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Modernists’ & their Primary Conspiracy against Islam

By Mujlisul Ulama

“Those who dispute in the aayaat of Allah after it has been accepted, their disputation is utterly baseless by their Rabb. For them there is a severe punishment.” [Surah Shuraa, aayat 16]

“None but those who have become kaafir dispute in the aayaat of Allah. Therefore, do not allow their (arrogant) strutting in cities to deceive you.” [Sura Mu’min, aayat 4]

“But before them the nation of Nooh had denied (the Deen), and many groups after them. And, every group plotted to grab (and neutralize) him (their Nabi), and they disputed (with him) with falsehood to subvert with it the Haqq (of the Deen), Then (suddenly) I apprehended them. Behold! How (terrible) was My punishment.” [Surah Mu’min, aayat 5]

Islam is today encircled by a variety of enemy forces — human and jinn shayaateen. The conspiracy of the combined forces of Shaitaan-in-Chief (Iblees) is to destroy Islam and its Ummah. Towards this end, he has harnessed his forces and positioned them o­n a wide variety of fronts.

In this o­nslaught against Islam, the least potent or the weakest is the enemy o­n the political front. In fact, the political ascendancy of the kuffaar and their domination of the lands of Islam are not really part of the conspiracy of Shaitaan. Rather, this phenomenon is part of the Athaab of Allah Ta’ala. Thus, the threat is not the political domination of the kuffaar and the punishment they are meting out to Muslims. They are simply a manifestation of Allah’s Punishment o­n us.


We have o­n the o­ne side the menace of the Christian missionaries who have made huge inroads in the Ummah with their kufr which they have succeeded to implant in numerous backward and remote Muslim regions. But this too is not the primary enemy. These overt enemies while constituting a threat, are not as great a menace to Islam as the enemy which lurks within the Ummah. The most poisonous and lethal enemy for Islam in this century consists of the munaafiqeen and murtaddeen who are concealing within the folds of the Ummah.


The Munaafiqeen (Hypocrites) and the Murtaddeen (Apostates — those who have reneged from Islam, albeit covertly) — are classified by the eternal Shariah of Allah Ta’ala as Mulhideen. They are such notorious villains who proclaim themselves to be Muslim, in fact authorities of Islam while they cannot even recite the Qur’aan Majeed properly nor are versified with the eleme ntary rules of Tahaarat and Salaat. They advertise themselves as being the ‘intelligentsia’ while they grovel in abject jahaalat  (ignorance). They profess to be Muslim while at heart they are kaafir.

These Mulhideen and apostates are the products of kuffaar universities. They have studied under kuffaar or apostate professors and have acquired scrap degrees in a secular branch of kufr learning called ‘Islamic Studies’. o­n the procurement of their scrap Ph.D degrees doled out by kuffaar masters wallowing in constant impurity – spiritual, ceremonial and physical najaasat — they believe in their jahaalat  that they have superseded the illustrious Sahaabah and Aimmah-e-Mujtahideen in the various branches of Shar’i Uloom. These Mulhideen are the greatest enemies of Islam and the Ummah, not Mr.Bush and Mr.Blair. The latter two fellows will soon disappear from the scene by an Act of Allah Azza Wa Jal Who has dispatched them to fulfill a specific purpose.


On the contrary, the main enemies, the apostates from within, like rats are gnawing at the foundations of Islam. Their methodology inherited from their kuffaar and zindeeq university masters is to create confusion in the minds of ignorant people with the idea that the Immutable Shariah of Allah Ta’ala is not Islam. The massive falsehood which these apostates are working o­n to confuse, deviate and mislead unwary Muslims is that the Shariah with its Qur’aanic and Sunnah Fiqh is a centuries later product — an accretion — which has no origin in the Qur’aan and Sunnah.


The disputation of these Mulhideen and Munaafiqeen come squarely within the scope of the Qur’aanic aayat:

“Those who dispute in the aayaat (Shariah) of Allah after the acquisition of acceptance (for this Shariah), their disputation is false (baatil, baseless), and for them there is a severe Athaab (the Punishment of Hell-Fire.”

They are the fuel of Jahannum. About these apostates Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan that they and stones will be the fuel of Jahannum wherein they will be scorched and scalded everlastingly with no hope of escape. They are worse than outright kuffaar who are waging a political war against the nations of Islam. These enemies from within are the worst kind of spiritual vermin leaching o­nthe Body of Islam.

Deep in their hearts they do understand their apostasy. But since they suffer from incorrigible nifaaq, they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge what they conceal in their breasts. It is this guilty conscience of apostasy which has constrained o­ne such miserable apostate to moan that the penalty for irtidaad (apostasy) is not death, and that the death penalty for kufr and irtidaad has been introduced by the later Fuqaha. His ignorance is staggering and mind-boggling. His stark ignorance of this acknowledged Divine Decree testifies to his own jahaalat, irtidaad and kufr.


The aayat cited at the beginning, explicitly clarifies that the criterion of immutability is the Acceptance of the Shariah by the Ummah. Whoever denies any aspect of the Shariah after it has been accepted by the Ummah and after it has been operative in the Ummah for fourteen centuries since the time of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), is a murtadd for whom the aayat announces Allah’s “severe punishment”. It is simple logic to understand this Qur’aanic criterion for recognizing the Haqq —the Shariah of Allah Ta’ala. The Qur’aan clearly states “after its acceptance”. Disputing in the Deen and denying the realities of Islam and the transcendental truths of the Immutable Shariahafter these have been accepted by the Ummah is clearcut kufr which renders the denier a confirmed and a confounded apostate, for which the prescribed Shar’i punishment is a disgraceful execution —the ultimate penalty which the apostate denies in vindication of his own apostasy.


The colossal stupidity of the apostates who pretend to be Muslims is conspicuously displayed by their denial of the Ahaadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) while at the same time acknowledging that there are five compulsory Salaats every day. They deny the Ahaadith, but acknowledge the number of raka’ts of Salaat. They acknowledge what they term “the basic rituals of Islam”, but they deny the very Ahaadih o­n the basis of which all these “basic rituals of Islam” are structured. The Qur’aan Majeed is silent o­n the details of these rituals —details which so far the apostates overtly accept and even profess to follow.

Their colossal stupidity and mental derangement are vividly portrayed by the fact that they claim that the text of the Qur’aan, not its meanings, is sacred and immutable while in the same breath they deny the Ahaadith o­n which is based the authenticity of the Qur’aan itself. Minus Ahaadith, there is no Qur’aan. The Qur’aan was not revealed to these apostates nor to anyone else besides the Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The momentous endeavour to compile the Qur’aan into its present Book form was the sacred task of the Sahaabah who had established the authenticity of each aayat by means of Saheeh Ahaadith. They did not compile the Qur’aan in its existing form as a consequence of Wahi having come to them.


It is precisely for this reason that the Qur’aan repeatedly commands the Ummah to follow the Ahaadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). In fact, these apostates portraying themselves with Muslim hues, have no alternative other than to turn to the Fuqaha and the Fiqh they left for posterity in order to glean the rules and the methodology for the “basic rituals of Islam”. They cannot acquire these innumerable masaail from the Qur’aan. They are too stupid to understand the science of Hadith which is Wahi in another form, hence wholly incapable of deducting any masaail from the sacred compilations of Hadith. They are therefore, forced to gain the elementary rules of the “basic rituals of Islam” from simple text books which the Ulama whom they despise have compiled for Madrasah kids.


The writings of the apostates, the mulhideen and zindeeqs, are restricted to a clamour — making much noise. They blabber a lot, but their blabbering is devoid of substance. They simply lump together vocabulary to impress and confuse unwary and ignorant people. But anyone who possesses some degree of intelligence will not fail to discern the utter barrenness of their statements. They are adept in o­nly o­ne art, viz., shouting claims. They make vociferous claims which are products of their stupid opinions. But every claim they put forward lacks in entirety in evidence of the Shariah.


One jaahil belonging to the clan of apostates and munaafiqeen makes the claim that a striking feature of contemporary Muslim society is its failure to have kept up with the contemporary world. This ridiculous claim is a manifest assertion of his ignorance. What precisely is meant by this stupid claim?

Let it be known that the ills and woes of contemporary Muslim society are the consequences of having kept abreast with the contemporary world. If Muslims had remained anchored to the Sunnah of Rasulullah’s Camel Age, they would still have been the masters and rulers of the world which they had dominated and reigned during the epoch of the Khulafa-e-Raashideen. But the curse of ‘having kept up with contemporary society’ has utterly ruined the Ummah.

Who precisely is the “contemporary society” the apostate has mentioned? It is no other the kuffaar society. This society whom the apostates desire the Muslim Ummah to emulate and follow is the society of the kuffaar, the western kuffaar to be precise. On the contrary, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) warned the Ummah o­n the very issue of ‘keeping up’ with the kuffaar, especially the western kuffaar —the Yahood and Nasaaraa. The Qur’aan and the Sunnah repeatedly warn the Ummah against what the apostates of this age are propagating. Hence, in o­ne Hadith Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)said:

“Whoever emulates a people, is of them.”

The apostates irrationally attempt to explain to their kuffaar masters and to the ignorant masses that the cause of the Ummah’s present humiliation and fall from their former pedestal of glory is to be attributed to Muslims lagging behind the west in the secular spheres of life. Then they descend to the to the falsity of claiming that the cause of this lagging behind is the Ulama who teach the masses about the events which will transpire below the earth in the grave and above the heavens in Jannat.

But, any person with a decent degree of pure Aql will understand that the Sahaabah rose to their pedestal of glory and brought the world at their feet in subjugation to Islam when they propagated the things which transpire beyond the grave and above the heavens. It was when they had eliminated hubb-e-dunya (love of this material world) and inculcated in themselves an aversion for the pleasures and wealth of the world, that Allah Ta’ala elevated them to the heights to which history testifies.


When the Ummah abandoned this spiritual Path of the Sahaabah and vied with the kuffaar in an attempt to “keep up” with their products and concepts of kufr, fisq and fujoor as the apostates are propagating, Allah Ta’ala cast them from the pinnacles of glory into the depths of humiliation to lick the boots of the kuffaar as the apostates are presently doing.


Westernized Muslims, apostates, zindeeqs, mulhids and munaafiqs who are all awed and enamoured by the technological advancement of their kuffaar masters and leaders fail to understand why they (i.e. the conglomeration of mulhideen) are unable to attain similar strides of progress in the fields in which the kuffaar excel. They emulate the kuffaar 100% in every aspect of their lives to the extent of having jettisoned Imaan from their hearts and embracing kufr and irtidaad. In order to gain the advancement in the secular spheres which the kuffaar have achieved, the apostates sulking within the Ummah have accepted every rule and law in the book of kufr. They are the victims of mental colonization imposed o­n their brains by their western kuffaar masters. They live like these kuffaar. They dress like them. They devour haraam like them. They believe like them. They imitate and ape the kuffaar in every aspect and sphere of life. But inspite of all their efforts in the realm of emulation of the kuffaar they fail miserably to reach the technological heights of advancement attained by their masters. They remain the slaves of these western masters, licking their vomit and their boots.


When they feel hopelessly lost in the mire of confusion unable to fathom the cause of their rot and backwardness, shaitaan in the plot to divert them from reality and to keep them anchored and rooted in their mire of spiritual mess and in the morass of immorality — western immorality — in which they grovel, whispers into their spiritually darkened andcorroded hearts that the cause of their decadence and retrogression is the Ulama whom these apostates slander and accuse of fostering ‘fossilization’ and the ‘backwardness’ in which these very apostates are sinking deeper by the day.


The absurdity of their contention will be manifest to any unbiased Muslim who cares to examine even superficially this fallacious claim. The Ummah, by far and large, has cast off the sacred Fetters of the Shariah and the Sunnah. Muslims by the millions have plunged headlong into the abyss of kuffaar emulation and have sold their souls to shaitaan to become the slaves of the west. While retaining their Muslim names, they have abandoned their Muslim identity. Secular universities and other institutions which are the bastions of western liberalism, apostasy, kufr, fisq and fujoor, flourish in all the Muslim lands. Modernism and liberalism with all their concomitant consequences of vice and immorality have overrun the Muslim world.

The World of Islam is today ruled and held in the captivity of kufr and crass materialism by apostates who are all products of western secular institutions. The Hosnis, Gaddaafis, Musharrafs and the like are all members of the breed of apostates spawned by western kuffaar institutions. They are at the helm of Muslim affairs, not the Ulama, not the orthodox Madaaris, not the Mashaaikh of the Khaanqahs. The masses inhabiting Muslim countries all have the outward appearances of kuffaar. Thus, the Muslim inhabitants of Pakistan by far and large look like Hindus. The Muslim inhabitants of Palestine, almost all of them, are in appearance replicas of the Yahood of Israel. The Muslims in western countries look like the Yahood and Nasaaraa of those lands. Not o­nly do they look like them, they live and die like these kuffaar.

The field of the Ulama is severely confined and their influence is curtailed. Their platform is restricted to the Musaajid which are frequented o­n a daily basis by about 10% of the Ummah, Fridays and Eid Days excluded. Even those Muslims who are not kaafir at heart, and who subscribe to the orthodox doctrines and rituals of Islam as propagated by the Ulama of the Camel Age of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), in their practical life have adopted the lifestyle of the western kuffaar. So while they do not unite with the apostates in their apostasy, they are at o­ne with them in practical life.

How can any fair-minded Muslim now blame the Ulama for the retrogression of the Ummah when almost the entire Ummah is desperately slogging to keep pace with the western kuffaar in material progress. In wealth, the Muslims are the wealthiest. In the love of the world with its material pleasures and comforts, their love is second to none. In the establishment of western institutions of learning such as universities and colleges, there is a proliferation of such accursed appendages of shaitaan in all the Muslim lands. In armaments, every Muslim country has a gigantic stockpile of surplus of an array of sophisticated weaponry which they acquire from their western masters. Their lagging behind in production of weapons, computers and the paraphernalia which accompany technological advancement despite having kept abreast in the establishment of westernized institutions of technological learning, is a mystery for them. By what line of logic can any fair-minded person attribute this gross failure of the westernized apostates to the preachings of the Ulama who confine themselves to the propagation of morality which most Muslims hardly bother about?

In which way does the propagation of the Ulama retard the technological progress of the Ummah? Assuming that the Ulama teach opposition to scientific study and the study of technology, how did such teaching affect and retard the worldly progress of Muslims, when more than 90% of the Ummah follow the lifestyle and the calling of the West in defiance of the ta’leem and naseehat of the Ulama?

Consider the example of Turkey which has been held in the steel grip of its kuffaar rulers since the time the Khilaafate was dismantled and the Empire of Islam dismembered and devoured by the kuffaar. Did the Ulama from that time have any grip o­n the masses? Did orthodoxy or kufr materialism preponderate Turkish society or did the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) govern the lives of the Turkish masses? In fact, with the dismantling of the Khilaafate was ushered in the process of the dismantling of the Deen with all its orthodox institutions. The process of modernization in total emulation of the western kuffaar is the state religion to this day. The Deen and its Ulama representatives had absolutely no say in that unfortunate miserable land of Islam.

Islam was outlawed and even today the law has banned Madrasah ta’leem, yet they call themselves Muslims notwithstanding their flagrant flaunting of apostasy. Turkey has followed the western path in a way that has superseded even the communist USSR and other backward western nations such as Spain, Portugal and Greek. Has Turkey become a world power? Has its materialist kufr technological ideology achieved for it the glory of the old orthodox Ulama influenced Ottoman Empire? Similar transformation has occurred in every Muslim land. Apostasy has dominated and is dominating. Materialism is the goal of almost 100% of the inhabitants of the Muslim lands. Western education and technology are being pursued by Muslims in all lands of Islam. But, by the day they are retrogressing. In which way are the Ulama responsible for this corrupt state of affairs? What role did the Ulama play in holding back a people who are in hot pursuit of all and everything that western technology and science have to offer? No reasonable person will concur with the absurdities which the mouths of the apostates gorge out in their venomous outpourings against the Deen of Allah Ta’ala.


Now just view the undermentioned bunkum of o­ne apostate:

“What it implies is that Muslims are behind in their understanding of Islam and operationalising its principles in the contemporary world today.”

We reiterate that these apostates and zindeeqs blow a lot of hot air signifying absolutely nothing. In plain and simple terms, they speak bunkum, to put it respectfully. The aforementioned sentence consists of words with a meaningless equation. Let the apostate spell out the meaning of this stupid, empty theory devoid of substance. In which way are they behind in their understanding, and in which way has this type of understanding contributed to the backwardness and humiliation of the Ummah. The apostate need to offer a rational explanation for the bunkum he has gorged out from his throat. Consider the example of this type of apostate who has totally aligned himself with westernism and whatever goodness in his opinion westernism stands for. They follow the west and so have their progenitors in this race of emulation done for more than half a century. Yet, we see no progress inspite of their ascendancy to the helm of the political affairs in every land of Islam. Apostates are holding the reigns of political power in all Muslim countries. Apostates in control of Muslim affairs have established western institutions and opened up the way for the avalanche of every evil accompanying western material and technological advancement. But what are we witnessing? Despite the glut of immorality, filth, lesbianism, homosexuality, rape, plunder, murder, robberies, etc., etc. the worldly progress and the technological successes and advancements of these immoral kuffaar nations have continued unabated while the Muslim nations who have plunged madly after their western masters aping them in all walks of life, including technology, are lagging far behind their western masters. What is the mystery in this? What is the secret of kuffaar material success and what is the underlying cause for the gross failure and abject humiliation of the Muslim people who have made the western kuffaar their masters and guides? o­nly those men can answer these questions about whom Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan-e-Kareem:

Only the Men of intelligence take lesson (and can understand).”

Men of kufr, irtidaad and nifaaq — mulhideen — can never fathom this mystery. How is it possible for these apostates to understand this contradiction and mystery when apostasy blights the intelligence and blinds the spiritual senses? How can these human shayaateen ever comprehend the cause of their own backwardness and retrogression despite their western Ph.D degrees when Allah Ta’ala has cast a veil o­n their aql in consequence of their irtidaad and kufr? For them, the Qur’aan declares the “severe punishment of Allah” because they dispute about the Shariah of the Qur’aan with the motive of rejecting Allah’s Deen.

They are like the people of Nooh (alayhis salaam) mentioned in the second aayat at the beginning of this discussion, and like the people of the other Ambiya (alayhimus salaam). They all had disputed in the Deen of Allah Ta’ala, hence His Athaab overtook them. The very first step in the System of Divine Punishment is the imposition of the domination of their kuffaar masters who will maintain them under their boots of grinding oppression and in disgrace. This is the Sunnah of Allah to which the Qur’aan testifies.

The Qur’aan Majeed declaring Mr. Trump and his alliance as a manifestation of Allah’s Athaab,  in Surah Bani Israaeel:

“We had declared with clarity to Bani Israaeel in the Kitaab: ‘Most certainly, you will spread 
corruption o­n earth twice, and most certainly you embark o­n great rebellion. (Aayat 4)

Then when the first Prediction (of Allah) materialized, We sent against you, Our servants (like Nebucanazzer, Mr.Trump and 
Netanyahu) who are powerful in warfare. Then they fanned out (overran) the centres of the 
cities. And that was a promise decreed.” (Aayat 5)

Then when the second prediction 
materialized (Allah sent other people of war against you) to disfigure your faces and to 
penetrate the Musjid (Al-Aqsa) as they had penetrated it the first time, and they utterly devastated every place they overran.”  (Aayat 7)


The apostate contends that the closure of the doors of Ijtihaad has had a devastating effect o­n Muslim development. This is an old grouse of the disgruntled fraternity of modernists and apostates. It is a monotonous theme they sing without ever having managed to explain just how the ‘closing of the doors of Ijtihaad’ has retarded Muslim development. The apostate stating his grouse in a paper of fisq, cites the examples of the penalty for apostasy and stoning to death for adultery. But he miserably fails to explain just how these rulings which the Ulama have ‘fossilized’ in consequence of having closed the doors of Ijtihaad have retarded Muslim development and had a devastating effect o­n it.

How many adulterers had been stoned to death in the time since the closure of the doors of Ijtihaad? And, how many apostates have been executed since that time? If there were a handful of such executions, how did these devastate the Ummah and retard its technological progress and prevent it from gaining political ascendancy and domination?

In the last sixty years since the process of independence of Muslim countries was initiated and the West had succeeded in its scheme of installing apostates and modernist fussaaq and fujjaar to govern all the lands of Islam, howmany people had been executed for apostasy and stoned for adultery in the Muslim lands? o­ne, two, three or none? Can the humiliation of the Ummah and the abject corruption, impotency and decadence of these lands and their people be sensibly attributed to this ‘fossilization’ of Fiqhi Laws?

The lands of Islam under the sway of apostates and fussaaq modernists have produced innumerable technocrats, scientists, nuclear physicists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, technicians, etc., etc. University education fostering apostasy, liberalism and spawning immorality abound in the Muslim world. o­nly a small minority of the o­ne and half billion Muslims o­n earth engage in advanced ‘fossilized’ Madrasah education which rigidly keep the doors of Ijtihaad shut and prevent the infiltration of the apostates and mulhideen into the domain of the Shariah, and this small minority is confined to regions such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. All over the Muslim world the system of Islamic education has been ‘revolutionized’ and the syllabi of the apostates operate in the so-called Islamic universities. But why do we see no technological progress akin to western advancement in the Muslim lands held in subjugation under the yoke of apostasy, kufr, fisq and fujoor of the apostate rulers and their myriads of supporters? What role did the closing of the doors of Ijtihaad play in this backwardness and impotency of the apostate-dominated Muslim lands?

“Do not let the arrogant strutting 
of the kuffaar in the cities deceive you. (Their material prosperity) is slight benefit (for them). Then their abode will be Jahannum. Indeed, it is an evil  abode.” (Qur’aan)

The task of levelling accusations and slander against the Ulama is simple. Lumping together vocabulary to produce meaningless contentions is an easy exercise for those bereft of wisdom and aql. But the apostates lack in entirety in the ability to back up their fallacies with rational and intelligent argument.