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Mr Maududi’s View on Imam Mahdi (Alaihissalaam)

[Maulana Yusuf Ludhiyanwi Shaheed (rahimahullah)]

Moulana Maududi states in his  book “Tajdeed Wa Ahyaa-e-Deen”, regarding Imaam Mahdi (alaihissalaam):

“Those Muslims who believe in  Imaam Mahdi are not very far  behind in their misconception from those revivalists who do not  believe in him. They think that  Imaam Mahdi will be some kind of  future molvi or sufi who will  suddenly emerge from a certain  Madrasah or khanqah with a tasbeeh in his hand. Upon arrival  he will announce “I am Mahdi”.  The Ulama and Mashaaikh will  proceed to him with books in  hand and recognize him by  comparing the written signs with his external features. Then the  pledge will occur and the  announcement of Jihad will be proclaimed. The forty day sages  and the old-fashioned  predecessors will gather under his flag. They will use their swords as a mere formality to fulfil the  conditions of Jihad. The actual  work will be performed by  blessings and spiritual powers.  They will be victorious due to  incantations and wazifas. On  whichever kafir their sight falls, he will fall unconscious. By mere dua, tanks and aircraft will be infested with worms.”   [Page 55]

I cannot believe that such  disparaging fairy tales can  emanate from the pen of an Aalim. Maududi’s hatred for the  pious servants of Allaah has  driven him to mock and humiliate  them. Does he claim that any  victory can be achieved without  any Barakah (blessings)? Just as  he has mocked Imaam Mahdi,  how will Maududi react to  someone who mocks Nabi  (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) in a  similar manner (Nauthubillaah)?  Is he denying the Mu`jizaat of  the Ambiyaa (alaihi salaam) and  Karaamaat of the Auliyaa? Did  the battle of Badr, which was won by two horses, eight swords and three hundred and thirteen  dedicated soldiers against a well-equipped army lack in blessings?  On the occasion of Badr Nabi  (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) spent the entire night supplicating to  Allaah Ta`ala. He made the  following dua: “O Allaah! If you annihilate this little group (of  Sahaabah) there will be none to  worship You after this day.” Did the Assistance of Allaah Ta`ala descend without Barkat (blessings)? 

On the occasion when Nabi  (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) cast  the sand rearding which Allaah Ta`ala says in the Qur`aan  Majeed: “And you did not throw  when you threw, indeed it was Allaah who threw.”  In Moulana’s  estimation was this not Barkat?  When Moulana Maududi can poke fun and jest at the coming of Imaam Mahdi (alaihi salaam) it is not far-fetched for an atheist to go one step further and mock at the Battle of Badr.

Moulana Maududi goes on to say this about Imaam Mahdi:

“My estimate is that the person  will be a modern leader of the  times. He will have a deep insight into all the prevailing sciences of  the day. He will possess a proper understanding of all the important daily laws. He will have complete authority in mental leadership, political strategy and war-time expertise. He will be so much more modern than the others that I fear the molvis and sufis will be first to raise a hue and cry.” [page 55]

Are the statements of  Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu alaihi  wasallam) not sufficient  regarding Imaam Mahdi that  Maududi has to conjure up his  own predictions concerning a  personality that is to appear in the future? Predictions are either  formulated by means of divine  inspiration, correct intuition or  by stronomers who combine fact  with fiction. What is Maududi’s  “estimation” of Imaam Mahdi based upon?

Disregarding Maududi’s fear of  the molvis and Imaam Mahdi’s  ‘modernism’, I wish to ask him what quality he (Maududi) lacks  from amongst the qualities he has assigned to Mahdi? He possesses all the above-mentioned qualities but yet his  movement has not progressed.  Let alone the entire world, he has  not even been able to forge his  authority on Pakistan. Leave  aside Pakistan, he has failed to  create an Islaamic government  even in his own village. Imaam  Mahdi, according to Maududi will  not be super-human. Hence if all  blessings, Thikr, dua, tasbeeh and the musAllaah are taken away from him, will he be able to forge his authority with all his modernism? Has Maududi  pondered over these issues when  making his predictions. In reality, Maududi wanted only to mock  the saints, their khanqas and  their blessings in the shadow of Imaam Mahdi. In fact he falls short in his own logical deductions.