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Al-Modhoun Mosque – The Maqaam where the Prophet ﷺ took Refuge in Taif

As Islam started to gain momentum in Makkah, the pagans started to openly agitate against Islam so that the religion could not gain a strong foothold.

The pagans of Makkah started planning different ways to curtail the message of Islam and started torturing both mentally and physically on the early converts of Islam in Makkah became severe.

The death of Abu Talib and Hadhrat Khadija (radhiyallahu anha) made Holy Prophet ﷺ very distressed as his support system in Makkah had collapsed. Holy Prophet ﷺ was so grieved that he declared it as the year of grief when Abu Talib and
Hazrat Khadija (radhiyallahu anha) passed away in the same year.


Following these events, Holy Prophet ﷺ set out to spread Islam in other areas around Makkah where his message would be welcomed and the condition would not be so hostile. In search of a safe heaven for Islam, Holy Prophet ﷺ set out to a small city almost 70 km from Makkah known as Taif.

The people of Taif however, did not welcome Holy Prophet ﷺ but Holy Prophet ﷺ was chased by a group of mischievous people who threw stones at Holy Prophet ﷺ. The Holy Prophet ﷺ sought refuge in a garden to rest and was offered grapes by Addas, the farmer.


According to the tradition, the Holy Prophet ﷺ accepted the
grapes and started eating with the prayer “In the name of Allah.” Addas was surprised as he had not heard this supplication before he asked Holy Prophet ﷺ and he was so impressed by the personality of the Holy Prophet ﷺ that he accepted Islam!

Opposite to this garden (above pic) now we can see a beautiful mosque known as Qantara Mosque also known as Al-Madhoun Mosque. This according to historians was built around 162 years back in Ottoman Empire.


The style of the mosque matches with that of Abbassid era architect which makes it appear ancient. The visit to Taif holds great importance for pilgrims during their visit.

The pilgrims are very keen to visit and see the garden where Holy Prophet ﷺ rested, the Al-Madhoun Mosque and Al-Qu’a Mosque. Al-Qu’a mosque was also built around 800 years after the death of Holy Prophet ﷺ.

The tourists have different stories that they believe in and have these stories engraved in their minds. According to one such story, the Holy Prophet ﷺ rested here in this place and there is a stone which has the mark of Holy Prophet’s ﷺ elbow imprinted on the stone.


However, the historians reject such stories and category them as mere stories far from reality. The majority of visitors coming to Taif are from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia.

These tourists admire the beauty of the mosques and attach great religious importance to the place as Holy Prophet visited this city himself. The Pakistanis, call it ‘Hazrat Ali Mosque,’ referring to Ali-Bin Abi Talib (radhiyallahu anhu), whom they think was with the Prophet when he was in Taif.


This is completely unauthentic. Islamic biographers have different opinions whether the Prophet ﷺ was alone or accompanied by Zayd bin Haritha (radhiyallahu anhu).

In case you are interested to visit this historical mosque, you can search it on Google Maps with the name of Alkou Mosque, Taif.