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Q. Is it permissible to study at a co-ed university? Please comment on the following fatwa issued by a darul ifta.


“That said, now the question comes: is it not permissible for a Muslim to study in a co-education institute under any circumstances? Well, the answer to this is as follows:

If one has no alternatives but to study in a co-education institute and he is certain that he has the firmness and steadiness to stay away from haraam acts in such a place and he fully understands the teachings of Islam regarding interacting with the opposite gender and is also aware of the dangers of studying at such a place, then only will it be permissible for him to study at such a place. He should, however, at all times be firm and particular about the teachings of Islam and he should be constantly aware and vigilant lest Shaitaan tricks and misleads him. He should also constantly read books and ahaadith on the topic of haraam relationship with a woman. Constant dua to Allah Ta’ala for protection from being misled by Shaitan is also a must.

The above answers your questions from one to four.

You should keep your gaze away from her. If there is a need for conversation, keep the conversation formal, restrained, restricted to the topic and limited to the extent of need. In the case of a female interviewer (or any other female), do not be alone with her in a room. Keep someone you know present in the room. To have a female as a partner in a project is a very bad idea, as doing a project will require constant interaction with her. Therefore, avoid this and insist on working with a male partner.“  (End of the baatil fatwa)

COMMENT of the Brother who posed the question

“My question is if it is allowed to attend a university for 4-5 years in a mixed environment just for the sake of earning money then why is it haraam to attend a mixed weddings for one or two hours to keep relatives happy. Is imaginary money more important or is sila e rehmi (maintenance of family ties) more important? but these mufits will never give the fatwa of attending mixed marriages being halaal because of the stigma attached to weddings inside the mufti circles while universities, tv, pictures etc. are being made halal by majority of the muftis and they don’t raise an eye, nor the people and the world. In short, allowing mixed marriages is still considered “taboo” by majority of the conventional muftis and ulama but attending universities etc. is not so “Razi rahay Rahman to Khush rahay shaytaan bhi”.  (Allah Ta’ala and shaitaan cannot be pleased together. By accepting universities, television. Pictography and the like, the morons labour under the misconception of pleasing Allah Ta’ala with their fatwas jawaaz. Meanwhile, shaitaan is extremely happy with this attitude of the maajin muftis.—The Majlis)


The response given by the Mufti regarding attending a co-ed university is absolutely baatil. The stupidity disgorged is not a fatwa. It is pure baatil and shaitaaniyat based on nafsaaniyat. That a Mufti grants a free licence to a male or a female to cast himself/herself into a satanic cauldron of vice and immorality, in fact a hell of kufr such as a co-ed university which in fact is akin to a brothel, is mind boggling from the Islamic perspective.

While the Qur’aan Majeed commands: “Do not approach even near to zina.”, the advice proffered in the Darul Ifta’s letter amounts to an abrogation of this Nass-e-Qat’i. In addition, the putrid and baatil advice is in glaring and violent contradiction of numerous Ahaadith, Qur’aanic Aayaat and the Shar’i concept of Hijaab. Every rule in the Book of Hijaab is violated in the university cauldron of fisq, fujoor and kufr.

It is either mental derangement or nafsaani perversion which leads a man to believe that a boy or a girl can maintain purity of the eyes, of the mind, of the heart and of the body when they co-exist for several years in an environment of moral filth, sexual perversion, drugs, kufr – an environment where the emphasis is breaking the fetters of Islamic morality and Islamic Belief. The one who had proffered the stupid shaitaani and nafsaani advice cannot be a mufti.  He in entirety lacks the qualifications of a mufti.

The postulation of  ‘alternatives’ presented by the advisor, is totally baatil.  Pork – a little pork – may be consumed only on the verge of death if absolutely no halaal food is available. In the case of attending an evil haraam university, there is no Shar’i Dhuroorat to compel one to cast oneself into the cauldron of fisq, fujoor and kufr.  There is therefore no validity in the ‘alternative’ hallucination relative to university education. When a woman is not allowed in the Musjid for Salaat despite the initial permissibility, and despite all Shar’i precautions adopted, and despite the pure and holy environment of the Musjid, then by what stretch of Imaani logic will it ever be permissible to fling oneself into the cauldron of fisq, fujoor and kufr? When one is not compelled to study in an evil and immoral university, what hallucination is it to bring forward the argument of ‘alternatives’? There is no compulsion to attend a university, neither from the Shariah nor from the kuffaar authorities. A person commits Imaani suicide of his/her own free will by entering the cauldron of fisq, fujoor and kufr.

The ‘firmness’ and ‘steadfastness’ the advisor mentions is stupid hallucination.  At university one burns right inside the fire.  Abstention from haraam is impossible. Even a sensible kaafir will laugh at the suggestions of this mufti who has offered absolute bunkum advice for granting permissibility for a person to plunge himself into a den of vice and immorality.

Your comments and understanding on the issue are entirely valid.




In particular I address the Ulama and students of the Deen and say, You content yourself with pride on account of only the possession of knowledge. You consider yourself qualified for the lofty ranks of ‘ilm. Every now and again, whether appropriate or inappropriate, you quote to the masses the Hadith, ‘The superiority of an Aalim over an Abid is like my (i.e. Rasullulah’s – Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) superiority over the most inferior amongst you.’

But, are you aware what kind of knowledge has this excellence? Does this superiority only apply to knowledge or knowledge accompanied with practise? If there were no dire warning of punishments in the Kitaab and Sunnah for non-practising Ulama, then to some degree your averment could be entertained. But, when there are these warnings (in the Quran and Hadith) how can knowledge alone be a medium of pride.

You display considerable pride, thinking, ‘We are Ulama.’ Remember, without self-annihilation you are nothing. You have to annihilate yourself and understand that you are nothing. As long as you have not attained this attribute of self-annihilation then understand you are ruined.

Man should never have pride, no matter what pedestal he occupies. How can he have pride when he is an embodiment of defects and faults? Always strive in pursuit of cultivating humility. Only then will there be safety. If humility is not inculcated, there will be no safety ahead.

Nowadays some (learned ones) suffer under the deception that delivering a speech in Arabic is a great excellence and a source of pride. I maintain that no matter how eloquent you become in Arabic and even if you become Abul ‘Ilm (the father of knowledge), you will not be able to converse in Arabic as Abu Jahl had. If only knowledge of Arabic and ability to speak in Arabic were ‘ilm, then Abu Jahl would be a greater Aalim. But, in spite of the superiority of his Arabic, he remained Abu Jahl (the father of the ignorant).

Nowadays, once a person has studied a couple of Arabic books, he is given the title of Molvi whereas in actual fact he is not a Molvi. A Molvi is a person who understands the laws of the Shariah and practises accordingly in both the Zaahiri and Baatini spheres. He has to be a man of Allah. A man of Allah is never a jaahil.

I take qasam (oath) and say if the greatness of Allah Ta’aala enters into the heart, you will become ashamed if someone addresses you as ‘Maulana Sahib’, ‘Hafiz Sahib’, etc. When one gains kamaal (perfection or excellence in the moral and spiritual realms) then one will realize that one is in actual fact a jaahil.

I always maintain that the Ulama are in greater need of moral reformation. We (i.e. Molvis) do very little, but publicize it (our little) much because the desire is only to create a name among people.

“Nowadays the Talabah (students of Deeni Madaaris) are not concerned with Uloom (true knowledge). Their concern is simply to complete a course (of study). They consider it a great Mi’raaj (ascension into the heavens), progress and perfection to have a big turban tied around their heads and be doled out a long certificate. Thus, they (think) they have become Molvis and Maulanas. However, this is not an occasion of happiness nor a sign of having achieved any excellence (kamaal). Nowadays some students although they are turbaned (and officially titled Molvi), lack entirely in ‘ilm and aql (intelligence).


A Deeni Student from the U.K.  writes:

Indoctrinated by western and secularist values of ‘tolerance’, ‘kindness’ and liberalism, many Muslims, living in the west, who do little to preserve their Imaan, often ask, how is it possible that a loving, kind Jew or Christian with exemplary character will go to Jahannam?

Implicit in this question is their lack of knowledge of explicit text of the Qur’an in which Allah Ta’ala says the only Deen acceptable to him is Islam & that every sin can be forgiven except kufr/shirk.

Some of these so-called Muslims who ask this question in various ways to obtain the answer they want, do in fact have a vague knowledge of these verses. Hence, by their continuous questioning on this issue, they demonstrate the kufr lurking in their hearts. What other conclusion can be drawn when a person implicitly and continuously questions the Law of Allah?

These youth fail to understand that values of kindness, tolerance, love etc. are divinely determined by the Almighty, not by their own intellect which has become vegetative due to the values of secularism they have absorbed over a period of time.

The abode of Abu Talib, who supported, defended and loved Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam is made clear in Qur’an, yet so-called Muslims argue that a Member of Parliament in UK, namely Jo Cox, who supported Muslim causes and was murdered will go to heaven because of her “good character.”

When the youth of today are presented with the explicit text of Qur’an and Ahadith which negate their notion that not all Jews and Christians will go to Jahannam, they then throw a curve ball in to the equation stating: “Who are we to judge, Allah is most merciful?” Yes, Allah is most merciful, but he is also the: Avenger, Just, Reducer, Abaser and Retaliator.

When He has laid out explicitly and unambiguously the position of a non-Muslim in the hereafter, regardless of his good deeds, since when did it become acceptable to impliedly plead his/her case in this dunya?

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam was forbidden from making du’a for his beloved uncle after he passed away, due to his disbelief, yet Muslims today are praying for Ms Jo Cox.

Love, tolerance, compassion, mercy are all encapsulated within the Deen, yet lack of effort on Imaan has led to adoption of western and secularist definitions.

Little do these Muslims realise the gravity of the crime of kufr and ascribing sons to Allah. This is treason like no other, yet “Muslims”, fearful of their shadow, continue their concomitance with kufr by stating: “I break boundaries and not hearts.” The surreptitious kufr present in this statement is obvious to a person with true Imaan.   (End of  the Student’s article)

OUR COMMENT (by Mujlisul Ulama)

It is only hidden kufr lurking in the heart which constrains people to pose this type of question which is in diametric conflict with the Qur’aan Majeed. Allah Ta’ala  states explicitly in the Qur’aan Majeed that: 

Besides Islam, no other religion is acceptable to Him.The deeds (i.e. good deeds) of  the kuffaar are  like mirages and will  not be accepted in the Aakhirat.

With their emotions constrained by their hidden kufr, they will not be able to gain salvation for the kuffaar in the Hereafter. Regardless of their emotions and views, the lot of the kuffaar  cannot be altered. How exactly Allah Ta’ala will treat the kuffaar in general, and kuffaar in particular in the Aakhirah is not our concern. We have no power over the decrees and decisions of Allah Azza Wa Jal. What we are aware of is  that Allah Ta’ala is Aadil (Just) and Rahmaan (Most Merciful), and Hakeem (Most Wise).

Thus, whatever Allah Ta’ala will do with the kuffaar in the Aakhirat will be in consonance with His Adl, Rahmat and Hikmat. If Allah Ta’ala wills to assign all the kuffaar to Jannat and all the Muslims to Jahannam, it will be in   conformity with His eternal Sifaat of Adl, Rahmat and  Hikmat.

We are bound  to focus on the Shariah – on the teachings of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. We are not supposed to glance beyond the confines of the Shariah and to  create turmoil in our beliefs by  postulating  unfounded, unsubstantiated  theories acquired by means of hallucination. Regardless of how appealing and appeasing to the  westernized intellect the theory of salvation for kuffaar may  appear, the fact remains that it is  totally unsubstantiated by the Qur’aan and Ahaadith. In fact, it is in glaring conflict with the teachings of the Deen.

If a westernized brain is overwhelmed with a peculiar conception of  ‘kindness’. ‘tolerance’ and ‘mercy’, which in terms of the Shariah is kufr, the repository of such a kufr theory should endeavour to understand that his theory  is firstly  uncorroborated by Shar’i evidence, and secondly, his theory cannot compel Allah Ta’ala to  change His  Law. The Qur’aan Majeed states several times: “You will not find any change for the Sunnah of Allah.”

Then it is imperative for the westernized person who professes Islam, to understand that whatever Allah Ta’ala will do with the kuffaar on the Day of Qiyaamah will be His prerogative, and no amount of concern by people will be able to interdict Allah’s prerogative. Thus, he should convince himself that whatever treatment Allah Ta’ala will mete out to the kuffaar and to the most benevolent and kind kaafir will not be the effect of the theory he has conjectured. Now why encumber oneself with a theory/belief which could spell disaster for one’s own Imaan and which could destroy one’s salvation in the Aakhirat?

The question which these westernized minds pose is not only futile. It is destructive since it destroys Imaan. Fabricating theories of compassion will not avail Jo Cox. Whatever Allah Ta’ala has decreed for her will be her lot. It is most unintelligent to say the least, to become embroiled in an argument about the situation of Jo Cox and similar others. Our ideas and theories will not be the determinants for Allah Azza Wa Jal to decide their fate.

The springboard or the fundamental pivot of western education is atheism. It is therefore to be found that in every branch of western secular education the ethos is atheism. Atheism permeates every aspect of western secular education.  Innumerable Muslims – Muslims by the million – have lost and destroyed their Imaan at the altar of western secular education. It is no wonder that the Akaabir Ulama had branded western education Haraam.

Whilst the products of western secular institutions do not openly profess to be atheists, their hearts are corrupted, brains convoluted and eternally ruined with the attitudes and ideas of atheism. May Allah Ta’ala save our Imaan from the onslaught of satanism and atheism.

The Korangi Daarul Uloom – Now An Abode Of Deviation

Today,  about  the  worst  deviated  Daarul  Uloom  in  the  Indo-Pak  sub-continent  is  Korangi  Daarul  Uloom  in  Karachi  under  the  auspices  of  Mufti  Taqi  Usmani.  This  Mufti  Sahib  has  effectively  denatured  the  once  wonderful  Daarul Uloom  established  by  his  august,  noble  father,  Hadhrat  Mufti  Muhammad  Shafi  (Rahmatullah  alayh). 

Mufti  Taqi  has  stripped  the Daarul  Uloom  of  its  Islamic  façade  and  extinguished  its  Imaani  ethos.  He  has  systematically  displaced  the  Sunnah  and  substituted  it  with  the  artifacts  and  practices of  the  western  kuffaar.  Among the  vile  perpetrations  effected  at the  Korangi  Daarul  Uloom  is  the  total  displacement  of  the  Sunnah  style  of  eating.  Tables  and  Chairs  have  been  introduced  for  all  the  students  to  westernize  their  style  of eating.

The  Daarul  Hadith  Darsgah (where  Hadith  is  taught)  has  been  furbished  western  kuffaar  style.  The  simple  style  of  the    Akaabireen  –  the  style  of  centuries  –  has  been  replaced  with  benches  in  auditorium  style.  Now,  students  sit  high  above  the  Ustaadh  who  is  on  a  lower  level.  The  students  sit  disgracefully  on  levels  higher  than  Bukhaari  Shareef,  etc.  Awed  by  this  western  style  which  Mufti  Taqi  picked  up  in  the  kufr  gutters  of  U.S.A.  and  U.K.,  during  his  dalliance  with  the  capitalist  riba  bankers,  he    deemed  it  appropriate  to  snuff  out  and  kill  the  holy  spirit  of  humility,  simplicity  and  respect  of  the  Daarul  Uloom  by eliminating  the  style  of  the  Auliya  and  substituting  it  with  the  style  of  the  western  kuffaar  who  perpetually  wallow  in  the  state  of  spiritual  impurity  (kufr)  and  physical impurity (janaabat).

Aggravating  the  deviation, Mufti  Taqi  with  his  Daarul  Uloom  students  fully  participate  in  the  haraam,  evil,  shaitaani  independence  day  celebrations  organized  by  the  kuffaar  Pakistani  government.  Mufti  Taqi’s  Independence  Day  Speech  confirms  that  he  has  become  an  effective  bootlicker  of  the  evil  Pakistani  government.  His  bootlicking  speech  is  full  of  praise  for  the  fussaaqfujjaar,  in  fact  kuffaar,   government,  and  riddled  with  inaccuracies.

The  effect  of  his  deviation  is   such  imbecility  which  constrained  him  to  order  his  students  to  act  like  real  clowns.  On  independence  day  the  Talaba  marched  saluting  stupidly  like  the  Pakistani fussaaq  soldiers.  Whilst  saluting   does  not  seem  so  stupid  for  the  fussaaq  and  kuffaar  soldiers dressed  in  western  kuffaar  military  garb,  the  students  appear  just  like  stupid  clowns  marching  and saluting  whilst  dressed  with  kurtahs,  turbans  and  topis.

Then  Mufti  Taqi  making  a mockery  of  himself    participated  in  the  stupid,  haraam  kuffaar-style  flag-hoisting  ceremony.  Oh!  How stupid  he  looks  and  how  stupid-looking  he  has  made  the  Talaba  of  his  Daarul  Uloom!  Wala houla….  He  takes  pride  at  the  haraam  confetti  raining  down  on  him  –  confetti  which  is  thrown  on  kuffaar  brides.  He  has  indeed  made  a  coon  and  a  clown  of  himself  by  participating  in  all  the  haraam  khurafaat  of  the  independence  day  celebrations.  This  is  a  purely  western  kuffaar  function  which  the  kuffaar  Pakistani government  has  adopted.  But what  constrains  a  senior  Mufti  to   degenerate  to  this  appalling  ebb  of  bootlicking,  and  to  destroy  thousands  of  Students  of  the  Deen  by  halaalizing  the  acts,  functions  and  artifacts  of  the  western  kuffaar?

The  spirit  of  Ilm  has  been  effectively  extinguished  at  Mufti Taqi’s  Madrasah.  The  students romp  like  the  hooligan  students  of  western  colleges.  They  deem  it  an  honour  to  behave  like  kuffaar  university  students.  By  their  conduct  they  demonstrate  that  they  are  not  pursuing  the  Knowledge  of  the  Deen.  There  is  no  fragrance  of  Ilm  remaining  at  the  Korangi  Daarul  Uloom.  It  has  become  an institution  of  dhalaal.  Mufti  Taqi  is  now  the  chief  mudhil.  About   the  mudhilleen  (scholars,  molvis and  sheikhs)  who  mislead  the masses,  Rasulullah  (Sallallahu alayhi  wasallam)  said:

“Verily,  I  fear  for  my  Ummah the  aimmah  mudhilleen.”  

Mufti  Taqi  has  ushered  in  the first  phase  for  the  ultimate  total  ruin  of  the  Madrasah.  This  Daarul Uloom,  if  it  continues  to  follow  the  satanic  path  chalked  out  by  Mufti  Taqi,  will  become  a  deviated  institution  similar  to  Al-Azhar  of  Egypt  and  similar  other  destroyed  Madaaris  in  the  Middle  East. 

Even  his  Bukhaari  jalsahs  are  conducted  western  style.  Tables, chairs,  coloured  lighting,  flowers,  merrymaking  and  stupidity  –  all  anathema  to  Islam  –  have  been  introduced.  He  has  slipped  terribly  from  Siraatul  Mustaqeem,  and  the  cause  is  association  with  the kuffaar  bankers  and  the  fussaaq  rulers.  About  such  association,  Rasulullah  (Sallallahu alayhi  wasallam)  said: 

“Seek  refuge  with  Allah  from   Jubbul  Huzun  (the  Pit  of  Grief).”  The  Sahaabah  asked:  ‘O Rasulullah!  What  is  Jubbul Huzun?’  Rasulullah  (Sallallahu alayhi  wasallam)  said:  “It  is  a valley  in  Jahannam.  Daily  Jahannam  seeks  Allah’s  protection   against  it    (against  its  heat)  400  times.”  The  Sahaabah  asked:  ‘Who  will  enter  it?’  Rasulullah (Sallallahu  alayhi  wasallam)  said:  “It  has  been  prepared  for   the  qurraa’  who  display  their  a’maal.  Verily,  the  most  abhorrent  of  the  qurraa’  by  Allah  are   those  who  visit  the  rulers.”

What Is a Daarul Uloom?


What  is  the  meaning  of  Daarul  Uloom?  The  literal  meaning  of  the  term  is  ‘The  House  of  Knowledge’.  A  Daarul  Uloom  is  an  Islamic  institution  of  learning  where  the  Knowledge   of  the  Qur’aan  and  Ahaadith  are  imparted.  It  is  an  Abode  from  whose  portals  the  Heirs  and  Representatives  of Rasulullah  (Sallallahu  alayhi wasallam)  are  supposed  to emerge  with  the  Noor  of  Ilm-e-Wahi  embedded  in  their  hearts and  permeating  their  physical bodies  whose  minds  and  limbs are  synchronized  to  function  in strict  accord  and  submission  to the  letter  and  ethos  of  that Knowledge  which  was  divinely  delivered  to  Rasulullah  (Sallallahu  alayhi  wasallam)  in Ghaar-e-Hira. 

A  genuine  Daarul  Uloom  is supposed  to  be  a  Khaanqah where  the  bestial  attributes  of the  evil  nafs  are  subdued  and overwhelmed.  The  nafs  is  thus adorned  with  the  lofty  attributes of  moral  excellence  (Akhlaaq-e-Hameedah). 

The  Daarul  Uloom  is  supposed to  be  the  Bastion  of  the  Deen  where  the  Shariah  is  guarded and  defended  from  intrusion  by fisq,  fujoor,  bid’ah  and  kufr. This  sacred  Institution  safeguards  the  Deen  against  the  satanic  misinterpretations  of  the  agents  of  Iblees. 

The  Daarul  Uloom  is  an  Institution  established  for  gaining  the  objectives  of  the  Aakhirah  by  solidifying  and  beautifying  the  Bond  between    the  Muslim  and  Allah  Ta’ala.  This  Institution  therefore    inculcates  or  is  supposed  to  inculcate  in  its  Talaba  (Students)  the  love  for  the Aakhirat  and  an  aversion  for worldly love.

This  is  the  nature  of  a  Daarul Uloom.  When  a  Daarul  Uloom  is  denatured,  then  it  is  transformed  into  Daarush  Shaitaan  from  whence  issues  a  multitude  of  agents  of  Shaitaan  donning  the  outward  garb  of  the  Deen  –  beards,  turbans  and  kurtahs.  Most  of  the  human  shayaateen  prowling  the  globe  in  this  age  are  products  who  have  emerged  from  Daarul  Ulooms  where  the  dunya  has  become  the  objective,  where  the  Knowledge  of  the  Deen  is  no  longer  being  pursued  for  the  Aakhirat  –  for  Allah’s  Sake  –  where  the  objective  is   monetary  pursuit  and  self-aggrandizement.  This  is  precisely  the  objective  why  the Madaaris  in  Pakistan  had  raised the  clamour  for  equating  the     Alim-Faadhil  Certificate  with  the  scrap  donkey  M.A.  degree.  The  objective  for  this  satanic  endeavour,  which  has  been  fulfilled,  is  to  facilitate  the  molvi  products  of  these  institutions  getting  jobs  in  the Arab  countries.

The  Daarul  Ulooms  of  this  day  and  their  Ulama  in  general, have  effectively  become  signs  of  Qiyaamah  mentioned  in  the Hadith: 

“The  dunya  will  be  pursued with  the  amal  of  the  Deen,  and  Knowledge  of  the  Deen  will  be  acquired  for  purposes  other than  the  Deen.”  

The Need to Preserve the Sunnah Aspect in Maktabs/ Madaaris

[Mujlisul Ulama]

Explaining  the  introduction  of western  methods  of  teaching  in  Maktabs  which  are  supposed  to  cater  for  Deeni  ta’leem  and tarbiyat,  a  brother  writes:

I  am  uncertain  as  to  the  reasons  behind  why  our  maktab systems  seem  to  see  the  need to  “modernise”  by  emulating the  western  methodology  of teaching.

For  example,  nowadays,  we  see  colouring  books,  books  with  animate  objects  containing  “Islamic”  stories  and  PowerPoint  presentations  and  the  argument  presented  is  that  it  is  not  haraam  and  that  these methods  have  yielded  success  in  schools.

The  result  is  that  there  is not  even  the  semblance  of  the hardy  environment  in  which Sahabah  Radhiyallahu  Anhum learnt  and  in  which  their  tarbiyah  took  place.  It  is  as  if  they  are  not  our  role  models,  mujahadah  is  not  required  for  hidayat  and  that  their  methodology  is  outdated.

Nowadays,  the  requirement is  university  style  lectures,  as  if  to  say  that  the  methodology for  the  prophetic  era  was  for that  time,  and  that  in  this  time,  we  need  to  take  advantage  of  “advancement.”

Nowadays  we  will  see  colourful  posters  on  the  wall  and  maktab  classrooms  painted like  school  classrooms.  No  doubt  some  secular  psychological  study  will  be  used  to  justify  abrogating  the  numerous sacrifices  the  Sahabah  Radiallahu  Anhum  undertook  to  acquire  ilm.

(A)  I  am  not  a  knowledgeable  or  pious  person,  but  am  I right  in  concluding  that the  aforementioned  is  due  to  an  inferiority  complex as  a  result  of  weakness  of  Imaan?

(B)  Please  detail  the  correct methodology  of  how  I should  educate  my  child  so  that  I  am  as  close  to  the  Sunnah  as  possible.   (End of letter)

The  intellectual  inferiority  of Muslims  of  this  era  has  constrained  them  to  abandon  the  blessed  methodology  of  the  Sahaabah  and  the  Salafus  Saaliheen  in  even  the  sphere  of Deeni  ta’leem  and  tarbiyat.  There  can  never  ever  develop  a  better  system  of  teaching  the  Qur’aan  and  every  branch  of  knowledge  related  to  the  Qur’aan  than  the  method.

The  methods  of  the  western kuffaar  are  bereft  of  benefit and  barkat.  It  is  illogic  and  it indicates  extreme  Imaani  deficiency  to  substitute  the  mubaarak  age-old  methodology  of  the  Salafus  Saaliheen  with  the  methodology  of  the  enemies  of  the  Qur’aan.  The  systems  of  the  enemies  of  the  Qur’aan  can  never  surpass  the  glittering  methodology  of  those  to  whom  the  Qur’aan  was  revealed.

The  gross  mental  inferiority  of  Muslims  which  is  the  effect  of  the  colonization  of  their  brains  by  western  education  with  its  atheistic  ethos  and  emphasis  on  immorality  and  perversion,  is  most  lamentable.  Even  the  ulama  of  this  age  have  fallen  victim  to  the  disease  of  mental  inferiority  and  adoption  of  kuffaar  ways  and  systems  over  and  above  the  Sunnah of Rasulullah  (Sallallahu  alayhi  wasallam).



Muhammad Armstrong is a westerner who has entered the fold of Islam by the fadhl of Allah Ta’ala. He is an expert on the evil western system of vaccination. He has written extensively on this extremely harmful practice. The following are some of his very valid and wise comments and salutary naseehat for Muslims – for Ulama and the awaam (the masses) alike. He has seen and experienced both sides of the coin of humanity – kufr and Imaan. The Brother writes:

Assalaamu alaykum

It saddens me to see the Muslims and many Ulama so blinded and passionately impressed with the European system. The Indian Muslims are been herded into accepting this blueprint of kufr, especially with technology, mediSIN (medicine which in fact is SIN—The Majlis) and education. From my observations of seeing both sides, just about everything invented by this system turns out to be harmful or unnatural for mankind in the long run. Allopathic (HELLopathic) MediSIN is one of the biggest illusions concocted.

I am deeply disturbed about the Muslim Ummah in India, even Deoband (even in Pakistan, in fact in all the lands of Muslims- The Majlis), embracing the “modern gift” (the satanic gift –The Majlis) of western education. I have seen a complete change in some madresahs who have felt compelled to teach fancy, colourful books that gradually take away ones Islam. Done in the name of “we must have an education because they are calling us backward”, not realising that no education (illiteracy and being without western education – The Majlis) is better than a destructive education. This western education blueprint seems to be the ultimate unstoppable weapon of mass destruction!

It also grieves me to see top Ulama not seeing the truth about vaccines being harmful or just like gambling and conventional insurance policies!  (End of the Brother’s letter)

COMMENT [Majlisul Ulama]

Allah Ta’ala warning the Ulama in particular, states in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“And, if you turn (your backs on to the Deen), He (Allah) will substitute you  with others besides you. Then they will not be (so miserable)  like you.”

(That is, they will not be scholars for dollars selling the Deen for a miserable price as has become the standard practice of the molvis, sheikhs and maajin muftis of this era).

The ‘others who will not be like you” – who will not be the bootlickers of the western kuffaar – who will not be suffering from the mental disease of inferiority – who will not emulate the Yahood and Nasaara right into the ‘lizard’s hole’, are Brothers such as Muhammad Armstrong. It is our fervent Dua that Allah Ta’ala spans into the arena of the conflict between Haqq and baatil more sincere Brothers such as the author of this letter.