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Western Radicalisation in Schools

[By Brother Colin Turner]

It is not “radicalisation” in the mosques that we need to worry about. It is radicalisation in the schools that we need to prevent. Radicalisation that begins at the age of four and continues without ceasing until the child is delivered up to society some thirteen years later, fully indoctrinated and radicalised into believing that:

material causes create;

the universe is a product of chance;

nothing existed, then it exploded and produced something;

there is no ultimate purpose in our existence;

‘nature’ is the source of all material phenomena;

democracy is the best of a bad set of options;

secularism is the only fair system;
religion is largely superstition;

all moral beliefs are equal;

you can do what you like as long as you don’t hurt anyone;

gender is a social construct;
and so on.

We can conclude that Schools are far more dangerous places than mosques have ever been.