Not Paying Zakaat ! Beware Of The Athaab !

THE FOLLOWING episode was narrated by Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh), and it happened in Thana bavan where Hadhrat was resident.

A Mullaji had horded a sum of money which he kept in an earthenware vessel underground. He would almost daily open up the jar and count the money. His extreme love for the money prevented him from paying the compulsory Zakaat. Some youngsters who were his students had observed the daily practice of the Mullaji. One day during the absence of the Mullaji, they stole the money. With some of the money they prepared a lavish meal, and also invited Mullaji. Whilst eating, the Mullaji enquired about the occasion for having prepared such a sumptuous feast. The youngsters said: “Hadhrat this is as a result of your blessings.”

However, the Mullaji asked several times for the reason of the feast. But the youngsters each time responded with the same comment. When one boy sarcastically laughed, the Mullaji became apprehensive. It occurred to him that there was something sinister about the feast. He became so much disturbed that he discontinued
eating and hastened to his room. When he opened the jar, he was so terribly shocked to discover that his money was missing that he suffered a heart attack and died on the spot. The youngsters who had played the prank were remorseful. They informed the people of what had transpired. A pious Aalim, Maulana Sa’duddeen of the town told the people that the money which was the cause for the death of the Mullaji was accursed and that they should bury it with him. Thus the remainder of the money was put in a bag and buried together with  Mullaji.

A robber being apprized of this episode thought the Aalim was a moron hence he advised that such a considerable sum of money be wasted. During the night time, the robber opened the grave to steal the money. When he opened the grave, to his surprise he saw all the silver coins neatly spread out on the kafan of Mullaji. The coins were all sparkling very brightly. As the robber touched a coin, he let out a terrible scream. The extreme heat of the coin was unbearable.

In fear the robber fled. The sizzling pain would not disappear. Nothing could cool his burning finger. He had to keep his finger immersed in a container of cold water permanently. This would give him some relief. Whenever he removed his hand to change the water, the sizzling pain would compel him to scream. The mayyit
(Mullaji) was being tormented with the silver he had horded and whose Zakaat he had not paid.

The Qur’an warns those who do not pay Zakaat that their faces and bodies will be branded with the heated coins which they used to horde on earth.

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