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Muslims and May Day


It’s the first of May. And the so-called “progressive” (rather satanic) West calls it as “May Day”. But what are the origins of the day, anyway? For many Europeans its roots lie in pagan rituals.

It all starts with druids. The Gaelic festival, Beltane, was one of four seasonal festivals where they made sacrifices to the god Beli to encourage fertility and protect cattle from disease – basically, a festival to stimulate growth and reproduction. During the Middle Ages, men, women and children would dance gaily around a large pole, usually made from birch wood.

Nobody knows exactly why people started doing this, but the maypole is often cited as an ancient symbol of fertility: it’s big, long and – well, you get it. In these ancient, free-spirited and highly sexed times, a procession would take place before the dancing began, led by a woman appointed May Queen for the day. She’d be dressed in green, a symbol of fertility from ye olden days, green being the colour most connected to spring. Towns across Europe still erect a maypole and hold processions.

It’s not just medieval Brits that recognised the start of May as a cause for optimism and celebration of sex: civilizations from centuries earlier identified the coming of May as a reason to party. For the ancient Romans, the beginning of May was also an important fertility festival called Floralia – in ancient Egypt, they celebrated Sham El-Nesssim in the hope that women would have strong and healthy babies, and the practice carries on today.

[The following wtite-up is by Mujlisul Ulama]:

In response to a call made by kuffaar political organizations to observe MAY DAY, Muslim shopkeepers closed their shops on the 1st of May. A few Muslim traders, inspite of veiled threats and subtle attempts of intimidation, ignored the call of the kuffaar and opened their businesses. Most Muslims who observed May Day, did so out of an unfounded fear–the fear of their shops being burnt. It is imperative that Muslims be made aware of the Shariah’s view and ruling on such observances.

From the introduction at the beginning of this article it is sufficiently clear that May Day is a day of celebration associated with kufr, shirk and immorality. There can, therefore, be no relationship between Muslims and a day, the very origin of which is seeped in kufr and shirk. It is a day of idolatry, of kufr celebration, of immorality, of sex-idol-goddesses–a day of communist and atheist celebration. The political character of May Day emanates from the atheist communist ideology which stands in diametric opposition to Islam.

Muslims have permitted themselves, by their inordinate fear for phantoms, to observe the holiday of such a nation (Russian Communists) who have been butchering millions of Muslims over the past few decades in the Soviet Union, in China, in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Muslims, being the members of the Ummah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) can have no truck with godless communists and their allies. Communism is the worst and the most brutal monster confronting Islam. Muslims should therefore not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by the vociferous proponents and supporters of socialism and communism.

Islam abhors emulation of the kuffaar. Islam prohibits Muslims to voluntarily observe the holidays and festivals of other communities. When Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) arrived in Madinah Munawwarah he observed that even the Jews were fasting on the 10th Muharram which is an auspicious day in Islam. To negate even the superficial resemblence which was created by Muslims also fasting on 10th Muharram, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) advocated the fasting of two days on this occasion. It is thus Sunnah to fast on either the 9th and 10th or 10th and 11th Muharram. But, in having observed May Day, Muslims are guilty of openly and blatantly emulating the worst type of kuffaar – the communists.

Muslims must understand that communists are the worst enemies of Allah Ta’ala and Islam since they are a godless people and flagrantly advocate abhorrence to Deen. What has happened to Muslim intelligence? The intelligence of a Mu’min is supposed to be imbued with the Noor of the Wahi (Revelation) which came to Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). A mind which is imbued with the Qur’aan cannever submit to the opinions, desires and calls of athiest kuffaar. What relationship is there between Islam and kufr May Day observance? Indeed, we must hang our heads in shame for having betrayed our Deen in such a flagrant manner.

Some Muslims fail to close their shops for even Juma’ Salaat, yet they answered the kufr May Day call of godless people. People bearing Muslim names–officials and members of kufr political organizations–went around canvassing support for communist May Day observance.  They sought to influence shopkeepers into closing their shops, threatening them with boycotts and other veiled impending disasters to be perpetrated by the supporters of communists. But, did these Muslims ever go around to those Muslim businessmen who do not close their shops on Juma’ and who neglect the Juma’ Salaat in the pursuit of pecuniary gain? Did these Muslims ever warn that the Fire of Jahannum awaits those who do not perform Juma’ Salaat? How can they? In fact, some of them do not even perform Salaat – they stay far away from the Musjid because of the athiesm which lurks in their hearts. Such “Muslims” are the sympathisers of communists and socialists. Muslims should beware!. Do not sacrifice your Imaan at the behest of the ignoramuses who lay postrate at the political feet of kuffaar and communists.

Muslims should not be overwhelmed by intimidation and the veiled threats of misguided juhala (ignoramuses). Our safety and our protection lie in upholding the pure Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Once a Mu’min develops his Yacieen by his submission to the commands of Allah Ta’ala, then he need have no fear of the kuffaar and of the political developments which arise from time to time. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“What! Is Allah not sufficient for His servant? They scare you with those ether than Allah. And, whomever Allah leads astray, he shall find no guide.”

(Surah Zumar, Aayat 36)

Allah Ta’ala assures Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) of His Protection. The threats of the kuffaar are to be ignored with contempt. The Muslim has to fear Allah Ta’ala.. Fearing Allah Ta’ ala is not an empty slogan or mere lip-service. Fearing Allah Ta’ ala is to submit wholeheartedly to the commands of the Sunnah. Following the teachings of Islam and refraining from emulating the kuffaar is the Islamic conception of fearing Allah Ta’ ala. When true Fear of Allah settles in the heart of the Mu’min, he shall have no place in his heart to contain the fear of created beings. Thus, Allah Ta’ala commands:


In regard to following the people of baatil, kufr and dhalaal, Allah Ta’ala declares in the Qur’aan: “And should you obey the majority on earth, they will lead you astray awayfrom the Path of Allah. Verily,they follow nothing but conjecture Verily, they only conjecture.”

“And should you follow them,then mostcertainly, you too are (among) themushrikoon (those who commit shirk).”

In these times of distress, mischief and political anarchy Muslims should focus their attention to the Deen – to the Sunnah which has long been discarded by the majority of the Ummah, the world over. Our success and salvation are inextricably interwoven with submission to Allah. Our safety is not in following in the footsteps of aliens. Muslims became dominant in the early days because they adopted the way of life which stemmed from Wahi, not by emulating the ways and methods of the kuffaar. Our direction is Islam and our Goal is Allah Azza Wa Jal. Muslims do not belong in any political camp of the non-Muslims, leave alone godless communists.

It is essential that Muslims understand well the following rulings of the Shariah and act accordingly:

  • It is not permissible for Muslims to join any political organization.
  • It is not permissible for Muslims to join any traders association.
  • It is not permissible for Muslims to participate in trade boycotts.
  • It is not permissible for Muslims to observe the calls of political organizations to close shops or to initiate solidarity action irrespective of any good or noble intentions such organizations may have.

If Muslims are threatened with violence by political organizations and their supporters as a result of their (Muslims) non-participation in the calls of kufr and communism, then the Shariah allows Muslims to institute measures to defend and protect themselves. Muslims must not give way to intimidation of the communists. Allah will protect us. Our non-participation in kufr politics should not be interpreted as impotency. If the anarchists can cowardly burn and loot defenceless people, we can, by the Fadhl of Allah Ta’ ala, stand up and defend ourselves with whatever means at our disposal. Muslims who act in accordance with the Sunnah are not spineless jellyfish over which godless people can trample without compunction. Allah Ta’ala calls to us:

“O People of Imaan! If you aid (the Deen of) Allah,He will aid you and plant your feet firmly (against the kuffaar).” (Surah Muhammad)

A Mu’min “aids” the Deen of Allah by thinking as a Muslim, acting as a Muslim and dying as a Muslim. Spineless following and emulating the kuffaar can bring neither protection nor honour for Muslims.

The Spread of Liberalism and the Extermination of Religion

It is an obtrusive, vigorous force which will stop at nothing to reach its goals; obliterating anything and everything that stands in its way, whether it be a regime, a political movement, a universal concept, a religious belief, even the free-thinking mind.

Many people are now aware of Globalization; or as I like to call it, Glob-liberalization. The idea of seeing a global society where people from all walks of life – irrespective of religious belief, culture, race or ethnicity, embrace one ideological political and social system has empirically become our reality. The reality of liberal democracy where liberal concepts dominate the norms of society.

Liberalism, Secularism and Democracy are the all offspring of Capitalism, which originated back in the mid-seventeenth century, after 30 years of war between European powers and the Roman Church. The war ended with the “Westphalia Treaty” which united Europe under the principles of secularism, i.e., separation of religion from state.

It was after the “Westphalia Treaty” that state-sponsored religion started to decline rapidly in society and in people’s affairs. People in Europe during the late 16th century began to embrace anti-religious movements emphasising human reason, freedom, individualism, and scepticism about religious views.

Ironically, such a movement was defined as: “The Age of Enlightenment”. Although the Age of Enlightment materialistically pulled Europe out of the Dark Ages, it also spurned atheism, and raised sentiment against religious views due the oppression and exploitation Europeans faced in the name of religion – thanks to the Roman Catholic Church.

The newly established secular Europe managed to eradicate religion from most western societies; however, it still faced a grave threat from the Ottoman Caliphate, which had previously swept southern and Eastern Europe under the religion of Islam.

Apolitical Islam

Britain and France countered the threat, not by military confrontation, but by attacking the Ottoman Empire’s greatest treasures which were the thoughts and concepts of Islam which Muslims politically and intellectually possessed.

This was executed strategically by planting western missionaries in the Muslim world whose objectives were to:

1. Interchange the Islamic thoughts and concepts with secular and liberal philosophies.

The Ottoman caliphate was disbanded in 1924

2. Detach Muslims from the political, social and economic regulations of Islam.

3. Instigate nationalistic conflicts between Arabs and the Ottomans.

Eventually the Ottoman Caliphate was officially abolished on 3 March 1924, and a secular Turkish state was established, while the Caliphate lands were divided and acculturated by secular colonial powers.

The map of the Middle East we see today is the work of the Sykes-Picot agreement where the British and French foreign ministers Mr Sykes and Mr Picot drew the national borders of the modern day secular-Muslim nations.

Islam as a comprehensive political system is no longer applied today because the Muslim world has adopted the same secular-liberal tenets which toppled the Roman Catholic Church and the Ottoman Caliphate.

These secular-liberal concepts are now inculcated universally throughout the world. They are praised and promoted by politicians, public figures, news networks, cartoons, and even so-called Islamic scholars and local imams who fervently hasten to show western-liberal powers that they have adhered and conformed to the global political ideology of liberalism.

Gay marriage

In the UK, some religious personal and commentators have come out publicly announcing unequivocal support for the right of men to marry men, i.e., conforming to the liberal political position. One has to question why these religious figures would approve of such a notion if it’s clearly antithetical to the religion they follow. Did they just make a simple mistake, or have they embraced the secular-liberal ideology which views same-sex marriage as a basic human right?

The secular-liberal ideology has no tolerance for religion in state affairs, and will not accept any individual who uses religion as the premise for deriving laws and concepts of life. As the world has been witnessing in recent years, liberal society seems to be moving towards eradicating the effect of religion in people’s lives.

Richard Dawkins, an atheist and hardcore proponent of secular-liberalism, publicly calls for the abolishment of religion from education and even declared it as “illegal” and as “child abuse.” It’s not a coincidence that most atheists are liberal; however, in accordance with the global trend, we now also see that more and more religious clerics, scholars and Imams are embracing the liberal dogma and are propagating it every chance they get.

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, who many view as a “spiritual reviver of Islam” has publicly denounced the association of religion and state. In a lecture he delivered in 2013, he stated: “the vast majority of Islamic history had relatively secular-states, they weren’t really Islamic states. The whole concept of an Islamic state is a fantasy.” He also said: “Religion really has little to do with the running of a state”.

We are also coming to find out that liberal societies will stop at nothing to defame and discredit any person who seeks to shape his life in accordance with divine laws.

On April 6, of this year, The Telegraph published an article with the headline: “extremist working as psychiatric for NHC”. The article attempted to defame Dr Imran Waheed for being a member of an Islamic political group that seeks to establish a political system in the Muslim world based on the religion of Islam. The article labelled Dr Imran as an “extremist” and a “radical” because he is against the state of Israel and against same-sex marriage.

It seems liberal societies prefer a male doctor who is gay, than a Muslim who adheres to his religion peacefully and is against such sin. It is important also to note that choosing to be gay is not just part of a citizen’s freedom, it has become part of his/her basic rights in the liberal word.

Secular-liberal powers such as the US, will not even tolerate Uganda’s law to ban homosexuality which was passed by President Museveni. The US Secretary of State has publicly condemned the anti-gay law and has mentioned that it is similar to anti-antisemitism. John Kerry even went to the extent of sending “Homosexuality Experts” to convince Uganda’s president to change the law – which he passed after medical experts convinced the Ugandan President that there is no genetic basis for homosexuality.

The Huffington Post quoted the US Secretary of State as saying the following: “I talked personally to President Museveni just a few weeks ago, and he committed to meet with some of our experts so that we could engage him in a dialogue as to why what he did could not be based on any kind of science or fact, which is what he was alleging.”

In September of 2012, The Telegraph published an article with the title: “Teachers face sack for refusing to endorse gay marriages”. The article mainly stressed that if teachers refuse to teach same-sex marriage textbooks, they could statutorily be fired. The paper also imparted that parents would not be able to withdraw theirs kids from any same-sex marriage sessions in school.

For people of faith, this is indeed startling, whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Catholic or Jewish.

Irrespective of religion, people who practice any of the mentioned faiths, holistically, teach their kids to abstain from greats sins such as killing, fornication, intoxication and homosexuality.


Children who live under a religious roof are taught to shape their lives accordingly with their faith. So why has liberal society suddenly decide to radically impose homosexuality as a universal common norm, which everyone must accept, and which every religion must conform to?

Why should people of faith and their communities kneel before an arrogant anti-religious political system that demands explicit, unequivocal adherence? A system that will zealously rush to defend those who engage in sacrilegious invectives against God and his Prophets under free speech, and on the other hand, label those who get offended as extremist, undemocratic, close-minded and trying to suppress freedom.

How does religion maintain any effect in society if its virtues and moralities contradict the very law? In such a society, religion ultimately faces extermination; thanks to the aid of religious scholars, clerics, local imams, public figures, and activists who for years programmed the youth to believe that religion should not get involved in politics.

By default, if you hold the opinion that religion shouldn’t get involved in politics, you have indirectly embraced the most basic principal of secular-liberalism. And in such a case, any religious view you hold or try to live by, is not welcomed by law.

Ironically, the sternest secular society is not in the West; it is actually in the last base of the Islamic Ottoman Empire-modern day Turkey.

Source: 5pillarsuk blog

Only Islam Values Sanctity of Life

By brother Abu Yusuf

Only Islam truly values the sanctity (hurmah) of life. It defines it, preserves it and practically protects it!

Many secular-liberalist may value ‘the sanctity of life’ but as they cannot actually define this sanctity, life itself becomes easily dispensable when material interests are greater! They may value a life if they know, relate or resonate with it – like the biases we have seen to the killer of NZ terrorist, or a fellow citizen in the developed world but not as much sympathy (or empathy) to others in far greater numbers being massacred in Yemen, Rohingya, CAR, Filistin, etc

Sufficient proof of their disregard for life in pursuit of materialism can also be found in secular-liberal societies from individuals and families on rampant knife-crime, mass shooting, organised assassinations to the highest authority of the state in perpetual wars and supporting massacres of tyrants. Not to mention modern day infanticide and patent laws on desperately needed medication, its restriction and absence led to the death of millions!

They may argue they have laws that punish the killer but the concern is not protection of life but the protection of individual freedom. Laws – viewed as a necessary evil – exist in secular-liberal societies to guarantee the individual’s liberty and to prevent infringement of another’s freedom!

The enlightenment believed in the creator and therefore understood, as a self-evident truth the sacredness of life, its utmost value and a responsibility and a trust from the creator that one would be accountable for – all due to religious concepts inherited from Christianity. However over time atheism and agnosticism became the dominant and religiosity weakened (at an alarming rate, almost diminished in certain areas) and subsequently the meaning and value of life became a commodity, and pursuit of individual freedom became a sacred duty! And we are witness to its misery and senseless killing today!

Islam understood the sanctity of life: “We ordained for the children of Israel that if anyone slew a person, unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land, it would be as if he slew the whole of mankind. And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of a whole people.” [Qur’an 5:32]

However the difference to Christianity and other religions is that Islam actually guarantees its protection via the State. The Rule of law is an integral part of Islam. The religions rely solely on the hope of individual’s personal will to act good but cannot protect life from murderers who do not wish to follow the ’Rules of do’s & don’ts’. Islam not only relies on the Taqwa of individuals but actually demonstrated the saving of a life by enforcing its strict laws in al-hudud, jinayat and ta’dheer that seek to preserve life by either a deterrent, just punishment or rehabilitation. Other religions simply have no system to regulate life’s affairs in politics.

It may be argued that there are Muslims, not liberalists, who do not value the sanctity of life like the isis militia and boko haram. That they kill innocent civilians in the name of Islam!

There are Muslims who sin this does not make it islamic, and killing in the name of Islam makes them no different to Ku Klux Klan killing in the name of Christianity! Furthermore these militia movements who initially began on a noble cause in defending their lands and the oppressed became excessive (ghulu) in imitating the enemies in targeting innocent civilians, and this has nothing to do with Islam or its theology. Islam places strict rules in the preservation of life, and in taking of a life in just causes like murder, adultery, highway robbery, retribution etc via the judiciary of the state and not left to whims of a people that feel oppressed.
Muslims must be on the offensive intellectually in exposing the capitalists in its audacity to police the world on its ‘high horses’ and ‘moral high ground’ when it is they the real cause of the decay and misery of the world! They are the causes of the violent militias that target innocent civilians. Muslims also must learn and present the true alternative that saves and protects the sanctity of all life.

The Shaitaani Trap of “Gender Equality”

By Mujlisul Ulama

Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:
“Do they distribute the mercy of your Rabb? We apportion their livelihood in this worldly life among them and We have elevated the ranks of some above others so that some of them may take others as servants.” [Az-Zukhruf, Aayat 32]

Narrating a Hadith, Hadhrat Ali (Radhiyallahu anhu) said:
“People will remain prosperous as long as they maintain inequality. When they (promote) equality, they will be destroyed.”

This Aayat of the Qur’aan Majeed and the Hadith demolish the entire edifice, including the foundations of the variety of equality concepts fabricated by the kuffaar, and with which bootlicking modernist ‘muslims’ are enamoured. The worst of these satanic equality fab-rications is the idea of gender equality. Another shaitaani concept is the communist theory of a classless society.

One of the primary causes for the colossal rise of immorality is the bizarre, unnatural effort to force unequals to be equals. Allah Ta’ala has created man and woman unequal in numerous as-pects. Anatomical disparity should be more than adequate to convince sane and intelligent people of the fallacy of gender equality. But since kufr deranges man’s intellect, even the obvious eludes him.

Explicitly debunking the gender equality rubbish, the Qur’aan Majeed states:
“And for men is a rank over them (women).” [Al-Baqarah, Aayat 227]
“Men are the rulers of women by virtue of the superiority Bestowed by Allah to some over others…” [An-Nisaa’, Aayat 34]

The motivation for gender equality is pure satanism. It is for the free-play of immorality. Taking maximum advantage of woman’s intellectual deficiency (nuqs fil aql) as stated by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the kuffaar men of the west for giving unbridled expression to their inordinate bestial and carnal dictates, have satanically fabricated the concept of men and women being equal. In terms of his evil concept, women have been robbed of their natural haya (shame/modesty) and denuded of their physical garments to promote immorality for the gratification of the carnality of evil men.

The bodies of women rendered shameless by this devilish concept are the prime commodities for sale in every sphere of trade and commerce. ‘Muslim’ women too are adopting this satanic cult of immorality without re-alizing that in so doing they not only compromise their Imaan, but they efface their Imaan. In the acceptance of such a heinous kufr concept, it is not possible for a person to remain a Muslim. Modernist women are no longer Muslims regardless if they perform Salaat and Fast.

Nikah is not valid with a man or a woman who subscribes to the evil gender equality concept. They pass their days in adultery. Those who subscribe to this concept are in flagrant contradiction and rejection of the Qur’aan which clearly negates gender equality and equality of other kinds as well.

Allah Ta’ala has created people unequal. Difference in status is indisputable. Thse who raise the slogan of equality are hypocrites, frauds and robbers. The president of the country does not live like a peasant or a labourer. Yet, he stupidly and hypocritically disgorges the theme of equality. In every wrung of society, the votaries of equality perpetrate inequality whilst hypocritically piping the song of equality. Just look at the colossal disparity in salaries of the different classes of workers and between managers, directors and menial workers who are all members of the so-called equality conglomerate.

It is a sinister, satanic conspiracy which spawned the hideous concept of gender equality in the wake of which came the bizarre spectacle of female ‘emancipation’ with all its immoral consequences such as de-struction of family life, abortion, prostitution, sexual perversion, filthy diseases, etc.

Forcing unequals to be equal, which equality is unattainable, is bizarre and cruel. Women who are physically, intellectually and psychologically weaker than males have been thrown cruelly into the public domain where they have to slog like men all day long while they have to execute their home duties as well. She works during the day to earn and prostitute herself, and in the evening she has to attend to the house duties – the food, the children and the husband. She has to undergo the travails of pregnancy and her monthly menstrual cycles.

The kuffaar women collude with brutal man to inflict self-invited oppression on themselves by having succumbed to the heinous deception of gender equality satanically contrived by atheists and immoral anarchists.

Islam states the truth of the natural and religious disparity of the sexes. The testimony of two women equals that of one man. For up to ten days each month she is incapacitated by her haidh cycle from performing the Fardh Salaat and from fasting during Ramadhaan. She may not recite the Qur’aan Majeed even from memory during her cycle. The inheritance of a daughter is half that of a son. There are many such disparities ordained by Allah Ta’ala for the sexes.

Gender equality is a massive, cruel, shaitaani plot to destroy the morality of mankind. In fact, it has already achieved this satanic goal. Shaitaan has made full use of the ‘traps’ which Allah Ta’ala has provided for the accomplishment of his heinous objectives.

On the occasion of his expulsion from the heavens, shaitaan supplicated for tools and traps for the execution of his satanism on earth. Allah Ta’ala responded: “Your traps will be women.” Thus, in the Hadith women are described as Habaailush Shaitaan (the Traps of Shaitaan). Now the modernist zindeeqs may revile Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

With the Trap of Gender equality Shaitaan has most effectively transformed mankind into beasts of the jungle.

The Pagan-Christian Origins of “Valentine’s Day”

What is it and Where did it come from?

Consider Valentine’s Day, a day that after dying out a well deserved death in most of Europe (but surviving in Britain and United States) has suddenly started to emerge across a good swath of Muslim countries. Who was Valentine? Why is this day observed? Legends abound, as they do in all such cases, but this much is clear: Valentine’s Day began as a pagan ritual started by Romans in the 4th century BCE to honor the god Lupercus. The main attraction of this ritual was a lottery held to distribute young women to young men for “entertainment and pleasure”– until the next year’s lottery. Among other equally despicable practices associated with this day was the lashing of young women by two young men, clad only in a bit of goatskin and wielding goatskin thongs, who had been smeared with blood of sacrificial goats and dogs. A lash of the “sacred” thongs by these “holy men” was believed to make them better able to bear children.

As usual, Christianity tried, without success, to stop the evil celebration of Lupercalia. It first replaced the lottery of the names of women with a lottery of the names of the saints. The idea was that during the following year the young men would emulate the life of the saint whose name they had drawn. (The idea that you can preserve the appearance of a popular evil and yet somehow turn it to serve the purpose of virtue, has survived. Look at all those people who are still trying, helplessly, to use the formats of popular television entertainments to promote good. They might learn something from this bit of history. It failed miserably) Christianity ended up doing in Rome, and elsewhere, as the Romans did. The only success it had was in changing the name from Lupercalia to St. Valentine’s Day. It was done in CE 496 by Pope Gelasius, in honor of some Saint Valentine. There are as many as 50 different Valentines in Christian legends. Two of them are more famous, although their lives and characters are also shrouded in mystery. According to one legend, and the one more in line with the true nature of this celebration, St. Valentine was a “lovers’” saint, who had himself fallen in love with his jailer’s daughter.

Due to serious troubles that accompanied such lottery, French government banned the practice in 1776. In Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Germany also the ritual vanished over the years. Earlier, it had been banned in England during the 17th century when the Puritans were strong.

However in 1660 Charles II revived it. From there it also reached the New World, where enterprising Yankees spotted a good means of making money. Esther A. Howland, who produced one of the first commercial American Valentine’s Day cards called — what else — valentines, in the 1840s, sold $5,000 worth – when $5,000 was a lot of money – the first year. The valentine industry has been booming ever since.

The history of Valentine’s Day serves as a powerful lesson for Muslims. St.Valentine became a Saint trying to resist free sex. Even though there was an attempt to Christianize it, today St.Valentine’s day is gone back to its roots. No one even knows that the Church even tried to ban the St. Valentine’s Day. Rather, most people think of romance, cupid and his arrow, which are vestiges of pagan Rome.

Pagan Origins of Valentine’s Day

The first information about this day is found in pre-Christian Rome, when pagans would celebrate the “Feast of the Wolf” on February 15, also known as the Feast of Lupercalius in honour of Februata Juno, the Roman goddess of women and marriage, and Pan, Roman god of nature.

On this day, young women would place their names in an urn, from which boys would randomly draw to discover their sexual companion for the day, the year, and sometimes the rest of their lives. These partners exchanged gifts as a sign of affection, and often married.

Christian Influence on Valentine’s Day

When Christianity came onto the scene in Rome, it wanted to replace this feast with something more in line with its ethics and morality. A number of Christians decided to use February 14 for this purpose. This was when the Italian Bishop Valentine was executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II for conducting secret marriages of military men in the year 270.

Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, so he outlawed marriage for young, single men, who made up his military. Valentine defied Claudius and performed marriages for young couples in secret. When his actions were revealed, Claudius put him to death. Another version of the story says that Valentine was a holy priest in Rome, who helped Christians escape harsh Roman prisons where they were often beaten and tortured.

Valentine was arrested and sent to the prefect of Rome for this. He found that his attempts to make Valentine renounce his faith were useless, and so recommended he be beaten with clubs, and later beheaded. This took place on February 14, 270.

According to the Catholic Encyclopaedia, there are at least three different Saint Valentines, all of whom are Christian martyrs of February 14. One of them is described as a priest from Rome (as mentioned above), another as bishop of Interamna (modern Terni), and the third from Africa.

It was in the year 496 that Pope Gelasius officially changed the February 15 Lupercalia festival to the February 14 St. Valentine’s Day to give Christian meaning to a pagan festival. The holiday become popular in the United States in the 1800’s during the Civil War.

As well, Pope Gelasius ordered a slight change in the lottery for young women that would take place during the pagan festival. Instead of the names of young women, the box would have the names of saints. Men and women were allowed to draw from the box, and the purpose of this was to copy the ways of the saint they had selected for the rest of the year.

Pagan Customs of Valentine’s Day 

A number of the customs connected to Valentine’s Day originate in the belief in England and France during the middle Ages, that on February 14, birds began to pair.

Fourteenth and 15th centuries’ French and English literatures make indirect references to the practice. Those who chose each other as husband and wife on Valentine’s Day apparently called each other their Valentines.

In terms of the Valentine’s greeting “Your Valentine” which today you find on a number of Valentine’s Day cards, the above-mentioned Roman priest Valentine actually sent the first ‘valentine’ greeting himself.

While he was in prison awaiting execution, he apparently fell in love with a young girl who would visit him. Before he died, he allegedly wrote her a letter, signed ‘From your Valentine,’ In terms of the virtually naked, arrow-shooting cupid character, which shoots people with its arrows to make them fall in love, this character is a vestige of Roman pagan times. Cupid was described as the son of Venus, the Roman god of love and beauty. You usually find Cupid’s picture on Valentine cards and other paraphernalia.

Islamic Perspective on Valentine’s Day

We should avoid anything associated with pagan immoral practices – We do not need to honour or celebrate the death of a Christian “saint” – Islam does not encourage flirting or suggestions of romantic relationships before marriage – Love between families, friends and married people does not need to be celebrated on a day with such un-Islamic origins.

Question: In recent times, celebration of the Valentine Day has spread, particularly among female students. It is a Christian celebration, and it is (manifested) with fully red costumes, clothing and shoes, and exchange of red roses. What is the ruling on celebrating this holiday?

Answer: Celebrating the Valentine Day is not permissible because:

Firstly, it is an innovated holiday that has no basis in the Shari’ah.

Secondly, it calls to love and passion.

Thirdly, it calls to keeping one’s heart busy with nonsense matters which contradict the guidance of the righteous predecessors, may Allah be pleased with them.

So it is not permissible that anything from the signs of that holiday takes place on that day, whether it relates to eating, drinking, clothing, giving gifts, or other than that. It is incumbent upon the Muslim to be proud of his/her religion and that he/she does not blindly follow every crier. May Allah the Exalted protect Muslims from every trial, apparent and hidden, and that He give them protection and guidance. Ameen.


Some people celebrate Yawm al-Hubb (Valentine’s Day) on February 14 [the second month of the Christian Gregorian calendar] every year by exchanging red roses as gifts. They also dress up in red clothing, and congratulate one another (on this occasion). Some sweet shops produce special sweets – red in colour – and draw hearts upon them. Some shops advertise their goods which are specially related to this day. What is the Islaamic view [concerning the following]: Celebrating this day? Buying from these shops on this day? Selling – by shop-owners who are not celebrating – the things which are used as gifts, to those who are celebrating?

Response: The clear evidence from the Qur’aan and Sunnah – and this is agreed upon by consensus (Ijmaa) of the early generations of the Muslim Ummah – indicates that there are only two ‘Eeds in Islaam (days of celebration): ‘Eed al-Fitr (after the fast of Ramadhan) and ‘Eed al-Adha (after the standing at ‘Arafah for pilgrimage).

Every other ‘Eed – whether it is to do with a person, group, incident or any other occasion – is an innovated ‘Eed. It is not permissible for the Muslim people to participate in it, approve of it, make any show of happiness on its occasion, or assist in it in any way – since this will be transgressing the bounds of Allah: “…and whoever transgresses the bounds of Allah, he has wronged his own self,” [Surah at-Talaaq, Aayah 1]

If we add to this fabricated ‘Eed the fact that it is one of the ‘Eeds of the disbelievers, it is sin upon sin. This is because it is Tashabbuh (imitation) of the disbelievers, and a type of Muwaalaat (loyalty) to them. And Allah has prohibited the believers from imitation of them and having love or loyalty for them in His Mighty Book (Qur’aan). It is also confirmed from the Prophet (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) that he said: “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.”

‘Eed al-Hubb (the celebration of Valentine’s Day) comes under the category of what has been mentioned here, since it is one of the pagan Christian holidays. Hence it is not permissible for any Muslim, who believes in Allah and the Last Day, to participate in it, approve of it, or congratulate (anyone on that occasion). On the contrary, it is obligatory to abandon it and stay far away from it – in response to Allah and His Messenger, and to distance oneself from the anger of Allah and His punishment.

Additionally, it is forbidden for a Muslim to assist or help in this Valentine’s Day, or any other of the forbidden/illegal celebrations in any way whatsoever – whether by food or drink, selling or buying, production, gift-giving, correspondence, announcements, etc. All of these things are considered as co-operating in sin and transgression and disobedience of Allah and His Messenger. Allaah, the Glorious and Most High, says:

“… and co-operate with one another in righteousness and piety, and do not co-operate in sin and transgression. And fear Allaah! Verily Allaah is severe in punishment,” [Surah al-Ma’idah, Aayah 2]

Likewise, it is obligatory for every Muslim to adhere strictly to the Qur’aan and Sunnah in every situation – especially in times of temptations and corruption. It is incumbent that he/she understand, be aware and be cautioned from falling into the deviations of those whom Allaah is angry with and those who are astray and the immoral people who have no fear of punishment – nor hope of reward – from Allaah, and who give no attention at all to Islaam.

It is necessary for the Muslim to flee to Allaah, the Most High, seeking His Hidaayah (Guidance) and Thabaat (Firmness) upon the Path. Verily, there is no Guide except Allaah, and no One Who can Grant Firmness except Him.


There are numerous cases of miscarriage of justice in the western world. This is due to the corrupt system of justice which convicts and sentences a man on the basis of a hallucinatory creature termed ‘circumstantial evidence’. Islam rejects this form of evidence for securing a conviction.

According to the Shariah, only the testimony of aadil (pious) eye witnesses is valid evidence. There is no better judicial system than the system ordained by Allah Azza Wa Jal. He is the Creator, and He knows what is best for His creation. Miscarriage of justice occurs on a massive scale in all kuffaar systems.

Even the corrupt western judicial system is practically inaccessible for the vast majority of people. The astronomical costs for pursuing litigation and the satanically complex rules prevent most people from seeking justice. It is better to forgo one’s rights than initiating a quest for justice via the kuffaar system.

The cost factor alone renders the system a massive scam. In Islam, there are no costs involved in seeking justice. There are no lawyer’s fees and no court fees and no other forms of legalized robbery which accompany the western system of so-called ‘justice’.

The cruelty and injustice of the kuffaar system are conspicuously portrayed by the attribute of LIES which is inherent in the western judicial system. The client pays lawyers to speak lies in the endeavour to be found not guilty. The State pays the prosecutor to speak lies to find the accused guilty. The judge in this satanic system is paid to listen to compound lies on which he bases his moronic judgment. His personal emotions, attitudes and persuasions play a dominant role in his judgement. The equation which governs this system is Lies + Robbery = Injustice. And, all participants are able to sleep in ‘peace’ with their ill-gotten gains.

If due to lack of valid Shar’i evidence the criminal escapes conviction and sentence, he should not feel snug in his ‘acquittal’. His escape from justice is shortlived. Allah Ta’ala will inflict punishment on the guilty one in a variety of ways in this world and in the Aakhirat. Being freed by a court of law, is not necessarily a valid exculpation nor true freedom. The criminal will not escape the consequences of his crime. When Divine Chastisement overtakes him, he will wonder why he is suffering.


Another farce of the western judicial system is the false principle of a man being regarded innocent until proven guilty. Whilst this is the contention, it is NEVER practically observed. The accused is treated and maltreated by the officers of the kuffaar judicial system. He is cruelly handcuffed, thrown into filthy cells with gangster prisoners who violate and injure him physically. The accused is manhandled by police and warders, and humiliated in public.

Despite the ‘principle’, the accused is treated at times even worse than a convicted felon. He has to suffer all the indignities and hardships of convicted prisoners. This horrible maltreatment meted out to accused persons leaves the much flaunted ‘principle’ a farcical slogan devoid of truth and reality.

Al-Haqq Bulletien


[By Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi, Rector of Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow, India]

THE most important thing from your point of view is that the champions of the modern civilization claim that civilised  society can also come into be­ing away from spiritual con­victions, religious beliefs, moral values and Apostolic teachings; and not only that, they assert that it should be so and its foundations should rest on knowledge and science,  trade and industry, political and economic stability, nationalism and patriotism and legal and constitutional covenants and arrangements. They, further, hold that social progress and advancement is related wholly to the modern means and machines which are the products of their physical sciences.

The successes of the socie­ty and the welfare of mankind signify that man should conquer the world and the forces of nature for the satisfaction of his carnal appetites. In material sciences alone lies his salva­tion. The failure of man in the past was due simply to the fact that the channels for the exchange of ideas were blocked and the world was divided into different parts.

The West tried to propagate this view with the enthusiasm of a fanatic. Its slogans were as: There is no God, no Religion, no Unseen, no Spirit and no Futurity.  Ac­cording to it the Shariat and its spiritual structure are mere superstition. The real ingredients of life are perception, experience, pleasure, gain, nationalism, freedom, democracy and communism.


The protagonists as well as critics of this viewpoint appeared on the stage of the world armed with their ideas and ideals and they effected an intellectual diversion of the West. Consequently, various schools of thoughts came to flourish whose in­fluence can be seen today in the entire range of learning and literatures. The modern western society has profited from all of them and accepted their influence in a greater or lesser degree. It has made materialism its hall-mark.

The West is now in a posi­tion to enforce the ideas and principles in which it believes freely and openly. It is an unique event of history. Owing to its phenomenal power and resources the West has been able to play its role most successfully. Its achievement is unparalleled in the history of World leadership. Even more complete and universal ascen­dancy. When Europe embarked on its course of progress and power in the world that could challenge it or impede its advance.

The Church had capitulated before the men­tal and political revolt of the Christendom long ago. The Islamic East yielded to its political and intellectual might in the 19th Century and the whole world went on submitting to it quietly and quickly.

Incidentally, Europe got the opportunity to present its capabilities in the material form and its materialistic creed was received everywhere willingly and enthusiastically. But the whole show came to a tragic end. It proved to be a colossal failure. As a result of it, there is both inner and outer discord and confusion; individuals, classes and com­munities are at loggerheads with each other and the horizon is darkened with the clouds of war.

The World is presenting the spectacle of a powder-keg which is ready to explode at any moment. Woeful cries are being raised at the expectation of the dis­astrous end of humanity. Self-confidence, peace and emotional equipoise are things of the past. Man is haunted with fear. His soul is restless. He is troubled about the future. A perpetual feel­ing of anxiety is felt everywhere; moral turmoil is complete and the spiritual vacuum is becoming more fearful everyday. There is an incurable sense of despondency and frustration. On all sides, there is nothing but distress, misery and bitterness.

The story of the wretchedness and infelicity of the western civilization is such that it deserves to be told again and again. It is the most important episode in the history of human species for in the East there are still people who believe in its purity and innocence and look upon it with respect and envy. They are confident that a civilization like it can never perish or become in­solvent. They regard it with religious reverence.


You live in the midst of this civilization and feel its scorching heat. You observe its anguish and uneasiness and see the evidence of its decay and degeneration in all places. You notice its intrin­sic traits in the moral disposi­tion of its political leaders, in the disregard of human sentiments in the neglect of ethical values and in high incidence of crime and other grave moral offences.

You see it unveiled in the conduct and philosophy of the leaders of thought and politics who are utterly incapable of ap­preciating the message of humanity and carrying it to others and wholly insensitive to the call of the spirit that can breathe a new life into the society, lead the com­munity towards its high destination and bring about harmony and integration. This civilization, at the height of its revolution, is suffering from the crisis of confidence.

After these observations it should be evident to you that a society which is not based on faith is destined to an evil fate. It is another matter that it manages to prolong its life a little more but it is bound to come to a tragic end.

In fact, it is the path of belief and faith and the message and the life-example of the Divine Apostles that uplift, the character of both individuals and communities, illumines it with the light of spiritual feeling. It imparts the spirit of faith and courage independently of academies and educational institutions and means of propaganda and mass com­munication. It cures the hearts of greed, hypocrisy, boastfulness and ostentation. It promotes life and vitality and gives rise to belief in the Hereafter, sincerity and selflessness. It convinces one of the transitoriness of the world, strengthens faith in God whom no human eye has seen nor mind can com­prehend and arouses in man the sentiments of laying down his life for His sake. History still remembers the deeds of these men of faith and conviction.

Had such events not taken place so repeatedly the world would perhaps have repudiated them without hesitation. This is the segment of humanity which has preserved the vanishing stock of civiliza­tion, rescued the society again and again from the depths of waywardness and pulled the boat of mankind out of the whirlwind of death in the nick of time. These high-souled men have always saved the moral values and higher human concepts from destruction. In all their endeavours they have been guided by earnestness and solicitude for the deliverance of mankind.