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Athaab – Do Not be Deceived

“It (the hurricane/ tornado) is a wind in which there is a painful punishment. It destroys everything (in its path) by the command of its Rabb.” (Qur’aan)

All the forces of nature are the slaves of Allah Azza Wa Jal. They constitute His Army. The Qur’aan says: “No one knows His armies except He.” The variety of natural disasters – hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, wild raging fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc., – occur by the Command of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Nothing is accidental. The Athaab, in which ever form it is unleashed, accomplishes its task meticulously as decreed. The destruction it wroughts should not be understood to be accidental and haphazard. The Qur’aan Majeed states: “Everything by Allah is according to a fixed measure.”

When the elimination of the nation of Nabi Loot (Alayhis salaam) was decreed, the punishment came in the form of showers of stones from the heaven. The Qur’aan Majeed states: “(The Angels) said: ‘Verily we have been sent to a nation of criminals so that we unleash on them (showers of) brimstones which are specially marked by your Rabb for the transgressors.” (Az-Zaariyaat, Aayat 25)

These natural disasters which are Divine Punishments are signs for Muslims for reflection and deriving lessonThe Qur’aan Majeed states: “And, in the earth are signs for people of firm faith, and (even) in yourselves (are signs), What! Do you not heed (and derive lesson).” – Az-Zaariyaat, 21 and 22. All over the world, natural upheavals in the form of natural disasters are overwhelming nations. Even the kuffaar in the West are now being overtaken by Divine Punishment.

Generally, the kuffaar are not punished on earth for their crimes. They will be adequately recompensed with perpetual Athaab in Jahannam. Therefore, Allah Ta’ala grants them much respite here on earth. However, there are certain crimes for which they too are punished here on earth with universal Athaab. Oppression and sexual perversion are such crimes. When these crimes become universal, then the Athaab overtakes them as well. Consequently, they are being punished for their oppression, homosexuality, gay’ism, lesbianism, abortion and the likes which are among the vilest crimes which they have legalized and granted respectability and acceptability. These are the reasons for the wild fires and hurricanes which are causing great havoc in the U.S.A. and Europe.

As for Muslims, one form of Divine Punishment is the imposition of kuffaar domination. Natural disasters too are forms of Allah’s Athaab for us. Muslims should heed what is happening in the world by way of Allah’s Athaab. No Muslim community will be exempted from the terrible Athaab when all bounds of the Deen have been violated.

In South Africa, the Muslim community should not feel snug in its current state of opulence. The apparent ‘safety’ and indulgence in haram opulence are worldly deceptions which should not cast us into deception regarding the Sunnah of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Take lesson from the plight of the Rohingya Muslims, the Syrian Muslims, the Palestinian Muslims, etc.

The writing on the wall is conspicuous for people of intelligence. The deluges of fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and even kufr of the Muslim masses as well as of the molvis and sheikhs portray vividly the writing on the wall.


[From Al-Haq Bulletien]

“Thus does He (Allah) cast rijs (filth) on those who lack intelligence.” (Yoonus, Aayat 11)

When Muslims sold their souls to the dunya for its miserable crumbs of wealth, fisq, fujoor and bid’ah, then Allah Ta’ala cast rijs on their brains. Their intellect became not only fossilized, but this divinely cast rijs (filth of kufr, fisq and fujoor) eliminated their Imaani bearings. Thus they became the bootlickers of the kuffaar, losing in this satanic process the Fruits of success and victory which they had inherited from the Sahaabah.

When Muslims bartered away the Deen for the dunya, then the glorious legacy acquired from the Sahaabah was ruined and Allah Ta’ala snatched away power and honour from the Ummah assigning them to the serfdom of the kuffaar.

The following episode taken from one of the books of Zulfiqar Ahmed, the protagonist of merrymaking, bid’ah mass mock i’tikaaf illustrates some of the effects of the Rijs which Allah Ta’ala had cast on the brains of Muslims who had in entirety lost focus of the objective for which the Khilaafat of the Khulafa-e-Raashideen had been established. In his book, describing one of his impressions of a visit to Samarqand which at one time in Islamic history was a grand seat of Ilm and Taqwa, he says:

“Islamic Seminaries of the Desert

In the center of Samarqand, there is a historical site popularly known as ‘Desert Square.’ Here are located three grand, tall and beautiful seminary buildings that inspire awe and respect in the onlooker.

This central square used to be the largest market of Central Asia in the time of Taimur. Trade caravans used to stop here, and it was surrounded on all four sides by shops of craftsmen and artisans. King Taimur’s son, Mirza Alagbeg founded the first madrasah here in the fifteenth century. He himself served as a teacher here, and was a renowned mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer of his time.

A century later, Samarqand’s governor, Balang Dosh Bahadur constructed another madrasah on the opposite side of the square. This was indeed a positive step considering the increase in the number of students seeking knowledge of the religion. However, it was a mystery why the main door of this seminary with decorated gates, arches, and pillars would have pictures of lions chasing after deer, which gave the seminary the name of ‘Sher Dar Madrasah’. Such pictures at the door of a religious institution are truly puzzling. On the third side of ‘Desert Square’, another madrasah was erected in the seventeenth century. In its center is a beautiful masjid with a blue dome, whose arch has been decorated with two hundred kilograms of gold, which caused it to become known as ’Tilakari Madrasah.’ The minarets of this masjid were originally built inclined. They were straightened in 1932, middle of these madaris was being used for exclusive official, public functions. The government had converted Tilakari Madrasah into a museum. Excluding only the area around the arch and pulpit, the rest of the masjid was used to exhibit artwork.

(End of Zulfiqar’s impression)

“Seeing these same buildings lying desolate today was painful. During their occupation, the Soviet government had converted these buildings into nightclubs; where once the Holy Qur’aan and hadith were proudly recited, the infidel would dance to the sound of music.”

If Imaani intelligence is correctly employed in the light of the Qur’aan and Ahaadith, one will not fail to understand that the Soviet government and the infidels are not blameworthy for the lamentable desecration and destruction of Islamic artefacts, Musaajid, Madaaris and the Khaanqahs. The real ‘infidels’ who had been the cause for the sad destruction of the glorious Islamic civilization which had been inherited from the Sahaabah, were the Muslims themselves.

The Musaajid and Madaaris were converted into nightclubs for prostitution, liquor, music and dancing by the command of Allah Azza Wa Jal as punishment for the evil and villainy of the Muslims who had abandoned using these glorious Venues of Islam for their intended purposes, namely, for seeking Allah Ta’ala and for making preparations for the Aakhirat.

While the Sahaabah and the Salafus Saaliheen infused their lives with the culture of the Sunnah, the later Muslims who inherited the Islamic empire from the Sahaabah adopted the lifestyle of the Ajam – of the Yahood and Nasaara, hence Allah Ta’ala removed them from their pedestal of power and glory, and handed over the lands of Islam to the kuffaar granting them unbridled freedom to pillage, plunder, desecrate and violate Muslims and their holy institutions. In the Qur’aan, Allah Ta’ala says: “You will never find a change for the Sunnah (Way) of Allah.”

The very same punitive treatment which Allah Ta’ala had inflicted on the Muslim Ummah of Bani Israaeel, had overtaken the Ummah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) when they cast aside the Sunnah and adopted the ways of the kuffaar; when they employed the Musaajid, Madaaris and Khaanqahs for the acquisition of worldly and nafsaani objectives. These Holy institutions have to be utilized for the acquisition of the Aakhirah. But as stated in the Hadith: “The dunya will be pursued with the amal of the Aakhirah”, this was the fate of all the Madaaris which had once upon a time been the bastions of the Deen.

Instead of concentrating on Knowledge (Qur’aan and Hadith) for practical implementation in the manner demonstrated by the Sahaabah, emphasis and pride were accorded to mathematics, philosophy, astronomy and other junk of the dunya.

To Mr. Zulfiqar the haraam pictures and images of lions, etc. satanically adorning the arches, gates and pillars of the Samarqand Madrasah, appear ‘puzzling’, but in reality these artefacts of shaitaan mirror vividly the causes of the destruction of Muslim glory. These evils portray the shaitaani mindset of the Muslim rulers and the masses. The Wrath and Curse of Allah Azza Wa Jal percolating from these evils were quite apparent to those whose eyes were not blinded by the rijs of the dunya.

When Muslims became unworthy of being in charge of the Musaajid and Madaaris, when they committed the zulm of utilizing these abodes of the Aakhirat for the acquisition of the carrion of the world, then Allah Ta’ala handed these to the kuffaar. The Qur’aan and the Ahadith bear ample testimony for this development.

Once when Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) described to the Sahaabah the decline and defeat of Muslims of later years, a Sahaabi asked in surprise: “O Rasulullah! Will it be on account of the paucity of our numbers on that day?”

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “On the contrary, you will be numerous. But, you will be trash, like the muck of floodwaters. Allah will eliminate from the hearts of your enemy fear for you, and He will instil wahan in your hearts.” The Sahaabi asked: “O Rasulullah! What is wahan?”

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Love of the dunya and dislike for maut.”

It is stupidity and imbecility to blame the infidels for our lamentable plight. We, ourselves are the cause of our destruction and disgrace. Blame not the reflection in the mirror.


By Mujlisul Ulama

“Most certainly, We shall cause them to taste from the lesser punishment, not the greater punishment, for perhaps they will return (to the Path of Rectitude). And, who is more unjust than the one who turns away from the Signs of his Rabb when these are narrated to him? Verily, We shall extract vengeance from the criminals.” [As-Sajdah, Aayat 21]

Only those whose brains and hearts are convoluted with kufr will deny the irrefutable reality of the swarms of insects which had settled on Makkah, including Musjidul Haraam, being an Athaab of Allah.

The Qur’aan Majeed says:

“And, none knows of the armies of your Rabb except He.” [Al-Muddathir, Aayat 31]

This occurrence is Divine Chastisement in small measure. It is a warning to jolt the kuffaar inhabitants of Saudi Arabia of the impending great punishment which will obliterate them all if they  refuse to heed this warning and refuse to  repent and adopt  the Path of Rectitude. They should understand that:  “Never will you find for the Way of Allah a change.” When nations of bygone times intransigently and rebelliously resolved to plod the path of villainy and treachery, sin and transgression, then Allah’s Athaab descended in a variety of forms to eliminate the transgressing nations. The same is in the divine pipeline for the kufr regime and the kuffaar inhabitants of Saudi Arabia.  

The regime and the vast majority of Saudis have abolished Islam and taken the ideology of the western kuffaar. These Saudi criminals will not escape Divine Wrath and Divine Curse. Allah Ta’ala warns in the Qur’aan Majeed of vengeance which He will extract from these criminals.

Compared to the swarms of insects which had plagued Fir’oun and his people, the swams which have descended on Makkah are miniscule. Allah Ta’ala grants leeway and much rope. If the warning is not heeded, they will rue the days they were born.

The kuffaar concern to discover the causes to which this phenomenon can be attributed are silly and futile from the Islamic perspective.  The swarms of insects have now been eliminated, NOT by the measures undertaken by the municipality of Makkah, but by the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Understand well, that every occurrence and operation in the universe runs its course by Allah’s decree and command. The Qur’aan Majeed states:

“By Him are the Keys of the Ghaib (whatever is unseen and unknown to us is the Ghaib), No one, but He knows it. And, He is aware of what is in the ocean and on the earth. Not a leaf drops (from a tree) but he is aware. There is not a seed in the darkness of the earth (underground) nor anything moist or dry, but it is recorded in a Clear Book.” [Al-An’aam, Aayat 51]

“Nothing is hidden from your Rabb of the tiniest speck neither in the earth nor in the heaven, nor anything smaller nor bigger, but it is recorded in a Clear Book.” [Yoonus, Aayat 61]

The mulhideen and zanaadiqah of the kufr Saudi regime should not feel snug in the deception that the municipality has succeeded in eliminating the swarms of insects. The termination of the Divine Operation was a decreed event. Its termination is respite granted to the evil populace and kufr regime of Saudi Arabia. These insects were merely the initiation of the process of Divine Punishment. Great upheavals are destined to follow. It will then be too late for regret and even repentance will then not avail.

Technological Capability Or Divine Help???

By Al-Haqq

Islamically speaking, the most weird argument which Muslims advance for the Ummah’s failure on the battlefield against the kuffaar is the technological superiority of the western kuffaar. America’s military ‘might’, its nuclear capability and its supposedly invincible air – force are said to be the causes of the capitulation of the Taalibaan and the fall of Iraq. This argument in the light of the pronouncements of the Qur’aan Majeed is utterly fallacious. It is devoid of substance. Success and victory of the Muslim nation were never the consequences of military superiority.

The very same lawless Arabs who had led a barbaric life prior to the advent of Islam had become the Standard Bearers of the glorious Flag of Islam which they planted on the hilltops of the world wherever they went. The mightiest armies of the then superpowers were humbled and lay prostrate at the feet of the Sahaabah who were the very men who a few years earlier in their time of Jaahiliyyah were entirely lost and absorbed in immorality, barbarism and intertribal warfare.

In fact, so lawless and rebellious were these Arabs that no power of the time ventured to subdue them. The outside world powers were content to leave them within the confines of the Arabian Peninsula to squander their energy in their own evil pursuits which ensured their incremental moral retrogression and political stagnation. As long as they remained in the vortex of kufr and immorality, they lacked in entirety in spiritual vision. They thus remained grounded in the desert sands of Arabia.


But when Islam came to these restless Sons of the Arabian Desert, their spiritual vision opened up and became adorned with the celestial light of the Roohaani  (Spiritual) world. As a direct consequence of the opening up of the hearts of their Baatin (Soul), they were constrained by the Fire of Imaan to break out from the desert frontiers of the Arabian Peninsula which could no longer contain their spirits kindled with the power of Imaan. Soon the call of Allaahu Akbar and the Call of Tauheed – Lailaha illalla Allah — reverberated throughout the world.

An ill equipped army of 12,000 Sahaabah confronted and decisively defeated a superior and regular army of more than a quarter million kuffaar soldiers. This is not an isolated example. The history of the rise of Islam and its domination testify to the wildfire spread of the Sahaabah and the ascendancy and domination of the rule of Islam over the lands of the kuffaar. Never were these fruits gained as a result of numerical or military superiority. With regard to the weakness of the then Ummah , the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“Verily, Allah aided you at Badr when you were a disgraceful lot (in the eyes of the kuffaar).” 

Despised and physically emaciated — numerically outnumbered and militarily having no comparison with the opposing kuffaar forces — Allah Ta’ala bestowed a resounding victory to the tiny band of Sahaabah, and the history of the world began to be written in a new light.


Thus, the argument of technological inferiority is a colossal deception of shaitaan. It is with this deception that shaitaan sustains the process of Muslim emulation of people wallowing in physical and spiritual najaasat and janaabat.  The power – base of the Muslimeen is entirely something else. It is Taqwa — the Fear of Allah. It is Taqwa and the Sunnah which constitute the bedrock of our success and power, and it is Taqwa which attracts even the kuffaar to the Haqqaaniyat (Truth) of Islam which has come for all mankind. It is therefore not lawful for Muslims to commit deeds which will alienate the kuffaar from Islam. Every Muslim has to be an ambassador of Islam — a practical Muballigh.


All our ancestors were kuffaar, The Sahaabah transformed our kuffaar ancestors and presented the treasure of Imaan and Islam to them. How did they accomplish the wonderful feat of converting entire nations to Islam in the shortest space of time? Definitely not at the point of the sword as the kuffaar enemies allege. The seat of Imaan is the heart. While the sword can convert overtly the tongue, it cannot make the slightest inroad into the heart. On the contrary, it creates a greater aversion for those who wield the sword. But Islam came to remain with the conquered kuffaar people, and these very conquered people became the ambassadors and champions and Armies of Islam the day after their conversion to Islam.


The Qur’aan calls your attention, O Mu’mineen! It calls on you to reflect and understand where your power comes from : Says Allah Azza Wa Jal, in aayat 26 of Surah Anfaal:

“And (O Mu’mineen!) remember when you were numerically insignificant (and militarily hopelessly inadequate); you were despised weaklings in the land. You feared that the people (your kuffaar enemies) would snatch (and devour you). Then (Lo!) He (Allah) gave you refuge and aided you with His Help, and He granted you Tayyibaat (halaal and wholesome ) food so that yo u may be grateful.”

The gratitude which Rabbul Izzat — Allah Azza Wa Jal — demands from us weaklings is adoption of the Sunnah, acceptance of the Immutable Shariah and engrossment in perpetual Thikrullaah. Then will open up the avenues of Victory, for He has created the Mu’mineen for Victory in this world and everlasting success (falaah) in the Aakhirah.



With the steady and perfectly natural increase of “islamophobia”, oppression, plunder, pillage and genocide of Muslims in Syria, Burma, India, Palestine, China, Chechnya, CAR, and almost all over the world, countless self-appointed and so-called experts and scholars have come crawling out offering a whole variety of “solutions” and “call to action” conjured up from their whims, most of which are utterly bereft of Quranic and Sunnah basis.

Since many of these so-called “experts” and “scholars” are themselves drowning in sins, even committing the infinitely worse crime of halaalizing many of those sins, they are all extremely averse to mentioning the ONLY solution to the plight of the Burmese Muslims and the plight of oppressed Muslims the world over.

Perhaps a feeble whisper, or even a murmur or two on this Quranic solution may be heard extremely faintly from a few of these self-appointed “experts”. However, on the whole these self-appointed “experts” excel in the art of deflecting attention from the actual problem since they all know very well, deep inside, that they form an integral part of the root-cause of the tyranny of brutal rulers and Kuffaar domination which NONE other than Allah Ta’ala has currently imposed upon the whole Ummah.

Contrast the crank ‘solutions’ blabbered on perpetually by the self-appointed “experts” of today with the ONLY solution prescribed by Hadhrat Hasan al-Basri, one of the great students of the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum) – a solution that has been authentically transmitted and re-iterated by countless Fuqaha and Ulama-e-Haqq (true scholars) throughout the ages. (See Adab al-Hasan al-Basri of Ibn al-Jawzi, ash-Sharee’ah of Imam al-Ajurri, and other early books recording the statements of the Salaf).

Hadhrat Hasan al-Basri (rahmatullah alayh) states that sincere repentance and rectification of ourselves and each other, are the only solutions to the oppression inflicted by a brutal rulership, and that any other so-called “solution”, such as those prescribed by the crank “experts” of today, will only make matters worse:

The Oppression of Kings (i.e. governments and rulers) is from the Punishments of Allah Ta’ala. The Punishment of Allah Ta’ala cannot be warded off with swords. Verily, safety (from Allah’s punishment) and warding it off are (possible) only by means of Dua, Taubah, Inaabat (turning to Him with repentance), and by eliminating sins. Verily, when the Punishment of Allah is confronted by swords, it (Allah’s Punishment) becomes worse.” (Adab al-Hasan al-Basri)

Once when the people were complaining about the severe oppression of the ruler, Hajjaaj, Hadhrat Hasan Basri (Rahmatullah alayh) responded:

Verily, Hajjaaj is Allah’s Punishment. Therefore, do not (try to) ward off Allah’s punishment with your hands. On the contrary, submission and humility are obligatory on you, for verily, Allah Ta’ala said: “Verily, We have afflicted them with punishment. However, they did not submit to their Rabb nor did they become humble.” (Ahmad, Ibn Abi Dunya)

The Qur’anic verse quoted by Hadhrat Hasan al-Basri, “…they did not submit to their Rabb, nor did they become humble” refers to the Muslims’ stubborn refusal to recognise and acknowledge their sins, to repent sincerely and wholeheartedly, and to rectify themselves, in similar manner to the crank “experts” of today whose “solutions” are satanically designed to deflect attention from their own sins and the sins of their flock which are the root-cause of Allah’s Punishment currently enveloping the whole Ummah.

Hadhrat Talq Bin Habeeb (Rahmatullah alayh), another luminary of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen states:

Save (yourselves) from the Punishment with Taqwa. If you are obedient to Allah Ta’ala, then you can hope for the mercy of Allah. If you abandon disobedience to Allah Ta’ala, Allah’s Athaab will be warded off.” (Ahmad, Ibn Abi Dunya)

Taqwa entails abandoning all Haraam and Mushtabah (doubtful) matters. But, today the word “Taqwa” tends to elicit violently allergic reactions, especially from these cranks masquerading as experts and scholars.

In vivid contrast to the “solutions” and ambiguous “calls” blabbered on by these so-called “experts”, ALLAH TA’ALA declares Taqwa and Sabr as the solution for defeating the never-ending plots of the Kuffaar enemies of Islam:

If you adopt Sabr and you adopt Taqwa, never will their (i.e. the Kuffaar) plot harm you at all. And indeed, Allah is ever-encompassing of what they do.” (Surah Aal-e-Imran)

Spiritually barren Muslims who are averse to this Quranic solution, and who are unable to appreciate the infinite wisdom contained in this and other similar verses of the Qur’an, should introspect deeply within themselves, accept the immeasurable damage sustained by their crassly materialistic and sinful lifestyle, and engage in frequent Muraaqabah (reflection) on the One who grants and snatches away Dominion and Power at will, in order to remedy the chronic spiritual cancers which have engulfed their severely diseased hearts.

‘Sabr’ in the context of this verse means complete submission to Allah Ta’ala, repentance, self-rectification and obedience. Allah Ta’ala, the All-Powerful, will then create the circumstances for either the change of the hearts of the rulers, substituting oppression with justice, or He will eliminate the oppressors and tyrants.

Once when a group of people came to Hadhrat Hasan Basri during times of great oppression and anarchy, he advised them with the same Qur’anic solution as follows:

Remain within your homes and lock your doors. Wallaah! If people had to adopt Sabr when oppressed by their Sultan, Allah Azza Wa Jal will soon eliminate the oppression. However, when they resort to the sword (i.e. rebellion), they are assigned to it [i.e. Allah abandons them to their swords].” (Ash-Sharee’ah of Imam al-Ajurri)

Today, the catastrophic events that have transpired recently in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Arab Spring etc. are testimony to the fact that Allah’s Punishment becomes far worse, if the root-cause of His (azza wa jal) Punishment are not dealt with adequately. 

As long as the Ummah fails to adopt and propagate fervently the ONLY solution as prescribed by the Qur’an and Hadith, and as encapsulated in the aforementioned advices of Hadhrat Hasan al-Basri, Hadhrat Talq bin Habeeb, and countless other luminaries throughout the ages, NEVER will the Ummah be able to extricate itself from the reign of brutal tyrants, Kuffaar domination, frequent floods, droughts, earthquakes and other natural disasters which have been dispatched most deservingly upon this flagrantly sinful Ummah by NONE other than Allah Ta’ala, the Most Just.


We end here with the advice and command of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), who in stark contrast to the crank experts of today, explicitly declares that the imposition of brutal tyrannical rulers is a direct result of our terrible failure to rectify ourselves and each other:

Enjoin people towards righteous deeds and prohibit them from wrong-doing (i.e. breaking of Allah’s sacred Laws as clarified by the Salaf-us-Saaliheen and upheld by the Fuqaha for 1400 years). Otherwise, Allah will place in authority over you the worst of people amongst you (e.g. Burmese Monks, Bashar Assad, Sisi, Modi, Tramp, etc). Then the most pious amongst you will do Du’a, but their Du’as will not be answered.” (Authentic Hadith narrated by Tabarani, Bazzar, and many others)

The Qur’anic and Sunnah solution for all Muslim communities who are undergoing naturally increasing levels of “islamophobia”, discrimination, and oppression, which inevitably and eventually always culminates in Andalusian-style genocide, is crystal-clear.

“It is only upon us to convey (The Haqq)”


The Material Forms of Our Misdeeds

By Mujlisul Ulama

WHEN NAADIR SHAH invaded India, he let loose a reign of terror and killing. He ordered a general massacre of the people in the city of Delhi. The people asked a Buzrug (Sage) of that time: “Why did Allah Ta’ala impose on us such a cruel king as Naadir Shah?” The Buzrug explained: “Just as pious deeds assume an external form, so too do evil deeds.”

Naadir Shah was thus the external manifestation of the evil deeds of the people. When the evil of the people transgresses all bounds and there remains no longer hope for their reformation, Allah Ta’ala transforms their evil into a variety of forms for punishing them.. Sometimes their transgression assumes the form of a natural disaster, e.g. floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. Sometimes the evil is transformed into a cruel tyrant who oppresses and persecutes the people over whom he has been imposed.

In Qiyaamah too, our deeds will assume different forms. For example, according to the Hadith, the wealth of the miser will be transformed into a huge poisonous serpent which will coil around his neck, biting him and exclaiming: “I am your treasure. I am your wealth.” This will transpire throughout the age of Reckoning in Qiyaamah.

One Buzrug was standing at a graveside after the burial of a man. After all the people had departed, he heard a loud explosion inside the grave which suddenly split open, and a huge, black dog jumped out and began running away. The Buzrug exclaimed: “May Allah destroy you. What are you?” The dog responded: “I am the evil deeds of the mayyit.” The Buzrug said: “‘What was that loud sound.?” The dog replied: “I intended to bite and torture the mayyit. But then suddenly his Qur’aan Tilaawat appeared and struck me. That is the sound you heard, and I am therefore fleeing.”

There are innumerable episodes which testify that our deeds assume some material form. This occurs in this world, in the grave as well as in Qiyaamah.

Spain – The Seeds Of Destruction

“Do you construct palaces as if you will be living forever (on earth)?” [Qur’aan]


Four miles from the City of Qurtuba (Cordova), on Mount Al-Uroos, Sultan Abdur Rahmaan had constructed a most ‘glorious’ palace which he named after his beloved slave girl, Az-Zahra’. This is a veritable city, not merely a building of pomp and splendour. Az-Zahra should not be mistaken   and understood to be a slave in the popular meaning of the term. She was not a slave doing menial labour in some kitchen. On the contrary, thousands of servants were at her beck and call. She was a veritable queen of queens. The Sultan was captivated by her, and it was for her sake that he built this palace which is better known as Medinatuz Zahra (the City of Zahra).

This palace was completed in 25 years. Within the limits of its compound lived many thousands of soldiers and workers. Its fortified walls had 15,000 massive and powerful gates. The length of this palace was 4 miles and its breadth 3 miles. For 25 years, daily 10,000 artisans and labourers, and 4000 camels and mules worked in the construction of this palace. The palace was   constructed on 4316 massive pillars which were of a variety of precious stones. Some of the pillars were sent as gifts by the Christian kings of France, Constantinople and other European countries who sought the favour of the Sultan.

Two wonderfully constructed fountains were established in the palace. The bigger of the two was so adorned with gold-plating, giving the impression that the entire fountain was made of gold.

‘Beautiful’ (satanic in terms of Islam) statues of humans were constructed in this fountain as part of the decorations. 

The smaller fountain was built with green marble stone which was acquired from Syria. Twelve water outlets in the form of animals and birds built with precious stones and studded with  diamonds, etc., from whose mouths and beaks water constantly gushed were erected at this fountain. Even European historians who had seen these fountains conceded that words could not do justice to the beauty and wonder of these constructions.

One section of the palace was known as Qasrul Khulafa’ (The Palace of the Khulafa). History books authored by westerners should be read to understand   the splendour of this section. It will suffice to give an idea to mention that this section of the palace alone had 13,750 servants. From these, 6,314 were in the constant service of the queen of queen, Zahra, the beloved slave girl of Sultan Abdur Rahmaan.

Daily 12,000 loaves of bread would be fed to the exotic fish in the Pond of Zahra.

Besides Qasruz Zahra (the Palace of Zahra), there were also other palaces such as Qasrul Ma’shooq (The Palace of the Beloved One), Qasrus Suroor (The Palace of Happiness), Qasrut Taaj (The Palace of The Crown), Qasrud Damishq (The Palace of Damascus), etc., etc., which were all unique. There was nothing on earth to match the embellishment and adornment of these palaces.

The Sultans of Spain had emulated Shaddaad who had attempted to build ‘jannat’ to vie with the Jannat the Nabi of the time had spoken of. These Sultans sought happiness and pleasure on earth completely oblivious of Maut and the Aakhirat. Not a single one of their herd of palace ulama had advised them about the impending evil and of the disastrous consequences which would follow in the wake of this insane pursuit of the dunya – a pursuit which   had made them oblivious of Allah Ta’ala.

When the Sultan first visited the  palace with his beloved Az-Zahra, on seeing the huge form of the black mountain in the background of the palace, she commented: “This palace is like a beloved sweetheart in the grips of an ugly man.” The Sultan immediately issued orders for the mountain to be demolished and its very roots be uprooted. To satisfy his beloved one, he was prepared, like Iblees, to stand as an adversary to Allah Azza Wa Jal. Imaam Ghazaali (Rahmatullah alayh) said that when a man is trapped in love with a woman, then 80% of his brain cells become inoperative. Finally when the wise men of the palace explained that it was an impossible task and that only Allah Ta’ala could destroy the huge mountain, the Sultan came to his senses. Nevertheless, he issued orders for transforming the entire mountain into a massive orchard of fig trees, almond trees, pomegranates, flowers, etc. The mountain was soon transformed into a ‘garden of paradise’.

Thus, the Muslims themselves planted the seeds of their future destruction in Spain by courting the Wrath of Allah Azza wa jal. They had forgotten about Allah Ta’ala and the Deen. Their ulama, instead of admonishing and advising the Sultans, totally abandoned Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar. On the contrary, they fabricated fatwas to halaalize the evil and the shirk of statues in the same way as the molvis of this era have halaalized pictures of animate objects, digital pictures and television. 

All of this satanism culminated in the final destruction of Muslim rule and the forcible conversion to Christianity and the expulsion of every single Muslim from Spain. “You (O Allah!) grant honour to whomever You will, and You humiliate whomever You will.” (Qur’aan)

Allah Ta’ala snatched away Spain from the Muslims and handed it over to His kuffaar Ibaad (servants), the Christians. Allah is Independent and Unique.