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A reliable Brother from Bangladesh writes:

Question 01:

As far I know, if a person rebukes or scolds an Alim due to being an Alim, he will become out from the fold of Islam. Nowadays, it has been observed that Tabligi brothers (Alim or Non-Alim) are fighting with one another. Recently a great, murderous, fight has taken place between the two groups (the supporters of Moulana Sa’d and supporters of Alam-e-Shura) in Bangladesh to take control of the Tongi Markaz in Bangladesh. One brother has been killed and around 200 brothers have been seriously injured. Unfortunately, most of them are Madrasa students and teachers. InnaLillah wa inna ilayhi raaji-oon!   

If an Alim is beaten, abused, or and even killed, due to the hostility or enmity, not for being an Alim, rather for other reasons such as being a supporter of Moulana Sa’d or Alam-e-Shura, will the fatwa of being a Murtad be applicable to these attacking fellows ?


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “To abuse (i.e. with the tongue) a Muslim is fisq, and to kill him is kufr.”  What had transpired in Bangladesh between the two hostile and shaitaani Tablighi factions is FISQ of an aggravated nature, and the killing is kufr in terms of the Hadith. Nevertheless, the Fiqhi appellation of murtad  will not be applicable.

Question 02:

After the pitiful occurrence at the  Tongi Markaz, in many places the Sa’d group members are not being allowed to even perform the Salaah at the Masjid. The Madrasa students are attacking them and forcefully getting them out from the Mosques. In support of such attitude, it has been stated that the Sa’d group has become out from the fold of Islam due to their hostile attitude towards Ulama-e- Haq. So they should not be allowed to the Mosque. My questions in this regard are:

(a) Is such act of not permitting them entry into the Mosque for Salaat permissible?

Answer: Most certainly it is not permissible. It is haraam to prevent even the murderers from performing Salaat in the Musaajid.

(b). Will the ruling of being a Murtad be applicable for the Sa’d group for the reason that they had beaten the Ulama and Talaba for  the sake of  taking  control of Tongi Markaz?

Answer: The ruling of irtidaad (becoming a murtad) will not be applicable to the Sa’d goondas (murderous thugs).

(c) If there is a fear from a person or group to create riot / trouble / disturbance, May that person or group be prevented from entering the Mosque ?

Answer: If the fear is genuine, not merely to spite, then it will be permissible.

Please let us have your comments on the fracas which had happened in Tongi.

OUR COMMENT (by Mujlisul Ulama):

What had happened is pure, unadulterated shaitaaniyat. Both hostile factions of the Tablighi Jamaat have become thoroughly diffused with shaitaaniyat. The aggravating factor is that all their murderous shaitaaniyat is being perpetrated in the name of the Deen as if they are engaging in Jihad against the kuffaar.

It is indeed lamentable that while Jihad against the kuffaar was never the agenda of the Tabligh Jamaat since its inception, today shaitaani ‘jihad’ has become an objective of the Jamaat. Shaitaani ‘jihad’ in this context means insulting, abusing, injuring and killing, pillaging and plundering ‘brother’ tablighis. In addition, pillaging and plundering property of tablighis and even non-tablighis have become permissible goals for the errant Tablighi Jamaat of this era. And, all of this murderous shaitaaniyat  is being perpetrated in the name of the Deen. Wala houla…

What we are observing today is the excreta of the Tabligh Jamaat’s haraam ghulu’  which had become an integral constituent of the Tabligh Jamaat. This ghulu’ is not the attribute of only one faction. Both factions which at one stage were part of the same movement are guilty of the haraam ghulu’  which characterizes the Tabligh Jamaat.

There ghulu’ transgresses the limits of the Shariah. They had developed considerable shaitaani takabbur  which impelled them to despise even the Ulama, the Madaaris and the genuine Khaanqahs. In their private circles they criticized such great Ulama as Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh) simply because he was not a member of their Jamaat. They indulge in gheebatof even such Auliya of Allah Ta’ala because they were not members of their Jamaat.

Gheebat in general is an extremely abominable sin. The Hadith says that it is worse than zina. But gheebat made of a Wali of Allah Ta’ala is   vastly worse. The ‘flesh’ of Auliya and Ulama is extremely poisonous. It is spiritually lethal.  These miscreants who indulge in such gheebat will have to consume the flesh of dead human bodies on the Day of Qiyaamah.

What has transpired at Tongi and on a lesser scale elsewhere evidences that Islaah of the Nafs cannot be acquired merely by engagement in Tabligh Jamaat activity. The Tabligh Jamaat has grossly transgressed the parameters for which it had been created. Its job was to act like a raft picking up drowning people floundering on the waters of the ocean in the aftermath of a sunken ship. The raft is supposed to bring the survivors to the shore for their safety, not keep them for life on the raft drifting about aimlessly until it (the raft) is also destroyed in the raging waters of the ocean.

Instead of fulfilling its objective, the Tabligh Jamaat developed shaitaani tendencies of ujub and takabbur. For their elders the Jamaat became the be all and the end all of the Deen. In their convoluted conception of Tabligh, they believed in the deception of them being the final word of Islam, and that all other branches of Da’wat and Tableegh are baatil. They further believed, stupidly and at the peril of their own deviation that all others, even Ulama and Auliya not linked with the Tabligh Jamaat were doomed. In this attitude did they sow the seeds of their doom. Now we see the evil fruit. They are now reaping what they had sewn in a haraam manner.

Ghulu’ always portends deviation and the destruction of the movement / institution which may have commenced as a movement of the Haqq. Allah Ta’ala warns us in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Do not commit ghulu’ in your Deen.”

Ghulu’ is the salient characteristic of the Christians and the Barelwi Qabar Pujaaris (Grave-Worshippers). The Tabligh Jamaat has joined them in this evil sphere, hence they are now being punished by Allah Ta’ala. The evil has exploded. The Tabligh Jamaat was expanding like an unburied corpse. The bloating body has to explode. When it does bust and pours forth its horrible stench, people will flee from its proximity. This is precisely the fate of the Tabligh Jamaat. They measured their success on the standard of numbers – the number people at their ijtimahs, the number of buses bringing tablighis, the number of local and foreign jamaats, etc. The Khauf (Fear) of Allah Ta’ala does not feature in them and their programmes.


The Brother from Bangladesh adding more information, states:

“I want to add some more information with regards to the riot and massacre at the Tongi Tablighi Markaz.

The Sa’d group had attacked the little students (under 13~14 years) of the Hifz Khana of Tongi Markaz Madrasa while these little boys were engaged in Tilaawatul Quran. They were severely beaten. They had kicked the Quran Sharif copies which were in that Hifz Khana and afterwards threw those copies of the Mushaf into the adjacent river.They had forced the students to shout the slogan: “Moulana Sa’d is our Ameer”. After assaulting them, the supporters of Sa’d   shouted to the students: “Hold the ears and get out. If we are granted permission, we shall smash you all by feet”.

A lot of Madrasa students had come to the Tongi Markaz previous day (weakend) to prepare the field to execute the up-coming Tongi World Ijtema to be held at the end of January 2019. The Sa’d group had attacked them and hijacked their precious assets such as money, new jackets, new blankets etc. They had severely beaten them to the extent that the bones of many had been broken. Severe head injuries had been inflicted. The Quran Sharif copies of the students and Tabligi brothers had also been thrown into the burner and destroyed by fire.

After the massacre, these evil people had conducted a press conference to justify their such evil actions I wonder: How can these fellows be treated as Muslims? Isn’t the act of not allowing them to the Mosque right?”


The pillage, plunder and brutality of the Sa’d group, as described by you, are undoubtedly most abominable and close to kufr. Their act of desecrating the Qur’aan Majeed is undoubtedly kufr which expels them from the fold of Islam. However, since the murtad culprits guilty of the blasphemous sacrilege cannot be pinpointed with certitude, a blanket ban on the supporters of the chief goonda cannot be placed.

The extent and type of pillage and plunder perpetrated by the hoodlums of the Tabligh Jamaat are shocking beyond imagination. Never in anyone’s wildest hallucination could it have dreamt that Tablighis would degenerate to this murderous gutter level to shed Muslim blood, to injure Muslims, to rob openly, and to commit the act of kufr by desecrating the Qur’aan Majeed. All of these villainous acts proves that they never had the Deen as their objective of their tabligh stunts which now appear to have been a massive farce and fraud.


The fitnah which the Tabligh Jama’at is embroiled in today’s times is a product of the ghuloo’ which the people had engaged in. Slowly and steadily the Jama’at veered off the path of Siraat-Mustaqeem.

The following brief treatise (most likely published in the year 2012 but unsure) in which the Mujlisul Ulama had issued addressing a certain batil contentions of a Tablighi “Shaykh” and had warned about the growing menace of Tabligh Jama’at in general, today we are witnessing the materialization of chaos and tribulations within the Jama’at as exactly like The Majlis had predicted. May Allah Ta’ala save the Jama’at from further deviance and may it again come to terms with the proper Usool for the work of Dawat o Tabligh established by Maulana Ilyas Sahib Kandhlawi (Rahmatullah Alayh).

The purpose of posting this old article is to highlight the ills so that the people can take heed of what really went wrong within the set-up of the Jama’at which has resulted in developments that we are witnessing within the Jama’at today.


“I am from Sri Lanka. A Mufti Usman from Madina is here in our  country. He is a Tabligh Jamaat  elder, and has khilaafat from many Shaikhs. He conducts Thikr majlis, but some of the confusing things he says are:

1. There is no need for Khaanqah system. It is an outdated system, and there is no mujahadah there.

2. The only way for achieving Tazkiya (reformation) of the nafs is in Tabligh Jamaat, and there is no Tazkiyah in today’s khaanqahs.

3. Thikr is infiraadi (individually done). There is no need to attend thikr majlis in khaanqahs.

4. The only accepted work of the Deen today is Tabligh.

Please advise. The Ulama and Tablighis in Sri Lanka are turning against Tasawwuf, and are attacking it left and right. Even the Elders who have passed away   such as Hazrat Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi (rahmatullah alayh) and Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh) are not spared. The Tablighis here are saying about these Akaabir Ulama: “They just kept rolling beads in the khaanqah while people became murtad. They (i.e. the Akaabir Ulama) were not blessed with baseerah.” Please comment for our benefit. We are confused.

COMMENT (By Mujlisul Ulama):

Unfortunately much ghuloo’ (haraam fanaticism) and ta’assub (bigotry) have overtaken the Tabligh Jamaat. The sign of a movement drifting from Siraatul Mustaqeem is ghuloo and ta-assub. Even the illustrious elders (Ulama and Auliya) are then subjected to haraam criticism and slander as the Tablighis are doing nowadays.

Undoubtedly, all Islamic institutions in this era have declined and are in the process of decay. This applies to the Madaaris (Darul Ulooms), Khaanqas and the Tabligh Jamaat as well. The Khaanqah used to be the best abode for gaining moral reformation. But in our day, the shaikhs of the khaanqahs have lost the path. They, themselves, are ignorant of the Shariah’s concept of Tazkiya-e-Nafs. They have confined Tasawwuf to halqah thikr and new bid’ah practices such as ‘lailatun noor’, nazams, merrymaking, mock and mass i’tikaaf during Ramadhaan, etc. Almost all the khaanqahs have strayed from the righteous path and are lying desolate and spiritually barren. They are not performing the function of Islaah of the Nafs. If the main activity of a khaanqah is halqah thikr, then stay away from such a khaanqah. But if the sheikh is one who concentrates on Tazkiya-e-Nafs, then hold on to him.

The claim that “there is no need for khaanqahs” is a shaitaani deception. There is a dire need for genuine khaanqahs. It is also satanic to aver that khaanqahs are “outdated”. Never is any institution of Haqq outdated. Yes, corruption overtakes the institution. Endeavours should be made to eliminate the corruption.

The Tabligh Jamaat is NOT an institution of Tazkiyah. It is like a primary Maktab teaching the essential basics of the Deen – Imaan, Tahaarat and Salaat. On the contrary, the nafs becomes more bloated in the Tabligh Jamaat if the participant has not managed to link up with a genuine Shaikh-e-Tareeqat, not to one of these quacks and cranks who orchestrate thikr performances in the Musaajid to impress and expand their circle of mureedeen.

Tabligh Jamaat members are notorious for three diseases: riya, takabbur and ujub. In addition, they are notorious for eating mushtabah and even haraam food. They love their carrion chickens and coke, and pollute the Musaajid with these haraam ‘foods’. They are extremely lax in this regard. Thus, their hearts are overshadowed with zulmat (spiritual darkness).

They scorn Ihtiyaat (care and  caution). They are also adept in the shaitaani art of mudaahanat  (compromising the Haqq). Their protégé, Tariq Jameel is a prominent specimen and promoter of haraam mudaahanat. Their motive is to gain followers for their movement which is gradually evolving into a baatil sect. Whenever a movement of Haqq falls into the trap of ghuloo’, its end is a sect of baatil. Thus they employ any means to gain followers, whether by hook or by crook, they are not concerned with the crookery such as Tariq Jameel crookery. They are not really concerned about gaining followers for Islam. They also suffer from the shaitaani evil of Israaf (waste). This feature is prominently displayed at their Ijtimas.

Their elders are becoming ‘fat cats’ puffed up spiritually with takabbur, and physically with obesity. This is very conspicuous at their big annual Ijtimas where special, VIP treatment is meted out – where the rank and file are in need of ‘visas’/special permission to come into the presence of the ‘fat cat’ hadhrat resting in his special quarters in the Ijtima complex. Their Ulama session bayaans (specially for the Ulama) are effects of pride. Such special sessions are not permissible. Islam does not distinguish between Ulama and laypeople in the avenue of Naseehat. All are on the same footing in this regard. Bayaans should be open sessions for all and sundry. There should be no bayaans exclusively for Ulama while others are debarred from attending.

They suffer from the same diseases as modernists. It is for this reason we find morons in the Tabligh Jamaat criticizing illustrious seniors such as Hadhrat Maulana Thaanvi and others. They also have their baatil women’s movement.

Undoubtedly, Thikr is an infiraadi amal. Most of the collective thikr programmes in today’s khaanqahs are bid’ah. But even their Mufti Usman engages in the bid’ah of collective thikr.

The claim that the “only accepted work today is the ‘tabligh’ of the tabligh jamaat” is also a shaitaani deception. It is the effect of Jahl-e-Murakkab (Compound Ignorance). It is such ghuloo which is transforming the Tabligh Jamaat into a separate sect of baatil. If the Tablighi elders are not going to get out of their rut of deception, and pull up their socks to extricate the Jamaat from the current state of calcification, the time will soon come when the Ulama will have to brand the tabligh jamaat as another deviated sect.

We too criticize the current ‘tasawwuf’ practices. Most sufi tariqas nowadays are baatil. The Tabligh Jamaat is following the same path of baatil as the sufi tariqas. Tasawwuf is Haqq. It is an integral constituent of Islam.

The Qur’aan and Ahaadith are replete with Tasawwuf. But the ‘tasawwuf’ which the quack and crank shaikhs of today practise is not genuine Tasawwuf. The Tabligh Jamaat is also falling into the trap of dhalaal (deviation), and it too will soon become a crank sect/tariqah like these deviant sufi tariqas if they do not become alert and arrest their downward slide into spiritual corruption and deviation.

Those tablighis who criticize Hadhrat Thaanvi and Hadhrat Gangohi and who make a mockery of Thikrullaah by labelling it “rolling of beads”, are, we say without hesitation, shaitaani rubbishes. They are rubbish right into the core of their hearts. Their statement is akin to kufr. They should, for safety’s sake, renew their Imaan and also their marriages. They are the followers of Iblees who has infiltrated the Jamaat and derailing it from the Path established for it by the noble Elders. This attitude of the Tablighis is extremely dangerous.

In order to embroil Muslims into the shaitaani cauldron of kufr, Iblees inspires them to slander the Warathah (Heirs and Representatives) of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). When these rubbishes have the audacity to slander and mock Auliya and Ulama-e-Haqq such as Hadhrat Gangohi and Hadhrat Thaanvi, the extent of their satanic entrapment can be gauged. These rubbishes bloated with arrogance are slandering the Warathah of the Ambiya at the peril of the destruction of their Imaan. This shaitaani attitude conspicuously displays the rot and fossilization of the Jamaat. Even their elders are trapped in this shaitaani rut and rot.

What do these rubbishes mean by “rolling beads”? These morons are too stupid and too ignorant to understand that the “rolling of beads” by these illustrious Auliya in their Khaanqahs by far exceeds the merit of their tabligh activities. The Maqsood (Objective) of life, is nothing but Thikrullaah. Precisely for this reason did Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) say that even if a Mujaahid in the thick of battle breaks several swords fighting the enemy, and is drenched in blood, then too, he does not attain the status of the Thaakir “rolling beads” in his khaanqah.

We warn the elders of the Tabligh Jamaat, to sit up and take stock of the direction in which the rudderless raft of the Jamaat is drifting. It should at all cost be prevented from developing into a sect of baatil.

There is always a need for 
khaanqahs – genuine khaanqas – not the mock khaanqahs of today which are abodes of bid’ah, merrymaking, singing and feasting.



Is it permissible for women to participate in the women’s tabligh journeys of the Tabligh Jamaat? I am in confusion in this regard. I have heard conflicting views. Please provide the guidance of the Shariah.

ANSWER (By Mujlisul Ulama):

It is not permissible. It is haraam  for women to leave their homes to undertake journeys for the type of tabligh of the Tabligh Jamaat. The Tabligh Jamaat is in grievous error in this regard. The Tabligh Jamaat has strayed far, very far from Siraatul Mustaqeem by luring women out of their homes into the public domain to become involved in such tabligh which is not Waajib on even males. Iblees has adorned his inspiration which has duped and misguided the Tabligh Jamaat.

Whilst the specific tabligh activity of the Tabligh Jamaat is permissible if maintained within the confines of the Shariah, the permissibility relates to only males – to such males who are able to make adequate Shar’i arrangements for their families during their absence. It is abominable and haraam for men to simply strand their families without proper arrangements for their care, and rush off on an excursion which they mistakenly believe is in “the path of Allah”. Abandonment of a Waajib responsibility for a permissible act will not be in the path of Allah. Within the parameters of the Shariah, the Tabligh Jamaat activity will be permissible for males, but for women, it is haraam to emerge into the public for an activity  for  which they have no Shar’i role and for which there is no Shar’i demand on them.

The Tablighi leaders are extremely short-sighted in this matter. They have opened an extremely wide avenue for fitnah and fasaad with their women’s groups. They are in diametric conflict with the Qur’aan Majeed which commands women to remain glued in their homes. Ungluing women from their homes is among the ghulu’ (haraam extremism) acts of the Tabligh Jamaat. It is precisely this haraam ghulu’ which has led to the massive split of the Tabligh Jamaat into two such hostile camps which are at each other’s throats.

A movement which slides into the pit of GHULU’ is on the road to become a baatil sect. If the Tabligh Jamaat does not set its house in order to conform to the Shariah in every aspect, it will then most assuredly join the 72 deviant sects mentioned by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

Shaitaan is using the Tabligh Jamaat to aid the women’s liberation movement initiated by the Western Kuffaar. The Tablighis have fallen into this trap of Iblees. It should be remembered that Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) described women as Habaailush Shaitaan (the Traps of Shaitaan). When women emerge from their homes, Shaitaan lies in ambush and the consequence is great fitnah  and fasaad on earth.

Be not deceived by the outward façade of ‘purdah’ of these tablighi females. They are generally audacious. Their hearts are bereft of genuine purdah. In fact, their niqaabs and burqahs have become licences for parading and prowling in the public domain.

The Tabligh Jamaat has taught them the lesson of disobeying their husbands. The Tablighis regard their specific methodology and their ‘khurooj’ to have greater importance and more significance than obedience to the husband. Thus, these women will abandon their Waajib home duties and even the rights (huqooq) of their husbands to be punctual and regular in their misguided ‘tabligh’ even locally.

Women are not in the ‘path of Allah’ when they emerge from their homes in flagrant violation of Allah’s prohibition. They dwell under gross deception – a deception into which the tablighi misguided molvis have cast them.  Allah Ta’ala has cast women in the role of the home. This is their ONLY Waajib obligation of primary importance. It is this Waajib role which the Tabligh Jamaat has negated and abolished in a haraam manner. So vile is this haraam concept of the Tabligh Jamaat that even women travelling without mahrams are encouraged to participate in an activity which Islam has never imposed on them.

This tabligh is nugatory of the natural, divinely created role of women. The consequence of acting in violation of the Shariah is massive fitnah and fasaad

We have discussed this topic in detail in two books:

1) The Way of Evils in The Groups of Female Expressionists

2)  The Status of the Makshufaat Jamaat (these will be posted soon Insha Allah).

“Verily, We have brought the Haqq to you, but most people detest the Haqq.” (Qur’aan)

Da’wat and Ibaadat

Question: A Maulana of the Tabligh Jamaat said in his bayaan that Da’wat is more important than Ibaadat, and first comes Da’wat then Ibaadat. Is this statement correct? 

Answer (by Mujlisul Ulama):
The maulana acquitted himself with jahl. His statement is a typical example of the haraam ghulu’ (excess) with which the Tabligh Jamaat is plagued. If he had employed his brains constructively, he would not have transgressed the prescribed limits of the Shariah to stupidly dwell in the domain of ghulu’. Warning the Christians about their ghulu’, the Qur’aan Majeed states: 

“Do not commit ghulu’ in your deen.”

The Shariah has its limits about which the Qur’aan Majeed states: “These are the limits (prescribed by) Allah. Whoever, transgresses these limits, verily he has oppressed himself.”

As far as Muslims are concerned, since the age of the Sahaabah the first requisite was always Ibaadat, not Da’wat. We do not know from which finger the molvi has sucked his misinformation. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed: “I have not created jinn and man except that they render IBAADAT to ME.” The primary objective of   life on earth is the Ibaadat of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Da’wat, Jihad, etc. are all secondary issues ordered for facilitating the primary Maqsood of Ibaadat.

Da’wat coming first is relevant only if the audience is kuffaar. In this respect, da’wat comes first. There is no valid Ibaadat for a kaafir. First comes da’wat for the kaafir followed by Ibaadat on his acceptance of Islam. But the audience of the Tabligh Jamaat has never been non-Muslims. Their tableegh is directed to only Muslims. It is therefore moronic to tell Muslims that da’wat tabligh jamaat style has  precedence over Ibaadat prescribed by Allah Ta’ala. This moronism in fact culminates   ultimately in kufr. The consequence of ghulu’ in the final analysis is kufr.

The Muslim has to first discharge his obligations of Ibaadat and other obligations related to his family, etc., then only engage in da’wat tabligh jamaat style, and that too, if he has an inclination for this style of tabligh. There is no obligation to join the Tabligh Jamaat especially for those who are equipped with sufficient Islamic knowledge to enable them to discharge their Shar’i obligations.

The effect of this ghulu’ of Tablighis can be observed in their lackadaisical attitude towards Salaat, the Sunnah Ahkaam and the Musjid. In each of these fields they trail behind and even grossly fail. For them Sunnah is restricted to the long kurtah, turban and miswaak. This is their conception of the Sunnah. Most of them do not even understand the imperative importance of wearing the pants above the ankles.

They are loud in talk and even laughter inside the Musaajid. They do not maintain silence nor earnestly respond to the Athaan. They are absolutely careless about what they eat. Their is no such thing as mushtabah in their concept of taqwa. In fact they have no conception of Taqwa. We are not referring to newcomers who have just joined the Jamaat. We refer to their Molvis and even to some of their elders who lack understanding of the meaning of Taqwa.

They engage in conversation, even loud talk, right inside the Musjid, but Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Conversation in the Musjid consumes good deeds just as cattle devour grass.” About the loud talk of Tablighis inside the Musjid, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) mentioning the Signs of Qiyaamah, said: “Voices will be loud in the Musjid.”     About their lackadaisical attitude bordering on scorn for Salaat, they disturb musallis who are   engaging in the Sunnatul Muakkadah Salaat. After Maghrib Fardh, they display extreme impatience. Even before numerous musallis have completed even the two raka’ts Sunnat, a Tablighi rushes forward, shamelessly sits in front facing the musallis who are in Salaat and makes his announcement urging them to come forward for his bayaan. He stupidly soothes his conscience with the caveat: “Those who have completed their Salaat should come forward.” He dwells in self deception. He lacks the simple intelligence of understanding that it is haraam to disturb musallis whilst they are engaging in Salaat.

In practice and even in belief, ghulu’ has ruined the Tabligh Jamaat. This ghulu’ has now surfaced in a hideously haraam form. The two factions have resorted to and are resorting to violence and to even wird of abusive vulgar swear words for one another. Whilst it was always the policy of the Jamaat to embrace all deviates and accommodate their deviation and even participate in their deviation, they now can not tolerate their own blood and flesh – their own Tablighis. The one faction stands with daggers facing the other faction. And, their molvis are the main instigators of this haraam fracas and shaitaaniyat.

As Muslims, remember that first comes Ibaadat. Da’wat is administered as the occasion demands. And, by Da’wat we mean Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar and Tableegh in general. The meaning of da’wat is not confined to Tabligh Jamaat style. If the style of the Tabligh Jamaat is maintained within the confines of the Shariah, i.e. without ghulu, then it will be Mubah, i.e. permissible.

It is incorrect to classify as Mustahab any method which came into existence after the era of Khairul Quroon. While a good method may be said to be ‘mustahab’ in the literal meaning, it will not be Mustahab in the technical meaning of the Shariah, for such meaning refers to only Masnoon practices. The Tabligh Jamaat style is not Masnoon.

If the elders of the Tabligh Jamaat are sincere and if they desire their work of Tabligh to continue along the Path of its founders, then they should set their house in order and bring it within the strict bounds of the Shariah. Failing to do so will see the eventual destruction of the Tabligh Jamaat. Either it will wither away into oblivion or worse: it will develop into a Firqah Baatilah to be assigned to one of the 72 deviate sects. May Allah Ta’aala save us all from satanic deviation.


by Muhammad Umar Haydarī

The principles of the Jama’at laid down by the pious elders of Tabligh hold the position of obedience to the Ameer. At this moment, the emphasis with which the Tablighi Jama’at is stressing this point, probably no other Dīnī group is doing. (This is currently baseless in view of the mutual hostility between the two Tablighi factions. They have daggers at each other’s throats. The hostility is absolutely despicable – The Majlis) This is the reason behind the success of the Tablighi Jama’at. (Once upon a time, it was, but no longer. –The Majlis) 

In principle, you have the right to speak on topics beyond the six points. However, the mixture of history has now overshadowed your talks. You have given a secondary position to the principles of Dīn and have given primary importance to history. 

According to my knowledge, you have attested to being overpowered by history in a private gathering. The amount of oppression done by the historians to Islam is not matched by anyone else. They did this by planting the seeds of hatred for the pious predecessors. The flawed historical reports are responsible for the lowly and despicable objections against the noble group of the Sahābah. 

Bear in mind that according to the Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jamā’ah, whatever history report is in accordance to the Noble Qur’an and Sunnah, it will be accepted, no matter who the writer is. During the first century, the senior scholars of the Ummah had a firm grip on the fields of Tafsir, Hadith and Fiqh. There were able scholars who specialized in this. As a result, Dīn remains protected to this day. However, from day one, there were no principles laid down for the compilation and recording of history, nor were there special scholars selected for it. The seniors of the Ummah were continuously engaged in striving in the path of Allah, whilst the Rawafid and the Nawasib were involved in writing history. The shameful results are being experienced in the Ummah until today. 

Examples of this are the works of Tabarī, Mas’udi, Hakim, Shostari and Ya’qubi. Through the narrations in their works, people in the Ummah are misled even today. People have forgotten the principle of weighing and scrutinising history in the light of the Noble Qur’an and the Sunnah. Some scholars have raised the rank of history to a certain degree, but history is after all, history.

The main discussion I want to draw your attention to is that during a lecture, you stood up and asked for water. You stood and drank it. Then you explained some new research for the first time in Islamic history, that there is ease in Islam, not difficulty. In addition, you said that it is proven from Sayyiduna ‘Ali (Radhiyallahu anhu) that one can stand and drink water. We were astounded at this. Until today, all the Muhaddithin (and all the Fuqaha and Auliya of Islam –The Majlis) have unanimously stated that it is against the Sunnah to stand and drink water, and you have given permission for it by practically demonstrating it, without any references, or any proof! This was so that people like us, of inferior knowledge could remain silent and also stand and drink. (This is just one example of the Tariq Dajjaal’s deviation and anti-Sunnah stance acquired from his Shiah mentors—The Majlis)

Similarly, the lecture you delivered on the martyrdom of Sayyiduna Husayn (Radhiyallahu anhu), you included in it all the fabricated reports of the Shia, such reports that the senior scholars of the Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah have refuted unanimously. These reports are mostly heard from the Shia and they use them as proof of their ‘truthfulness’ against the Ahl-us-Sunnah wal Jama’ah.

A few years ago, you went to the Imambara in Gilgit and delivered a lecture there. (Imambara is a Shiah temple – The Majlis).  Through the ‘blessings’ of your footsteps, an Imambara that was closed for eight years had once again opened in order to propagate Shiasm. (This Tariq Dajjaal is a Munaafiq – a Shiah agent –The Majlis) Then, you sat at the same table to dine with the Shia (devouring their haraam carrion meat – The Majlis). Pictures of this were taken. Definitely it was meat that was acquired from animals slaughtered by the Shia. Please throw light on the matter and inform us.

According to you, is the animal slaughtered by a Shia Halal or Haram?

In a lecture recorded on video (Videos are haraam –The Majlis), you have explained that janazah for them is permitted. Similarly, you delivered a highly controversial lecture at Madrasah Al-Hasanayn. This lecture became famous (infamous and extremely noxious for the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah—The Majlis)) worldwide. This talk proclaimed that the Shia are Muslims and that Maulānā Maududī was a great research scholar. You also said that Maududī had done great service for Islam. If you want know about his services, then read the book of Shaykh-ul-Hadith Maulānā Zakariyya(Rahmatullah alayh) on the Fitnah of Maududiyyat. The proof that you gave for your claim that the Shia are not disbelievers had caused great consternation to the ‘Ulamā’ and Hadīth scholars of the Ummah.

You said, ‘The Barelwis refer to us as disbelievers, so do we become disbelievers? Never! In the same way, the Shia call the Sahabah disbelievers, so how do the Shia become disbelievers?’ Like your claim, the proof is baseless. (The analogy presented by the Tariq Dajjaal is absolutely putrid and fallacious. The Shiah become Akfarul Kaafireen [The Worst and the Greatest kuffaar by branding the Sahaabah as kuffaar]. In so doing, they are in violent conflict with Allah Ta’ala Who testifies in the Qur’aan Majeed to the Imaan of the Sahaabah, and that He is well-pleased with them, and that they are the Inmates of Jannat. – The Majlis)

After this (claim of Kufr), ‘Allāmah ‘Ali Sher Haydarī took your lecture and went to Haji ‘Abdul Wahhāb (dāmat barakātuhum). He said, ‘The ‘Ulamā of Deoband have given fatwa, and we, the Sipa-e-Sahabah, have sacrificed many lives in defence of the Sahabah. Today, (Dajjaal) Tariq Jameel has wiped away an essential aspect of Dīn and has said that a renegade (Murtad) group is Muslim! Is this the principle of the Tablighi Jama’at?’ (Today, it appears that the Raiwand faction of the Tablighi Jamaat has incorporated this kufr as a principle, hence they are proudly, arrogantly and intransigently according the Dajjaal a platform –The Majlis)

Upon the instruction of Haji Saheb, you contacted ‘Allāmah ‘Ali Sher Haydarī and spoke at length over the phone. After a discussion, you conceded your error. ‘Allāmah ‘Ali Sher Haydarī said, ‘Maulānā, you have openly said that those who were insolent to the Sahabah (insolently branding the Sahaabah as kuffaar –The Majlis) are Muslims, and now you seek forgiveness over the phone? This is not the solution. In a huge gathering, you must refute your lecture and send the recording worldwide. You did this. Then, in a motorcade of thirty cars, you went to Faisalabad and clearly said at Jami’ah Haydariyyah Khayrpur that ‘Allāmah ‘Ali Sher Haydarī had pointed out this to you and you said that definitely those who deny the Sahabah are disbelievers and Maududi was astray. (The Dajjaal said this on the basis of his Shiah taqiyah belief –The Majlis)

However, we do not know what made you forget your past (i.e. your past retraction and acknowledgement of your kufr error. Since the ‘acknowledgment’ was on the basis of the confounded satanic belief of taqiyah, the Dajjaal conveniently forgot about it—The Majlis).

A short while after the martyrdom of ‘Allāmah ‘Ali Sher Haydarī (Rahmatullah alayh), you went to the suburb Sadhpura of Faisalabad. The front wall of the Masjid had the name of Sayyiduna Mu’awiyah (Radhiyallahu anhu) written there, together with the names of the Khulafā’ (Radhiyallahu anhum). You said in our presence, ‘Remove this name. Through it, discord spreads in the Ummah.’(Unable to restrain his Shiah-inspired hatred for the Sahaabah, he blurted out his kufr – The Majlis) We seek the protection of Allah (against this Dajjaal and the kufr he propagates under guise of the Deen –The Majlis).

The Sahabī, Sayyiduna Mu’awiyah (Radhiyallahu anhu) had united the Ummah for twenty years in such a way that until today, one will not find the example of it. However, this action of yours in honouring the Shia had created pandemonium. For an entire month, you were the target of criticism. Bear in mind that a short while before this ill-fated action of yours, the Shia in the same suburb had made an effigy of Sayyiduna Mu’awiyah (Radhiyallahu anhu) and burnt it. The results of this were terrible; our local people were injured and killed in defence of Sayyiduna Mu’awiyah (Radhiyallahu anhu). Is this part of your Tabligh? (Yes, murder, killing, plundering and pillaging are integral constituents of Shiah tabligh—The Majlis)

A common theme of your lectures is ‘create unity in the Ummah’. You become very emotional at this, and practically demonstrate that the Abu Bakr of today and Abu Jahal of today must unite and join. At this moment, you probably forget the purport of Furqan. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the Fir’aun in the time of Musa (Alayhis salaam) was not such a great oppressor as the Fir’aun of my time, i.e. Abu Jahal. In his lifetime, Rasulullāh (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) gave him the title of Abu Jahal. He (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) also referred to him as Fir’aun. However, you went to the house of the one that wrote books stating that Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (Radhiyallahu anhu) and Sayyiduna Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) are disbelievers. You went to the home of the person who spent his entire life calling for disassociation from the Sahabah. When looking at the picture of his funeral, one sees filth and pus coming out of his mouth.  He caused thousands of Muslims to go astray. You ate there, hugged them (He ate the haraam carrion of the Shiah kuffaar, and hugged the haters of the Sahaabah because of hatred FOR Rasulullah – Sallallahu alayhi wasallam – The Majlis). Giving guidance is not your work, not my work, but it is the work of Allah.

I remember the sentence of ‘Allāmah ‘Ali Sher Haydarī (Rahmatullah alayh), he said: ‘Whomever Rasulullāh (Sallallau alayhi wasallam) hated, you love them, and whomever Rasulullāh (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) took to be an enemy, you show affection for him. Have you become more merciful than Rasulullāh (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)?’

We have been labelled already as people who show insolence to the elders. Whoever feels that this letter is insolence for the elders then let him feel so. We have been assaulted for the sake of the Sahabah (Radhiyallahu anhum,), we have spent jail time for this cause, we have sacrificed a generation, we look at the honour of the Sahabah, the elders of the Ummah with much more fervour than the recent elders. If you feel that the works of Maulānā ‘Abdush Shakūr Lucknowī, Maulānā Abdus Sattār Tonswī and ‘Allāmah Dost Muhammad Qurayshī are services to Dīn, then we are not doing any new work.

You have also forgotten the principle of Raiwind when you went to the Imambara of Gilgit and when you went to the house of Talib Jauhari in Karachi. We have heard that when the Jama’ats are formed and sent out, then the advice is given that one should not go to any Imambara. Definitely, no Tablighi Jama’at has gone to an Imambara until today.

A new lecture of yours was recently uploaded. The lecture was at an overseas venue. You said, ‘Become and remain one Ummah. Make Shiasm your vest and Islam your shirt, i.e. continue swearing (abusing and vilifying) Abu Bakr, Umar and Ayesha (Radhiyallahu anhum), and continue saying superficially that you are Muslim. A Muslim should say that the Shia are non-Muslim inside, and say that they are brothers from the outside(i.e. adopt the satanic Shiah belief of taqiyah and act like the munaafiqeen – The Majlis). If this is Islam, then explain to us what is the meaning of hypocrisy (nifaaq). If a person makes Shiasm his vest and enters Islam, then the Mirza’īs had the first right to do this. They believe in a Nabi after Rasulullāh (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Rawafid (confounded Shiahs – The Majlis) believe in twelve (On the basis of their deviolish taqiyah belief, to deceive Muslims they call their twelve prophets ‘Imaams’ – The Majlis).

Then you said that in Pakistan, people do not perform the Janazah of the Shia. You urged them not to do this, for Pakistani Muslims are spreading hatred. You said that they must spread love (by accepting the Shiah kuffaar to be Muslims –The Majlis). We seek forgiveness from Allah and His protection. The meaning of your statement is that the fatawa books of Dar-ul-‘Ulūm Deoband, Dar-ul-‘Ulūm Karachi, Jami’ah Binnori Town, Jami’ah Faruqiyyah, etc. which  state that it is not permitted to perform the Janazah of a Shia, are spreading hatred!

Your lectures call for a review of the works of Ibn Taymiyyah, Shah Waliullah, Maulānā Qasim Nanotwi and Allamah Lucknowi. You are saying that the Sipa-e-Sahabah are emotional and that they have no etiquette, but these names(mentioned above) are also from your elders. (They were his elders. But now they, like the Sahaabah are ‘kuffaar’ because the Shiah say so—The Majlis)

Similarly, in one lecture you said in explanation of the famous Hadith, ‘Whoever I am a friend to, ‘Ali is his friend’, and ‘something has come into my heart, that we should say Maula ‘Ali, not Hadrat ‘Ali. This is his right. Rasulullāh (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) used Maula only for ‘Ali (Radhiyallahu anhu).” The question arises that even before Hadrat ‘Ali (Radhyallahu anhu), the one who should be worthy of the title of Maula should be Rasulullāh (Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), as he said, ‘Whoever I am a friend (Maula) to’. Why did you not think of saying Maula for Rasulullāh (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)?(Because the Shiahs say ‘maula’ for only Hadhrat Ali -Radhiyallahu anhu – The Majlis)

I do not negate saying Maula Ali if the ‘Ulamā’ of the entire Ummah, will say ‘Maula, for then we shall have the certificate authorizing it. However, the purport of Maula you had explained has the meaning of friendship and being a master, whereas Maula here means love. The next part of the Hadith indicates this. ‘O Allah, love the one who loves him and have hatred for the one who hates him.’

The words of love and hate are clear. However, through the method of your Tabligh, the belief of the Shia Imamiyyah gains strength. This narration is taken as the most reliable for their belief, and the entire edifice of Shiasm is built on it. Please study the book of Shaykh Muhammad Nafi’ on the life of Sayyiduna ‘Alī (Radhiyallahu anhu) for full satisfaction.

I end with a sentence of Maulānā Lucknowī, ‘Those ‘Ulamā’ who issued fatwa that the Rawafid are Muslims, they did not have a deep view of Shiasm. (They lacked  knowledge of the beliefs of Shiahs, either due to paucity of kutub or  failing to  make  proper research—The Majlis) Therefore, they will be excused.’ It is absolutely necessary for every ‘alim to study the books of Maulānā ‘Abdush-Shakūr Lucknowī (Rahmatullah alayh).


Servant of the Sahabah and Ahl-ul-Bayt

COMMENT: (We have slightly edited the article. We have omitted some statements of the author in which he flatters the Dajjaal with titles of respect. It is haraam to respect and honour even a faasiq. It is worse when the faasiq is a munaafiq and a Shiah agent and an agent of Iblees such as Tariq Jameel – The Majlis)


By Mujlisul Ulama

Ḥaẓrat Maulānā Ashraf ‘Ali al-Thānwi Raḥmatullahi ‘Alayh writes:

Not every form of Unity is Praiseworthy and not every form of Disunity is Disparaged/Condemned

Understand properly that unity is only needed and deemed praiseworthy when it is beneficial for Deen, and disunity is only frowned upon when it is detrimental to Deen. When unity is harmful for Deen and disunity is beneficial for Deen, then at that point, disunity shall be sought. The people of this world have clearly understood this reality in their daily activities. Thus, in a court case, when a plaintiff and defendent raise their matter to a court for arbitration, then neither of the two is told, “Abjure your claim, because it has created disunity between the two of you and disunity is discouraged”. Rather, the rule is that the person who is in contradiction of the Truth (Haqq) is told, ‘Return towards the Haqq and abandon your insistence upon the view that is in conflict with the Haqq’. In fact, in some matters, if the plaintiff forgoes his claim, then the government becomes the plaintiff and defends the Haqq.

Friends! If disunity is to be condemned in general, then in a court case, the judge ought to punish both the plaintiff and the defendant, as both are perpetrators of disunity. However, neither does this ever happen nor is it logical for such an opinion to be given. Rather, everyone agrees that although both parties are perpetrators of disunity, one party is doing so to uphold the truth (Ḥaqq) and the other party is doing so to uphold falsehood (Bātil). Hence, after investigation and research, the decree should be given in favour of the one who is upon the truth (Ḥaqq) and the court is required to support him. In this scenario, all agree that disunity is not always denigrated; however, regrettably, this rule is not applied to matters of Deen. In fact, [in matters of Deen], it is said to both parties, ‘Stop disuniting and create unity’.

Support should be given to the Truth (Ḥaqq)

Friends! Why is it not investigated as to whose disunity is based upon an effort to defend the truth (Ḥaqq) and whose is to support falsehood (Bātil)? Then the one who is upon the truth (Ḥaqq) may be supported and pressure should only be out one the one who is upon falsehood (Bātil). As for your commanding both of them to create unity, tell me, why should a person upon the truth (Ḥaqq) unite with someone who is upon falsehood (Bātil)? If unity was to be attained between them, then logically this could only occur in one of three situations:

1) The individual upon the truth (Ḥaqq) abandons the truth (Ḥaqq) and both unite upon falsehood (Bātil), i.e. the pious individual leaves his piety and becomes irreligious.

2) The pious individual stays firm on his piety and the irreligious individual becomes pious.

3) The pious individual abandons some of his piety and the irreligious individual abandons some of his irreligiousness.

Now, those with intellect can decide themselves which of these three situations correlates with sound intellect. Indeed, it is only the second situation that can be labelled as being in agreement with sound intellect; the summary of which is that the pious individual has a right of disuniting himself from the irreligious individual, but the irreligious individual does not have the right of disuniting from the pious individual, rather, he is required to unite with the pious person upon the truth (Ḥaqq).

An Example of Division

Friends! This [example] of disunity was started by Rasūlullāh Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam in this world. This is because before his prophethood, everyone was united upon disbelief. He arrived and broke this unity [upon disbelief], such that he became the cause of separation between father and son. This disunity is described by Allah Ta’ālā with the following glad-tidings:

“Oh you who believe, if you develop Allah-consciousness (Taqwā), he will grant you the Separator and he will remove your sins”

In this verse, Allah Ta’ālā the Almighty has expressed this “Separation” as glad-tidings and he has made [this glad-tiding] dependent upon Allah-consciousness (Taqwa). It is for this reason that the Qur’an is labeled Al-Furqān (the Divider). We realize from this that the Qur’an does not only unite. In some cases it unites and in other cases it divides. It commands one to join those who are upon the truth (Ḥaqq) and to disunite from those who are upon the falsehood (Bātil).

Thus, it is a grave mistake that people make in this day and age, that whenever they see disunity between two groups, they consider both of them to be worthy of blame and [they say], “What kind of Muslims are you? That you differ with one another?” Both are then forced to unite which means nothing except that the pious individual should abandon his piety and adopt irreligiousness and that the individual upon the truth (Ḥaqq) abandons the truth (Ḥaqq) and adopts falsehood (Bātil). This is blatantly wrong. Rather, the demand of sound intellect is that when there is disunity between two groups then it should first be established as to who is upon the truth (Ḥaqq) and who is upon falsehood (Bātil)? Once it is known as to who is upon the truth (Ḥaqq), then nothing should be said to the individual who is upon the truth (Ḥaqq), rather, he should be supported (in his disunity with the individual upon falsehood) and the individual who is upon falsehood (Bātil) should be prevented from disuniting with him. The Qur’an explicitly mentions this in one place:

“And so fight those who transgress until they return to the command of Allah”

And if you do not get the opportunity to investigate [who is upon] the Truth, then who has asked you to intervene? Sit at home! Without prior investigation, don’t rebuke others! [End quote]

[Ashraful Jawab, pg.476-478, Idarah Ta’lifat Ashrafiyyah: Multan]

Translated by Madrasah Uloomish Shariyyah, Actonville Benoni


By Mujlisul Ulama

It is mentioned in the Hadith, that there are some creatures who are shayaateen (devils) in human form. They beguile the ignorant and the unwary with their glib tongue disgorging haraam and baatil coated with a deceptive ‘deeni’ veneer. One such shaitaan in human form, is the character Tariq Jameel who is causing much damage to the Tablighi Jamaat. He is an enemy from within the ranks of the Tabligh Jamaat. The sooner the Jamaat weeds him out, the better. His propagation of haraam and baatil is undermining not only the Jamaat, but Islam itself. In exposition of Tariq Jameel’s deviation, a Brother wrote:

“The following are some of the excerpts of the speech this deviate Tariq Jameel, delivered in the Central Masjid, Birmingham on 19th November 2013, and in the Baitus Salam Masjid DHA, Karachi on 15th September 2013. In these two foul speeches Tariq Jameel speaks of meeting the Indian actor, Amir Khan, and in this context he advocates baatil in the name of Tabligh. He said:

‘One of our members, Jawwad Waseem sahib who used to indulge in dramas spent four months in Jamaat. When he came to meet us, there was a Moulvi saheb with us, he was saying, “Moulana (Moulana Tariq Jameel’s teacher), this is Jawwad saheb, he used to work in dramas. Now     that he spent four months in Tabligh we are telling him to quit dramas. Moulana replied, “Who will raise those who are lying there, who will raise them’. In order to anger him, he said, ‘Moulana, girls dance nude there’. Moulana replied, “They are our daughters only, our daughters.”

He said they are our daughters only. I have learned the Qur’an from this teacher. They have taught us love – to give love to people. Give love, give love. (A concept of ‘giving love’ which accommodates dalliance with   nude, dancing girls is zina and prostitution – The Majlis) I met Amir Khan (the Indian actor). I didn’t tell him anything about Deen. It was just love. Still I receive his messages. (The moron is over-awed by the messages of a cinema-owner – The Majlis) He said he was never influenced by anyone. I am the one by whom he was influenced. Did I do any magic? It was just love. (It was satanistic ‘love’. – The Majlis) Give love to people. They will come   close. There was no way for meeting (the Indian actor). He didn’t know me, I didn’t know him. I was not getting any opportunity to meet (him). (What is so extraordinary in meeting a cinema-owner? This character betrays his mental inferiority complex. – The Majlis) Allah sent Shahid Afridi (Pakistani cricketer) who is our cricketer. He had a friendship with the actor. I told him over phone to arrange a meeting with him. He arranged the meeting. He said that we have half an hour. I said OK. I went. He (Amir khan) was fearful that a Moulana came. He did not know what to expect. (A faasiq neither fears nor respects a bootlicking molvi who grovels at his feet. – The Majlis)

Would he say: “What you are doing is Haraam. Dancing and singing are haraam. Therefore repent otherwise hell will be your lot. He did not know what would happen. He was afraid.

As soon as I sat down, I started speaking about films. (If this bootlicking molvi had to visit a prostitute, the first thing he would have done would have been indulgence in zina, for such indulgence finds room in his concept of deceptive ‘tableegh’. – The Majlis) After sometime I felt that from 1960 to 1972, he didn’t know the film industry as much as I knew. (He testifies to his own fisq and fujoor. – The Majlis) So he was awed by my knowledge. (Knowledge of fisq, fujoor and Satanism – The Majlis) It was the knowledge of his profession. He was amazed and tense. Sometimes Dilip Kumar was mentioned, sometimes Raj Kapoor, sometimes Mehboob saheb, and sometimes Madan Mohan. That half an hour passed like that. After half an hour, I said, “Our time is over, let us go, let us sit there at the dining table’. We went and sat there. Again the same conversation started. When all his fear had vanished and he was relaxed, 45 to 50 minutes had passed in that conversation. Then I said, “Amir bhai, you have come on Hajj, shall I tell you the Hajj of our Nabi if you permit?’ He replied, ’Yes, surely tell’. Then I   spoke for one and a quarter hour, and he was sitting and listening. He didn’t move from his place. People are hungry for love, but you start giving Fatwas. I learned about Junaid Jamshed (ex-Pakistani singer) that Tablighi members don’t have food at his home because his earning is Haraam. He is very disheartened. He had just recently come into Tableegh. I had a journey ahead. We were going in Jamat. We had to go via Karachi, so I phoned him   to inform him that I would be coming and that I would have food at his home. He said; “At my home?” I said, “Yes, at your home”. He again said, “At my home?” I said, “Yes, at your home”. He repeated: ’Really at my home?” I said, ‘Really at your home’. (Devouring haraam has completely disfigured this molvi’s spiritual countenance. His brains and heart are soiled and corrupted with all the haraam he consumes and in which he so much relishes. – The Majlis)

I was sitting in Raiwand when a person came and said: The owner of Mubarak cinema which was in Lahore, will be coming to Raiwand for a few days. Today he (the cinema-owner) brought something from home and gave it to someone in Raiwand. But he refused to accept it, saying that he could not eat it as his (the cinema-owner’s) earning is Haraam. The cinema-owner was really embarrassed. I said: “Make haste, and bring him to me.” When he came, I asked his name. He said: “Haroon.” I asked about his occupation. Lowering his head, he said that he had a small business. I asked about the type of business he had. He said that it was a small business. I said: Brother, at least tell me what kind of business is it.” He said: “It is a cinema” I asked: “Which cinema is it?”. He replied: “Mubarak cinema, Mubarak.” I said: “Mubarak?” He said: “Yes”. I said: “The one in which I had seen (the film) Shama Parvana’? Mubarak sahib was its owner. His photo appeared. He had died. His sad music used to be played.” (This moron molvi is Shaitaan incarnate! – The Majlis)

He (Haroon) looked at me in amazement. In this way I befriended him. When I saw him   again after some time, he was spending four months (in Tableegh) and he had a big beard. People are hasty in issuing Fatwas. If someone has 100 virtues and one defect, they write off all the virtues.

When we left after the meeting of two hours, Amir Khan came down to see us off. I asked if there shall   be another meeting after today? He said sure. Thereafter I received his message that he had gone to Madinah, and he apologised. I informed him that I would come to Madinah. I had been to Madinah before Hajj, so he said come on 14th. He had  fixed the   time from 4-6 pm for me. So Junaid, another member (Tablighi) and I went there at 4pm. At 4:15 pm our sitting with him started. From 4:15pm to 10:15pm, 6 hours continuously, and he did not even frown or display any sign of being bored. (We wonder what had happened to Maghrib and Isha’ – The Majlis) Then we got up, ready to leave. But he was not happy for us to leave.  

Give love. Then I faced a test. Last year I was in the Ijtima of Raiwand. I received his message that his film ‘Talaash’ is being released. And that I should pray for its success. I thought: “What  now?” Replying is also necessary and prayer also cannot be done. When I received the message, some 10-12 ulama were sitting before me. I asked: “Brothers, I have received this message. Give a response.” They said that this was not their field and that only I should reply. I had been thinking all the day. I didn’t understand   what to reply to save me as well as answering. (Because you are a faasiq moron! What was the   conundrum? What was the mystery which could not be unravelled? When public indulgence in fisq and fujoor – sitting in a cinema, praising fussaaq and fujjaar, praising evil films, dancing with nude dancing girls, etc., etc., are all valid in the wretch’s concept of ‘tableegh’, then why is praying for the success of the pornography not permissible? What is so difficult about this? – The Majlis) Then, the next day also passed. I didn’t understand anything (because your brains are fossilized with fisq and deception – The Majlis). I was making wudhu of Asr when suddenly Allah put an idea in my heart. So I immediately texted him the message, “Amir bhai, Allah rarely gives a creative mind to someone. He doesn’t give it to everyone. This will be a great gift of Allah. In the time I had spent with you, I saw that Allah had   given you a creative mind. You are a creator (of haraam, fisq and fujoor  –The Majlis), and the people who are of this kind, don’t care about success and failure. They are only concerned with   their work.” Immediately I received his response. “You are right, you are right.”

(The following is a different incident). I messaged him (i.e. the Indian actor Amir Khan) that I am Tariq Jameel and am in Hong Kong. Could I call him? If I don’t get his reply, I don’t call him. Sometimes he himself calls me; sometimes he sends me a message that I could call him. So after a while he phoned that he was in Delhi. He was in a conference (with the devils – The Majlis). He had come out when he saw my message. Now he would speak to me. While speaking he said his film (Talaash) succeeded as a result of my dua. I said I had not prayed. 

Brothers, distribute love.….   Pleasure is when you hold someone falling down. What is difficult in calling an evil person evil. Holding the hand of the evil person, and taking him out of the evil is the actual work.

Madrasah is the (place for) the language of Fatwa. The language of the mimbar (pulpit) is not Fatwa. The language of pulpit is persuasion, winning the hearts. If Fatwas are issued against each other from here too, then what is now happening will happen.” (End of the moron’s disgorgement of ghutha (baatil rubbish.)

COMMENT (By Mujlisul Ulama):

Distribution of Muhabbat (love) which is integral to the Qur’aanic methodology of Da’wat and Tableegh commanded in the aayat: “Dispute with them with wisdom”, and in the aayat: “Call to the Path of your Rabb with wisdom and beautiful calling..”, never ever envisages commission of zina with a prostitute in order to please her and to entice her into joining the ladies tabligh jamaat. It (Muhabbat) does not countenance consumption of liquor with a drunkard in order to befriend him for bringing him into the path of Islaah (reformation).   It does not permit the perpetration of fisq, fujoor and haraam to hook flagrant sinners into tableegh activities or to the path of moral reformation.

No one has ever disputed the method of calling people to the Path of the Deen with love and kindness, and with tender words. But, to deceive a transgressor and to minimize the major sins in which he/she indulges by casting oneself into the dregs of Satanism and flagrant sin, is deception piled on deception. It is pure Satanism. It testifies for the fact that this miserable Tariq character is firmly enmeshed in shaitaan’s tentacles. He propagates Satanism whilst labouring under the satanistic deception of his shaitaani method being valid Tableegh. His jahl-e-murakkab is indeed mind boggling.

Contrary to the averment of this moron, the mimbar in fact is the valid and best platform for the dissemination of fatwas – the fatwas of the Deen – the fatwas of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Fatwas are not meant for assignment into antiquity or for oblivion in the kutub or for wiling away the time in academic and technical hair-splitting and atom-splitting argument in Madaaris. The objective of Fatwa is amal to gain Allah’s pleasure and for Najaat (Salvation) in the Aakhirah. But for the moron with his hideous idea of ‘tableegh’ which embraces all shades of fisq, fujoor, baatil and kufr, the masaa-il of the Shariah are a past-time hobby not intended for practical implementation. His jahaalat is colossal.

To win over a person who is plodding the path of sin and baatil, it is never permissible to consume his haraam food, as this vile Tariq moron advocates and practices. If a cinema-owner or a prostitute or a gambler, etc. is engaged in discussion with a view to invite him/her to the Path of Islaah, no one advocates being rude and harsh with them. They are not to be despised. Denying them the display of good conduct is not promoted. But, participating with them in their sins or consuming their haraam food is never ever allowed in the Shariah. The moron’s brains and heart appear to be totally corrupted as a consequence of devouring the haraam gifts offered to him.

When refusing the haraam gift of a person, it is not said that the person should be humiliated or embarrassed. In privacy, the person should be politely and affectionately explained. Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar is Waajib, and this obligation can be discharged beautifully with muhabbat.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) did not participate in the shirk and idolatry of his kinsmen in order to entice them to the Tauheed of Islam. He was commanded by Allah Ta’ala to proclaim the Haqq without the slightest ambiguity. Words may not be minced. It is haraam to speak with a forked tongue thereby casting the audience into doubt, uncertainly and even dhalaal (deviation). The Haqq is crystal clear. It may not be contaminated with the darkness of the bestial nafs and the deceptive methods of ‘tableegh’ which Shaitaan inspires into the clogged brains of the likes of the Tariq Jameel character.

The Ummah is not in need of deviate morons such as Tariq Jameel to teach Muslims his rubbish methods of satanic propagation. There is a wealth of guidance and a plethora of examples in the glittering ways of our Akaabir Auliya and Ulama who had practically demonstrated the Qur’aanic methodology of calling to Islaah with Beautiful Aquittal. Once Hadhrat Ibraahim Bin Adham (rahmatullah alayh) passed by a man who laid sprawling on the ground. Foam was gushing from his mouth. He bent down to inspect. The man was ‘dead’ drunk. Overcome with grief, Hadhrat Ibn Adham with his handkerchief wiped the foam from the mouth of the drunkard. Whilst wiping, he sadly said: “Allah Ta’ala has bestowed the bounty of the tongue for His Thikr.” After wiping the foam from the man’s mouth, Hadhrat Ibn Adham departed. That night, in a dream he sees a Vision of Allah Ta’ala exclaiming: “O Ibraahim! For My Sake, you cleaned his mouth. Now, for your sake, I have cleansed his heart.” When the drunkard had sobered up, people who had witnessed the episode, informed him. Hadhrat Ibraahim’s statement struck a responsive chord in his heart. He hastened to the Shaikh, made taubah, took bay’t and joined the Jamaat of the Sufiya.

To achieve this objective of Islaah, Hadhrat Ibraahim (rahmatullah alayh) did not consume liquor. He did not have to beat about the bush and convey the idea that liquor is halaal as Tariq Jameel had created the satanic idea of haraam food and haraam earnings being halaal, and of music and cinema being halaal. Regardless of the moron’s intention, his ostensible acquittal is kufr for he, by his practical action, traded the idea that music, haraam food and the fisq and fujoor of the cinema-owner are all halaal. He should renew his Imaan and also his Nikah.

Beautiful Preaching never means forked-tongued ‘tableegh’ which   leaves a man to flounder in the zulmat (darkness) of jahaalat. “Giving love” of which he pretends to be having a monopoly, must never compromise the clear and glittering Haqq of Allah’s Shariah. Consorting with baatil is not Mauizah Hasanah (Beautiful Preaching). On the contrary, it is Satanism. It is talbees-e-iblees.

Conveying the vile notion of nude dancing girls being acceptable in Islam, speaks volumes for this man’s deviation from Siraatul Mustaqeem. He lacks the ability of distinguishing between left and right, hence he is capable of uttering such blasphemous rubbish. Falling head over heels to curry favour with a wealthy cinema-owner bears testimony to this man’s greed for the dunya. He further suffers from gross mental inferiority. Did he ever search for a faqeer in some squatter camp or someone sleeping in the streets for his tableegh? But he went out of his way to gain the favour of a faasiq of wealth. His efforts in this direction are tantamount to bootlegging and bootlicking. Under guise of tableegh he pursues the dunya. Thus, coming within the purview of the Hadith: “With the amal of the Aakhirah, they will pursue the dunya.” This is among the Signs of Qiyaamah. He bootlicks the wealthy fussaaq while ignoring the poor fussaaq. He accords obsequious attention to the wealthy fussaaq. But for the poor who are surrounding him, he has a different approach and treatment. A scholar at the door of the wealthy is indeed a vile character.

This vile character proudly displays his knowledge about haraam films. He excelled even the cinema-owner in this haraam science of fisq and fujoor. And, he is proud of it. His concept of love and tableegh requires the lauding of praise on fussaaq and fujjaar actors, prostitutes and scoundrels in direct conflict with the Ahaadith. Invite the sinners to the Path of Islaah without making a hash of the Deen. The  ‘give love’ concept of Tariq Jameel is a lot of hogwash.

“Moving for four months in jamaat”, is not a halaalizer of haraam food. For the sake of enticing a man into four months, haraam food does not become halaal. It is the abundant consumption of haraam food which has corroded the thinking process of this moron ‘tablighi’.

When an ignoramus requests that dua should be made for the success of his zina, fisq and fujoor, there is no need to wait for kashf (divine inspiration) for understanding what the response should be. But, this moron was in a quandary for a couple of days when he was requested by the cinema-owner to make dua for the success of his zina film. He had to hallucinate some weird response which he attributes to divine inspiration for placating the cinema-owner. His fossilized brain failed to understand the simple logical command of Amr Bil Ma’roof to be beautifully acquitted. A response which   further solidifies the haraam indulgence of the cinema-owner is a satanic response.

This utterly shameless, impostor molvi proudly advertises that he had “watched the sharma parvana film”. He furthermore praises the haraam photo and the haraam music which the moron describes as ‘sad music’. What kind of devilish ‘tablighi’ is this mudhil (one who deviates others from Siraatul Mustaqeem). Regarding such vile specimens of deceit and misguidance, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah mudhilleen.” So-called scholars who mislead people are among these ‘aimmah’ for whom Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) expressed fear.

Uttering a blatant lie, Tariq Jameel said: “If someone has a 100 virtues and one defect, they write off all.” From whence did he suck out this blatant falsehood. He should cite specific examples to bolster his baseless contention. If one abstains from eating the haraam food of a cinema-owner, it does not follow therefrom that he has been written off and consigned to Jahannum. If people do not associate with a prostitute, it does not follow that she has been condemned to Jahannam. Dissociation from flagrant sinners is a Shar’i command. Such dissociation is not necessarily the effect of pride. The flagrant sinner is not being despised when he/she is ostracized. We say ‘flagrant’ because everyone is a sinner. But there is a vast difference between those whose sins are hidden, and those who display blatant disregard for Allah’s commands. They recklessly sin and rebel against Allah Ta’ala in public. They advertise their villainy. They are proud to display and promote their fisq and fujoor.

If a faasiq comes forward and expresses the desire to enter into the Path of Taubah and Islaah, no one will despise him/her. On the contrary, he/she will be welcomed. Yes, a moron mudhil has to be written off for not safeguarding the Imaan and Akhlaaq of Muslims.

No one objects to ‘holding the hand of the evil person and taking him out of his evil’. The episode of Hadhrat Ibraahim (rahmatullah alayh) mentioned earlier, adequately portrays the Tareeqah of our Tableegh. The objection is directed at the one like this moron who indulges in the evil of the one who is trapped in evil. He indulges in the evil with the ludicrous and haraam justification of ‘tableegh’. He participates in the fisq and fujoor of the person whom he supposedly invites towards virtue. It is his participation which is abhorrent, haraam and objectionable, not his ‘holding the hand of the evil person’.

Muslims should beware of this fake ‘muballigh’. He is a threat for Imaan. He is a halaalizer of haraam. With his forked tongue he seeks to deviate people to take the path of Jahannam. It is not permissible to listen to his lectures. His speeches are ‘zukhruful qaul’ (satanically adorned speech) according to the Qur’aan Majeed.


Beware of the Tariq Jamil Dajjaal

Since the inception of the long and glorious chain of Nubuwwat with its 124,000 links of Ambiyā and Rusul, every Nabi was a lone, forlorn stranger in a world in which baatil (falsehood) preponderated.

The Ambiya were always supposedly “negligible” and “insignificant”. They were strangers and ridiculed by their communities. They were labelled “Madmen, Sorcerer, Liars, Poets,” etc. They were persecuted and murdered and, ultimately, by the command of Allah Azza Wajal, the Ambiya cursed their Kuffar communities. The Qur’aan Majeed confirms these facts.

Although the Ambiya (Alayhimus Salaam) were unpopular, despised and rejected during the greater part of their mission, Allah Ta’ala bestowed Victory to Them. Thus, the Qur’aan says: “The ultimate Victory is for the Muttaqeen.”

Victory in this context does not mean popularity of the type enjoyed by Iblees, Dajjaal, Pop-singers and the league of Iblees such as Tariq Jamil and the host of other Mudhilleen, no does “Victory” envisage numerical and material superiority. It means acceptance by Allah Azza Wajal and the disgrace of the Kuffaar.View the Victory of Nooh (Alayhis Salaam). After 9 Centuries of Da’wat and Tableegh, only about 80 members of his community accepted Islam. The entire nation was destroyed by Allah Ta’ala in the Great Flood. Hadhrat Nooh (Alayhis Salaam) was extremely unpopular among his people.

There will be a Nabi who will enter Jannat with only one follower. In his entire mission, the Nabi managed to convert only one man to Islam. In Allah’s Wisdom, this was Victory.

Muslims should not follow someone on the basis of his popularity and eloquence of speech. These accomplishments are necessary attributes of Shaitaan and Dajjaal. That is why the Small Dajjaal, Tariq Jamil, is able to adroitly acquit himself with Satanism and dajjaaliyat.

Those who fall into the Shaitaani trap of popularity and the snare of oratory and eloquence, come within the purview of the Qur’aanic Aayat: “If you follow the majority on earth the verily, you will become Mushhrikoon.”