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Straightening the Sufoof

By Mujlisul Ulama

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: ‘Straightening the saff is of the completion of Salaat.”

Spiritually the Salaat is incomplete if the saff (row of musallis) is crooked. It is incumbent to form straight rows for the Jamaat Salaat. In most Masaajid the saff situation is deplorable. The saff should be straightened by placing the heels in line. Musallis tend to straighten the saff by lining up their toes. But, this is incorrect. In view of the differences in the sizes of the feet, the saff cannot be straightened correctly by attempting to have the toes in line. If the heels are in line, an observer from behind will see a straight line.

Nowadays it has become a common practice for invalids as well as those who imagine themselves to be invalids to sit on chairs while performing Salaat. Sometimes the chairs are placed incorrectly in the saff. The chairs interfere with the straightness of the saff if placed incorrectly. If invalids use chairs, they should ensure that the legs of the chair or the back of the chair is in line with the heels of the musallis. Only then will the saff be straight.

It is better to line the chairs in a row at the extremities of the saffs, not all over the show among the musallis in the saff. If there are several rows, then it is preferable to place a chair at the end of the saff against the wall, another chair behind it in the second saff, another chair behind it in the third saff and so on, one behind the other at both ends of the saffs if there are so many saffs.

If a person is unable to perform ruku and sajdah normally, but is able to perform qiyaam, he should sit and perform Salaat. This is the best method.