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One of the biggest Trojan horses to infiltrate our beautiful deen and imaan is undeniably the secular education system that we are exposed to. Even the slightest exposure to it has shaped our mindsets to have the Western concepts and ideologies within us, robbing us of our Islamic identity.

Modern ‘secularism’ was established to unite all people in a single movement and introduce global ideologies, with the concept of religion removed from the environment. Feminism, socialism, liberalism, nationalism, etc are all intertwined by this idea well.

These ideas are slowly introduced to us from the time we start school and gradually build up. As we minimally spend more than a decade in this education system, there is plenty of time to systematically brainwash us and reform our minds. The syllabus includes concepts that attack a person’s imaan. Subconsciously, whatever of this venom is read and taught is transferred into the heart and mind of a person. Poison is poison, no matter the amount; it will always have an effect if there is no antidote for it, which in this case is to abstain from it or to have deeni knowledge regarding these matters and disregard it all.

In this way, they are able to form our world view and thereafter it is hard to change.

Here is a brief analysis of a few of the subjects that are taught in school:


In my opinion, it is the most useless subject; because nothing in this subject orientates you about the correct things in life nor do you learn any true life skills; with the most rubbish in it.

Prevention of teen pregnancies and usage of contraceptives in a “healthy (haraam – premarital) relationship” that are brought to topic can only ignite desires and encourage teens to ‘explore’ and irresponsibly lose their dignity. No wonder so many single teen mothers around.

HIV (STD) is a topic that is taught every single year. While the entire “transmission and prevention” is only taught later, the slow build-up on the topic does nothing but prepare the young child for a topic more disgusting and immoral.

So, in a world where it is regarded normal to do and normal to talk about, what is the way the child starts viewing it?

Sexuality is explained to be natural and normal, when this repulsive idea goes against the fitrah of mankind and even logic. While it may not necessarily be out rightly stated, it is opening the mind to accept LGBT UVWXYZ (I may just as well add the other alphabets because there are so many terms being introduced all the time).

(Recently the above has been included in the syllabus of the younger grades as well)

“Gender equality” and “roles” is a discussion, being a basis of introduction to feminism and a warped idea as to the role we have been created to fulfill. Along with all the careers that are mentioned, it would explain why many girls ‘liberally’ walk out of school with a determination to ‘have a career’ and be ‘(financially) independent’.


While literature itself is not the problem, it is the content that is chosen for it that causes the havoc.

If it’s not present-day novels that are laced with haraam and modernism, or authors that have made a mockery of Islam, or stories that may seem harmless but in reality have disgusting and evil origins, then it is stories with backgrounds of centuries ago that contain satanic or Christian elements.

Many stories and novels portray a life that is deemed ideal, yet are filled with immorality that is portrayed as beautiful and rosy – and the most common themes are premarital/extramarital love and a story line stripped of any hayaa. All these things subconsciously enter the mind on a regular basis over time and become acceptable, starting from the Rapunzel-who-had-a-secret-lover fairy tale in preschool to Romeo and Juliet over a decade later.

In the 1990s the government held a seminar to re-evaluate the education system and a question arose, why should Shakespeare (as it is one of the most common literature works – almost like it is mandatory) be taught to the children if they want to study law or medicine, whereas everything is in modern English? The answer was, when a child is given a matric certificate, they want to be satisfied that the children have developed a western, modern Christian mind-set.


In SA, up till grade 9, this subject consists of 4 sub-parts and schools have the choice to choose 2 of the 4 as part of their curriculum, whereafter they are separate subjects: Music, visual arts, dance or drama.

Nothing more needs to be said regarding music besides that this pollutant of the heart and soul has become so normal that tracks will be found in the houses and on the phones of Muslims.

Instead of reading and learning the Qur’aan Majeed, children are drawing musical notes on the bar; singing, drumming their heads and shaking their bodies to the voices of the Illuminati and devil-possessed pop stars and singers.

In Visual Arts, many times animals and humans are drawn,whereas Rasoolullah Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam has cursed the one who makes such pictures.

At the same time, nearly all textbooks contain these pictures, and Rasoolullah Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said that the angles of mercy do not enter a place where such pictures are displayed. How misfortune to be for such extended hours over years in such an environment without rahma!

Dancing may be seen as a cultural tradition to some people, but this is against the behaviour and morals of a Muslim to move the body in such seductive ways that shamelessly attract attention to oneself.

Following in the footsteps of more kuffaar actors, drama classes are one of the places where the girls are taught to raise their voices and show their splendour and beauty, and children taught that it is fine to passionately kiss a non mahram woman all for an ‘act’. This builds a perception that there is nothing wrong in deceiving people simply for them to view things for their own pleasure and (useless) entertainment, making the watching of movies and videos seem acceptable to one.


We won’t deny that some parts of this education system is needed to understand certain environments around us. Such is with Business, where legal topics and regulations of a country are discussed.

However, we give so much of preference to secular education and neglect our deeni education, to such an extent that many Muslims aren’t aware of even simple, basic things like the impermissibility of insurance and interest – and the likes of such business topics and dealings that would be contrary to Islamic ethics and teachings. These things are whole topics to which an ignorant person will see the benefits of, as portrayed by the West, and follow these plans while being oblivious that their records of sin are piling up.


This is actually a very long topic on it’s own, with many things to understand in it, so it won’t really be discussed here. Especially since the scientific field is so vast.

The fact that a lot of science isn’t 100% accurate and merely based on ever-changing theories, estimations and mathematical calculations should say enough of the untruths in Western science, be it in astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography, physics, archaeology, just to name a few. One thing may even have several theories.

And seriously, some things just don’t make sense.

While we don’t deny all of science, we don’t completely make it the means to understand things we don’t comprehend.

Science is a force of (atheistic components) and explanations to the natural world that humans cannot understand. During the renaissance it was used as a means to weaken the conviction the people had in their holy scriptures, especially that of the Muslims in the Qur’aan. “Scientific errors” have been found in the Qur’aan according to some scientists. Rather, science contains the error as Allah Ta’aala in His Infinite Glory is nothing but Perfection, and His Kalaam and creation of everything we see in the universe are flawless.

Some things in science coincide with what the Qur’aan mentions while other things are completely contrary to our beliefs.

If one uses some insight, one will see that parts of science are used as a tool of Dajjaal, to entrap us into shaitaani things that take us away from deen.

Western science amazes us and fills us with admiration – we admire the kuffaar ‘advancements’, but how many of us are amazed at the perfect way Allah Ta’aala has created the entire universe, so perfectly in sync even to the finest detail?


No school history textbook will show the truth of the matter of the events that happened.

Only the surface of the topics are touched on, and more often than not – or nearly all the time – the storyline will portray the heroes as the Western powers want it to be shown, whether it is local, American or world history.

Never will one be taught the behind-the-scenes agendas of a war or revolution, what happened after Mandela took reign, why certain people were actually assassinated, what the Great Depression and American Dream actually was or how and why certain parties came to power.

And of course the attack on Islam, Muslims and our aqeedah that some historical events were about will never be brought up! As a result, Muslim students view these historical incidences as something that brought on profound and beneficial changes to the world, while being completely oblivious to how it has caused destruction to their deen!

There are so many agnostic, satanic and shirki things being indoctrinated into a person through secularism, without one even realising it. A person can be brainwashed through this system to believe that what is haraam and makrooh is permissible, thus developing a modern mindset just as the West wants us to do.

If one has to study and school at these kinds of places, then all the twisted ideologies in their education should be taken with a pinch of salt, and protect oneself from falling in these traps through deeni ‘ilm in the tarbiyah of a person and madrassahs/makaatib.

There are many other points that can be added here, but then this would become a book. While all this is merely a brief impact of modern education, the way modern education is being taught is simply ineffective as well, but that is another, less important topic.


The example of a man who walks into a perfume shop, spends some time looking around and then walking out without touching anything, yet he walks out smelling pleasant from all the fragrances that were lingering in the air can be likened to the effect the environment a person is in has on one.

If the environment is good, the goodness of it is most likely to rub off onto a person, while the opposite would be if the environment is bad.

The fact that secular schools are diverse in people of religion, mixing with the kuffaar is impossibly unavoidable. This unavoided company of kaafir classmates and friends influences a person’s way of doing and viewing things as the pressure, talks and actions coming from them may become too much to avoid and the glamour of what they do blinds one from seeing the destruction behind it.

Since teachers are generally respected and looked up to, they will be taken as an example to follow. The way these mushrik teachers behave and do things, will be especially sucked in by very young, naive minds who are still in the stage of formation, deeming their teachers’ actions as appropriate and correct. They then innocently follow in the footsteps their teachers left for them.

In any place where Muslims mixed with non Muslims a lot, they had forsaken their Islamic identity and adopted the lifestyle and concepts of the kuffaar around them.

Such an environment is one of immorality that starts at the preschool ages when girls and boys are made to dance together. This is actually encouraged (as said earlier) through all the content of the things that are taught. Zina is thus a norm in these environments, be it of the mind, as the education leaves a lot of space for imagination, or of the eyes, as the dress code of people today are so shameless and there is no control of the eyes, or the act itself. And if this isn’t bad enough, then the sickening act of self-pleasure that is so widespread today satisfies the unfulfilled desires that are created. Not only that, but all this has been included into curriculum, or is slowly being introduced.

This environment of intermingling leaves a lot of room for haraam relationships and ‘friendships’ between girls and boys where there is casual chatter and hugging.

In such environments of rijs – hearing music, dancing and seeing people dance, singing along with kuffaar singers and destructive songs, intermingling and zero observation of all the aspects of hijaab, movies and books filled with shamelessness and many other things, all bereft of hayaa – the mercy of Allah is deprived and His wrath is incurred.

Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Umar (Radiyallahu ‘anhu) narrated that Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: “Verily hayaa and imaan are companions. When one of them is lifted, the other leaves as well.”

Sadly these are the very places people spend the majority of their time so that they can receive the education that is needed for them to ‘prosper’ in life, forgetting that life compared to the Hereafter is extremely short. This life is the preparation for the Hereafter, and the ones that truly prosper are those who succeeded in their deeni duties even if their worldly life was tough.

Preference is given to these institutions of darkness and depression, that are devoid of the blessings and rahma of Allah Ta’aala, where a person can be lost so easily, over the gatherings and places of nur that are a means of guidance for us.

May Allah Ta’aala open our eyes to the reality of this life, guide us to be firm in our deen and protect our imaan in these times where holding onto imaan is like holding onto burning coals.

Acquisition of Deeni Knowledge and The Evils of Secularism and Modernism

Hadrat Abdullah bin Mas’ud radiallahu anhu says that if the people of knowledge valued knowledge and placed it in the right hands (i.e. passed it on to those who have the capability of acquiring it and becoming leaders. To teach that which is compulsory, is necessary on every person, but more than the basic with which a person can lead others, should only be taught to those who have the capability); then without doubt, the Jews and the Christians would have become leaders of the time on account of their knowledge. However, they wasted their knowledge on the worldly people in order that they may gain some worldly benefit from them. As a result, they· became wretched and disgraced in the eyes of the worldly people. (This happened because the right of knowledge was that through it the pleasure of Allah should have been sought. By seeking the benefits of this world, they actually disgraced knowledge, the result of which was that they themselves became disgraced. If an aalim does not have any greed and fulfils the rights of the Deen, Allah Ta’ala will automatically put respect in the hearts of the people for him. In the same way, the one who seeks the world through knowledge and does not fulfil the rights of knowledge, Allah Ta’ala disgraces him. Such a person will suffer a loss in both the worlds).

The Hereafter is the Object and Deeni Knowledge is the Key

I have heard Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying that the person who makes all his concerns and objects into one object alone, and that is the object of the hereafter (i.e. his aim and object is the hereafter and he continually tries to put this aim in order and leaves all his other aims and concerns to Allah according to the rules of the Shariah), then Allah Ta’ala will fulfill all his aims of this world. In other words, Allah Ta’ala will fulfill all his worldly affairs in a way that will be most beneficial to him. As for the one who is in turmoil on account of sorrow and worldly aims and objectives, Allah will not worry in which valley of this world he will be destroyed.” (here, valley refers to difficulties and hardships). (Ibn Maj ah)

0 Muslim brothers and sisters! Ponder a little and save yourselves and your children from the darkness of ignorance and confine yourselves to the commandments of Allah Ta’ala all the time. When a person devotes himself totally to Allah Ta’ala, then Allah loves him and helps him in many ways. And when Allah becomes a person’s, then what can he be short of? Is there a shortfall of anything in the treasures of Allah? But all these favours can only be attained by obeying Him.

Evil Conceptions Fostered by Secularism Which Brings Upon Us the Wrath of Allah Ta’aala

It is mentioned in a Hadith that whatever can be received from Allah Ta’ala can only be got by obeying Him. These days, the ways of thinking have become so corrupt that religious education is regarded as a drawback and defect. And it is said that by acquiring religious education, what can one achieve besides poverty? Modern culture, modern ways of thinking, following the footsteps of the kuffaar (disbelievers) – all these things have become a source of pride and honour, and are regarded as progress. In actual fact, these are the very things which cause the wrath of Allah to descend daily. At times there is a plague, at times there is a flood of poverty and anxieties, and at times there is a drought. These are only the difficulties of this world. As for the punishment of the hereafter, it will be multiplied manifold. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on the Muslims.

We do not say that, according to need, worldly knowledge should not be acquired, or that a profession or business be abandoned. What we are saying is that do not remain ignorant of the Deen. Do not destroy the Deen but do everything according to the Shariah. Following the Shariah without knowledge is impossible. It has been experienced that the one who follows the Deen completely also lives a life of honour and comfort. Even a single person will not be found who is extremely pious, and yet is in poverty and living a life of anxiety, contempt and wretchedness.

This world is a place of trials. The actual abode is the hereafter and it is there that one will live forever. It is necessary to make preparations for inhabiting that world, and as for this world, live in it as you would stay in a hotel or lodge.

The Darkness of Modernism

Save yourself and your children from the darkness of modernism. This apparent light of modernism is actually very dark and would destroy one’s Deen. When a person holds on tight to the Deen, he gets the world submissive to him, and he in tum does not even pay any attention to it – as has been mentioned in a Hadith. Hadrat Abdullah ibn Abbas radiallahu anhuma narrates that Allah Ta’ala gave Hadrat Sulayman alayhis salaam to choose between knowledge and kingship. He chose knowledge. Allah Ta’ala gave him knowledge and kingship as well. And He gave him such a kingdom that it became a proverb – when a person wants to exalt a kingdom, he refers to it as Mulk-e-Sulaymani (the Kingdom of Sulayman).

No one will receive a kingdom like his right until the day of Qiyamat, and no one before Sulayman alayhis salaam received such a kingdom. It is obvious that the mastery of Sulayman alayhis salaam over the world was through the barakah of Deen – that he gave preference to know ledge over kingship.

Hadrat Saalim bin Abi al-Ja’d, a great tabi’ee, says: “When my master freed me (he was a slave), I pondered over what occupation I should choose with which I could pass my time. Until now I was fulfilling the orders of my master and all my time used to pass in that. Now that I am free, some other arrangement will have to be made. It came to my mind that I should acquire knowledge, so I did this. One year had not even passed, when the governor of Madinah wanted to meet me, but I did not allow him to come to me. What I mean is that because of a specific reason, I did not meet him even though to refuse to meet him without any special reason is contrary to the Deen and also amounts to disrespect. Anyhow, what I am trying to say is that in this short period my status increased to such an extent that governors began visiting me. And without realizing it, I could not meet them and clearly refused them.” Really, this is the barakah of Deen. Fear of anyone except Allah does not remain in the heart. Whoever fears Allah alone, everything else fears him. Such people do not become disgraced out of greed nor do they become dependent on anyone. Read these themes with full concentration. Both these stories, i.e. the story of Hadrat Sulayman alayhis salaam and Hadrat Saalim, have both been extracted from the book Ihyaa ul-Uloom and its commentary.

Source: Behishti Zewar

Islam and the Western Culture


Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala designed and created this universe and all that is within, without any model. He also did not need any assistance in creating it. Among His creation is also Ashraful Makhluqat (the best of the creation), that is the human being. The first one to be created was Adam, followed by Hawa. He later had them brought to the earth and that heralded the advent of mankind on the earth. However, He did not leave human beings alone to wander like vagabonds, people having no purpose in life. He sent Prophets at different times and in different places to guide mankind on the right path, the path that would lead them to their salvation. Ultimately He sent the Khaataman Nabiyyeen (the Seal of the Prophets), Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa (Sallalahu ‘alaihe Wassalam) as a model for all mankind.  He made Islam a perfect way of life and then ordained that mankind must submit to Him in Islam, in accordance with the ways that were manifest in Prophet (Sallalahu alaihe wassalam)’s Mubarak Sunnah. Islam, in essence, is the same message and guidance which Allah revealed to all Prophets, from Adam to Issa (‘AlaihimusSalaam). But the message which was revealed to Nabi Muhammad (Sallalahu alaihe wassalam) is the Islam that is in its comprehensive, complete and final form. In the beginning Nabi Muhammad (Sallalahu ‘alaihe Wassalam) and a handful of Sahaba who had accepted Islam faced great difficulties in spreading Allah’s divinely sublime message. We find it really very difficult today to imagine, and much less to endure or even to attempt to endure, the hardships that were borne by Rasulullah (Sallalahu ‘alaihe Wassalam) and his illustrious companions in the path of Allah. The Golden History of Islam is full of stories of their sufferings.


Ultimately, after a prolonged period of sufferings and hardships, Allah opened up the ways for them. From the oasis cities of Makkah and Madinah in the Arabian desert, the message of Islam went forth with an electrifying speed. Within half a century of Nabi Muhammad (Salllallahu ‘alai Wasallam)’s passing away, Islam had spread to three continents.

Maulana Ehtesham-ul-Hassan Kandhalvi, in his book MUSLIM DEGENERATION AND ITS ONLY REMEDY says, “About fourteen centuries ago, when the world was sunk in the darkness of ignorance, sin and impiety, a light of true knowledge and guidance rose from the horizon of the rugged hills of Batha (the hills around Makkah). Its rays spread to the East, West, North and South; they reached every corner of the earth and within the short period of 23 years, the way was paved through that light for the mankind to move to such heights of glory as had never been attained before. By following the right path and the guidance emanating from that light, the Muslims moved from success to success and attained the highest pinnacle of glory in history. For centuries, they (Muslims) ruled on this earth with such grandeur and strength that no contemporary power had the courage to challenge them and, if someone dared to do so, he did that at the risk of being annihilated. This is the historical truth, which cannot be erased.”

Wherever Muslims went they brought with them the Islamic way of life. People were amazed to see their manners, their discipline, their tolerance and their way of conducting business that even without any formal Da’awah (propagation) vast number of Ghair-Muslims started coming into the folds of Islam.

What was the reason that people found Islam so attractive? The answer is simple. Islam is the code of conduct designed by Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala Himself. These codes were spelled out in the Qur’an, the Divine Book and personified by the greatest person that ever lived on this earth, the Prophet (Sallalahu alaihe Wassalam) himself.

When people in countries other than Arabia accepted Islam, in the beginning they practiced it mixing with their own customs and traditions. But soon the Qur’anic laws perfectly blended with the Sunnah of the Prophet (Sallalahu alaihe Wassalam) prevailed and most of the un-Islamic local rituals and practices became things of the past. Wherever Islam was practiced in its pristine form, Allah’s Nusrat (Divine Help) started descending in those lands.


Enter the Western way of life, and everything goes topsy-turvy. The glitz and the glamour that is the hallmark of this hollow culture took the world by storms. Soon the Muslims too, and especially the youth, were swept off their feet by it.

As time passed the Western influence began to penetrate more and more deeply into the fiber of Islamic society. Today we have firmly accepted the Western culture to dominate our lives. Rasulullah (Sallalahu alaihe Wassalam) never hated Kuffars but detested their ways. Today we hate Kuffars but are deeply in love their ways. We have let the West choose for us our lifestyle, the literature that we read, the way we dress-up, the canned food that we eat with all its haram ingredients, the way we perform our wedding ceremonies and the way we celebrate our kids’ and sometimes our own birthdays (the blowing out the candles that decorate the birthday cakes, playing of music, singing of the traditional birthday song) and so on and so forth.

One of the worst things that the Western Culture has ‘presented’ us is the constant urge to be entertained. As a result today we have become enslaved to the electronic media that thrives on entertainment. Watching TV, browsing the filth in the Internet (especially in the Youtube), socializing via Facebook and other social networks have become the accepted norms today.

This Western ways that we have unconsciously allowed to dominate and dictate our lifestyle has grossly affected our education system too. The secular education has taken up a large chunk of our children’s time, leaving minimal time for the religious instructions. And the amount of money that we spend in the form of tuition fees and other expenses for the secular education is colossal in comparison to the amount that we are ready to spend for the religious education. Not only that, we have we gladly embraced the infamous co-education system in our schools, where we voluntarily let male teachers teach a mixed class of adolescent boys and girls, material that at times not only has a certain degree of sexual explicitness,  but is against the Shariah.

If we may once again take the liberty of quoting Maulana Ehtesham-ul-Hassan Kandhalvi, he goes on to say in his book MUSLIM DEGENERATION AND ITS ONLY REMEDY, “The Muslim youth of the new generation, which has been affected and influenced by the so-called modern trends or the Western way of life, take pleasure in laughing at the very ideals of Islam and openly criticize the sacred code of “Shariat” as being out of date and impracticable. One wonders at such behaviour and finds that a people, who once gave strength, happiness, honour and peace to the entire mankind, have now become completely demoralized, apathetic, shallow and helpless. Those who had once taught the world the golden lessons of etiquette and culture are today found wanting in these very adornments.”


In a Hadith recorded by Imam Abu Dawud (Rahmatullahi ‘alaihi) and others, the Messenger of Allah (Sallalahu ‘alaihe Wassalam) said: ‘Whoever imitates a nation is amongst them’. (Sunan Abu Dawud).

Today we have firmly entrenched ourselves in the Western ideologies. In fact, some of us actually take pride in following the Kuffar culture. How do we then expect Allah’s mercy to touch our lives?

We conclude with the prayer that May Allah Ta’ala save from His chastisement the Muslims who have become the perpetrator of the sin of imitating the West…ameen.

…and Allah knows the best.

By: M. B. Ahmed

Western Radicalisation in Schools

[By Brother Colin Turner]

It is not “radicalisation” in the mosques that we need to worry about. It is radicalisation in the schools that we need to prevent. Radicalisation that begins at the age of four and continues without ceasing until the child is delivered up to society some thirteen years later, fully indoctrinated and radicalised into believing that:

material causes create;

the universe is a product of chance;

nothing existed, then it exploded and produced something;

there is no ultimate purpose in our existence;

‘nature’ is the source of all material phenomena;

democracy is the best of a bad set of options;

secularism is the only fair system;
religion is largely superstition;

all moral beliefs are equal;

you can do what you like as long as you don’t hurt anyone;

gender is a social construct;
and so on.

We can conclude that Schools are far more dangerous places than mosques have ever been.

The Mock “Free Speech” Stunt of the Western Extremists’

By Daniel Haqiqatjou

Every now and then, a “brave” atheist mocks Islam, burns pages from the Qur’an, publishes a cartoon insulting the Prophet ﷺ , etc., and justifies his attack by claiming that he is demonstrating the value of free speech.

You see, he explains, in the free and enlightened West, there is this golden principle called free speech that allows us to publicly say whatever we want about anything, no matter how offensive closed minded Muslims might find it. In fact, he argues, we must strive to be as offensive as possible on occasion because the more offensive we are, the more we demonstrate how free and liberated we are from authority – the more we demonstrate our belief that there is nothing that is sacred!

Whenever an atheist or liberal secularist in the West gives you this dumb lecture, simply ask him whether he is willing to demonstrate the beautiful, inviolable principle of free speech by publicly denying or mocking the Holocaust.

Then sit back and watch him squirm.
To date, you will find the bastion of “free expression” Charlie Hebdo magazine in France insult almost every religion with crude, disgusting portrayals of Jesus, etc. But they have never mocked anything related to that particular historical event.

Or how about all these brave atheists and “ex-Muslim” murtaddin who puff their chests and tell us about how oppressed they are while spewing the most vile words against Islam. Why don’t they extend the scope of insult and demonstrate “true” freedom? Why this limit to their willingness to offend? Why this selectivity? Are some things truly sacred for them?

Of course, I’m not advocating anyone publicly mock war and genocide. But that’s because of my religious principles coupled with the fact that I find the whole liberal argument for free speech and the connection between insult and freedom stupid and incoherent.

The free speech extremists, however, have to explain their arbitrary limits. They can’t.

The real question, then, is who decided what is or is not off limits for mockery? Are the edgy satirists at Charlie Hebdo and the atheists in the West really bucking authority and demonstrating their freedom when they mock Islam, which is not even considered sacred in the societies they live in? If they are as principled and brave as they constantly tell everyone they are, why don’t they move past the soft targets and publish something “truly” obscene?

You will find that they, too, are not willing to tolerate blasphemy against their gods.


By Mujlisul Ulama

The Qur’aan Majeed says: “Do not waste. Verily, the wasters are the brothers of the devils, and shaitaan to His Rabb was ungrateful.”

Salient features of all kuffaar governments and ideologies are gross waste of re sources and massive corruption whilst the masses languish in suffering. They leech on the population, wasting billions of the public’s money usurped from the people with bludgeoning taxes. They thrive and enjoy themselves on the sweat and labour of the masses who are the victims of exploitation. In lieu of the billions extravasted from the people by the governments, especially the governments of the third world countries (African, Asian and Arab), extremely little, in fact almost nil, services are provided.

On the contrary, they loot the public vaults, making merry with the hard-earned wealth of the people. The massive scams involving billions of rands coming to light are merely the tip of the iceberg. Even the billions wasted on seemingly ‘legitimate’ government expenditure, are cruel and heartless. The dire needs of the huge poor segment of the population are ignoredwhile the wealth of the tax payers is squandered in merrymaking, waste, wholesale theft and robbery by officialdom.

Consider just one supposedly ‘legitimate expense which the government proudly ad vertises. The presidential inau guration tea party costs the taxpayers approximately R250 million. This year, the govern ment boasts of keeping the ex pense for this evil party R100 million ‘cheaper than Zuma’s’ inaugural party. Taking into account three decades of expenses for these devilish merrymaking parties, the wastage is a staggering billions. Yet, millions of the masses are without essential services such as water, electricity, toilets, hospitals, etc. The very basic requisite of protection against criminals is not provided by a government drowned in merrymaking at the cost of the suffering of the masses.

Every government depart ment, from the top to the bottom, is riddled with corrup tion, incompetence and massive waste. All governments, rulers, kings and the like are driven by Shaitaan, hence waste and corruption are legit imate for them. The masses are too ignorant to understand the satanism with which their leaders are saddled. The cor ruption and waste lead to the ultimate demise of one satanic government, but only to be replaced by another satanic force perhaps worse than its predecessor.

The only solution for corruption is Divine Law the Law of Allah Azza Wa Jal. The Qur’aan Majeed states: “And whose law is more beautiful than the Law of Allah for a Believing people.”

But today, almost all those who profess to be Believers (Mu’mineen) are actually kuffaar, hence they search for the laws of the kuffaar. In this regard, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“What! Do you search for the law of Jaahiliyyah.” Every law besides Allah’s Law is the law of Jaahiliyyah.

Evil of Capitalism through an Example

What is Capitalism?

Once, a man went to a village and said he wanted to buy a monkey for $ 10.

Because there were so many monkeys in the surrounding area, the villagers started running to the forest and catching them. When the man bought thousands of monkeys for $ 10, the monkeys reduced in number and became harder to find and catch. The Villagers hence stopped catching the monkeys.

The man then said he would pay $ 20. The enthusiastic villagers then started catching the monkeys again. After a while, the price increased to $ 25, at this point, let alone catch any monkeys, they were so scarce that it become very difficult to come across any at all. Then the man raised the price to $ 50, but said that he had to leave and go to the city because he had a job and his assistant would buy instead.

When he left, his assistant told the villagers; There are monkeys in the big cage I’ll sell them all for $ 35, and when the man returns, you sell them to him for $ 50. The villagers gathered all their savings and bought all the monkeys.
Then they never saw the man or his assistant again.

Islam & the Monoculture: A Parting of Ways

By Surkheel Abu Aaliyah

AT ROOT, THERE’S A PARTING of ways between Islam and the liberal monoculture when it comes to what human beings fundamentally are; what it is possible for them to be or become; and what it means to be liberated or free.

Islam teaches that the human person is imbued with a ruh, a “spirit,” that yearns to know God, truth and beauty. For the monoculture, there is no spirit or soul, merely a “self.” And this self is made up of our whims, wants and desires.

Islam teaches that the intellect or reason’s role, in light of Revelation, is to enable us to know the good and what is morally right, and to direct our desires and resolve towards it. Reason (‘aql) is a restraint on desires, it is master of desires; and so the importance of self-mastery or mastery of self in Islam.
In stark contrast, the monoculture would have us believe that reason is not, and cannot be, master of desire but only its servant. Reason can tell us not what to desire or want, but only how to get what it is we desire or want. For the monoculture, it’s not about restraining our desires or mastering the self; it’s about slavery to the self.

The monoculture’s freedom, then, is freedom of the self; freedom to be servile to the self. Islam’s freedom is freedom from the dictates of the self; freedom from self-slavery.

That being the case, any fiqh that isn’t rooted in this reality; any taysir or ease that fails to factor this into its fatwas, is sloppy and short-sighted and, in the long run, part of the actual problem.

“Modern Western” Education???

[By Hasan Mahfooz]

Would a liberal send their children to an Islamic school taught by Muslim teachers using an Islamic curriculum? Why do Muslims send their children to a school that teaches the opposite of what they believe? Muslims would never send their children to an RSS shakha or a Christian school but many Muslim parents have no problem with the typical private/public school. Why?

The reason is that falsity of and disagreements with Christian and Hindu beliefs/worldview are clear to us and we want to protect our children from them. On the contrary, most of us consider secular-liberalism and modern education (and schools) to be ideologically neutral, which is not true.
The reality is that the education that is imparted in most schools today is based on certain philosophies, pre-suppositions and concepts. Those toxic concepts such as naturalism, progress, utility maximization, freedom, etc. are taught for more than 15 years to credulous impressionable children, permanently distorting the way they view the world. I will touch on a few of the numerous concepts that the modern “education” imparts us.

Naturalism peddled through different subjects and especially science makes us believe that the physical world is all that exists, and all phenomenon can and must be explained through physical causes only. This blatantly undermines the belief in the supernatural and, thus, weakens imaan, which by definition is on the ghayb, the unseen, the supernatural.

History promotes the idea of progress: mankind as a whole is progressing and becoming more rational, moral and advanced over time, pushing the idea of “the newer the better”. This gives a false impression that the moderns are more advanced, moral and rational than the previous people and, thus, Islam of the 7th century is outdated and needs revision.

Economics promotes the idea that self-interested rational man, homo economicus, is in a state of competition due to a scarcity of resources and, thus, he tries to maximize his pleasure (utility) from consumption of goods and services. This strikes at the root of compassion, selflessness, sacrifice and caring for the rights of others that Islam stresses so much.

Many other such toxic ideas incongruous to Islam are taught to students through different subjects over the school life. In the absence of hard work by parents to counter the influence of such toxic ideas, it is not surprising to find a Muslim after decades of schooling (brain-washing) become a naturalist, secular, careerist, progressive, etc.

We need to think seriously about what we are studying and imparting to our successive generations. May Allah rectify our affairs.

Muslims and May Day


It’s the first of May. And the so-called “progressive” (rather satanic) West calls it as “May Day”. But what are the origins of the day, anyway? For many Europeans its roots lie in pagan rituals.

It all starts with druids. The Gaelic festival, Beltane, was one of four seasonal festivals where they made sacrifices to the god Beli to encourage fertility and protect cattle from disease – basically, a festival to stimulate growth and reproduction. During the Middle Ages, men, women and children would dance gaily around a large pole, usually made from birch wood.

Nobody knows exactly why people started doing this, but the maypole is often cited as an ancient symbol of fertility: it’s big, long and – well, you get it. In these ancient, free-spirited and highly sexed times, a procession would take place before the dancing began, led by a woman appointed May Queen for the day. She’d be dressed in green, a symbol of fertility from ye olden days, green being the colour most connected to spring. Towns across Europe still erect a maypole and hold processions.

It’s not just medieval Brits that recognised the start of May as a cause for optimism and celebration of sex: civilizations from centuries earlier identified the coming of May as a reason to party. For the ancient Romans, the beginning of May was also an important fertility festival called Floralia – in ancient Egypt, they celebrated Sham El-Nesssim in the hope that women would have strong and healthy babies, and the practice carries on today.

[The following wtite-up is by Mujlisul Ulama]:

In response to a call made by kuffaar political organizations to observe MAY DAY, Muslim shopkeepers closed their shops on the 1st of May. A few Muslim traders, inspite of veiled threats and subtle attempts of intimidation, ignored the call of the kuffaar and opened their businesses. Most Muslims who observed May Day, did so out of an unfounded fear–the fear of their shops being burnt. It is imperative that Muslims be made aware of the Shariah’s view and ruling on such observances.

From the introduction at the beginning of this article it is sufficiently clear that May Day is a day of celebration associated with kufr, shirk and immorality. There can, therefore, be no relationship between Muslims and a day, the very origin of which is seeped in kufr and shirk. It is a day of idolatry, of kufr celebration, of immorality, of sex-idol-goddesses–a day of communist and atheist celebration. The political character of May Day emanates from the atheist communist ideology which stands in diametric opposition to Islam.

Muslims have permitted themselves, by their inordinate fear for phantoms, to observe the holiday of such a nation (Russian Communists) who have been butchering millions of Muslims over the past few decades in the Soviet Union, in China, in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Muslims, being the members of the Ummah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) can have no truck with godless communists and their allies. Communism is the worst and the most brutal monster confronting Islam. Muslims should therefore not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by the vociferous proponents and supporters of socialism and communism.

Islam abhors emulation of the kuffaar. Islam prohibits Muslims to voluntarily observe the holidays and festivals of other communities. When Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) arrived in Madinah Munawwarah he observed that even the Jews were fasting on the 10th Muharram which is an auspicious day in Islam. To negate even the superficial resemblence which was created by Muslims also fasting on 10th Muharram, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) advocated the fasting of two days on this occasion. It is thus Sunnah to fast on either the 9th and 10th or 10th and 11th Muharram. But, in having observed May Day, Muslims are guilty of openly and blatantly emulating the worst type of kuffaar – the communists.

Muslims must understand that communists are the worst enemies of Allah Ta’ala and Islam since they are a godless people and flagrantly advocate abhorrence to Deen. What has happened to Muslim intelligence? The intelligence of a Mu’min is supposed to be imbued with the Noor of the Wahi (Revelation) which came to Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). A mind which is imbued with the Qur’aan cannever submit to the opinions, desires and calls of athiest kuffaar. What relationship is there between Islam and kufr May Day observance? Indeed, we must hang our heads in shame for having betrayed our Deen in such a flagrant manner.

Some Muslims fail to close their shops for even Juma’ Salaat, yet they answered the kufr May Day call of godless people. People bearing Muslim names–officials and members of kufr political organizations–went around canvassing support for communist May Day observance.  They sought to influence shopkeepers into closing their shops, threatening them with boycotts and other veiled impending disasters to be perpetrated by the supporters of communists. But, did these Muslims ever go around to those Muslim businessmen who do not close their shops on Juma’ and who neglect the Juma’ Salaat in the pursuit of pecuniary gain? Did these Muslims ever warn that the Fire of Jahannum awaits those who do not perform Juma’ Salaat? How can they? In fact, some of them do not even perform Salaat – they stay far away from the Musjid because of the athiesm which lurks in their hearts. Such “Muslims” are the sympathisers of communists and socialists. Muslims should beware!. Do not sacrifice your Imaan at the behest of the ignoramuses who lay postrate at the political feet of kuffaar and communists.

Muslims should not be overwhelmed by intimidation and the veiled threats of misguided juhala (ignoramuses). Our safety and our protection lie in upholding the pure Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Once a Mu’min develops his Yacieen by his submission to the commands of Allah Ta’ala, then he need have no fear of the kuffaar and of the political developments which arise from time to time. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“What! Is Allah not sufficient for His servant? They scare you with those ether than Allah. And, whomever Allah leads astray, he shall find no guide.”

(Surah Zumar, Aayat 36)

Allah Ta’ala assures Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) of His Protection. The threats of the kuffaar are to be ignored with contempt. The Muslim has to fear Allah Ta’ala.. Fearing Allah Ta’ ala is not an empty slogan or mere lip-service. Fearing Allah Ta’ ala is to submit wholeheartedly to the commands of the Sunnah. Following the teachings of Islam and refraining from emulating the kuffaar is the Islamic conception of fearing Allah Ta’ ala. When true Fear of Allah settles in the heart of the Mu’min, he shall have no place in his heart to contain the fear of created beings. Thus, Allah Ta’ala commands:


In regard to following the people of baatil, kufr and dhalaal, Allah Ta’ala declares in the Qur’aan: “And should you obey the majority on earth, they will lead you astray awayfrom the Path of Allah. Verily,they follow nothing but conjecture Verily, they only conjecture.”

“And should you follow them,then mostcertainly, you too are (among) themushrikoon (those who commit shirk).”

In these times of distress, mischief and political anarchy Muslims should focus their attention to the Deen – to the Sunnah which has long been discarded by the majority of the Ummah, the world over. Our success and salvation are inextricably interwoven with submission to Allah. Our safety is not in following in the footsteps of aliens. Muslims became dominant in the early days because they adopted the way of life which stemmed from Wahi, not by emulating the ways and methods of the kuffaar. Our direction is Islam and our Goal is Allah Azza Wa Jal. Muslims do not belong in any political camp of the non-Muslims, leave alone godless communists.

It is essential that Muslims understand well the following rulings of the Shariah and act accordingly:

  • It is not permissible for Muslims to join any political organization.
  • It is not permissible for Muslims to join any traders association.
  • It is not permissible for Muslims to participate in trade boycotts.
  • It is not permissible for Muslims to observe the calls of political organizations to close shops or to initiate solidarity action irrespective of any good or noble intentions such organizations may have.

If Muslims are threatened with violence by political organizations and their supporters as a result of their (Muslims) non-participation in the calls of kufr and communism, then the Shariah allows Muslims to institute measures to defend and protect themselves. Muslims must not give way to intimidation of the communists. Allah will protect us. Our non-participation in kufr politics should not be interpreted as impotency. If the anarchists can cowardly burn and loot defenceless people, we can, by the Fadhl of Allah Ta’ ala, stand up and defend ourselves with whatever means at our disposal. Muslims who act in accordance with the Sunnah are not spineless jellyfish over which godless people can trample without compunction. Allah Ta’ala calls to us:

“O People of Imaan! If you aid (the Deen of) Allah,He will aid you and plant your feet firmly (against the kuffaar).” (Surah Muhammad)

A Mu’min “aids” the Deen of Allah by thinking as a Muslim, acting as a Muslim and dying as a Muslim. Spineless following and emulating the kuffaar can bring neither protection nor honour for Muslims.