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[By The Majlis]

The Yahood and the Nasaara (Jews and Christians) will never be satisfied with you as long as you do not follow their cult. Say: verily, the Guidance of Allah is the only Guidance. And, if you ever would follow their base desires after the Ilm (Islam) has come to you, then you shall have neither friend nor helper Against Allah.” (Baqarah, aayat 120)

The kufr interfaith movement is as old as Islam. During the time of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasalam), the Yahood and Nasaara had set in motion this kufr movement. The pivot of this kufr movement is compromise – compromise Islam so that there remains a mere shadow of the Islam command in the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Since the interfaith movement was initiated more than fourteen centuries ago to undermine and eliminate Islam, the Yahood and Nasaara conspired to lure Muslims into their snare. While not asking to renounce Islam, Muslims were expected to compromise the Haqq of Islam – to compromise its principles, beliefs and teachings to achieve a false harmony and unity.

Initiating the interfaith movement, the Yahood and Nasaara requested Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to enter into a settlement with them and to establish
peace and harmony on condition that he compromises certain principles of the Deen of Islam. In fact, they contended that such compromise will pave the way for their entry into Islam. This ayat was revealed to warn Muslims of compromising the Deen, and to reject the deceptive overtures of the kuffaar. Allah Ta’ala clarifies in this aayat that the only option which of the Yahood and Nasaara is abject subservience to them – to accept their cult of life and to be accept their domination. The interfaith movement over the centuries has appeared in a variety of forms and movements. The West has been perennially conspiring and inventing ways of
subjugating Muslims, and pirating the natural resources of their lands. The ultimate objective of the interfaith plot is the elimination of Islam, for in the wake of Islam’s
annihilation, the West will be the sole master to control the lands of Islam. The orientalist centres attached to western universities have relentlessly engaged in conspiracies to undermine Islam. These centres have been renamed and are called ‘Islamic Studies’ whereas they constitute an anti-Islam, anti-Muslim network of institutions and scholars operating under the banner of ‘Islamic Studies’ Dr. Ahmad Ghorab who was a professor at a number of universities have adequately exposed the ‘Islamic Studies’ conspiracy in his book, Subverting Islam – The Role of the Orientalist Centres.

In this article we propose to warn Muslims of another insidious crusader-plot, which has become an important cog in the kufr interfaith movement whose satanic
objective it is to neutralize the spirit of Imaan which pulsates in the hearts of Muslims. The crusader-plot which has reference here has largely escaped the attention of Muslims. Its subtle modus operandi has ensnared numerous Muslims world-wide, in its tentacles, and it is executing its dark agenda in the very name of Islam. This plot is the Turkish brand of eviscerated ‘islam’ propagated by a movement called the Gulen Movement. Fethullah Gulen is a modernist Turk who currently lives in the U.S.A. The methodology of this movement is to undermine Islam via such educational institutions which impart a smattering of elementary Islamic
teaching pertaining to ritual acts of worship. However, the emphasis is twofold:

(a) Total modernization/westernization of Islam, and

(b) Western secular education.

The objective of westernizing Islam is to kill the spirit of Imaan. This killing is imperative for the subjugation of the Ummah and for establishing the hegemony of the western world over the lands of Islam. The educational system of the Gulen Movement combines religious and secular education, and the religion is supposedly
Islam, and this is the attraction for secular, unwary and unsuspecting Muslims. In almost every country of the world this insidious movement has established its schools. The system of education of these Turkish institutions subtly and gradually erodes Imaan until the stage is reached that the student understands Islam to be
a religion of ambiguous moral values and a smattering of worship rituals – a religion bereft of the Code of life with which the Qur’aan and Sunnah deals in minutest and meticulous detail.

The educational system is designed to abolish the Sunnah. The consequence of this abolition is the total destruction of the identity of the Muslim. Students are trained to be the serfs of the West. Piping Bush’s theme of ‘terrorism’, the emphasis of the Gullen Movement with its myriad of schools is the creation of a ‘moderate’ ‘islam’ – an ‘islam’ which is palatable to the Western American master – an ‘islam’ which will ensure that Muslims remain the serfs and camp-followers of the western kuffaar – the Yahood and Nasaara in whose holes Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) predicted Muslims would crawl in. In total emulation of the Yahood and Nasaaraa, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that Muslims will follow them “into the lizard’s hole”. Turkish ‘islam’ offered by the Gulen Movement has been spawned by dark, sinister forces of the West. Sight should not be lost of the fact that the Gulen Movement with its myriad of so-called ‘madrasahs’ was flourishing in Turkey several decades ago when Turkey was in the iron grip of the kaafir military of that country. It is most significant that whilst the Turkish military had banned teaching of the Qur’aan Majeed to children under the age of 16 years, the ‘madrasahs’ of the Gulen Movement were flourishing and are on the increase in Turkey and elsewhere. In fact, when the civilian government of Turkey relaxed the law and legalized Madrasahs – true Madrasahs – not the fake ‘madrasahs’ of subversion operated by the Gulen Movement – the army promptly took to the streets with columns of tanks and warned the government to rescind its decision
otherwise suffer the consequences of a coup. The government was constrained to renege and the law of prohibition remained. The army decreed that only at the age of 16 may a child decide to learn the Qur’aan if he/she so wishes. Yet, Gullen’s satanic institutions called ‘madrasahs’ operated with the full blessing of the army and all western governments and the sinister forces of the West.

A former American president, Bill Clinton had this to say about the Gullen Movement: “You are contributing to the promotion of ideas of tolerance and interfaith dialogue inspired by Fethullah Gulen in his transnational social movement. You are truly strengthening the fabric of our common humanity, as well as promoting the on-going cultural and educational bind that ties our world together.” A Madrasah is anathema to America and the West. But Gulen’s ‘madrasahs’ are applauded,
funded and promoted by the sinister forces of Western countries. They have realized that the brand of ‘islam’ which Gulen propagates will ensure and entrench western, specially American, domination. The Gulen Movement is a sinister front for the U.S.A.. Its dangerous veneer is its system of kufrmadrasahs’ designed to eliminate the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Shariah. Why would Bill Clinton praise this movement? The orientalist enemies of Islam without exception are lauding the Gulen Movement and piling on the accolades. One orientalist enemy of Islam, Prof John Esposito of George Town University, says
in praise of the Gulen Movement: “The Gulen Movement has become a very influential voice in the world in both dialogue or religions and civilization of societies.” Why would the enemies of Islam who are actively engaging in plots to undermine Islam, praise a movement of ‘madrasahs’?

The emaciated ‘islam’ imparted by the ‘madrasahs’ of the Gulen Movement is western indoctrination, the objective of which is to ensure the colonization of the brains of the Ummah. Muslims should beware of these schools. It is indeed lamentable that Muslims in South Africa are supporting the Turkish schools and Turkish ‘islam’ in increasing numbers. It is infinitely better to send your children to a non-Muslim secular school than to a Turkish ‘madrasah’ school. Contrary to the claims made
by the Movement that its funds are the contributions of small Turkish businessmen, there are sinister forces who are funding the billions of dollar world-wide operations of the Gulen Movement. This movement has no shortage of funds. Its schools are housed elaborately in expensive buildings, and they are found in almost
every country on earth. They don’t have any problem with permits and visas regardless of a country being war-torn. This fact speaks volumes for understanding the dark forces directing the operations of the Gulen Movement.

For the sake of the Imaan of their children, Muslims should beware of Turkish ‘islam’. Muslims should not admit their children to these ‘madrasahs’ and schools of conspiracy whose ultimate objective is the destruction of Islam, enslavement of the Ummah and siphoning off the natural resources of the Muslim lands. The ‘islam’ the Gulen ‘madrasahs’ impart is an ambiguous concept of ‘tolerance’, ‘respect’ and ‘moderation’. The Islam which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) imparted is called ‘terrorism’ or ‘militant’ Islam in the Gulen Movement. The products of these Turkish schools are real zombies who take pride in licking the boots of the U.S.A.
The engineers of the Gulen Movement are the devotees of the arch-Kaafir and Shaitaan, Attaturk whose mission it was to destroy Islam. The Gulen Movement is the other side of the Attaturk coin. Attaturk had utilized the coercive power of the state to suppress and eliminate Islam. The Gulen Movement is utilizing educational
institutions with a thin veneer of Islam to achieve the very same satanic objective. But Allah Ta’ala will protect his Deen. Says, the Qur’aan: “If you have sabr and taqwa, never ever will their plots harm you.


A very concerned Brother provides the following shocking information regarding Gulen’s Temple in Midrand, and his Turkish schools: 

I wanted to bring to your attention something very serious and important. The Turkish ‘Mosque’ in Midrand has been pulling crowds of people for their ‘entertaining’ programs from its inception. It is supported by the many Turkish schools in the country too.

However, this is a serious issue as these Turkish schools and those running the Turkish ‘Mosque’ do not believe in the finality of the Nubuwwah of Rasulullah sallalaahu alayhi wa sallam.

They believe in a saint by the name of Sulayman Hilmi who was from Hungary. Students at the Turkish schools are taught that he is their prophet and saviour and they are all given a picture of this saint and are told to ask him for their needs and du’a should be made to him.

The students in the school are told to keep this information confidential and to leak it out. If this information is leaked out by any student, then the student will be expelled.

This issue is very serious and must be treated as such. These Turkish schools and this Turkish ‘Mosque’ is nothing but centres for spreading kufr. Please review this and publish your findings and reponse (without my name). All the information provided here is correct and these Turkish agents cannot deny it. Jazakallah u Khayran (End of letter)

 Since the inception of the scourge of Turkish schools in South Africa, we have been warning the Muslim community of the danger of these schools of Gulen, the interfaith kaafir Turk masquerading as a Muslim, and who has been granted asylum by the U.S.A. where he has amassed a huge fortune. From the U.S.A. with the  support and connivance of the C.I.A., Gulen has established schools in the guise of ‘madrasahs’ all over the world with the  sinister motive of undermining and destroying Islam.