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Response to the Christian Objection of the Qur’anic Ayat: “Mary, the sister of Aaron”

Let us look at Qur’anic Verses 19:27-28 “At length she brought The (babe) to her people, carrying him (in her arms). They said: ‘O Mary ! Truly an amazing thing Hast thou brought! O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a man of evil, nor thy mother a woman unchaste!'”

There are no errors in the above noble verses. Let us look at what Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said regarding these verses

Mughira bin Shu’ba (radhiyallahu anhu) reported: “When I came to Najran, they (the Christians of Najran) asked me: You read “O sister of Harun (Aaron)” (i. e. Mary) in the Qur’an, whereas Moses was born much before Jesus. When I came back to Allah’s Messenger I asked him about that, whereupon he said: The (people of the old age) used to give names (to their persons) after the names of Apostles and pious persons who had gone before them.” [Translation of Sahih Muslim, The Book on General Behaviour (Kitab Al-Adab), Book 025, Number 5326]

As we clearly see from the Hadith of our beloved Prophet, this issue was brought to him before and he clearly responded to it. The false claim made against our Prophet about him meaning that Mary was a biological sister of Aaron is clearly refuted.

The People of Isra’il used to call people by either their last names, or by adding words such as you “Son of…” or “Brother of…” or “Sister of…” When they called people “O Son of…” they didn’t mean for that person to be the actual biological son of the person whom they used his name. The other person could be a simply in the family tree or a last name.

When Jesus was called “Jesus the son of David” for instance, the Jews didn’t mean to call Jesus the actual biological son of David. Similarily, when they called Mary “O sister of Aaron”, they meant to call her sister of Aaron in faith! Not the actual biological sister of Aaron.

The Qur’an talked about Aaron being Moses’s biological brother and messenger to Pharoah in Quranic verses 2:248, 4:163, 6:84, 7:122, 7:142, 7:150-151, 10:75, 10:87, 10:89, 19:28, 19:53, 20:30-35, 20:42, 20:70, 20:92-94, 21:48, 21:23, 21:45, 25:35-36, 26:13, 26:48, 28:34-35, 37:114-122 and many more.

The Qur’an also talks about Moses being the People of Isra’il’s first Messenger of GOD in Qur’anic verses 2:108, 2:248, 4:153, 5:20-26, 6:84, 14:8, 19:51-53, 22:44, 25:35-36, 28:3, 37:114-122, 18:60-82, 20:9-48, 27:7-12, 28:29-35, 79:15-19, 7:109-126, 10:79-82, 20:56-73, 26:38-51, 33:7, 2:53, 2:87, 2:136, 3:84, 6:91, 6:154, 7:144-145, 10:87, 11:110, 14:5, 17:2, 21:48, and may more.

The Qur’an also talks about Jesus coming to the people of Isra’il so many years after Moses and the many other Messengers of GOD that were sent to the People of Isreal in Qur’anic verses 3:49-51, 5:46, 5:72, 43:59, 61:6, 61:14, 4:171, 5:75, 43:59, 42:13, 4:172, 19:30, 43:64, 43:63, 3:52-54, 5:111-113, 57:27, 61:14, 61:6 and many more.

The Qur’an also talks about Mary being the biological Mother of Jesus in Quranic verses 3:35-37, 19:22-26, 21:91, 66:12, 5:75, 21:91, 4:156, 4:171, 5:17, 5:116, 21:91, 3:42-51, 19:16-21, and many more.

So if the Qur’an speaks clearly about Aaron being the biological brother of Moses, and speaks clearly about Jesus comming many years after Moses and the many other Messengers of GOD that were sent to the people of Isreal, and speaks clearly about Mary being the Mother of Jesus, then therefore, the Qur’an (1) Recognizes Mary as a woman who was born long years after Aaron, and (2) When the Jews called Mary ‘O sister of Aaron…’, then meant it to be Sister of Aaron in faith only and not a biological sister.

The Christian IDOL-WORSHIPPERS claim that since the MOTHER of ESAU was REALLY the BIOLOGICAL SISTER of AAROON the Prophet made a “mistake.”

However, It is clear that Mary WAS figuratively a “O SISTER OF HAROON” – WHY Because both the Bible and Qur’an agree she was a LEVITE i.e. a member of the tribe of hereditary “cohens” or “priests” in Judaism. (All
ultimately descendants of Aaron)
How do I know this Mary’s cousin was Elizabeth whom we are told “belonged to a priestly family”. (Luke 1:5, 36)