Is Killing Civilians True Jihad or ‘Jihad’ of Deviant Sects??

[By Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai d.b]

For a proper understanding of this topic and the Islamic Ruling for it, it is necessary to first understand the purpose of Islam. Why did Allah Ta’ala dispatch Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to earth with His Final Message, the Shariah of Islam??


There is no gainsaying the purpose of Islam is the salvation (Najaat ) of mankind in the Aakirah.

Islam came to extricate mankind from the morass of kufr, shirk, immorality and debauchery. It came to guarantee the everlasting success and pleasure of the Hereafter for Allah’ s makhlooq (creation—man and jinn). There is no other goal of Islam other than this one aim. This goal is achieved by means of Da’wat and Tableegh — propagating Islam to mankind. Entire mankind is the target of Islamic Da’wat and Tableegh . The ancestors of the more than a billion Muslims in the world were all Mushrikeen and kuffaar. Islam first came to the Arab nation. The Sahaabah carried the Message of this Deen to every corner of the world.


The claim that the people of the world were forcibly converted to Islam is a historical fallacy and a gigantic slander. Undoubtedly, the Sword of Jihad served to conquer the lands of the kuffaar thereby clearing the pathway for Da’wat and Tableegh. The aim of gaining political domination of the lands of the kuffaar was never territorial or any other mundane considerations. The aim was solely to establish a free and friendly environment where Da’wat and Tableegh would find freeplay with no enemy forces to hinder its progress.


Jihad while essential and a fundamental requirement of Islam, is not an end in itself. It is a means for the acquisition of the higher and nobler aim of propagating the Deen to the creation of Allah Ta’ala so that all people could be saved from the everlasting damnation of the Hereafter. Jihad being the means for a great and noble achievement and goal, is therefore, a principled institution of Islam. It is an obligation regulated by numerous laws. It is not an act of anarchy and revenge perpetrated to brutalise mankind.

Brutalisation of Allah’s creatures is in fact an integral part of the character of the kuffaar. We observe its conspicuous manifestation today in Iraq,Syria, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Kashmir. In the world of today, Americans, Britishers, Jews and Hindus, excel in the perpetration of state- terrorism — legalized terrorism — horror, torture and brutality.

Every day volumes of testimony pile up all over the globe to damn these kuffaar who excel in savagery against mankind in general and against Muslims in particular.


Responding to the enemy claim that Islam was spread by the sword, the Qur’aan Majeed says: “There is no compulsion in Deen. ”

This is a specific negation of forcible conversion of non-Muslims to Islam. This aayat does not mean that the Islamic state may not utilize coercive power to compel Muslims to comply with the Shariah. The relevant Qur’aanic verse simply means that non-Muslims may not be converted by force because the repository of Imaan is the heart, and this receptacle of Belief cannever be converted by force. Only propagation, persuasion and display of sterling character can win over the hearts.


The very first group of Muballigheen who carried aloft the Message of Islam was the Sahaabah who had converted entire nations by active Tableegh, i.e. by means of their wonderful character. The paramount importance of Imaan is such that right in the battlefield if a defeated enemy who is on the verge of being slain by a Muslim blurts out the Kalimah — La- ilaha illa llaah— then it is haraam to slay him. His verbal proclamation of the Islamic formula of Imaan guarantees the safety of his life, honour and property even if he had uttered it merely to save his life while his heart remains filled with kufr.


Human life is sacred. Molesting and harming the creatures—even the animals and inanimate objects — without valid Shar’i reason are evil acts strictly proscribed by Islam. The sanctity of human life is adequately borne out by the command of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to the Sahaabah to refrain from killing women, children and all civilians who are not active participants in the war against the Muslim army waging Jihad.


There is no greater crime in Islam than kufr and shirk. Yet, the Shariah prohibits the killing of mushrik and kuffaar priests and monks who are engaged in their baatil acts of worship. Islam prohibits a scorched earth policy. Even trees and crops may not unnecessarily be destroyed in Jihad campaigns.


If the goal of Islam and its institution of Jihad have been properly understood, then it will not be difficult to understand what the attitude of Muslims should be in Jihad and when dealing with non-Muslims. The very first objective of Jihad is Da’wat and Tableegh . If the audience or the targets of Islamic prop a gation are alienated by implanting hatred for Muslims in their hearts, the avenue of Da’wat and Tableegh will be sealed. How can a person who has been brutalized be asked to accept the religion of the brutaliser?? What will be the response and the attitude of such non-Muslims t o Da’wat and Tableegh if they have gained the impression that Islam advocates their extermination and allows horrendous methods of eliminating even women and children??

If the Sahaabah had adopted the tactic of massacre and brutality, would we today have been Muslims?? Our ancestors were Hindus, Buddhists,Christians and mushriks of a variety of persuasions. But today, we are proud to be Believers in Tauheed. If in the minds of the non-Muslims the idea is solidified that Islam advocates what is being transpired by killing non-muslims and muslims, is it possible to invite them to Islam and their everlasting Najaat in the Aakhirah??


Regardless of the injustices, the cruelty, the piracy and brutality which Christians (Americans and Britishers) are perpetrating and regardless of their conspiracy to eliminate Islam, we, the Torch-Bearers of true civilization and the Standard-Bearers of Tauheed and Hidaayah for Allah’s Makhlooq are not allowed by the Shariah to descend to the inhuman level to which the ISIS and others like Obama and Israel have sunk to


Is it justice and an act of holy jihad to mutilate, maim and kill non-muslim civilians—men, women and children—as a punishment for the crimes committed by tyrants like Obama, Putin,Assad and Netanyahu?? By what Islamic criterion can any Muslim justify this horrible misdeed??

Furthermore, the majority of the non-Muslims had demonstrated against the invasion of Iraq . They had opposed their government which had supported the brutality in Iraq. The very ones who had opposed the American invasion have been dealt with mercilessly by some Muslims who do not have the faintest idea of the Islamic concept of Jihad. Millions of non-Muslims, all over the world, even in America and Britain , had marched in demonstrations in opposition to the invasion.

Innumerable non-Muslims in all non-Muslim countries are opposed to the murderous policies and criminal activities of Obama and Putin. What law now calls form meting out brutal treatment to such people?? It can never be Islamic law – never the Shariah of Islam.


Muslims who commit such acts are westernized Muslims who have no understanding of Islam and its goals. They have inherited the attitude of barbarism from the west. Islam never teaches such inhumanity. Islam is a spiritual and a celestial culture embodying all the noble qualities. The atrocities which so-called westernized ‘mujahideen’ perpetrate in the name of Islam are never part of Islamic Jihad.

Those who are guilty of such horrendous misdeeds are the followers of Obama and Netanyahu and their institution of horrible torture, viz., the CIA and Mossad.


When Muslims lack the power to face and defeat the enemy on the battlefield of Jihad, they have to adopt Sabr, morally reform themselves and develop spiritually until the Nusrat of Allah Ta’ala arrives. The time will then be ripe for destroying the enemies on the battle-field to clear the path for the propagation of the Message of Allah Ta’ala in the endeavour to present Salvation in the Hereafter to Allah’s creatures.

Muslims should remember that torture and brutality should be left to Obama,Netanyahuand Putin. Muslims are not allowed by Islam to vie with butchers in their acts of butchery in which they murder tens of thousands of women and children in the most horrendous and cowardly way as is evidenced on a daily basis in Iraq,Palestine and Syria.

Did Islam Spread by Sword??

[By brother Firas Alkhateeb]

It’s a common accusation made against Muslims and Islam in general: “The only reason Islam is a world religion is because it spread by the sword.” It’s a favorite remark of Islamophobes who parade as analysts and historians fear-mongering about the threat Islam supposedly poses to the Western World. With it being such a hot topic that causes so much debate, it is appropriate to analyze and study this topic to better understand whether it is valid or not.

Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Persia – The First Conquests

After the life of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam), Islamic expansion truly began in the early 630s, AD. Campaigns against the Byzantine and Sassanid (Persian) Empires were initiated which pitted this new religion of Islam, with its desert Arabian warriors against the established and ancient empires centered in Constantinople and Ctesiphon.

Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu anhu), the first caliph of Islam, gave these armies rules which would seem very constricting by today’s standards of warfare:

“Stop, O people, that I may give you ten rules for your guidance in the battlefield. Do not commit treachery or deviate from the right path. You must not mutilate dead bodies. Neither kill a child, nor a woman, nor an aged man. Bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fire, especially those which are fruitful. Slay not any of the enemy’s flock, save for your food. You are likely to pass by people who have devoted their lives to monastic services; leave them alone.”¹

These rules were very unique and innovative for the time. Just before this Muslim expansion, the Persians and Byzantines had fought a decades-long war that left lands from Syria to Iraq in ruins. Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu anhu) made it clear that Muslim armies do not operate by the same principles and restrict their fights to the armies and governments of the enemy, not the general populace. Islamic Shari’ah law, based on the example of Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu anhu), clearly forbids the use of force against anyone except in legitimate cases of war against a clearly defined enemy.*

The purpose of this article is not to delve into the tactics and individual battles of this conquest of Egypt, Syria and Iraq. It is enough for our purposes here to state that Syria was under Muslim control by 638, Egypt by 642, and Iraq/Persia by 644. The Byzantine Empire, having lost its religious base in Syria, as well as its commercial base in Egypt was greatly weakened. The Sassanid Empire, on the other hand, completely ceased to exist after the Muslim conquest. Politically, it was a disaster for these two giant empires. But, going back to the main idea of this article, how did Islam as a religion spread in the conquered areas??

Unequivocally, the general populace was not forced or induced to convert to Islam. If anything, they were encouraged to continue living their lives as they had for centuries before. In the example of the conquest of Jerusalem , the caliph at the time, Umar ibn al-Khattab (radhiyallahu anhu), wrote in the surrender treaty with the patriarchs of city:

He [Umar] has given them an assurance of safety for themselves, for their property, their churches, their crosses, the sick and healthy of the city…Their churches will not be inhabited by Muslims and will not be destroyed… They will not be forcibly converted.²


The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which Umar promised to protect when the city came under Muslim control

No other empire or state at the time had such ideas about religious tolerance. Umar (radhiyallahu anhu), being a companion of the Prophet, sets a precedent in this treaty about the treatment of conquered peoples in Islamic law. The rest of the conquered lands, in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Persia had similar treaties. Whether the citizens of the conquered lands were Christian, Jew, Sabians, or Zoroastrians, they were allowed to keep their religious traditions. There exists not one example of forced conversion in these early conquests.

Proof of the lack of forced conversion in these areas is the remaining Christian communities in these countries. For the first few centuries after the Muslim conquest, the majority of the population of these areas remained Christian. Slowly, they began to take on Islam as their religion and Arabic as their language. Today, large percentages of Christians remain in Egypt (9%), Syria (10%), Lebanon (39%), and Iraq (3%). If those early Muslim conquests (or even later Muslim rulers) forced conversion on anyone, there would be no Christian communities in those countries. Their existence is proof of Islam not spreading by the sword in these areas.

North Africa and Spain

The soldiers and leaders of these early conquests in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Persia were from the first generation of Muslims. Many of them were even companions of the Prophet. What would happen as Muslim expansion continued in later generations, as Muslim armies fought the Byzantines further West, in North Africa and later, in Spain??

The majority of the population of the North African coast in the 600s were Berbers. While the Byzantine Empire controlled most of the coast from Egypt to Algeria, the people of those areas were generally not loyal to the Byzantines who had great trouble trying to subdue the region. Political and social upheaval in the century before Islam led to a devastated region, which was probably just a shell of its former glory as a Roman province.

The first Umayyad caliph, Muawiya (radhiyallahu anhu), appointed a general, Uqba bin Nafi (radhiyallahu anhu), to conquer the North African coast from the Byzantines in the 660s.

Again, without getting into the details of the tactics and battles, within the course of a few decades, Muslim control over North Africa was solidified.

The same pattern we saw in Southwest Asia continued in North Africa. Conversions were not forced on any of the local populations. No accounts, by either Muslim or non-Muslim sources, mention forced conversion of the Berbers. Indeed, many Berbers did convert to Islam quite quickly. That strengthened the Muslim armies, as huge numbers of newly-converted Berbers would join the armies sweeping across the continent. Had these Berbers been forced to convert, they certainly would not have had the zeal and enthusiasm for Islam that would cause them to join the armies and spread Islamic political control even further against the Byzantines.

After the Muslim conquest of North Africa, came a proposal that would prove to change world history forever. In the early 700s, the Iberian Peninsula (present-day Spain and Portugal) was under the control of the Visigothic King Roderic. A nobleman from Iberia sent to the Muslim governor of North Africa, complaining about the oppressive and tyranical rule of Roderic. The nobleman promised to support a Muslim invasion against Roderic with his own troops if they intervened.

The Rock of Gibraltar, where Tariq ibn Ziyad’s army landed in their pursuit of Roderic, with a modern mosque in the foreground

After a few preliminary raids to gauge the local populations’ support for such an intervention, the Muslim general Tariq ibn Ziyad (rahimahullah) (who may possibly have been Berber himself), ferried an army across from Morocco to Iberia in 711. Within months, Tariq’s army had defeated King Roderic and opened up the country to Muslim control. Within 3 years, the entire Iberian Peninsula was under Muslim control. Many cities, hearing of the justice of Muslim rule, voluntarily opened their doors and welcomed Muslim armies, who ended what they saw as the oppressive rule of the Visigoths.

More documentary evidence survives from this conquest proving that the conquest did not mean forced conversion. In April 713, a Muslim governor in the region negotiated a treaty with a Visigothic noble, which included the provision that the local people “will not be killed or taken prisoner. Nor will they be separated from their women and children. They will not be coerced in matters of religion, their churches will not be burned.”³

We see again in the example of Muslim Spain (which would later be called al-Andalus) that the locals (mostly Christians, although a sizable Jewish population also existed) were not forced to convert to Islam. In fact, in later centuries, an almost utopian society of religious tolerance existed in al-Andalus, in which Muslims, Jews, and Christians all experienced a golden age of knowledge, culture, and philosophy. This enlightened land of religious tolerance would end centuries later with the Christian Reconquista which effectively ethnically cleansed Muslims and Jews from the entire peninsula.

The Indian Subcontinent

Today, two of the most populous Muslim countries in the world, Pakistan (2rd most Muslims), and India (3rd most Muslims), occupy the Indian subcontinent. Islam has had an incredible and lasting impact on the region in all aspects of life. However, even through centuries of Muslim rule by different empires and dynasties, Hinduism and other religions remain as important aspects of the subcontinent.

The reasons for Muslim invasion into the subcontinent were justified by the time period’s rules of warfare. A ship filled with daughters of Muslim traders who were trading in Sri Lanka was attacked by pirates from Sindh (what is now Pakistan) who captured and enslaved the women. Seeking to liberate the women and punish the pirates, an expedition was sent out in 710, led by Muhammad bin Qasim, an Arab from the city of Ta’if.

Bin Qasim’s military expedition into this distant and remote land was made successful by very important social issues in India.

The caste system, which originated from Hindu belief, divided society up into very strictly controlled social classes. Those on top led wealthy, comfortable lives, while those on the bottom (particularly untouchables) were seen as the scourge of society. Added to this were the Buddhists, who were generally oppressed by the Hindu princes throughout the country.

With the entrance of Muslim armies, which carried with them the promise of an equal society, many Buddhists and lower castes welcomed the Muslim armies. In fact, the first Muslims of Indian origin were probably from the lower castes, as Islam offered them an escape from the oppressive social system they were accustomed to.

With the conquest of Sindh, Muhammad bin Qasim showed that Islamic law’s protection of religious minorities was not just for Christians and Jews.

Buddhists and Hindus in the subcontinent were given religious freedom and were not forced to convert. In one case, a Buddhist community complained to bin Qasim of their fear that the Muslim armies would force Islam upon them and they would have to leave the practices of their ancestors. Bin Qasim held a meeting with the Buddhist and Hindu leaders of the town, and promised them religious freedom and asked them to continue leading their lives as they had previously.


We now come back to the question posed at the beginning of the article: did Islam spread by the sword? While numerous people with political and religious agendas make their case otherwise, it is seen as a clear and indisputable fact that the religion of Islam was not spread through violence, coercion, fear, or bloodshed. There exist no accounts of people being forced to convert to Islam under any circumstances. While the political and military control of Muslim leaders did in fact spread through defensive warfare, Muslim leaders and generals in fact went out of their way to protect the rights of other religious groups. The warfare was always carried out only against the governments and armies that the Muslims were at war with. The local citizens were left alone. Although this article only gives specific examples of a few regions, this trend continued throughout Islamic history, following the precedent of the early Muslims.

It is important to note that these are some of the first examples in history of religious tolerance. While religious tolerance and freedom are first seen in “Western” civilization in the Enlightenment of the 1600s and 1700s, Muslims have practiced religious freedom since the 600s AD. The arguments made by some political and historical “pundits” about Islamic belief spreading violently and through warfare clearly have no historical basis. In fact, Muslim religious toleration has influenced the historical tradition of such ideas in lands as diverse as Europe, the Americans and India.


* By extension, modern day terrorism clearly goes against Islamic law.

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Women in Islam

At a time when the rest of the world, from Greece and Rome to India and China, considered women as no better than children or even slaves, with no rights whatsoever, Islam acknowledged women’s equality with men in a great many respects. The Quran states:

And among His signs is this: that He created mates for you from yourselves that you may find rest and peace of mind in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy. Certainly, herein indeed are signs for people who reflect.”
[Noble Quran 30:21]

Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) said:
“The most perfect in faith amongst believers is he who is best in manners and kindest to his wife.” [Abu Dawud]

Muslims believe that Adam and Hawwa were created from the same soul. Both were equally guilty of their sin and fall from grace, and Allah forgave both.

Many women in Islam have had high status; consider the fact that the first person to convert to Islam was Khadijah (radhiyallahu anha), the beloved wife of  Prophet  Muhammad, whom he both loved and respected. His favorite wife after Khadijah’s death, Ayshah (radhiyallahu anha), became renowned as a scholar and one of the greatest sources of Hadith literature. Many of the female Companions accomplished great deeds and achieved fame, and throughout Islamic history there have been famous and influential scholars and jurists.

We might also mention that while many in the West criticize Islam with regard to the treatment of women, in fact a number of Muslim countries have had women rulers and presidents. To name a few: Turkey; Bangladesh and Pakistan. In fact, the first ever martyr in the way of Islam was a woman.

With regard to education, both women and men have the same rights and obligations. This is clear in Prophet Muhammad’s saying:
“Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every believer.” [Ibn Majah]
This implies men and women.

A woman is to be treated as God has endowed her, with rights, such as to be treated as an individual, with the right to own and dispose of her own property and earnings, enter into contracts, even after marriage. She has the right to be educated and to work outside the home if she so chooses. She has the right to inherit from her father, mother, and husband.

A very interesting point to note is that in Islam, unlike any other religion, a woman can be an imam, a leader of communal prayer, for a group of women.

A Muslim woman also has obligations. All the laws and regulations pertaining to prayer, fasting, charity, pilgrimage, doing good deeds, etc., apply to women, albeit with minor differences having mainly to do with female physiology.

Before marriage, a woman has the right to choose her husband. Islamic law is very strict regarding the necessity of having the woman’s consent for marriage.

The groom gives a marriage dowry to the bride for her own personal use. She keeps her own family name, rather than taking her husband’s. As a wife, a woman has the right to be supported by her husband even if she is already rich. She also has the right to seek divorce and custody of young children. She does not return the dowry, except in a few unusual situations.

Despite the fact that in many places and times Muslim communities have not always adhered to all or even many of the foregoing in practice, the ideal has been there for 1,400 years, while virtually all other major civilizations did not begin to address these issues or change their negative attitudes until the 19th and 20th centuries, and there are still many contemporary civilizations which have yet to do so.

The virtues of reciting Surah Al Kahf on Fridays


Ever Wondered why our Master Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu Alaihi wasallam has
instructed us to Read Surah Kahf every Friday??

Surah Kahf has 4 main stories in it let us see them and observe what they’re saying to us:


In a Nation of Disbelievers some men become Muslims and escape away from the Nation and Hide in a Cave, Allah makes them to sleep for several Hundred years and when they wake up they find their nation changed into
Believers (Muslims)


Allah blessed a man with two beautiful gardens and he use to make profit from its fruits, but he forgot to thank Allah and even went to an Extent that he started doubting the existence of Afterlife i.e Aakhirah so his Gardens was destroyed, the man regretted but it was too late


Once the Followers of Musa Alaihisalaam Asked him who is the Most Knowledgeable man on this Earth?? Musa Alaihissalaam replied them ”its me” so
Allah said Musa Alaihissalaam that there’s a Man in a far away land who’s far more Knowledgeable than Musa Alaihissalaam claimed so Musa Alaihissalaam travels many nights to that land and meets the man and lerans how divine wisdoms can sometimes be Hidden in things which we percieve as bad

its a story of an Allah-fearing King who was blessed with Knowledge and power, Had a Vast Kingdom and he use to be in constant travel to Help his People and also to spread the Word of Allah,he overcame the resistance of Yajuj-Majuj and made a huge wall and helped the people of
that land overcome trouble.

In the Middle of this Surah,Allah mentions About Iblees,Allah says that such Trails are stirred by Iblees.

Iblees ”Shaitaan” tricks our hearts in the trail of Faith,wealth,knowledge and power,”we (Allah) said to them (Angels) bow to Adam(alaihissalaam)everyone bowed except Iblees”! He was a jinn, and Enemy of every human being since the advent or evolution of Human beings from the time of Adam Alaihissalaam
MORAL: be careful of such trails, its a test from Allah of our Faith,Wealth,knowledge and Power.

May Allah guide us in the right path and save us from the tempts of Shaitaan Aameen. Allah says in Quran that Iblees is ”An avowed enemy” of human beings, shaitaan has promised Allah that he’ll lead all humans into the path of evil and allah also says” not to be friends with the shaitaan” may allah bless our faith (imaan) such that it gets so hardened like Hazrath Umar radhiyallahu anhu That shaitaan fears and runs far away from us Aameen.

So friends,that’s the importance of Surah Al Kahf, such Tests appear in our daily Lives, we should always and always choose the path of Allah which will last forever.

The Position of the Hands in Salaat [Hanafi view]

[By Maulana Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Yusuf]


Upon entering some masjids, a person finds a multitude of different people. He observes some standing in prayer with their hands clasped together beneath the navel, some with their hands folded on the chest, and some with their hands just beneath thechest. He also sees a few praying with their hands at their sides.

After observing such a scene, the question that very often arises in the mind of these observes is: “What is the correct method of placing the hands while in prayer??” or “Where did the Messenger of Allah (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) place his hands??”The following discussion will seek to answer these questions and determine the Sunnah (and most preferred) method of positioning the hands while standing in prayer.

The first point needs to be clarified here is that all the positions mentioned in the hadiths are permissible, and the difference of opinion is only concerning which is the most preferable method out of them.

The second point is that there are very few rigorously authenticated [Sahih] hadiths concerning this issue, and most of the reports which explain the different ways of positioning the hands in salat have been classified as extremely weak or slightly defective. This makes the issue a bit more complicated than others. Nonetheless, it is hoped that by the end of this topic, the sunnah and more preferable method of positioning the hands in salat will become evident.

The First Difference of Opinion

The first difference of opinion is concerning whether the hands should be clasped together or not. Imam Malik Rahamtullah Alaih’s more popular opinion, as related by Ibn al-Qasim, is that the hands should be left hanging at the sides. A second view of his, related by Ibn al-Mundhir, is that the hands should be brought together and placed on the body.

Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Shafi’i and Imam Ahmad (rahimahumullah), as well as the majority of scholars, are of the opinion that the hands should be clasped together and not left to hang at the side. The great Maliki scholar Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr (rahimahullah) states regarding this:

There is nothing reported from the Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) which contradicts this [majority opinion], and this is the unanimous view of all the Companions and Followers [tabi’in] (Awjaz al-masalik 2:116)

The Second Difference of Opinion

Now, among those of the latter view, there is a difference of opinion as to exactly where on the body the hands should be positioned after clasping them together. Imam Abu Hanifa and Abu Ishaq al-Marwazi (rahimahumullah) from the Shafi’i school assert that the hands should be positioned below the navel. Imam Muhammad bin Idrees al- Shafi’i’s view, according to al-Wasit and Kitab al-Umm, is that they should ve positioned beneath the chest. This is his most popular opinion. A second opinion of his as mentioned, as mentioned in al-Hawi, is that the hands should be placed directly on the chest.

There are three opinions related from Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (rahmatullah alaih),the first of which is similar to that of Imam Abu Hanifa (rahmatullah alaih). Ibn Hubayra said this was his more popular opinion. Imam Ahmad rahmatullah alaih’s second opinion is similar to that of Imam Shafi’i rahmatullah alaih, and the third opinion is that a person has the choice of either placing his hands beneath his navel or on his chest, since both of these methods are derived from the sunnah.

The scholars state that there are no authentic hadiths that substantiate Imam Malik rahmatullah alaih’s Opinion of leaving the hands at the sides. Some have mentioned the reason for it to be profound fear, awe and reverence for Almighty Allah; that once a person is standing before Him,he forgets to his hands together and they are left to hang at the sides. Whatever the case maybe, there are reports to be found of some Companions praying with their hands on their sides [see Musannaf Ibn Abi Shayba 2: 391]

On the other hand, there are numerous narrations which establish tbat the Messenger Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam placed his hands on his body while standing in prayer and did not leave them hanging on his side. These narrations however vary greatly as to where exactly on his body he placed his hands. One very popular narration on this issue is that of Wa’il ibn Hujr (radhiyallahu anhu), which is found in numerous hadith collections. The scholars however have labelled this narration as being problematic [mudtarib] and inconsistent. In one version of this narration, which is found in sahih Ibn Khuzayma, Wa’il Ibn Hujr radhiyallahu anhu says:

“I performed prayed with the Messenger of Allah Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam. He placed his right hand upon the left one on his chest”

The version of Musnad al-Bazzar states “near his chest” instead of “upon his chest,” and the version of Musannaf Ibn Abi Shayba states, “beneath the navel.” The first two versions support the view of those who claim it is more preferable to place the hands on the hands on the chest or just below it, and the third version supports the Hanafi view. It should be noted, however, that all three versions contain some type of a weakness. Each version will be analyzed in the following sections along with other narrations to determine their status and the reasons for their weakness.

The First Version

1.The version of Wa’il Ibn Hujr radhiyallahu anhu’s narration, transmitted by Ibn Khuzayma in his Sahih, contains the words “Upon his chest” and is probably the weakest of them all. There are a number of reasons for this:

(a) Mu’ammal Ibn Isma’il is one of the narrators of this version. He has been called a weak narrator, ever since he erred in his narrations after his books were buried and he was subsequently forced to narrate from memory. Imam Bukhari (rahimahullah) states, “His narrations are rejected” [munkar al-hadith]. ‘Allama Dhahabi rahimahullah statea, “He makes many errors” [kathir al-khata] Abu Zur’a states,His narrations contain many errors” [Fath al-Mulhim 2:40]

(b) This narrations, although found in many other books through various chains, does not contain the words “on the chests” in any other version. Versions of it are found in Sunan Abi Dawud, Nasa’i, Ibn Majah and in the Musnad of Abu Dawud al-Tayalisi. None of them, however, contain the addition “on the chest” ‘Allama Nimawi states that this is only found in the version of Mu’ammal Ibn Isma’il (and transmitted by Ibn Khuzayma).
Hence, it is a weak and unauthenticated version

(c) Another point is that Mu’ammal Ibn Isma’il relates this hadith from Sufyan al-Thawri (rahimahullah). Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani (rahmatullah alaih) states that the link between Mu’ammal Ibn Isma’il and Sufyan al-Thawri rahimahullah is weak [Fath al-Bari 206U], This is another weakness of this version

(d) Sufyan Al-Thawri rahimahullah himself was of the opinion that the hands should be positioned beneath the navel. So when his narration is found to be in contradiction with his personal opinion, this narration of his  will not be accepted according to the principles of hadith study [usul al-hadith]

(e)Some have stated that all the narrations of Sahih Ibn Khuzayma are authentic. However, this is not true.’Allama Suyuti rahimahullah states in his Tadrib al-rawi that Sahih ibn Khuzayma contains some weak and munkar [rejected] reports. Furthermore, Ibn Khuzayma rahimahullah, like Tirmidhi, routinely comments after every narration stating its level of authenticity. However, following this narration of Wa’il ibn Hujr (radhiyallahu anhu), he does not make any comments whatsoever regarding its authenticity. This narration therefore cannot be classified as authentic just because it is part of his collection. It is clear that if it had been a rigorously authenticated hadith, he would have surely designated it as such.

(f)Some have said even if this hadith was accepted to be authentic, the placing of the hands on the chest would definitely be considered an isolated [shadh] practice-something Allah’s Messenger Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam did a few times solely to inform his Companions of its permissibility [Bayanan li’l-jawaz]. In no way can it be proven from this narration that placing the hands on the chest in salat was a permanent practice of the Messenger Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam.

The Second Version

2.The second version of Wa’il ibn Hujr radhiyallahu anhu’s narration, found, in Musnad al-Bazzar, contains the words “near the chest” and is also weak. One of its narrators is Muhammad ibn Hujr regarding whom Imam Bukhari rahimahullah states,”His matter is unsettled.” ‘Allama Dhahabi rahimahullah states, “Some of his narrations are rejected” (Majma’al- zawa’id 2:135) Hence, this version is also weak and must be rejected.

Other Narrations

3. Another narration which mentions the placing of the hands on the chest is the narration of Hulb radhiyallahu anhu transmitted by Imam Ahmad rahimahullah:

“The Messenger of Allah Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam would turn from his right and left side, and would place this [hand] upon his chest” (Musnad Ahmad)

‘Allama Nimawi has established with convincing evidence that there is an error in the wording of this hadith. In place of the words “ala hadhihi” [“upon the other hand”] the copyist has mistakenly written “ala sadrihi” [“on his chest”] (Atharal-sunan 87]. The narration cannot stand as evidence either.

4. Another similar narration found in Sunan al-Bayhaqi states:

‘Ali radhiyallahu anhu, [in order to] explain the meaning of the verse, “Therefore turn in prayer to your Lord and Sacrifice” [al-Qur’an: 108:2], placed his right hand over the center of his left one and positioned them on his chest, as though indicating that the meaning [tafsir] of this verse was to position the hands in this manner” [Sunan al-Bayhaqi 2:30]

However, ‘Allama Ibn al-Turkumani al-Mardini, in his book al-jawhar al-naqi establishes that both the chain [isnad] and text [matn] in this narration are inconsistent. Imam Bayhaqi rahimahullah has mentioned a similar narration from Ibn Abbas radhiyallahu anhu in which there is the narrator Rawh ibn al-Musayyib. About him, Ibn Hibban states:

He narrates fabrications. It is not permissible to narrate from him.

‘Allama Sa’ati writes:

It is not correct to attribute this exegesis [tafsir] to ‘Ali or Ibn ‘Abbas radhiyallahu anhum. The correct meaning of the verse, as Ibn Kathir rahimahullah states, is that it is regarding the sacrifice (qurbani) [Al-Fath al-Rabbani 3:174 U]

Of the four narrations that have been analyzed so far, each one has been defective. There are some other narrations similar to these which state that the Messenger Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam did not position his hands beneath his navel. The explanation of the Hanafis for them is that the Messenger Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam did, at one time or another, place his hands on his chest or just below it. However, he did this only to demonstrate the permissibility of such a posture [bayanan li’l-jawaz], whereas the normal and routine practice of the Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam was to place his hands below his navel. The following narrations will establish this point more clearly.

Wa’il ibn Hujr radhiyallahu anhu relates:

I saw Allah’s Messenger (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam)lacing his right hand upon the left one below his navel in prayer (Musannaf ibn Abi Shayba,Athar al-Sunan)

This is the third version of Wa’il ibn Hujr’s (radhiyallahu anhu) narration, mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, containing the words “below the navel.” Some Hanafi scholars have stated that this version cannot be used as conclusive evidence for the Hanafi opinion, because the words “below the navel” are only to be found in some editions of Musannaf ibn Abi Shayba, and not in them all. This is aside from the fact that, as we mentioned, it has an inconsistent text.

However, it is quoted in Fath al-Mulhim that ‘Allama Qasim ibn Qurlubgah has judged this version to be of sound transmission. ‘Allama Muhammad Abu’l-Tayyib al-Madani writes in his commentary on Sunan al-Tirmidhi that this narration has a strong chain, and Shaykh ‘Abid Sindhi states, “Its narrators are trustworthy.” Also, a number of scholars have verified that the addition, “below the navel,” is to be found in many manuscripts of Musannaf Ibn Shayba, even if it is not found in the recently published editions [see Athar al-sunan 148]

Therefore, despite the problematic nature of Wa’il ibn Hujr radhiyallahu anhu’s narration, this version of it cannot be rendered totally unacceptable, since there are many other reliable reports that strengthen it.

2. ‘Ali (radhiyallahu anhu) states:

To place one palm over the other beneath the navel is from the sunnah acts of prayer (Sunan al-Bayhaqi 312 U, Musannaf ibn Abi Shayba 1:391)

It is a known fact that whenever a Companion utters the words, “It is from the Sunnah,” regarding any action, it means it is something acquired from the Messenger of Allah Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam himself. Hence, ‘Ali radhiyallahu anhu could have only  reported this practice as Sunnah after observing Allah’s Messenger Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam do it.

The problem with this narration is that it contains ‘Abd al-Rahman Ibn Ishaq in its chain, who had been classified as weak. The Hanafis have not fully relied on this narration as a basis for their opinion, but since there are many other narrations which reinforce it, it could still stand as supplementary evidence.

3. Hajjaj ibn al-Hasan relates:

Either I heard Abu Mijlaz saying it or I enquired from him, “How should one position his hands [during prayer]??” He replied, “He should place the inner portion of his right hand upon the back of the left one beneath the navel” Musannaf ibn Abi Shayba 1:390)

The transmission of this hadith is sound [hasan], as ‘Allama ibn al-Turkumani al-Mardini states in his book al-jawhar al-naqi

4. Ibrahim al-Nakh’ai rahimahullah relates:

One should place his right hand upon the left one beneath the navel while in prayer (Musannaf ibn Abi Shayba 1:390)

The transmission of this hadith is also sound [hasan]

5. Abu Hurairah (radhiyallahu anhu)narrates:

The placing of one hand over the other in prayer should be beneath the navel [al-jawhar al-naqi 2:31 U]

6.Anas (radhiyallahu anhu) reports that:

There are three aspects from the characteristics of prophethood [nubuwwah]: to open fast early; to delay the pre-dawn meal [suhur]; and to position the right hand over the left hand beneath the navel while in prayer (al-jawhar al-naqi 2:31)


The scholars have provided various other reasons as to why the hands are best placed beneath the navel and why this method has been classified as most preferable.

(1) Although most of the hadiths on this issue are weak in one way or another, the narrations presented by the Hanafis have been judged to be more sound than the rest.

(2) The great Hanafi Jurist Ibn al-Humam (rahimahullah) states

Due to the inconsistency and contradictions found between the various narrations, it is best to resort to analogy and reasoning.
Standing before the Lord demands a posture which expresses respect and reverence. Since positioning the hands  beneath the navel is probably the most respectful way of standing, it will be considered most superior. On the other hand, the reason for women being instructed to position their hands on their chest , is so that greater concealment (and modesty) can be achieved (Fath al-Qadir)

(3) ‘Allama Badr al-Deen ‘Ayni (rahimahullah), the author of the great commentary on Sahih al-Bukhari, ‘Umdat al-Qari, writes:

To position the hands beneath the navel holds great virtue. It is a posture which signifies great respect. It displays greater contrast to the postures of the disbelievers.

He also writes:

This is the same posture in which one stands before the rulers [of this world]

He then writes:

Placing the hands on the chest creates a similarity with women, hence, that cannot be classified as the sunnah for men (‘Umdat al-qari 3:16 U )


It could be concluded that although the hadiths presented by the various schools of thought contain some form of weakness or other, the hadiths presented by the Hanafis have received less criticism, and they have many stronger reports to supplement the weaker ones. Therefore, the hadiths presented as evidence for placing the hands on or below the chest cannot be taken to denote the normal practice of Allah’s Messenger (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam). The Hanafis do agree, however, that the Messenger (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) sometimes placed his hands upon his chest and below it to express
permissibility of such a posture [bayanan-li’l jawaz]

Placing the hands beneath the navel exhibits a greater amount of respect and humility, and just as many postures of prayer for a male differ from that of a female, the method of positioning the hands also differs between them.

Salafism and Barelwism- Two Deviants at two opposite ends of extremes

[By Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai d.b]

Two mutant accretions  which have  become  attached  to  Islam  in these  times  are  the  two  deviant groups of  Bid’ah, viz.,  the Barelwi grave-worshippers  and  the  Salafi worshippers  of the  nafs.  Both these  groups are  extremists, having  veered sharply  off  from  Siraatul  Mustaqeem  (the  Straight  Path of the  Qur’aan  and  Sunnah). Both  groups are  guilty  of  ghulu’  fid-deen  (excess committed  in the Deen).  All  types  of ghulu’  fid-deen  are  haraam  and  destructive. The  Qur’aan  Majeed prohibits excesses. Allah Ta’ala says: 

“O  People  of the  Kitaab! Do  not  commit  ghulu‘  (excess)  in   your  Deen  and  do  not  speak about  Allah,  but  the  Haqq  (truth).”   (Qur’an – 4:171)

  Bid’ah  and  Ghulu’  were  common  acts  of deviation  perpetrated by  the  Yahood  (Jews)  and  Nasaara (Christians). Whenever  a  Muslim  veers off  from  the  straight  path of  the  Sunnah, he  emulates the example  of the  Ahl-e-Kitaab  in their practise  of ghulu’  fid-deen. Just  as the  Jews  and  Christians committed ghulu’ in abundance, so do the two deviant Barelwi and Salafi sects.

 While  the  Ahl-e-Kitaab  committed  excesses  in  their religions in different  ways,  they  differed in  their attitudes.  The  ghulu’  of  the  Yahood  was the  product  of their extreme  disrespect  for the  Ambiyaa while  the  ghulu’  of the  Nasaara  was  the  consequence  of their  extreme  veneration  for their Nabi (Nabi Isaa  –  alayhis salaam). The  Ghulu’  of  the  Yahood  led  them  to  murder  the Ambiyaa  (alayhimus salaam). In  contrast,  the ghulu’  of the  Nasaara  led  them  to  elevate  Nabi Isaa (alayhis salaam)  and even his mother, Hadhrat Maryam (alayhas salaam) to the level of gods and beings of worship. 

Yahood And Nasara 

In  our time,  the  Salafis resemble  the Yahood  and  the  Barelwis are  the  specimen of the  Nasaara.  The Salafis are  totally  barren  –  spiritually  dry  to  the  point  of  vulgarity.  They  are  rude,  crude  and  even cruel in their  attitude. They  lack  respect  for  the  illustrious personalities  of Islam,  especially  for  the great  Salf-e-Saaliheen,  viz.,  the Fuqaha-e-Mujtahideen  who  were  the  Students  of  the  noble Sahaabah. Not  only  are they  crude  and  disrespectful,  but  they  are  also  devious, for when they discuss with  the Ulama  of  the  Ahlus Sunnah  or they  speak in public,  they  guard  their tongues. They deviously  praise  the  Fuqaha of  the  Math-habs  while  subtly  negating  the  Waajib  Shar’i concept  of Taqleed. However,  in their  private  discussions  or  when  conversing  with ignorant  members  of  the Ahlus Sunnah, they  mercilessly  and  rudely  condemn  the  great  Imaams.  Thus, they  are  like  the  Jews who murdered the  Ambiyaa (alayhimus salaam)  despite  their  overt  acknowledgement  of  the Nubuwwat  of Allah’s Messengers. The  only  difference  between  the  Salafi deviates and  the  Jewish murderers  of  the  Ambiyaa  (alayhimus  salaam)  is  that  the  crimes  of  the two groups are  committed in different  planes.  The  Yahood  physically  murdered  the  Ambiyaa  (alayhimus  salaam). The  Salafis spiritually  murder  the  Rasool (sallallahu  alayhi wasallam)  by  negating  most  deviously  the  Sunnah  of Nabi-e-Kareem  (sallallahu  alayhi  wasallam).  Those  who  are  not  prepared to  submit  to  the  Fuqaha  – the illustrious Students of the Sahaabah – are denying and killing the Sunnah by shaitaani deception.

The Sahaabah (radhiyallahu anhum) 

It should  be  well  understood  that  the  Sunnah  is  inextricably  interwoven with  the life and  teaching  of the Sahaabah.  The  Sahaabah  handed the  Sunnah  most  meticulously  by  way  of practical  example and teaching  to  the  Taabi-een  who  constituted  the first  group  of  Aimmah-e-Mujtahideen  in the  Ummah after  the  Sahaabah. Thus,  obedience  to  these  great  Scholars and  Ulama among  the  Taabi-een is pure obedience  to  the  Sahaabah, which  in turn  is  the  Waajib  obedience  of the  Rasool  (sallallahu  alayhi wasallam). 

When the  Qur’aan  and  Hadith  are  subjected  to  personal opinion  or  the  opinions and  interpretations of a  single  Aalim  appearing  on  the  Islamic scene  a thousand  years  after  the  Sahaabah, are  accepted as ‘Wahi’  and  the  final  word  of rectitude  in preference  to  the  interpretations and  rulings of those who had  acquired  their  Ilm  (Knowledge)  from  the Sahaabah, it  is pure  deviation  (dhalaal) and rejection  of the  Sunnah  of  the  Sahaabah. Such people  have  no  right  to  call  themselves  the  Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. Their claim is palpably baseless.


The  other  extremity  of  the  disease  of ghulu’  is  the  Barelwi  sect.  While these  people  purport  to  follow the Sahaabah  and  overtly  proclaim  themselves  as  followers  of  the  Math-habs, they  are  bereft  of  the Aqeedah  (Belief)  propagated by  the  Math-habs  of the  Ahlus Sunnah. Their adherence  to  the  Mathhabs relates  to  only  the external dimension, i.e. to  Fiqh, and  that  too, partially. They  commit wholesale Bid’ah  (innovation). They  destroy  their concept  of Tauheed with a number  of beliefs  of shirk. They  perpetrate  acts  of grave-worship. They  elevate  the  Nabi  (sallallahu  alayhi wasallam)  and the Auliyaa  (rahmatullah  alayhim)  to  the  pedestal  of Godhood. In  their  excessive  veneration  they resemble the  Nasaara  who  deify  Hadhrat Isaa (alayhis  salaam)  and  his noble  Mother,  Hadhrat Maryam (alayhas salaam).

  Muslims  should  beware  of  both these  mutant  groups.  They  are  astray.  They  have  left  the  Path  of the Ahlus Sunnah  Wal Jama’ah.  Inspite  of their  deviation,  they  dub  themselves,  Ahlus  Sunnah  and  Sunni. But, their claims are false. 

The salient features or symptoms of their spiritual diseases are: 

The  Salafis reject  the  four  Math-habs;  they  lack  taqwa;  they  are  disrespectful,  their Salaat is absolutely  devoid  of  khushu’;  they  fiddle profusely  in their Salaat;  they  are  unable  to  stand motionless  in  their Salaat;  they  sway  to  and  from  in their Salaat;  they  are  obsessed  with  obedience to the views of Ibn Taimiyyah and the modernist Al-Albaani.

  The  Barelwis  prostrate  to  the  graves  of the  Auliyaa;  they  make  tawaaf  of  the graves;  they  decorate the graves  with expensive  quilts  and  sheets, they  practise  meelad, urs,  etc.;  they  believe  in  the omnipresence  of  the  Rasool (sallallahu  alayhi  wasallam);  their  headquarters  are  the graveyards where they erect mausolea (tombs) for generation of financial income.


  The  opposite  poles  of these  two  deviant  groups  is  their diverging  beliefs regarding  the  attributes  of omnipresence.  The  Salafis  have  stripped Allah  Ta’ala  of His Attribute  of  Omnipresence  and  have assigned Him  into  a specified section  of created space. In  stark  contrast  to  this evil  concept  of the Salafis, the  evil  belief  of  the Barelwis  have  bestowed  the  attribute  of  omnipresence  to  Rasulullah (sallallahu  alayhi  wasallam). While not  negating  the  Omnipresence  of Allah  Ta’ala, the  Barelwis commit  shirk  in this  Divine  Attribute, by  their  shirki bestowal  of the  Attribute  to  our Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). 


Waseelah literally means medium. Waseelah has different meanings according to the different sects. According to the Ahlus Sunnah, the meaning of waseelah when supplicating, i.e. making Dua to Allah Ta’ala, is to petition Allah Ta’ala for one’s needs and to tender the medium of a Nabi or a Wali or even the medium of one’s own pious deeds. Example:
“O Allah! Accept my dua through the waseelah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) – or through the medium of a certain amal-e-saalih which I had rendered solely for Your pleasure.”

In this type of waseelah, the dua is made directly to Allah Ta’ala, not to the Nabi, etc. It is not permissible to supplicate to any being besides Allah Ta’ala. To make dua to any being besides Allah Ta’ala is shirk in terms of the Shariah.

According to the Salafi extremists, supplicating in this way is not permissible. Even this form of waseelah in which the supplication is made directly to Allah Ta’ala, is considered shirk by the Salafis. According to the Barelwi Bid’atis, it is compulsory to make dua directly to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) or to the Wali in the grave. Since Dargah-Puja (or worship of the graves of the saints) forms an integral part of the Aqeedah of the Qabar Pujaari sect, they consider it imperative to make dua to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) or to the Auliya in their graves.


From these two issues, viz. the Haazir-Naazir and the Waseelah questions, it will be seen that both these groups have strayed far from the Moderate Path of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. While the one group negates Omnipresence for Allah Ta’ala, the other sect ascribes it to even created brings. While the one group of Bid’atis (the Salafis) refute waseelah in even its lawful form, the other group of Bid’atis (the Barelwis) go to the opposite extreme of developing it into a concept of shirk whereby divinity is conferred to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Auliya. In this deviation, they have fallen into the same trap as the Christian and other peopleof shirk.

Besides the clarity of Shar’i proofs for the views of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, commonsense will acknowledge the simple and convincing reasoning of those who ascribe to the Middle Path of the Deen.

Beliefs cannot be based on weird concoctions of the minds of people. Beliefs require absolute Qur’aanic and Hadith facts and proofs. No shaitaani analogical reasoning is valid for any deduction of masaa-il, leave alone beliefs.

May  Allah  Ta’ala  save  Muslims from  the  evil  and  ruin  of dhalaal (deviation).

How the World has been cunningly hijacked and controlled by the Zionists’ Free Masonic scum


August the 2nd 1990 Saddam Hussain’s forces crashed the defenses of oil rich Kuwait in fear of an Iraqi invasion into Saudi Arabia. The United States and her coalition allies poured into the Arabian Peninsula to form a deterrent that would be known as Desert Shield. The result was a series of diplomatic talks, negotiations and count negotiations that rapidly declined into a no hope situation. On August the 17th 1991 the Desert Shield became Desert Storm.

The conflict was witnessed by millions through the IF, CNN and the BBC showing propaganda of the systematic eradication of Saddam’s forces by a coalition far superior in technological, political and economic power. However what was little known was that from the outset the war was engineered, controlled and manipulated by an elite group. A group which had created the illusion of a man with power at the head of a million strong army on the verge of going nuclear. A man who had gained control of the 1/5 of the World’s oil overnight.
However in reality he was merely a pawn in amongst many pawns. Just a puppet in a grand master plan with the Gulf War as a well orchestrated stepping stone. The orchestrates of the War were by no means strangers to controlling major World events. In fact they have done so for centuries.

From the shadows they have engineered every major war, revolution and recession. They control everything you read, everything you hear and everything you see. They have managed to indoctrinate an entire populace to their way of thinking and have infiltrated key positions in places of authority and it is from the shadows they have created a new political order, a new economic order and most sinister a new religious order. Their ultimate aim is total global domination and they will stop at nothing to reach their goal (also read: The secret world: ). The goal that was outlined in a speech given by the former President of the United States, George BushWhat is at stake is more than one small country it is a big idea a New World Order”

However the origins of this Global plan were not created in the offices of the White House. In reality their roots lay in another war this time the year is 1095 and the place Claremont, France. 11th century Europe was ruled by the church which held a firm grip on the hearts and minds of the people. This power enabled Pope Erwin II to wage war on the Muslim Caliphate and crusade in what he called a War of the Cross to recapture the land of Jerusalem. It had been under Muslim rule since the year 637 but in 1099 this rule was brought to a bloody and sudden end. In the name of the Cross women were assaulted and murdered, children were put to the sword and it is said that the blood ran in the streets knee high to the horses. Out of this land of bloodshed and terror a group of men arose which would stop at nothing to get what they wanted no matter what the cost. Twenty years after Jerusalem was taken, the whole area of Masjid Al-Aqsa was seized by a group of warrior monks calling themselves The Knights of the Temple  or most simply the Knights Templers.

In Jerusalem the Templers began to deviate further and further away from the practices of Christianity. They learned the secret arts of the Kabala and ancient form of Jewish magic along with its dark rights and rituals. The Jews have learned the arts from the pagans of ancient Egypt during the times of enslavement to the Pharaoh and develop them into Babylon for the time of Navakanazar. In 1307 King Philip of France arrested them for charges of denial of Christ, homosexuality and idol worship as well as magic. In 1314 Pope Claymont V declared all Templates heretics to Christianity ordering all their properties to be seized. Their leader Chekthemolay was captured and burnt. The Templace was cornered and just when it seemed they were finished forever a glimmer of hope arose from a seemingly certain end they were to find a safe haven as well as an ally but not in France in fact in a country in a desperate struggle for independence against the English. The country of Scotland.
The Scotland’s hope of independence has died with the death of William Wallace. However to the King of Scotland Robert the Bruce the arrival of the Templace gave him a new secret weapon.
Their experience gained over two hundred years of fighting against the mighty armies of Islam had made them expert in combat and warfare and more than a match for any army brought before them. In 1314 the Templers allied with Robert the Bruce and his army took to the field of Ballack Burn in the long awaited showdown with the English. Robert the Bruce’s four sight paid off the 25,000 strong English army suffered a humiliatingly defeat at the hands of only six and a half thousand men. The dream of an independent Scotland had finally been achieved. The Templers had brought themselves back from the brink of destruction and never again will they allow themselves to be destroyed. This time they will control the country by controlling its Kings and in order to preserve their secret order the Templers would have to die or more precisely the name would have to die. The Templers who had


escaped Europe were finally laid to rest in Rovelin Chapel Scotland (as shown in picture Above) which stands to this day as sign of their presence in Britain. Their descendants became the true power of Scotland. In 1603 the death of Queen Elizabeth I left England without an heir to the throne by virtue of decent King James V of Scotland became King of England in doing so Scotland and England joined to form a new kingdom and the power that the Templers held over Scotland spread to give them a firm grip on the whole of Great Britain. For over a hundred years the Templers concealed their activities fading into the background until they were little known and little remembered.However they did not seize to keep a firm grip on Britain. All the time they were planning, regrouping and infiltrating positions of power in all corners of the kingdom. In 1717 the Templers made their reappearance in Europe they had grown in both number and strength and were now ready to coin a new identity free from their reputation of the past and given credibility by none other than the monarchy and aristocracy of England and the name they chose for themselves was a name that would be known by many but understood by a few [I slightly disagree with the name “freemasons” It comes from French “frerés masons” i.e. masonic brothers. Silly English people shortened & translated it to Freemasons]

The new identity in the grand jury of its members afforded the Masons with respect and dignity. The first World member of the Free Masons was Fredrick, Prince of Wales. The latest members include Prince Philip the Duke of Edinborough and consort to the current Queen of England Elizabeth II who herself is a grand patron to the Masons.However behind closed doors the Free Masons were free to indulge in the secret rights and rituals handed down to them by their ancestors and these became the basis of their levels of membership called Degree . The Free Masons were not content with power in Britain alone their ambitions were far greater. In the years to come the World and America being pledged by wars and revolutions each more devastating than the other. However these were not the as commonly believed the spontaneous effects of the downtrodden people but in fact schemes created by the exclusive few driven by hunger for absolute power. All this would take place from the very country from which they had fled centuries earlier and will come to the base for the Global domination.

In 18th century France the majority of the population was very poor while the aristocracy and royalty lived a life of luxury and extravagance, there existed a wide gulf between the two classes. The Free Masons would use this to make the pledge for power resulting in the biggest upheaval in French history. The Masons took advantage of the growing atmosphere of anger amongst the French and used it to achieve their own aims for the carefully planned propaganda war. They completely controlled the media system and used it to sway the tide of public opinion.The newspapers were geared into calling for the end of monarchy and the establishment of the society based on liberty, equality and finality. The Masons vast amount of wealth were used to influence the political landscape of France. Politicians funded by the Masons promoted the Masonic ideology the secret lodges of the Masons were opened to the members of the French army, high ranking officers and generals were indoctrinated to the Free Masons way of thinking. With the people the politicians and the military of France under
Masonic control the Masons could finally strive. On the 14th of July 1789 a group of people stormed the Basteel a prison in Paris. This sign of resistance against the French authorities triggered off a massive response all over France.People in villages and towns expressed their hatred for the system symbolized by the monarchy but it was not until 1793 that the French anger would be cooled. On the 21st of January of the same year King Louis XVI was beheaded in front of a crowd holding an end to the French monarchy and paving the way for another Masonic state in Europe.With the monarchy gone it seemed as if nothing stood between the Masons and complete control of France however what took place would leave the Free Masons in a serious dilemma and what was to come next was not exactly in accordance with the Masonic plan.

A young soldier by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte was about to lead France into a bloody war with Europe and instead of dancing to the Masonic tune Napoleon declared himself the Emperor of France. Napoleon was forced to abdicate from his throne in 1814 and was exiled to the island of Corsica. However in 1815 Napoleon arrived in Paris again raising a new army ready for a fresh war in Europe. The
Masons had a big problem on their hands. Britain and her
Masonic allies could not afford to maintain a long term war against Napoleon without risking bankruptcy. Help came from an unlikely source Nathan Rothschild was the head of a leading banking family but because of their status as Jews they were forced to work from the shadows of others.Rothschild seized the opportunity to liberate his people and often alone demanding in return recognition of the Jews as equals to the European counterparts under right to openly do business.If the Masons refused the money could always go to Napoleon. The Masons had no choice but to accept and the loan transaction was completed. In 1815 British, Dutch and Russian soldiers landed in Waterloo, Belgium where they met Napoleons forces and defeated them. Napoleon was captured this time never to return France was finally under Masonic control. Although historians made little mention of the
Masonic involvement in the revolution the Masons themselves have to reveal their shadowy movements during this important period in history. In 1904 Marc Vadourasambo a Free Mason set before a pact audience “Free Masonry has worked in a hidden but constant manner to prepare the revolution we are then in complete agreement the Free Masonry with the only offer of the revolution and the applause which I receive from the left and which I am little accustomed proves gentlemen that you acknowledge with me that it was Masonry which made French Revolution.”

When the so called founding fathers of America landed on the Plymouth rock not only they bring with them disfranchised people they also brought the Free Masonic elements of Europe. The injustices which the fathers of America were escaping from in Europe was also to be found in the new land in the form of a tyrannical British regime. In order to gain complete dominance of the new state the
Masons had used the same methods they had used to gain control of France. Although the British monarchy was run by the Masons the American war of independence was a necessary action and the people involved in the war were expendable for the Masons to fulfill their dream. The emotions of the people were manipulated into anger and just like France anger turned into war this time however previous mistakes would not be repeated.The defeat Masons faced against Napoleon and his army in Europe taught the Mason’s a lesson. Any forth coming leaders of the resistance must follow the Masonic agenda and the best way to do this was to ensure the leader himself was a Mason and the leader who took the war to the British was none other than George Washington.

On the 4th of July 1776 declaration of independence was made. On the 17th of October 1781 the British were finally defeated and surrendered the colonies to the Americans and the
World’s first Masonic state was born a nation that would represent Masonry in every way.A sign of the Masonic presence in America is plainly visible on the dollar bill which carries the picture of George Washington the first Free Masonic president in the World and the picture of the Free Masonic symbol of the so called “All Seeing One Eye.”

Historically the control and manipulation of political opinion has been the Free Masons main weapon in gaining control of countries and states. Once in control of the rulers and politicians of a country laws and political structures could be changed in accordance with their agenda however since restricting the body does not necessarily mean restricting the mind. The Free Mason recognizes that their plan for a Global government hinges completely on subduing the masses to their agenda and thus eliminating opposition to their cause and the greatest threat to their plan causing more danger than any army or law is a threat of a free thinking mind. In order to eliminate this threat and to achieve their objective the
Masons have set about the boldest plan ever devise the complete control of every aspect of human life, Your Life and the weapons they are using against you are in your very homes entertaining you and your children and gradually indoctrinating you without you even realizing. In today’s society people are spending more and more time engaged with modern media. Television, Cinema, Computer Games, The Internet, Popular Fiction and Popular Music are integral part of their lives. Yet these provide a vast expanse on information which you are taking either consciously or subconsciously into your mind.
Information on society ranging from ideals and morals and the difference between right and wrong to the way societies and economies should be structured is past before you every single day.

These media play a significant role in providing the basis for determining an individuals view of the World and everything that exists. Thus any one group in complete control of this information placed on these media will in effect have the power to indoctrinate practically the entire populace of the World to their way of thinking and it is this fact the Free Masons are exploiting. The Masons are using the entertainment industry in particular to condition people to their way of thinking either openly or subliminally. The methods they use vary but the goal is the same to impose their beliefs, their ideology and their objectives on you in such a way that you begin to think of them as your own. Evidence of their presence within popular entertainment is wide spread.
Masonic involvement in the industries is not a new thing. Hail is one of histories great composers, Wolf Gang Amadeus,
Mozart a Free Mason himself composed a symphony which was an open display of Free Masonry. The symphony is based on a story taken from an ancient Egyptian mythology Avysus and Cyrus. The pagan rights of ancient Egyptian mythology form through the Kabala one of the fundamental aspects of Free Masonry . It is from these same pagan origins of Egypt that the symbol of the One Eye Stems.

Evidence of the Free Masonic presence is also commonly found in the popular music of more recent times. Michael Jackson was hailed as the the King of pop regarded as the greatest entertainer of all times responsible for producing best selling albums in the World may not be known to be linked with the
Free Masons . However the cover of his “Dangerous” album had some interesting features on it the Free Masonic symbol of the One Eye can be found and also the picture of a watery Lake behind which laid burning flames. It seems as though anyone entering into the water would really be entering into the fire. The cover also has on it a picture of a bald headed man well known to the occult as Alistair Crowley. He himself was a Free Mason who became a Satanist and wrote the book “The New Law of Man” which stated in it that it would one day replace the Qur’ân as the law of man.

Links between Free Masonry and the occult do not end there.
The products of the Masonicaly controlled music industry are riddled with subliminal satanic messages. Back tracking is the means of placing recorded messages into sound tracks in such a way that they only become intelligible when the track is replayed backwards. When its played forwards however the listener would be totally unaware that a message is being played. Although the listener may be unaware that subconscious mind can pick up and understand the messages and in the long term these can be stored in the subconscious mind and may actually effect the person’s behavior or judgment. In many ways back tracking is a form of hypnotism or brain washing and has the power to be very destructive. The first example of back tracking is from the famous female artist Madonna . It features on one of her most famous albums and is taken from the song “Like a Prayer”. However as you will hear it is not god that the prayer appears to be directed at but Satan. When played backwards the words “Oh hear us Satan” are clearly audible. The Free Masonic One Eye has also been featured on the video for one of Madonna’s songs where Madonna actually appears with the One Eye coming out from her forehead. She also appears on a video for one of her songs where she is standing on some writing closer examination revealed that this writing is actually Arabic the language of the Qur’ân.

Another example of back tracking is taken from the group
“The Eagles” and the song is called “Hotel California”. The words when played backwards “Yeah Satan” can be clearly heard. As well as containing this message the song itself is a story in its own right. The California of the song is not a hotel but is actually a street in America called California. It is on this very street that the headquarters of a church were founded but it was not the type of church the one may think instead it is a church that some have called “The Church of Satan”. It was headed and founded by Anthony Sans Delivy the author of the Satanic Bible. It appears the teachings of this church may have become the integral belief of many famous personalities in the entertainment industry from rock groups to more main stream artists some have gone as far as promoting the Church and its beliefs. One alleged member of the church is the lead singer of the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger
who wrote the song “Sympathy for the Devil” . It seems that
what originally started as a Christian Organization later turned into a heretic religion even to the Christians and now has Satanic elements mixed in. The entire entertainment world is rife with evidence of the Free Masons presence openly or subliminally their agenda of beliefs and ideals are propagated.

This is specially evident within the film industry on the big screen and the small screen from big budget Hollywood films to simple cartoons the Masons have not let anything to chance in promoting their message of a global government. Matt Growning the creator of one of the most popular cartoon series in television history “The Simpsons” is a self confessed
anarchist. Matt Growning himself has openly declared that he wants to get his own political ideas across within his work but he wanted to do this in such a way that people would find it easy to accept his ideas and the means he chose to this was a clever full cartoon called “The Simpsons”. So what exactly the Simpsons are teaching us and our children?? There are many lessons being programmed into us these include disregard for authority either parental or governmental the bad manners and disobedience is the way to attain status amongst people and that ignorance is trendy and cool where as knowledge is unfashionable. However what is especially worrying is the
Masonic undertones of one episode in particular. The episode in which the father figure of the family Homer Simpson becomes obsessed with the group called the stone cutters. Upon joining the group his fellow members find a birth mark on him the mark that makes the rest of the group declare him to be the chosen one but with his new found honor and dignity he Homer Simpson fools himself into thinking that he is god. Some may dismiss it as nothing more than a children cartoon a bit of harmless fun but the influence it has on the audience makes it a very effected means of propaganda
indoctrinating a people without them even realizing. Its very creators admit that they are propagating their political ideas to the audience in a covert manner. Ideas spread through the domestic television can reach a far wider audience than movies in cinema and it is through this media that a new concept is being introduced. the concept of one global leader.

Famous for his novel “The Jungle Book” Rudyard Kippling another Free Mason wrote a book called “The Man Who Would One Day be King” This was later made into a big budget Hollywood film starring Sean Connery, Michael Kane and Saeed Jaffery. The book is a story of two soldiers that journey to a country on the edge of India. A country that was once rumored to contain great riches that once belonged to Alexander the Great. Upon reaching the country the two soldiers are captured by the local inhabitants a people called
Kafirs named after their country Kafiristan . When the two men are about to be killed a necklace is discovered around the neck of one of the soldiers engraved on it is the symbol of the Masonic One Eye. The Kafirs revere him as their god and a tribute to him the divine attribute of immortality. The man himself first regards himself as a King and then his new found power begins to regard himself really as being a god.
From the Muslim perspective if not that of others the similitude’s that can be drawn from the story are very interesting. The Muslim scriptures called Hadith contains many prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam). In these it is prophesized that a man would arrive from amidst the Kafirs which means infidels in Islam who would be recognized by his One Eye and would be made a World leader claiming first to be a King and later to be a god and that he would seem immortal until an appointed time.


In another film a concept of global leader and global government is also strongly propagated. In 1996 the film
“Independence Day” broke all box office records becoming the 7th highest ranking films of all times is entranced audiences around the World with a fictional story of an Alien invasion on Earth however deep within the film subliminal messages can be found indicating the Free Masonic presence and a Free Masonic agenda . In the film there is a military base known as “Area 51”
it is from here that the military offensive is launched on which the salvation of the whole world and the future of its inhabitants depends. The entrance to its installation is a pyramid on which is engraved the symbol of the One Eye. The film shows the U.S.A as the fore runner in establishing a global offensive involving all the nations of the world an offensive which is devised, controlled and commanded by one man. One overall leader. The film is a part of an upsurge in an upsurge of films and television serials on topics of Aliens, UFO’s and invasions threatening the whole of mankind. These are gradually fuelling the growing interest of public unrest on the issue. This is just one of the many ways in which Free Masons are paving the way for their global government.

The Free Masons are using a number of approaches to drive fear into the hearts of the masses instilling in them the need for greater protection and thereby the need for greater security. A need that could only be fulfilled by a Worldwide coalition government protecting the interests of all human beings across the globe. “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an Alien threat from outside this world and yet I ask you is not an Alien force already amongst us”.

Other tactics that the Masons are using in order to bring about a one world government and a need for a global security force controlled by them is to allow crime rates to sore thus creating fear for personal and national security.

The drugs industry according to official estimates is in terms of monetary value one of the largest industries in the world. The countries of the world are currently involved in trying to solve this problem on a national and international scale. The USA for example has a huge and growing drugs problem the direct result of which is being soaring crime rates which continue to increase at an alarming rate.

Backed by the growing levels of public demands for tough action the government has justifications to use heavy handed overt and covert operations to combat the drugs problem and satisfy the public opinion. However certain disturbing facts about the American drugs war throw a shadow of doubt upon its credibility and motives of the government. It is commonly believed that during the 1960’s J. Edgar Hoover the then chairman of the FBI allowed the drugs trade to flourish within the African American community in an attempt to undermine the black communities uprising within the American society.

During the 1980’s with the threat of communism taking over central America money was urgently required to finance the rebellion movement against communism and to raise this the CIA allowed drugs to be traded into America.

Revelations by the American senator Jack Bloom who was part of an investigatory committee into the matter confirms this.

Historically the Free Masons have used or created problems within the society to turn and manipulate events in accordance with their agenda. The rising drug problems in America gives the authorities all the justification needed to use stronger heavy handed tactics on an even wider scale. Already major Trans Atlantic operations as well as American and Latin American operations have been undertaken to combat the drugs epidemic. It will not be long before there is a significant backing for strong global offensive. Distortion of the facts and usage of manufactured and biased statistics of the tools of Free Masonic governments of today as well as creating a public need for a greater national and global security, rising rates of crime, drug abuse and increasing threat of terrorism acts serve the purpose of promoting greater control of the masses. Advances in technology is a way forward for the Free Masons, these allow the actions of all individuals in society to be monitored, checked and recorded. Information is their key. the more information they have on individuals the more accurately they can predict their actions and the way they think and the easier they are to manipulate control and subdue.

The Free Masons are creating a society and in a society choices but an illusion technology is there to restrict the choices you have and the choices you do have are the actual facts of products of the manipulated mind that has been steered into a predefined direction controlled the masses means the complete control of every aspect of human life, Your Life!!!

shocking acts of terrorism, soaring crime rates, increasing incidences and violence are propounded by film media and government reports are alike creates strong public sympathy and support for harsh tactics and surveillance techniques more and more technology can be introduced and the level of monitoring and surveillance can be increased until individuals are monitored to a level more befitting a totalitarian state. Public opinion will once again be manipulated to give Masons justification for their actions and make their goals easier. the means to monitoring the masses and storing all personal information on individuals in society on a massive database is already underway.

Rapid movements are taking place towards storing personal information on individuals on plastic such as banking detail, driving license information and national insurance details. Apparently these details are stored on separate cards for plans are well underway to merge all the information on one identity card. The consequence would be complete monitoring of all purchases and transactions and personal details of an individual on the touch of a button.

In 1992 the Vice Chancellor of the British Supreme Court
Nicholas Brown Mulkinson told the High Court that if the information obtained by the police in land revenue the social services, the health service and other agencies would be gathered together in one file the freedom of the individual will be greatly at risk. However the Free Masons through the governments controlled by them already have access to a vast array of information about you. They can already find out who you talk to on the telephone, where you work, where you shop, what you eat, what you wear, how much you are worth, what you earn and the list goes on and on.

One identity card would allow even closer monitoring and enable a complete psychological profile to be compiled on every individual in society. Information which would make it very easy to predict control of manipulate actions.

However there is a gap the
Masons need to fill in by using hard currency an individual can evade detection and vital information is lost since hard currency transactions are untraceable. As a result moves are being made to replace hard currency with the system that relies totally on an electronic funds transfer. In other words the system that relies totally on cards. Trails and swindle have held the first signs of the move towards the introduction of smart cards and electronic money on a national scale in the UK. The mondex scheme is pioneered by net western midland banks and British telecom and is the first British trail of the smart card. Inside a smart card is a micro chip which calculates every single transaction not any financial transactions but records every single thing for which it is used. It can serve as a credit card, a building society passport, library card, travel card, phone card and quite possibly an identity card. The concept was pioneered in France which already has its own rigorous identity system.

Although an identity card would reveal much detail it would not be able to locate any one person precisely at any given instant time this would require some sort of tracking device that could be put on and detected where ever that person may be on the globe.

The tracking device would be an all purpose micro chipped identification device or an electronic implant placed under the skin. These implants could then off a signal which could then be picked up by satellite on low earth orbit locating and identifying the subject. Although this may sound like the works of fiction it is however already well on its way to becoming reality. There are already approximately 48 global positioning satellites in orbit that are in use by the United States and her allies. These satellites can act upon incoming signals and pass down accurate information to the source of the signal about its location. At present the source of the signals are devices that attached tanks, battleships, aircraft or hand held instruments for accurate navigation purposes. The next step would be to introduce the device that created the source signal on every individual. Currently one form of device that has been created specifically as a signal source for the satellite is the electronic tag already a scheme using such tags on individuals is in operation in the UK. The justification used is that it is necessary to cope the growth in the population of the already over flowing prisons. The tag fits ocular around the offenders wrists and can monitored to see if the offenders are violating curfew regulations. Pilot tagging schemes are already in operation in greater Manchester, Bark Shaw and Norfolk with plans for expansion in other countries in the coming year. In an article of the Daily Telegraph stated the 13th of November 1997 Jack Straw the current British home secretary stated that electronic tagging has developed rapidly in the past few years as has peoples confidence in it. There is no argument that it has within it the scope for further significant development and with the people firmly under their watchful eye the Masons can now further advance their plans for global control manipulating them in accordance with their own ends and this manipulation would be achieved by any means necessary.

The Free Masons plan for complete global control by one governmental body means they must pave the way for complete global economic union, complete global legislatory and political union and complete global military union. On March the 25th 1957 with the creation of the European economic community the first significant steps in the creation of this global government were taken. Since then the EEC has become a testing ground for the new world order. With the basic tennets of freedom of movement between member states already established goods and people can move relatively freely within this one super state. The plans are already underway for the establishment of complete monitory union and the powers of the governmental body of Europe are growing everyday paving the way for complete political and legislatory union. All this will mean that eventually in the super state of the European economic community there will be one currency, one economy and one government and the government most certainly be a Masonic government. The three most important players of the European community are Britain, France and Germany. Britain and France have long been Masonicaly controlled nations.

During World War II Germany was completely annexed by Britain and France along with the United States another Masonic nation and the Soviet Union. The sectors of Germany controlled by the former three countries are Masonic nations formed a separate political identity called West Germany and with the downfall of the Berlin wall west Germany has now taken over the former east Germany. Europe is not alone in its efforts to achieve super states status. America and Mexico are currently the only two members of NAPHTHA the North American Free Trade Agreement however the nations of the South are increasingly being pursued to join. with Masonic super state in both Europe and America firmly established global union would be a logical and easy progression.

However there is another problem that the Masons need to contend with if they are to be the masters of this global union. By the 1970’s it was becoming increasingly clear that the population of Europe and White America was rapidly declining unless something was done the expanding size of the population of third world nations would pose a serious threat to national security of Masonicaly controlled countries. Western consumer power and productivity would reduce and as a result they would be completely dependant on that of the third world population. Somehow the gap between Western population and third world population had to be a bridge to restore Western supremacy or more precisely Masonic supremacy at a global scale.

In the 1970’s the president Jimmy Carter commissioned the global 2000 report the findings of the report blamed virtually all of the world problems on the population growth of the non-white people. The report went on as far as recommending the elimination of at least 2 billion people in third world nations off the face of the earth by the year 2000
in order to restore Western supremacy. Interestingly enough also in the 70’s the AIDS Epidemic broke out claiming huge amounts of life in the third world nations as well as amongst the growing black and Hispanic population of America. It was said that the virus originated from green monkeys in Africa and was later past on to the local population through either acts of bestiality or through consuming them as food. From there on AIDS spread like wild fire across the African continent and later on to the rest of the world claiming millions of lives. However the story was just a smoke stream.
On June 2nd 1988 The Los Angeles Times published an article refuting the idea that the human AIDS virus originated from green monkeys. It uncovered evidence that DNA composition of AIDS was totally inconsistent with that of green monkeys in fact it could be proven that the AIDS virus could not be found anywhere in nature and could only of ever survive in the human biological system. If the virus did not exist anywhere in nature the question is raised as to where exactly the virus all of a sudden stemmed from? On July the 4th 1984 The New Delhi newspaper in India called The Patriot published an article making the first detail charges of AIDS is being a counter biological warfare agent. An anonymous American Anthropologist has quoted claims of AIDS was genetically engineered of the US armies biological warfare laboratory at Ford Detrick near Fredrick . Then on October the 30th 1985 the Soviet Journal Glitter a Liternia Gazetta repeated the charges made by the Indian Newspaper making it an international controversy. All this however was easily passed off as a communist rhetoric by the Masonic west. However on October the 26th 1986 the Sunday Express became the first Western newspaper to run a front page story confirming the findings of the Indian and Soviet newspapers entitled “AIDS made in lab shocks”. In this article the distinguished position Dr. John Seal and Prof. Jacob Seagall the retired director of the institute of biology at Berlin university both concluded that the AIDS virus was man made.

The out break of AIDS has been linked to vaccine programs around the world. The internationally respected London Times newspaper published an article of the front page story on May 11th 1987 entitled “Small Pocks Vaccine Triggered AIDS”. The article establishes its direct correlation between the small pocks vaccine administered by the world health organization to an estimated 50-70 million people in different central African countries and the subsequent out breaks of AIDS in those regions. The world health organization is the medical wing of the United Nations. The evidence suggests that AIDS is a genetically engineered virus spread through vaccination programs in third world countries. Germ warfare against the innocent and the weak aimed at eliminating an entire populace of the face of the earth. AIDS is nothing other than a modern day final solution and all of this for the purpose of installing an economic policy that will give complete global domination to the Masonic West.

However for the Free Masons economic domination on its own is not enough. In order to have Masonic government of the head of global union under complete Masonic control and economic union may suffice but to keep it there they need a military union and that union would be none other than the UN .

France and America are already ranked within the five major powers of its security council with the others being Russia and China. This means that they have enough power to VITO any motion passed. In December 1992 the president of the General Assembly declared that the UN must become a functional world parliament and went on to say that he UN should be equipped with its own intelligent service. However the UN has already attained military power. It operates its own army. An army that stood back while thousands of Muslims were killed by the serbs in Bosnia and instead implement an arms embargo that left Muslims by any means of self defense. When UN soldiers were sent to wage war against General Muhammad Farah Ideed during the months between June and October 1993. American helicopters fired on hospitals, houses and civilian crowds killing hundreds of unarmed people often attacked in which 71 died the head of the UN mission Admiral Jonathan Howard said “We knew what we were hitting it was well planned”. This was a clear breach of the Geneva convention but when the US military attorney was confronted on these points his reply was that the Geneva convention did not apply to the UN forces on a technicality that the UN is not the signatory to the convention. In other words UN troops were free to commit any war crimes or atrocities they wanted and were above any law. In fact the UN far from bringing feast with as it claims instead has spread corruption in the land leaving a trail of death and destruction where ever it has gone.

Day that the cold war of a very existence of the Soviet Union when the Free Masons opt to the global government would take time. Now that communism has being destroyed it seems the Free Masons can at last use the UN to achieve their goals of the global government. Therefore having the entire world at their grasp with none to stand in their way also they thought whereas the Earth cries out because of the corruption and injustice they have spread over the land through the agonizing centuries of their domination. The world is witnessing the reawakening of an old warrior. Now the Free Masons have another enemy to contend with an enemy which they have thought that they have destroyed. An enemy that will never bow down to the evil and demonic plan of the Free Masons. That enemy is Islam and against it they have declared war.

However the Muslims have already been fore warned about an enemy that will face them. The last Prophet of Allah, Prophet
Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) said that a man will appear after the Muslims have conquered a Roman city called Constantinople. He will first appear as a tyrannical king then he will be claimed to be a Prophet and finally he will claim to be the Lord god himself. Already the first part of the prophecy has been fulfilled. Constantinople was conquered and renamed Istanbul. The prophet further fore told that
this liar will start to conquer the world. Country by country, fortress by fortress, region by region, town by town and no place will remain un escaped except the two Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. He will possess powers to issue a command to the sky and it will rain and to the earth and it will produce crops. He will call to a false religion and bring something which resembles paradise and hell but that which resembles paradise will in fact be hell and that which resembles hell will in fact be paradise. He is the Dajjal meaning imposter and he will be born with one eye and your Lord is not one eyed!!

It is also known that before the appearance of Dajjal a group of people will pave the way setting up the system to prepare the world for his arrival in other words these fore runners to the Dajjal and their system will bear all the characteristics of the Dajjal and he will be the final embodiment of these inhuman forms. The fore runners to the Dajjal are none others than the Free Masons. The one eye is one of the ways to recognize the Dajjal, the one eye is the symbol of the Free Masons.

It is part of their beliefs and is taken from ancient Egyptian mythology. In their ideology it represents the supreme being sometime referred to as the great architect of the universe.

The Scholars of Islam say that the similitude of the Dajjal is that of the Pharaoh who carried by the Prophet Moses. The Pharaoh was a tyrannical leader who elevated himself in status and declared himself to be god. He used magicians to create illusions and fool the people and oppressed all who did not confirmed his false religion. Today the Free Masons weave another kind of magic. The illusions they create take the form of hidden or openly propagated messages in films, televisions, cartoons, music and all the other cogs in their well oiled media machine and this same media machine has continuously been put into action to slander and destroy the character of Islam. Following another trade of the Dajjal who goes further and slanders God directly. The Dajjal is an oppressor to all who do not follow him. He will have powers to increase the land harvest or destroyed depending whether the people follow him. Similarly the Free Masonic west through the World Bank hold the third world nations to ransom if they do not act in accordance with their wishes. Abundance of IMF development loans are often used to ensnare such nations and the unattainable interest payments keep them ensnared. They are forced to submit or face economic collapse and dire poverty.

Another way in which the Dajjal will control the people either deluding them or forcing them to submit is by spreading disease. He will have the ability to spread disease or cure it. In fact he will be playing god and with this power he will delude many to his false religion. The
Free Masons also play with peoples lives in this manner.

Evidence exists showing that many viruses have created or mutated in military labs and later used an experiment on human beings and it has been established that AIDS is a man made tool used to suit the purposes of Masonic West.

The Dajjal shall try to strip God on all of His Divine attributes and claim them for himself. This arrogance is also the way of Free Masons who are engaged in replacing the laws of God with those that are man made and claiming justice across the land using technology to monitor all that you do trying to see and hear everything using genetics to alter and to improve the creation to reach their false standards. The arrogance knows no bounds and they obey no law but that of their own making. These are the fore runners to the Dajjal these are the Free Masons.

The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) said that a time would come and the whole world would gather around to plan a destruction of the Muslims as if they were gathered around a table to take part in a meal. Today the nations of the world are doing just that around the circular tables of the United Nations general assembly hall. He also said that time of the Dajjal will be years of confusion people would believe a liar and disbelieve who is trustworthy and those who rebel against God will have a say in general affair. Today during the time perceiving the Dajjal there is also the time of confusion. The system set up by the fore runners have ensnared many Muslims away from truth using wealth and materialism and fulfillment of Earthly desires. A miserable betray. These times of tribulation are like a giants sib sorting out the true believers from the apostates and hypocrites.

Many have adopted the life style and philosophy of Dajjal system retaining perhaps their Muslim name or clothing wearing like a badge to their identity and in every other way embracing whole heartedly the system that has been used to eradicate Islam.

Embracing the same system has stood back and did nothing when pregnant Muslim women at their bellies ripped over by serbs killing them. The same system that stand still whilst women and small girls are being assaulted in Kashmir. A system that stood still whilst mothers saw their children dragged away by soldiers during the night never to return. Simply because they spoke out of being refugees in their own homeland and the same system that said nothing to the tyrant that guest women and children to simply because they dance to the Masonic tune. For those who choose this system claim to love Allah and His messenger but hate what he has brought leave the guidance that is Islam and they had heird to the evil system of the Dajjal living their lives accordance with its rules and seeking from it worldly rewards disregarding the truth that is the laws of Allah. They are those who invite upon themselves the wrath of Allah.

The fore runners to the Dajjal have set up this system to destroy Islam either directly through military and economic conversion or indirectly using ideological warfare. They have divided and conquered in stilling diseases such as nationalism and races into the heart of the Ummah. Their biggest fear is Muslim unity and revival of the message brought by the last Prophet to mankind and everything they do is geared to prevent this. They have manipulated Muslims setting up and promoting divides. They have installed their own universal language compelling all to learn or be shut out and reducing
Arabic to secondary and inferior language in society and what they have used most to keep the Muslims a bay is oil.

During World War I the Free Masonic governments have anicked to destroy the Islamic caliphate and anicked all its territories. The part now called Iraq was put British mandate and current borders were defined by them and through the Iran-Iraq war. After its independence the USA took over interest in Iraq in fear of purest Islamic uprising.

The CIA aided the both parties rise to power making Saddam Hussein the leader of Iraq and an ally to the Masonic states. When Kuwait later started raising its oil prices it was destroying the war to an economy of Iraq.

Threats were made but ignored. the situation worsen until finally Iraqi troops were mobilized to the border. The Free Masonic media the American media in particular portrayed this as a shock and an outrage.

However it is reported that the US ambassador to Kuwait had prior knowledge of the invasion and Iraq’s intentions as did the CIA.

After the Gulf War Saddam is still alive and Kuwait is being liberated it remains to be asked exactly what purpose the Gulf War served to its Free Masonic orchestraters. The
Masonic West has long realized that the control of oil is vital to their economies. One of the main reasons is their reliance on cars and road transport however although technology exist to mass produce fully operational electric cars. All attempts to do so have been Vetoed. This is because oil is crucial to maintaining their world order without the wealth from oil Muslim economies would fall and without the puppet governments and leaders such as Saddam Hussein the Free Masonic West could not control the Muslim nation. Without the division of wealth and false leadership of these nations nothing would prevent the purest Islamic movements from coming to power.
Poverty creates unity and Muslim unity is the greatest fear to the fore runners of the Dajjal.

The Gulf War serves many purposes to promote Western unity to create divides amongst the Muslim nations to act as a testing ground for entire arsenal of military weapons and cocktails of chemicals and drugs but most of all it serves to ensure a strong military presence in the Middle East. The Dajjal has placed a strong hold in the very heart of Islam itself and laid a firm grip on the Muslim holy lands But although they plan Allah also plans and Allah is the best of planners. The final victory will be with the Muslims. ALLAHU AKBAR
So dear Muslim brothers & sisters where we stand right now. Just think about it for a moment sincerely.



According to Encarta Encyclopedia Great Seal of US is described as:

“Great Seal of the United States, official seal of the United States government. It is two-sided, having both an obverse and a reverse. Only the obverse has been cut as a die, but the design of the reverse has been copied and appears, for example, on the U.S. one-dollar bill.

The dominant figure on the obverse of the seal is an American eagle, shown with wings spread. On its breast the eagle bears a shield having 13 narrow vertical stripes, 7 white alternating with 6 red, which are surmounted by a broad horizontal stripe of blue. The eagle holds an olive branch in its right talon, a cluster of 13 arrows in its left, and in its beak a scroll on which appears the Latin motto E pluribus unum (“From many, one”). A cluster of 13 five-pointed stars, surrounded by a glory, appears above the eagle.
A pyramid, truncated near the top, is the central figure of the reverse side. The base of the pyramid is inscribed with the date 1776 in Roman numerals:

MDCCLXXVI. At the zenith of the pyramid, within a triangle surrounded by a glory, appears the all-seeing eye of Divine Providence. Above the eye is inscribed the motto Annuit coeptis (“He has smiled on our undertakings”). Below the pyramid is a scroll bearing the motto Novus ordo seclorum (“New order of the ages”)

This seal is also engraved on the dollar note of US,
Underneath it which is written ‘ Novus Ordo Seclorum’
Translated as: ‘NEW SECRET ORDER’.

Now what does the Pyramid carrying one eye on its top means??

Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) 1400 years back warned us about Dajjal in following words: Narrated by Ibn Umar (radhiyallahu anhu)Once Allah’s Apostle stood amongst the people, glorified and praised Allah as He deserved and then mentioned the Dajjal saying, “I warn you against him ( i.e. the Dajjal) and there was no prophet but warned his nation against him. No doubt, Noah warned his nation against him but I tell you about him something of which no prophet told his nation before me. You should know that he is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed.”
Hadith 4.553(Sahih Bukhari Hadith)

HALLA: The Jews were known for their practice of black arts of Kabala. They have used their black art on the Muslims for many centuries in different ways. So the name mentioned above “HALLA”, is the name of a yougart product used in Pakistan. If it is read backwards it spells “ALLAH”, so the Muslims themselves are helping the freemasons and they don’t even know about it.

COCA-COLA : This is the most commonly used cold drinks in the world. If you ever see coca-cola written in Mirror Image you just might notice with a thorough observation that it says “LA MAKKAH, LA MUHAMMAD”,(meaning no Makkah, no Muhammad) in Arabic, This is another freemasonic work.



NIKE’S AD: I am one of the many muslims who you hurt by Nike’s ad which shows muslims prostrating to a woman in one of their brand jeans. I will remind you of what the Company Nike did to muslims when they portray the name of Allah on one of their sports shoes. The result was that Malaysia, Indonesia and the Gulf states including Saudi Arabia stopped importing Nike products. If you look carefully you will find that it was after that incident that Nike began to report earnings less than expected on the wall street which caused their stock price to tumble. The stock price has not recovered yet. Check it for yourselves. You owe this to your shareholders. If this picture reaches the governments of some of those countries I bet the fate of our company will not be much different from Nike.


“AIR” was written in such a way on the backside of the shoe, if observed closely looks as “Allah” written in Arabic.

Now a days media can be used as the most powerful weapon in the world, best used by freemasons.

In an American advertisement a woman wearing a new jeans launched by that company is presenting it in an exotic fashion, and you can see Muslims bowing towards that woman.



There have been many Masonic Temples observed all around the world. A masonic church may look like a pyramid or has masonic symbols, if you closely observe the church present in Islamabad (f-8/4), the church’s architecture looks like a pyramid and it has masonic symbols on it’s walls.


“There is no doubt in my mind that Masonry is the cornerstone of America.”
Dave Thomas
Founder of Wendy’s International

“To me, Freemasonry is one form of dedication to God and service to humanity.”
Norman Vincent Peale
Minister and Author

“Freemasonry embraces the highest moral laws and will bear the test of any system of ethics or philosophy ever promulgated for the uplift of man.”
Douglas MacArthur
General of the Army

“The Masonic Fraternity is one of the most helpful mediating and conserving organizations among men, and I have never wavered from that childhood impression, but it has stood steadfastly with me through the busy, vast hurrying years.”
George W. Truett
Southern Baptist Leader

“We represent a fraternity which believes in justice and truth and honorable action in your community…men who are endeavoring to be better citizens…[and] to make a great country greater. This is the only institution in the world where we can meet on the level all sorts of people who want to live rightly.”
Harry S. Truman
President of the United States

Many of the world’s most respected men-including business, Military, intellectual, political, and religious leaders-have been or are Evil Masons.

Swami Vivekananda – Motilal Nehru – C. Rajagopalachari – Fakruddin Ali Ahmed – Omdat-ul-Omrah – P.C. Dutt – Eddy Arnold – Roy Acuff – Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin – Gene Autry – Daniel C. Beard – Francis J. Bellamy – Irving Berlin – Simon Bol¡var – Walter Boomer – Gutzon Borglum – Ernest Borgnine – Omar Bradley – James Buchanan – Arleigh Burke – Richard E. Byrd B. H. Carroll – Mark Clark – William Clark Dewitt Clinton – Ty Cobb – W. T. Connor – Jack Dempsey – James Doolittle – Arthur Conan Doyle – “Duke” Ellington –
Henry Ford – Gerald Ford – Benjamin Franklin – Clark Gable – James Garfield – Arthur Godfrey – Wolfgang von Goethe – Barry Goldwater – Samuel Gompers – John Hancock – Warren Harding – Jesse Helms – Sam Houston – Burl Ives – Andrew Jackson – Andrew Johnson – John Paul Jones – Benito Ju rez – Rudyard Kipling – Marquis de Lafayette – J. B. Lawrence – John Lejeune – Charles Lindbergh – John Marshall – George Marshall – Thurgood Marshall – Jos‚ Mart¡ – Charles Mayo – Douglas MacArthur – Abner McCall – William McKinley – James Monroe – Wolfgang Mozart – Louis D. Newton – Norman Vincent Peale – J. C. Penney – John Pershing – James Polk – Paul Revere – Herbert Reynolds – Roy Rogers – Will Rogers – Franklin D. Roosevelt – Theodore Roosevelt – Thomas S. Roy – L. R. Scarborough – Jean Sibelius – “Red” Skelton – John Phillip Sousa – William Howard Taft – Danny Thomas – Lowell Thomas – Strom Thurmond – George W. Truett – Harry S. Truman – Joseph Warren – John Wanamaker – George Washington – John Wayne

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