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“This thing isn’t Islam, this is Arab culture” – The New Fitnah of the Modernists

A new Fitnah which is becoming popular nowadays is:

“This thing isn’t Islam, this is Arab culture”

Mostly the adherents of this statement are Quranists, liberal/
secular muslims, Modernist scholars and their Followers and also Non-Muslims. The things which they do not like which includes beard and most importantly the covering of women instantly guise as only cultural phenomena.

For the Muslims their identity is not defined by an area or place, rather it is identified by their viewpoint of life (aqeedah), their specific thaqafa (culture), loyalty (al wala) and purpose (maqsad): to take mankind out of darkness and into the light (Noor). The difference in the atmospheres, geography, history, etc,.. of an area from another area are simply outcomes of this identity.

The Muslim identity is only should be known by their faith not by their mere geography and culture. If one say that covering of women is Arab Culture. Then how does every place Islam has been spread has always have the existence of covered women. Mostly the ones who use this claim are Hadith Rejectors. It was the Pre-Islamic era when women were naked. It was the light of Islam which gave them the concept of Chastity and Modesty.

To make long story short, The only Culture/Tradition we can adhere to is only Islam. Mixing “law or Customs/Norms of the land” with Islam is like mixing poison with water.