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The reason for this enquiry is to have a proper and an unbiased understanding of the causes of the ikhtilaaf, operational approach and how the respected elders of the ‘opposing’ sides dealt with and treated each other. We also wish to defend ourselves from biased and wild attacks levelled by certain quarters.

1)  Briefly, please explain what caused such huge differences and disputes which necessitated the split and the formation of opposing institutions regarding both the abovementioned Darul Ulooms.

2)  Are there any marked differences in the operation and management of both sides in both Darul Ulooms?

3)  We believed that Mashaaikh from each quarter accorded such love and respect normally witnessed and demonstrated by only pious Mashaaikh and Elders of the past. Could Maulana throw some light on this.  We do hope that your reply will further enhance the image of the Institutes and Ulema in our sight. Was-salaam

(End of the query)

ANSWER (By Mujlisul Ulama):

The concise replies to your questions are:

(1) Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Hubbud Dunya (love of the world) is the root of every evil.” Westerners, making a slight change in this narration say: “The love of money is the root of all evil.”According to Islam, everything besides Thikrullah and whatever aids Thikrullah, is the dunya, and Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: Ad-Dunya jeefah (The world is carrion).

It was this jeefah – the love of worldly carrion – which had caused the lamentable and heart-rending split in these August Institutions. Allah Ta’ala was given a back seat and the nafs took over, hence the daggers were drawn to cut the throats of one another.

(2) There is no marked difference in the modus operandi and systems of the opposing Darul Uloom camps. They teach the very same Aqeedah and Shariah.

(3) You are deluded in your understanding. If the respect and love which had diffused every capillary of the former Aakaabir who had established these wonderful Institutions had existed in the Ulama who were responsible for the fracas, then the satanic splits would not have occurred. But the nafs demanded the fulfilment of its dictates of hubbud dunya/jah and hub-e-maal, hence respect and love were expunged from the equation. Brother to understand these satanic developments it is necessary to be on the ground where we were and saw the  unravelling shaitaaniyat at first hand.

We  say with sadness that  there is no conundrum in the differences  between the then senior Ulama of  Darul Uloom Deoband and Mazaahirul Uloom which led to the shaitaani split up of these two august Institutions of Ilm-e-Deen.

The one and only  cause for the splits was Hubbud dunya/jah and Hubbul Maal –the love for the world and for name, fame and money. The very same evil has caused the split in the Tablighi Jamaat. However, regarding the Tabligh Jamaat, an additional factor was their haraam ghulu’. These twin diseases had overwhelmed the intelligence of the Ulama, hence they became forgetful of the Objective of Life and of the Hisaab in Qiyaamah. They hankered after the jeefah(carrion) of the dunya, hence they became implacable enemies.

The  splits were not motivated by Deeni  objectives. The Deen was the furthest from the minds of the contending Ulama.  Brother, we are  in the era known as Aakhiruz Zamaan. These kinds of fitnah have been predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Instead  of being Guiding Stars in the darkness for the Ummah, the Ulama have become pirates and  misguides.

The Ulama are concerned with their mini-empires, their  particular Darul Uloom buildings. They  lack  vision. They are not concerned with the Ummah burning in the fires of fisq, fujoor, bid’ah, kufr and fitnah.

Darul Uloom Deoband had committed one of the worst acts of Shaitaaniyat when the Ulama had organized the 100 year  merrymaking festival to celebrate the centenary of Darul Uloom Deoband. It was a  haraam celebration from beginning to end. It was a  lamentable and grievous betrayal of  the Deen and of the Maqaasidfor which the Akaabir had established that august Institution.

Brother, Ilm is no longer imparted for the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. The objective   of Ilm today has become satanic. It is being imparted for worldly objectives, and this was predicted by our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Since the hearts iof the Ulama of this era  are corrupt to the core, their brains have become fossilized

and incapable of seeing the light of Hidaayat. All fear for Allah Ta’ala has departed from them. Therefore they have become a Jamaat of Bootlickers – bootlicking and emulating the Yahood and Nasaara right into the “lizard’s hole”.

The Ahaadith are replete with  predictions of the type of Ulama-e-Soo’ of the later times –  times such as  we are currently experiencing. Just imagine, Ulama or so-called Ulama or Munaafiqs posing as Ulama and masquerading as Muslims – going  to the kuffaar court to plead for the Musaajid to  remain closed – pleading for the Daily Fardh  and Jumuah Salaat to be banned, and trying with might and main  to prove to the kuffaar court that the Houses of Allah are the worst spreaders of disease.

In former  times, every Madrasah was a veritable Khaanqah and every Ustaad was a Shaikh who diligently   kept under observation the Akhlaaq of his students. But the Darul Ulooms are now staffed by only mercenaries. The only  objectives are the dunya and the nafs. That is the root cause of the problems and the infighting in every  Madrasah.  The contending groups are jockeying for cheap and stupid power  to gain cheap and stupid publicity and fuloos (carrion money).

This was the only cause for the break up of Darul Uloom Deoband, Mazaahirul Uloom and for the Tabligh Jamaat. O our Brother! Cry and complain to Allah Ta’ala. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on this errant and lost Ummah.

As bitter as the reality is, the Haqq has to be proclaimed. We do not belong to those  about whom the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“They take their  Ulama and their Buzroogs as gods besides Allah, and also  Isaa Ibn Maryam (they take him for a rabb).”


Question: In Bangladesh, the Qoumi Ulama-Keraam are the supporters of Shura-e-Nezaam of Tablig Jamaat. They have totally rejected the Sa’d group members who are described as the ‘ITA’ATI GROUP’ in Bangladesh.

One of my friends is a supporter of the Sa’d group. But his parents are with the Shura-e-Nezaam of the Tablig Jamaat. His parents are very much upset with him due to his being with the Sa’d group.

Considering both groups are the same, is it permissible for the son / daughter to be an active member / supporter of the Sa’d group, thus upsetting the parents? Will the son / daughter be guilty of disobeying the parents?

Answer (by Mujlisul Ulama):

The better and correct option is not to be a supporter of any of the two Tablighi Jamaat factions. Both factions are astray and soiled with ghulu’ (haraam extremism).

Nafsaaniyat has gripped them, and is directing both groups. They are prepared to kill each other.

In this corrupt haraam scenario the safety of one’s Imaan and Akhlaaq is to steer clear of both groups.

Do not participate in their shenanigans. You may sit in the bayaans of any group without being a supporter of either group.

The son / daughter will be guilty of sin for disobeying the orders of parents who prohibit their child from being a supporter of either faction. In this case it is not an issue of Haqq versus Baatil. It is a case of nafs versus nafs, and both groups are astray.

When Jihaad is not Fardh-e-Ain, then for even this great and wonderful Ibaadat, the son may not embark on it without the consent of his parents.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself had refused consent for participation in Jihaad out of consideration for parents. If any parent refuses permission, then it will be haraam to participate in a Jihaad which is not Fardh-e-Ain. Relative to Jihaad, the Tabligh Jamaat as it stands today, has absolutely no Shar’i status. It is haraam to participate in its activities without parental consent.



Question: A Tablighi Jamaat member says that people of status such as the ameers of the Tabligh Jamaat will not be questioned on the Day of Qiyaamah. They will enter Jannat without being questioned. Please comment on this claim.

Answer (By Mujlisul Ulama):

It is false to claim that a person of status, e.g. an ameer, will not be questioned on Qiyaamah. This jaahil’s claim is akin to kufr. On the contrary, the questioning for an ameer will be most intense and fearful. Even Ameerul Mu’mineen Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) did not escape intensive interrogation and reckoning in Barzakh.

The tablighi people are generally astray. They suffer from pride and ignorance, hence they talk much drivel in the name of the Deen. It is because of their arrogance and ignorance that the tabligh jamaat has split into two hostile factions each one trying to kill the other one. Each jaahil faction is waging ‘jihad’ against its adversary.


From Mauritius a Molvi Sahib querying the status of the Tabligh Jamaat, writes:

Q. What is the status of the Tabligh Jamaat.  Among its beliefs, practices and attitudes are the following:

(1) They regard their specific methodology of tableegh to be Fardh-e-Ain. In both belief and practice they display this attitude.

(2) They narrate maudhoo’ (fabricated) and extremely dha-eef (weak) narrations, and justify these on the basis of far-fetched interpretation.

(3) They resort to tahreef-e-ma’nwi of the Qur’aan and Ahaadith, e.g. they apply the Aayaat and Ahaadith of Jihad to their specific method of tableegh. The fadhaa-il which are related specifically to Jihad are applied to their tareeqah of tableegh.

(4) They regard only their method to be valid tableegh while they despise all other forms of Tableegh such as Madaaris, Khaanqas, etc.

(5) They are opposed to Qur’aan dars. They believe that teaching the Qur’aan leads to disunity.

(6) A mubah practice leads to fasaad on account of the excesses.

(7) Unqualified persons are appointed zimmidaars.

What is the Shariahs view regarding the Tabligh Jamaat movement on the basis of these factors? Is it therefore not proper to declare the Tabligh jamaat a deviant sect?

ANSWER (by Mujlisul Ulama):

Undoubtedlythere is much ghulu’ (haraam extremism) in the Tabligh Jamaat. All the facts you have enumerated, besides No.5, are correct. The Tabligh Jamaat is undoubtedly veering away from Siraatul Mustaqeem.

With regard to No.5, above, the Jamaat is not anti-Qur’aan. Anyone who is opposed to the Qur’aan becomes a kaafir. The reason for not allowing Qur’aan dars, is to avoid baatil being imparted. Qur’aan dars is not to be imparted by laymen. Most of the speakers and ‘zimmidaars’ of the Jamaat are from the masses or lack adequate expertise.  Baatil interpretations  from baatilcommentaries  will be propagated under the auspices of the Tabligh Jamaat if  Qur’aan dars is allowed. The Tabligh Jamaat has six principles. It is necessary that they remain within the confines of their SIX points in order to ensure that the Jamaat stays on the course of the Shariah. Divergence from the six points will lead to greater corruption and propagation of baatil.

The Tabligh Jamaat is a mass movement, hence infiltration by baatil and corrupt elements cannot be avoided. People from baatil sects can easily infiltrate and misguide their audiences with baatil commentaries. Therefore not allowing Qur’aan dars is valid.

Although it is conceded that the Tabligh Jamaat has strayed from Siraatul Mustaqeem, at this juncture it is not appropriate to label the Jamaat a deviant sect. However, if the Jamaat continues along its current trajectory of ghulu’, then the time will come when there will be no option but to excommunicate the Tabligh Jamaat for having become one of the baatil sects. It is our fervent dua that the elders of the Jamaat divest themselves of the bigotry and ghulu’ which have fossilized their thinking. Thus, they are unable to discern the grievous errors which have already corroded the Jamaat and split the Jamaat into two hostile factions each one harbouring intense shaitaani hatred for the adversary.

It is undeniable that innumerable Muslims all over the world have derived considerable Deeni benefit from the activities of the Jamaat. In the curriculam  of the Jamaat there  is nothing in conflict with the Shariah. It is the shaitaani attitude of ghulu’ which has developed in the Jamaat which threatens the existence of the Tabligh jamaat as a movement of Haqq.

The Tablighi groups all over the world are still engaging in teaching only what the Shariah allows. Their ta’leem is restricted to the Kalimah, Tahaarat and Salaat. They are not propagating beliefs of baatil. It is only their evil attitude of ghulu’ stemming from ujub and kibr  which has sullied the Jamaat. Their success which they lamentably base on numbers, has intoxicated them with pride and vanity, hence the ghulu’. They measure success on the basis of the number of people attending Ijtimas, on the number of busloads of people, and the number of jamaats sent out.

They have not understood the true Maqsad of the movement.  They are fossilized into the idea that the Tabligh Jamaat is the Maqsad (the actual objective of tabligh). They have also failed to understand the meaning of Tabligh, hence they believe that only their specific methodology is tabligh, and all other Deeni activities are futile. This attitude is indeed lamentable and dangerous.

Despite the many ghulu’ deviances, it is not proper at this juncture to brand the Tabligh Jamaat a sect of baatil. The Jamaat is like a damaged ship, listing on its side and adrift on the ocean. It can still be saved from sinking and perishing. It is incumbent for those Ulama who understand the ghulu’ of the Jamaat, to resort to Amr Bil ma’roof.Intelligent people who are not Ulama should also draw the attention of the Jamaat people to their grave errors. Silence and condonation of the evil ghulu’ are aiding the process of the destruction of the Jamaat.

The ghulu’ compound of the Jamaat consists of a number of evil ingredients:

(1) The notion that Tabligh is confined within the specific methodology of the Tabligh Jamaat.

(2) Deriding all other forms of Tabligh.

(3) Believing that the Tabligh Jamaat is like the Ship of Hadhrat Nooh (Alayhis salaam). The implication of this corrupt understanding is that whoever is not in the Tabligh Jamaat is a kaafirdoomed for perdition.

(4) That the specific method of the Tabligh Jamaat is Fardh-e-Ain.

(5) Misinterpretation of the Qur’aanic Aayaat and Ahaadith to convey the idea that the Fadhaa-il for Jihaad substantiated by Nusoos apply to the specific Tabligh Jamaat methodology. This is tahreef (haraam interpolation and misinterpretation).

(6) Insisting stupidly on joining the Jamaat for extended periods although adequate arrangements for the family at home are not made. Many Tablighi chaps abandon their families, leaving them without sufficient house expenses and without mahrams.

(7) Condoning, in fact, even encouraging women who join the Tabligh Jamaat to travel without mahrams if not available.

(8) The Makshufaat groups which are erroneously dubbed ‘masturaat jamaat’.

9) Wasting huge sums of money on ijtimas when there is no real and no imperative need. These ijtimas are gradually assuming bid’ah proportions.

10) Amenability to Bid’ah. Since the focus has shifted from the Maqsad of Tabligh, Bid’ah has crept into the Jamaat. Among their Bid’ah acts is the haraam act of expunging the Shariah’s rule pertaining to Sunnatul Muakkadah Salaat. Ittisaal (i.e. joining or performing without undue delay)between the Fardh and Sunnatul Muakkadah is Waajib. After the Fardh of Zuhr, Maghrib and Isha’, there are two raka’ts Sunnatul Muakkadah. Instead of engaging in the Sunnatul Muakkadah immediately after the Fardh, the Tablighis have introduced the practice of kitaab-reading. This act is in flagrant disregard for the Shariah. They accord preference to their own methodology over the Shariah. Thus this practice is Bid’ah.

Another Bid’ah, is to interfere with the concentration of the Musallis. Even before the Musallis have completed their Sunnat Salaat, the Tablighis rush to the front, face the Musallis who are still engaged in Salaat, and disturb them with their announcement to join in the bayaan. This is indeed shameless and demonstrating disregard for the communion the Musallis have with Allah Ta’ala in Salaat. They lack the patience to wait until the Musallis have completed their Sunnat and Nafl Salaat. The haste they display in this impermissible performance is further evidence for the Jamaat having lost focus of the actual objective of Tabligh.

(11) Loss of Focus. A glaring example of loss of focus is the Jamaat’s wooing of villains such as Tariq Jameel whose religion brings within its scope acceptance of the baatil of Shiahs and of any and all hues of Fussaaq and Fujjaar.  Merely because this Dajjaal is able to attract crowds, does the Jamaat deem it appropriate to include the villain within their ranks regardless of his blatant Shar’i infractions. Since the Maqsood is no longer the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, shaitaan has adorned baatil with deceptive ‘hikmat’ for acceptance by the Jamaat.

Once the public in Deoband had desperately kicked up considerable shaitaani smoke against Hadhrat Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi (Rahmatullah alayh) who had rejected the proposal to appoint a prominent faasiq to be a member of the Shura Council of Darul Uloom. The severity of the fitnah had threatened the closure of the Madrasah. Senior Ulama advised Hadhrat Gangohi to accept the membership of the faasiq to save the Madrasah closing. Thousands of Students would be deprived of Ilm-e-Deen if Darul Uloom had to close.

Hadhrat Gangohi, Imaam-e-Rabbaani, resolutely stated: The Madrasah is not the Maqsood. Ridha Ulaahi (the Pleasure of Allah) is the Maqsood.”

If the Madrasah has to close in the wake of the fitnah of the juhala, let it close. They will be hauled into the Divine Court to answer for their shaitaaniyat.  Hadhrat did not compromise with baatil. The fitnah was extinguished and the faasiq was not accepted. This should be the attitude of the Ahl-e-Haqq.

Besides the aforementioned list of baatil, there are other infractions of the Shariah as well. Nevertheless, at this juncture it would not be proper to proclaim the Tabligh Jamaat a deviant sect among the 73 Firaqah Baatilah. We can only make dua that such a stage shall not be reached.

The need is to strive to reform the Jamaat by deracinating the bid’ah, baatil and ghulu’ which permeate all   levels of the Jamaat – seniors and juniors, and which gnaws the foundations of Tabligh Jamaat. The Jamaat elders should become cognizant with reality, ingrain Ikhlaas in themselves, meditate on their infractions and understand the real Maqsood. They should not commit the fatal blunder of viewing our Naseehat as destructive criticism. Hadhrat Yahya Bin Muaaz (Rahmatullah alayh) said:

“Your Brother is he who alerts you to your deficiencies and your Friend is he who  warns you of your sins.”

May Allah Ta’ala guide us all and save us from the villainy of our nafs and the snares of Iblees.




The following letter of lament is from a Sister of Durban:

Over the weekend an event was organized and hosted in Durban by a young Muslim woman. The event was called The Rosay Winter Carnival. As the name suggests, the activities and entertainment followed a carnival theme such as magic displays, comedians, food stalls, fashion shows, soccer displays, music events, car shows, various tutorials etc. The event also included various non muslim comedians, musicians, Dj’s etc. It goes without saying that intermingling, music, photography etc were all an acceptable part of the event. Though it was not advertised as a “Muslim” event or touted as “Muslim” entertainment, the organizers and many of the performers/entertainers including certain comedians, magicians, fitness/sport personalities, fashion show coordinators were Muslim thus many Muslims attended the event. The event was organized in conjunction with an NGO charity called Reach for a Dream and was therefore supported by many Muslim businesses in the form of stalls and sponsorships.

Mufti Saheb, this is just a brief overview of this event.  Unfortunately, in recent months many similar events – agricultural shows, restaurant openings, business reviews etc.- have been organized and hosted by prominent Muslim personalities/influencers/families. Each event has become more explicit in flouting the commands of Allah. Each subsequent event is hyped and endorsed by various Muslim social media influencers many of whom are females. These endorsements generate a great amount of interest and followers with the result being more Muslims are attending these events and condoning/overlooking the complete disregard of Allah’s rules. Furthermore, these organizers and influencers have large followings that support them against anyone who tries to reason, admonish or advise them about their wrong-doings.

To explain briefly, these influencers became famous for “Islamic” fashion, cooking/baking, travel, being entrepreneurs etc. Over time they have amassed large followings and have now diversified into comedy skits, Islamic advices, life coaching and advertising. Their followers look to them as role models for female empowerment and modern Islamic lifestyles and many Muslim businesses use these influencers to advertise. As a result, these influencers express strong opinions on various Islamic rulings such as Hijaab, Mahrams, Marriage, Iddat etc without any Islamic knowledge. Aalims are mocked, sometimes degraded and any person in opposition is ridiculed or told not ‘to judge’. Their popularity is so widespread that even Madrassah learners, Apas, Moulanas’s wives etc have all fallen into this trap of “following” these influencers. The justification is that it is just for recipes or an online shop etc. The extravagance, revealing clothing, music, intermingling, and open sinning are overlooked in the pursuit for the perfect image/lifestyle/recipe.

These influencers have now unified to form a support group to fight back against their ‘haters’ – any person/organization/Aalim who speaks out against them. Any person in opposition to them are named and shamed on social media platforms, they are ridiculed as ‘People who judge” and have even received law suits against them. As a result, the minority of people who do not support or approve or condone any of these events and influencers are now hesitant to speak out against them.

I myself intended to email the various influencers and organizers of the carnival with the intention of Amar bil Ma’ruf and out of concern for the escalating amount of such events/influencers. However, I have been advised by my family not to pursue this matter due to the legal backlash experienced by some who have tried. Therefore, I am emailing Mufti Saheb to please raise a strong awareness about these phenomena that has overtaken our communities and homes as I am overwhelmed and unsure on how to approach this matter.

Humble request for Duas.

Was salaam

Sister in Islam

(End of the Sister’s letter)


Allah Ta’ala says in His glorious Qur’aan Majeed:

“Verily, We have come to you with the Haqq, but most of you destest the Haqq.”

Allah Ta’ala instructed His Ambiya (Alayhimus Salaam) to say: “Upon us is only to deliver the Clear Message.” Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is commanded in several Aayaat to say: “I am not a guard appointed over you.”

Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar is the obligation of the Ulama as well as of all Muslims capable of executing this Waajib obligation. Regardless of acceptance or rejection, the obligation has to be compulsorily executed.  Hidaayat is the prerogative of Allah Azza Wa Jal. People are guided only if Allah Ta’ala has ordained hidaayat for them.  People are guided or go astray according to the Will and Command of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Our duty is only to proclaim the Haqq.

Furthermore, it should be well understood that with each passing day, Qiyaamah comes closer. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has predicted the rise and preponderance of evil, immorality and shaitaaniyat in Aakhiruz Zamaan (the last of ages in proximity to Qiyaamah). We should therefore understand that our propagation of the Haqq will not abolish the evil and satansim which the Ummah has today adopted as its lifestyle. Therefore, there is no need for frustration and despondency when the efforts of the Ulama-e-Haqq appear to be unsuccessful. The duty ofAmr Bil Ma’roof is for Allah’s Pleasure.

The Ulama who seek refuge in their fortresses of silence while the community is drowning in deluges of filth, immorality and even kufr have been described as ‘Dumb Devils’ by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

The evil described by the Sister, while lamentable should not be surprising. All those who participate in these evil, immoral satanic functions, carnivals, shows, sports, etc. are all the followers and agents of Iblees. They are in reality not Muslims. They are kuffaar of the murtad and zindeeqcategories. They are the fuel of Jahannam. Their Salaat, fasting, Hajj, Sadqah, etc. do not render them Muslim. Their supposedly ‘good’ deeds are for the sewer gutter. Their deeds have no worth in Allah’s Eyes. About these devils and villains, fussaaq and fujjaar, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“(O Muhammad!) Say (to them): “Shall I inform you of those whose deeds are lost (destroyed and rejected)?” They are those whose efforts have been destroyed in this worldly life whilst they labour in the impression that they are doing deeds of virtue.  (In reality) They are the ones who have committed kufr with the Aayaat of their Rabb and with His Meeting. Thus, their recompense is Jahannam because they committed kufr and made a mockery of My Laws and My Rusul (Messengers).”

All these Zanaadaqah, Fujjaar and Fussaaq come within the purview of this Qur’aanic Aayat as well as many other Aayaat. They all belong to the legion of Iblees, hence all of this fisq, fujoor and kufr must only be expected from them.

Every Muslim, be he ignorant and sinful, if his Imaan is intact, can understand the satanism of these vile functions and carnivals which even some rubbish, devilish molvis support. The only function of the Ulama regarding these events of Jahaanam are concerned, is to vociferously and vigorously condemn them and their organizers.

There is no need to fear any legal threats by these spineless rubbishes. So far, it is not illegal to state the Qur’aanic Haqq in this country. Yes, in Saudi Arabia and in Pakistan proclaiming the Haqq of the Qur’aan has been banned by the murtad and kuffaar regimes. But here is South Africa we are still free to state the Haqq. It is spineless to fear shadows. Let the agents of Iblees institute legal action against the proclaimers of the Haqq. They will miserably fail.

It is not unlawful in South Africa to proclaim that these haraam functions are immoral and haraam. In proclaiming this Truth it is not necessary to comment in a manner which could constitute libel or defamation. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Proclaim the Haqq though it be bitter.” Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:“They do not fear the insults of those who insult.”

You should not abandon your intention of drawing the attention of the villains to their immoral villainy. Merely inform them that what they are perpetrating is haraam and the la’nat and ghadabof Allah Azza Wa Jal settle on those who organize fisq and fujoor.

There silly comments about “being the judge” should not deter any one from proclaiming the Haqq. The mushrikeen had labelled the Ambiya with worse epithets. Proclamation of the Haqq necessarily brings criticism, insult and mockery in its wake. It is a necessary corollary of Amr Bil Ma’roof. This dunya is the arena for the conflict between Haqq and baatil. This conflict will continue until the Last Day. The silence of the Dumb Devils will not preclude the proclamation of the Haqq. Allah Ta’ala harnesses in every age a group of Ulama-e-Haqq to bear aloft the Standard of the Haqq. So be part of this Taaifah (Group) of the Haqq.

How does one call a Non-Muslim to Islam when Islam does not Exist?

By Zafer Iqbal

By adopting a colonial apolitical personal version, integrated into secular nation states where consumerism is the valorised way of living… falsely labelled Islam.

Islam however is a living tradition, a civilisation, socially embodied revelation, a Deen.

It was destroyed in India in 1857, Iran in 1907 and the Ottoman Muslim heartlands in 1924 wiping out its existence across the Muslim world.
We can call people to some remnant beliefs or personal aspects of Islam that we can individually perform whilst following secular ideologies and lifestyles.

But this is not what any Messenger did.
All called those with power and their support base to a tawheedi worldview and implement Allah’s deen, reorganise society and its institutions by it and reorient society’s trajectory.

Once Islam, the way of life, is back, we can call nations to adopt it and join us in conveying it.

For clarity, the above is what we are required to focus on, do proactively. If anyone enquires about Islam, we react by explaining our way of life, the creed and truth. And if they believe it, we should say do what you can in terms of duties and work with us to bring Islam back. That is how every sahabi accepted Islam – through enquiring having heard rumours of the prophet’s discussions calling elites and wider society to change their collective social trajectory.


Question: The Tablighi brothers logically argue that in most of his journeys our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was accompanied by some of his Wives. On this basis they justify the women’s tablighi groups going on journeys. What is the response for this logic?

Answer (by Mujlisul Ulama): The answer is that none of the Tablighi brothers, none of their Ulama and none of our Ulama are Mujtahideen. The function of interpreting Ahaadith was exclusively that of the Sahaabah and the Aimmah Mujtahideen. It is a subtle shaitaani deception to dig out a Hadith from the kutub and to interpret it in this age for the purpose of presenting daleel for our innovated practices.

This type of shaitaani interpretation is aggravated manifold when the product is in conflict with the explicit teachings of the Shariah. With their lopsided, haraam and baatil interpretations of Hadith, the tablighi brothers are conducting themselves as miscreants seeking to abrogate the masaa-il of the Shariah – masaa-il which are entrenched in the Deen since the age of the Sahaabah. This is the type of kufr which shaitaan subtly inspires into the tablighi brothers. Since they have become followers of Iblees in some aspects, they are now torn apart into two hostile factions ready to kill each other. This is the consequence of all their ghulu’ and tampering with the Shariah.

The tablighi brothers are acquitting themselves like the modernist juhhaal who strive for the so-called ‘emancipation’ of women in stark conflict and rejection of the Qur’aanic prohibition of luring women into the public domain. The logic of the tablighi brothers is absolutely baatil.




A Brother who is a regular Musalli at the Musjid in the Nizaamuddin Musjid, the former Tabligh Jamaat markaz, narrating his experiences regarding the deviation and shenanigans of Sa’d who has usurped the leadership of the Tabligh Jamaat, writes:

AsSalaamu Alayqum

Al-Hamdulillãh, by the grace of Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala a few months ago I had  the  opportunity to move to Delhi.  I live 5 minutes, away by walking distance to Nizaamuddin Markaz. 

Whenever I came for Salaah to the Musjid, I have heard the Hadith of how meritorious and rewarding it is to be in the first saff and that too very close to the Imam. I, like hundreds who come there to attain the Barakat of this once soulful place (i.e. a place of roohaaniyat and piety – The Majlis), come an hour early so that we can be in the first saff just as the Sahaabah would do. But there is now a different scenario at the Nizaamuddin Musjid. 

What happens in reality is, that the khadims of Ml Saad, 10 minutes before the Jamaat Salaat time, come with prayer a musalla specially for Ml Saad. The musalla is specially cleaned in front of all people present, and  spread as if they are laying down a red carpet for a celebrity.  The khadims shove away the musallis in the first saff, about 3 prayer musallas to the right and left behind the imam to give way for Ml Saad’s close confidants/guests and trustees. 

The other thing that baffles me is that the whole Masjid is layered with one single carpet but the 5/6 musallas to right and left behind the imam are to show that these are special spots for special people. The special people could be old or young but whoever they are, they have no right to shove and chase musallis for the sake of  awarding special and specific places in the first saff because of their closeness to Ml Saad or whatever their reasons may be for such selection. This is just as it prevails  in Hindu temples where the wealthy are given preference to be first in line to do puja. 

I saw this happening a few times and I could not hold it back any longer. Therefore I questioned their Bid’ah practice, and reminded them that this is a Masjid, and that the person who comes first to the spot takes that place on first come first served basis, and that it is not permissible to evict them from  their places. The person then in turn asks me how much time  did I  spend in tabligh. He said: “If you did, you would not be asking such a question. I was dumbfounded!! I told him to explain what the relationship is between my question and my going out in tabligh. I told him that he was in conflict with the adab and rules of the Masjid, and that  this practice is not found in the Sunnah. 

He then tried to justify it by giving me some fatwa on how something which is Haraam is practiced by so-called Alims. I was wondering what is the relevance of what he is saying and what I’m asking. Then an elderly gentleman cames in and asked me: “What do you want?” I tell him the same thing, he said that I should meet him after Salaah. 

Then the personality himself (i.e.Ml Saad) enters from the door like a king makes an entrance. Everyone stands up on his arrival. He smiles and gives Salaam or replies to Salaams. I am flabbergasted at what I’m seeing. 

What’s happening with these people. I see personality-worship (extreme ghulu) and politics at play. Is it proper to perform Salaah behind Ml Saad or in this Masjid where such Bid’ah practice takes place?

COMMENT (By Mujlisul Ulama):

The act of reserving places in the Musjid for anyone even if he happens to the Ameerul Mu’mineen of the Ummah in a valid Khilaafat is haraam. Reserving places in the Musjid for Sa’d and his goondas is an aggravated haraam act. Evicting musallis from their places is a kabeerah sin.

The manner of entry into the Musjid by Sa’d exhibits his jahaalat, riya and takabbur. He appears to be drunk with self-aggrandizement – ujub and takabbir, hence he acquits himself like a clown performing to the gallery of juhala.

You have correctly mentioned that he is in emulation of the Hindus who reserve places in their temples to enable the wealthy and the prominent ones to do their idol-puja first. Similar haraam exhibitions are perpetrated in the Haram Shareef by the fussaaq/fujjaar Najdi rulers of Arabia. They shunt and shove and evict all the Guests of Allah Ta’ala to enable fussaaq, fujjaar and zanadaqah celebrities and rulers to make mock tawaafs, etc. in comfort.

Sa’d is acting like these kuffaar. He lacks shame, and he displays his crass jahaalat by ordering the shunting, shoving and eviction of musallis from their rightful places. No one has such haraam rights in Islam. The one who occupies a spot first in the Musjid is the master of that spot as long as he is there. No one has the right to evict him.

The Tabligh Jamaat, especially Sa’d’s faction, has degenerated into a deviant sect. The Deen is no longer the objective. They are led on by the nafs and shaitaan who has adorned for them their haraam ghulu’. It appears that Sa’d does not understand that Maut is hovering over his head. A man who understands the meaning of Maut, Qabr, Aakhirat, Hisaab and Jahannam will not conduct himself like a kaafir. These actions demonstrated by Sa’d and his gang of goondas create the impression that they are totally bereft of Deeni understanding. They were born as Muslim, hence continue proclaiming themselves to be Muslims. But in reality, there is very little of Islam in them.

When fear for Allah Ta’ala is lacking, then everything haraam becomes ‘halaal’. Then a man acts stupidly like a clown making a fool of himself. This is exactly how Sa’d acquits himself when he shoves his snout into the Musjid from the door to attract maximum attention for finding freeplay for his ujub and riya.

Regarding Salaat behind this fellow, the mas’alah is that Salaat behind even a faasiq is valid. You will, Insha-Allah, obtain your full thawaab for performing Salaat with Jamaat regardless of the Imaam being a faasiq.

The Earliest Da`wah Methodology

By Syed Iqbal Zaheer

It is noticeable from the study of early Muslim history after the Prophet, that the earliest Muslims did not make any special effort to invite peoples of the conquered territories to Islam. Neither was there any official apparatus for this purpose, nor individuals seemed to have formed groups or organizations to systematically present Islam to the non-Muslims residing in territories subdued by force.

Most of the territories of the early Islamic period: Persia, Central Asia, the Caucasian territories, Asia Minor, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc., were brought to control through conquest. The offer in the battle-fields was: (a) become Muslim, (b) remain non-Muslim but pay Jizyah (c) or fight it out.

Almost always the non-Muslims of these areas chose to fight it out, and almost always they were defeated. When they were defeated, Muslims entered their territory, established a new government, and imposed Jizyah. The defeated armies and leaders had expected a grand scale plunder, loot, rape and slaughter: as every army did. But nothing of that sort happened at the time of the Companions and their immediate followers. That left the peoples of the conquered territories in a mild shock accompanied by gradual relief. At that moment they would give anything in return of what they thought was the puzzling behavior of the Muslim army.

Therefore, when the terms of Jizyahwere announced, which were five to ten times less mild in any case (as against the then prevalent 25-50% of all land produce and merchandise for the conqueror – after all that looting, raping and mass murdering),  a new government was in place, Muslims and non-Muslims went about with their business of life, as usual.

Days passed by and nothing was happening. No courts were conducted, and no citizens were ordered to present themselves to attend the court, with folded hands, before the Governor, Army Chief, or anyone else (as was the Roman and Persian custom); nor were there any Abu Ghuraib-like prisons, or Guantanamo type of torture centers (as in our civilized times).

There were no check posts, no raiding of homes to un-earth insurgents, no regular slaughter of civilians to warn the rest how they would be punished if they resisted occupation; nor were there any patrolling by fully armed soldiers, murdering every day, numerous merchants, peasants, men women and children, on the pretext of going after a terrorist; which has been the practice and the way of conducting war of all Jahiliyy societies and all modern so-called civilized, but behind the mask, cavemen’s way of wars. No wonder Israel threatens the neighbor that it will reduce their countries to stone-age (just as Iraq has been reduced to stone-age through proxy war). Those of the stone-age mentality can only reduce others to stone-age, if given the gun.

But no such thing was happening to the Jahiliyy peoples the Muslims had conquered. Many would have thought that perhaps the Muslims were waiting for a command from the center, to begin behaving like the 7th century cavemen (like the 21stcentury civilized men of stone-age). But days passed by and there was no sign of any action.

This weakened those insurgents who were lying low, trying to organize themselves, to strike when an opportunity arose, for, the resentment was there, no matter how the occupiers behaved. All occupiers are hated. But, since, as some fair-minded Western historians have noted (most of them are outright dishonest) Muslim occupation was benign, and so, the resentment was not great. And, without good amount of resentment spreading among the masses, organizing a powerful insurgent activity was not easy. Obviously, there were many sons-of-the-land who were loyal to their former rulers, highly patriotic to their country and indignant towards the Muslims. Such elements did succeed in some areas, in raising a quick army to revolt; but generally, Muslims were able to subdue them.

Insurgency, however, was not a frequent occurrence. Muslims allowed the conquered people to attend their temples, live by their Personal Law, and drink wine and gamble as they would, so long as they did not indulge in these beastly activities publicly.

Yet of course, the apprehensive mood of the conquered people lasted quite a while, and they waited to see what would happen next, quite suspicious that the Muslims were merely showing kind faces before they would launch murderous attacks. After all, hadn’t they been told by their former rulers that the Arabs were blood-thirsty people who would slaughter their children and drink off their blood right in front of their mothers? So, the fears and apprehensions lasted quite a while. (Said an American soldier who raped a 14 year old Iraqi girl, and killed her entire family with the help of other soldiers, “I never thought the Arabs were humans”).

But the prolonged wait-and-see situation was also cooling down the atmosphere, defusing the tension, and lowering the apprehensions. This, as said before, stifled the insurgency efforts. As time drifted on, and the apprehensive non-Muslims gradually began to interact with the conquerors, the fears were reduced. Ultimately, the conquered peoples knew that their fears were baseless, and that these Muslims were a different class of occupiers. As a result, a situation arose in which most would oppose any insurgency, and a few actually offered their services to the Muslims in their battles against their former rulers: Romans, Persians or others.

What made things easy was that the conquered people gradually realized that their new masters had not come for wealth, agricultural products, minerals or other resources of the land. They were not even interested in the wealth of their wealthy men, but rather, were always there to offer a little here, or a little there, to their poor, i.e., the non-Muslim poor. To them, this was amazing. Soldiers of occupying armies are well-known for knocking down a passer by and knocking off his money. (The invaders looted the Iraqi Museum). In contrast, the Muslims were sometimes even feeding their needy – not handing out their left-overs – but right on their own dinner tables.

Further, to their discovery, Muslim soldiers were, by any measure, well civilized, who accorded much respect to their women, (allowing them freeway in the narrow lanes with downcast eyes), occasionally lifting a child and kissing it, or innocently asking the merchant in the market whether they could take the goods now and pay up later, perhaps the next day, and then, amazingly turning up the next day and paying up the merchant in full. These were little things happening everyday that changed the perception of the occupied people over time.

Again, the Muslim soldiers were homogeneous, i.e., every one of them was almost of the same quality, same behavior, same manners and decorum. So, their behavior was predictable: no harm expected any time.

Compare and contrast today’s Western armies with the Muslim armies that conquered millions of acres of land along with millions of hearts of the sons-of-the-land, while the Westerners have neither conquered an inch of Islamic territory, nor the heart of (let alone Muslims), millions of Europeans, including the British, who are in one voice (at the intellectual level) in contempt of their leaders, and condemnation of the invasions. This comparison will explain how the Da`wah machinery functioned in those early days of Islam.

To mark the difference, a few soldiers in the Western armies are fanatics, pure and simple. They believe in the Judeo-Christian fantasy that a turbaned Anti-Christ is just around the corner, about to drop a bombshell with his appearance, and that since he would – according to the Bible experts – pop up in the Middle-east, any, and every Muslim, can be killed now. A few soldiers hold, no less a fantastic belief that Muslims brought down the twin towers, and, therefore, any, and every Muslim, can be shot at sight. A few other soldiers are there because they have no jobs and the only way they can feed their families is by shooting or dropping bombs at anyone the commander signals. A few others know that they are used by their country as mules to be sacrificed for the gangster-politicians, bankmen, corporate owners, Jews, war industry representatives, and other elements. And yet a few who know that if they went back home minus a limb, they will neither find a job nor a shelter, nor yet receive an artificial limb without paying from their own pockets, and so, are full of resentment at being so roughly treated by their own leaders; and therefore: “Fire, Fire.”

In other words, they are not a homogenous group, but disparate elements, hired men and women, who will just deliver what they are expected to deliver, and get the hell out as soon as possible with enough dollars in pockets that will last for a while back home. Except that they unanimously believe that they can kill any one, any time, with complete impunity, they share no other opinion among themselves. This makes these disparate elements, quite a few of whom are disenchanted, disillusioned and frustrated, quite unpredictable and dangerous. They are remnants of the Roman armies that the Muslims encountered early on, the difference between that situation and what prevails now is that today’s Muslims are not allowed to encounter today’s Roman armies.

This comparative study is essential to realize how Muslims of the earliest times penetrated into the hearts of the people, without the use of power of weapons, media, political machinations, buying up politicians, assassinating opposing individuals, installing puppet regimes, provoking extremist reactions, planting terrorists, organizing inside jobs of destruction, etc.

It is not possible to go into greater details of comparison at this point. It is an issue which requires Muslim intellectuals (are there any left around?), to take up as a task of thorough research. Our objective is to point out to the Da`wah workers of today (a misnomer anyway) that it was men and methods that made the difference and not the weapons, in the conversion of millions of people to Islam at its first encounter with a vast number of non-Muslims. The Muslim soldier of those times was the member of a homogenous group: of one faith, one character and one opinion: “We have come here to release you from the slavery of men and bind you to the slavery of God:” words said, words kept.

The strangest of facts, for the (so-called) Da`wah workers of today (with apologies), is that the Muslims of the earliest times were not even offering their religion to the conquered populations. They were not going about distributing copies of the Qur’an; nor were their preachers working among the masses, (openly or surreptitiously as the clergy in soldier’s garbs working in Iraq and Afghanistan). They were not handing out leaflets about Islam, delivering lectures at street-corners, or debating with the Jews, Christian, or Roman Pagan religious leaders demonstrating ‘beyond any doubt’ how Islam was a superior religion, the Religion of Truth, and how those others were false and their holy literatures cock and bull stories of the past. This was not the way of the earliest Muslims. These are sure methods of creating resentment, plugging the ears, and shutting the eyes.

What then were their methods? The answer is, none. That is, no methods were adopted at all. Adopting a method means being artificial, affective, and pretentious. But rather, they stayed natural: natural men and women except that they were Muslims. And that’s what had its impact. They were Muslims, honestly and sincerely. They did not know that the best way of demonstrating the Truth is to live by it. They knew no philosophy and disliked philosophizing. ‘That the best way of presenting the Truth is to live by it,’ is what we learn from them without they having attempting it consciously.

Being Muslims honestly and sincerely made them different from peoples of all times. They did not have to speak about Islam. Their faces, gestures, smiles (or even the famous Arab scowls), were all natural. When a non-Muslim complained of the hard times he was facing (for any of his personal reason), then the exclamation on the face and the sincerity of the gesture, and an ‘Oh’ of the mouth, told him that the conqueror shared his difficulty. When a non-Muslim said thanks for a little service offered by a Muslim, and he said in return, ‘That was your right,’ then the sincerity of the tone sent a cool current into his heart. When at the evening someone knocked at the door, the non-Muslim opened it to find a twittering little girl, and a littler boy, with a little plate covered with a piece of cloth, saying coyly, ‘Uncle, my mother said, give this to auntie,’ then the man was already bowled half over by Islam. Let alone the effect of the gift, when was it last that any foreign child had addressed him as, ‘Uncle?’

When a non-Muslim went to a Muslim state-official complaining against a Muslim, and the official told him, “Look my friend. It is obvious from your explanation that your case is not too strong against the man you are accusing. But it seems you are in some sort of problem. So, let me suggest something. We go together to this Muslim of your mention, and persuade him. We will tell him: ‘Right or no right, you ought to look at this more sympathetically;’” and when the non-Muslim asked, “But what happens when the man refuses? My problem remains,” the Muslim replied, “Well, there is nothing we can do to force the man. After all, it is not his fault. But, if he cannot be persuaded, then I’ll find some other way to help you out. We cannot bank on that man, but you can bank on me. So, let’s go to him first and see what happens.” When the non-Muslim heard these words, he felt convinced that the Qur’an must contain some good things, although he hadn’t seen a copy of the Qur’an yet.

Or, another scenario: A Muslim inquires a non-Muslim acquaintance carrying a sickly child on his shoulder and is told that he is going to such and such a doctor. (That ‘such and such a doctor’ is a Muslim). The Muslim replies, “Well, if you have trust in him, go ahead. But I personally believe that ‘the other guy’ is better qualified.” The non-believer says about the ‘other guy’, “But he is a Jew, and, moreover, so expensive.” The Muslim answers, “I know he is a Jew. I also know that his charges are quite a bit on the higher side. But he is definitely a better doctor, and honest in his trade.” That sort of advice left a strong impression on the non-Muslim acquaintance about what this religion Islam stood for.

If one was a slave, he was eager to be owned by one of the occupiers of his lands. He knew that the day of the occupier buying him was the day of freedom: the next meal would be at his master’s table. Almost hundred percent of second and third generation scholars of Islam were new-Muslims, former slaves, converted in the house of their occupying masters who had vowed that even if set free, they’d not part company with their masters: “Never in my life,” one of them would say.

These, and innumerous such minor incidents that took place as months and years rolled by created the currents of acceptability of the invaders and their religion – which didn’t seem to be too bad after all. (Its full scale grace and beauty were realized only after the faith was embraced).

The above was at the individual level. But it might not be imagined that the exposure was great, for the individual Muslims among the local populations were few; hardly one in fifty. But, the visibility was great. That is, one in fifty outshined the forty-nine if he came into view. Any encounter left an impression of sorts, favorable to Islam. And the same thing was visible in another individual Muslim, so, the impression only got further confirmed. That is the homogeneity we spoke about earlier.

The state and administration did their own Da`wah work of the kind and class identified above. They weren’t talking of Islam. They were demonstrating Islam; not through any scheme worked out for the occupied territories, but rather administrating it, naturally, inartificially, by Islamic principles. No bribes, no gifts, no commission, no myriads of men to circle through before reaching the high official, no paper work, no swearing, no witnessing. If you spoke the truth, the administration believed in you and gave you your right, but if you lied you got severely punished. That was Islamic administration: simple, fast, effective.

When a non-Muslim went to a state official, he did not lecture him on Islam, nor condemn his Jewish, Christian, Magi or Pagan religion. He administered justice. In most cases it was a rough-faced bedouin, rough-tongued man, who looked least friendly, in most cases with a scowl, but he gave the complainant what was his due and told him, “This is your due, no more and no less,” and dismissed him with, “God be with you.” No gesture, no smile, no hypocrisy.

Had the non-Muslim subject ever received “his due” anytime in previous administrations? Did he get anything at all without bribing the officials in between? Had it ever happened anytime during the civilized Roman, Persian or other administrations, that when a pitcher of water was brought in the court, and the Judge signaled to the attendant to pass it through the men sitting around, including the tipsy non-Muslim litigant, before the Judge would drink in the end, with a sigh and the remark, “This is a hot day!” The Judge never said to the litigant, “You are equal to us.”

As simple the Islam, that simple was the administration. When a woman sought help from an official, she did not even know that it was the Governor she was speaking to. There were no sign-boards, no nameplates, no sentries, no personal guards, and no (female) office secretaries because there was no office – so to say. So, when he told her that she could go to the Treasurer and say that I, naming himself, have asked him to give you 10 Dinars, she thought that because she was a non-Arab, he was making fun of her. When she looked at him, quite in askance, with not so bemused eyes, he repeated his words in all earnestness. Ultimately, when she got the money, she turned to the heaven and blessed the new rulers. She couldn’t have got one-tenth of the money from her pervious rulers in 10 days, what she got in one hour. She also got something else that day. When she went back to thank him he remarked, “That was your right. By the way, don’t you have a male in your house: husband, son, someone?” When she said yes, he said, “It would have been sufficient if you had sent one of them. As a woman, you don’t have to take all this trouble.” She knew immediately, what queens those women were who went about in the streets in hijab. “Yes my son,” she muttered to herself as she left, “I didn’t have to go about in this my frail age, if we had a religion like yours.”

True, those who fear Islam have done a good job of scaring the people they enslave, away from Islam and Muslims. They have spread good amount of hatred, suspicion, and apprehension. They are aware that their masses feel disillusioned about the religious, social, political, and economic system, and that Islam may be looked at as an alternative by those whose dignity they trample as they line them up for free food. They have created a mental barrier between their disillusioned people and Islam.

No doubt, this makes presenting Islam in its true color a pretty difficult task. Yet, the difference must be realized between then and now. And the difference is that the earliest Muslims were not saying, like the modern-day preachers, Da`wah workers, speech-makers, seminar lecturers, article writers, debaters, and now a million Islamic Websites: “Islam, Islam, Islam” – with little or no effect.

What was visible to the non-Muslims of the earliest times was, “Islam, Islam, Islam.”


By Mujlisul Ulama

A Tabligh Jamaat member, complaining about the haraam filth and mess of the Jamaat’s merrymaking in the Musaajid, writes:

“There was a tabligh programme at the Masjid in Tongaat on the 16th of March. The Jamaat comprised of a  few elders from the markaz Masjid Hilaal. The Jamaat arrived on Thursday 14th March and left on Sunday 17th. On the 16th was a big programme for the Ijtima fikr. Over 150 people were fed in the Masjid.

I helped in arranging the meals and serving. Also assisted with the clean up. A  few brothers were given the responsibility to clean up the kitchen and all the dishes.

This Wednesday the 27th, the trustee informed me that the kitchen was in a mess. The tea jug has worms. The fridge has cockroaches,  the degs (big pots) have maghots.

On the 19th of march I enquired from the brothers who had washed some of the dishes as to whether the kitchen was clean . They replied in the affirmative saying everything was done. However they washed the dishes but left the sink in a mess. The fridge was still in a mess with food that the Jamaat had left behind even though there is a sign on the fridge saying “Attention all Jamaats, please ensure the fridge is clear before you leave “

The trustees have now put up a notice that no cooking or feeding is to take place in the Masjid kitchen or basement.  What is the ruling regarding Jamaats eating and cooking in the Masjid? What is the ruling of feeding the awaam (the public) in the Masjid after a program?  Please find attached some pictures of the deplorable state of the kitchen.”

(End of the Brother’s lament)


What the Tabligh Jamaat knows of the Sunnah is scandalously little. For them the ‘sunnah’ is to introduce bid’ah, violate the ahkaam of the Shariah and to flaunt only the beard, turban and kurtah. They are not even conscious of the kabeerah sin of wearing the trousers on and below the ankles.

Regarding the filth and mess described in the Brother’s letter, the following Hadith should be a salubrious lesson:

“Verily, Allah is CLEAN. He loves cleanliness. Therefore clean your afniyah.”

Afniyah is the portion outside, infront of one’s house. This is not one’s private property, yet Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) ordered that even this outside piece of ground should be maintained clean. From this fact it should be easy for genuine Muslims to understand how much more is the need to keep one’s home clean, and how much more is it necessary to keep the Musaajid clean, and how much more important it is to keep the physical body and the heart clean. The heart has to be purified from all the filth, especially the type of filth which has induced the two Tabligh Jamaat factions to wage shaitaani ‘jihad’ against one other.

The nauseating filth and mess described in the letter is an adequate and a vivid commentary of the filth – moral and spiritual filth – in the hearts of these  people who  flaunt their so-called ‘sunnah’, and who vociferously proclaim  their slogan of  ‘yaqeen’, and proudly believe that they are correctly in the ‘path of Allah’. When they are ignorant of the very basics of Tahaarat, what can they ever understand of Yaqeen and the Path of Allah?

The mess in the Musjid reveals what goes on in their brains and hearts. The disgorgement of physical filth mirrors the filth in the heart. A sure sign of their deviation and total lack of Deeni understanding will be the animosity which they will now display for the Brother who has reported this haraam episode of filth and mess.

They have absolutely no regard for Allah’s bounty of food. They do not have the haziest idea of Nazaafat (Cleanliness) and Tahaarat hence they left the Musjid premises in such a shaitaani mess. Shaitaan loves filth and mess. Thus they were pleasing the devil with their sin of messing the Musjid’s premises.

The Trustees acted correctly. They should not permit the Jamaats to eat and feed in the Musjid premises. They are too filthy, and they do not have the faintest idea of Islam’s concept of cleanliness – purity of body and heart.

The Musjid is not a venue for merrymaking. Feeding the public in the Musjid is haraam. The Tablighis have transformed their programmes into wedding-type merrymaking. After their programmes they resort to gluttony and indulge in raucous conduct. They have no regard and no respect for the House of Allah Ta’ala. They laugh loudly inside the Musjid proper, and engage in handshaking, embracing and light, stupid banter. The Musjid is not a place for such nonsense.

The Jamaats are notorious for conversation inside the Musjid. We are not referring to bayaans. They engage in conversation which effaces their good deeds. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Conversation inside the Musjid consumes good deeds just as cattle consume grass.”

They should not meet people, shake hands and embrace inside the Musjid. Such acts should be practised outside the Musjid. At times their loud talk in the Musjid is a cacophony of noises. The Tabligh Jamaat has indeed degenerated into an extremely noxious cesspool of inequity physically, morally and spiritually, hence  their shaitaani ‘jihad’ to eliminate  each other – to eliminate whoever does not subscribe to their ghulu’ (haraam bigotry).