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Technological Capability Or Divine Help???

By Al-Haqq

Islamically speaking, the most weird argument which Muslims advance for the Ummah’s failure on the battlefield against the kuffaar is the technological superiority of the western kuffaar. America’s military ‘might’, its nuclear capability and its supposedly invincible air – force are said to be the causes of the capitulation of the Taalibaan and the fall of Iraq. This argument in the light of the pronouncements of the Qur’aan Majeed is utterly fallacious. It is devoid of substance. Success and victory of the Muslim nation were never the consequences of military superiority.

The very same lawless Arabs who had led a barbaric life prior to the advent of Islam had become the Standard Bearers of the glorious Flag of Islam which they planted on the hilltops of the world wherever they went. The mightiest armies of the then superpowers were humbled and lay prostrate at the feet of the Sahaabah who were the very men who a few years earlier in their time of Jaahiliyyah were entirely lost and absorbed in immorality, barbarism and intertribal warfare.

In fact, so lawless and rebellious were these Arabs that no power of the time ventured to subdue them. The outside world powers were content to leave them within the confines of the Arabian Peninsula to squander their energy in their own evil pursuits which ensured their incremental moral retrogression and political stagnation. As long as they remained in the vortex of kufr and immorality, they lacked in entirety in spiritual vision. They thus remained grounded in the desert sands of Arabia.


But when Islam came to these restless Sons of the Arabian Desert, their spiritual vision opened up and became adorned with the celestial light of the Roohaani  (Spiritual) world. As a direct consequence of the opening up of the hearts of their Baatin (Soul), they were constrained by the Fire of Imaan to break out from the desert frontiers of the Arabian Peninsula which could no longer contain their spirits kindled with the power of Imaan. Soon the call of Allaahu Akbar and the Call of Tauheed – Lailaha illalla Allah — reverberated throughout the world.

An ill equipped army of 12,000 Sahaabah confronted and decisively defeated a superior and regular army of more than a quarter million kuffaar soldiers. This is not an isolated example. The history of the rise of Islam and its domination testify to the wildfire spread of the Sahaabah and the ascendancy and domination of the rule of Islam over the lands of the kuffaar. Never were these fruits gained as a result of numerical or military superiority. With regard to the weakness of the then Ummah , the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“Verily, Allah aided you at Badr when you were a disgraceful lot (in the eyes of the kuffaar).” 

Despised and physically emaciated — numerically outnumbered and militarily having no comparison with the opposing kuffaar forces — Allah Ta’ala bestowed a resounding victory to the tiny band of Sahaabah, and the history of the world began to be written in a new light.


Thus, the argument of technological inferiority is a colossal deception of shaitaan. It is with this deception that shaitaan sustains the process of Muslim emulation of people wallowing in physical and spiritual najaasat and janaabat.  The power – base of the Muslimeen is entirely something else. It is Taqwa — the Fear of Allah. It is Taqwa and the Sunnah which constitute the bedrock of our success and power, and it is Taqwa which attracts even the kuffaar to the Haqqaaniyat (Truth) of Islam which has come for all mankind. It is therefore not lawful for Muslims to commit deeds which will alienate the kuffaar from Islam. Every Muslim has to be an ambassador of Islam — a practical Muballigh.


All our ancestors were kuffaar, The Sahaabah transformed our kuffaar ancestors and presented the treasure of Imaan and Islam to them. How did they accomplish the wonderful feat of converting entire nations to Islam in the shortest space of time? Definitely not at the point of the sword as the kuffaar enemies allege. The seat of Imaan is the heart. While the sword can convert overtly the tongue, it cannot make the slightest inroad into the heart. On the contrary, it creates a greater aversion for those who wield the sword. But Islam came to remain with the conquered kuffaar people, and these very conquered people became the ambassadors and champions and Armies of Islam the day after their conversion to Islam.


The Qur’aan calls your attention, O Mu’mineen! It calls on you to reflect and understand where your power comes from : Says Allah Azza Wa Jal, in aayat 26 of Surah Anfaal:

“And (O Mu’mineen!) remember when you were numerically insignificant (and militarily hopelessly inadequate); you were despised weaklings in the land. You feared that the people (your kuffaar enemies) would snatch (and devour you). Then (Lo!) He (Allah) gave you refuge and aided you with His Help, and He granted you Tayyibaat (halaal and wholesome ) food so that yo u may be grateful.”

The gratitude which Rabbul Izzat — Allah Azza Wa Jal — demands from us weaklings is adoption of the Sunnah, acceptance of the Immutable Shariah and engrossment in perpetual Thikrullaah. Then will open up the avenues of Victory, for He has created the Mu’mineen for Victory in this world and everlasting success (falaah) in the Aakhirah.