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Al-Albani and Freemasonry

The intrigues of the  Kuffâr  against Islam  and Muslims, the correspondence of which to unfolding events being too glaring to doubt, are accurately delineated in the preceding Zionist excerpt.

The  Kuffâr  do not fear the Muslims  per se. They do not fear the speculative opinions of misguided individuals. But  what they do fear, indeed, is the justice of Islâm  and the equity of its  Sharî‘ah. Islam  did not ascend to glory, conquering the hearts of men and the world, from  China to Spain, in some juridical and legislative vacuum. Islâm  did not rule over the world without a comprehensive system of law. It was the  Madhâhib  of the illustrious Fuqahâ’  that gave to the Islamic  Khalîfates  of times gone by the sovereignty, justice, and advancement  that Muslims are so rightly proud of. It is ‘ that ’  Sharî‘ah  that is feared, not the  Sharî‘ah  of ‘ revisionist ’ Islam. Wahhâbîsm or Salafism  offered the enemies of Islam  the ideal opportunity, in the guise of ‘fundamentalist  tawhîd  ’, to subvert the supremacy of the  Sharî‘ah symbolized by the  Khalîfate. But Wahabism, with its treachery, subterfuge and blood-stained history, would always be totally unacceptable to the overwhelming majority of Muslims the world over. So  Wahhâbîsm  had to coin a new identity, free from  its reputation of the past. It was to be given credibility by the very name  of its orthodox adversaries, the Pious predecessors (Salaf as-Sâlihîn). The new name …… ‘ Salafîsm ’

The modern day Salafiyyah claim  to take their name  from  the celebrated Hadîth of the Holy Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) who said :  ‘

The best of people are my  generation, thereafter those who follow them, and thereafter those who will follow them.                 (Bukhârî)

These first three generations of the true believers are known as the ‘Salaf as-Sâlihîn’ (The Pious Predecessors), hence, they have derived an epithet from this Hadîth and, as such, call themselves ‘Salafis’  or ‘Salafiyyah’.

The ‘Salafiyyah’ were, in fact, dissenters from  the  Hanbalî  Madhhab  who simply misappropriated the name  ‘Salafiyyîn’.  Abu’l Faraj ibn al-Jawzî al Hanbalî (d.508/1114) (not Ibn Qayyim  al-Jawziyyah) and many other prominent scholars of the  Hanbalî Madhhab, unequivocally declared that these dissenters were not  the adherents of the ‘Salaf as-Sâlihîn’ neither were they specifically of the  Hanbalî Madhhab, but were rather  mubtadi‘în (heretical innovators), belonging to the dissident group of  Mujassimah  (a deviant sect who believed that Allah  was a material body). In the seventh century after  Hijrah, Ibn Taymiyyah pursued this blasphemous  fitnah (mischief) anew. 

Before Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al-Qayyim , there was not any  Madhhab whatsoever called ‘Salafiyyah’, nor even the word ‘Salafiyyah’ used. In order to inveigle the unsuspecting Muslim  masses  and to persuade the youth that they were on the ‘ straight path ’. The name  ‘ Salafiyyah’  from  the term ‘Salaf as-Sâlihîn’ (The Pious Predecessors), was forged, so as to give credence to their corrupt ideas and seduce the unenlightened. They incriminated the true orthodox Islamic  scholars, who were the successors of the  Salaf as-Sâlihîn, accusing them of  bid‘ah  (innovation in religious matters) and of dissenting from  their contrived touchstone, ‘Salafiyyah’. Ibn Taymiyya was advanced as a  Mujtahid, the ‘champion’ who revived the path of the ‘Righteous Predecessors ’. And its latter-day champion was to become Muhammad Nâsir ud-Dîn al-Albânî.

The neo-Khârijîte  nature of  Wahhâbi-Salafîsm  makes it intolerant of all other forms of Islamic expression. Because it has no coherent  fiqh  of its own – it rejects the orthodox  Madhâhib  – and has only the most basic and primitively anthropomorphic ‘aqîdah, it has a fluid, amoeba-like tendency to produce divisions and subdivisions among those who profess it. No longer are the Islamic groups essentially united by a consistent  Madhhab   (Ash ‘arî   and  Ahl as-Sunnah )  ‘aqîdah  (doctrine). Instead, they  are all trying to define the  Sharî‘ah  and  ‘Aqîdah  from  the  Qur’ân  and the  Sunnah  by themselves. The result is the appalling state of division and conflict which disfigures the moderm Salafî condition.

Muhammad Nâsir ud-Dîn al-Albânî is  described by many orthodox scholars as the the arch-innovator of the  Salafîs in the modern age. A watch repairman by trade, al-Albânî is  a self-taught claimant to  Hadîth  scholarship who has no known mentor in any of the Islamic sciences and has admitted not to have memorized the Book of Allah nor any book of  hadîth,  fiqh, ‘aqîda, usûl, or  lughah. He achieved notoriety by attacking the great scholars of the  Ahl al-Sunnah (Normative Islam)  and reviling the science of fiqh  with exceptional malice towards the school of his father who was a Hanafî scholar. 

Al-Albânî was born in the city of  Ashkodera, the capital of Albania in 1914 C.E. While he was young his parents migrated to Damascus, Syria, during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. His father,  Shaykh  Nûh al-Albânî, was, as stated, a strict Hanafî scholar under whom  Al-Albânî studied  tajwid  or ‘Qur’anic recitation’ and perhaps the Hanafî  fiqh  primer  Marâqî al-Falâh (‘The Ascents to Success’). It is likely that he also studied some  other primary subjects in Hanafî  fiqh  under  Shaykh  Muhammad Sa‘îd al-Burhânî, who taught in the Al-Tawbah Masjid near his father’s shop, in the quarter of the Turks on the side of Mount Qâsiyûn.

Popular belief has it that at an early  age he was captivated by the science of Hadîth  and spent his time incessantly seeking knowledge of this science. Al Albânî deemed it to be more profitable to spend time in independent, unsupervised study of books and manuscripts at the famous library of Damascus, Al-Maktabat uz-Zâhiriyyah,  and not attend the lectures of the acknowledged scholars of the day.

Al-Albânî has attained notoriety  amongst scholars and students for his inadmissible reclassification and reappraisal of the Prophetic  Hadîth . However, he does not seem  to have  been given any authorization (ijâzah) in Hadîth  from  any recognized scholar of  Hadîth . He seems to have ‘taught   himself’  the science of Hadîth. 

As for his professed  ijâzah  or ‘warrant of learning,’ it is reported that a Hadîth  scholar from  Halab (Aleppo),  Shaykh    Râghib al-Tabbâkh , visiting the Dhâhiriyyah Library while in Damascus, was introduced to Al-Albânî who was pointed out to him  as a promising student of  Hadîth. After having spoken to him  for a while it is said that the  Shaykh  conferred upon him  a general  ijâzah, even though Al-Albânî did not attend his lessons nor studied any book of  Hadîth  under his tutelage. 

Indeed, Shaykh Râghib al-Tabbâkh  had chains of successive mentors reaching all the way back to  the authors of the foremost  Hadîth as  the  Sahîh  of  al-Bukhârî  works, such   and the  Sunan  of  Abû Dâwûd, and hence the prestige of a  contiguous chain  going back to the Holy Prophet. But this was an authorization (ijâzah) of  tabarruk, or ‘blessing’, not a ‘warrant of learning’.

This type of authorization (ijâzah), that of  tabarruk, is a known practice of some  traditional scholars and is intended  to serve as an encouragement to the student whom  they have met and whom  they find capable or hope will become a scholar. 

Though the authorization be given and signed by a specialist scholar of Hadîth , it in no way makes the individual to whom  it is issued a  Hadîth scholar. The scholarly value of such  ijâzahs is merely to establish that the two have met and to serve as an added impetus to pursue the course of study in the specified field. 

In later life he was given Professorship of  Hadîth  at the Islamic University of Madînah. It is a known fact that  Madînah university and like institutions within Saudi Arabia have been  the mainstay in spreading  Wahhâbî  tenets throughout the world and calumniating the beliefs and practice of the  Ahl asSunnah. Incidentally, the same is  to be said  of the Saudi-Wahhâbî  inspired ‘ Râbitah al-‘Âlam al-Islâmî  ’(Muslim  World League) in Makkah who have hired and indoctrinated hundreds of  ignorant men from  every country to their way of thinking. These hirelings and their Saudi-Wahhâbî  sponsored organisations, camouflaged as religious authorities, in turn become instrumental in propagating the heretical tenets of  Wahhâbîsm  which they often insidiously brand as ‘ The Fatwâ’s of world Muslim unity ’.

Al-Albânî was a rabid reviler of the  Awliyâ’  (Friends of Allah) and the Sûfîyâ’. He was expelled from  Syria then  Arabia, and finally settled in Amman, Jordan, under house arrest until  his death in 1999. He remains the object of devotion of the most strident innovators and self-styled ‘reformers’ of Islam. 

Muhammad Nâsir ud-Dîn al-Albânî was especially influenced by the writings of the notorious Egyptian Freemasons, Muhammad Rashîd Ridâ (d. 1935 C.E.) and his mentor,  Shaykh  Muhammad ‘Abduh (d. 1905 C.E.) who was both Grand  Muftî  of Egypt and Grand Master of the United Masonic Lodge of Egypt. These individuals were noted for employing, to a great extant, the writings of Ibn Taymiyyah  and his disciple Ibn al-Qayyim  al Jawziyyah in furthering their nefarious Masonic agenda. The four abovementioned personalities held idiosyncratically corrupt beliefs (aqîdah) and legal positions on certain particularly  contentious points, like the gross anthropomorphism’s attributed to Allah and the denial of the Orthodox Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence (Madhâhib). 

It is a well known fact that Muhammad Rashîd Ridâ and his teacher Muhammad ‘Abduh, the grand  Muftî  of Egypt at the time, were both Freemasons, who endeavoured to reinterpret the  Sharî‘ah,  claiming to ‘ reform ’ Islam from ‘ extraneous accretions ’, which led to their call for the abandonment of  Taqlîd; hence the need for the  abolishment of the four schools of Islamic Jurisprudence. In reality, they represented the hypocritical element who fought against Islam  from  within. One of the greatest
impediments in the endeavor to ‘ modernise ’ Islam  to conform  to western standards of reason and its  underlying agenda is the  Shar’î  demand for Taqlîd  (ie. following a School of Islamic Law).  Taqlîd  is a thorn in their flesh and it has to be eliminated for the attainment of their pernicious goal. This conspiracy was realized by many scholars of their day and , as a result, many a man of knowledge exposed them  for what they were, for example, Shaykh Muhammad Bâkhit al-Mutî‘î (d. 1935) – a grand  Muftî  of Egypt and one of the leading Hanafî scholars of his time. 

During the administration of Muhammad Alî Pâshâ, the Ottoman governor of Egypt in the mid nineteenth century, ‘Abduh was brought to the board of management of the  Jâmi’ al-Azhar,  the prestigious institute of Islamic learning and scholarship which had for  centuries educated Muslim savants. It was from  then on that the Scotch  Freemasons, having infiltrated, began to destroy Egyptian Muslims economically and spiritually. Through these Freemasons, the British were successful in  demolishing, not just the spiritual and intellectual heritage of Egyptian  Muslims, but also the mighty Ottoman Empire from within.  Shaykh  Muhammad ‘Abduh, incidentally, was  the disciple of the notorious Freemason Jamâl ud-Dîn al-Afghânî, regarded as one of the chief architects of the ‘ revisionist ’ movement of his time. Al-Afghânî left an abiding impression of his ‘ reformist ’ ideas  on the intelligentsia of Egypt and Constantinople (Istanbul), the Capital of the then Ottoman Empire. His contacts and discourses on ‘progressive’ Muslim  philosophy, jurisprudence and religion couched in  persuasive, deceptive   language fired many young ‘ liberal ’ writers and scholars in Egypt  and other parts of the Muslim  world with a missionary anti-orthodox zeal. Not  least effected by his writings were the secular ‘Young Turks’ who, under  the leadership of a donmeh Jew named Mustafâ Kamâl Ataturk, went on to destroy the last vestiges of the Ottoman  Khalîfate.  

Al-Afghânî and ‘Abduh were ‘master and  disciple’ and there exists no significant difference in their thought aside from  Al-Afghânî being more erudite in nefarious  Shî‘îsm  and ‘Abduh in  degenerate  Tasawwuf. Al Afghânîs real name  was Sayyid Jamâl ud-Dîn al-Asadabâdî. Asadabâd is a city in Iran, whose population is known to be 100 %  Shî‘âh.

Al-Afghânî bears the ignominy of introducing the Nahj al-Balâgha in Egypt. This book is regarded by the  Sh î‘âh  as second in importance only to the Holy Qur’ân. It is a known fact that this book contains a large number of spurious and false sayings attributed to  Sayyidinâ  ‘Alî (radhiyallahu anhu). It contains the most abominable invectives against the august Companions of the Holy Prophet    including  Sayyidinâ  ‘Uth mân, ‘Â’ish ah, Talhah, Zubayr and Mu‘âwiyah (radhiyallahu anhuma). Worst still is that it reflects most negatively against Sayyidinâ ‘Alî (radhiyallahu anhu). since, by attributing to him  those words, it implicates him in the most impious conduct and malevolent assertions against those noble personalities. ‘Abduh went so far  as to prepare a commentary on  Nahj al Balâghah  so as to further popularize it. 

Al-Afghânî and ‘Abduh also attempted to interpret Islamic history through the ideas and themes expressed in the book. In other words they had endeavored to teach Muslims a  Shî‘îte version of Islamic history which is warped to say the least.  Al-Afgh ânî and ‘Abduh tried their level best to convince Muslim  scholars that the  Sunnî-Sh î‘ah  divide was merely the result of variations in their respective political stances, and that the so-called ‘Ja‘farî’  Sh î‘îte school of law  must be accepted as legitimate (note that  Imâm Ja‘far as-Sâdiq rahimahullah was a noble descendant of the Holy Prophet    and an upright  Ahl as-Sunnah scholar). 

As regards Hasan al-Bannâ,  it is true that he was not a Wahhabî per se, but to consider him  an  Ahl us-Sunnah  scholar or a  Sûfî  of note, as many do, is not correct. He was a teacher in an elementary school, initially a member of a  Sûfî  tarîqah  and a high-ranking exponent of  British Masonry in Egypt. He was a follower of the ‘reformist theory’, preached by Al-Afgh ânî and was vehemently opposed by Muslim  Scholars and especially the Ottoman ‘Ulamâ’  of the day. He disassociated himself from  his  Qâdirî Tarîqah, believing that traditional  Sûfîsm  was old-fashioned, antiquated and irrelevant. His project was to create  a ‘Muslim secret society’, a kind of ‘Islamic Masonry’. The British government actively supported him  in much the same  way it had sponsored Ibn Sa‘ûd, this primarily because of his subversive influence and antagonism  towards the central  Khalîfate. 

After his demise, Sayyid Qutb assumed  leadership of his movement. He, like al-Albânî as described earlier,  was not a qualified scholar. His  Tafsîr  (Fî Dh ilâl al-Qur‘ân), is described by many scholars of note as a collection of the most absurd mistakes and baseless interpretations. What is most disconcerting about the commentary is its insults against the  Sahâbah, especially its claims to  correct “‘Uthmân’s (radhiyallahu anhu’s) inadequacies”, and its denial of the validity of the four Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence. 

When Egypt and Saudi Arabia were embroiled in the war for control of Yemen, the movement of Sayyid Qutb,  the Muslim  Brotherhood, began to depend on Saudi financing and thus became very much influenced by Wahhabîsm. Ever since they have been active in disseminating the  Wahhabî creed and its  literature worldwide, a more popular example being the printing and  translation of a book called ‘Minhâj al-Muslim’  by Jâbir al Jazâ‘irî, which represents the quintessence of  Wahhabîsm. Their organization (WAMY) also publishes ‘Fath al-Majîd’  by Ibn Abd al Wahhâb, the ‘gospel’ of Wahhabîsm. 

To conclude, among al-Albânî’s absurdities and innovations in Religion are the following:

1) In his book  Adab al-Zafaf  he prohibits women from  wearing gold jewelry – rings, bracelets, and chains  – despite the Consensus of the Scholars of Islam  permitting it.

2) He claims  that it is permissible for menstruating women and those in a state of major defilement (junub) to recite, touch, and carry the Holy Qur’ân.

3) He declares it prohibited (harâm) and an innovation to lengthen the beard over a fistful’s length although there is no proof for such a claim in the entire corpus of Islamic Law.

4) He claims that whoever carries a  tasbîh  (rosary) in his hand to remember Allah is misguided and an innovator.

5) He absolutely prohibits fasting on Saturdays.

6) He claims that 2.5% zakât  is not due on money obtained from commerce, ie. the main activity  whereby money circulates among Muslims.

7) He claims  that among the innovations in religion is the Prophet’s  grave in Madinah.

8) He claims that whoever travels  intending to visit the grave of the Prophet  or to ask for his intercession is a misguided innovator.

9) In many of his books he calls for  the demolition and  removal of the Prophet’s  grave.

10) He  states:  “I have found no evidence for the Prophet’s    hearing the salutation of those who greet him at his grave.”  These are among his greater enormities and bear the unmistakable signature of innovation and deviation.

11) He advocates in his ‘Salât al-Nabî’  the formula  “Peace and blessings upon  the  Prophet”  instead of  “…upon  you, O Prophet”  in the tash ahhud  in contradiction of the Four Orthodox Schools of Jurisprudence. The Prophet    himself instructed Muslims to pray exactly as he prayed saying:  “Peace and blessings upon  you, O Prophet”  without telling them  to change it after his death. Furthermore the major Companions (whose  Sunnah  or precedent we are ordered to emulate together with that of the Prophet ), such as Abû Bakr and ‘Umar, did not teach the Companions   and Successors otherwise!

12) He expresses hatred for those who read Imâm al-Busîrî’s masterpiece, Qasîdat al-Burdah, and calls them cretins (mahabil), in other words, millions of Muslims past and present, including the likes of Imâms Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalânî, al-Sakhâwî, and al-Suyûtî  who all included it as required reading in the Islamic curriculum. 

13) He published so called ‘corrected’ editions of the two  Sahîhs of al Bukhârî and Muslim, which he deceitfully called ‘Abridgments’ (mukhtasar) in violation of the integrity of these motherbooks.

14) He published newly-styled editions of the Four Sunan, al-Bukhârî’s al-Adab al-Mufrad, al-Mundhirî’s  al-Targhîb wa al-Tarhîb, and al-Suyûtî’s  al-Jâmi` al-Saghîr, each of which he split into two works, respectively prefixed  Sahîh  and  Daîf,  in violation of the integrity of these motherbooks.

15) He suggests that al-Bukh ârî is a disbeliever for interpreting the Divine Face as dominion or sovereignty (mulk) in the verse  “Everything will perish save His countenance” (28:88) in the book of  Tafsîr  in his Sahîh:  “ ‘Except His countenance’ means ‘Except His Sovereignty’, and it is also said: ‘Except whatever  was done for the sake of His countenance’.”  Albânî blurts out:  “No true believer would say such a thing.” 

16)  He fabricated a physical position  to Allah, namely above the  ‘Arsh (Throne), which he named  al-makân al-‘adamî  – ‘The non-existent place’.

17) In imitation of the Mu‘tazilah, he declared  tawassul  (seeking means) as prohibited acts in Islam  (harâm) tantamount to idolatry (shirk) in open denial of the numerous sound and explicit narrations  to that effect, such as al Bukhârî’s narration of the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) from  Ibn `Umar: “Truly the sun shall draw so near on the Day  of Resurrection that sweat shall reach to the mid-ear, whereupon they shall ask  help from Âdam , then from Mûsâ  , and thereafter from Muhammad   who will intercede and that day Allah shall raise him to an Exalted Station, so that  all those who are standing [including the unbelievers]  shall glorify him (yahmaduhu ahl ul-jam`i kulluhum).”

19) Like the rest of the Wahhâbî  innovators he declares the Ahl us Sunnah, namely the Ash ‘arîs, Ma‘tûrîdîs, Atharis and Sûfiyâ’ to be outside the pale of Islam,  although Allah and His Prophet  praised them! Upon revelation of the verse  “Allah shall bring a people whom He loves and who love Him”  (5:54), the Prophet    pointed to Abû Mûsâ al-Ash ‘arî (radhiyallahu anhu) and said:  “They are that man’s People.”  Al-Qush ayrî, Ibn ‘Asâkir, al-Bayhaqî, Ibn al-Subkî, and others said that the followers of Abû al Hasan al-Ash‘arî (rahimahullah) i.e. Ash‘aris who were mostly Sûfîs – are included among Abû Mûsâ al-Ash ‘arî’s (radhiyallahu anhu’s) people.

As for the Ma‘turîdîs, they are referred to in the narration of the Prophet  from  Bishr al-Khath‘amî or al-Ghanâwî (sahîh) chain according to al-Hâkim, al-Dhahabî, al-Suyûtî, and alamî with a sound:  “Truly you shall conquer Constantinople and truly what a wonderful leader will her leader be [Sultân Muhammad Fâtih ], and truly what a wonderful  army will that army be!”  Both the leader and his army  were classic Hanafî  Ma‘tûrîdîs and it is known that Sultân Muhammad Fâtih loved and respected the Sûfiyâ’. Moreover, enmity against the Ash‘arîs, Ma‘tûrîdîs, and Sûfiyâ’, is  nifâq (hypocrisy) of the highest order and manifest enmity against the Ummah of Islam  as most of the ‘Ulamâ’ of Islam  are thus described.

20) He  issued  the  fatwâ  that Muslims should exit Palestine en masse leaving it to the Jews as, he reasoned, it is part the Abode of War (dâr al-harb). This fallacious reasoning seems to bear the hallmark of complicity as displayed all too often by the Wahhabî traitors. 

21) He prohibits performing more than 11  raka‘ât  (cycles) in  Tarâwîh prayers in blatant rejection of the Prophet’s  explicit command to follow his  Sunnah  as well as the precedent  of the rightly-guided Khalîfs  after him.

22) He prohibits retreat (i`tikaf) in any but the Three Masjids.

23) He considers it an innovation to visit relatives, neighbors, or friends on the day of E‘Îd and prohibits it.

24) He considers it an innovation to pray four  raka‘ât  between the two adh âns  of  Jumu‘ah  and before  Salâh, although it is authentically narrated that  “…the Prophet  prayed four raka‘ât before Jumu‘ah and four raka‘ât after it.” 

25)  He gives free rein to his propensity to insult and vilify the ‘Ulamâ’  of the past as well as his contemporaries. As a result it is difficult to wade through his writings without  being affected by the nefarious spirit that permeates them. For example, he considers previous editors and commentators of al-Bukh ârî’s  al-Adab al-Mufrad  (Book of Manners) ‘sinful’, ‘unbearably ignorant’, and even ‘liars’ and ‘thieves’. Such examples  actually fill a book compiled by Shaykh Hasan ‘Alî  al-Saqqâf entitled Qamûs Shatâ’im al-Albânî wa Alfâzihî al-Munkara al-Latî Yatluquhâ `alâ `Ulamâ’ al-Ummah  (‘Dictionary of al-Albânî’s Insults and the Heinous Words He Uses Against the Scholars of the Muslim  Community’). Al-Qurtubî said:  “One of the knowers of Allah has said: A certain group that has not yet come up in our time but shall show up at the end of time, will curse the scholars and insult the jurists.

26) He compares Hanafî  fiqh  to the Gospel, ie. corrupt and unreliable.

27) He calls people to emulate him rather than the  Imâms  and founders of the Four Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence.

28) He derides the  fuqahâ‘  of the  Ummah  for accepting – in their overwhelming majority – the  hadîth  of Mu‘âdh  ibn Jabal on  ijtihâd  as authentic then rejects the definition of knowledge (‘ilm) in Islam  as pertaining to  fiqh  claiming that it pertains to  hadîth  only. This despite the fact that the ‘Ulamâ  of the  Ummah  have explicitly stated that a hadîth  master without  fiqh  is a misguided innovator! 

29) He revived Ibn Hazm’s  anti-Madhhabî  claim that differences can never be a mercy in any case but are  always a curse on the basis of the verse “If it had been from other than Allah they would have found therein much discrepancy.” (4:82). Imâm  al-Nawawî long since refuted this view in his commentary on  Sahîh  Muslim  where he said: “…no-one says this, except an ignoramus or one who affects ignorance.”  Similarly, al-Munawî  said in Fayd al-Qadîr:  “This is a contrivance that showed up on the  part of some of those who have a sickness in their heart.

30)  He perpetuates the false claim  first made by Munir Agha the founder of the Egyptian Salafiyyah Press,  that Imâm  Abû Muhammad al Juwaynî – the father  of Imâm al-Haramayn  – “repented” from Ash‘arî doctrine and supposedly authored a tract titled  Risâlah fi Ithbât al Istiwâ’ wa al-Fawqiyyah  (‘Epistle on the Assertion of ‘Establishment’ and ‘Aboveness’).

This spurious attribution continues to be promoted without verification – for obvious reasons – by the Wahhabîs who adduce it to forward the claim that al-Juwaynî embraced anthropomorphist concepts. The Risâlah in question is not mentioned in any of the bibliographical and biographical sources nor does al-Dhahabî cite it in his encyclopedia of anthropomorphist views entitled ‘al-‘Uluw’. More conclusively, it is written in modern argumentative style and reflects typically contemporary anthropomorphist obsessions.

The Free Masonic Invasion

You would have heard much about DAJJAL-THE ANTICHRIST from the christian and Jewish authorities. But what did the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said about Dajjal, (the greatest fitnah, evil, test) that will ever befall on mankind. When Shall Dajjal appear?? most of the signs prevalent before the coming of Dajjal can now be observed. One thing though is for certain ,if you’re fortunate enough not to witness the Anti-Christ, then your children certainly shall. before the Anti-Christ shall appear, we have been told there shall be a SYSTEM, a Dajjal-system, that is up and running, that awaits his arrival. this dajjal-system, will be the most evil and most corrupt satanic, kafir force in history.

This system shall promote in the name of “freedom”-  mass immorality (Homosexuality, adultery, fornication), Atheism (a belief that there is no god through teachings of science), Devil-worship, use of USURY ( lending money at high interest rates), Intoxication( Alcohol, Drug abuse), Crime, Injustice, Oppression (cruel and unfair treatment of a group of people), Fitnah of the pen (Pornography , magazines, false news through media ), Wars, Famine, massacres, Rape and suffering on an immeasurable scale.

The Dajjal-system is of course as we know is FREEMASONRY . Every single position in the United Nations, the EEC and every position in the British parliament is held by people who are freemasons. Freemasonry has something in the region of 700,000 members in England and Wales, yet the British public hardly know anything about them. Freemasons secretly worship a Devil God, known as JAHBULON,if you donot believe me (see pages 230-240 of the International best selling book on freemasonry “The Brotherhood”, by Stephen Knight & “Satanic Voices”, by David.M.Pidcock.)

The Jews, the Christians, the Atheists and Secularists, (people who believe Islam should not be brought in education & politics), the Munafiqin, the whole Kuffaar shall fall under the banner of the Anti-christ against Islam. It may also surprise you to know that all christian organizations are masonic institutions. About 60% of the Archbishops are freemasons and secretly practice Devil-worship (see above mentioned books).

If you want to know if a church is being used as a Masonic-Temple, then look on the stained glass windows for a Masonic symbol such as a snake and a dagger or a ‘star of David’. If the church is in the shape of a Greek Temple, then it is definitely used for masonic purposes. In Liverpool, the Roman catholic cathedral has many Pyramids which is a Masonic symbol. There may be much fear about Dajjal, but the final victory has been promised to the muslims. Whereby every single Jew / freemason shall be put to death.

Imran Bin Hussain (radhiyallahu anhu) relates that i heard Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) saying “That since the birth of Adam (alayhissalaam) till the advent of Qiyamath (judgement day), there is no fitnah (evil,test) much greater than that of Dajjal.

Dajjal will emerge from a place between Syria and Iraq, and his emergence will become known when he is in Isfahaan at a place called Judea (Yahudea). The Jews will accept him as ” THE MESSIAH” and become his main followers. He will also have a great number of women followers as well. The entire secular world ( Jews / freemasons, Atheists, Christians, Hindus etc), shall unite under the banner of the Anti-christ against Islam . Islam will be the only force standing between him and the total world domination.

Huzaifah (radhiyallahu anhu) says “Dajjal will be blind with one eye, this blind eye will be swollen like a grape. There will be a thick finger like object in his eye. The letters
“Kaaf, Fa, Ra” (Kafir) will be written on his forehead (meaning-unbeliever). Every Muslim will be able to read these letters whether he is literate or illiterate. He will travel at great speeds by means of a gigantic animal like a mule.” (Muslim & Ahmad)


Note on a US Dollar$ bill ,there is a Masonic sign implicating Dajjal, a pyramid with one eye-check it out if you don’t believe it . Underneath which is written ……… “Novus Ordo Seclorum”– translated as NEW SECRET ORDER.

Ubaidah Bin Saamit (radhiyallahu anhu) says, Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said, “I have explained Dajjal to you, but i fear that you might not have understood. Dajjal will be short , and his legs will be crooked. The hair on his head will be extremely twisted. If you have any doubt regarding Dajjal, remember that your Sustainer (ALLAH) is not one eyed (because Dajjal will eventually claim to be God himself, and his followers will accept him as such). He will be able to split a person into two and bring him back to life again.

Hadhrat Huzaifah (radhiyallahu anhu) also says, “He will have with him WATER (Heaven) and FIRE (Hell). In reality his hell shall be heaven and his heaven shall be hell “ (Muslim).

In another Hadith Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) has said,” The Dajjal shall not know the difference himself between the two, if you are forced to choose between the two, then choose his fire (hell), for in reality , it will be cool water, and his water (heaven) shall be hell.”

Imran Bin Hussain (radhiyallahu anhu) says the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said, ” Those who hear about Dajjal should stay far from him. By Allah! a person will approach him thinking him to be a believer, but on seeing his amazing feats (miracles) will become his follower.” (Abu Dawood). Dajjal will have the power to cause famine, earthquakes and destruction on a mass scale.

Many Muslims will join the ranks of Dajjal on being afraid of his power. Only those with very strong faith will be able to resist. Remember that once you joined the Anti-Christ, your soul will be doomed forever in the fire of hell. Allah guide and protect us from the people who are making way for the Dajjal, and the Dajjal himself. Aameen

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How the World has been cunningly hijacked and controlled by the Zionists’ Free Masonic scum

How the World has been cunningly hijacked and controlled by the Zionists’ Free Masonic scum


August the 2nd 1990 Saddam Hussain’s forces crashed the defenses of oil rich Kuwait in fear of an Iraqi invasion into Saudi Arabia. The United States and her coalition allies poured into the Arabian Peninsula to form a deterrent that would be known as Desert Shield. The result was a series of diplomatic talks, negotiations and count negotiations that rapidly declined into a no hope situation. On August the 17th 1991 the Desert Shield became Desert Storm.

The conflict was witnessed by millions through the IF, CNN and the BBC showing propaganda of the systematic eradication of Saddam’s forces by a coalition far superior in technological, political and economic power. However what was little known was that from the outset the war was engineered, controlled and manipulated by an elite group. A group which had created the illusion of a man with power at the head of a million strong army on the verge of going nuclear. A man who had gained control of the 1/5 of the World’s oil overnight.
However in reality he was merely a pawn in amongst many pawns. Just a puppet in a grand master plan with the Gulf War as a well orchestrated stepping stone. The orchestrates of the War were by no means strangers to controlling major World events. In fact they have done so for centuries.

From the shadows they have engineered every major war, revolution and recession. They control everything you read, everything you hear and everything you see. They have managed to indoctrinate an entire populace to their way of thinking and have infiltrated key positions in places of authority and it is from the shadows they have created a new political order, a new economic order and most sinister a new religious order. Their ultimate aim is total global domination and they will stop at nothing to reach their goal (also read: The secret world:    http://wp.me/p6igBr-1R ). The goal that was outlined in a speech given by the former President of the United States, George BushWhat is at stake is more than one small country it is a big idea a New World Order”

However the origins of this Global plan were not created in the offices of the White House. In reality their roots lay in another war this time the year is 1095 and the place Claremont, France. 11th century Europe was ruled by the church which held a firm grip on the hearts and minds of the people. This power enabled Pope Erwin II to wage war on the Muslim Caliphate and crusade in what he called a War of the Cross to recapture the land of Jerusalem. It had been under Muslim rule since the year 637 but in 1099 this rule was brought to a bloody and sudden end. In the name of the Cross women were assaulted and murdered, children were put to the sword and it is said that the blood ran in the streets knee high to the horses. Out of this land of bloodshed and terror a group of men arose which would stop at nothing to get what they wanted no matter what the cost. Twenty years after Jerusalem was taken, the whole area of Masjid Al-Aqsa was seized by a group of warrior monks calling themselves The Knights of the Temple  or most simply the Knights Templers.

In Jerusalem the Templers began to deviate further and further away from the practices of Christianity. They learned the secret arts of the Kabala and ancient form of Jewish magic along with its dark rights and rituals. The Jews have learned the arts from the pagans of ancient Egypt during the times of enslavement to the Pharaoh and develop them into Babylon for the time of Navakanazar. In 1307 King Philip of France arrested them for charges of denial of Christ, homosexuality and idol worship as well as magic. In 1314 Pope Claymont V declared all Templates heretics to Christianity ordering all their properties to be seized. Their leader Chekthemolay was captured and burnt. The Templace was cornered and just when it seemed they were finished forever a glimmer of hope arose from a seemingly certain end they were to find a safe haven as well as an ally but not in France in fact in a country in a desperate struggle for independence against the English. The country of Scotland.
The Scotland’s hope of independence has died with the death of William Wallace. However to the King of Scotland Robert the Bruce the arrival of the Templace gave him a new secret weapon.
Their experience gained over two hundred years of fighting against the mighty armies of Islam had made them expert in combat and warfare and more than a match for any army brought before them. In 1314 the Templers allied with Robert the Bruce and his army took to the field of Ballack Burn in the long awaited showdown with the English. Robert the Bruce’s four sight paid off the 25,000 strong English army suffered a humiliatingly defeat at the hands of only six and a half thousand men. The dream of an independent Scotland had finally been achieved. The Templers had brought themselves back from the brink of destruction and never again will they allow themselves to be destroyed. This time they will control the country by controlling its Kings and in order to preserve their secret order the Templers would have to die or more precisely the name would have to die. The Templers who had


escaped Europe were finally laid to rest in Rovelin Chapel Scotland (as shown in picture Above) which stands to this day as sign of their presence in Britain. Their descendants became the true power of Scotland. In 1603 the death of Queen Elizabeth I left England without an heir to the throne by virtue of decent King James V of Scotland became King of England in doing so Scotland and England joined to form a new kingdom and the power that the Templers held over Scotland spread to give them a firm grip on the whole of Great Britain. For over a hundred years the Templers concealed their activities fading into the background until they were little known and little remembered.However they did not seize to keep a firm grip on Britain. All the time they were planning, regrouping and infiltrating positions of power in all corners of the kingdom. In 1717 the Templers made their reappearance in Europe they had grown in both number and strength and were now ready to coin a new identity free from their reputation of the past and given credibility by none other than the monarchy and aristocracy of England and the name they chose for themselves was a name that would be known by many but understood by a few [I slightly disagree with the name “freemasons” It comes from French “frerés masons” i.e. masonic brothers. Silly English people shortened & translated it to Freemasons]

The new identity in the grand jury of its members afforded the Masons with respect and dignity. The first World member of the Free Masons was Fredrick, Prince of Wales. The latest members include Prince Philip the Duke of Edinborough and consort to the current Queen of England Elizabeth II who herself is a grand patron to the Masons.However behind closed doors the Free Masons were free to indulge in the secret rights and rituals handed down to them by their ancestors and these became the basis of their levels of membership called Degree . The Free Masons were not content with power in Britain alone their ambitions were far greater. In the years to come the World and America being pledged by wars and revolutions each more devastating than the other. However these were not the as commonly believed the spontaneous effects of the downtrodden people but in fact schemes created by the exclusive few driven by hunger for absolute power. All this would take place from the very country from which they had fled centuries earlier and will come to the base for the Global domination.

In 18th century France the majority of the population was very poor while the aristocracy and royalty lived a life of luxury and extravagance, there existed a wide gulf between the two classes. The Free Masons would use this to make the pledge for power resulting in the biggest upheaval in French history. The Masons took advantage of the growing atmosphere of anger amongst the French and used it to achieve their own aims for the carefully planned propaganda war. They completely controlled the media system and used it to sway the tide of public opinion.The newspapers were geared into calling for the end of monarchy and the establishment of the society based on liberty, equality and finality. The Masons vast amount of wealth were used to influence the political landscape of France. Politicians funded by the Masons promoted the Masonic ideology the secret lodges of the Masons were opened to the members of the French army, high ranking officers and generals were indoctrinated to the Free Masons way of thinking. With the people the politicians and the military of France under
Masonic control the Masons could finally strive. On the 14th of July 1789 a group of people stormed the Basteel a prison in Paris. This sign of resistance against the French authorities triggered off a massive response all over France.People in villages and towns expressed their hatred for the system symbolized by the monarchy but it was not until 1793 that the French anger would be cooled. On the 21st of January of the same year King Louis XVI was beheaded in front of a crowd holding an end to the French monarchy and paving the way for another Masonic state in Europe.With the monarchy gone it seemed as if nothing stood between the Masons and complete control of France however what took place would leave the Free Masons in a serious dilemma and what was to come next was not exactly in accordance with the Masonic plan.

A young soldier by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte was about to lead France into a bloody war with Europe and instead of dancing to the Masonic tune Napoleon declared himself the Emperor of France. Napoleon was forced to abdicate from his throne in 1814 and was exiled to the island of Corsica. However in 1815 Napoleon arrived in Paris again raising a new army ready for a fresh war in Europe. The
Masons had a big problem on their hands. Britain and her
Masonic allies could not afford to maintain a long term war against Napoleon without risking bankruptcy. Help came from an unlikely source Nathan Rothschild was the head of a leading banking family but because of their status as Jews they were forced to work from the shadows of others.Rothschild seized the opportunity to liberate his people and often alone demanding in return recognition of the Jews as equals to the European counterparts under right to openly do business.If the Masons refused the money could always go to Napoleon. The Masons had no choice but to accept and the loan transaction was completed. In 1815 British, Dutch and Russian soldiers landed in Waterloo, Belgium where they met Napoleons forces and defeated them. Napoleon was captured this time never to return France was finally under Masonic control. Although historians made little mention of the
Masonic involvement in the revolution the Masons themselves have to reveal their shadowy movements during this important period in history. In 1904 Marc Vadourasambo a Free Mason set before a pact audience “Free Masonry has worked in a hidden but constant manner to prepare the revolution we are then in complete agreement the Free Masonry with the only offer of the revolution and the applause which I receive from the left and which I am little accustomed proves gentlemen that you acknowledge with me that it was Masonry which made French Revolution.”

When the so called founding fathers of America landed on the Plymouth rock not only they bring with them disfranchised people they also brought the Free Masonic elements of Europe. The injustices which the fathers of America were escaping from in Europe was also to be found in the new land in the form of a tyrannical British regime. In order to gain complete dominance of the new state the
Masons had used the same methods they had used to gain control of France. Although the British monarchy was run by the Masons the American war of independence was a necessary action and the people involved in the war were expendable for the Masons to fulfill their dream. The emotions of the people were manipulated into anger and just like France anger turned into war this time however previous mistakes would not be repeated.The defeat Masons faced against Napoleon and his army in Europe taught the Mason’s a lesson. Any forth coming leaders of the resistance must follow the Masonic agenda and the best way to do this was to ensure the leader himself was a Mason and the leader who took the war to the British was none other than George Washington.

On the 4th of July 1776 declaration of independence was made. On the 17th of October 1781 the British were finally defeated and surrendered the colonies to the Americans and the
World’s first Masonic state was born a nation that would represent Masonry in every way.A sign of the Masonic presence in America is plainly visible on the dollar bill which carries the picture of George Washington the first Free Masonic president in the World and the picture of the Free Masonic symbol of the so called “All Seeing One Eye.”

Historically the control and manipulation of political opinion has been the Free Masons main weapon in gaining control of countries and states. Once in control of the rulers and politicians of a country laws and political structures could be changed in accordance with their agenda however since restricting the body does not necessarily mean restricting the mind. The Free Mason recognizes that their plan for a Global government hinges completely on subduing the masses to their agenda and thus eliminating opposition to their cause and the greatest threat to their plan causing more danger than any army or law is a threat of a free thinking mind. In order to eliminate this threat and to achieve their objective the
Masons have set about the boldest plan ever devise the complete control of every aspect of human life, Your Life and the weapons they are using against you are in your very homes entertaining you and your children and gradually indoctrinating you without you even realizing. In today’s society people are spending more and more time engaged with modern media. Television, Cinema, Computer Games, The Internet, Popular Fiction and Popular Music are integral part of their lives. Yet these provide a vast expanse on information which you are taking either consciously or subconsciously into your mind.
Information on society ranging from ideals and morals and the difference between right and wrong to the way societies and economies should be structured is past before you every single day.

These media play a significant role in providing the basis for determining an individuals view of the World and everything that exists. Thus any one group in complete control of this information placed on these media will in effect have the power to indoctrinate practically the entire populace of the World to their way of thinking and it is this fact the Free Masons are exploiting. The Masons are using the entertainment industry in particular to condition people to their way of thinking either openly or subliminally. The methods they use vary but the goal is the same to impose their beliefs, their ideology and their objectives on you in such a way that you begin to think of them as your own. Evidence of their presence within popular entertainment is wide spread.
Masonic involvement in the industries is not a new thing. Hail is one of histories great composers, Wolf Gang Amadeus,
Mozart a Free Mason himself composed a symphony which was an open display of Free Masonry. The symphony is based on a story taken from an ancient Egyptian mythology Avysus and Cyrus. The pagan rights of ancient Egyptian mythology form through the Kabala one of the fundamental aspects of Free Masonry . It is from these same pagan origins of Egypt that the symbol of the One Eye Stems.

Evidence of the Free Masonic presence is also commonly found in the popular music of more recent times. Michael Jackson was hailed as the the King of pop regarded as the greatest entertainer of all times responsible for producing best selling albums in the World may not be known to be linked with the
Free Masons . However the cover of his “Dangerous” album had some interesting features on it the Free Masonic symbol of the One Eye can be found and also the picture of a watery Lake behind which laid burning flames. It seems as though anyone entering into the water would really be entering into the fire. The cover also has on it a picture of a bald headed man well known to the occult as Alistair Crowley. He himself was a Free Mason who became a Satanist and wrote the book “The New Law of Man” which stated in it that it would one day replace the Qur’ân as the law of man.

Links between Free Masonry and the occult do not end there.
The products of the Masonicaly controlled music industry are riddled with subliminal satanic messages. Back tracking is the means of placing recorded messages into sound tracks in such a way that they only become intelligible when the track is replayed backwards. When its played forwards however the listener would be totally unaware that a message is being played. Although the listener may be unaware that subconscious mind can pick up and understand the messages and in the long term these can be stored in the subconscious mind and may actually effect the person’s behavior or judgment. In many ways back tracking is a form of hypnotism or brain washing and has the power to be very destructive. The first example of back tracking is from the famous female artist Madonna . It features on one of her most famous albums and is taken from the song “Like a Prayer”. However as you will hear it is not god that the prayer appears to be directed at but Satan. When played backwards the words “Oh hear us Satan” are clearly audible. The Free Masonic One Eye has also been featured on the video for one of Madonna’s songs where Madonna actually appears with the One Eye coming out from her forehead. She also appears on a video for one of her songs where she is standing on some writing closer examination revealed that this writing is actually Arabic the language of the Qur’ân.

Another example of back tracking is taken from the group
“The Eagles” and the song is called “Hotel California”. The words when played backwards “Yeah Satan” can be clearly heard. As well as containing this message the song itself is a story in its own right. The California of the song is not a hotel but is actually a street in America called California. It is on this very street that the headquarters of a church were founded but it was not the type of church the one may think instead it is a church that some have called “The Church of Satan”. It was headed and founded by Anthony Sans Delivy the author of the Satanic Bible. It appears the teachings of this church may have become the integral belief of many famous personalities in the entertainment industry from rock groups to more main stream artists some have gone as far as promoting the Church and its beliefs. One alleged member of the church is the lead singer of the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger
who wrote the song “Sympathy for the Devil” . It seems that
what originally started as a Christian Organization later turned into a heretic religion even to the Christians and now has Satanic elements mixed in. The entire entertainment world is rife with evidence of the Free Masons presence openly or subliminally their agenda of beliefs and ideals are propagated.

This is specially evident within the film industry on the big screen and the small screen from big budget Hollywood films to simple cartoons the Masons have not let anything to chance in promoting their message of a global government. Matt Growning the creator of one of the most popular cartoon series in television history “The Simpsons” is a self confessed
anarchist. Matt Growning himself has openly declared that he wants to get his own political ideas across within his work but he wanted to do this in such a way that people would find it easy to accept his ideas and the means he chose to this was a clever full cartoon called “The Simpsons”. So what exactly the Simpsons are teaching us and our children?? There are many lessons being programmed into us these include disregard for authority either parental or governmental the bad manners and disobedience is the way to attain status amongst people and that ignorance is trendy and cool where as knowledge is unfashionable. However what is especially worrying is the
Masonic undertones of one episode in particular. The episode in which the father figure of the family Homer Simpson becomes obsessed with the group called the stone cutters. Upon joining the group his fellow members find a birth mark on him the mark that makes the rest of the group declare him to be the chosen one but with his new found honor and dignity he Homer Simpson fools himself into thinking that he is god. Some may dismiss it as nothing more than a children cartoon a bit of harmless fun but the influence it has on the audience makes it a very effected means of propaganda
indoctrinating a people without them even realizing. Its very creators admit that they are propagating their political ideas to the audience in a covert manner. Ideas spread through the domestic television can reach a far wider audience than movies in cinema and it is through this media that a new concept is being introduced. the concept of one global leader.

Famous for his novel “The Jungle Book” Rudyard Kippling another Free Mason wrote a book called “The Man Who Would One Day be King” This was later made into a big budget Hollywood film starring Sean Connery, Michael Kane and Saeed Jaffery. The book is a story of two soldiers that journey to a country on the edge of India. A country that was once rumored to contain great riches that once belonged to Alexander the Great. Upon reaching the country the two soldiers are captured by the local inhabitants a people called
Kafirs named after their country Kafiristan . When the two men are about to be killed a necklace is discovered around the neck of one of the soldiers engraved on it is the symbol of the Masonic One Eye. The Kafirs revere him as their god and a tribute to him the divine attribute of immortality. The man himself first regards himself as a King and then his new found power begins to regard himself really as being a god.
From the Muslim perspective if not that of others the similitude’s that can be drawn from the story are very interesting. The Muslim scriptures called Hadith contains many prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam). In these it is prophesized that a man would arrive from amidst the Kafirs which means infidels in Islam who would be recognized by his One Eye and would be made a World leader claiming first to be a King and later to be a god and that he would seem immortal until an appointed time.


In another film a concept of global leader and global government is also strongly propagated. In 1996 the film
“Independence Day” broke all box office records becoming the 7th highest ranking films of all times is entranced audiences around the World with a fictional story of an Alien invasion on Earth however deep within the film subliminal messages can be found indicating the Free Masonic presence and a Free Masonic agenda . In the film there is a military base known as “Area 51”
it is from here that the military offensive is launched on which the salvation of the whole world and the future of its inhabitants depends. The entrance to its installation is a pyramid on which is engraved the symbol of the One Eye. The film shows the U.S.A as the fore runner in establishing a global offensive involving all the nations of the world an offensive which is devised, controlled and commanded by one man. One overall leader. The film is a part of an upsurge in an upsurge of films and television serials on topics of Aliens, UFO’s and invasions threatening the whole of mankind. These are gradually fuelling the growing interest of public unrest on the issue. This is just one of the many ways in which Free Masons are paving the way for their global government.

The Free Masons are using a number of approaches to drive fear into the hearts of the masses instilling in them the need for greater protection and thereby the need for greater security. A need that could only be fulfilled by a Worldwide coalition government protecting the interests of all human beings across the globe. “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an Alien threat from outside this world and yet I ask you is not an Alien force already amongst us”.

Other tactics that the Masons are using in order to bring about a one world government and a need for a global security force controlled by them is to allow crime rates to sore thus creating fear for personal and national security.

The drugs industry according to official estimates is in terms of monetary value one of the largest industries in the world. The countries of the world are currently involved in trying to solve this problem on a national and international scale. The USA for example has a huge and growing drugs problem the direct result of which is being soaring crime rates which continue to increase at an alarming rate.

Backed by the growing levels of public demands for tough action the government has justifications to use heavy handed overt and covert operations to combat the drugs problem and satisfy the public opinion. However certain disturbing facts about the American drugs war throw a shadow of doubt upon its credibility and motives of the government. It is commonly believed that during the 1960’s J. Edgar Hoover the then chairman of the FBI allowed the drugs trade to flourish within the African American community in an attempt to undermine the black communities uprising within the American society.

During the 1980’s with the threat of communism taking over central America money was urgently required to finance the rebellion movement against communism and to raise this the CIA allowed drugs to be traded into America.

Revelations by the American senator Jack Bloom who was part of an investigatory committee into the matter confirms this.

Historically the Free Masons have used or created problems within the society to turn and manipulate events in accordance with their agenda. The rising drug problems in America gives the authorities all the justification needed to use stronger heavy handed tactics on an even wider scale. Already major Trans Atlantic operations as well as American and Latin American operations have been undertaken to combat the drugs epidemic. It will not be long before there is a significant backing for strong global offensive. Distortion of the facts and usage of manufactured and biased statistics of the tools of Free Masonic governments of today as well as creating a public need for a greater national and global security, rising rates of crime, drug abuse and increasing threat of terrorism acts serve the purpose of promoting greater control of the masses. Advances in technology is a way forward for the Free Masons, these allow the actions of all individuals in society to be monitored, checked and recorded. Information is their key. the more information they have on individuals the more accurately they can predict their actions and the way they think and the easier they are to manipulate control and subdue.

The Free Masons are creating a society and in a society choices but an illusion technology is there to restrict the choices you have and the choices you do have are the actual facts of products of the manipulated mind that has been steered into a predefined direction controlled the masses means the complete control of every aspect of human life, Your Life!!!

shocking acts of terrorism, soaring crime rates, increasing incidences and violence are propounded by film media and government reports are alike creates strong public sympathy and support for harsh tactics and surveillance techniques more and more technology can be introduced and the level of monitoring and surveillance can be increased until individuals are monitored to a level more befitting a totalitarian state. Public opinion will once again be manipulated to give Masons justification for their actions and make their goals easier. the means to monitoring the masses and storing all personal information on individuals in society on a massive database is already underway.

Rapid movements are taking place towards storing personal information on individuals on plastic such as banking detail, driving license information and national insurance details. Apparently these details are stored on separate cards for plans are well underway to merge all the information on one identity card. The consequence would be complete monitoring of all purchases and transactions and personal details of an individual on the touch of a button.

In 1992 the Vice Chancellor of the British Supreme Court
Nicholas Brown Mulkinson told the High Court that if the information obtained by the police in land revenue the social services, the health service and other agencies would be gathered together in one file the freedom of the individual will be greatly at risk. However the Free Masons through the governments controlled by them already have access to a vast array of information about you. They can already find out who you talk to on the telephone, where you work, where you shop, what you eat, what you wear, how much you are worth, what you earn and the list goes on and on.

One identity card would allow even closer monitoring and enable a complete psychological profile to be compiled on every individual in society. Information which would make it very easy to predict control of manipulate actions.

However there is a gap the
Masons need to fill in by using hard currency an individual can evade detection and vital information is lost since hard currency transactions are untraceable. As a result moves are being made to replace hard currency with the system that relies totally on an electronic funds transfer. In other words the system that relies totally on cards. Trails and swindle have held the first signs of the move towards the introduction of smart cards and electronic money on a national scale in the UK. The mondex scheme is pioneered by net western midland banks and British telecom and is the first British trail of the smart card. Inside a smart card is a micro chip which calculates every single transaction not any financial transactions but records every single thing for which it is used. It can serve as a credit card, a building society passport, library card, travel card, phone card and quite possibly an identity card. The concept was pioneered in France which already has its own rigorous identity system.

Although an identity card would reveal much detail it would not be able to locate any one person precisely at any given instant time this would require some sort of tracking device that could be put on and detected where ever that person may be on the globe.

The tracking device would be an all purpose micro chipped identification device or an electronic implant placed under the skin. These implants could then off a signal which could then be picked up by satellite on low earth orbit locating and identifying the subject. Although this may sound like the works of fiction it is however already well on its way to becoming reality. There are already approximately 48 global positioning satellites in orbit that are in use by the United States and her allies. These satellites can act upon incoming signals and pass down accurate information to the source of the signal about its location. At present the source of the signals are devices that attached tanks, battleships, aircraft or hand held instruments for accurate navigation purposes. The next step would be to introduce the device that created the source signal on every individual. Currently one form of device that has been created specifically as a signal source for the satellite is the electronic tag already a scheme using such tags on individuals is in operation in the UK. The justification used is that it is necessary to cope the growth in the population of the already over flowing prisons. The tag fits ocular around the offenders wrists and can monitored to see if the offenders are violating curfew regulations. Pilot tagging schemes are already in operation in greater Manchester, Bark Shaw and Norfolk with plans for expansion in other countries in the coming year. In an article of the Daily Telegraph stated the 13th of November 1997 Jack Straw the current British home secretary stated that electronic tagging has developed rapidly in the past few years as has peoples confidence in it. There is no argument that it has within it the scope for further significant development and with the people firmly under their watchful eye the Masons can now further advance their plans for global control manipulating them in accordance with their own ends and this manipulation would be achieved by any means necessary.

The Free Masons plan for complete global control by one governmental body means they must pave the way for complete global economic union, complete global legislatory and political union and complete global military union. On March the 25th 1957 with the creation of the European economic community the first significant steps in the creation of this global government were taken. Since then the EEC has become a testing ground for the new world order. With the basic tennets of freedom of movement between member states already established goods and people can move relatively freely within this one super state. The plans are already underway for the establishment of complete monitory union and the powers of the governmental body of Europe are growing everyday paving the way for complete political and legislatory union. All this will mean that eventually in the super state of the European economic community there will be one currency, one economy and one government and the government most certainly be a Masonic government. The three most important players of the European community are Britain, France and Germany. Britain and France have long been Masonicaly controlled nations.

During World War II Germany was completely annexed by Britain and France along with the United States another Masonic nation and the Soviet Union. The sectors of Germany controlled by the former three countries are Masonic nations formed a separate political identity called West Germany and with the downfall of the Berlin wall west Germany has now taken over the former east Germany. Europe is not alone in its efforts to achieve super states status. America and Mexico are currently the only two members of NAPHTHA the North American Free Trade Agreement however the nations of the South are increasingly being pursued to join. with Masonic super state in both Europe and America firmly established global union would be a logical and easy progression.

However there is another problem that the Masons need to contend with if they are to be the masters of this global union. By the 1970’s it was becoming increasingly clear that the population of Europe and White America was rapidly declining unless something was done the expanding size of the population of third world nations would pose a serious threat to national security of Masonicaly controlled countries. Western consumer power and productivity would reduce and as a result they would be completely dependant on that of the third world population. Somehow the gap between Western population and third world population had to be a bridge to restore Western supremacy or more precisely Masonic supremacy at a global scale.

In the 1970’s the president Jimmy Carter commissioned the global 2000 report the findings of the report blamed virtually all of the world problems on the population growth of the non-white people. The report went on as far as recommending the elimination of at least 2 billion people in third world nations off the face of the earth by the year 2000
in order to restore Western supremacy. Interestingly enough also in the 70’s the AIDS Epidemic broke out claiming huge amounts of life in the third world nations as well as amongst the growing black and Hispanic population of America. It was said that the virus originated from green monkeys in Africa and was later past on to the local population through either acts of bestiality or through consuming them as food. From there on AIDS spread like wild fire across the African continent and later on to the rest of the world claiming millions of lives. However the story was just a smoke stream.
On June 2nd 1988 The Los Angeles Times published an article refuting the idea that the human AIDS virus originated from green monkeys. It uncovered evidence that DNA composition of AIDS was totally inconsistent with that of green monkeys in fact it could be proven that the AIDS virus could not be found anywhere in nature and could only of ever survive in the human biological system. If the virus did not exist anywhere in nature the question is raised as to where exactly the virus all of a sudden stemmed from? On July the 4th 1984 The New Delhi newspaper in India called The Patriot published an article making the first detail charges of AIDS is being a counter biological warfare agent. An anonymous American Anthropologist has quoted claims of AIDS was genetically engineered of the US armies biological warfare laboratory at Ford Detrick near Fredrick . Then on October the 30th 1985 the Soviet Journal Glitter a Liternia Gazetta repeated the charges made by the Indian Newspaper making it an international controversy. All this however was easily passed off as a communist rhetoric by the Masonic west. However on October the 26th 1986 the Sunday Express became the first Western newspaper to run a front page story confirming the findings of the Indian and Soviet newspapers entitled “AIDS made in lab shocks”. In this article the distinguished position Dr. John Seal and Prof. Jacob Seagall the retired director of the institute of biology at Berlin university both concluded that the AIDS virus was man made.

The out break of AIDS has been linked to vaccine programs around the world. The internationally respected London Times newspaper published an article of the front page story on May 11th 1987 entitled “Small Pocks Vaccine Triggered AIDS”. The article establishes its direct correlation between the small pocks vaccine administered by the world health organization to an estimated 50-70 million people in different central African countries and the subsequent out breaks of AIDS in those regions. The world health organization is the medical wing of the United Nations. The evidence suggests that AIDS is a genetically engineered virus spread through vaccination programs in third world countries. Germ warfare against the innocent and the weak aimed at eliminating an entire populace of the face of the earth. AIDS is nothing other than a modern day final solution and all of this for the purpose of installing an economic policy that will give complete global domination to the Masonic West.

However for the Free Masons economic domination on its own is not enough. In order to have Masonic government of the head of global union under complete Masonic control and economic union may suffice but to keep it there they need a military union and that union would be none other than the UN .

France and America are already ranked within the five major powers of its security council with the others being Russia and China. This means that they have enough power to VITO any motion passed. In December 1992 the president of the General Assembly declared that the UN must become a functional world parliament and went on to say that he UN should be equipped with its own intelligent service. However the UN has already attained military power. It operates its own army. An army that stood back while thousands of Muslims were killed by the serbs in Bosnia and instead implement an arms embargo that left Muslims by any means of self defense. When UN soldiers were sent to wage war against General Muhammad Farah Ideed during the months between June and October 1993. American helicopters fired on hospitals, houses and civilian crowds killing hundreds of unarmed people often attacked in which 71 died the head of the UN mission Admiral Jonathan Howard said “We knew what we were hitting it was well planned”. This was a clear breach of the Geneva convention but when the US military attorney was confronted on these points his reply was that the Geneva convention did not apply to the UN forces on a technicality that the UN is not the signatory to the convention. In other words UN troops were free to commit any war crimes or atrocities they wanted and were above any law. In fact the UN far from bringing feast with as it claims instead has spread corruption in the land leaving a trail of death and destruction where ever it has gone.

Day that the cold war of a very existence of the Soviet Union when the Free Masons opt to the global government would take time. Now that communism has being destroyed it seems the Free Masons can at last use the UN to achieve their goals of the global government. Therefore having the entire world at their grasp with none to stand in their way also they thought whereas the Earth cries out because of the corruption and injustice they have spread over the land through the agonizing centuries of their domination. The world is witnessing the reawakening of an old warrior. Now the Free Masons have another enemy to contend with an enemy which they have thought that they have destroyed. An enemy that will never bow down to the evil and demonic plan of the Free Masons. That enemy is Islam and against it they have declared war.

However the Muslims have already been fore warned about an enemy that will face them. The last Prophet of Allah, Prophet
Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) said that a man will appear after the Muslims have conquered a Roman city called Constantinople. He will first appear as a tyrannical king then he will be claimed to be a Prophet and finally he will claim to be the Lord god himself. Already the first part of the prophecy has been fulfilled. Constantinople was conquered and renamed Istanbul. The prophet further fore told that
this liar will start to conquer the world. Country by country, fortress by fortress, region by region, town by town and no place will remain un escaped except the two Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. He will possess powers to issue a command to the sky and it will rain and to the earth and it will produce crops. He will call to a false religion and bring something which resembles paradise and hell but that which resembles paradise will in fact be hell and that which resembles hell will in fact be paradise. He is the Dajjal meaning imposter and he will be born with one eye and your Lord is not one eyed!!

It is also known that before the appearance of Dajjal a group of people will pave the way setting up the system to prepare the world for his arrival in other words these fore runners to the Dajjal and their system will bear all the characteristics of the Dajjal and he will be the final embodiment of these inhuman forms. The fore runners to the Dajjal are none others than the Free Masons. The one eye is one of the ways to recognize the Dajjal, the one eye is the symbol of the Free Masons.

It is part of their beliefs and is taken from ancient Egyptian mythology. In their ideology it represents the supreme being sometime referred to as the great architect of the universe.

The Scholars of Islam say that the similitude of the Dajjal is that of the Pharaoh who carried by the Prophet Moses. The Pharaoh was a tyrannical leader who elevated himself in status and declared himself to be god. He used magicians to create illusions and fool the people and oppressed all who did not confirmed his false religion. Today the Free Masons weave another kind of magic. The illusions they create take the form of hidden or openly propagated messages in films, televisions, cartoons, music and all the other cogs in their well oiled media machine and this same media machine has continuously been put into action to slander and destroy the character of Islam. Following another trade of the Dajjal who goes further and slanders God directly. The Dajjal is an oppressor to all who do not follow him. He will have powers to increase the land harvest or destroyed depending whether the people follow him. Similarly the Free Masonic west through the World Bank hold the third world nations to ransom if they do not act in accordance with their wishes. Abundance of IMF development loans are often used to ensnare such nations and the unattainable interest payments keep them ensnared. They are forced to submit or face economic collapse and dire poverty.

Another way in which the Dajjal will control the people either deluding them or forcing them to submit is by spreading disease. He will have the ability to spread disease or cure it. In fact he will be playing god and with this power he will delude many to his false religion. The
Free Masons also play with peoples lives in this manner.

Evidence exists showing that many viruses have created or mutated in military labs and later used an experiment on human beings and it has been established that AIDS is a man made tool used to suit the purposes of Masonic West.

The Dajjal shall try to strip God on all of His Divine attributes and claim them for himself. This arrogance is also the way of Free Masons who are engaged in replacing the laws of God with those that are man made and claiming justice across the land using technology to monitor all that you do trying to see and hear everything using genetics to alter and to improve the creation to reach their false standards. The arrogance knows no bounds and they obey no law but that of their own making. These are the fore runners to the Dajjal these are the Free Masons.

The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) said that a time would come and the whole world would gather around to plan a destruction of the Muslims as if they were gathered around a table to take part in a meal. Today the nations of the world are doing just that around the circular tables of the United Nations general assembly hall. He also said that time of the Dajjal will be years of confusion people would believe a liar and disbelieve who is trustworthy and those who rebel against God will have a say in general affair. Today during the time perceiving the Dajjal there is also the time of confusion. The system set up by the fore runners have ensnared many Muslims away from truth using wealth and materialism and fulfillment of Earthly desires. A miserable betray. These times of tribulation are like a giants sib sorting out the true believers from the apostates and hypocrites.

Many have adopted the life style and philosophy of Dajjal system retaining perhaps their Muslim name or clothing wearing like a badge to their identity and in every other way embracing whole heartedly the system that has been used to eradicate Islam.

Embracing the same system has stood back and did nothing when pregnant Muslim women at their bellies ripped over by serbs killing them. The same system that stand still whilst women and small girls are being assaulted in Kashmir. A system that stood still whilst mothers saw their children dragged away by soldiers during the night never to return. Simply because they spoke out of being refugees in their own homeland and the same system that said nothing to the tyrant that guest women and children to simply because they dance to the Masonic tune. For those who choose this system claim to love Allah and His messenger but hate what he has brought leave the guidance that is Islam and they had heird to the evil system of the Dajjal living their lives accordance with its rules and seeking from it worldly rewards disregarding the truth that is the laws of Allah. They are those who invite upon themselves the wrath of Allah.

The fore runners to the Dajjal have set up this system to destroy Islam either directly through military and economic conversion or indirectly using ideological warfare. They have divided and conquered in stilling diseases such as nationalism and races into the heart of the Ummah. Their biggest fear is Muslim unity and revival of the message brought by the last Prophet to mankind and everything they do is geared to prevent this. They have manipulated Muslims setting up and promoting divides. They have installed their own universal language compelling all to learn or be shut out and reducing
Arabic to secondary and inferior language in society and what they have used most to keep the Muslims a bay is oil.

During World War I the Free Masonic governments have anicked to destroy the Islamic caliphate and anicked all its territories. The part now called Iraq was put British mandate and current borders were defined by them and through the Iran-Iraq war. After its independence the USA took over interest in Iraq in fear of purest Islamic uprising.

The CIA aided the both parties rise to power making Saddam Hussein the leader of Iraq and an ally to the Masonic states. When Kuwait later started raising its oil prices it was destroying the war to an economy of Iraq.

Threats were made but ignored. the situation worsen until finally Iraqi troops were mobilized to the border. The Free Masonic media the American media in particular portrayed this as a shock and an outrage.

However it is reported that the US ambassador to Kuwait had prior knowledge of the invasion and Iraq’s intentions as did the CIA.

After the Gulf War Saddam is still alive and Kuwait is being liberated it remains to be asked exactly what purpose the Gulf War served to its Free Masonic orchestraters. The
Masonic West has long realized that the control of oil is vital to their economies. One of the main reasons is their reliance on cars and road transport however although technology exist to mass produce fully operational electric cars. All attempts to do so have been Vetoed. This is because oil is crucial to maintaining their world order without the wealth from oil Muslim economies would fall and without the puppet governments and leaders such as Saddam Hussein the Free Masonic West could not control the Muslim nation. Without the division of wealth and false leadership of these nations nothing would prevent the purest Islamic movements from coming to power.
Poverty creates unity and Muslim unity is the greatest fear to the fore runners of the Dajjal.

The Gulf War serves many purposes to promote Western unity to create divides amongst the Muslim nations to act as a testing ground for entire arsenal of military weapons and cocktails of chemicals and drugs but most of all it serves to ensure a strong military presence in the Middle East. The Dajjal has placed a strong hold in the very heart of Islam itself and laid a firm grip on the Muslim holy lands But although they plan Allah also plans and Allah is the best of planners. The final victory will be with the Muslims. ALLAHU AKBAR
So dear Muslim brothers & sisters where we stand right now. Just think about it for a moment sincerely.



According to Encarta Encyclopedia Great Seal of US is described as:

“Great Seal of the United States, official seal of the United States government. It is two-sided, having both an obverse and a reverse. Only the obverse has been cut as a die, but the design of the reverse has been copied and appears, for example, on the U.S. one-dollar bill.

The dominant figure on the obverse of the seal is an American eagle, shown with wings spread. On its breast the eagle bears a shield having 13 narrow vertical stripes, 7 white alternating with 6 red, which are surmounted by a broad horizontal stripe of blue. The eagle holds an olive branch in its right talon, a cluster of 13 arrows in its left, and in its beak a scroll on which appears the Latin motto E pluribus unum (“From many, one”). A cluster of 13 five-pointed stars, surrounded by a glory, appears above the eagle.
A pyramid, truncated near the top, is the central figure of the reverse side. The base of the pyramid is inscribed with the date 1776 in Roman numerals:

MDCCLXXVI. At the zenith of the pyramid, within a triangle surrounded by a glory, appears the all-seeing eye of Divine Providence. Above the eye is inscribed the motto Annuit coeptis (“He has smiled on our undertakings”). Below the pyramid is a scroll bearing the motto Novus ordo seclorum (“New order of the ages”)

This seal is also engraved on the dollar note of US,
Underneath it which is written ‘ Novus Ordo Seclorum’
Translated as: ‘NEW SECRET ORDER’.

Now what does the Pyramid carrying one eye on its top means??

Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) 1400 years back warned us about Dajjal in following words: Narrated by Ibn Umar (radhiyallahu anhu)Once Allah’s Apostle stood amongst the people, glorified and praised Allah as He deserved and then mentioned the Dajjal saying, “I warn you against him ( i.e. the Dajjal) and there was no prophet but warned his nation against him. No doubt, Noah warned his nation against him but I tell you about him something of which no prophet told his nation before me. You should know that he is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed.”
Hadith 4.553(Sahih Bukhari Hadith)

HALLA: The Jews were known for their practice of black arts of Kabala. They have used their black art on the Muslims for many centuries in different ways. So the name mentioned above “HALLA”, is the name of a yougart product used in Pakistan. If it is read backwards it spells “ALLAH”, so the Muslims themselves are helping the freemasons and they don’t even know about it.

COCA-COLA : This is the most commonly used cold drinks in the world. If you ever see coca-cola written in Mirror Image you just might notice with a thorough observation that it says “LA MAKKAH, LA MUHAMMAD”,(meaning no Makkah, no Muhammad) in Arabic, This is another freemasonic work.



NIKE’S AD: I am one of the many muslims who you hurt by Nike’s ad which shows muslims prostrating to a woman in one of their brand jeans. I will remind you of what the Company Nike did to muslims when they portray the name of Allah on one of their sports shoes. The result was that Malaysia, Indonesia and the Gulf states including Saudi Arabia stopped importing Nike products. If you look carefully you will find that it was after that incident that Nike began to report earnings less than expected on the wall street which caused their stock price to tumble. The stock price has not recovered yet. Check it for yourselves. You owe this to your shareholders. If this picture reaches the governments of some of those countries I bet the fate of our company will not be much different from Nike.


“AIR” was written in such a way on the backside of the shoe, if observed closely looks as “Allah” written in Arabic.

Now a days media can be used as the most powerful weapon in the world, best used by freemasons.

In an American advertisement a woman wearing a new jeans launched by that company is presenting it in an exotic fashion, and you can see Muslims bowing towards that woman.



There have been many Masonic Temples observed all around the world. A masonic church may look like a pyramid or has masonic symbols, if you closely observe the church present in Islamabad (f-8/4), the church’s architecture looks like a pyramid and it has masonic symbols on it’s walls.


“There is no doubt in my mind that Masonry is the cornerstone of America.”
Dave Thomas
Founder of Wendy’s International

“To me, Freemasonry is one form of dedication to God and service to humanity.”
Norman Vincent Peale
Minister and Author

“Freemasonry embraces the highest moral laws and will bear the test of any system of ethics or philosophy ever promulgated for the uplift of man.”
Douglas MacArthur
General of the Army

“The Masonic Fraternity is one of the most helpful mediating and conserving organizations among men, and I have never wavered from that childhood impression, but it has stood steadfastly with me through the busy, vast hurrying years.”
George W. Truett
Southern Baptist Leader

“We represent a fraternity which believes in justice and truth and honorable action in your community…men who are endeavoring to be better citizens…[and] to make a great country greater. This is the only institution in the world where we can meet on the level all sorts of people who want to live rightly.”
Harry S. Truman
President of the United States

Many of the world’s most respected men-including business, Military, intellectual, political, and religious leaders-have been or are Evil Masons.

Swami Vivekananda – Motilal Nehru – C. Rajagopalachari – Fakruddin Ali Ahmed – Omdat-ul-Omrah – P.C. Dutt – Eddy Arnold – Roy Acuff – Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin – Gene Autry – Daniel C. Beard – Francis J. Bellamy – Irving Berlin – Simon Bol¡var – Walter Boomer – Gutzon Borglum – Ernest Borgnine – Omar Bradley – James Buchanan – Arleigh Burke – Richard E. Byrd B. H. Carroll – Mark Clark – William Clark Dewitt Clinton – Ty Cobb – W. T. Connor – Jack Dempsey – James Doolittle – Arthur Conan Doyle – “Duke” Ellington –
Henry Ford – Gerald Ford – Benjamin Franklin – Clark Gable – James Garfield – Arthur Godfrey – Wolfgang von Goethe – Barry Goldwater – Samuel Gompers – John Hancock – Warren Harding – Jesse Helms – Sam Houston – Burl Ives – Andrew Jackson – Andrew Johnson – John Paul Jones – Benito Ju rez – Rudyard Kipling – Marquis de Lafayette – J. B. Lawrence – John Lejeune – Charles Lindbergh – John Marshall – George Marshall – Thurgood Marshall – Jos‚ Mart¡ – Charles Mayo – Douglas MacArthur – Abner McCall – William McKinley – James Monroe – Wolfgang Mozart – Louis D. Newton – Norman Vincent Peale – J. C. Penney – John Pershing – James Polk – Paul Revere – Herbert Reynolds – Roy Rogers – Will Rogers – Franklin D. Roosevelt – Theodore Roosevelt – Thomas S. Roy – L. R. Scarborough – Jean Sibelius – “Red” Skelton – John Phillip Sousa – William Howard Taft – Danny Thomas – Lowell Thomas – Strom Thurmond – George W. Truett – Harry S. Truman – Joseph Warren – John Wanamaker – George Washington – John Wayne


One of the essential characteristics of  the religion of Islam  is its insistence that the sovereignty of Allah, the Most  High, requires that the State and all its institutions submit to Allah’s laws. If  Allah, the Most High, is Sovereign, then Parliament, for example, cannot  be sovereign. The Sovereignty of Allah, the Most High, implies the supremacy of the religion of Islam  and, in particular, the sacred law or  Sharî‘ah. That supremacy of Islam over the State, and over public life, was symbolized by the institution of the Khalîfate. Even when the office of the  Khalîfate  had been transformed into dynastic monarchy, the  Khalîfate  still performed that symbolic role of supreme strategic importance.

European civilization, on the other  hand, experienced a conflict between religion and the State which resulted in  the secularization of politics. The final chapter of the conflict, which sealed the fate of religion in Europe, and brought an essentially godless civilization into being, was the French and Bolshevik Revolutions. The sphere of  religion was reduced to individual and group worship, and the Pope and Euro-Christianity were excluded as actors in the conduct of State. Allah, the  Most High, was no longer recognized to be Sovereign (al-Akbar). Instead it was the people who now recognized themselves as sovereign, and they vested that sovereignty in the new secular model of a State. The State was ‘al-Akbar’. Islam,  the religion, recognized such an act to be  shirk, the greatest of all sins, and the one sin which Allah, the Most High, will never forgive!

Godless European civilization embarked upon an unholy crusade to transform the entire world,  and to remold it after the new European model of the secular State and godless society. The rest of the world was colonized or had its essential freedom  taken away. It was then secularized, and is fast being reduced to a godless society. This  included the world of Islam.  In fact the world of Islam  was the special target of godless European civilization. The process of reducing the world of  Islam  to a godless society commenced with the secularization of public life. The Ottoman Islamic Empire was targeted. It had to be destroyed. It  could not be destroyed so long as the Khalîfate  remained a powerful institution of  the sacred model of society which recognized the sovereignty of Allah, the Most High. And so the Khalîfate had to be destroyed.

The destruction of the Ottoman Empire, which was effected in the first world war, resulted in the emergence  of the secular State of Turkey. The government was constituted of secularized westernized Turkish nationalists who worked hand-in-glove with an  under-ground Jewish movement. They first reduced the now powerless  Khalîfate  to an office which resembled that of the Pope, and then they abolished it.  But the secularization process in the world of Islam  was sealed when the  Hijâz, under the rule of ‘Abdul ‘Azîz Ibn Sa‘ûd, also joined Mustafa. Kamal (Ataturk) in the rejection of the supremacy of Islam over the State. And so Arabia, the heartland of Islam, also embraced the secular model of a State. The birth of the State of Saudi Arabia coincided with the destruction of the  Dâr al-Islâm  which had been established by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah, the Most High, be upon him) and from  that point onward the  Haramayn  and Hijâz fell into the control of forces  which would stop at nothing to obstruct the re-emergence of the  Khalîfate  and the restoration of authenticity to the collective life of the Ummah.

So long as the Hijâz remained  Dâr al-Islâm, every Muslim  was guaranteed by the  Sharî‘ah  the right of entry into that territory. He did not need a visa. There was no such thing as Saudi sovereignty. There was no such thing as Saudi citizenship. The right of entry into any part of  Dâr al-Islâm  was one of several rights which Muslims had. They  also had the right to reside in  Dâr al-Islâm; they did not need residence permits; the right to seek their livelihood in any part of  Dâr al-Islam; they did not need work permits; and the right to participate  in the political process (Sh ûrâ); they did not need Saudi citizenship etc. The birth of the Nation State of Saudi Arabia resulted in the denial, and, eventually, the elimination of all these rights of Muslims. The huge oil-wealth of Arabia belonged to the world of Islam.  When the State of Saudi Arabia was born, the Saudis robbed the rest of the Muslims of what belonged to all Muslims and what  was to serve the interests of the Ummah  . Then the Saudis handed over the effective control of the oil to the Americans in exchange for an American  security guarantee. That, also, was treason.

The destruction of the  Khalîfate  and the emergence of  the State of Saudi Arabia were events which changed the  very face of the world of Islam in such a way as to result  in a return to the pre-Hijrah  stage of Islamic civilization. Nowhere in the world today does  Dâr al-Islâm  exist. Islamic civilization now exists in the post-Kh alîfate  era of its history. And, as it was in Makkah fourteen hundred years ago,  so too today, the Muslim  community around the world is subjected to an all-embracing  Jâhiliyyah  which dominates the world. The origin of that  Jâhiliyyah  is, of course, modern post-Christian western secular and materialist western civilization. It was, perhaps, with particular reference to  this age, that the Prophet of Islam   (divinely blessed is he and in eternal peace) is reported to have said :

Whosoever dies without having witnessed  (during his lifetime)  the institution of  bay‘ah  (the oath of allegiance by the people through which an appointment to the position of leadership over the Jamâ‘ah is legitimized)  has certainly died a death of Jâhiliyyah  (This could also imply a death in an age which has witnessed the return to the pre-Hijrah Jâhiliyyah).’ (Muslim)

If this  Ummah  is ever to succeed in restoring the supremacy of Islam over the State in the world of Islam,  it is  imperative that Muslims be taught the history of the collapse of the Khalîfate  and its replacement, in the heartland of Islam,  by the secular Saudi-Wahhâbî  nation-State on its ruins. This was an act of supreme betrayal of Islam.

Allah, the Most High and All-powerful, revealed the  Dîn  of Islam  to the Holy Prophet Muhammad  Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam that it establish its supremacy over all other religions. This required the prior submission by the  Ummah  to the supremacy of Islam in both the private and public life of Muslims.

The office of the  Khalîfate  functioned as the ultimate symbol of Islam  as a dominant force in public life. Without the  Khalîfate  the world of Islam would never have political power. There was, moreover, a permanent link between the  Khalîfate  and control over the  Haramayn, i.e. the sacred territories in Makkah and Madînah. Anyone who could succeed in severing that link, would cripple the institution of the  Khalîfate  and, eventually, render the world of Islam powerless!

Throughout the 1400 years of the history of the Ummah  of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam, no one has ever been successfully appointed to the  Khalîfate, and has had his appointment legitimized by the  bay‘ah, or oath of allegiance of the Muslims, without such a person  having either actual control, or the capacity to exercise control, over the Hijâz in general and the  Haramayn  in particular. The office of the  Khalîfate, and authority over the  Haramayn, have always been inseparably linked in  the religio-political consciousness of the Ummah. The inseparable link also had a foundation in the  Sharî‘ah  in so far as the Hajj  was an institution binding on the members of the  Ummah, and  Hajj involved physical travel to the Hijâz.  No one, therefore could be recognized to be the supreme leader of the Muslims who did not have the authority, and the means of exercising responsibility for the organization and administration of the  Hajj. And this, of course, included freedom  and security for the pilgrims and, hence, required control over the Hijâz. As a consequence, even  when the seat of the  Khulafâ  (ie.  Khalîfate  was shifted from  the Hijâz to Kûfah (Iraq), Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo and even Istanbul, the Kh alîfs) always took the greatest care to maintain their authority and control over the Hijâz. This basically continued uninterruptedly until the demise of the Ottoman Islamic Empire in the First World War. The enemies of Islam  paid very  careful attention to the study and understanding of the link between the  Khalîfate, the preservation of faith (Îmân) among Muslims, the power of Islam  as a world-wide force, and control over the  Haramayn. They then planned their diabolical strategy to render Islam  powerless, and to confine  it to a personal private faith with no authority over public life. In other words they planned their strategy to secularize Islam,  and, in so doing,  to reduce Muslims to the godless European way of life. They achieved considerable success!

The British, realizing the paramount  importance of the Hijâz and the Haramayn  for the legitimacy and even survival of the Ottoman  Khalîfate, concentrated their diplomacy in the  First World War on wresting the Hijâz from  the control of the Ottoman  Khalîf. This was achieved when  Sharîf Husayn, the Ottoman-appointed  Sharîf  of Makkah, and great grandfather of the now deceased King Husayn of Jordan, was successfully induced by the British to rebel against the Ottoman  Khalîf and to establish his own authority over the Hijâz under benign British alliance and protection. The British also successfully concluded a Treaty of Collaboration in 1916 with ‘Abd ul-‘Azîz Ibn Sa‘ûd. That Treaty further destablized Ottoman rule over the Hijâz.

By 1916, and in the very midst of  the first world war, the Ottoman  Khalîf had lost control over Makkah and Jeddah, ie. the lower Hijâz. His control over Madînah was maintained throughout the war and only came to an end in 1919 when certain Ottoman troops within the city of Madînah were induced to betray and rebel  against their commander, Fakh rî Pasha after his heroic defense of the city.

After the Ottoman Khalîf  had lost control over the Hijâz, the  Khalîfate  was so crippled that it lingered on in Istanbul  for just a few more years before it collapsed completely. And this was a truly outstanding success for British diplomacy. The weakening of the  Khalîfate  destabilized the entire structure of the Ottoman Islamic Empire. It  eventually collapsed. In 1919 British troops, under the leadership of General  Allenby, captured Jerusalem.  It is significant that the British General, upon  entering the Holy City, proclaimed that ‘…  the crusades  were  finally over…’ If there was any doubt whatsoever of the extreme danger to Islam posed by British diplomacy in the Arabian peninsula, this statement of  Allenby should have put those doubts to rest.

What Allenby meant was that Islam  was  now a tiger without teeth. Its fate was to remain permanently powerless and, therefore, incapable of responding to the loss of Jerusalem  in the manner in which Sultân Salâhuddîn Ayyûbî Rahimahullah (Saladin) had responded when Jerusalem was lost to the Crusaders.

The Arabs had been deceived to fight with Allenby, in his army, against the Turks, to wrest Jerusalem from the rule of the Ottoman Khalîf. Those Arabs were now waiting to ravage the carcass left by the British victory over Istanbul. They coveted local rule over the Hijâz, but it was still necessary to wait and see whether the Ottoman  Khalîf  would ever be able to regain the strength necessary to seek to re-impose his rule over the Hijâz. When, on March 3, 1924, the Ottoman  Khalîfate  was abolished, it became clear that no such threat existed. And it was precisely on that day that the clients of Britain began their fight over the carcass left by their betrayal of the Ottoman Islamic rule.

On March 7, 1924,  Sharîf  al-Husayn pre-emptively claimed the  Khalîfate for himself. His most important credential  was that he exercised de facto local control over the Hijâz. He  also boasted of being  Hâshimite, i.e. belonging to the same clan –  Banû Hâshim  – of the tribe of the Quraysh , to which the Holy Prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam)  himself belonged. In fact this weighed so heavily amongst the people that the Chief  Qâdî  of Trans-Jordan promptly accepted the claim and recognized Husayn as  Khalîf.

His other credential, which was of  dubious value amongst the Muslim masses, but which weighed heavily in  the power-politics of the peninsula, was that the  Sharîf  was an ally of Britain, the super-power of the day, and had received considerable financial,  diplomatic and military support from Britain in his successful rebellion against Ottoman authority in the Hijâz. In claiming the  Khalîfate  for himself, however,  Sharîf Husayn committed the monstrous blunder of not first seeking the permission of the British to act as he did. It is the essence of the client-State status that freedom is effectively curtailed.  Sharîf  Husayn had violated the basic rule of conduct for clientStates. How would the British react ??

British diplomacy in Jazîrat ul-‘Arab  (i.e. the Arabian peninsula) was multidimensional and yet integrated. There  was, first of all, the objective of wresting control of the  Haramayn  from  the  Khalîf. This was meant to weaken his legitimacy, and thus his influence and control over the rest of the world of Islam,  and so facilitate the defeat of the Ottomans in the world war.Secondly, Britain wanted a friendly regime  in control of the Hijâz so that it could better be able to manipulate the  politics of the peninsula in pursuit of the long term goal of destroying Islam. Thirdly, British politics in the peninsula, and the defeat of the Ottomans, were strategically linked to Zionism’s efforts to create a Jewish National Home  in Palestine. And this integrated diplomacy was finally  made clear with the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916, and the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

The ‘ super-power ’ (of the day), and  the so-called ‘ chosen people ’ of Allah, the Most High, would hence be  locked in a highly deceptive embrace of truly calamitous consequences for Muslims, Jews, Christians, and for the rest of mankind. The objective of the integrated diplomacy was to dismantle the entire Islamic Public Order so as  to render Islam  powerless to prevent Zionism  from  achieving its goal. So  long as the institution of the  Khalîfate remained it was always possible for the Islamic Public Order to linger on and, eventually, be revived. The attack on the institution of the  Khalîfate was, therefore, vitally necessary.

It was quite clear to the British and the Zionists that a Jewish National Home – the Jewish State of Israel – could not  be established in Muslim  Palestine, and could never hope to survive so  long as the world of Islam had a Khalîf capable of mobilizing its formidable resources and religious fervor and directing it to military ends. And so the control over the Hijâz, which was of paramount importance in the politics of  the peninsula, was a matter to which British diplomacy directed supreme attention.

The claim to the  Khalîfate  by the Hâshimite British client,  Sharîf  al-Husayn, was incompatible with British diplomatic objectives. It was always possible that the claim could have succeeded.  Sharîf  al-Husayn could then have mobilized the world of Islam  to such an  extent as to re-establish the Islamic Public Order and Pax Islamica in the symbolically powerful heartland of Islam,  and so pose a threat to Britain’s  influence and control over large parts of  Dâr al-Islâm. A revitalized world of Islam  would also have made Jewish control over Palestine and Jerusalem quite impossible.

Britain responded to the claim  to the  Khalîfate  by  Sharîf  al-Husayn by giving her blessings to the other British client in the peninsula, ‘Abd al‘Azîz Ibn Sa‘ûd, to move against Husayn, and to wrest control of the Hijâz from  him.  This was the perfection of  the art of double-crossing and of hypocrisy. One British client was used to eliminate another (British) client.

In so far as the Muslim  World was concerned the first world war was much more than a mere European war. It  was, rather, a war which brought about upheavals and changes in the Muslim  World which were unprecedented in its thirteen hundred years of existence.

Firstly, the greatest Muslim  power  and seat of the contemporary  Khalîfate, the Ottoman Islamic Empire, entered the war on the side  of the Central Powers. While this decision is still clouded in some  controversy since, up to the very last moment, the Ottoman leadership had not decided whether to enter the war or not, and if so, which  side to support, there were grounds for speculating a British-Zionist role in the affair.

The Jewish-Zionist leaders had made  a number of unsuccessful efforts at striking a deal with the  Khalîf  for Jewish control over Jerusalem.  They even offered to buy the holy city. Britain  had supported these Jewish-Zionist efforts zealously.

Among Britain’s  major political and military goals in the war were the subjugation of Islam as a power in the  world, the conquest of Jerusalem,  and the creation in Palestine of a Jewish home-land which would constantly disrupt and police the Muslim  Middle East on behalf of the West.

The Ottoman leadership predictably  attempted to mobilize support for its war effort from  the entire Muslim  world. In this connection, on November 23, 1914 the  Shaykh  al-Islâm  of the Ottoman Islamic Empire issued a  fatwâ (Islamic legal ruling) and a proclamation declaring  jihâd  (ie.  war conducted in accordance with Allah’s law) and commanding all Muslims to fight against the Allied Powers. British  diplomacy, however, succeeded in promoting and exploiting Arab nationalism  in the Arabian peninsula as an effective means of attacking and undermining the formidable strength of the universal Islamic fraternity. As a consequence the Arabs rebelled against Ottoman rule on the basis of a British offer of assistance to achieve national independence.

In less than two years after  the commencement of the war  Sharîf  al-Husayn, self-styled ‘ King of the Arabs ’,  firm  ally of the British, and great-grandfather of Jordan’s now deceased King Husayn, had successfully rebelled against the Ottoman authority  and was installed as King of the Hijâz,  the heart-land of Islam.  And as a consequence of the loss of the cities of Makkah and, eventually, Madînah, the pan-Islamic appeal of the Ottoman Khalîf suffered irreparable damage.

The British followed up their success in the Hijâz  by installing the sons of Husayn as Kings in Iraq and Trans-Jordan as well. And by 1919 the British General, Allenby, with Arab troops  fighting loyally with him,  marched triumphantly into Jerusalem  and declared  that the crusades had finally come to an end. Palestine remained a British Mandate territory (mandated by the League of Nations) until the British withdrew in 1948 and the Zionist Jews declared the establishment  of the State of Israel. Muslim  Nationalists had in effect fought against the central  Khalîfate  to unwittingly effectuate the establishment of the Zionist State. 

The Ottoman Islamic Empire was badly defeated in the war. The Allied Powers combined their military prowess with a psychological weapon which had far-reaching effects for Islam.  The British and French succeeded in winning Muslim  military support (by means more foul than fair) from  India, the Maghrib and other areas and so both Arab and non-Arab Muslims fought against their brother Muslim  Turks. The result was that the Ottoman Islamic Empire was not only defeated but its  universal Islamic foundations were destroyed.

In the wake of the loss of the cities of Makkah and Madînah and the Arabian peninsula , and after brother-Muslims  had fought against them  in the war, the Turkish nationalist forces, who had  been in constant conflict with the Khalîf, now felt themselves free from any  impelling attachment to the world of Islam.  Out of the ashes of Ottoman defeat in the first world war the secular Turkish nationalist forces, led by Mustafa Kamal (Ataturk) moved swiftly to transform  their political order from  the old model of  Dâr al-Islâm, or the Islamic Public Order, to the western model of a modem  secular nation-State, the Republic of Turkey. 

It was no surprise, therefore, when the Turkish Grand National Assembly adopted, on March 3, 1924, law  abolishing the  Kh Law stated :

The  Khalîfate. The office of the  Khalîfate  is abolished, since the  Khalîfate  is essentially comprised in the meaning and signification of the words Government (Hukûmah) and Republic (Jumhuriyyah).’

The passage of this law marked a decisive moment in the history of the Ummah.  After a period of thirteen hundred years during which the institution of the  Khalîfate  was almost universally recognized by Muslims as essential to their religion, even when the seat of the  Khalîfate  was filled in ways which were contrary to the principles of Islam,  the world of Islam found itself in the fourteenth century of its existence without a  Khalîf. Indeed so definite and permanent was the change that one could, perhaps, be forgiven for concluding that the world Islam  had now passed into the post-Khalîfate  period of its existence. This, of course, is an incorrect conclusion, since the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam  has himself prophesied the emergence of a true  Khalîf  from  amongst his descendents,  Imâm al-Mahdî ,  who will lead a Muslim  army  which will destroy the stranglehold of  Shirk  and  Kufr  over the world (contemporary manifestations being both the Saudi State, and the State of Israel).

Britain had cultivated Ibn Sa‘ûd’s friendship and alliance during the war against the Khalîfate and, as usual, had employed financial diplomacy (i.e. bribery). Ibn Sa‘ûd received a monthly sum  of 5000 pounds sterling from  the British Treasury in return for his benevolent neutrality in Husayn’s rebellion against the Khalîf, the imposition of  Hâshimite  rule over the Hijâz, and Britain’s  diplomatic and military efforts  in the peninsula directed against the Ottomans. He diabolically rationalized  this manifest violation of the command of Allah, the Most High, and His Prophet    not to take Jews and Christians as protecting friends by explaining it away as  Jizyah  ( tax imposed on free non-Muslims under Muslim rule). 

But British diplomacy in respect of Ibn  Sa‘ûd was directed to ends of far greater strategic importance than mere  benevolent neutrality  in the war and the disposal of the injudicious  Sharîf  Husayn. Ibn Sa‘ûd had a far greater potential which Britain now moved to exploit, consequent on  Sharif Husayn’s claim to the  Khalîfate. The Saudi power in the Najd, which had reemerged with the capture of Riyadh  in 1902, was the product of an old alliance between a tribal chief and the religious leader of the  Wahhâbî religious sect. That alliance ensured that  while the descendants of the tribal chief would wield political power over territory ruled by the alliance, religious affairs would be subject to the authority of the descendants of the religious chief. As a consequence it  was inevitable that the Najdî Saudis would be under pressure from  the  Wahhâbîs  to seek to force the submission of the heart-land of Islam  (the Hijâz) to the  Wahhâbî  perception of the true faith.

Britain was only too pleased to give the  green light to Ibn Sa‘ûd to move his forces against Husayn four days after the Hâshimite had claimed the Khalîfate  for himself. Ibn Sa‘ûd was impatient to move against Husayn since, as strange as it may appear, both Jewish control over Jerusalem,  and Wahhâbî  control over Hijâz, faced a similar threat. Neither could be achieved, and neither could hope to survive, if the world of Islam  had a Khalîf. (Indeed, the destruction of the Saudi State may very well take place when the  Khalîfate is restored at the time of Imâm al-Mahdî).

By supporting Ibn Sa‘ûd the British were  now ensuring that so long as the Saudi-Wahhâbîs ruled over the Hijâz, the  Khalîfate  could never be revived. The British further calculated that without the  Khalîfate  the Islamic Public Order could not survive and the world of  Islam would then be so weakened that it could never be mobilized to prevent the creation of the Jewish State of Israel. Britain also knew that the  Wahhâbîs, themselves, could never claim the  Khalîfate, firstly because they knew that if  they did so they would meet the same  fate as  Sharîf  al-Husayn, and secondly  because they had the good sense to know that a  Wahhâbî  Khalîf  would always be totally unacceptable to the overwhelming majority of  Muslims the world over. And so, by withdrawing support from  Husayn and supporting Ibn Sa‘ûd, Britain was in fact pursuing her relentless attack on the institution of the  Khalifate theo-centric Islamic Public Order.

Khalîfate  and the Within a few months Ibn Sa‘ûd was able to conquer Makkah and Husayn fled to Jeddah. The British eventually  intervened to remove him  physically from  the peninsula by offering him  a comfortable exile in Cyprus. And soon Madînah and Jiddah were also under Saudi-Wahhâbî rule.

More than a century earlier, however, the Saudi-Wahhâbî  alliance had succeeded in overcoming the defenses of  Taif and Makkah and there ensued a blood-bath of truly astonishing proportions. The  Wahhâbîs, in their fanatical zeal, considered the Muslims resident in the Hijâz to be engaged in shirk and, as a consequence, held that it was permissible to kill them. The Khalîf  in Istanbul got the Mamluke Khedive  of Egypt, Muhammad Ali, to send an army  to the Hijâz under the leadership of his son Ismail. The SaudiWahhâbî  warriors were unceremoniously driven out of Hijâz and into the desert. A century later, however, there was no  Khalîf  and all the powerful Muslim communities were under western colonial rule. In addition, Ibn Sa‘ûd enjoyed the protecting friendship of Great Britain which was the super-power of the day. There was, therefore, no immediate possibility whatsoever of dislodging the Saudi-Wahhâbî forces from the Haramayn and Hijâz.

Although Ibn Sa‘ûd was safely  in control of Hijâz at the commencement of his rule in 1924 he was still confronted with a truly formidable problem. Namely, he had to devise some  strategy which could avert the long-term possibility of a repetition of the disaster which visited the previous SaudiWahhâbî  rule over the Hijâz . It would appear that he first thought of a policy of conciliation with non-Wahhâbî  Muslims and of using his control over the Hijâz to further the cause of the unity of the  Ummah. Thus shortly after gaining control over Makkah and  receiving from its inhabitants their recognition of him  as Sultan of the Hijâz, he issued a proclamation to the entire world of Islam  to the effect that the Hijâz, with its  Haramayn, belonged to the entire world of Islam  and that he, Ibn Sa‘ûd, held control over the Hijâz as a trust only, and on behalf of the entire world of Islam.  He then went on to invite the entire world  of Islam  to send its representatives to Makkah so that, on the basis of  Shûrâ  and  Ijmâ’, a just, efficient and representative administration could be established over the Hijâz.

This important announcement was entirely consistent with the provisions of the Islamic Public Order. The Hijâz was still the  Dâr al-Islâm  which had been established by the Holy Prophet  . As yet there was no hint of any Saudi State which would claim  territorial sovereignty over the Hijâz. The rights of the Muslims in the territory of  Dâr al-Islâm  were being publicly recognized and respected. But, unfortunately, this concern for the unity of the world of Islam  and this fervent declaration concerning the status of the Hijâz did not represent the actual Saudi-Wahhâbî  designs over the Hijâz. It was simply a case of politics of expediency and was designed to protect the Saudi-Wahhâbîs in the wake of a significant initiative undertaken by the formiddable Indian  Khilâfah  Movement & Al-Azhar University in Cairo shortly after the abolition of the Ottoman  Kh alîfate. Indeed the Azhar initiative had perilous implications for Ibn Sa‘ûd and the Saudi-Wahhâbî rule over the Hijâz. It also constituted a troublesome ‘fly in the ointment’ for the victorious Zionists and British.  Al-Azhar University proposed to convene an International Islamic  Khalîfate  Congress (Mu‘tamar al-Kh ilâfah) in Cairo which would, among other things, attempt to appoint a new  Khalif over the world of Islam.

Had the  Wahhâbîs been genuinely devoted to  Islam  they would have welcomed these efforts to  achieve conformity with  an essential requirement of the  Sharî‘ah, i.e. the establishment of a genuine  Khalîfate. The  Wahhâbîs had long argued that the post-Râshidûn Khalîfate  was invalid because, among other things, the  Khalîfate  was not constituted  in a manner which conformed with the requirements of the  Shari’ah. Now that the ‘invalid Khalîfate’  had been abolished and the leading center of Islamic learning of the day was convening an international Islamic congress to discuss the question of the  Khalîfate, and to effect the appointment of a new  Khalîf, the Wahhâbîs should have welcomed this initiative. In addition, they should also have extended every possible cooperation,  and should have participated in a serious way in the Congress in order to ensure that the genuine  Khalîfate was restored.

But the  Wahhâbîs had no such sincere devotion to Islam.  Their attitude was essentially one of selective religiosity, expediency, opportunism  and parochialism. 
The  Wahhâbîs knew that the world of  Islam  would never have accepted a  Wahhâbî  Khalîf  and, as a consequence, they found it expedient to repudiate an essential requirement of  the Islamic Public Order. They marshaled all their energies to sabotage the Cairo  Khalîfate  Congress. Their strategy was to organize a rival congress  in Makkah at the time of the Hajj of 1926. That meant that the ‘ Makkah Congress ’ would take place within a month of ‘ Cairo Congress ’, making it  difficult for delegates to attend both conferences. Since the ‘ Makkah Conference ’ was timed to coincide with the  Hajj, and since it had the active support of the British, it had a clear advantage over the Cairo Conference.

Secondly they specifically excluded  from  the agenda of the ‘ Makkah Congress ’ the question of the  Khalîfate. This transparent attempt to sabotage the ‘ Cairo Conference ’ and to bury the  Khalîfate  was more than ample evidence to expose the  hollow credentials of the  Wahhâbîs as socalled champions of the  Sh arî‘ah and of Islam.

The response of the world of Islam  to this rivalry, ie. the ‘ Cairo  Khalîfate Congress ’ of May/June 1926, and  the rival Makkah ‘ World Muslim Congress ’ of July 1926, is a subject which deserves serious research, as well as how much British machination was  involved in ensuring, for example, that the important Muslim  community  of India which had supported the Ottoman  Khalîfate  to such an extent that they had established the formidable Khilâfah  Movement, would stay away from  the  Khalîfate  Congress of Cairo and, instead, attend the rival ‘ Makkah  Congress ’ from  the agenda of which the question of the  Khalîfate was specifically excluded.

  It was clear, however, that in this rivalry the ‘ Makkah Congress ’ achieved a tactical victory over Cairo – a victory which had enormous implications for the very survival of the institution of the  Khalîfate  and the orthodox Islamic Public Order (i.e.  Dâr al-Islâm). Those who organized the ‘ Cairo Congress’ wished to ensure conformity with  the orthodox Islamic system  of political organization. But they were intellectually incapable of articulating a conception of the Islamic Public Order (Dâr al-Islâm) and the Islamic Conception of an International Order which could convince a skeptical world of Islam.  And they could not  respond to the new and unique situation in which Muslims had found themselves  by articulating the alternative of the establishment of the authentic  Jamâ‘ah  and  Amîr  wherever in the world it could be established.

Those who organized the ‘ Makkah Congress ’, on the other hand, were unwilling, because of vested interests,  to remain faithful to the orthodox Islamic Public Order with its  Khalîfate,  Dâr al-Islâm, etc. Instead they chose to accept the rival system of political  organization which had emerged in modem  western civilization and which had  just penetrated the very seat of the Ottoman  Khalîfate, namely the secular nation-State system. And they did so because it was only in the nation-State system that the Saudi-Wahhâbîs could realistically pursue an effort  to win recognition and legitimacy for their rule over the Hijâz and thus ensure  the survival of the Saudi State. They camouflaged their true designs and made  an elaborate attempt to dupe the world of Islam. And their success in  this game of deception was amply demonstrated in the representative character of the ‘ Makkah Congress ’.

The tactical victory of the ‘ Makkah Congress ’
in its rivalry with the ‘ Cairo Congress ’ played a significant role in  paving the way for the rest of the world of Islam,  including the very heart-land of Islam,  to eventually follow the example of Mustafa Kamal and his model of the secular State of Turkey. The history of the world of Islam  since 1924 records, on the one hand, the evils which were continuously injected into the body of the Ummah through this alien system  of political organization and, on the other, the naive, confused and superficial attempts  of modern Islamic scholarship to reconstruct a new Islamic Public Order on the secular foundations of the nation-State system.

What emerged from those efforts was  the goal of ‘ Islamization ’ and of establishing the ‘Islamic State within the system  of nation-States’. But both of these were futile goals for it was,  and still is, impossible for them  to be achieved without first dismantling some  of the essential apparatus of the Khalîfate system.

Eminent Islamic scholars such as Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Abul Ala Maududi, Dr. Ismail Faruqi etc. ventured into  Ijtihâd  (i.e. independent reasoning) to reconstruct an Islamic Public Order in post-Khalîfate  Islam.  Their efforts resulted in the concepts of the ‘ Islamic State ’ and ‘ Islamization ’. Despite being great thinkers of the time they  appeared not to have adequately understood the true nature and consequences of the change which was taking place. Dr Iqbal, for example, has stated that ‘… according to  Sh ar‘î  law  the appointment of an  Imâm  or  Khalîf  is absolutely indispensable. Turkeys ijtihâd  is that according to the spirit of Islam the  Kh alîfate  or Imâmate can be vested in a body of persons, or an elected assembly  (e.g. the Turkish Grand National Assembly or Parliament).  Personally I believe the Turkish view  is perfectly sound…’ Unfortunately, however, the efforts for Islamization and for establishing the  Islamic State resulted in the orthodox Islamic system  of the political organization of the Ummah or the Islamic Public Order (i.e. Pax Islamica and  Dâr al-Islâm) being relegated to total obscurity. As a consequence political thought in the world of Islam was gravely misdirected, and the immense confusion so created persists to the present day. 

The World Muslim Congress which convened in June 1926 as a result of the efforts of King ‘Abdul ‘Azîz Ibn Sa‘ûd  was hailed as the first such meeting in the History of Islam.  And indeed  it was, for all the wrong reasons. The Congress received two messages from  the King. In the first, the opening address of the Congress, the King made  reference to the sorry history of the Hijâz ending with the despotism  of  Husayn who, among his other sins, placed the Hijâz under foreign non-Muslim  influence. This being prohibited by the Prophet  , a justification was therefore presented for the Najdî conquest of the Hijâz. As a result of  that conquest, the King was pleased to point out there was now security in the Hijâz. The Congress was invited to hold its sessions in that atmosphere of  security and of total liberty. The only constraints on the conference were the restraints of the Islamic Law and of not meddling in international politics nor  in the differences which separate certain Muslim  peoples from  their governments. And yet Ibn Sa‘ûd was less than honest in his opening statement since he was just as guilty as was Husayn in aiding and abetting the penetration of British influence in the peninsula.

  Two things stand out in the  King’s address. Firstly the  Wahhâbî  leadership was showing its best possible face in  order to court the support of the Congress, – thus the security and total liberty promised. But secondly, and more important, the ban on international politics in the discussions of the Congress clearly implied that  the security of the Saudi-Wahhâbî  State and the maintenance of its relations with  its allies (Britain in particular) took precedence over the considered opinions of the  Ummah  even when expressed through  Sh ûrâ  in an Islamic Conference ‘ unprecedented ’ in the history of Islam.

The King gave to the Congress the safe  task of examining the necessary ways and means for making the holy places the best centers of Islamic culture and education, the most perfect  region in terms of prosperity and hygiene, and the Muslim  country which is most conspicuous for its recognition of Islam  . It was very clear  from  this address that the King was attempting to foist on the Congress an  artificial division between religion and politics, and a new theory to the effect that the proper subject matter for the consideration of Islamic Congresses was the subject matter of religion and religious affairs. And this was a  bid‘ah  (ie. blameworthy innovation) of a truly reprehensible nature since it was in such manifest conflict with the Qur’ânic  guidance, the  Sunnah  of the Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam and the very foundations of the Islamic legacy. The King was, in fact, making an attempt to transform alIslam,  which was  al-Dîn, into religion in the narrow and distorted sense in which the term was used in secular western civilization.

On July 2nd  , 1926, on the occasion of the 15th   plenary session, the King addressed a second message to the Congress, through which he sought to achieve one of the main objectives of the  Wahhâbî  initiative, to wit, the international Islamic recognition and acceptance of Saudi-Wahhâbî  control over the Hijâz. 

The King expounded his politique for the Hijâz as follows :

1) We do not admit any foreign intervention in this sacred country, whatever may be its nature.

2) We do not admit any privileges  open to some  and denied to others; whatever takes place in this  country must conform  with the Sh arî‘ah.

3) The Hijâz must have a special neutral regime. It must neither make war nor be attacked, and this  neutrality must  be  guaranteed  by all the independent Muslim States.

What the King was attempting to do in  this address was nothing less than propounding a new Islamic political theory. It was as though the SaudiWahhâbîs were convinced that they were  the only Muslims, and hence Hijâz and Najd, which were under their control, was the real  Dâr al-Islam. Thus all territories outside of Hijâz and  Najd (or modem  Saudi Arabia) were foreign. And when the King spoke about  the need to prevent any foreign intervention in the Hijâz, he was  referring specifically to the kind of intervention which had ousted the  Wahhâbîs from the Hijâz more than a century earlier. 

The second point made was, of course, quite admirable i.e. a nondiscriminatory application of the injunctions of the  Sh arî‘ah. But the second point was incompatible with the first. The world of Islam  was being accorded the status of foreigners who,  naturally, would not be eligible to all the privileges open to the Saudi-Wahhâbîs. Foreigners, for example, would need a visa in order to enter  the Hijâz even for performing the  Hajj. The Saudi-Wahhâbîs would not require a visa since they were citizens of the new-born State of Saudi Arabia and  so the Hijâz belonged to them. NonSaudi Muslims could now be  imprisoned if they extended their stay in Hijâz after the expiry of their visas for they  were now foreigners and the Hijâz, which was no longer Dâr al-Islâm, did not belong to them.

The King had, in fact, dismantled the  Dâr al-Islâm  which had been established by the Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam himself, and by his companions , in the Hijâz, had dispossessed the world of Islam  of its very heartland, had insulted the Muslims, and was destined to get away with that audacious behavior for more than seven decades.

The third point made in the King’s  address was quite remarkable. There could be no doubt at all that it  was a manifest statement of  bid‘ah. Neither in the  Qur’ân, nor in the  Sunnah  of the Prophet  , nor in the entire Islamic legacy is there any concept of the  neutrality of the Hijâz. Indeed the statement that the Hijâz must not make war amounted to taking the very heartland of Islam  out of  jihâd, and was thus in manifest conflict with explicit commands of the  Qur’ân. Here again the King was walking the path of kufr. In respect of the request of the King  that all independent Islamic States should recognize the neutrality of his regime, it was clear that this was a scarcely disguised attempt to win recognition from  the world of Islam  of Saudi-Wahhâbî rule over the Hijâz.

As such the  Khalîfate  question was never discussed. This was a major triumph for the new secular approach  to Muslim ‘ unity ’. The conference did, however, enter into politics in  approving a resolution demanding the return of Ma‘ân and ‘Aqabah to Hijâzî control since the British annexation of these territories to Trans-jordan  (over which Britain was the mandate power) violated the command of the Prophet  Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam that the Arabian peninsular must remain free of all non-Islamic influence.

This however was not entirely the case.  One of the effects of the war of 1914-18 was to eliminate the Turks from  Arabia and to extend the British sphere of influence over the whole peninsula. But it is very important to note that in this unique and momentous achievement of the British in which the command of the Prophet  Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam was compromised for the first time in thirteen hundred years, the British were aided and abetted by both Husayn and Ibn Sa‘ûd. Indeed both commanded a price  for their services to Britain. The Arab forces of Husayn actually fought alongside the British against the Turks. Ibn Sa‘ûd’s benevolent neutrality in this struggle enhanced the chances of Britain’s  success. Up to  1920 when his monthly payments from the British were stopped, Husayn had received about six million pounds sterling. Ibn Sa‘ûd, who received from  the same British Government a more modest 350,000 pounds at the rate of  5000 pounds a month, diabolically explained it away as  jizyah  (a tax paid by a subject non-Muslim  people resident in the territory of Dâr al-Islâm).

It was Britain (the mandate power  in Trans-jordan) which had annexed Ma‘ân and ‘Aqabah to Trans-jordan in 1925. Although ex-King Husayn protested the annexation from  his exile  in Cyprus and Ibn Sa‘ûd moved the World Muslim  Congress to adopt a resolution protesting the annexation, the British action was clearly a fait accomplishment.

It is interesting to note that  if the command of the Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam  had not been compromised by Husayn and Ibn Sa‘ûd in  their misguided assistance to the British, and in their attempt to rid the peninsular of Ottoman influence, it would not have been possible for the Balfour Declaration to be fulfilled and for the Zionist State to be established in Muslim  Palestine. It is also interesting to note that if ‘Aqabah had remained under Hijâzî control, Saudi Arabia would have been a front-line State in the present Middle East conflict. History may one day reveal that one of the reasons for the British annexation of Ma‘ân and  ‘Aqabah was to create a  buffer zone between the volatile heartland of Islam and the Jewish national home in Palestine which the Balfour Declaration envisaged. It should be clear that a direct confrontation between the Hijâz (now part of Saudi Arabia) and the Jewish National Home in Palestine (now the State of Israel) would arouse uncontrollable Islamic passions, a factor which still constitutes the only serious threat to the survival of the Zionist State. 

And so became manifest the contemporaneous destruction of the institution of Khalîfate and the symbiotic character of the emergence and future existence of the Saudi-Wahhâbî State and the State of Israel.

Why was the  Khalîfate  not restored somewhere else after it collapsed in Istanbul ? Why have we had no  Khalîfate  for more than seventy years now? The reason for this is the nature of the  age in which we now  live. This is the age when the greatest force of evil ever created by  Allah has been released (eventually to appear as a human  being). This is the age of  al-Masîh adDajjâl (ie. anti-Christ) and of Ya’jûj and Ma’jûj (ie. Gog and Magog).

When viewed from an essentially  Qur’ânic  perspective, the abolition of the Ottoman  Khilâfah  appears to have occurred at the same time that other events of supreme  Qur’ânic  importance were unfolding. For example, the Ottoman empire would not have been defeated and destroyed had fundamental change not come  to Europe, transforming European civilization into a major actor on the stage of  the world. The French and Bolshevik revolutions marked the turning points  in the transformation of Western and Eastern European civilizations from  civilizations based on faith (in Christianity) to essentially godless civilizations. The scientific and industrial revolutions and the emergence of the capitalist economy resulted in those godless civilizations becoming predatory and having the power with which to prey upon all mankind. Those godless European civilizations then embarked upon an effort to transform  all the rest of the world to godlessness! The Ottoman Empire stood  in the way of Europe since it was established on foundations which were essentially sacred. The institution of the  Kh alîfate  established and legitimized Islam’s sacred model of a public order and a world order.  That public order, or  Jamâ‘ah, was absolutely essential for the preservation of the integrity and faith of the World of Islam. And so, the  Khalîfate  had to be targeted and  destroyed in order for the penetration and destruction of faith in the world of Islam to be ever realized.

With the destruction of the  Khalîfate  in 1924, the last major hurdle in the way of those who were determined to  reduce all of mankind to godlessness was now removed. The stage was thus set for the fulfillment of the words of the  Hadîth  al-Qudsî  in  Sahîh Bukh ârî  narrated by Abû Sa‘îd Khudrî Radiyallahu Anhu, in which Allah, the Supreme, informed Âdam Alaihissalaam that 999 out of every 1000 persons (of this age) would enter into Hell. In other words, the destruction of the  Khalîfate  by the modern godless European  world provided evidence that the age of  Ya’jûj  and  Ma’jûj  had commenced. (See  Qur’ân,   al-Kahf,  18:98-99)

Indeed, for one of the greatest Islamic scholars of the age, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, the age of  Ya’jûj  and  Ma’jûj  had commenced even earlier. He declared in 1917, perhaps after the Bolshevik revolution, that ‘… all the armed forces of Ya’jûj and Ma’jûj  have now been released …

Khul gayah Yajûj awr Majûj kay lash kar tamâm Chasmay Muslim daykhlay tafsîr harf e yansilûn

Iqbal advised that the attention of Muslims should now be directed to the verse of the  Qur’ân  (Al-Anbiyâ’:  21: 96) which ended with the word ‘ yansilûn ’, and which spoke of the re-emergence of the Jewish State of Israel. And that is the subject to which we now turn.

At the same time that the objective of the destruction of the  Khalîfate  was being pursued by modern, godless, European civilization, another more sinister revolution was taking place in  the Jewish world. A godless, Zionist Movement emerged amongst Eastern European Jews. It declared that the Holy Land of Palestine belonged to the Jews because God gave it to them. The Zionist movement misled the Jews into believing that it was their inalienable right and divinely ordained  destiny to restore the Jewish State of Israel 2000 years after it was destroyed  by Allah, the Most High. It totally ignored the fact that Jews had both corrupted and betrayed the religion of ‘Abraham  ’ and, as a consequence, no  longer had any right to the Holy Land ! Jews swallowed the bait of the Zionist Movement. The supreme goal of Jews now became the goal of establishing the State of Israel regardless of the means which were to be employed  to achieve this goal. Zionism  was created by a truly evil force. A force about which Allah had warned – the release of  al-Masîh ad-Dajjâl  and of the Gog and Magog (Ya’jûj  and Ma’jûj).

And so we witnessed the amazing  phenomenon – amazing for those who ponder over the  Qur’ân  – of the destruction of the  Khalîfate  and the restoration of the State of Israel as  contemporaneous events. The same evil forces were at work in both  cases. This was confirmed in  Sûrah al-Anbiyâ’ of the  Qur’ân  in verses 95 and 96 where Allah spoke of a  qaryah  (town) (i.e. the city of Jerusalem,  symbolizing the State of Israel) which He destroyed and then pronounced the restoration of that  qaryah  (ie. the restoration of the State of Israel) to be  harâm  (prohibited) until the (commencement of the) release of Ya’jûj and Ma’jûj.

And it is prohibited for a town  (ie.  Jerusalem is referred to here  )  whose people We have punished  (with expulsion from that territory, ie. the Holy Land),  that they may not return  (ie. to restore the State of Israel),  until  Ya’jûj  and  Ma’jûj  are released and they descend from every direction. (ie. they take control of the world). ’ (Qur’ân, al-Anbiyâ’,  21:96)

Since the Jews were now deceived and put on a path which led, progressively, to the greatest oppression and wickedness in their conduct with mankind, in general,  and with Muslims, in particular, a third event now took place at just this same  time. It  was a sign from  Allah which was spoken of in the  Qur’ân, a sign which was meant to warn both modern western civilization and the Jews: ‘…If you live like Pharaoh  (ie. rejecting the Truth, demonizing Islam, and oppressing the Muslims),  you will die the way he died…’ (See  Qur’ân,  Yûnus  :10:92). That event was the discovery of the body of Pharaoh by Loret in 1898 at Thebes in the King’s Valley of Lower Egypt. The discovery of Pharoah’s body  confirmed what Allah had declared at the moment of his death ( ie. the death of Pharoah) :

This day We  (have decided to)  preserve your body  (from destruction)  so that you  (ie. your body)  may be come a sign to (a people)  who will come after you,  for most people are heedless of Our signs.’         _(Qur’ân, Yûnus, 10:92-93)

And the specific warning to the Jews, at  the moment of their last and greatest act of wickedness and oppression, was that not a single one of them  would escape the fate of Pharoah. Just as Pharoah had declared his faith in Allah at the moment of his death, and that did not save him  from  the hell-fire, so too would the Jews have to declare their faith in ‘Îsâ (Jesus) as the Messiah at the moment of their death, but that  would not save them  from  the hell-fire. (Qur’ân, an-Nisâ’: 4:159) 

Complicit in this final onslaught against Islam  are the Saudi-Wahhâbîs. It should be known that the Holy Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallamsaid : 

The violent and torturous people are in the East, and Shaytân  will arouse dissension from there.’ pointing towards the Najd.  (Mish kât

Another title used in reference to the  Wahhâbîs is ‘ Najdî ’. They hail from Dar’iyyah in the Najd. The disunion predicted in the above  hadîth   emerged twelve centuries later. The  Wahhâbîs spewed forth from  the Najd into the Hijâz, plundering the possessions of  Muslims, killing the men and enslaving the women and children. They committed  the basest evils, evils reminiscent of the Mongol sack of the Islamic empire centuries before.

Three other related events took place and,  indeed, are still taking place, all of which are directly related to the release of those evil forces created by Allah. They all flowed from the emergence of  materialism  and secularism  as the philosophical foundation of the modern western civilization. These were the events :

i) The emergence of  ribâ  (interest) at the very foundation of the European economy, and the subsequent deadly embrace of the entire world economy by  ribâ. The Ottoman Empire was the special target, however, and the decline of this great Islamic State began when it was penetrated by Jewish bankers with  ribâ  during the rule of Mahmûd II (1808-39). By 1896 the stranglehold of  ribâ  on the Ottoman economy had put the  Sultân  in such dire straits that the Zionist leader, Herzl, could finally visit Sultan ‘Abdul Hamîd II  and play the card of financial diplomacy which  ribâ  made possible, i.e. black mail. In return for Palestine he offered ‘…to regulate  the entire finances of the Ottoman State…’. ‘Abdul Hamîd refused.  He was overthrown by the complicit Nationalist forces, the  Khalîfate  was abolished – and  the Jewish bankers rubbed their hands and declared ‘ mission accomplished ’!

ii) The emergence of  shirk  at the very foundation of the new European political philosophy. Allah is no longer sovereign. The modern secular State is now sovereign. That modern  European model  of a State then embraced all of mankind in its deadly embrace, but the seat of the Khalîfate was the special target. After the  Khalîfate  was abolished the new, modern, secular State of  Turkey emerged with that  sh irk  at its very foundation. From  Turkey it went to  ‘Abd ul-‘Azîz Ibn Sa‘ûd who then transformed the heartland of Islam  into  the modern State of Saudi Arabia based on the same  shirk. Pakistan followed in  tame  imitation and the great effort of Iqbal became an exercise in futility.

iii) The emergence of a new philosophy of  feminism  at the very heart of the new, European, secular society.  It brought in its wake a sexual revolution which dismantled the edifice of sexual morality. Sexual freedom  resulted in an unprecedented explosion of sexual promiscuity and sexual perversions. This was the  kath r al-khabath  (excessive immorality and  sexual perversion) which the Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam had declared to be the sign of the great  Fitnah  of   the  Dajjâl  and the  Ya’jûj  and  Ma’jûj. This destructive sexuality now targeted all of mankind, but the special target was again the World of Islam.

As these events were taking place,  the world of Islam witnessed the emergence many lesser  Dajjâls  (false Prophets); Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the false Prophet of Qadian and founder  of the Ahmadiyyah Movement, Elijah Muhammad, the founder of the Nation  of Islâm  in the U.S.A. et al. The primary role of these and their like  was one of corrupting Muslim  thought and belief, especially as it related to the accurate perception of the transcendental reality which was now unfolding in the Age of  fitan. These were and are tools of the forces which  were at work planning the destruction of the  Khalîfate  and the universal Ummah, and their primary role was one of diverting Islamic thought from  that  supreme attack which was being launched on the Ummah, and  reducing the Islamic intelligentsia to a state of intellectual confusion. They have been eminently successful.

We embarked on this cursory analysis  in respect of the transcendental dimension of the historical reality  which witnessed the abolition of the Khalîfate, in order to demonstrate that the restoration of the  Khalîfate  was not possible during these last eight decades. After all, some of those who are hesitant about giving the  bay‘ah  (oath of allegiance) to an  Amîr  of a Jamâ‘ah  have asked the question : ‘  Why was the Khalîfate not restored somewhere else after it collapsed in Istanbul ? Why have we had no Khalîfate for more than seventy years now ? ’ The reason for this is the nature of the age in which we now live. This is the age when the greatest force of evil ever created by Allah has been released (eventually to appear as a human being – Dajjâl). This is the age of al-Masîh ad-Dajjâl and of Ya’jûj and Ma’jûj. That authentic Jamâ‘ah which is struggling for the restoration of the Khalîfate cannot possibly succeed in its efforts unless it first has an accurate perception of today’s objective reality and recognizes this age as the Age of the Dajjâl. That authentic Jamâ‘ah did not exist in 1924. How, then, was it possible to wage a successful struggle for the restoration of the Khalîfate?

We turn now to explain the ‘political reality’ of the age which witnessed the collapse of the  Khalîfate, and of the period of time which has elapsed since 1924. Sharîf  al-Husayn, great-grandfather of  the now deceased King Husayn of Jordan, claimed the  Khalîfate on March 7, 1924, four days after the announcement from  the Turkish Grand National Assembly abolishing the Khalîfate. He had been appointed by the Ottoman  Khalîf  as the  Sharîf  of Makkah, but had rebelled against Istanbul and, as a client of the British, had fully co-operated in the British effort  to defeat the Ottoman Empire. His reward was a princely seven million  Sterling pounds pay-off from  the British Treasury. In claiming the  Khalîfate, however, he was in conflict with the basic British and Zionist objective in  the war against the Ottoman Empire. The war was not just a war against Turks. It was a war against Islam. The objective was the destruction of the  Khalîfate  and the emasculation of the Muslim world so that the Jewish State  of Israel could be restored, and the faith of Muslims destroyed.

Sharîf al-Husayn’s claim to the  Khalîfate  threatened the entire scheme  of the British and the Zionists. And so they had  to get rid of him.  They did it with diabolical cunning. They gave the green  light to another British client, ‘Abd al-‘Azîz Ibn Sa‘ûd, head of the Saudi-Wahhâbî  alliance which had briefly captured Makkah about a hundred years previously, to attack Husayn. ‘Abd
al-‘Azîz cooperated with the British in  the destruction of the Ottoman Empire through concluding a treaty of ‘ Benevolent Neutrality ’ with the British in 1916. His pay-off from  the British Treasury for his treachery against Islam  was a less princely sum  of five thousand Sterling pounds a month. He explained to his gullible so-called  Salafî Ikh wân  (an armed forced of  Wahhâbî  zealots used by the Saudi King) that this was  jizyah  (a punitive tax imposed by  Dâr al-Islâm  on Christian and Jewish residents). They accepted his explanation, and so, perhaps, do well-paid Saudi clients around the world !

The British-Zionist political strategy succeeded in replacing Husayn with a Saudî-Wahhâbî  monarchy which effectively prevented the restoration of the Khalîfate. The plan was simple, yet brilliant. No one could possibly be recognized as  Khalîf, and win legitimacy for his  Khalîfate, unless he controlled the  Haramayn  (i.e. Makkah and Madînah) and the  Hajj. No one could succeed in controlling the  Haramayn  and the  Hajj  so long as the Saudi regime, supported militarily by the West,  remained in control of Arabia. And the Saudi-Wahhâbîs would never be so stupid as to claim  the  Khalifate for themselves. After all, what happened to khalîfate of Sharif  al-Husayn was supposed to function as a warning. It did! And the so-called  Salafî Wahhâbîs  and the Saudi kingdom  abandoned the  Khalîfate! In doing so they committed an unprecedented act of treachery against Islam. The reality is that the  Khalîfate  could not, and still cannot, be restored until Arabia is liberated and  Dâr al-Islâm  is restored.

And while the struggle to restore the  Khalîfate  must never cease, we also recognize the possibility that the liberation of Arabia may, in all  likelihood, not take place until the advent of  Imâm al-Mahdî. When the  Imâm al-Mahdî  does emerge, however, he will need the  Jamâ‘ah  of Muslims to support him  and to struggle with him.  This, then, is the imperative for the creation  of the authentic Islamic revolutionary movement or Jamâ‘ah.


The destruction of the  Khalîfate  of Islam  was the result of a diabolical conspiracy hatched by the British and  the Zionist Jews.

The Saudis and the so-called Salafî-Wahhâbîs acted as willing accomplices  in that crime against Islam. The  Khalîfate  symbolized a system  of political organization (ie.  Dâr alIslâm) which recognized the supremacy of  Islam  in public life, and in the international relations of the Muslim  world. The emergence of the secular nation-states of Turkey and Saudi  Arabia, at the seat of the  Khalîfate  and in the very heart-land of Islam,  paved  the way for the secularization of the system  of political organization of  the Muslim  world. And since it was governments of secular nation-States within the Muslim  world which would now represent the World of Islam,  the implication was that Islam  would no longer rule supreme over public life or over the international relations of the Muslim world. Rather the secular  State now claimed sovereignty. Recognition of that sovereignty amounted to an act of  shirk. And so, the whole world of Islam  now found itself, in  so far as its collective existence was concerned, within the embrace of  shirk,

A more blunt way of saying the same  thing would be to say that in so far as public life in the Muslim  world was concerned, Allah, the Most High, would no longer be  Akbar  ! No Muslim  can read these  lines without feeling great anger against those who betrayed Allah, the Most High, and the Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam! The quality of faith (Îmân) of a Muslim  can, in fact, be gauged through the manner in which he responds to this pathetic situation. The World of Islam  is today without  power. The conclusion is that the institution of the  Khalîfate, which forms part of  Dâr al-Islâm, is indispensable for the restoration of  power. Without power there will be many more Bosnias, Kashmirs, Algerias, Chechnyas, Palestines etc. The only way this deplorable state of affairs can be changed is through the restoration of the supremacy of Islam  in  the public life of Muslims and in the international relations of the Muslim  world. That requires the restoration of Dâr al-Islâm  and the  Khalîfate. We need, therefore,  to articulate anew the provisions of the Islamic Public Order (Dâr al-Islâm) and Islam’s Conception of an International Order, and to demonstrate their clear superiority over the secular rival which has emerged from  western civilization. We also need to recognize,  as this series has made clear, that it is impossible, and will remain  impossible, to restore the  Khalîfate  so long as the Hijâz remains under the control of the Saudi-Wahhâbî  alliance. Power cannot be restored without the liberation of the  Haramayn  and the  Hajj  from the control of those who participated in the destruction of the  Khalîfate. The goal of destroying the  Hajj  is now within the grasp of the enemies of Islam. 

All that is required for that goal to be fully realised is that  Masjid alAqsâ  be destroyed. The Jewish State of Israel can do that at any time. It is just a matter of choosing the opportune moment. The present Saudi regime has, from  its inception, adopted a non-reversible position of acceptance of, and accommodation with, the Jewish State of Israel. The destruction of Masjid al-Aqsâ  will, as a result, create greater opposition against Saudi rule over Arabia. The Saudi regime  will not  be able to control the rage which Muslims will openly express at the time of the  Hajj. And yet if the Saudi regime  is seen to be unable to control the  Hajj, then the internal opposition within Saudi Arabia will put the  Hajj  to effective use in destabilizing the regime. This is the scenario which  will most likely lead the Saudis to suspend the  Hajj  in order to preserve their rule. Any suspension of the  Hajj by the Saudis, as a consequence of security considerations, will be exploited by the West to ensure that the  Hajj  cannot be resumed. They have the resources to ensure this. 

The liberation of the  Haramayn  and the  Hajj  will be possible when the Saudi-Wahhâbî  alliance breaks down. There are  indications that the alliance is already under great pressure and  can fall apart. There are many Saudi ‘Ulamâ’  who are now imprisoned or under  house arrest. The issues which are most likely to tear the alliance apart would be Saudi ‘ recognition ’ of the Jewish State of Israel (something which has already taken place de facto, and cannot be indefinitely concealed),  and the immanent likelihood of the destruction of Masjid al-Aqsâ by the Jews. 

As events unfold they will confirm  the basic points argued in this treatise.