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The Modernists’ Denial of the Occurrence of Miracles

By Mohammad Yasir

The ‘Muslim’ modernists, who are deeply influenced by western philosophy, argue the impossibility of the occurrence of any miracle, all based on reason.

The reality is that they are in deep awe by philosophers such as David Hume, the 18th-century Scottish philosopher, and regurgitate everything he said in a manner based on pseudo-reason.

The synopsis of Hume’s lengthy rambling against miracles in his ‘Enquiry concerning Human Understanding’ can be summed up like this: miracles cannot occur, despite how reliable the reports are, because *our experience* of *laws of nature* tells us otherwise, and a miracle is a violation of those laws.

The simple answer to this can be that no philosopher has examined every person’s experience who has stepped foot on this earth, so this generic claim, in itself, is problematic. And, then, to clearly reject copious reports of reliable people is even more problematic, especially when Hume accepts the notion that reliable people can report miracles albeit they will be rejected.

It’s incorrect for Hume to assert that “laws” of nature can never be violated. This insinuates that its violation is impossible which, in itself, contradicts the understanding of laws, because laws *are* broken and violated. Also, what logical law can explain the notion of everything coming into existence itself from nothing? It would not be a hyperbolical statement to say that “everything coming into existence itself from nothing” is the biggest miracle of the atheist to begin with. If some of them can concede such a reduction and absurdum, then I’m sure accepting the concept of miracle won’t be difficult.

In addition – although agnostics like Hume won’t accept this argument, it will stand against the modern “Muslims” nevertheless – is that who said these natural occurrences are ‘laws’ and not anything else? If you accept that Allāh is the Creator and ultimate Controller of everything, then can’t He, the Almighty, break these “laws”? Is He subjected to these “laws”? The Being, Who Initiated creation, can’t He do what He pleases?

And what is worse than this is that the modernist will misconstrue the several vivid revelatory evidences from Qur’ān & Hadīth, all in the name of reason and laws of nature.
What is more difficult to believe: Allāh created everything from nothing, or that He made certain changes in His creation? If you believe that Allāh created everything from nothing, then accepting miracles – especially if you claim to be a Muslim AND you have clear texts – shouldn’t be difficult at all.

One of the pivotal principles for us to remember, regarding a miracle, is that it *is* the action of Allāh which appears on the hand of a Prophet. It’s He, the Almighty, Who initiates the miracle, and not the creation. Understanding this will avert several objections.

Finally, the objection: how can we know which miracle is true and which is false as every religion claims miracles; hence, they will inevitably cancel each other out.

The short answer to this is that we have an epistemology which determines what is false and what is true. Islamic epistemology, in Hadīth for example, clearly demonstrates how rigorously scholars have filtered incorrect information from spurious information. Conversely, you will not find such a sophisticated system & methodology in any other religion – not even close to it.