why should we believe them?” Why Do They Hate Us?
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Why Bush NEEDS Bin Laden, an article from The Guardian, UK. Who warned Israel 2 hours before the attack?
White House Lied About Threat To Air Force One.
US ‘had planned to endorse notion of Palestinian statehood’ Could this be the MOTIVE for the attack on the WTC?
Who runs our media?
Who rules America?
Who Benefits from these attacks…?
Who Runs our Government? Game Over ‒ An Article by Naomi  Klein.
Why Bush Wants a War.
An Interview with the Afghan (Taleban) Leader.
Nation By Nation ‒ Death Toll. Many American Journalists are Israeli Citizens.
Letter to George Bush from David Duke, National President European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO). Dancing in the Streets.



So today is Pakistan’s Independence Day when artificial boundaries in the Islamic world are often imposed by European colonial powers, cutting across tribal lines, leaving people with same ethnicities into different states.

For example, in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Pashtun tribe is divided by the “Durand line”. The “Radcliffe Line” divides the Punjabi clan. Both have a bloody history. The Sykes-Picot in the Middle East is another example. Africa is full of these artificial divides imposed on people there.
The worst divide, however, is not the physical divide, but the psychological divide, created from artificial national identities through flags, anthems, national heroes, symbols, patriotism, propaganda etc. Where The lndian muslim Solider is killing Pakistani Muslim Solider and vice versa.

Relative to the European nation-states, the nation-state models that evolved in the Islamic world are incredibly divisive and unstable. Today, these systems are weakening globally due to their decline in relevance: i.e changing business practices, lack of financial regulations, and technology.

Not all solutions can be copy and pasted. Nation-State model is an example. Unfortunately we are more nationalist than Muslims.
As much as we like to believe that we created our countries, for the most part we did not. The “independence” days that are celebrated are in reality a sad part in our history. Most, if not all of these nations are created by the colonizers that left artificial borders that are named after them. This is not a system that we created nor a system that Islam encourages. Muslims have been coerced and manipulated to follow european ideology of nationalism, sometimes by their own people who had studied abroad amd brought unislamic concepts of nationalism to Muslim lands.

The current nation state model has failed in the Muslim world as it is divisive to our Ummah, with 50+ states, dividing us economically, politically, etc. And especially psychologically. You can see today Muslims fighting each other over these nation states.

As a Muslim, I can only take the Islamic solution that Prophet Muhammad called for, which is not a reality today. All Muslims unite and live under one authority. This is same solution that Prophet Muhammad said that will show itself once again in future as noted in his hadith.

ﻓﺮﯾﮉﻡ ﺁﻑ ﺳﭙﯿﭻ ﮐﯽ ﺣﻘﯿﻘﺖ

ﻓﺮﯾﮉﻡ ﺁﻑ ﺳﭙﯿﭻ ﯾﻌﻨﯽ ﺁﺯﺍﺩﯼ ﺍﻇﮩﺎﺭ ﺭﺍﺋﮯ
ﮐﮯ ﻧﺎﻡ ﭘﺮ ﺍﮔﺮ ﮐﻮﺋﯽ ﺷﺨﺺ ﺁﭖ ﮐﻮ ﺑﺪﺗﺮﯾﻦ ﮔﺎﻟﯿﺎﮞ ﺩﯾﺘﺎ ﮨﮯ ﺑﺪﺗﮩﺬﯾﺒﯽ ﮐﺮﺗﺎ ﮨﮯ ﺗﻮ ﺁﭖ ﮐﯿﺎ ﮐﺮﯾﮟ ﮔﮯ؟

ﮨﺮ ﮐﻮﺋﯽ ﯾﻘﯿﻨﺎََ ﺍﯾﺴﮯ ﺷﺨﺺ ﮐﯽ ﺗﻮﺍﺿﻊ ﻻﺗﻮﮞ ﺍﻭﺭ ﮔﮭﻮﻧﺴﻮﮞ ﺳﮯ ﮨﯽ ﮐﺮﮮ ﮔﺎ

ﺍﮔﺮ ﻭﮦ ﺁﮔﮯ ﺳﮯ ﻣﻌﺼﻮﻡ ﺷﮑﻞ ﺑﻨﺎ ﮐﺮ ﮐﮩﮯ ﮐﮧ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺗﻮ ﺁﺯﺍﺩﯼ ﺍﻇﮩﺎﺭ ﺭﺍﺋﮯ ﮐﺎ ﻋﻠﻤﺒﺮﺩﺍﺭ ﮨﻮﮞ ﺍﻭﺭ ﺁﭖ ﮐﺎ ﻣﯿﺮﯼ ﺑﺪﺯﺑﺎﻧﯽ ﺍﻭﺭ ﮔﺎﻟﻢ ﮔﻠﻮﭺ ﭘﺮ ﻣﺠﮭﮯ ﻣﺎﺭﻧﺎ ﺁﺯﺍﺩﯼ ﺍﻇﮩﺎﺭ ﺭﺍﺋﮯ ﮐﮯ ﺧﻼﻑ ﺍﻭﺭ ﺍﺱ ﭘﺮ ﭘﺎﺑﻨﺪﯼ ﻟﮕﺎﻧﮯ ﮐﮯ ﻣﺘﺮﺍﺩﻑ ﮨﮯ۔ ﯾﮧ ﮔﺎﻟﻢ ﮔﻠﻮﭺ ﺍﻭﺭ ﺑﺪﺯﺑﺎﻧﯽ ﺗﻮ ﺁﺯﺍﺩﯼ ﺍﻇﮩﺎﺭ ﺭﺍﺋﮯ ﮐﮯ ﺗﺤﺖ ﻣﯿﺮﺍ ” ﺑﻨﯿﺎﺩﯼ ﺣﻖ ” ﮨﮯ۔

ﺗﻮ ﮐﯿﺎ ﺧﯿﺎﻝ ﮨﮯ ﺁﭖ ﺍﺱ ﮐﮯ ﺍﺱ “ﺑﻨﯿﺎﺩﯼ ﺣﻖ” ﮐﻮ ﺗﺴﻠﯿﻢ ﮐﺮ ﺳﮑﺘﮯ ﮨﯿﮟ؟ ﯾﻘﯿﻨﺎََ ﻧﮩﯿﮟ!

ﮨﺮ ﻣﻌﺎﺷﺮﮮ ﻣﯿﮟ ﮐﭽﮫ ﺑﻨﯿﺎﺩﯼ ﺍﺧﻼﻗﯿﺎﺕ ﮨﻮﺗﯽ ﮨﯿﮟ ﺟﻦ ﺳﮯ ﺗﺠﺎﻭﺯ ﮐﻮ ﮐﺴﯽ ﺑﮭﯽ ﻣﻌﺎﺷﺮﮮ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺍﭼﮭﺎ ﻧﮩﯿﮟ ﺳﻤﺠﮭﺎ ﺟﺎﺗﺎ۔

ﺁﺯﺍﺩﯼ ﺍﻇﮩﺎﺭ ﺭﺍﺋﮯ ﯾﻮﺭﭖ ﮐﺎ ﻭﮦ ﺩﻝ ﻓﺮﯾﺐ ﻧﻌﺮﮦ ﮨﮯ ﺟﺲ ﮐﮯ ﺗﺤﺖ ﺗﻤﺎﻡ ﺗﺮ ﺍﺧﻼﻗﯽ ﺣﺪﻭﺩ ﻭ ﻗﯿﻮﺩ ﮐﻮ ﭘﺎﻣﺎﻝ ﮐﺮﺗﮯ ﮨﻮﺋﮯ ﺍﺳﻼﻡ ﺍﻭﺭ ﭘﯿﻐﻤﺒﺮ ﺍﺳﻼﻡ ﷺ ﮐﮯ ﻣﺘﻌﻠﻖ ﮐﮭﻞ ﮐﺮ ﮔﺴﺘﺎﺧﯿﺎﮞ ﮐﯽ ﺟﺎﺗﯽ ﮨﯿﮟ ﺍﺳﺘﮩﺰﺍﺀ ﺍﮌﺍﯾﺎ ﺟﺎﺗﺎ ﮨﮯ ۔ ﻣﮩﺬﺏ ﻗﻮﻡ ﮨﻮﻧﮯ ﮐﮯ ﺩﻋﻮﯾﺪﺍﺭﻭﮞ ﮐﯽ ﺟﺎﻧﺐ ﺳﮯ ﺍﻧﺘﮩﺎﺋﯽ ﮔﮭﭩﯿﺎ، ﺑﺎﺯﺍﺭﯼ، ﺭﮐﯿﮏ ﺍﻭﺭ ﺧﺴﯿﺲ ﺯﺑﺎﻥ ﮐﺎ ﺍﺳﺘﻌﻤﺎﻝ ﮐﯿﺎ ﺟﺎﺗﺎ ﮨﮯ۔

ﺍﻭﺭ ﺍﺱ ﻏﯿﺮﺍﺧﻼﻗﯽ ﻓﻌﻞ ﮐﻮ ﻧﮧ ﺻﺮﻑ ﺟﺎﺋﺰ ﻗﺮﺍﺭ ﺩﯾﺎ ﺟﺎﺗﺎ ﮨﮯ ﺑﻠﮑﮧ ﺍﺳﮯ ﺍﭘﻨﺎ ﺑﻨﯿﺎﺩﯼ ﺣﻖ ﺳﻤﺠﮭﺎ ﺟﺎﺗﺎ ﮨﮯ۔ ﺍﻭﺭ ﯾﮧ ﺻﺮﻑ ﺁﺝ ﮐﯽ ﺑﺎﺕ ﻧﮩﯿﮟ ﺻﺪﯾﻮﮞ ﺳﮯ ﯾﻮﺭﭘﯽ ﻣﺼﻨﻔﯿﻦ ﮐﯽ ﮐﺘﺐ ﺍﺳﻼﻡ ﮐﮯ ﺍﺳﺘﮩﺰﺍﺀ ﺍﻭﺭ ﭘﯿﻐﻤﺒﺮ ﺍﺳﻼﻡ ﷺ ﮐﮯ ﺧﻼﻑ ﺩﺷﻨﺎﻡ ﻃﺮﺍﺯﯼ ﺳﮯ ﺑﮭﺮﯼ ﭘﮍﯼ ﮨﯿﮟ۔

ﺟﺒﮑﮧ ﺩﻭﺳﺮﯼ ﻃﺮﻑ ﺩﯾﮑﮭﺎ ﺟﺎﺋﮯ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻓﺮﯾﮉﻡ ﺁﻑ ﺳﭙﯿﭻ ﮐﯽ ﺣﺜﯿﺖ ﯾﮧ ﮨﮯ ﮐﮧ ﯾﻮﺭﭖ ﻣﯿﮟ ﮨﻮﻟﻮﮐﺎﺳﭧ ﻧﺎﻣﯽ ﻣﺒﺎﻟﻐﮧ ﺁﺭﺍﺋﯽ ﭘﺮ ﺗﻨﻘﯿﺪ ﺗﻮ ﺩﺭﮐﻨﺎﺭ ﺍﺱ ﮐﮯ ﻣﺘﻌﻠﻖ ﺑﺎﺕ ﺗﮏ ﮐﺮﻧﺎ ﺳﺨﺘﯽ ﺳﮯ ﻣﻨﻊ ﮨﮯ۔ ﻧﮧ ﺻﺮﻑ ﻣﻨﻊ ﮨﮯ ﺑﻠﮑﮧ ﺍﺱ ﮐﯽ ﺧﻼﻑ ﻭﺭﺯﯼ ﭘﺮ ﺑﺎﻗﺎﻋﺪﮦ ﻗﺎﻧﻮﻥ ﺳﺎﺯﯼ ﮐﯽ ﮔﺌﯽ ﮨﮯ ﺟﺲ ﮐﮯ ﺗﺤﺖ ﺍﺱ ﮐﻮ ﺟﮭﭩﻼﻧﺎ ﻗﺎﻧﻮﻧﺎََ ﻗﺎﺑﻞ ﺳﺰﺍ ﺟﺮﻡ ﮨﮯ۔ﺍﻭﺭ ﯾﮧ ﻗﺎﻧﻮﻥ ﻓﺮﯾﮉﻡ ﺁﻑ ﺳﭙﯿﭻ ﮐﮯ ﺳﺐ ﺳﮯ ﺑﮍﮮ ﻋﻠﻤﺒﺮﺩﺍﺭ ﺍﻣﺮﯾﮑﮧ ﻭ ﺑﺮﻃﺎﻧﯿﮧ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺑﮭﯽ ﻣﻮﺟﻮﺩ ﮨﮯ۔ ﺍﺱ ﻗﺎﻧﻮﻥ ﺳﮯ ﻧﺎﻡ ﻧﮩﺎﺩ ﺁﺯﺍﺩﯼ ﺍﻇﮩﺎﺭ ﺭﺍﺋﮯ ﮐﻮ ﮐﻮﺋﯽ ﮔﺰﻧﺪ ﻧﮩﯿﮟ ﭘﮩﻨﭽﺘﺎ ۔

ﺍﻟﺒﺘﮧ ﺍﮔﺮ ﭘﯿﻐﻤﺒﺮ ﺍﺳﻼﻡ ﷺ ﮐﯽ ﺗﻮﮨﯿﻦ ﺍﻭﺭ ﮔﺴﺘﺎﺧﯽ ﺳﮯ ﺭﻭﮐﺎ ﺟﺎﺋﮯ ﺗﻮ ﺍﻥ ﮐﺎ ﻧﺎﻡ ﻧﮩﺎﺩ ﺁﺯﺍﺩﯼ ﺍﻇﮩﺎﺭ ﺭﺍﺋﮯ ﺳﺨﺖ ﺧﻄﺮﮮ ﻣﯿﮟ ﭘﮍ ﺟﺎﺗﺎ ﮨﮯ۔

ﺁﺯﺍﺩﯼ ﺍﻇﮩﺎﺭ ﺭﺍﺋﮯ ﮐﯽ ﺣﻘﯿﻘﺖ ﯾﮧ ﮨﮯ ﮐﮧ
ﺩﻧﯿﺎ ﮐﮯ ﮨﺮ ﺍﯾﮏ ﻓﻮﺭﻡ ﭘﺮ ﻣﺤﺾ ﺍﺳﻼﻡ ﮐﮯ ﺧﻼﻑ ﭘﺮﻭﭘﯿﮕﻨﮉﮦ ﺍﻭﺭ ﭘﯿﻐﻤﺒﺮ ﺍﺳﻼﻡ ﷺ ﮐﮯ ﺧﻼﻑ ﮔﺴﺘﺎﺧﺎﻧﮧ ﺍﻭﺭ ﺗﻮﮨﯿﻦ ﺁﻣﯿﺰ ﮔﻔﺘﮕﻮﮐﺎ ﺩﻭﺳﺮﺍ ﻧﺎﻡ ﮨﮯ۔
ﺍﻭﺭ ﮨﺮ ﻋﺎﻗﻞ ﺷﺨﺺ ﺍﭼﮭﯽ ﻃﺮﺡ ﺟﺎﻧﺘﺎ ﮨﮯ ﮐﮧ ﺍﺱ ﺩﻝ ﻓﺮﯾﺐ ﻧﻌﺮﮮ ﮐﯽ ﺁﮌ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺍﺭﺑﻮﮞ ﻣﺴﻠﻤﺎﻧﻮﮞ ﮐﮯ ﺩﻟﯽ ﺟﺬﺑﺎﺕ ﮐﻮ ﭨﮭﯿﺲ ﭘﮩﻨﭽﺎﻧﺎ ﺍﻭﺭ ﺍﻧﮩﯿﮟ ﻣﺸﺘﻌﻞ ﮐﺮﻧﺎ ﺁﺯﺍﺩﯼ ﺍﻇﮩﺎﺭ ﺭﺍﺋﮯ ﻧﮩﯿﮟ ﺑﻠﮑﮧ ﮨﯿﭧ ﺳﭙﯿﭻ ﮐﮯ ﺯﻣﺮﮮ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺁﺗﺎ ﮨﮯ ﺟﺴﮯ ﮐﺴﯽ ﺑﮭﯽ ﻣﮩﺬﺏ ﻣﻌﺎﺷﺮﮮ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺗﺤﺴﯿﻦ ﮐﯽ ﻧﮕﺎﮦ ﺳﮯ ﻧﮩﯿﮟ ﺩﯾﮑﮭﺎ ﺟﺎﺗﺎ!

ﻓﺮﯾﮉﻡ ﺁﻑ ﺳﭙﯿﭻ ﮐﯽ ﺁﮌ ﻣﯿﮟ ﮨﯿﭧ ﺳﭙﯿﭻ ﺑﺪﺗﺮﯾﻦ ﺩﮨﺸﺘﮕﺮﺩﯼ ﮨﮯ۔ ﺟﺲ ﮐﺎ ﺳﺪﺑﺎﺏ ﺍﻧﺘﮩﺎﺋﯽ ﺿﺮﻭﺭﯼ ﮨﮯ۔

Refutation of the “Cape Accord”


By Mujlisul Ulama

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem


“What is the matter with them for turning away from the  admonition (of the Qur’aan) as if they are wild donkeys fleeing from a lion?” [Al-Muddath-thir,  Aayaat 49, 50,51]

A cartel of modernists zanaadaqah had abortively attempted to mislead the Muslim community with a scrap paper ‘accord’ which they dubbed ‘The Cape Accord’, but which has culminated in nothing other than discord. It has also exposed the Shiah element lurking in the Muslim community in the guise of Muslims. These are the munaafiqeen who are working from within the Muslim community to undermine Islam.

In this brief treatise we have analyzed every point mentioned in their scrap document which has been rejected by the Ulama and the Muslim community of South Africa. The Shariah with its Qur’aanic terminology and strident form of admonition have been branded ‘hate speech’ by the modernist cartel. They insinuate that the Qur’aan fosters ‘hate speech’. These people flee from the Shariah in the manner described by the Qur’aan Majeed in the  above mentioned Verses.

Describing them, the Qur’aan says that “they are like wild donkeys fleeing from a lion.” When the Shariah is mentioned to them, they regard it as a lion, and they flee pell-mell in disarray and confusion like wild donkeys. That is on account of the kufr lurking within their hearts. That is precisely why Qur’aanic terms such as kuffaar, munaafiqoon, zaalimoon, mushrikoon, etc. are regarded as ‘hate speech’ by the modernist deviates who have lost their Imaan.

Their ‘accord’ paper is an accord of Kufr. Every provision percolates with kufr which they have polished and deceptively adorned with flowery language to deceive and appease the authorities and others who entertain inimical attitudes for Islam and Muslims, The type of deceptive flowery language in which they camouflage their kufr is called Zukhruful Qawl in the Qur’aan. It is shaitaani inspiration about which the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Thus, have We appointed for every Nabi enemies (who are) human and jinn devils (shayaateen). They whisper to one another (zukhrufal qawl) satanically polished and adorned statements for deceiving.” [Al-An’aam, Aayat 112]

Of course, for the munaafiqeen and zanaadaqah this castigation is also “hate speech”.

The Makkah Accord

The Mushrikeen of Makkah too had attempted to strike a ‘Makkah Accord’ with Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to prevent him from criticizing their ideology of shirk and their idols. The ‘Makkah Accord’, in the attempt to buy the silence and co-operation of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), had offered him wealth, women and leadership if only he would agree to the type of co-existence and harmony which the shaitaani cape accord advocates. Its advocacy is compromise with baatil – baatil which has as its cardinal article of faith that kufr/atheism/denial of the Haqq of Islam, is a basic human right which must be respected. Thus, despite a man professing to be a ‘Muslim’, his basic human right according to the ‘Cape Accord’, is to subscribe to kufr and to propagate it as if it is part of Islam.

The Quraish met to discuss how to deal with the propagation of the Deen of Tauheed by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). “Let us send the most versed among us in sorcery, soothsaying and poetry to this man who has disunited us, caused discord among us and reviled our religion (with hate-speech).

They sent Utbah Bin Rabee’ah. He came to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and said: “O Muhammad! Are you better or Abdullah (the father of Rasulullah Sallallahu  alayhi wasallam)?”

Utbah: “Are you better or Abdul Muttalib (the grandfather of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)?” Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) kept quiet.

Utbah: “If you take them to be better than you, they worshipped the idols which you have reviled (with your hate-speech). And if you think that you are better than them then speak so that we can listen to what you have to say. Verily, Wallah, we have not seen a junior more unfortunate to his people than you. You have disunited us, caused discord among us (with your  hate-speech), reviled our religion (with  your hate-speech) and disgraced us among the Arabs…”

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) asked: “Are you finished?” Utbah: “Yes.”

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) then started reciting Surah Haa Meem Sajdah from the beginning till he came to the Aayat:

“If they turn away then say: ‘I warn you lot of a Saa’iqah (Allah’s punishment in the form of a destructive screech) like the Saa’iqah of the Aad and Thamud (which utterly destroyed them).”

Utbah, terrified, put his hand on the mouth of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and implored him to stop.

This episode confirms that the originators of “Accord” stunts were the Mushrikeen. The objective of this initial “Makkah Accord” was to undermine Islam, but it was absolutely rejected by Allah Ta’ala. For confirming this rejection of the “Makkah Accord”, Allah Ta’ala specifically revealed more than a dozen Aayaat of Surah Haa Meem Sajdah.

In another narration it appears that Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) recited till the Sajdah Aayat of this Surah and made Sajdah to practically demonstrate this Message of Tauheed which does not tolerate the slightest vestige of compromise with baatil.

On another occasion renewing their attempts to forge an accord the Mushrikeen said to Abu Taalib: “Verily, Wallah, we cannot tolerate his (Muhammad’s) hate-speech against our forefathers and our gods and him labelling us as morons. Hence you should stop him.”

From this narration it is quite clear that the Munaafiqeen of the “Cape Accord” are following in the footsteps of the Mushrikeen of Makkah. Just as these Mushrikeen had endeavoured to silence Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) from the Haqq by enlisting the aid and support of the most senior chief of his tribe (the government), in the same manner the Munaafiqeen of this “Cape Accord” are plotting to enlist the support of the government in a bid to silence the Ulama-e-Haqq from proclaiming what Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had proclaimed more than 14 centuries ago.

When Abu Taalib spoke to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) about this, Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) responded: “O My Uncle! If they place the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand for me to abandon this Deen, I shall not desist from it.”

This is the Ta’leem of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam); for the Ulama-e-Haqq not to compromise with this satanically-inspired accord in abandonment of the propagation of the Haqq of Islam.

On yet another occasion in pursuit of forging an accord of compromise the Quraish dangled in front of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) the chimera of wealth, women and kingship only if he compromises and abstains from hate-speech against their idols and their religion.

Alternatively, the ingredients of the compromise would be similar to the objectives of the kufr interfaith movement which the “Cape Accord” promotes. This interfaith type compromise with baatil entails acceptance of this kufr movement’s cardinal article of faith, namely, all religions and ideologies are on par. Thus the “Makkah Accord” required that the Muslims worship the gods of the Mushrikeen for one year and reciprocating this concession the Mushrikeen for one year will worship Allah Ta’ala as Islam requires. Categorically rejecting this Satanism, Allah Ta’ala revealed Surah Kaafiroon. In this Surah of the Qur’aan, with great clarity in such speech which the Cape Accord Munaafiqeen term “hate speech” (Kaafiroon), Allah Ta’ala confirmed that there is absolutely no scope for tolerating and compromising with kufr:

“Say (O Muhammad)! O Kaafiroon! I do not worship what you worship and you do not worship Who I worship. I will not worship what you worship and you will not worship Who I worship. For you is your religion and for me is my Deen.”

This Surah unequivocally rejects any form of accord which conflicts in any way with Qur’aanic Tauheed, and this rejection is stated explicitly in the Aayat: “For you is your religion and for me is my Deen.”



The noble Mashaaikh of Islam say that for understanding a venture’s direction, whether Haqq or Baatil, the originators should be examined. If those who initiate an organization are Men of the Sunnah, then the venture will be of the Haqq. On the other hand, if the originators are men of Baatil, then most certainly, the organization will be Baatil.

Those who have put together the scrap paper ‘cape accord’ are a group of non-entities  from the Islamic point of view. The members of this cape accord cartel are all people of baatil – modernists, Shiahs/hidden  Shiahs/Shiah supporters, bid’atis zanaadaqah and anti-Sunnah. There is not a single Islamically creditable person associated with the ‘cape accord’. Precisely for this reason is their founding statement filled with drivel full of sound and fury signifying bunkum. It is devoid of practical reality, and from the Islamic perspective it is plain garbage. In Qur’aanic language, they are “wild donkeys fleeing from a lion.” They flee from the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

Let us examine the drivel in their statement.


(a) It is mentioned in the ostentatious statement:

“…unwarranted attacks on foremost figures, by individuals and groups within our broader faith community….”


What are these “unwarranted attacks” and who are these “foremost figures”, and who are these “individuals”? The supposed ‘accord’ is initiated with discord by these unwarranted remarks.   The initiators of the scrap accord with their ambiguous remarks and cracks begin their hallucinated accord with discord with these baseless and false comments. It is necessary that they mention with clarity what exactly is the meaning of these ambiguities.

Every criticism by the Ulama-e-Haqq on the baatil beliefs of kufr of the Shiahs, Munaafiqeen and Zanaadaqah is a warranted ‘attack’ intended for the guidance of the Muslim community, and to save the unwary and ignorant from the deceptions of these mudhilleen

They dare not elaborate for fear of their hidden kufr being exposed. The claimed “unwarranted attacks” consist of nothing other than the proclamation and dissemination of the Haqq Aqeedah of Islam as enshrined in the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and as believed by the Ummah since the age of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).  

For example, stating that those who revile the Sahaabah are kuffaar, and labelling such villains as kuffaar are deemed as “unwarranted attacks” on those who propound and disseminate the kufr.


(b) The statement mentions:

“eradication of extremists”


Who are these “extremists” and what is their extremism? The ambiguity conceals the hidden meaning and agenda of the juhala who disgorge such garbage. They will not explain with clarity because they know that their nifaaq and kufr will be exposed.   These terms are monotonously sung by the deviates and agents of Iblees to deceive stupid audiences who do not have the haziest idea of the meaning of these ambiguities.

In which way do these juhala plot to eradicate the proclaimers of Allah’s Haqq? The plot envisages silencing the Ulama-e-Haqq by the authorities. The endeavour is to convince the authorities that certain Qur’aanic Truths are tantamount to ‘hate speech’, hence the Ulama who state the Haqq should be silenced.


(c) The following contention is indeed laughable for its portrayal of the stupidity and insipidity of the thinking of these modernist juhala:

“AND WHEREAS, such an alliance fosters greater connectivity, increases collaboration, promotes comprehension and enhances contribution to the attainment of the higher objectives of the shariah.”

Full of sound and fury signifying nothing. It is a meaningless statement which may impress only morons. They should elaborate these ambiguities. The collaboration and connectivity are in fact with Shaitaan who has inspired these deviates to plot alliances against the proponents of the Deen – the Deen which was handed to the Sahaabah by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) – the Sunnah which  these munaafiqeen and zanaadaqah brand as extremism belonging to some hallucinated ‘dark age’. This is their conception of the Glittering Shariah of Islam. It is a product of some ‘dark age’ in their belief system – their system of kufr.

The chap who drafted the stupid ‘accord’ scrap paper mentions the conundrum of the “higher objectives of the shariah”. He does not have the haziest idea of these objectives of the Shariah. The highest objective of the Shariah is the Ibaadat of Allah Ta’ala for which He has created us. Stating this objective, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“I have not created jinn and man except that they worship Me.”

The higher and the only objective of the Shariah is to secure mankind’s everlasting salvation in the Aakhirah, and this is possible only by acceptance of Islam and adoption of the Sunnah. It can never be attained by interfaith accords and such collaboration which compromise and even eradicate the Aqaaid and A’maal of Islam.

Islam, not the corrupt conception of Islam of modernists, is the sole repository of salvation. All other ideologies are baatil and Jahannami, and are not acceptable to Allah Ta’ala. Stating this fact with emphasis, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Whoever searches for a deen (accord/religion/ideology) other than Islam, never ever will it be accepted from him.”

Those who seek accords in conflict with Islam and its Shariah are doomed for everlasting perdition in Jahannam. And, this proclamation of Qur’aanic Truth is ‘hate speech’ for those who collaborate with Iblees to forge accords which have no validity in the Shariah.

The objectives of the Shariah do not pertain to worldly prosperity and success although these transitory earthly gains may be acquired in the wake of obedience to Allah Ta’ala via His Shariah and adoption of the Sunnah.

All the ahkaam of the Shariah are designed for the attainment of the success and salvation of the Aakhirah via the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. Islam does not have worldly prosperity as an objective. The fellow who spoke about the objectives of the Shariah in all probability is ignorant of the rudiments of Tahaarat and Salaat, hence he shoved the ‘higher objectives of the Shariah’ into the effluvium of a stupid earthly scrap paper fabricated for the appeasement of a shaitaani alliance which has no relationship with the Islam taught to us by the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

Any person who has a proper understanding of the higher objectives of the Shariah will never strike up an alliance nor collaborate with such elements   who are the very antithesis of   the Objectives of Allah’s Shariah. Minus the Sunnah of the Sahaabah there is not the remotest possibility for the attainment of any of the objectives of the Shariah.

This dunya is ‘jeefah’ (carrion), said Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). It is never among the objectives of the Shariah.


(d) The drivel accord mentions some incongruent ‘spirit of the Amman Accord’. This too is a shaitaani accord which has no validity in the Shariah. The life of Muslims is governed by the Sunnah not by some modernist ‘amman accord’ which is also one of the scrap papers signifying drivel.`

Imagining themselves to be the leaders of the global Ummah, the morons of the baatil ‘ammaan accord’, making a mockery of themselves, state in their scrap accord:

“AND WHEREAS, such Amman Accord, constitutes a global and universal principle of persuasive and binding effect upon all Muslim Societies”

These wayward liberals with bloated egos are labouring in a state of intellectual concussion to believe that the global Ummah assigns any importance to their drivel ‘principle’ of which 99% of the Ummah is not even aware.   The only universal principle for the global Ummah is the Shariah as enshrined in the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Muslims do not accept any other western-tutored principle/accord forged and frauded by the liberal humur about whom the Qur’aan says:  “(They are) like wild donkeys fleeing from a lion”. They flee from the Shariah just as wild donkeys flee from a lion.

With their liberal western-influenced attitude the humur of these stupid paper accords seek to impress their western kuffaar masters who have firmly fitted their brains with the straightjackets of zandaqah and kufr. That is precisely why these humur incline towards and always propagate western kuffaar values in flagrant conflict with Islam, and that is why Qur’aanic and Hadith terminology is ‘hate speech’ for them. The only spirit which true Muslims understand is the spirit which ensues as an effect of the adoption of the Sunnah.


(e) Satanically disguising their hatred for the Qur’aan, the munaafiqeen, disgorge in their scrap paper:

“AND WHEREAS, we, the representatives of Communities United Against Hate Speech, Division and Discord, in the Republic of South Africa;”

Firstly, the cape accord characters do not represent Muslim communities in South Africa. They are a handful of zanadaqah and munaafiqeen representing themselves. They lack in entirety the support of the Ulama of all persuasions. Even the   miscreants and mudhilleen of the MJC and the NNB jamiat felt constrained to withdraw their initial veiled and guarded support for the baatil ‘accord’ of the deviates. The distancing from this ‘cape accord’ by even members of bogus ‘uucsa’ and even pro-Shiah Radio Ansar (Ansaarush Shaitaan) should send a clear message to the fabricators of the haraam ‘accord’ of discord – that their plot is doomed for failure.

Their theme of ‘hate speech’ disgorged with insipid monotony only reveals their hatred for the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and exposes their Shiah tendencies. The only so-called ‘hate speech’ which these juhala are able to attribute to the Ulama-e-Haqq is their proclamation of the ahkaam, of the Shariah couched in Qur’aanic terminology. But cowards are unable to declare their kufr, hence they seek to camouflage their kufr with the designation of ‘hate speech’ which is quite palatable to the authorities of the state whose ears they are dinning with the garbage of their sinister plot against Islam.

While they vociferously trumpet their slogan of ‘hate speech’, they have hitherto not elaborated on the supposed ‘hate’ content of the speech they have in mind. They dare not present any elucidation of their concept of ‘hate speech’, for they know that it will expose their hidden kufr. There is not a single statement made by the Ulama which comes within the purview of ‘hate speech’ as understood by the kuffaar authorities. But for these cape accord munaafiqeen, Qur’aanic terminology which is anathema for the Shiahs constitutes ‘hate speech’.

They lack intelligence because Allah Ta’ala has cast RIJS (filth) on their brains. In a statement which will be typical ‘hate speech’ for the munaafiqeen, the Qur’aan states:

“He (Allah) casts RIJS on those who lack intelligence.” [Yoonus. Aayat 100]

“Those in whose hearts is Rijs – their rijs is compounded with (more) rijs, and they will die whilst they are kaafiroon.” [At-Taubah, Aayat 125]

This is the type of ‘hate speech’ – Qur’aanic speech – with which the Ulama castigate those who profess to be Muslims but   conspire to undermine and destroy Islam for promoting Shi’ism in the guise of Islam.

The pollution which has deranged the intelligence of those who promote hatred for the Sahaabah is described in the Qur’aan as RIJS (filth) which for the ilk of the cape accord characters is ‘hate speech’ to be banned. Allah Ta’ala says in this regard:

“(O Muhammad!) Say: ‘Verily RIJS has been cast on you (munaafiqeen and haters of the Sahaabah) from your Rabb. What! Do you dispute  with me…..?” [Al-A’raaf, Aayat 71]


(f) In their endeavour to obfuscate the issue of ‘hate speech and hatred’, the juhala of the shaitaani cape accord aver in their scrap paper:

“RECOGNISING the Prophetic Command: “The Believer is never one who taunts, curses; nor is indecent nor abusive.” [Tirmidhi, Bayhaqi]  

In a nut-shell, the Qur’aanic response which is ‘hate speech’ for these munaafiqeen is: “Behold! The LA’NAT (CURSE) of Allah is on the zaalimeen.”   [Hood, Aayat 18]

In the context of the Qur’aan Majeed, ‘zaalimeen’ refer to the kuffaar. According to the Qur’aan there is no greater oppression than kufr, hence the kuffaar are described with the term, ‘zaalimeen’ (oppressors). Curses and taunts are Qur’aanically justified when the need for such invocation develops.

This Hadith has been torn from its context to defend those evil ones who curse, taunt and acquit themselves indecently. Who are the targets of these people for their curses, taunts and abuse?

The targets of vilification and abuse are Hadhrat Abu Bakr, Hadhrat Umar, Hadhrat Uthmaan, Hadhrat Aishah and almost 124,000 Sahaabah (Radhiyallahu  anhum). And, those who disgorge the curses, taunts, abuse and the worst hate speech against the most illustrious and noblest of mankind are the Shiahs. Their books of theology loudly testify to this villainy. Yet, the shayaateen of the cape accord deem it appropriate to present the Hadith against those who are defending the Sahaabah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Their vindication of Sahaabah-Haters speaks volumes for their kufr and nifaaq.

And, why would people target the Sahaabah for vilification? Answering this question, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that they do so because “they hate me”. The cape accord deviates should understand that this Hadith of Nabi-e-Kareem (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) places the seal on their nifaaq, for they are defending those who hate and vilify the Sahaabah, and they seek kuffaar aid to silence Muslims from proclaiming the Haqq. But they must fail. Their end will be miserable. Allah Ta’ala will apprehend them with His whip.

“We shall let them taste the severe punishment because of the kufr they perpetrated.” [Yoonus, Aayat 70]


(g) Piping the kufr theme of the kuffaar interfaith movement, the juhala of the cape accord say in their scrap paper:

“ACKNOWLEDGING that we live in a world of religious pluralism;”

This acknowledgement further testifies to their nifaaq and kufr. The meaning of acknowledgement in the context of this argument is palpable acceptance of other religions as ideologies of truth and repositories of salvation. But this is a violent rejection of Tauheed – Qur’aanic Tauheed.

According to Allah Ta’ala the worse scum in creation are those who reject Tauheed – Qur’aanic Tauheed. In the following Aayat which is ‘hate speech’ for the humur mustanfirah of the shaitaani cape accord of discord, Allah Ta’ala states:

“Verily, the worst of animals by Allah are the (spiritually) deaf and dumb, those who have no Aql (they lack intelligence).” [Al-Anfaal, Aayat 11]

Deaf, dumb, the worst of animals, bereft of intelligence, the enemies of Allah, the kaafiroon, jaahiloon, zaalimoon, faasiqoon, etc., etc. are all Qur’aanic terminologies which constitute ‘hate speech’ for the munaafiqoon of the cape discord. They should state with clarity which are the terms of ‘hate’ the Ulama are using and to whom are they directing these Qur’aanic epithets employed by Allah Ta’ala to describe the kuffaar.

Every moron on earth is aware of the existence of a plethora of religions and other ideologies of atheism. What is the need for having incorporated this stupid acknowledgment into a scrap paper which has greater value and significance than the Qur’aan for these juhala and mudhilleen from whose faces drip nifaaq?

While Islam accepts the existence of a multitude of religions, it came to abolish religious pluralism. Religious pluralism is the recipe for everlasting perdition in Jahannam. Stating this Divine declaration, the Qur’aan Majeed emphasizes:

“Whoever searches for a deen (religion) other than Islam, never ever shall it be accepted from him, and he will be among the losers in the Hereafter.” [Aal-e-Imraan, Aayat 75]

“Verily, Allah is not pleased with people who are faasiqoon (kaafiroon/munaadiqoon).” [At-Taubah, Aayat 96]

These Aayaat and many other Qur’aanic verses emphatically reject acknowledgement of religious pluralism. This is a kufr postulate of the kufr interfaith movement with which all these munaafiqeen have an accord in flagrant denial of the Qur’aan. Further rejecting ‘religious pluralism’ and the interfaith movement, the Qur’aan states:

“This, MY PATH is Straight. Therefore follow it, and do not follow different ways (accords and ideologies), for then it will split you (into satanic accords and sects) and deviate you from His Path. This is what He (Allah) has commanded you (to acknowledge and submit to) so that you may gain taqwa.” [Al-An’aam, Aayat 153]

For Muslims there is no religion other than Islam. There can be no compromise with beliefs which are in conflict with Islam. But to interpret our Islamic attitude to mean ‘hatred’ and ‘hate speech’ is the effect of the evil ideology of the accord characters who profess to be Muslims when in reality they are munaafiqeen.

The hatred Muslims are commanded by Allah Ta’ala to have for kufr does not breed violence. Its effect is only dissociation and to refrain from fraternizing with kuffaar whom the Qur’aan labels as the enemies of Allah because of their kufr.   Muslims are prohibited from fraternizing and praying for those who reject the Tauheed of Allah Ta’ala. The following Aayat which according to the munaafiqeen will undoubtedly be ‘hate speech’ and the advocate of hatred and violence, states:

“It is not befitting for the Nabi and the Believers to seek forgiveness for the Mushrikeen even if they are close relatives after it has been clarified that they are the companions of the Fire (of Hell).” [At-Taubah, Aayat 113]

“When it was made clear to him (Ibraaheem) that his father (because of kufr) was the enemy of Allah, he (Ibraaheem) dissociated himself from him.” [At-Taubah, Aayat 114]

The munaafiqeen of the scrap cape town accord should now state with clarity if this aayat and innumerable other Qur’aanic verses are ‘hate speech’ and if this is advocacy of hostility and violence by the Qur’aan.

Numerous episodes in the life of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah voluminously and vociferously testify to the fact that the Qur’aan’s prohibition of fraternizing and socializing with the kuffaar does not promote hatred for them. We shall mention just two of these numerous incidents to confirm this fact.

Almost every intelligent Muslim is aware of the sternness of Ameerul Mu’mineen Umar Bin Khattaab (Radhiyallahu anhu) who is known as Saahib-Durra (the Man with the Whip). On one of his supervisory excursions of Madinah he found an old and blind Yahudi begging. Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) asked him why he was begging. Responding, the Yahudi said: “Destitution and payment of the jizyah tax.”

Hadhrat Umar, gently taking hold of the Yahudi, led him to the Baitul Maal. After presenting him with a quantity of provisions, Hadhrat Umar ordered the public treasurer of the Baitul Maal to exempt this Yahudi and all other destitute non-Muslims from the jizyah tax, and he furthermore commented something to the effect that it is unfair for us Muslims to take jizyah tax from the old and destitute.

The second episode pertains to Sultan Salaahuddeen (Rahmatullahi alayh). In the midst of a crucial battle a Muslim soldier on horseback succeeded in dropping King Richard of England from his mount. The king continued the combat from the ground with the Muslim soldier on horseback.

Sultan Salaahuddeen was viewing the scene from a distance and he commented: “It is unfair for such a brave fighter to be at such odds.” Overcome emotionally with chivalry, Sultan Salaahuddeen promptly sent his own horse to the king. King Richard mounted the horse and continued the fight. An exaggerated emotion of fairness and chivalry had overwhelmed the intellect of Sultan Salaahuddeen (Rahmatullahi alayh) at that moment, hence he sent his horse to the king and in so doing the pious sultan committed a fatal blunder and a disservice to Islam and the Mujaahideen on the battlefield because the consequence of this kind and chivalrous act of the Sultan was the death and martyrdom of numerous Muslim soldiers and defeat for the Muslim Army. In fact, the Sultan for his kind and chivalrous act was worthy of being court-martialled.

There are numerous such acts of kindness and affection displayed by Muslims for non-Muslims since the time of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) throughout the  history of Islam.

It were the Muslims who gave the Jews refuge during the dark Middle Ages when the Christian Church had invented equipment to torture and rip apart the bodies of Muslims and Jews. The Christian Spanish Inquisition is notorious for such brutality condoned and promoted as acts  of worship by the Christian  Church.

Muslims in North Africa and the sultan of the Ottoman Empire gave the Jews safe haven. All this kindness and affection to non-Muslims by Muslims was despite the Qur’aanic prohibition of socializing and fraternizing with the kuffaar. The objective of this prohibition is to save Muslims from being assimilated into kuffaar lifestyles as is the case today, and thereby destroying their salvation in the Hereafter.

The bigotry of these accord chaps dictates to them to infringe on the freedom of religion and freedom of expression which the constitution of the country grants all people. To achieve their diabolical objective they are at pains to hoodwink the authorities with their claim of ‘hate speech’. But hitherto, they have not yet expounded what exactly the terms of ‘hate’ are of which they accuse the Ulama.

Why have even the liberals and others who are in diametric opposition to the Ulama-e-Haqq withdrawn from this false accord which has produced nothing but discord? What has constrained them to withdraw? The real hate speech of the Shiahs which the cape accord supports has compelled even the liberals and modernists to disembark from the diabolical Cape Discord. Islam’s rejection of religious pluralism is not based on hatred nor is it hate speech as the deviates of the ill-fated cape accord contend.


(h) Stating a superfluity, the accord gang says:

“APPRECIATING that South Africa is a state model of multi-culturalism and diversity of faiths;”

It is their penchant for nonsense which constrained them to include drivel in their scrap accord paper. Of what benefit does this statement serve? No sane person has ever claimed that there is no diversity of faiths and cultures in South Africa. Just what is their stupid or ulterior point in making this redundant statement?


(i) Uttering kufr, the proponents of the scrap accord say:

“NOTING that the right to follow one’s faith or conscience is among the basic human rights that underpins our South African Constitution;”  

This idea is palpably to impress the authorities. If these fellows of the scrap accord had true Imaan, never would they have uttered this statement of kufr. The constitution of the country is secular and has no relationship with The Almighty Creator, hence such provisions of kufr are understandable for a secular state. However, from the Islamic perspective, if the faith is not Islam, adopting it is not a basic human right as the cranks contend.

Allah Ta’ala has ordained Islam for every human being. Thus, the Hadith states very clearly that every child is born on FITRAH, i.e. Islam which is the intrinsic, natural demand of the Rooh (Soul). Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) explicitly mentioned that the parents corrupt this Fitrah. The parents corrupt this Allah-bestowed Fitrah with baatil religions and ideologies. 

The basic human right is Tauheed – Islamic Tauheed – which Allah Ta’ala has embedded in every Soul. The Souls of all mankind had testified to Tauheed in the celestial realm. Mentioning this Pledge given by all Souls, the Qur’aan refers to that occasion when Allah Ta’ala had assembled all the Souls of entire mankind and asked them: “Am I not your Rabb?” In unison, the vast multitude of Souls responded: “Yes (O, our Rabb!)”.

This Pledge taken from the Souls in the celestial realm long long prior to the creation of our physical bodies is revived here on earth by Muslims when they recite the Athaan and Iqaamat in the ears of the newborn babe on the very first day after its birth, as soon as it has been cleansed.

The baby is not as ignorant as these accord and discord munaafiqeen. The Athaan and Iqaamat refresh the memory of the baby, reminding it of the Pledge. The baby possesses greater intelligence than munaafiqeen. Therefore, Allah Ta’ala has commanded the parents to remind their newborn baby of this basic human right of Tauheed. This Pledge of Tauheed and Imaan is the basic human right. Kufr is never a basic human right. It is an artificial ‘right’   fabricated by the kuffaar and adopted by the munaafiqeen who masquerade as Muslims.

Kufr is not a ‘basic human right’ as contended by the cape accord munaafiqeen. Yes, it is aconstitutional right. Man-made constitutions bestow this right. In a true Islamic governed region by the Shariah, the kuffaar citizens will enjoy a ‘constitutional’ right, not a basic human right, to practise their kufr religion.

In South Africa it is our constitutional right to practise our religion. For this right we firstly express our profoundest Shukr to Allah Ta’ala for granting us this freedom. While we are extremely appreciative of this constitutional right, the Muslim community should not abuse it in the manner they are currently doing. The objective for guiding the authorities to grant us the right to practise the Deen is to enable us to adhere to the Sunnah and to make maximum use of this right to submit to Allah’s Shariah. But the reality is that the Muslim community, the vast majority, has thrown the Deen behind their backs. Instead of fulfilling Shukr to Allah Ta’ala for this favour, Muslims have abandoned the Sunnah and have adopted the life style of the western kuffaar in every sphere of life. The lamentable consequence of this treachery is that Allah Ta’ala will inspire the kuffaar authorities to revoke this constitutional right. Then we shall be denied even our basic human right as has happened in many countries. The freedom of religion and expression currently enjoyed by Muslims will be snatched away by Allah Azza Wa Jal as a punishment for our treachery.

Every atom and iota are in Allah’s control. Not a leaf drops from a tree, but it is with His intervention and command. It is of the Sunnah of Allah Azza Wa Jal to snatch away rights and impose oppression on a treacherous community. The Muslim community today is guilty of treason against Allah Ta’ala. The community is awash with fussaaq, fujjaar, zanaadaqah and munafiqeen. Such a community will not escape Divine Chastisement. Kufr is never a basic human right.


(j) “AFFIRMING that such right resonates with the Maqasid of the Shariah in promoting the welfare and goodness of the human being;”  

Those who subscribe to this dastardly blasphemous idea of kufr can never be Muslims.

They are unadulterated munaafiqeen and kuffaar. This belief is kufr which violently militates against the Maqaasid of the Shariah. The juhala who have frauded this kufr drivel do not have the haziest idea of the meaning of the Maqaasid of the Shariah. They have stupidly utilized this terminology to convey Shar’i expertise whilst they are dwelling and drowning in a cesspool of jahaalat and kufr which percolates from every  aperture of their bodies.

Islam came to eradicate every vestige of kufr and shirk. But here in this garbage accord of discord are characters professing to be Muslims whilst promoting blatant kufr. Affirmation of kufr being a basic human right is blatant kufr which expels such a proponent from the fold of Islam. The claim that even kufr which the shayaateen are hallucinating as a ‘basic human right’, achieves the objective of the welfare and goodness of human beings is a blatant denial of the entire Qur’aan. These miserable agents of Iblees are blatantly denying every command of Allah Ta’ala pertaining to the eradication of kufr for which all the battle campaigns of the Sahaabah were waged and for which the Qur’aan was revealed, and for which Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was raised as the Final Nabi of Allah Ta’ala.

This villainous idea of brazen kufr is the very antithesis of Qur’aanic Tauheed. It is the effect of shaitaani insanity to aver that this vile idea of  kufr ‘resonates with the Maqaasid of the Shariah’. On the contrary, it resonates with the maqaasid of shaitaaniyat. It is pure Satanism urinated into their brains by Iblees-in-Chief.

This convoluted kufr, satanic conception which will doom its proponents to everlasting perdition in Hell-Fire resonates and reverberates with the objectives (maqaasid) for which Allah Azza Wa Jal has created Shaitaan. These fellows should apprize themselves of the rudiments of Istinja before venturing in a domain which is beyond their intellectual grasp. They are bereft of any understanding pertaining to Maqaasid of the Shariah. They have only advertised their hidden state of kufr with this corrupt satanic belief.

What human welfare and m goodness can there be in a belief which culminates in man’s ruin and destruction everlasting chastisement in Jahannam? The entire theme of the Qur’aan is anti-kufr. Nothing is as evil as kufr and shirk for which there is no forgiveness if the mushrik perishes prior to having made Taubah. Yet the juhala and munaafiqeen of the haraam Cape Discord affirm goodness for it. Their status in terms of the Shariah is worse than that of the mushrikeen idol-worshippers.


(k) “ASSESSING the critical importance of social stability and peace for the promotion and material welfare of South African Civic Society;”  

This is simply another drivel disgorgement to impress the authorities. It is a drivel utterance devoid of significance and valid meaning. It is calculated to charm and impress with figments of hallucination.

Social stability and the like are the obligations of the government. The breakdown of law and order, the anarchy and the shocking crime rate affirm the failure of the authorities in the domain of social stability and the welfare of society. But a stupid so-called accord by a handful of deviates cannot in any way whatsoever contribute towards the attainment of social stability in the country. The very sinister motive of the haraam Shiah accord is a plot for silencing the Ulama of Islam. It is unable to contribute even an iota towards the stability of society.

The objective of this shaitaani accord of discord is nothing other than to influence and dupe the authorities for achieving the pernicious aim of silencing the Ulama-e-Haqq to enable the Shiahs to propagate their baatil religion without any hindrance of the Haqq.


(l) “DECLARING our firm resolve to dissuade and/or engage and/or take appropriate legal action within the framework of the South African Constitution and the Chapter 9 Provisions against any individual or group who abuses the higher ethical principles of Islam as the basis for a deliberate and unwarranted attack on the dignity of a fellow South African citizen or group or entity with malicious intent, publicity and incitement to harm;”

The formulation of drivel resolutions such as the aforementioned claptrap is an empty threat. It is a toothless mongrel dog. This stupidity has been designed by a stupid conglomerate of munaafiqeen to intimidate the Ulama-e-Haqq in a bid to scare them into silence and abstention from Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar. If they had the slightest idea of the meaning of “the higher ethical principles of Islam”, they would not have acquitted themselves with the puerility which they have displayed in their scrap accord paper. They would have been recluses from whom Tawaadhu’, Sidq, Ibaadat and Taa-at would have exuded. They would not have acquitted themselves with the arrogance they have displayed in their silly scrap accord paper nor would they have been western bootlickers.

Those whose lives were conducted in terms of the higher ethical principles of Islam were the Sahaabah and the Auliya. Men who lap up western concepts of kufr and who emulate the lifestyles of the western kuffaar and who think with brains fitted and strapped with the straitjackets of western indoctrination can never even dream of the meaning of the higher ethical principles of Islam. They disgorge trash, for it is trash that they think.

There is adequate provision in the secular law for instituting haraam legal action against the Ulama if the human-devils (Shayaateenul Ins) are able to establish valid grounds for such haraam action in terms of the laws of the kuffaar. A genuine Muslim does not display this type of sewerage mentality which is inherited from the western masters whom these munaafiqeen bootlick.

A Muslim whose life is conducted in terms of the higher ethical principles of Islam believes and consciously feels in his heart that he is the most contemptible creature of Allah Ta’ala, more contemptible than even a dog. This is the teaching of the higher ethical principles of Islam. But those who are the victims of western kufr indoctrination to which they were subjected to at the kuffaar universities over brim with pride and arrogance. They are unable to bear criticism, especially if it emanates from the Qur’aan and Sunnah, hence they seek the aid of kuffaar courts. They fail to understand that salvation also requires the belief of being more despicable than even the lowly animals. And, this is the teaching of the higher ethical principles of Islam of which the western bootlickers do not have the haziest idea. The following anecdote will illustrate what is meant by the higher ethical principles of Islam.

One day while crossing a narrow bridge, a dog approached from the other side. To avoid brushing against the dog, Baayazid pulled his cloak towards himself. The dog spoke: “Why did you do this? If I am dry, there is no harm in your garment touching me. If I am moist, a little water can cleanse your cloak. But, even the seven oceans cannot purify you of your pride.”

Baayazid said: “You have spoken the truth. While there is zaahiri (external) impurity in you, there is baatini (spiritual) impurity in me. Come live with me so that I may be purified.”

The dog: “We cannot live together. You are the Maqbool (accepted) and honoured) leader of mankind while I am mardood (accursed and buffered). Secondly, I do not hoard a bone for the next day while you hoard food for tomorrow.”

Baaayazid lamented: “Alas! When I am not deserving of the company of even a dog, how can I gain Allah’s Proximity?”

Any sincere Muslim who has been tricked into joining the haraam shaitaani accord, after being apprized of this anecdote will, Insha-Allah, gain a valid understanding of the higher ethical principles of Islam, and he will also realize the Imaani danger in which he has become involved with the miserable accord crowd of munaafiqeen. There are innumerable similar anecdotes of the Auliya who were the highest paragons of Islamic virtue, moral character and ethics – of Akhlaaq-e-Hameedah of which munaafiqeen lack the ability of even hallucinating.


(m) “DO HEREBY, by our signatures hereunder…SOLEMNLY AFFIRM the spirit of the Amman Message and strive to uphold the dignity of Muslims and the positive image of Islam and call upon all South African Muslims to protect, promote and advance this image as commanded by our Prophet Muhammed (Upon Whom Be Peace).”

The Amman message is another specimen of a drivel message. The fact that they have dubbed their ideas the ‘amman accord’ displays their lack of Islamic understanding. Despite the motley of supposedly religious elements at this so-called amman accord professing to be religious personnel they were too stupid to understand that for the Ummah there is only one Accord, and that is the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

These miserable westernized characters searched all over the   show for guidance but could find no direction in the Qur’aan and Sunnah, hence they felt constrained to fabricate and fraud a puerile document which would appease the tastes of the western kuffaar whose boots they are ever ready to lick. Lapping up the vomit of western concepts and ideas, these miscreants forge ‘accords’ of kufr couched in deceptive flowery language termed in the Qur’aan as zukhruful qawl, i.e. satanically adorned speech whispered into convoluted brains by shaitaan.

The only spirit Muslims have to incumbently infuse in themselves is the spirit of the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and this spirit has been extinguished by the Ummah in the wake of the insane emulation of the lifestyle of the West. True Muslims have no affinity and absolutely no desire for a spirit which is a waste product of some kufr ideology such as the amman accord and of the even more ludicrous cape accord.

The positive image of Islam is portrayed only when Muslims adhere to the Qur’aan and Sunnah as did the Salafus Saaliheen. Only these illustrious personalities had displayed the positive image of Islam. The positive image can never be expected to be portrayed by munaafiqeen and Shiah supporters or by western bootlickers and by Muslims who emulate the western way of life. The positive image of Islam is displayed only when all departments of the Deen are implemented in practical life in conformity with the precepts of the Shariah.

Furthermore, the positive image of Islam is not displayed by a desire to impress others. When Muslims submit fully and wholeheartedly to the Shariah and the Sunnah in all aspects of life, then Allah Ta’ala displays the wonderful image of Islam on the adherents of Islam. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Allah elevates the one who adopts humility for the sake of Allah.”  

The Mu’min does not adopt humility or the attributes of moral excellence for gaining elevation or for impressing others. He is completely oblivious of such objectives. His only intention is the attainment of Allah’s Pleasure. When he succeeds in the rectification of his niyyat and his focus is on only Allah Ta’ala, then he is elevated by Allah Ta’ala,  and then he displays the positive image of Islam which guides people towards the destination of the Aakhirat. The objective of this fleeting life on earth is success and salvation in the Aakhirat, not worldly and material prosperity and perfection. This conception of Islam is alien to the western bootlickers who formulated the scrap cape accord designed for only discord.

The call by these votaries of the haraam accord is rejected by the Ummah. Only Shiahs, Shiah supporters and western bootlickers will be receptive to the haraam drivel forged into the scrap paper. But the Ummah has no inclination towards a piece of garbage which has been cunningly but stupidly designed to undermine Islam and to promote Shi’ism with the plot of passing off Shi’ism as Islam. The Ummah rejects the haraam accord in entirety.


(n) “EARNESTLY APPEAL to our communities to be tolerant of the differences of opinion between Muslims and not to escalate intra-faith hostilities between Sufi/Salafi, Sunni/Shi’a, Hanafi/Shaf’i, Barelwi/Deobandi, and Liberal/Conservative schools of thought… “  

What is their conception of toleration? As far as Muslim are concerned there is no tolerance for kufr. This ‘intolerance’ does not promote hate or violence in any manner whatsoever. Its demand is to dissociate from those who promote kufr and deny Tauheed. It precludes us from becoming the bosom friends of kuffaar without advocating hatred for them. And, how is it possible for Islam to promote hatred when the focus of Tabligh and Da’wat is the kuffaar?

Muslims have lived for centuries in South Africa alongside the kuffaar without the slightest perpetration of violence or hatred. Although we adhere to our Deen, never can it be shown that Muslims have ever advocated hatred and violence.

Tolerance for the munaafiqeen of the baatil cape accord is to abandon the proclamation of the Truth. Tolerance for them means that Muslims, especially the Ulama, should refrain from informing Muslim of the kufr which the Shiahs and other modernists are cunningly disseminating among the unwary and ignorant Muslims. Tolerance for these modernist juhala is to maintain silence when the Sahaabah are insulted or when Shi’ism is propagated as Islam.   For the cartel of deviates tolerance is to accept the kufr differences of false religions and ideologies, all the kufr, and to refrain from stating the Haqq which the Qur’aan declares regarding kufr. Tolerance in their understanding means that we all should clamber aboard the kufr interfaith wagon and submit to the kufr articles of faith of this shaitaani ideology.

The averment of ‘intra-faith hostilities’ is a filthy canard. Proclaiming the Truth does not initiate hostility. However, the bigoted modernists and munaafiqeen are the criminals who display lack of tolerance. Since they refuse to listen to the Truth of the Qur’aan which is unpalatable to the Shiahs and other sinister cranks and crooks lurking in the Muslim community, they seek to hoodwink the authorities with their falsehood of hostilities.

There is no Hanafi-Shaafi’ hostility despite the differences. The differences of the Math-habs are honourably accepted. There never ever was any Hanafi-Shaafi’ hostility in South Africa, and to the best of our knowledge elsewhere in the world. Hanafis and Shaafi’s perform Salaat together. The Imaam of the one Math-hab leads the followers of the other Math-hab. The attempt to trade the idea of Hanafi-Shaafi’ hostility in South Africa, is a despicable LIE. We challenge these agents of Shaitaan to produce just one anti-Shaafi’ statement issued by a Hanafi Aalim or vice versa. On the contrary, we have always resolutely propagated that the followers of a Math-hab should zealously adhere to their Math-hab and not become freelancers and slaves of desire as are the modernists who recklessly and ignorantly abandon the Math-hab. The attempt to create the impression of Hanafi-Shaafi’ hostility conspicuously displays the falsity and dishonesty of the accord cartel of deviant modernists.

There is also no Sufi-Salafi hostility in South Africa. These modernist liars are simply compounding their lies. Strident  academic debate is not hostility nor hatred. The debate pertains to academic and doctrinal issues. The parties in the dispute tender their respective arguments. But this is not hostility as the liars of the accord seek to convey. Salafis, Hanafis and Shaafis perform Salaat in the same Musaajid all over the world. There has never been physical hostility in South Africa between the followers of the Math-habs and Salafis as is falsely alleged by the liars of the cape accord. Let them produce their evidence for all their despicable canards.

In fact there is no Muslim-Shiah hostility in the meaning which the modernist juhala munaafiqeen are portraying. The debate pertains to the realm of Amr Bil Ma’roof, and the strident method of acquittal of the Ulama is not hostility. These deviates should elaborate and explain exactly their concept of hostility and how and when did the Ulama ever incite violence.

Hostility emanates from the modernists who label themselves as the ‘liberal school’ in opposition to what they term the ‘conservative school’. There is no liberal and no conservative school of thought in Islam. There is only one Islam – the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Any precept, belief or practice which is in conflict with the Sunnah is not of Islam. There is no room for a liberal school of thought in Islam. Islam is the one and only Islam about which the Qur’aan declares:

“This Day have I (Allah) perfected your Deen for you, and completed for you My Favour, and chosen Islam for you as your Deen.”

The Deen of Islam was perfected more than 14 centuries  ago. The Qur’aan confirms this irrefutable reality. Precepts and opinions which are the products of liberal opinion are kufr. Liberalism is the teaching of the western kuffaar who are the tutors of the deviant liberals who were born in Muslim homes but who abandoned Islam as a consequence of western indoctrination. Proclaiming the modernist deviates such as the cape discord zanaadaqah and munaafiqeen is not an incitement to violence. It is the presentation of the Truth in the manner in which the Qur’aan addresses such issues. The manner is Qur’aanic and the terminology is Qur’aanic.

It is impossible for the Ulama to resort to LIES by pretending that kuffaar, murtaddeen and munaafiqeen are above board when the Qur’aan categorically proclaims them as the inmates of Jahannam. We cannot socialize and fraternize with those whom Allah Ta’ala regards as His enemies. This fact is proclaimed with clarity for the benefit of the zanaadaqah – the modernist deviates and liberals – to induce them to reflect and save themselves from everlasting damnation in Jahannam with their kufr. Their claims regarding hostility are absolutely baseless.

Incidents such as the violence at the Shiah temple in Verulam and the Musjid in Cape Town have no relationship with the Amr Bil Ma’roof of the Ulama.


(o) “ACKNOWLEDGE that we can agree to disagree without disrespect to each other.”  

It is not possible for the Mu’mineen to agree with kufr. This type of agreement is a kufr principle of the western kuffaar. It is not an Islamic principle. Agreement on baatil is haraam. It is incumbent for the Ulama to proclaim the Haqq regardless of its unpalatibility, and no matter how undigrable it may sound. The Qur’aan Majeed states:

“And, the Haqq has arrived and falsehood has perished, for falsehood (by its very nature) must perish.”  

“We strike the Haqq against baatil. Then it smashes out its brains.”

Those bereft of Imaan can find agreement with the variety of forms of kufr, for all breeds of kufr is reality one breed. Al-kufru millatun waahidatun. All persuasions of kufr are in an alliance against Islam. That is why the U.S.A. has succeeded in imposing the cult of Islamophobia on almost the entire kuffaar nations of the world whether they are African, Asian, Arab or European. For all of them the profile of a terrorist is a true Muslim who dresses in Sunnah attire, has a beard, performs Salaat and proclaims the Haqq. And, the munaafiqeen who profess to be Muslims have also joined this league of Shaitaan. Despite overtly reciting the Kalimah and performing mock acts of worship, they cherish an inveterate hatred for the Sunnah and the adherents of the Sunnah. But Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has informed us of these times. He said:

“Then there shall dawn an age when holding on to the Deen will be like holding onto a glowing ember (a red hot coal).”  

Furthermore, for the adherents of the Sunnah, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) announced Glad Tidings from Allah Ta’ala:

“Islam began ghareeb (forlorn and as a stranger). Soon will it return to that state of forlornness. Therefore, Glad Tidings for the Ghuraba (those who practise the Deen when the entire world has turned against them).”


(p) “Communities United Against Hate Speech and Discord.”  

This is the very initial, opening statement of the cape town haraam, bogus accord of discord. The handful of misguided modernist Shiahs or Shiah supporters had made a dishonest attempt to trade the idea that Muslim communities all over the country are in support of this haraam accord. However, they were soon divested of their hallucinatory ‘importance’. They soon discovered that Muslim communities and organizations, far from supporting their hate programme, were opposed to this baatil so-called accord.

There is no ‘hate speech’ against which Muslims are required to unite. Only deviates, munaafiqeen and modernist zanaadaqah require to unite against the Qur’aan and Sunnah. We call on this company of mudhilleen and munaafiqeen to elaborate on their false claim of ‘hate speech’. Since they are embroiled in stirring up hatred with their ‘hate speech’ slander it devolves on them religiously, morally and legally to expound their slander and to pinpoint exactly which are the terms of ‘hate speech’ against which they are seeking a stupid accord. We await their elucidation.

Currently they wander aimlessly in riddles designed to hoodwink and deceive. They will not be inclined to elaborate for fear of their hatred for the Qur’aan being exposed.

Their opening statement confirms that the only motive for the baseless ‘accord’ attempt was to gain support against the Ulama, and that too, a small group of Ulama-e-Haqq who is holding aloft the Banner of Haqq in the ocean of baatil, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr.

There never was the intention of engaging honourably and with sincerity with Muslims. Therefore the deviant zindeeq cartel of modernists did not even attempt to engage liberals in the Muslim community such as the NNB jamiat, bogus uucsa, Darush Shaitaan and similar other ‘Dumb Devils’.

It is of imperative importance to inform the Muslim community that we are dealing with characters who are not Muslims. Despite professing to be Muslim, they are munaafiqeen. For them is their religion and for us is our Deen. And this is Qur’aanic Speech and Qur’aanic Command which will obviously be ‘hate speech’ for the shayaateenul ins.

From the Islamic Perspective the consequence of embracing the “Cape Accord” consisting of diabolical characters is spiritual haemorrhage causing spiritual, moral and intellectual concussion culminating in eternal perdition and doom in the Hereafter.

The platitude of harmony and co-existence piped by these diabolical characters with insipid monotony is kufr because the type of harmony and co-existence which they preach is among the fundamental articles of kufr of the kufr interfaith movement.

KUFR is the worst form of ZULM (OPPRESSION) as mentioned in the Qur’aan Kareem:

“Verily Shirk (Kufr) is Colossal Zulm”.


By Mujlisul Ulama

“That Day (of Qiyaamah when Allah will resurrect them all, then they will take oaths before Him just as they are taking oaths before you (here on earth) whilst they labour under the impression that they are on something valid (i.e. on rectitude). Behold! Verily, they are liars.

Shaitaan has overwhelmed them, and he has made them forget the Remembrance of Allah. Indeed they are the legion of Shaitaan. Behold! The legion of Shaitaan are the losers (in this dunya and in the Aakhirah).

Verily, those who oppose Allah and His Rasool, verily they are in utter disgrace.

Allah has ordained: ‘Verily I and My Messengers will most certainly be victorious. Verily, Allah is Most Powerful and Mighty.

You will not find people who believe in Allah and the Last Day befriending those who oppose Allah and His Rasool even if they (the opponents) are their fathers, or their sons or their brothers or their families. Indeed they are those in whose hearts Allah has engraved Imaan and He aids them (the true Mu’mineen) with a Rooh from Him. He will enter them into Gardens beneath which flow rivers wherein they shall dwell forever. Allah is well-pleased with them, and they are well-pleased with Him. Indeed they are the   LEGION of Allah. Behold! It is the Legion of Allah which will be victorious.” [Surah Al-Mujaadalah, Aayaat 21 – 22]

These gracious Aayaat of the Qur’aan-e-Kareem sum up the status of the mudhilleen and the mudhalleen of the Accord of Dhalaal which is being advertised by munaafiqeen and murtaddeen as the ‘cape accord’. This shaitaani accord consists of opportunists and bootlickers. These spineless fence sitters bereft of Imaan, whilst professing to be Muslims, are today vociferously and jubilantly proclaiming support for the ANC government, for this suits their vile tastes of opportunism. Tomorrow if there happens to be a DA government in power or a government of another persuasion, then these self-same opportunists will swiftly shift their fickle support to the new regime.

In their inordinate quest for contemptible worldly and nafsaani objectives they behave like chameleons, searching for hollow honour. About such trash, Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan Majeed:  

“(The munaafiqeen are) those who take as friends the Kaafireen besides the Mu’mineen. What! Are they searching for honour from them? Verily, all honour belongs to Allah.” [An-Nisaa, Aayat 139]

Their nifaaq confirms their fickleness and total unreliability. Munaafiqeen are always contemptible fence sitters and this is confirmed by the Qur’aan Majeed. In this category fits the MJC and its cohorts. Whilst this outfit dubs itself a ‘Muslim’ judicial council, it lacks in valid understanding of the fundamental rudiments of valid Imaan, leave alone the plethora of Masaa-il regulating the lives of  genuine Muslims – those Muslims upon whom Allah Azza Wa Jal lauds glowing praise in the aforementioned  Aayaat as well as in other Aayaat of the Qur’aan Majeed.

The miscreants of this phantom accord, the ‘cape accord’, have nothing of Islam to present. They only monotonously trumpet some political clichés to appease the politicians and the rulers, and they display their nifaaq by branding the Haqq of the Qur’aan stated by the Ulama-e-Haqq as ‘hate speech’. In terms of their concept of ‘hate speech’, the Qur’aan Majeed and the Ahaadith are replete with ‘hate speech’. Thus they (these modernist, zindeeq miscreants of the shaitaani ‘accord’) are on the same wave length as the French enemies of Islam who are calling for the expungement from the Qur’aan Majeed of all such verses which they deem ‘hate speech’.

Let it be clearly understood that the Qur’aan Majeed is replete with such Aayaat which according to the modernist zanadiqah and the kuffaar are all ‘hate speech’. What these miscreants are saying – the modernist miscreants who profess to be Muslims – is that the Qur’aan promotes violence and hate. This is because they are hidden Shiahs who believe that the Qur’aan Majeed is a fabrication of the Sahaabah who according to them are all murtaddeen.

Shiahs, contrary to their deceptive taqiyah professions, do not believe in the authenticity of the Qur’aan which Muslims have with them today. How is it possible for them to believe in the authenticity of the Qur’aan Majeed when they believe that this Qur’aan which we Muslims have was compiled and fabricated by such a group of people who were all murtaddeen?

Just what do they mean by ‘hate speech of extremists’? And who are the extremists who propagate this ‘hate speech’? They speak with considerable ambiguity designed to beguile and deceive, and to trap the authorities in their canard of ‘hate speech’. Furthermore, the propagation of this canard is the penchant of the modernist, munaafiq Shiah sympathizers and even hidden murtads who have become Shiahs but remain within the folds of the community to undermine Islam in furtherance of the Shiah agenda.

It devolves upon them to refrain from these despicable riddles and to state exactly who are the ‘extremists’ and which of their statements are ‘hate speech’ in the meaning of the secular law of the country, which render them ‘extremists’. In reality, their monotonous slogans of ‘hate speech’ and ‘extremists’ are pure bunkum calculated to beguile the authorities. The motive being the pernicious plot of silencing the Ulama-e-Haqq from stating the Haqq of the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and to accord official Islamic status to Shiahs who are NOT Muslims. They have their own, separate, distinct religion which is the antithesis of the Islam delivered by Jibraaeel (Alayhis salaam) to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the Islam about which the Qur’aan explicitly and emphatically states:

“This Day have I perfected for you your Deen, and completed upon you My favour, and I have chosen Islam as the Deen for you.”

Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan: “Whoever searches for a religion other than Islam, never ever shall it be accepted from him.” Now when we proclaim that those who do not believe in Islam are doomed to everlasting perdition in Jahannam, is this ‘hate speech’? If it is, then all Christians and all Jews should also be accused of hate speech. It is their belief that Muslims are doomed for Hell-Fire. We do not    believe in the kufr/shirk concept of trinity and that ‘Christ died for our sins’, and in all the other doctrines of kufr of the other religions. They too should be accused of ‘hate speech’ for condemning Muslims to Hell-Fire.

Islam teaches that Islam is the sole repository of salvation. Does the MJC and the other modernists and zanadaqah of the MJC’s ilk accept this fundamental doctrine of Islam? They should speak up and proclaim what is concealed in their hearts. At functions such as their haraam ‘iftaar’ party and munaafiq ‘cape accord’ functions, they acquit themselves with flowery speeches to beguile non-Muslims. With their dubious, forked-tongue speeches they seek to convey the idea that Islam accepts all religions to be on the same pedestal. But this is a despicable canard. When the truth is proclaimed, they label it as ‘hate speech’. The Haqq of the Qur’aan when proclaimed is presented as the cause for anarchy such as the atrocity at the Shiah temple in Verulam. Any Muslim of intelligence who has no satanic agenda can understand that what had happened at the Shiah temple was not the deed of Muslims.

There are sinister forces who have a pernicious agenda for abominable perpetrations of this type. All over the world the sinister forces of the West are  creating destabilization to entrench their presence in these lands to enable them to siphon off the wealth and natural resources of these so-called ‘third world’ countries which in reality are the richest lands. They are rich in natural resources in which the West is generally lacking, but the West has succeeded in blinding the peoples and the regimes of these countries convincing them that they are the beggars of the world who cannot survive without western aid.

They have destabilized the extremely wealthy state of Nigeria by creating and fielding Boko Haraam. Now they are busy unfolding the very same conspiracy in the richest province of Mozambique. They have created a phantom ‘Al-Shabaab’ to destabilize the country, and this destabilization will entrench the foothold of the western sinister forces to enable them to become the masters and ‘protectors’ of the natural gas wealth and of the regimes. They will not leave this wealthy country of South Africa in peace.

But it is sad and lamentable that the regimes and the intelligence agencies of these countries have miserably failed to understand these western plots. On the contrary, the West has succeeded in duping them with the ‘jihadist’ phantom. Every atrocity which the West commits is attributed to Islam.

In fact, even vagabonds of the MJC ilk, either on account of   shocking stupidity or calculated design, are attributing such misdeeds to Islam by implication. They too are the victims of western snares. They also subscribe to the utterly ludicrous falsehood that outfits such as Boko Haraam are ‘fundamentalist’ Muslims waging their type of ‘jihad’. Neither are these outfits genuine Islamic organizations nor are they engaging in Jihad as ordained by Islam. 

Let these miserable munaafiqeen and zanadaqah state their belied with clarity on the numerous issues on which Islam clashes violently in belief with Shiahs, Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc., etc. What does the MJC say about those who propagate that:

1) Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) had committed adultery – Nauthubillah -.

2) The Qur’aan is a false book fabricated by the Sahaabah who, according to Shiahs, have reneged from Islam (committed irtidaad)?

3) Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthmaan (Radhiyallahu anhum) had usurped the Khilaafate thereby denying the right of Hadhrat Ali (Radhiyallahu anhu)

4) That almost all the Sahaabah, including the Ashrah Mubash-sharah, will be the inates of Jahannam.

5) That Imaam Mahdi will appear with the true Qur’aan which he has with him in concealment in some cave.

6) That the Shiah Imaams are infallible, sinless and even higher than Ambiya.

7) That Jibraeel (Alayhis salaam) brings Wahi to the Shiah imaams.

8) That Jibraeel (alayhis salaam) had erred in delivering the Wahi of Allah Ta’ala. Instead of delivering it to Hadhrat Ali (Radhiyallahu anhu), he mistakenly delivered it to Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).  

9) And, worst of all – Allah Ta’ala has also committed errors – Nauthubillah! One such example is that Allah Ta’ala erred when He proclaimed in the Qur’aan that the Sahaabah will be in Jannat. This was a Divine error – Nauthubillaah!

Stating these Truths is ‘hate speech’ for the MJC and the ‘cape accord’ cartel. And, they din the ears of the president and the authorities with this falsehood of ‘hate speech’ seeking to convince them that the Haqq stated by the Ulama-e-Haqq is ‘hate speech’ which culminates in atrocities.

These are simply a couple of their virulent beliefs of kufr which Muslims have to compulsorily expose especially in the current scenario where Shiahs and their hidden sympathizers are clandestinely propagating these beliefs of kufr to ignorant Muslims.

While according to the secular constitution of the country it is the right of any person to accept these extremely noxious and repugnant Shiah beliefs, it is our right to conspicuously highlight   and proclaim to our community the kufr of these beliefs. When others propagate kufr, it is not hate speech. But when the Ulama state the truth, then suddenly this is hate speech emanating from extremists.

The formation of the phantom ‘cape accord’ designed for discord is another scrap paper outfit whose only activity is to rant and rave against those who uphold Islam and proclaim the Deen which we have inherited from the Sahaabah. This shaitaani ‘accord’ is well in accord with Shiahs and evilly disposed towards Muslims. They are in bed and at home with Shiahs, but Muslims are aliens to them. This by itself is a revelation of the nifaaq lurking in their hearts. Our statement pertaining to their nifaaq, will also be in their list of ‘hate speech’. But this is the truth.

They are at home with those who denigrate the Sahaabah and deny the Qur’aan while they find those who honour the Sahaabah and uphold the Qur’aan to be aliens. Having befriended Shiahs, they have become alienated from Muslims regarding us as strangers. This is also one of the ways in which the following prediction of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is attaining materialization:

“Islam began Ghareeb (forlorn, regarded as a stranger). Soon shall it return to that (initial stage of) forlornness. Therefore, glad tidings for the Ghuraba (those who adhere to true and original Islam).”

Among the vilest opportunists in the Muslim community is the MJC. Besides carrion-halaalizing for the acquisition of millions of rands in haraam fees and making grandiose senseless statements to hoodwink the audiences, it performs no valid Deeni function. It has miserably failed in handling even marital issues. The MJC is an entity devoid of principles, hence its stances are ludicrously incongruent. 

The MJC’s handling of the Ahmedi issue testifies to this shaitaani incongruency which stems from its religiosity. In its vicious stance against the Ahmedi kuffaar in Cape Town, the MJC had waged its so-called ‘jihad’ on different levels. In addition to the legal battle, violence was employed to evict Ahmedis from the Musjids. It had displayed considerable venom against the Ahmedis. Yet these kuffaar had not denigrated the Sahaabah. The Ahmedis do not subscribe to the host of evil beliefs which constitute Shi’ism. Yet, the MJC is in bed with the Shiahs. It is desirous of an accord with those who disgorge the vilest form of abuse on the Sahaabah.

This pro-Shiah stance despite the intolerable kufr of Shi’ism is the effect of the MJC’s craving for the boodle which is readily available from Iran for its cronies and supporters. It is the monetary lust which formulates volatile ‘principles’ and stances for the MJC. It has long ago traded its Imaan for the jeefah of this dunya.

For the Muslim community in the Western Cape, the MJC is in reality a curse. Perhaps the MJC is Allah’s Athaab for the gross transgression of the Muslim community of that region just as the likes of the NNB fraudulent jamiat with its reverend and pundit is a form of Divine Punishment for the Muslim community of Gauteng and environs. According to the Hadith, the leaders are generally the reflection of the deeds of the people.

Despite the real and literal hate speech and hate tactics which the MJC had adopted for the Ahmedis, the miserable clowns and coons of the MJC are today propagating that the Qur’aanic  Aqaaid which the Ulama-e-Haqq are presenting in refutation of the evil Shiahs are ‘hate speech’.  Supportive of the Shiah accord for despicable ulterior motives, the vile kufr of Shi’ism has become acceptable to the MJC whilst the comparatively lesser kufr of the Ahmedis was so much intolerable that it had justified hate speech and physical violence against Ahmedis. Their haraam opportunism and shaitaaniyat are quite conspicuous for men of intelligence. 

The MJC portrays itself as the leader and representative of the Muslim community of the Western Cape. This image which the MJC always seeks to project of itself is a massive deception. The government has become the victim of this deception. Generally, the Muslim community in the Western Cape does not follow the MJC. The MJC has not been an asset for the community.  Whilst the MJC projects itself as a supporter of the ANC, it is unable to procure votes for the ANC.   Despite such a large majority of Muslims in Cape Town, the DA is in power. Most voting Muslims in the Western Cape vote for the DA. They do not heed the call of the phantom self-proclaimed ‘leader’. The government should study the scenario and not become the victim of MJC deception. The MJC is a phantom which does not represent the Muslim community.

The so-called ‘cape accord’ which in reality is an entity of Discord, is haraam for Muslims. The bigoted modernists and munaafiqeen label this statement as ‘hate speech’. When we say that trinity is kufr and its believers are destined for Jahannam, they say it is ‘hate speech’. When we say that worshipping idols is kufr and its worshippers will everlastingly languish in Jahannam, they say it is ‘hate speech’. In short, the whole of Islam is ‘hate speech’ for the munaafiqeen Shiah sympathisers. In their understanding, a substantial portion of the Qur’aan should be expunged, and Qur’aanic terminology should not be   mentioned. Shar’i facts should not be labelled with the appropriate Qur’aanic terminology as prescribed by Allah Azza Wa Jal. This is their conception of the satanic cape accord’ which has absolutely no room for acceptance in the Shariah.

The only accord acceptable to Muslims is the Divine Accord stated in the Qur’aan Shareef.   Commanding this Accord, Allah Azza Wa Jal states:

“He who denies taaghoot (the devil and his agents) and believes in Allah, verily, He has held on to a powerful Accord.?????????????

The Qur’aanic Accord demands dissociation from kufr and all accords of kufr. It demands Imaan. But the ‘cape accord’ is structured on kufr with which Muslims cannot have any truck.

Dissociation from a kuffaar accord fabricated by Shiah supporters  is not hatred nor hate speech.

Co-existence and harmony are possible for Muslims within the confines of the Shariah. The requisite for such co-existence is that those who pretend to desire co-existence should not attempt to shove kufr down our throats nor should they expect us to honour and forge friendship with those who revile the Azwaaj-e-Muttahharaat and the Sahaabah. For them is their religion and for us is our religion. If they learn to tolerate the Haq we state, there will be no need for a stupid accord.

The actual motive for the ‘accord’ plot is to promote Shi’ism to unsuspecting and ignorant Muslims, and for the modernist munaafiqeen to hoist themselves as the leaders of the Muslim community. But they were too dim in the brains to understand that their stupid attempt would be doomed for failure just as the attempt by bogus ‘uucsa’ to   elevate itself to the pedestal of Muslim leadership and to trade the idea of it being the sole  representative of the Ulama and the community of South Africa. All such dishonest and fraudulent exercises end in failure with greater discord.

For the MJC and its ilk, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“What! Do you search for honour by them? (Know that) all honour belongs to Allah.”

Precisely what is the conception of toleration and co-existence which the MJC propagates in its bootlicking of the Shiahs and the political leaders? Muslims have co-existed with Shiahs and lived in harmony for over a thousand years in the various Muslim countries. The Ulama had not preached violence against them. When the Taliban established  themselves as the rulers of Afghanistan, they did not maltreat the Shiahs. Not a single Shiah temple was demolished by the orthodox Taliban. There was   co-existence and harmony. Of course, the Shiahs understood that they had to behave themselves and keep their villainous attitudes and beliefs to themselves. They did not antagonize Muslims by propagating hatred for the Sahaabah. But these stupid modernist munaafiqeen of the scrap cape accord satanically give out the message that our proclamation of the Shiahs as kuffaar is hate speech. This is Islam’s belief. This is the belief of the Ummah, and we should not be expected to submit to the satanic ideologies of Shiahs and their munaafiq supporters hiding in the folds of the Muslim community.

The unity of the Ummah is dependent on the Qur’aanic Accord which Allah Ta’ala describes as Hablullaah (The Rope of Allah).

“Hold on to the Accord of Allah (Hablullaah) and do not split up.”  

Without adhering to the Sunnah, there will never be unity among Muslims. Unity with Shiahs cannot be expected in our wildest dreams nor be hallucinated in any way. But this is not propagation of violence nor hate speech. It is the reality to which Muslims subscribe, and which no haraam ‘accord’ of any kind can ever abrogate. It is essential that all these opportunists and munaafiqeen understand this message clearly. They may fabricate their accord with the Shiahs, but should not seek to hoist it on Muslims. They will miserably fail.

A detailed analysis of the baatil terms of the cape accord shall be published soon, Insha-Allah.


By Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (rahmatullah alayh)

[This article was prepared before the World Cup 2010, which was hosted by South Africa. The advices relate and apply to all sports events, which are in conflict with Islamic teachings.]

The hype and talk presently is the World Cup. Soccer-mania has gripped the mind, the heart, the speech, the time and the money of many, many Muslims.

And these many, many Muslims argue: “It’s ONCE IN A LIFETIME…We are the HOST country … It’s the World Cup which cannot be missed at any cost…”.

And we naively believe that these reasons give us the go-ahead to support, promote and participate.

But there is one serious fact that makes us unsuitable and incompatible for what I would describe as an International “upsurge of sins” – and that reason is: We are Muslims. And we are very fortunate that we are Muslims. As such, there is no compatibility between a Muslim and sin.

Let us discuss why we, as Muslims, cannot and should not align ourselves to the World Cup and other such sporting events.

Let us read with an open heart and mind.



It is a common observance, that many, many Muslims are totally neglectful of Salaah when it comes to International, National or local sporting events.

Even those who have some link with the Masaajid, will choose to forego Salaah in Jamaat and even the Salaah itself, so as not to miss a moment in watching men run after a ball. Men, running after a ball – Is this intelligent?

Let us relate this to real life and the inevitable: How will this benefit us in this world and the hereafter? Will any one of these sports players be able to intercede on our behalf, before Allah Ta’ala, when we have to account for our actions, for our indulgence in futile and even Haraam activities?

Our Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said: “…Do not forgo Salaah intentionally, lest you should get out of the fold of Islam. Do not perpetrate disobedience to Allah, lest you deserve His Wrath…”

Rasulullah (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) also said: “The dividing line between Kufr and Imaan is Salaah.” And : “A person who has missed one Salaah is like one who has lost all his family and wealth.”

Just as we would be grief-stricken at the loss of all of our beloved family members and the loss of all of our wealth, properties, and everything else, similarly should we grieve over losing even ONE Salaah?

Those few who do perform Salaah at the stadium or grounds, whilst the shouting, screaming, music, drink and other sins are being engaged in simultaneously, should think for themselves of what a display of hypocrisy they make. Because that is exactly what it is: Hypocrisy.


Allah Ta’ala mentions in the Qur`aan Shareef, in Surah Munafiqoon:

“But honour belongs to Allah, His Messenger and the Believers…”

[Surah Munafiqoon 63 : 8]

And in Surah An-Nisaa:

‘…To those who take for friends unbelievers rather than Believers: is it honour they seek among them? Nay, – all honour is with Allah.’

To deal honestly and truthfully with disbelievers or to assist the poor and needy amongst them, are from the teachings of Islam.

However, to integrate with them in such a manner, that we lose our Islamic identity or give up on our Islamic culture is prohibited because this is extremely harmful to one’s Imaan.

Many have given up Imaan and Islam due to very close friendship and relationship with those who do not believe in Allah Ta’ala, His Final Messenger (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) and the Day of Judgement.

…So we find people going absolutely crazy and wild over soccer players, cricket players and their likes. And one wonders, what is all the clamour and fuss about… when their “outstanding” achievement in life seems to be, kicking, throwing or hitting a ball? Does this call for hero-worship? Is this our shallow understanding of success as Muslims?

Do we not know that the most successful of all people are the Ambiyaa and their followers? Are we even aware of the tremendous successes of the Sahabah? They were MEN. And Brave Men. Their history, their feats, their conquests drown out the thousands of insignificant goals scored by soccer players.

In fact, there cannot be any comparison and likeness. The lives of the Sahabah (Radhiyallahu Anhum) were constructive and productive – for their Deen and Aakhirah, as well as for those who emulate them. The lives of these players are destructive to their hereafter, as well as for those who are obsessed with them and emulate them.

We should reflect over our obsession, veneration and craze of film-stars, sport-stars and others who are presently the enemies of Allah Ta’ala. …A warning has been sounded, directing us to make sincere Taubah.

Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur`aan Shareef:

‘O People of Imaan! Do not take My enemies and your enemies as friends, inclining towards them with love. Verily, they have rejected the truth which has come to you (from your Rabb)…’

[Surah Mumtahina 60 : 1]

We seem to very easily forget that we are Muslims and all Muslims have dangerous enemies: So whilst our enemies shrewdly convince us to spend thousands of Rands, waste our energy and time on useless, futile sports such as the World Cup and other sporting events, they gleefully bomb, kill, rape, oppress and harass our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world … but we are so intoxicated with World Cups, cricket and soccer matches, that we don’t even know our enemies have deceived us!

Have we not witnessed enough enmity in Occupied Palestine, in Pakistan, Kashmir, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and other parts of the world? Those who were considered friends and companions were the first to assault, kill, maim and even rape our Muslim brothers and sisters, for no other reason than that they are Believers in Allah Ta’ala. …Have we not taken any lesson? Have we not witnessed the blood of the Muslims flowing in Bosnia, like rivers?

When we claim to have love for Allah Ta’ala, how can we love these types of sporting events?

Allah Ta’ala advises us:

“O you who Believe! Take not for friends unbelievers rather than Believers : do you wish to offer Allah and open proof against yourselves?”

…In other words, we should not make the unbelievers our bosom pals.

Once again, it does not mean that we should not treat them with kindness, deal honestly and assist when there is need. …However: Will participation and support in the World Cup attract them towards Islam?


Almost every venue, event and occasion today seems to demand “music” as part of the entertainment. As Muslims, we know fully well, that music is not the “pleasure” of a true believer because Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) specifically mentioned that one of his objectives was to destroy musical instruments.

Rasulullah (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said: “My Rabb has commanded me to destroy all musical instruments…” and also: “Music causes hypocrisy to grow in the heart just as water causes crops to grow.”[1]

According to another Hadeeth of Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam): ‘Music is from shaytaan and accommodating it in anyway is Nifaaq (hypocrisy).’

One of our pious elders (DB) warned about the harms of music: “Beware of music because music reduces modesty and shame, it increases lust and destroys one’s dignity and respect. Its effect is like the effect of alcohol.”

Then, would it be morally correct for a MUSLIM to be present at an event where music is ‘a must have’?


The Ahadith make mention : “Wine is the gatherer of sin.”[2], “Wine is the leader of all indecency and is from among the major sins…” [3]

Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) also said : “Abstain from consuming wine, for verily it is the key to all evil.”[4]

Every person that is associated to alcohol – be it the manufacturer, the one who transports, the one who sells, buys or serves comes under the curse of Allah Ta’ala.[5] And those who keep company and incline towards the transgressors have to contend with the same consequences, for Allah Ta’ala warns us:

“And do not incline towards the wrongdoers, lest the fire should catch you, and you have no supporters other than Allah, then you should not be helped.” [Surah Hud 11 : 113]


Allah Ta’ala says :

“And come not near to Zina. Verily it is a shameful and evil path.”

[Surah Al- Isra 17 : 32]

It is a very evident fact that these events promote Zina in abundance. Besides adultery of the eyes which is also categorized as zina and which is very common at these types of venues, with the indecent and revealing attire, there is actual zina that is being promoted and advertised.

With the thousands of prostitutes who are visiting our country and the thousands more who are local – what else can be expected, except an escalation in adultery and fornication and a much higher risk of very severe punishment descending… (May Allah Ta’ala protect us from His punishment)

The summary and outline of various Ahaadeeth, is that plague, poverty and diseases which were unheard of previously, earthquakes, drought and destruction, birth of illegitimate children, and even escalation of deaths will follow in the wake of adultery and immorality.

If a person commits adultery, then the priceless and invaluable commodity of Imaan is removed from his body. Hazrat Abu Hurairah (Radhiyalluhu ‘anhu) reports that Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam said: ‘Allah Ta’ala removes the Imaan of that person who drinks wine or engages in adultery like how one of you removes his shirt from his head’.[6]

Then what will be the condition of the person who dies whilst committing zina?


Allah Ta’ala states explicitly :

“…And do not squander recklessly. Surely, squanderers are brothers to shayateen, and shaytaan is very ungrateful to his Lord.” [Surah Bani Israeel 17 : 26/27]

Spending R800 or R1000, whether more or less, on one ticket – and we know many are spending much, much more, on many tickets – is money wasted, and wastage and squandering are categorized as sin in Islam – whether on that which is permissible or otherwise. Moreover, the sin is compounded when it is being spent to view something at a place hosting a combination of evils.

Besides the tickets for the various matches, much more money will be spent on travel and accommodation – with airfares and rates going through the roof.

Consider how many loaves of bread, how many litres of milk or necessities of life, could have been provided for thousands who live below the bread line or thousands more who are in dire need of medical assistance… How can we be so complacent when so many are without food, water, electricity, medicine and other needs?

Doesn’t our Imaan and conscience trouble us in the least?

Wastage and extravagance are a cause of drought, high cost living and other forms of punishment, as drawn from the Ahadeeth – and it is what we are seeing all around us.


Islam has gifted us with a dress code, which identifies us as Muslims – which makes us flag-bearers of Islam, representatives of Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) and Inviters to Islam. We have been expressly forbidden from adopting any semblance with the cultural or religious dressing style of people of other faiths..

By wearing soccer t-shirts, caps, bags with the 2010 football logos clearly indicates our love and support for the event and the culture. Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said: “The one who imitates others is not of us.” And: “Whoever imitates a nation is from amongst them.”

We are the nation of Islam, and should be rightly proud of our beautiful culture and dress because it is the culture and dress of the greatest after Allah Ta’ala, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam). …It is the height of foolishness to exchange diamonds for stones.


The disbelievers have no concept of segregation. They advocate mixed gatherings because it facilitates more sins and immorality. It works in their favour because there is easy gratification of sensual desires and sinful pleasures.



Allah Ta’ala mentions in the Qur’aan Shareef:

“Do you then think that we created you in jest and that you would not be brought back to us (for an account)?” [Surah Mu`minoon 23 :115]

Our purpose for being sent to this world is definitely not play and amusement.

“We created not the heavens, the earth and all between them, merely in (idle) sport.” [Surah Ad-Dukhaan 44:38]

However, Allah Ta’ala and His Rasul (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) do not deprive us of enjoyment and entertainment. The Shari’ah and the Sunnah accommodate and give guidance for a Muslim with regards to Halaal, permissible entertainment, humuor, laughter, play and relaxation. However, there is certainly no scope for events that feature Haraam indulgences.

Moreover, deliberate and planned sins do not feature in a Muslim’s life.

The reality of the “World Cup” and other national and International sporting events, is that they are a dangerous fusion of major sins.

And when sins increase and multiply then we invite a punishment in proportion to that disobedience. …Haven’t we taken lesson from Tsunamis, Gale-force winds, Hurricanes and Earthquakes that left nothing but devastation in their wake? Are we immune to such disaster? Are we safe from punishment?

It is reported that once Amr Ibn Absa (R.A) asked Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) which Hijrat (migration) is the best and he said: “That you leave what your Lord dislikes.”

One of our great Scholars had said very aptly: “It baffles me to see a people who are advised to get their provision and are called upon that the departure time is due, yet they sit down playing.”

Our boarding passes were given to us the moment we entered this world … and that boarding pass is for boarding the flight of death. We have been informed and advised of the long journey ahead and the much needed provision for the journey – but how strange, that we choose to while away our time and accumulate nothing for what lies ahead.

As has been said: “The knife is being sharpened, and the oven is being heated up, yet the ram is still eating the fodder.”

The knife of death has been sharpened, our graves have been selected and are waiting for us to take residence in them. …Despite knowing this, we “graze” complacently in disobedience – unconcerned that that knife is ready to strike us at any time.

Allah Ta’ala states :

“O People of Imaan! Save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is men and stones…” [Surah At-Tahreem 66 : 6]

“Your (real) friends are (no less than) Allah, His Apostle, and the (fellowship of) Believers, – those who establish regular prayers, and regular charity, and they bow down humbly (in worship).

As for those who turn (for friendship) to Allah, His Rasul and the (fellowship of) Believers – it is the fellowship of Allah that must certainly triumph.” [Surah Maa`idah 5 : 58/ 59]

Of course, all that has been stated will not go down well with everyone. It is for those who want to be good ambassadors of Islam, pleasing Allah Ta’ala and His Beloved Rasul (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam).

This article is for my own reflection and an invitation to my Muslim brothers and sisters to reflect with an open mind. I make Dua that Allah Ta’ala protects me and the Ummah from all fitnah.