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Modern Media and the War on Islam


A stark reality of the 21st century is the revolution caused by modern media. The words and images radiated by television, radio, movies, magazines, billboards, newspapers and the internet have revolutionised the life of man. Electronic media, especially, due to their convenience and ability to delight the senses are being used to control the way we act and think. Our homes, our work places, even our motor ways have been exploited and converted into centres of mind control and hypnosis.

From amongst the many ways of controlling public opinion a very powerful medium is the reporting of news and current events. At present the news media is being powerfully used to portray a certain image of Islam. A brief glance at the modern media machine clearly reveals that a war is being waged against Islam and the Muslims. When it comes to reporting news or presenting documentaries about Islam, by and large, the world media networks paint two portraits of Islam in the minds of their audience:

· Islam is a religion of violence and oppression
· Islam is a lifeless outdated cult

The religion of violence and oppression?

The 19th century artist painted pictures of ‘Muhammadans’(*) as savage warriors on horseback with swords in their hands and death written across their faces. Similarly, today, the Western media have convinced the world that Islam is a religion of harsh bearded men who oppress their women. In their movies, also, a Muslim wearing a Palestinian scarf naturally fills the role of the ruthless terrorist who murders and drives fear into innocent women and children.

One notices a definite bias in the presentation of news regarding Islam and Muslims as compared to other religious groups. The news stories regarding other religious conflicts carefully omit religion and generally regard subjects as human beings with no religious affiliation. The fact of the matter, however, is that non-Muslims have been steeped in violence and turmoil, also.

Buddhists have been responsible for genocides in Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

Hindus have committed atrocities in India and Kashmir.

Jews have been involved in a war in Palestine.

Christians have been responsible for some of the worst atrocities in recent times:· two world wars, extermination of entire races like the Aborigines, colonialism and slavery of millions of women and children, the use of nuclear bombs, terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland, etc

But, extremists in these conflicts are never labelled as Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Jewish ‘radicals’ and ‘fundamentalists’. 

When it comes to Muslims, the religion of Islam is always brought into the picture. The reason for a particular act is not explained. Rather, words such as “fundamentalist”, “militant”, “fanatic” and “extremist” are sufficed upon as an explanation to allow the audience to reach a judgement. Consider how the following world events were presented by the news networks of the world:

The war in Bosnia was described in terms of Serbs, Croats and Muslims instead of Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics and Muslims.

Outside the Muslim world a terrorist attack is usually attributed to a ‘militant of the IRA’ not ‘a fanatic Catholic’ or a ‘fanatic Socialist’. However, a justifiable act of self-defence in the Middle East or Algeria is automatically linked to a notorious ‘Muslim fundamentalist’ or ‘Muslim militant’ group.

The crashing of TWA Flight 800, the Oklahoma city bombing, the bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, the bombings of the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon were linked to ‘Muslim extremists’.

The indiscriminate use of terms such as ‘fundamentalists’, ‘extremists’ and ‘fanatics’ conveys the message that Islam promotes hatred and opposes the values which normal people cherish. The media have succeeded in linking these terms to the Muslims in such a convincing manner that any terrorist attack in any part of the world results in the broadcasting of the same pictures and image:

The perpetrators – a gang of ruthless bloodthirsty Muslims shouting an Arabic incantation adorned in Palestinian scarves and brandishing rifles. The victims – innocent women and children with blood running down their faces in a state of fear.

The images of suicide bombers, hijackings, assassinations, street riotings and uprisings are related to the violent religion of Islam rather than to the particular political circumstances that have given rise to them. The result is a wave of anger and violence that leaves many masjids damaged and hundreds of Muslims injured or killed. The concept is simple but very effective: An often-repeated lie becomes truth in the mind of the audience.

The distorted image of Islam is worsened every time the media presents Islam as a cult that is harsh and oppressive. Islam is often labelled as a religion that:

insists on a harsh legal system (eg. cutting of the hand for theft or stoning for adultery),is illogical, irrational, and contrary to human intellect, aims to force its beliefs upon the followers of other religious persuasions, encourages its followers to engage in Jihad and shed the blood of innocent civilians, inhibits the freedom of an individual to choose, oppresses it’s women by dressing them in hijab.

Islam – the lifeless outdated cult?

In order to discourage the common masses from Islam a negative image of the Muslims has been drummed into the minds of people. Islam is presented as a boring lacklustre cult whose vast majority of followers are irrational and insensitive. Islam is, thus, labelled as a religion which:

discourages and stifles the artistic creativity of people, is archaic, superstitious and unscientific, encourages its followers to do good by fairy tale promises of a life in heaven, is incompatible with democracy, secularism, human rights and modernism.

The normal peace-loving reader or listener is unaware of these slanted news reports and begins to hate the ‘fanatic Muslims’. ‘These Muslims are worse than criminals; they kill anybody who opposes them; they are a threat to world security; and they are a threat to every nation on earth by the sinister operation of their world-wide terrorist networks.’ They conclude that the Quran is the gospel of violence which encourages its adherents to engage in a ‘holy war’ against every non-Muslim in return for eternal bliss in the next world after the supreme sacrifice for the cause.

The media are extremely effective in propagating these false concepts of Islam because their audience is unaware of the true meaning of Islam and what it stands for. Despite the information age that we live in, many think of Islam as a cult that is restricted to a few obsolete rituals and rigid doctrines. Few people in the west are aware of the spiritual and intellectual quality of Islam and its glorious history. A shocking number of people are unaware that Islam teaches its adherents to:

* worship one Allah
* honour all the prophets
* respect men and women of all religious persuasions

Many are unaware of the time span of over a thousand years when Islam served as the focal point of world culture.

Let alone a lack of sound knowledge regarding these aspects, the common Westerner has been brainwashed to regard Islam as a threat upon his freedom, thanks to the ‘integrity’ of the modern media which claim to be completely ‘neutral’ and ‘impartial’ in their ‘presentation of the facts.’

In summary, it is as if the media has an unofficial protocol in reporting news about Muslims. As a guiding principle they aim to do as much harm and damage as is humanly possible to Islam and the Muslim world. They would like the world to believe that Muslims are irrational, fanatic and aggressive and their religion, Islam, teaches them to be so. As far as their mode of operation goes the media are more than ready to distort facts, exaggerate events, relay statements out of context, in short, do anything to discredit the Muslims. Once this frequently repeated and distorted image sinks into the minds of the unquestioning masses then nobody would dare to question the validity of a “war on terror.”


*The terms Muhammadan and Muhammadanism referring to the Muslims and Islam respectively are based on an incorrect analogy made by non-Muslims when they compare Islam with Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. which are all named after the founder of the religion. Muslims, in contrast, regard Islam as the religion of Allah and not of Muhammad. Muhammed was only a messenger or proclaimer of the teachings which he received from Allah as revelation.


Fatwas and the Media

*Muhammadullah Khalili Qasmi

There is much hue and cry about a fatwa of Darul Uloom Deoband regarding bank employment in national electronic and print media. The social media were also abuzz with comments and remarks on the issue.

The whole issue is that a youth submitted a question in Darul Uloom Deoband’s Darul Ifta saying that he has some proposals for marriage and one of them is from a daughter of bank employee, what should he do? The Mufti of Darul Uloom replied him that it is not preferable to accept the proposal from bank employee, rather he should prefer proposal from religious and pious families. It was a kind of advice to the person concerned who asked the question. This answer can be applicable for those who have the same case and want to follow the fatwa.

It is amazing that people are accusing Darul Uloom for issuing such fatwas, but they do not know what a fatwa is and for whom it is meant. Fatwa is in fact interpretation of an expert in Islamic Jurisprudence (Mufti) for a query submitted to him. Fatwa is addressed first to the one who asked the question and second to the Muslims who wish to act upon it. Those who are concerned with these fatwas they have no problem with it. It is in no way targeting those who are unconcerned. So what the hell they are raising their eyebrows and feeling agitated. Rather they should frown upon the media persons who pick the fatwa from the website of Darul Uloom Deoband and illegally publish it with twists and unjust contexts in newspaper just to create trouble and confusion. By doing so, they violate the Terms of Use declared on the website that clearly states that these fatwas are only for concerned parties and others have no permission to copy and reproduce it.

The second misconception is that each fatwa is taken as diktat and general injunction, and it is not understood within its confines. Sometimes a fatwa given as advice or directive principle, but it is taken as command for all.
In order to understand the issue in its entirety, we have to understand some basic principles of Islam. The first and foremost thing is that interest or usury is categorically prohibited in Islam with the Quran declaring it is as unlawful in several verses (2:275, 2:276, 3:130, 4:161 and 30:39) and while one verse regards it tantamount to declaring war against Allah Almighty and His Messenger (peace be upon him) (See: al-Quran 2:278). 

Interest is forbidden in Islam, as it disturbs the proper circulation of wealth in the society and badly affects the poor people. There are several Hadiths regarding the prohibition of interest. One Hadith says that Allah’s curse visits one who consumes interest, the one who gives it to others, the one who writes it down and the one who bears witness to it; they are all the same. (Sahih Muslim, Hadith No. 1598)

This is the reason that interest is the big factor in economics and financial issues as per the Islamic Shariah. A Muslim must avoid a deal, transaction or work which involves interest in any way. Thus, having a job in bank is also primarily not allowed as one working in bank may not avoid involvement in interest-based dealings by writing the interest based dealing or in some other way. However, if one has a job in bank which is free from any involvement in writing interest or bearing witness to interest, then his job is allowable.

Therefore, if any Muslim is seeking job, he is advised to avoid bank job which may get him involved in interest-based work. However, if one is already in the bank job, he is advised not to leave it immediately rather look for some lawful and pure income source while continuing to seek forgiveness from Allah due to involvement in interest. Moreover, such a person should give the amount of salary in charity (to a poor) which he earned against the interest based work.

Second important thing to remember is that Islam has attached much importance with regard to purity of income and its consumption. Abstaining haram  and acquiring halal  is as much necessary for the Muslims as the observance of Salah and payment of Zakah. Unlawful and impure income can lead a Muslim to many troubles and punishments in this world and the Hereafter, while halal and pure income helps him progress in faith and perfect his spirituality. Income earned through unlawful sources like gambling, bribe, interest, theft etc must be avoided as the Quran says that those devouring the wealth unjustly are as if they are filling fire in their stomach. (4:10) Moreover, Hadith says that the flesh grown out of unlawful income deserves to be thrown in Hell Fire (Sunan al-Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 558), while another Hadith says that the prayers and worships of haram consumers will not be acceptable to Allah. (Al-Mujam al-Ausat, 6:311) Therefore, purity of income is one of the most important teachings of Islam.

There are many misconceptions in people even regarding many issues related to interest which must be clarified. The first doubt is that interest received bank is not the usury (riba) prohibited in the Quran. It is to be pretty much clear that the interest given by banks falls under the category of riba (prohibited interest) according the Muslims jurists (Muftis and Ulama) and Fiqh academies of India and Islamic World.[1]

Some people object if banking system is not approved by Islamic Shariah, then opening bank account and depositing money in banks is also contribution to banking system and thus it should be unlawful. It should be clear enough that opening accounts in banks and keeping money therein for safety is alright and it carries no prohibition. But the interest earned in the account may not be used in personal needs, rather should be either given in charity to the poor or paid in income tax etc.

It is also objected that the banks or the government gives salaries to their employees from interest or haram money, thus every government job must be unlawful. It should be noted that the salary of an employee becomes halal  or haram on the basis of his own work irrespective of government income source; if his work is halal  then his salary will be halal and if it is otherwise then his salary will be haram and unlawful. If his work is combines both halal  and haram work, then the portion of income earned against haram work will become haram and impure.

Finding a life partner is one of the important steps of life that needs much care deliberation. The Hadith also says that a woman is married for four reasons; her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman, otherwise you will be a loser. (Sahih al-Bukhari, Hadith No. 4700)

In the light of the abovementioned Quranic verses and Hadith references, you can decide whether the respected Mufti was right in advising the young man to avoid a proposal from bank employee and look for marrying in a pious family. Darul Uloom Deoband and other madrasas and Islamic institutions take it as their utmost responsibility to guide Muslims in the light of the Quran and Hadith.
[1] For instance, you can refer to the decisions and resolutions of Islamic Fiqh Academy India ( and International Islamic Fiqh Academy of World Muslim League (

* Coordinator, Online Fatwa Dept, Darul Uloom Deoband


The Role of Madrasas- (Hope that BBC morons read it!)

Media plays crucial role either for bottlenecking or widening the rifts between the civilizations. Any biased or maneuvered attempt of media against a particular system or group of persons or organization causes serious damages and mutilation of the facts leads towards a mayhem. 

Unfortunately, Islamic institutions associated with Islam or any organization apart from its nature are acrimoniously attacked by the Western media mostly after 9/11  attacks in the United States. The Islamic seminaries or ‘Madrasas’ in Indian subcontinent have come under strident criticism by the engineered reporting of the print as well as electronic media. I have been surprised on a documentary done by B.B.C on April 6, 2016 titled “The Deobandis” because of scant understanding of the subject. 

There is no doubt, the US foreign and defense policies are being hijacked by the strong Jewish lobbyists who are dreaming for a ‘greater Israel’ and ‘New World Order’ (read this: The Hidden evil plan for the New World Order [The Secret World] ). For achieving the desired goals of the Zionists, the US military might is being exploited in their interests. This is a conspicuous fact that the hindrance between Israeli dreams and bringing them in reality, the biggest challenge comes from the Islamic world and their strongest ideological powers. The seminaries, which had been founded in a series after the failure of revolution in 1857 against the British occupiers, had the aim to retain the Muslim identity based on religion, belief, and strong ideology of the supremacy of God within the belief of absolute monotheism. The seminaries in the entire movement of independence in Indian subcontinent continued to play a crucial role for uprising the Muslim morale, thus, they were the epicenters of the Muslim revolt against the British Imperialist regime. Therefore, in the inaugurating period of the freedom struggle, the leadership of Indian freedom fighters was in the hand of Islamic clergies (ulama). These seminaries proved an axis of political as well as religious guidance for the Muslims. 

Despite explicitly emerging challenges on material and economic fronts from non Islamic countries the Western powers are deliberately ignoring them. The West is continuously targeting materialistically and militarily dead Islamic world. Though ahead are several challenges on the fronts of economy, military and diplomacy from the non-Islamic world; but the West believes that the ideological as well as spiritual powers of the Islamic world are much powerful than any challenge from the non-Islamic world. They know that the spiritually and ideologically dead Indian, Chinese and other non-Islamic communities despite their strong material and military infrastructure may be tackled with easy tasks on any of the fronts; but the ideologically and spiritually enthusiastic and ambitious Muslim community cannot be brought down on the knees unless they lose their link with their spirit and ideology. These ideological and spiritual powers rest in the faith of Islamic religion and the seminaries are the best preservers and promoters of these ideologies and spirit. Therefore, as one of the conspiracies to cut off the Muslim masses from their spiritual resources the seminaries/madrasas have been attacked by the Evil Western Media with the slogan of reforms and a harboring place of ‘terrorists’. A state of suspicion is trying to be created even amongst the huge general masses of Muslims against the ‘Madrasas’. The Western media is trying to prove their uselessness in the 21st century without the inclusion of the so-called modern scientific knowledge. According to these Satanic Western media, these seminaries are not giving anything creative to the Muslim communities. These seminaries are cutting off the students from the main stream because of their very old educational system, which is outdated and incapable for handling the sophisticated and modern world. The students after educating from these madrasas feel themselves  isolated from rest of the world because of the lack of the appropriate modern knowledge; they finally choose the path of fundamentalism and extremism because of their frustration and become a warrior for ending their lives ‘in the path of God’. 

Of course the above mentioned allegations against the madrasas are absolutely absurd and one sided without the appropriate and fair analysis. The madrasa system which was ‘systematically’ introduced in the last 19th century had the intentions of preserving and defending the Islamic faith and each religious community has the right to do so. Secondly, even in the modern educational system the frustration lies amongst the students after getting graduated. The numbers of the suicide attempts are in ample numbers only amongst the graduates of the modern educational system, conversely none of the suicide example could be presented amongst the ‘frustrated’ madrasa students. Speaking with The Times of India in October 2001 on the issue of employment the deputy Rector of Darul Uloom Deoband Maulana Abdul Khaliq Madrasi said:

“Like the modern University graduates the Madrasa graduates at least do not become a burden on the government for providing them employment in government enterprises where the severe scarcities and uncertainties prevail. Thus we make capable and self responsible graduates who adjust successfully in the mainstream society, who make later an ideal community.”

Certainly, in these poor countries the madrasas are the basic sources of lifting the ratio or percentage of the literacy rate where they serve free those who even are incapable to sustain themselves and their families twice in a day. Finally, after graduating in madrasas the importance of education clearly reflects in their lives and we see them striving hard for a good future of their progenies. 

Secondly, about the issue of so-called modernization of Madrasas, it is quite embarrassing to target them, The western Satanic media should be ashamed of themselves. The system of Madrasa education since their emergence was drafted for the Islamic religious sciences for preserving the Islamic identity of Muslims. Several modern institutions like Jamia Millia Islamia, Aligarh Muslim University etc. are the subject for fulfilling the needs of modern education to the Muslim community. The same rhetoric may be raised against such modern institutes, why do they not include pure Islamic religious sciences in their modern educational curriculum?? Of course, we systematically have the rational answer; the two are the basic needs of Muslims. For elevating Muslim social status in the field of science and technology, we need modern institutes with their ultra-modern infrastructure. As well as to protect the faith and religious identity, we need pure Islamic religious sciences taught in the pure fundamental environment. This fact is patent that the Muslim community in Indian subcontinent emerged as one of the most successful Muslim communities amongst the entire Islamic world because of the madrasa movement in the last 19th century a separate Muslim identity is established. This sense never could be established without the strong ideological as well as spiritual bases. Further the worst experience of Balkans and Central Asian Islamic world, we had witnessed, what had happened to them?? Because of the alienation with their spiritual and ideological bases the Muslim community either was eliminated or was being deprived of religious rights, a dark age in the lands of Bukhari, Ghazali, Tirmizi, Minghinani etc. (the statesmen of Islamic jurisprudence) prevailed until the fall of USSR. The right reason behind this decline of strong Islamic civilization was the decline of pure Islamic religious sciences from the then educational curriculum of those Muslim societies. 

From the perspective of the Western media rhetoric, I would like to conclude; the need is not for the reformation or reviving madrasa system except some infrastructural developments. Despite declaring them inferior or outdated, a parallel approach of understanding is immense need for the sake of our successful attachment with the religion and our spiritual sources. The only need is to propagate and implement the concept of Islamization of the modern institutes prescribed by several Islamic-cum-modern scholars. It will help Islamize the modern rational scientific education amongst Muslims. 

Why the West is Behind Islam??

When one examines the West’s fear of Islam, and tries to relate it to the reasons usually given — Muslim fundamentalism, militancy, radicalism, terrorism, totalitarianism — it is difficult, if not impossible, to justify this fear on the basis of reasons given. One has to believe, however, given all the facts and expertise available to the West, that the fear has to be rational. What is this fear that causes enemies of the Muslim world to play subtly on the theme of the Crusades in order to demonize Islam and Muslims?? Let us first examine what it is not, before we draw our conclusion as to the real reason why the West fears Islam.

The fear of Islamic fundamentalism, militancy, radicalism, terrorism, totalitarianism, and the West’s discovery of the “rogue states,” appeared quite conveniently with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Former Defense Secretary McNamara, in his 1989 testimony before the Senate Budget Committee, said U.S. defense spending could safely be cut in half. It became clear that the U.S. had to either undergo massive shifts in spending, a painful and unwelcome prospect for the defense establishment, or find new justification for continuing high levels of military expenditures. To provide this justification the Pentagon manufactured the threat of “rogue states and nuclear outlaws.” The Gulf War (read this: How the World has been cunningly hijacked and controlled by the Zionists’ Free Masonic scum ) was a contrived opportunity to sell this justification to the American people, to protect oil company profits, and to control the flow of oil to Europe and Japan which need it much more than does the U.S.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies calculates that the $262 billion U.S. defense budget accounts for about 37 percent of global military expenditures. Russia, Japan, and China each will spend about $80 billion, $42 billion, and $7 billion. The six “rogue states” — Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, North Korea — have a combined annual military budget of $15 billion. The U.S. budget for covert operations (U.S. terrorism?) alone is double this amount. Given the paltry defense expenditures of all the “rogue states” combined, even after correcting for differences in costs, one has to believe that the “rogue states” are no match, militarily, for the West.

And, leaving aside the morality of U.S. covert operations which invite retaliation, Muslim terrorists should not be a major fear , according to government statistics, Far more acts of terrorism and violent crime in the U.S, are committed by non-Muslims than Muslims. And if Muslims do pose a terrorist threat to the U.S., one hears little discussion of what it is that the ‘terrorists’ really want. Perhaps, all they want is for the West to stop interfering in their countries interests, looting its wealth, Cheating its currencies (i.e Read The Paper Currency Fraud) utilizing its strengths in ways that we would never tolerate in the U.S.

Islamic totalitarianism, an oxymoron to anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of Islam, should not be a Western concern. A Muslim ruler may be totalitarian, but then her rule would not be Islamic. Furthermore, the Western record on supporting totalitarian Muslim regimes — Iran under the Shah, Iraq before the Gulf War — and doing business with non democratic regimes — China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco — speaks for itself.

As for fundamentalism, Islam has no parallel to the U.S. Protestant Christian movement which opposed modern scientific theory, and which coined the term in 1920 to designate those “doing battle royal for the fundamentals.” Rather Islam has from its birth stressed the use of reason and logic.

Islamic law is based upon the Qur’an, examples and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), analogical deduction, consensus among the learned 4 Imam’s, and individual reasoning. When the Prophet’s contemporaries heard the words islam and muslim, they understood them as denoting man’s “self-surrender to God” and “one who surrenders himself to God,” without limiting himself to any specific community or denomination, eg. in the Qur’an, 3:67, where Abraham (Ibraheem alayhissalaam) is spoken of as having “surrendered himself unto God” (kana musliman), or in 3:52 where the disciples of Jesus say, “Bear thou witness that we have surrendered ourselves unto God (bianna musliman).” In Arabic, this original meaning has remained unimpaired.

Absent a generally accepted definition, the label Islamic fundamentalism serves only to obscure issues, rather than to resolve them. Meanwhile, the Christian Coalition, and the Zionists and their biblical claim to Palestine appear fundamentalist to many, yet both are courted by U.S. politicians, and not viewed as a threat! see the double standards, yet many people never realize it why?? Because of Blind-following whatever satanic western media prints or reports!.

One can go on eliminating Western arguments against Islam and Muslims. Eventually, one has to ask, what then is the source of the West’s fear of Islam and Muslims??

The late Marshall G. S. Hodgson, in Rethinking World History, states:

“[Islam’s] conscious hopes for a godly world order represent one of the most remarkable undertakings in world history and because its less self-conscious general cultural heritage is laden with human values.”

Muslims see the West beset with broken families, violent crime, drugs. They see a society divided by race, religion, and huge disparities in income. They long for a peaceful life in which they may provide for the basic needs of their families, and enjoy the respect due to all mankind regardless of their race, religion, position, or wealth.

These Muslims see their goals for a more just and compassionate society thwarted by a corrupt Muslim elite who pursue wealth and power regardless of the cost to their fellow human beings. They see these elites, who govern not by consensus as Islam prescribes, permitting outside powers to exploit their country while they derive few benefits, and find themselves subordinated by Western influences driving them down the troubled road taken by the West. They see few opportunities to earn a living because most opportunities are withheld for the elites and their sycophants. And they see these elites remaining silent when their faith, which offers solutions to the many social problems that plague the West, is denigrated in the propaganda which serves to maintain these elites.

The Muslim elites’ allies are the defense establishment and the neo-imperialists. Islam’s mandate for justice and compassion opposes the primary objective of these neo-imperialists who seek to follow policies outlined in 1948 by “the leading dove and peace prize winner” Mr. George Kennan, for the U.S. Department of State. In his top secret Policy Planning Study 23 Mr. Kennan stated in part:

“. . .we have about 50% of the world’s wealth, but only 6.3% of its population . . . Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity . . . To do so, we will have to dispense with all sentimentality . . . We should cease to talk about vague and . . . unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of living standards, and democratization.”

To avoid exposure these neo-imperialists and their allies in the U.S. defense establishment, spurred by the enemy within, divert attention by demonizing Islam and Muslims, thereby fanning the fires of bigotry and raising unrealistic fears among the people of the West.